Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The 6th House: The Daily Grind

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is the message that some of us can get from our 6th House, which follows the fun-loving, spirited 5th House. After the entertainment and creativity and romance of the 5th, we’re brought back down-to-earth in the 6th. But, depending on the sign on your 6th House cusp and the planets in there, maybe you’re not so grounded in this house. Maybe you’re more grounded in your 5th House fun zone and the 6th is where things get sort of crazy or chaotic, like if you had a Capricorn 5th House and an Aquarius 6th House.

I think we need to stop associating work so much with the 6th House. Work is such a go-to keyword for the 6th House. But, it doesn’t just mean forms of employment. It’s anything that requires labor and effort and discipline. The 10th House is where our actual job will be found, while the 6th describes how we’re going to discipline ourselves to accomplish and achieve things in our career. It supports the 10th in that way but it’s a more mundane house. Your 6th House work could be that deadline you’re trying to meet or the bathroom you need to clean or the groceries you have to buy.

Now, this cannot be stressed enough: empty houses are as important as occupied ones. So, not having planets in the 6th doesn’t mean that daily work and chores are not important to you. It doesn’t make you lazy and undisciplined. It just means that a bit more of your energy is focused on your occupied houses. We have to work on empty houses more consciously because they demand less of our attention. And we do this by cultivating the style of the sign on that house cusp. As time goes on, I’m learning just how important all 12 of the house cusps are. 

The 6th House is your daily grind. It’s the routine and the practical rhythm that you would like to unfold, from day to day. It’s how you plan and schedule (or don’t). So, what’s the sign on your 6th House cusp? Do you have the 6th House in Aries? Then, you’re so impulsive that you often don’t have much time for scheduling. You make plans very much in the moment and burn through each day. Someone with a Capricorn 6th House cusp, however, is going to be more regimented and controlled in their day-to-day hustle. Schedules are very important to you and you always have your little goals each day that you set your mind on conquering.

Yet, no matter how messy or organized you are, we all have our routines. In fact, some people’s routine is to regularly not have one. And when they’re forced to be more orderly, they freak out. On the flip side, when some people are forced to be more spontaneous, they flip out. Either way, we’re operating on a compulsiveness that comes from the 6th House’s yearning for control. It’s not the psychological mind control of the 8th House. It’s the clear-headed sensibility of Virgo, the sign that rules the 6th. Virgo is a sign that has a sharp skill and a pragmatic love of knowing where everything is. It can find a needle in a haystack. Therefore, the 6th is how we find order within our daily chaos. We live in a highly unpredictable world and the 6th is where we yearn for predictability.

Planets in the 6th, therefore, are quite obsessive-compulsive. They follow a series of steps every day in order to feel satisfied and fulfilled. Because of this, they’re also capable of working their ass off in whatever area they specialize in. With Mars in the 6th, you’re amazingly efficient when it comes to getting things done because you know how to do everything in sequence, whether you realize it or not. Venus in the 6th allows you to consistently work on your relationships due to a perfect picture in your head on how they should be operating from day-to-day. But, 6th House planets can also be really stressed out because of their inner checklists. The tasks they need to do can sometimes feel unnerving, especially if it’s a 6th House Saturn or Pluto, and worries about things going right and being able to measure up can become consuming.

It’s no coincidence that Mercury is the ruler of the 6th. Mercury also rules the 3rd, which represents mental intelligence. 6th House intelligence is practical and physical. It’s having the good sense to exercise, to eat well and consistently, and to treat your body like a temple. Sometimes, those with an emphasized 6th House still love to smoke and eat junk food and not really work out. But, they’ll actually feel quite foolish for doing so, which causes them to carry around a lot of guilt or anxiety. The 6th House can bring us all worry and anxiety, which will inevitably make us sick. So, we have to heal our mind through this house in order to heal our bodies.

Still, the way to bring comfort to your 6th House is to have those rituals. We all have our little stuff we’re finicky about and that’s our 6th House talking. Again, you might have a looser, more unpredictable sign or planet in your 6th. But, there’s still a method to its madness! When it comes to the 6th, things will either be very predictable or predictably unpredictable. As much as my 6th House cusp in Gemini wants to shake things up each day, some things just never change. I still drink my coffee from the same mug every day and I still check my e-mail right when I wake up. In this hectic world, we all need those recurring little things.


  1. Thank you for your new article, Wayman. Have enjoyed it again.

    Itś funny about hypohondria. I had to laugh. I am exactely the same in this area. Pluto and Uranus in Libra in 6th house of Virgo intercepted with Libra. I always avoid health issues conversations if they are taking the complains tone to it. We can be compassionate and help family/friends if they are not feeling so well. But all those pitty notions are brrrrr, they can croos over to you. So i am a healthy hypohondriac :)

    B.tw there is a great french comedy movie called Supercondriaque (2014. Is a trailer on youtube. I think you will like it,- you appreciate comedy as i have understood.

