Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sagittarius Midheaven: A Truth Teller to the World

***Also for if you have Jupiter conjunct Midheaven

 When you have the Midheaven in Sagittarius, it’s your primary life goal to know as much as possible, in order to tell people as much as possible. With this placement, your career has to make you feel like a college professor, in many ways. You must be able to stand in the middle of the lecture hall known as the world and expand all of your students’ minds. It doesn’t matter if your actual profession allows you to give special knowledge to others or whether you just play the public role of spreading knowledge. You must experience this dynamic out in the world to feel like you’re really doing something with your life. And it’s not just about telling facts. It’s about telling the truth.

College professors are different from our grade school teachers. They encourage us to move beyond facts and get closer to what we believe is the actual truth of things. As a Sagittarius Midheaven person, you want to be seen as a truth-teller. This is a placement that does not operate on the pretenses of society. You’re so straightforward out in the world that your candor and honesty might be very startling yet refreshing to some. Sagittarius Midheaven people cannot be “media-coached” very successfully, if at all. There is an innocent frankness to your demeanor on your public stage, as well as in the workplace. You want people to simply get what they see when it comes to you, leading to a public image that completely keeps it real and cuts through any niceties or dishonesty. 

Pink: Midheaven in Sagittarius

Superstar singer Pink is the perfect example of a Sagittarius Midheaven. Her official chart on Astrotheme was once an Aquarius Rising with a Sagittarius Midheaven, which made complete sense. For some reason, the time’s now changed (they’re always doing that with certain people) and I just don’t believe the current chart. There’s no way that big, brassy, shoot-from-the-hip Pink is a Libra Midheaven! She has Sagittarius written all over her public persona, from the time that she first burst onto the music scene and set herself apart from all the super-polished, bubblegum pop princesses of the early 00’s with her pink-dyed hair and bold, frank attitude. Her honesty is the trait that she’s most famous for. Pink never holds back, whether it’s about her dysfunctional upbringing or her up-and-down marriage to Carey Hart, yet does with a light, humorous spirit.

Like a true Sagittarius Midheaven, Pink once said that she has nothing to hide from the world. This is not an obsessively private placement nor is it one that feels the need to twist and turn its life story to sound more interesting, like a Gemini Midheaven might. In fact, you don’t have to embellish, as you’re so entertaining that you can make the most mundane stories totally colorful and amusing. Midheaven in Sagittarius is usually really hilarious and playful in front of the world. You don’t take yourself seriously and see no need to be all reserved and subdued in public. Your overriding goal is to share your truth and you will do that, no matter how silly, off-color, vulgar, or outrageous your truth might be. Actually, you understand that the best lessons are served up with that humor and levity. You’re similar to Gemini Midheaven in that you never want to bore your community. Yet, you do it differently: not by bouncing around and doing twenty different things like they do but by just connecting with the world in a way that will lift their spirits and make them laugh.

This quality has been apparent since high school, as it’s my theory that our Midheaven really takes full force once we get into high school. This is when the dynamics of social politics and reputation become very important. And with a Sagittarius Midheaven, you’ve always wanted your reputation to be as the funny one, the upbeat one, the person who doesn’t let anything get them down. You managed to remain above the negativity of backstabbing, bullying, and cliques. Instead, you just sought to have a good time! Sagittarius Midheaven teenagers can be quite the party animals, in fact, being that guy or girl who always manages to find where the fun is.

You also intended to never be two-faced. Your social agenda became to let people know whatever you’re thinking or feeling, straight-up. If your friend annoyed you, you’d tell them. If you didn’t like something, you’d say it. So, your life-long reputation for being blunt and even unfiltered commenced. However, people easily forgave you because they not only knew that you weren’t trying to be mean about it but because you’re so funny when you do it. Sagittarius Midheaven hits a real bulls-eye when they call people out on their crap or just generally speak their mind. But, you also end up regularly putting your foot in your mouth!

There’s just something irrepressible about your public demeanor that can’t easily be contained. And your authority figures have to realize this or else they run the risk of losing you. You’ll leave a job if you feel like you’re being hemmed in. Sagittarius Midheaven people relate to their bosses and other authorities by just telling it like it is. You actually often believe that you have something you can teach your boss. It might strike them as arrogant or self-righteous but this is just your way. It’s as if you are a walking textbook and you’re telling the world, “I’ve got a lot of knowledge you’re going to need to know.” Now, if taken too far, it can put you on a high horse that you never get off. But, many people, even your bosses, can benefit from their minds being expanded by your outlook.

That’s why you succeed the most in careers that will allow you a lot of personal freedom. You’re going to need plenty of elbow room to be satisfied in your profession. And if and when you become a boss, you will give people the freedom that they need, as well. You might not even enforce many rules. As an authority figure, Sagittarius Midheaven people want their employees to explore their own options and see what works for them. You’ll certainly be there with your wise knowledge whenever they need assistance or guidance. Yet, you’ll encourage them to use this truth that you possess in order to find the truth within themselves, like any good professor.

In many ways, this is the source of your ambition. Midheaven in Sagittarius folks find their true purpose in the world from inspiring and encouraging other people. You want to make everyone believe that they can reach for the stars! There is something very, very big about the scope of your professional vision and endeavors. Look at Pink, for example, who used the audacity and adventurousness of this placement to put on her very own circus/concert act. How many performers would dare to sing while flying upside down on a trapeze and still be able to pull it off? Like your Sagittarius Midheaven sister, you definitely go big or you don’t go at all. In fact, you can put a ton of pressure on your professional efforts. If they’re not larger-than-life spectacles that make the world say “Oh my God! This is amazing!”, you almost don’t want to bother. It’s not like you’re egotistical, exactly. It’s just that your ventures have to be incredible and a big deal. If not, why bother?

