Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturn in Sagittarius: The Caged Animal

Once Saturn heads out of Scorpio again for good, we’ll be back into Saturn in Sagittarius, which will bring those who have this natal position right back into their Saturn Return. I have been getting many clients lately who are of this Saturn generation; the 1986 to 1988 ones, anyway. And interpreting their Saturn for them has made me realize that it’s certainly the most contradictory Saturn placement of all. Saturn represents limits and boundaries while Sagittarius doesn’t believe in limits. So, having Saturn in Sagittarius can make you feel deeply frustrated in life.

Having this Saturn sign is a lot like being a caged animal. Sagittarius is the wild child, the one that roams free with zest and abandon. So, imagine that you were born one day as a little baby cheetah or jaguar or whatever wild beast you would like to be. You look around and you see the vast, wide-open African plains. It looks as if the entire world is yours. Then, suddenly, some cruel human comes around, snatches you up, and throws you into captivity. And there’s a lot less room to explore here. You can only walk so many feet in this faux jungle before you hit a wall and have to turn back around and pace the same place, over and over.

That’s what a Saturn in Sagittarius person feels like. Saturn represents what we worry about and these people worry about being trapped. All Sagittarius planets do. But, while those with their Sun or Moon or Mars in Sagittarius can just be irresponsible and outrun the entrapment, disappearing into the sunset, having Saturn in Sagittarius means that you truly have nowhere to go. You’re stuck there. And wherever Saturn falls into your chart is where you feel stuck. With Sagittarius Saturn in the 4th, you feel stuck in your private life, in what’s comfortable and familiar. With Sagittarius Saturn in the 7th, relationships make you feel trapped. Is it in the 2nd House? Your income is a trap, as well as your value system, because it forces you to be stable.

Therefore, you’re going to cling to whatever freedom you have. And this means your freedom of opinion. This is why Saturn in Sagittarius can be an extremely dogmatic, rigid-minded position, in the negative manifestation. You might feel like you can’t have any fun, you can’t explore, you can’t be a free person. But, you do have the freedom to speak your mind. Yet, you can easily abuse it by shoving your opinions down other people’s throats. When people feel desperate, they will hang on to whatever control they can get. And Saturn is about the control we can try to cling to. With a Sagittarius Saturn, that control is over your beliefs and, subsequently, others’ beliefs.

In the end, there is a part of you that feels responsible for freeing other people. This is essentially your duty in life with Saturn in Sagittarius. You are supposed to teach people, to make believers out of them, to show them what life is about. But, you cannot force them down the path you want them to take. If you do, you’re not freeing them. You’re trapping them, right along with you. These are issues that are going to arise during your Saturn Return, if they haven’t already been addressed. Why must you be the heavy-handed preacher with others? Why do you insist on such a rigid moral code? Situations will occur that challenge you significantly and make it clear that this isn’t the way for you to live. You have to see freedom as something neither given nor taken. It’s a state of mind.

Going back to the caged-animal metaphor, there is a beautiful passage in the novel The Life of Pi by Yann Martel about zoo animals. It’s narrated by a young Indian boy whose parents own a zoo and who has grown up without the sense that zoo animals are treated cruelly. In fact, he makes a very sensible argument on why being a caged animal is no different than being a free one. And I think Saturn in Sagittarius people can really benefit from this outlook:

A sound zoo enclosure is the equivalent (of a house) for a zoo animal... Finding within it all the places it needs – a lookout, a place for resting, for eating and drinking, for bathing, for grooming, etc. – and finding that there is no need to go hunting, food appearing six days a week, an animal will take possession of its zoo space in the same way it would lay claim to a new space in the world, exploring it and marking it out in the normal way of its species...

The boy’s argument is that the lack of “freedom” for these animals is actually not cruel or unfair or something that crushes their spirit. These wild things merely adapt to the limitations, remaining the same creatures they were outside of them. As a Sagittarius Saturn person, this needs to be your outlook. Sure, maybe you’re not living the totally limitless, ultra-exciting life you’d like to live. I think, while growing up, this tends to be a very carefree person. You feel like you have the whole world ahead of you and then captivity happens, aka adulthood. And while this growing-up process happens to everyone, Saturn in Sagittarius folks have a very tough time adjusting to it. It feels enormously crushing to many of these people to have to grow up and settle down. But, like the caged animal, you must simply adapt and realize that you’re still the same being you were before.

Work with those limitations! That’s what we all have to do with our Saturn. With Saturn in this sign, though, it’s much more of a challenge. You must liberate and enlighten yourself, no matter what environment or circumstances you find yourself in. There’s still enough room to explore, to roam, to mark your territory. During your pending Saturn Return, how well you’re able to do this will be tested. I’ve found that the best thing for Sagittarius Saturn people is finding ways to blend the limitations of responsibility with that sense of freedom they want to achieve. Most with this placement will do very well in a job that allows them to explore and not be too tied down. Working in sales, as a freelancer, as an actor or musician, or any other responsibility that could involve travel and embracing the unknown and keeping your options open would be perfect for you.