    About 6th house,- Mohammad Ali has Sun in Capricorn in his 6th house of Capricorn, Moon and Mercury are both in Aquarius also falling in the 6th house.
    Three planets in his 6th house and three Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn Taurus and Uranus Taurus are all in his10th house of Taurus. We all know what he has achieved - The Greatness of all times! What a magical combination appears to be - 6th and 10th. He has another aspects that leaded his destidy and he had leaped in so wonderfully and miracly. But itś another story.

    1. Thanks, Balta. And I'm going to need to check that movie out! :) Having Uranus in the 6th must be pretty nutty for you. Every day must feel like an experiment while Pluto keeps rebirthing you.

      I didn't know that about Muhammad Ali but it makes total sense. When 6th house planets trine 10th house planets, it's a really solid influence. Jupiter and Chiron both trine my Moon in the 10th on the Midheaven. I know it's why I never lose faith in my goals, as well as why people somehow just sense how caring I am.

    2. Thank you for your reply,

      Good , funny obsevation from you,- Uranus in 6th house used to be pretty nutty. Also a blessing : a lot of Taurian influence is prone to inertia and timidness. So Uranus shakes me up and Pluto in 6th keeps rebirthing as you
      said. Sure had to learn to handle them.
      Overdoing, work too hard, not knowing when to retreat and rest are also the issues of planetary influences of the 6th house. Don't you think?

      Yes, its very caring to do what you do - to share the knowledge with people.
      Takes a good heart to do that.

      I wish you that your personal desires and goals will manifest with ease and grace!

    3. That's really nice. Thanks! :) And yes, 6th house people can find it really difficult to take a break or know when to stop. With Uranus and Pluto in there, you really thrive on the frenetic pace and the drama of all that busyness. Just don't burn out in the process! Pluto in the 6th people are the types to spend days working themselves obsessively and relentlessly until they just have to completely crash and do nothing at all.

    4. Woow, thatś sooo correct, i did have the burn out. Not once, twice. One time was not just enough :) Yep, did not want to do anything at all. I am very wel now. Enjoyed doing everything and nothing at all. I am almost in perfect balance now.

      If you don't mind me asking, how did you learn astrology? I have understood you are young. And already so experienced. I do understand a lot of astrology. Did digging mostly in to myself. But i am not that sharp in the interpretations like you do, not that precise... Did you follow some astrology lessons, workshop? Was it like natural calling?
      You do not have to answer. You might be very busy. A lot of astrolgers never tell their story. Or may be no one is asking. Or may be you have written your story on your blog and i missed it? I always want to know how the musician picked up his instrument, atleths their sport, artist his brush, author his book and esotheric people their knowledge.

      Again, if itś too much askin,- itś oḱ

    5. No, I've actually never written a post about that. I don't mind sharing at all!

      Basically, I've never been a skeptic of astrology. I think Leos tend to big believers in it, mostly because we like hearing about ourselves. :) I always really identified with being a Leo, especially since my Sun is conjunct my Leo South Node. So, I never thought astrology was silly. But, of course, I only knew about the one sign back then. I didn't know about birth charts or anything.

      I was about 18 going on 19 when I first read my chart. I was randomly browsing Cafe Astrology on stuff about Leo and then I saw Sun in Leo, Moon in Leo, etc. I said, "What's the difference?" and saw you could get your chart done. And I did. Luckily, I knew my exact, accurate birth time off the top of my head because I'd owned my birth certificate since I was about 15 and had to have it to get my driver's permit.

      Then, that's how it all started. And I'm 26 now, so it's been a good seven years. I've never taken a class or anything. A lot of it's just been Google, Google, Google. I spent years just looking up stuff online all the placements. And reading good astrology books. And then, observing people a ton in real life based on their charts. If I know someone's birthday, I'm immediately looking their chart up! :) Plus, I've gotten very good recently at guessing people's Rising and everything, particularly people I know very well.

      So, it's completely self-taught for me. I think having Uranus in the 12th trine Mercury and Mars, as well as a 1st House Aquarius North Node, just means that astrology was meant to be an important part of my life and something I'm just naturally good at. It is something that's just always made total sense to me and I guess that's another reason why I've always believed in it.

    6. Thank you for sharing,

      Impressive, all learned by yourself. Oh yes, your personal chart made it a calling and all mighty google is a teacher for gifted curious people in now days.
      If i may share one good astrologer from India and his book. As we know India is culture rich in spiritual knowledge and astrology.

      He is the young man, if i am not mistaken living in USA. His decision to share the Indian astrology based on degree of your Moon to Western public in understandable way but still very precise and according to Indian tradition. I have looked up my chart and , they call it Nakshatra calculations. I have orderd the book. I was amazed how my Nakshatra ( moon degree) and people i know describes qualities i have never ever have read in Western intpretations of any astrologer. Like there are not just one Moon in Taurus but three, all very different.
      Prash Trivedi " The 27 Celestial Portals( the real secrt behind the 12star-signs revealed)"
      On the net you can find your nakshatra calculator for free.

