Sunday, August 2, 2015

Taurus Midheaven: A Diamond for the World

When you have the Midheaven in Taurus, your mission in life is to build something very solid and tangible for yourself. No matter what you do with your life, you’re definitely going to want results. It doesn’t matter if you even go the artsy route, which can actually be quite a popular choice with Taurus Midheaven. But, if it is, you won’t be a starving artist for long, if at all. The idea of starving just isn’t your cup of tea. People with this placement don’t romanticize struggle or hardship at all, which can make success much less of a struggle for you. Unlike other Midheaven signs, you aren’t necessarily out to challenge yourself. Instead, you just want to get out in the world and live on the fat of the land, accumulating all of the opportunities and the riches that you possibly can.

Let’s not forget the riches! That can be the major life goal for many Midheaven in Taurus people: to make a lot of money. Being so focused on the bank is what can make you appear to be materialistic to some people throughout your life’s journey. But, hey, don’t get your silk panties all in a bunch. Maybe you’re not that interested in money, besides for its practical purpose. In this case, you’re more about doing something very valuable with your life, as well as being someone who’s very valuable out in the world. Taurus Midheaven means that you’re building a public image for yourself like a diamond that’s being appraised. In many ways, you want to be seen as that diamond: beautiful, coveted, and expensive yet a very solid rock.

Marilyn Monroe: Chiron conjunct Midheaven in Taurus
It’s no coincidence that the one and only Marilyn Monroe had the Midheaven in Taurus. After all, didn’t she tell us that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? There’s a reason why she made that number so popular and why it’s so associated with her. She was speaking about herself. Marilyn was and still is the ideal pin-up, still valued like a timeless diamond by popular culture. Thanks to wounded Chiron being conjunct her Midheaven, some focus on her as a tragically vulnerable victim (you can also blame Neptune rising for that). But, Ms. Monroe eventually had the last laugh, as she’s one of the most iconic film actresses of all time, if not the most arguably. She has amazingly endured, long after death, just like her Taurus Midheaven motivated her to do. Her legacy is  unshakable.

Whatever you do with your life, you seek to be an institution of sorts. And you end up having that very influence on your community. If your community had a monument, people would build it in honor of you. There’s something very long-lasting about your public impact and presence. The average Taurus Midheaven is, for example, absolutely faithful to their hometown. A lot of people with this placement are the types to never leave the place where they were born and/or raised. If the Midheaven is how we relate to the public, you’re very okay with being able to have the same public environment to relate to, time and time again. You might even grow up to work at the high school you attended or work right alongside your parents in the family business.

Even if you move from your hometown, you see being from there as a badge of honor and probably still visit all the time, like you never even left. So, there’s a very familiar, comfortable rapport between Taurus Midheaven and their public. You’re still that same guy or girl that everyone grew up with! This is a persona that you’ve cultivated since high school, which is when we began fully developing our Midheaven. People probably didn’t have to write “don’t ever change” in your yearbook because they knew you never would. Taurus Midheaven teenagers are also strikingly level-headed and laidback, knowing how to stay away from all the drama. You make a choice to not be associated with drama and to just keep it simple in your social life. So, while your peers were losing their minds over the turbulence of the social politics, you stood out as remarkably sane.

This is a sensibility that continued into adulthood. If there are planets conjunct your Midheaven, they are projected to the world in a reasonable, earthy, stabilizing manner. There is also that air of sensuality that the public picks up on. Most Midheaven in Taurus people are seen as really hot, for some reason or another. Marilyn is a perfect example, as everyone knows that her Venusian curves and come-hither glamour were big ingredients to her success. Like Marilyn Monroe, you also understand that being sexy can get you ahead. But, this isn’t the sex appeal of your opposite sign, Scorpio Midheaven, which may intimidate as much as it attracts. Their sex-symbol status stems from their power and mystery, while yours is from pure, uncomplicated pleasure and comfort in your skin.

But, just about everything about your public image is uncomplicated. This is a part of why so many people are attracted to you. There’s something about you showing up that just makes people feel like they can relax and breathe easier. And such a response is great for you, as you do seek to make people feel comfortable. Whoever you work around or find yourself in a social situation with, you want them to know that you’re a chill, easy to get along with person. In fact, you can be uncannily relaxed out in the world, to the point of seeming like you’re walking through your living room.

However, the drawback to you being so comfortable in your public position is that you might get a little too comfortable in it. Complacency can be very common for Taurus Midheaven people in their careers. It might be really difficult for you to leave a job that you hate just because you’ve gotten so attached to it. Plus, what about the money? It’s tough for you to take risks that could potentially put less money in your pockets. Yet, you can find yourself being less professionally fulfilled by taking the safe route, instead of rolling the dice. If you’re successful at something, you don’t see it as broken. So, you might think, why try to fix it? But, knowing that change and risk are necessary steps toward success is your major lesson throughout this path.