However, even if you find yourself seemingly stuck, you must realize how much of this is just your perception. You’re living the same life you’ve always lived! It’s just that now you’re in a new habitat with new expectations and boundaries. Whatever house Saturn in Sagittarius falls in will tell you just what habitat you need to adapt to and get more comfortable in. Aspects to Saturn will show how well you’re able to do this or not. It might be very easy to feel like you’re trapped in the life area of your Saturn’s house during your Saturn Return and that nothing exciting at all is happening in this part of life. Sagittarius is about beliefs and if you believe that your life is so painfully boring and that you’re not discovering all that you can, this will be your reality. But, if you believe that there’s always something to learn and grow from, around the corner, no matter what life place you’re in, then you will achieve true mastery of your Saturn.


  1. Saturn in Saggitarius its - the understanding that Life has Purpose, that Life has only meaning if itś based on truth. Saggitarius is the sign in itś higher aspect of the Higher Truth.
    Saturn in Sagittarius - is spirituality, not in the trendy way. There are so many spirtual trendy people now days and i suspect during the transit of Saturn in Sag we shall probably see T-shirts with Buddas and Christ printed. This is phony side of it, - talk spirituality, wear spirituality, having spiritual life style....

    People will have to work hard to come back to common senses first. May be then they will leap in to th true spiritual inner world.

    Yep, like caged animals - this understanding of being caged should not exist, should be nagotiatable. Like to exist just to survive should not be the topic. And majority does not even realize it that they don't live, they survive, they are caged.
    Saturn in Saggitarius will help those which want to wake up, and will cause a lot of depressions to those which are happily caged.

    About the animals - they are more aligned with their true nature then humans. The authore of the book has it all wrong. Only those getting use to imprisoment which are born in it. So their spirit is crashed. But not as much crashed as by those humans which are responsible for this. The beings whish did allow this to happen to animals are dead inside, and even do not know it.

  2. P.S. Correction:
    'Yep, like caged animals - this understanding of being caged should not exist, should not be nagotiable'

  3. B.t.w. Sagittarius is made of 3/4 fysical Earthy element and 1/4 of the fire Salamandra element. So the fysical evidence of our spiritual or phony escapistic endeavors will be right in our face. No , we shall not be able to "disappear in to the sunset". Itś not a free ride.

    Cosmic Joke about Saturn In Sagittarius:

    The guiding Angel of one very fine lady has said to her:
    - Darling, letś do something nice today, lets pay a visit to one fine store.
    She agreed and came along. They have arrived to their destination. And she saw the palace with entree written " Creator store". She was in a awe. And their he was- the God himself.
    Her guiding Angel said:
    - I suggest you wish anything you like.
    - Really!!??? Anything?!!
    -Absolutely,- Angel answerd.

    She asked for a lot of beautiful healthy abundant graceful succesful stuff.
    God packed everything in. She opened up and saw little magical glowing things. She asked amused:
    - What is this?
    - Did not you know, we give only the seeds? - was the Godś answer.

    So i have said enough for the last cupple of days. As we say where i live: " I have laid my egg here"

    I wish us all to go happy through wonderful Saturn in Sagittarius transit. Laughter is a language of Angels!


  4. Saturn in Sag in 12 house along with Uranus and Neptune
    Saturn trine moon, oppose Venus conjunct Uranus
    First house ruler is Saturn

  5. Hi, I've been reading a lot of your articles lately. Your straightforwardness, seriousness (complemented with levity), personal touch and a fine sense for community combined with veeery little to no judgment have truly struck a chord with me.

    It's great that you care about the Neptune and Pluto energies so much because they are heavy in my chart as well (Sun/Neptune conjunction; Mar/Pluto conjunction in Scorpio in the eight house etc.). Also, I feel like you speak from real experience when you write about Saturn, which is ideal since my Sagittarian Saturn is conjunct Mercury in the tenth right at my MC and opposite Chiron in Gemini. So this is quite a challenge for me.

    I've put off completing my studies for so many years that it seems like it's too late now (I'm 31) to get the foot in the door. There are so many young graduates now who look ten times better on paper so why would anyone hire me? I have huge (insurmountable) fears and doubts about myself in the professional arena (also social networking or likability) that I took myself out of the game, I think, before it even started. And now I'm trying so hard but I hear the clock ticking away. I finally know where I want to go, which is two different directions (I can't just have one job for the rest of my life!) and that would be okay if I were 20 and I had enough time. I also have it in my head that I have to have a degree for whatever I'll end up doing. People tell me that's not true but it seems to me I'm being judged differently, that I have to fulfill higher standards than most and that means having a degree to even be considered whereas others just know someone and get in, you know?

    Sorry for the long post, Yvonne

  6. As someone w/ this placement, I think it's important to point out that that the story is a good way to think about one's newfound parameters and feeling trapped; but to realize that the zoo animal in that story has no means of departure/free will, and the people conveniently supplying meat 6x/wk have taken away its ability to satisfy its need to hunt. There is more to life than being fed meals. So the analogy is good, but it is lacking that element at the end, which is one of the biggest reasons Saturn feels like a ridiculous restriction to Sagittarius, b/c it feels like we are being denied our basic rights and needs.