Friday, September 4, 2015

Aquarius Midheaven: A Wild Card to the World

***Also for if you have Uranus conjunct Midheaven

Aquarius Midheaven people possess the primary life goal of making a difference, on some level. This is not a placement that will be satisfied through self-centered gratification in their career. Instead (and forgive the cliché), they want to change the world. Now, what exactly does that mean? It can and will differ for every Aquarius Midheaven person. I never think the Midheaven defines your exact career choice but instead of the things you want out of your career. So, this placement doesn’t mean you need to go out there and be a social activist or a scientist or any other go-to Aquarius role. It does mean, however, that you want to be a force of change in your professional environment, in whatever way that means. The way you can make a difference can be big or small but it’s usually by solidly becoming a person who’s just different.

This is what makes those with the Midheaven in Aquarius the wild card in their community. If there are any planets conjunct the Midheaven, they’re projected to the world in a zany, quirky yet cool-headed fashion. You aren’t concerned with following the beaten path or conforming to other people’s standards. You’d rather pursue your own currents of inspiration and innovation. You’re quite brilliant in this way and have to be in some sort of career that gives free rein to this brilliance. Aquarius Midheaven individuals are most fulfilled by careers that allow them to experiment. You’re motivated whenever you can just throw a certain amount of rules out of the window and this is often clear in your public image, which can defy many of those rules or virtually all of them. 

The late, great actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was an Aquarius Midheaven, with his Moon in Aquarius conjunct the Midheaven. Few modern actors are as symbolic of this placement as he was. Philip was a truly unconventional leading male in film. He might not have been in great shape and he might not have been a typically pretty face. But, the genius (and yes, this is an appropriate word for this energy) of his Midheaven shone through in each and every performance. He was an unpredictable and electrifying presence; wonderfully unique yet appealingly common in that special way that Aquarius Midheaven personalities appear to the world. Yet, don’t call them special. Philip was typical of this placement in his shunning of the star treatment, always maintaining the air of just being a regular guy who happened to star in movies. 

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Moon conjunct Midheaven in Aquarius 

The irony is that this Midheaven sign is one of the most likely to be famous. As I’ve said once before, we can define fame as being in the worldwide spotlight or just having everyone know your name in your neighborhood. Popularity follows Aquarius Midheaven people throughout their life path, mostly because they know how to truly relate to people as people. This became their mission since they came of age. During their teenage years, those with the Midheaven in Aquarius began seeing themselves as simply different from the crowd yet, at the same time, undeniably one of the people. It’s that innate contradiction that defines Aquarius. With this placement, it influenced the goals you set for yourself, making you a perennial best friend and a budding egalitarian.

In high school, you were probably involved in every organization you could join, doing what you could to change and influence things. Some Aquarius Midheaven adolescents rebel against all of that and just stay on the sidelines like the emerging misfit you were. But, still, you managed to collect pals of all types wherever you went. Yet, a recurring theme of subtle resentment or disappointment began in these friendships that continued throughout your life. Everyone wanted to be your BFF and you had a way of making everyone feel like they were. But, the disappointment could’ve started with some when they realized they really weren’t. People want to feel special but might feel significantly less special when they see that you treat so-and-so the same way you treat them. It’s the kind of thing that starts up that life-long reputation Aquarius Midheaven has for being aloof or impersonal.

It’s true that you might be a bit too cool for some people’s liking. There can be something unmoved, unaffected, or detached about your public demeanor that leaves certain folks feeling like the air just got chillier. You can scoff at that and see yourself as above such pettiness. The great thing about you is that you do have the ability to not take people’s opinions so personally. But, also remember that there is some truthful basis there. Sometimes, it wouldn’t hurt to serve up your persona in a warmer fashion or to develop a closer, more personal connection with the people that you meet and deal with out in the world. Any planet on your Midheaven can show you how to do so.

Yet, the reason why you treat everyone in your community the same is because you see everyone as the same. And the more offbeat or unpopular they are, the more you’re intrigued by them. Philip Seymour Hoffman had a special skill for taking on the most idiosyncratic and left-field characters in his film work, thanks to his Midheaven. The caring Moon conjunct the Midheaven allowed him to be very empathetic and vulnerable on screen, establishing a connection with the audience that made them feel for a countless slew of characters who’d normally be written off as losers, freaks, or jerks. This is what made the Oscar-winner a wild card in the film industry, as there wasn’t an ounce of vanity or self-consciousness in his output, right down to his refusal to change his body and look.

You possess the same lack of vanity, in some form of another. Even if other placements in your chart say otherwise, you don’t seek to be praised and applauded by the world, at large. And this is something that gives you the freedom to rebel as you do. Those with their Midheaven in Aquarius can make for tricky employees for this reason. In some cases, a testy attitude toward authority is displayed. In other cases, you can get along reasonably well with authority figures, so long as they’re intelligent and objective enough. You’re always looking at the bigger picture of situations in your public life. So, you won’t hesitate to voice your opinions on how things are done and you need a boss who can take it without getting their ego bruised. You care nothing about their ego or anyone else’s, even yours! You just want to help progress things in your professional environment.