      And in case you have not found yet : www. grupovenus.com - good free calculations site especially two chart aspects graphics.

      Bye for now!

  2. And yeah, about Pluto in 6th house squaring Saturn in 6th, its so correct what you have described about freaking if things are going right. I can not think if house is not clean. Everything must be organized, fresh, smell good, healthy. I was fighting all my life to crate perfect domestic inviroment with ease. Neat freaks freaking me out...
    Like those people you know: you come to their house, everything is sterile and tidy and they applogize: " OOh, sorry its such a mess in my house today" :)

    So i wanted harmony but in natural daily routine, just paying attention to your house, yourself...
    I believe, thanks to your observations as well, that 6th house is a "Master Feng Shui house". In healthy enviroment are harmonious balanced healthy body and spirit residing...happy ever after

  3. P.S. Oops...Correction -Pluto in 6th squaring Saturn in 3d house

  4. Ahoy!
    Really like the story of how you got into/deepened your knowledge of astrology. I think (and love) that this will be a generational thing :)
    What would you make of a 6th cusp in scorpio, which breaks into sag with a (retrograde) saturn in sag conjunct the descendent? I couldn't find much online on that saturn aspect.
    Also (apart from a certain e-book on planets in the 12th which I'm very much looking forward to reading)- could you recommend a- limited, so very much your major favorites- list of books?

    1. I'd say it's a lot like what I said earlier about Pluto in the 6th. You get very obsessive about what you do every day and can work relentlessly, then burn out. Saturn in the 6th descending makes you feel like you have to work super-hard at relationships and there can be this constant sense of never being good enough for someone else and/or others never being good enough for you that you need to overcome.

      As far as astrology books, my favorites are:
      *Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller. It's all about the North Nodes and is the best thing you'll ever read on the Nodes, in my opinion.
      *The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need. Forget the author but it's really great info on just about all the placements.
      *Sextrology by Starsky and Cox. Even though they just do Sun signs, they take a really original, entertaining and scarily accurate approach. There's male/female profiles for all the signs and it's even better when you read all the profiles for your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign.

      Happy shopping! :)

    2. Thank you most kindly good sir! Hope the film/fundraising is going well :)

  5. Hey there Wayman , I was wondering what does it mean to have uranus neptune and mercury all in 6th house capricorn.

  6. Wonderful article! Having my Pluto in Scorpio, sitting in my 6th house, saying i am a control freak of my daily routine is an understatement.

    I am also a control freak in regards to my body, health, diet, house, and work. I literally freak out if i feel i am losing control. For example, i have stayed basically the same weight for the last 10 years. I will never allow myself to gain weight. I like to be in total control.

    The plus side (now i have made myself look like a total control freak) I am very ambitious, determined and loyal to my health/work/daily routine. I am extremely organized, a powerful worker and very capable of any task. It's do or die, and i won't let myself die. (That is metaphorical by the way).

    You know those people who set goals but never achieve them? Well that is NOT me. If i set a goal, i will fucking do it. And in the most extreme way possible. Some people will try and be healthier but still make room for mistakes and allowances, where as i will completely transform my diet in the most extreme way. If i say i am only going to eat healthy food, i literally mean i will only have water, vegetables and fruit. That's it, it is ALL or NOTHING. If i clean out a pantry, i can spend literally 3 hours cleaning it. Once i am done it will be transformed and amazing. I can't clean quickly though, i must do the best job possible or i don't bother doing it.

    I also set fuck loads of goals. Daily goals, monthly goals and yearly goals. I have created complex spreadsheets documenting where i am putting my time, energy, focus and money. I have at times documented my diet so i can work towards improving it. I am obsessed with improving, refining, achieving and being productive. I truly believe that if you are not growing as a person (improving your habits/mind/body/soul) you may as well just die, because if you are not growing you kinda are already dead. See the extreme belief systems i hold in relation to this area of the chart? Well thank you Pluto!!!

    I am very passionate about this placement, so sorry to talk so much about myself. Hopefully it helps any other Pluto 6th House people :)

  7. I don't have Pluto in 6th but I still experience being obsessive about cleanliness, my health, my body, my environment, being a germaphobe and I can't think straight in a messy environment. I have Neptune in 6th sextiling Pluto in 4th so I think Pluto is influencing my Neptune in 6th there. I am also very all or nothing about cleaning, if I clean something I transform it, I keep going until every perceivable particle is gone, and I perceive the stuff that cant be seen with the eye due to my neptune - mercury 12th house sensitivity, so its like I go overboard cleaning. If I don't have the time or energy to do a good a job I won't do anything at all.
    I'm also all or nothing about my career and higher learning and I think that has to do with pluto quincunxing my MC conjoined north node in 9th.