And as likable and sweet as you are, there is a part of you that gets deeply possessive and territorial regarding your status. Whatever you’re good at, you truly “own it.” And I don’t just mean in the sense of kicking ass at it. You really do feel like you own your job, your success, your popularity. So, when a competitor comes around who threatens to do you one better, a different side of you might take over. You may push back very, very hard, feeling like they might take away what you’ve worked for. Taurus Midheaven people often need to grapple with a sense of worrying about not gaining enough through their career or feeling like someone is getting more than them. This greed is a side of yourself that may not even come out too often, as you’ve got better sense than to go around acting like a green-eyed monster of envy. But, you’re still grappling with it.

In the end, you’ll get over these insecurities by realizing that there’s enough to go around for everyone. You don’t have to hold on to your success and status so tightly, then. You’re too hardworking and too determined to not eventually get and keep what’s yours. And let’s talk about that determination because it is quite remarkable. It’d be a cold day in Hell to see a Taurus Midheaven person throw in the towel when it comes to their goals and their ambitions. You will never, and I mean never, give up on your goals. You’re not only very strong-willed but very patient in the execution of these ambitions. Any planet conjunct the Midheaven will show the particular expression of this slow, steady perseverance. It’s quite amazing and you serve as a human example of the tortoise in that famous story. You will inevitably win the race.

After all, you’ve got a very long-term vision of what you want. Ever since high school, you’ve developed an ability to sensibly plan for your future. You relished getting that first job and being able to put money away for whatever was coming up next: that first car, college, maybe even grad school. Midheaven in Taurus sees everything as a little step to the next thing, which leads to the next thing, and so on and so on. Therefore, you’re not going to waste your chances at success by rushing the process. It might seem to some people that you don’t have enough urgency toward your life plans. But, they just don’t understand your style. Urgency can easily lead to impatience and you believe that nothing gets achieved through impatience. So, you move at your own pace.

Again, this is where that fierce stubbornness comes in. You make your own choices in career and life direction. You even make your own choices when you’re out doing random things in the world. And no one will sway you to the other side of the fence. Though this might be experienced as a bit exhausting to some, you know it’s a true asset of yours. Taurus Midheaven people almost pride themselves on that obstinacy because they know how it serves them more often than not. Even though you have a reputation for being a sweetheart, you also make a tough businessman or businesswoman. This isn’t only because you have the high common sense to succeed in business but because you toe the line. Few can stand their ground like you, especially when you feel like you’re not being valued as much as you should be. After all, you’re a diamond! Don’t they know?

But, you won’t let all of that business get in the way of pleasure. Enjoyment of your career is very important for Taurus Midheaven people, which is why it’s so important to not stay at jobs where you’re actually not happy, even if it’s “safe”. You need to learn to do an inventory and see if you really find value and pleasure out of what you do. If not, you’re not going to be able to succeed. Midheaven in Taurus needs to really love what they’re doing. You need a vocation that you can practically make love to. You also sort of need to be able to make love to those who are on the receiving end of your work. Just as Marilyn seduced the world, your charming, sensual, cuddly vibe needs to be put to good use in your profession. It’s what’s going to really sell for you!

This appealing aroma seems to follow you wherever you go, like a perfume. Taurus Midheaven folks can gain admirers in the world just by going out and running errands. Those in your community are just very attracted to you, passing you by like they pass by jewelry in a window display. In many ways, you always feel on display, in the world. You’re always being appraised, in your head, but you take to this with laidback grace. If you’re out with your significant other, people will know they don’t stand a chance, especially since you’re so easily affectionate with your lover in public. But, the crushing can remain platonic, as well. This is because you go to the same exact places all the time, so certain people get very used to your face. Taurus Midheaven people usually hate going to a different grocery store or post office than their usual. You prefer the same old, same old. One of those places will include the mall; one of your favorite places ever. Male or female, this is a placement that really loves to shop and could virtually live at the mall. In fact, it can be quite obvious how much you shop by how many people at your favorite stores know you.


  1. Great article!!!! I can't wait to read what you write about Capricorn midheaven! Which happens to be my placement !

    1. Thank you! And yeah, I intend to do these Midheaven profiles at least once or twice a week. So, the suspense won't be too unbearable. :)

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    1. It won't apply to how you are in the world and what your public persona and life goals are. But, Taurus/2nd House stuff will be very important to you and it'll get expressed through the focus of the planets in that house.

  4. Hi Wayman i'm not sure if you'll be able to read this but I'm uncertain as to whether my MC is in Aries or Taurus. My parents said I was born between 7:30pm - 8pm. If 7:30 then my MC would be ARIes and if after 7:40 it would be in Taurus. Do you have any tips to find out which one is my MC ?

  5. LOVE THIS! You are 10000% right!

    I am Taurus MC and yes I go to the same stores all the time. I shop alot. Everyone in my community knows me/recognizes me. I get lots of looks when out and about.

    I am pretty stuck in my routines and people know what to expect of me (mostly). BECAUSE I ALWAYS PREFER TO DO THE SAME THINGS! It makes me feel safe and stable. I also work sales in clothing/fashion and would love to work in furniture building, or making decorations or florist shop. I love sitting in the grass and feeling the earth beneath me makes me feel like I belong. Now I know why.

    My Midheaven and True Node are both in Taurus, conjunct Moon + Ceres. All in Taurus. :)