This can easily manifest as a revolutionary kind of spirit. Aquarius Midheaven people are freedom fighters and would not hesitate to rally a mutiny against their unethical, unprofessional boss, for example. A strike or a protest in favor of changes on the job would be quite up your alley, as well as an abrupt quitting. Like your similarly unpredictable Gemini Midheaven sibling, you might have no problem leaving your job, in the blink of an eye, and leaving pure chaos in your wake. But, sometimes, you need to realize when you’re creating chaos for the sake of chaos. You might find things in your public life too boring or too conventional. So, you feel compelled to be the one in the situation to turns the entire apple cart over. Yet, when you do, all you did was make a mess.

Such behavior can obviously get you in a lot of trouble. Yet, Midheaven in Aquarius folks can unnerve their bosses by how little they flinch in the face of a reprimand. High school teachers, principals and even your first boss or two may have felt the same way. You can do something really crazy and against the rules, then simply shrug when called out for it. Other Aquarius Midheaven people are not as defiant but still have a detached lack of awareness about how they’ve broken the rules. It’s pretty clear, then, that the best career paths for those with this Midheaven involve either self-employment or a freelance, nontraditional job that allows for a ton of elbow room. The less “normal” expectations you have, the more you’ll be able to do your best work.

Much like equally freedom-loving Sagittarius Midheaven, there is something very casual and informal about your presence in the workplace. Aquarius Midheaven can be quite uncomfortable with having to be an authority figure, because of this, and might prefer to just give the title to someone else. But, there are going to be times when no one else can lead and take control but you. However, you don’t want to see it as taking control. Midheaven in Aquarius bosses interact with their employees in such a way that they often have to remind themselves that this is their boss. A good friendship and an equal collaboration is established with these employees, making them all feel like their voices and opinions matter greatly. You don’t want control over anyone. Yet, the problem is that you might not be able to exert much, if any, control and may also have trouble seeing that this is a problem. An organization or company run by someone with an Aquarius Midheaven can easily turn into a madhouse if they don’t remind themselves that certain rules must be established and kept.

Eventually, the madcap energy of the groups and the organizations that you lead yield astonishing results. Aquarius Midheaven people understand that the best efforts come from combining all of the various ideas of everyone, sprinkled with their own awesomely intuitive vision. When you love what you do, you’re highly inventive and forward-thinking. Whether it’s establishing an entirely new concept or putting a brand new twist on something, you can really change the game. A lot of recognition as an innovator or an original mind will come your way, whenever you’re on the right track. You can also find great success by jumping on any sort of trend or movement while it’s still cutting edge, which is a given because you don’t want to do it once it goes too mainstream.

In many ways, you enjoy being widely seen as weird or atypical. The contradiction is that your odd, unusual quality is what gains you respect and status. Though Aquarius is the sign before it’s time, having the Midheaven in this sign often ensures that you can find ways to use that to your advantage. When famous people with an Aquarius Midheaven get their big break, this new presence completely shocks and surprises people, as Hoffman did in the late 1990’s with roles in films like Boogie Nights. Everyone feels compelled to say, “Who is that?” Your breakthrough moment makes everything else stop, as if some creature from outer space just landed here on Earth.

This Internet age is perfect for Aquarius Midheaven people and this could definitely be a way for you to find success, not only through mediums like YouTube and blogging but through all the various social media. Your online profile is most likely something that can’t be competed with. If you’re about thirty five or older and you have an Aquarius Midheaven, you might not care at all about social media. In fact, you may rebel against the whole thing as a point of pride. Aquarius can be as out-of-step as it is in-touch, so those with this Midheaven who aren’t Millennials or younger might feel disconnected from it. But, if you’re in your early thirties or younger and have this placement, you most likely live on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook. Social media is fuel for many an Aquarius Midheaven. You love having as many friends as possible, whether online or in real life, and can be particularly proud of amassing this-amount of followers or friends. The networking aspect of social media appeals enormously to you, as well as the greater ability to stay up on world news.

When you go out into the world, you prefer doing the unexpected. Midheaven in Aquarius people do not follow a routine in their community. That would bore you to death. So, you are always going somewhere new and trying something different. There seems to never be a dull moment around you, whether you’re stirring things up or not. Sometimes, things just have a way of combusting when you’re there. Those with an Aquarius Midheaven can often find themselves right at the scene of truly bizarre and random things that you may not even believe if they told you. It’s all so fascinating to you, though. You’re neck-in-neck with Scorpio Midheaven for the title of world’s best people-watcher. You’re forever studying other people out in the world, in a scientific sort of way that may not even embarrass you much if you’re caught doing it. There is a real friendliness behind that but also that detachment. You seem highly approachable and relatable to those who pass you by. But, at the same time, you have an odd way of seeming and being rather out-of-reach. You’re as alone in the world as you are surrounded by friends and associates.