You definitely loom large over your community. When people talk about you, it’s like they’re talking about a giant or a legend. Whatever field, industry, or workplace they’re in, Sagittarius Midheaven people just seem “bigger” than most other people. You’re actually a real force to be reckoned with. The thing is that just like you don’t take yourself seriously, others might have a tough time taking you truly seriously. Sometimes, Sagittarius Midheaven people just seem like the world’s class clown who is a good laugh and a lot of fun but not much more than that. It’s when you put aside the jester routine and actually get serious (which takes a lot of conscious effort for Sagittarius Midheaven to do in the workplace) that you show everyone what you’re really made of!

The other reason why some in your community might struggle to take you seriously is because of how informal you are. This doesn’t just mean not being proper and stuffy. A lot of Sagittarius Midheaven people are very informally trained and seemingly ill-prepared for their careers. In spite of Sagittarius’ association with college, this is a placement that often doesn’t finish college, sometimes even high school. If you’re an actor or singer or any other kind of artist, you might have had little to no formal training. In fact, Midheaven in Sagittarius people usually stumble into their careers, becoming “accidental fill-in-the-blanks”. There’s often some grand, too-good-to-be-true story that a person with this placement has about how they managed to succeed in their career or decided to do it for a living. And not only are you at the right place at the right time but when you do get successful, you hit it big, like winning the lottery. With famous people with this placement, their success is often unprecedented for their age or their background or experience level.

It’s this kind of thing that can bring about jealousy, as it might look like you’re someone who just got lucky. Well, you did get lucky and you never stop acknowledging that. With a Sagittarius Midheaven, you how to be very grateful when you strike career gold, which is what keeps the riches and the success coming. If anyone knows how to manifest high status and recognition in the world, it’s you because it’s all about your perspective. You totally trust in the journey of making it in society, believing that some Universal force has always got your back. Yet, this can sometimes lead you to be a bit too careless or messy in your life decisions or even just in your way of going through the world. Bad accidents, for you, happen just as publicly as happy accidents.

This carelessness could’ve been apparent from as early as your first job, when you kept screwing up and falling on your face yet also managed to keep the job for longer than you expected. You often attract bosses who find your crazy-clown persona so endearing that they overlook the fact that you’re not always the most professional person. In your mind, every day should be Casual Friday! And your performance on the job is frequently up-in-the-air. You might be that person who could possibly show up late again or who did that assignment at the 11th hour. But, actually, this is how you do your best work. Sagittarius Midheaven feels most driven when their professional activities are a risk. You don’t like being perfectly prepared, punctual, and composed. Instead, you’d much rather wing it and just see how it goes. That makes it all a constant learning experience for you.

The act of just being out in the world is a learning experience for you. With the Midheaven in Sagittarius, you want to just go out and explore. So, you’re the spontaneous sort of person who’s willing to go anywhere, especially somewhere you’ve never been before. If you can afford it, you might also frequently be out of town, always off on some new adventure. In fact, a job that requires constant travel would be perfect for you. The airport could easily become your favorite place, as it leads you to all sorts of new places. Wherever you are, people won’t be able to miss you. Sagittarius Midheaven folks fall into two categories: the ones who are noticeably loud and boisterous in public and the ones who just look so outrageous that you can’t help but notice them. People may hear or see you coming from a mile away! You’re also prone to more than a few epic fails while out in the world. You’re constantly falling or knocking things over, as well as constantly having a good laugh about it. You can easily make those in your community laugh, too, especially because you so often forget to attach that filter before speaking to them (if you attach it at all).


  1. Hello Wayman Stewart! My name is Tasya and I'd like to say you have done an amazingly extensive article on Sagittarius Midheaven! I happen to have my placement of Midheaven in this sign at 21 degrees from my natal birth chart and oh la la! 75% of the materials you wrote here are true to me. Yes, there are people who are skeptical about horoscope but I do believe horoscope delivers the truth sometimes. Thank you very much and keep the awesome job!

  2. Its true I would like to make people happy and lighten up their day and be funny, its just that I don't think I am funny? I am not.
    I have Scorpio MC with Jupiter that conjuncts it. In general I have Pluto there (10th) with no aspect.
    I don't know how this can play out together...

    1. Hello Lamb Wolf! Even though you have both Jupiter and MC in Scorpio, the aspect such as Jupiter in conjunction to your MC will give you a little bit of Sagittarian spice to the way you present yourself to the society and even the world at large!

    2. What I'm saying is that you have some of the qualities that Sagittarius have in your career/public life. Remember, Midheaven (MC)= Public/Career life.

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  4. Sorry for removing my comment, I had to make some amendments. My SO doesn't seem to fit into both of those types you concludes. Maybe cause he's loaded with piscean energies and have saturn in his first house, moon and mercury in his 12th house, which makes him somewhat secretive and retiring. But he is a very serious college athlete(Sagittarius occupation) who coaches the whole team and vowed to become and historian. He is seriously making a ton of money off his athletic career, I wonder if sagittarius midheaven indicates athletes?

  5. this is really true about me. thanks a lot.