  1. Wow!! I love Aquarius midheaven one of my favorite midheaven signs ..I'm a Aquarius midheaven my Sun in Libra trine my Aquarius midheaven I'm definitely a wild card in my community and public image I possess the primary goal of making a difference on some level I'm never concerned with following the beaten path or conforming to other people standards I'm definitely unpredictable this midheaven is definitely likely to be famous like you said not only in the worldwide spotlight but also in our community I'm definitely popular EVERYBODY around the neighborhood and community knows my name and respects me it's weird but I love it!! Popularity has followed me throughout my lifepath because I definitely know how to relate to people on their level

  2. Also I always seen myself as different from the crowd during my teenage and high school years but also I felt like one of them I most likely have a reputation of being too aloof and impersonal sometimes but the more offbeat or unpopular a person is the more I'm intrigued and interested in them I don't aim for the most popular person in my career I don't care to be praised or applauded by the world even though I love attention Sun in fifth house lol I possess a lack of vanity In public and my career when I love what I'm doing I'm definitely inventive and forward thinking I definitely ENJOY being SEEN as widely weird or atypical and people around my community see me as unconventional,weird,and unusual and my odd unusual behavior gains me RESPECT around my community which is weird when I go out into the world I'm always ready to do the unexpected I don't follow routine in my community period I LIKE to spice things up go somewhere new and try new things something different and things do find a way of combusting when I'm on the scene yes I have been caught up in random and bizarre things some people will never believe if I told them my internet PROFILE definitely can't be competed with but at the same time I kind of rebel against social media I don't to much care about it but I still live on it!! thanks

    1. you literally just said everything i was thinking, wow lol. i feel it.

  3. Youve left me speechless.thank you

  4. Life is a difficult thing, especially when your an outcast, based on your awareness of the exploitation, control, and stupidity in the world. Awareness of the conditioning taking place upon the human mind. Especially when your mind pierces through the ignorance of values based on material achievement, immature status, or the ego. Those things are rampant in our conditioned response to the world. I have MC in Aquarius, sun in cancer and moon conjunct Uranus in the sixth. I have found my place in deconditioning others by revealing the truth. Most crave their security and refuse guidance. Most find their security in nationalism, religion, a book or an ideology. It is the unreal yet they refuse to budge. Confusion dominates our politics. People fear the void and merge their identity with something outside themselves. We need no leader but in our confusion we elect leaders who are confused. No one wants to face reality and one gropes for a savior that is just as confused as they are. I seek peace without an authority, without a system, with compassion. But most seek seek security via means of acquisition and achievement. And sadly very few realize the death of security.

  5. This describes be to the T. (especially the example of rebelling against an unethical/socially abusive boss at work which I did in my early 20's)
    I have always been an outcast by default, but also having a gemini ascendant, I am naturally making new friends, and chatting up a storm.
    I also relate to the detachment aspect of this placement being able to discuss current social issues with concerned peers (black lives matter, feminism, the presidential race) but also not evening caring myself, as I find it a waste of mental energy.
    I tend to gravitate towards improving myself, and helping others along the way. My venus in Virgo definitely lures me into a "service to others" type of environment, and I see the world as something I can make better.
    Life isn't always easy usually being the only one in the room with a different opinion, but something tells me everything happens for a reason.

    1. The Ascendant does make a difference in how someone expresses their Midheaven. I feel like Gemini Rising people with Aquarius MC are probably more comfortable with being the social outcast because it feeds them intellectually. Taurus Rising people with Aquarius MC, though, might be more thrown off at times by the instability and oddness of their path. But they're so stubborn that they know they have to just do their own thing regardless.

    2. Yes,says Gemini sun and asc with aquarius mc

    3. "Taurus Rising people with Aquarius MC, though, might be more thrown off at times by the instability and oddness of their path. But they're so stubborn that they know they have to just do their own thing regardless."

      —yes and yes. Left my traditional path (college professor), and have since been floating around doing a lot of Uber-like work—despite having an MA Degree. While my head shames me for being a bum, my heart says this is what I need to do to be available for what I'm supposed to be doing. Ironically, I only learned of the midheaven this past evening from an Uber rider, and that's after more than a decade of amateur astrology.

  6. This is the best description I have ever read! I just learned so much about myself! Thank you!

  7. Definitely feel super cool now! :D

  8. I am a libra sun, gemini rising, and aquarius midheaven so I get what all of you are saying. People gravitate towards me cause they say I think out of the box and they find that interesting.i feel like we are all kindred spirits.

    1. That is my exact placements as well! So random.