Friday, September 25, 2015

Leo Midheaven: A VIP to the World

***Also for if you have Sun conjunct Midheaven

People with a Leo Midheaven have a life goal of being as fabulous and admired as possible. Yes, many people with this Midheaven sign just flat-out want to be famous and to live the glamorous life. However, that’s not always the case, especially since Midheaven in Leo tends to see themselves as famous whether or not they’re on the cover of Vogue or Esquire. It’s more about the full expression of your individuality through what you do with your life. And while your opposite, Aquarius Midheaven, is more about expressing individuality by not conforming or fitting a mold, you express your individuality to the world by showing off what makes you special and amazing.

This can definitely lead you into a career where you’re either the leader or in the spotlight, displaying your creative talents for the world to see. An all-too-obvious choice for Leo Midheaven people would be acting or singing. After all, this is a career path that gives you that glorious opportunity to be the superstar that you aspire to be. But, there’s a chance to be a superstar in just about whatever you do. Remember that the Midheaven doesn’t have to be your specific career choice. It’s just what you want that from career. And your Leo Midheaven wants to be followed and applauded and, yes, maybe even worshipped. This is where you might have to watch it, as your ego could potentially get the best of you. Pride goes before a fall and since we’re dealing with the Midheaven here, that fall is going to be really public and, therefore, bruise that pride even more.

However, Leo Midheaven people tend to do just fine as long as they don’t become too dictatorial and demanding. Then, a reputation as a diva will form that you really could do without. Still, even if you go down that route, you can get away with it, within moderation. You have this ability to get a pass for expecting the star treatment because a) you’re so likable and charismatic when you do it and b) people just easily recognize that you’re a star, anyway. You are widely seen as a VIP – a very important person, of course – and the world will metaphorically roll out the Red Carpet and open up doors to special events for you. And achieving this status in the world is what makes you feel like you’re doing something important and worthwhile with your life. 

Katharine Hepburn: Midheaven in Leo

There are so many famous actors, performers, and media personalities with their Midheaven in Leo. Even though they’re all one of a kind, no one can really ever do it like Katharine Hepburn did it. This Leo Midheaven ruled Hollywood so hard that she started acting in her twenties and didn’t stop until her mid-eighties, remaining an iconic Queen (or African Queen, one of her famous films) for decades while many of her contemporaries withered away or faded off. Hepburn was a true individual, shining boldly and brilliantly through her magnetic and distinctive screen presence, her brassy persona, and her style and attitude that defied gender norms. Kate was also not into false modesty or hiding her dislike for herself, like a true Leo Midheaven. One of her most famous quotes is, when asked if she can still have fun while not drinking, “Cold sober, I find myself absolutely fascinating.”

Watch that talk show interview or any other one of her and you’ll see the powerful way that Kate held court, regally dominating her public environment while also bringing an amazing energy that just gave everyone life. With the Midheaven in Leo, this is your ability, as well. You have a huge influence over others just through the sheer force of your strong personality. But, the key is learning how to wield this influence in ways that will generously benefit everyone, not just you. This definitely appeals to you, as you do strive to be generous. Beneath the high self-confidence and fearless attitude, there is a very loving, warmhearted part of your public persona that just wants to spread love to everyone around the world.

This is another reason why you’re a VIP; not just because you’re a superstar but because you can be the special person who brings a highly positive energy that makes all the difference. Ever since high school, which is when the Midheaven really begins emerging, you’ve always had this vision of yourself doing important things. Teenagers with a Leo Midheaven just innately feel like they have a date with destiny; like they’ve been personally chosen to do something in the world that others have not. Because of this, you might have very confidently pursued your life path from this adolescent age, calling the shots when it comes to the job experiences you’d like to have, the schools you’d like to go to, the career you’re passionate about, etc. The adults in your life, especially your parents, could not try to take this command over your life away from you. If they did, they’d be met with an impossible amount of stubbornness or a royal telling off. And that was that!

Many parents with Midheaven in Leo adolescents just learn that the hard way and let their son or daughter have a reasonable level of control over their lives, while still subtly pulling the strings. If the adults around you just made you think that you were the boss, you were happy, especially as it only boosted your confidence in your grand goal of being a Boss. Your peers learned to treat you the same way and they received your warm benevolence in return. In high school, Leo Midheaven is usually very popular but many are that popular guy or girl who’s still so nice to everyone (only making them more popular). Being in that spotlight in school, in any way you could, was very important to you. Taking on leadership roles in various clubs or organizations, winning King or Queen at Homecoming or Prom, or earning some sort of Superlative was an even bigger deal to you than it was to your fellow classmates. These were the things that made you feel like somebody.

So, you head out into the world with that same mentality. More than most people, Midheaven in Leo folks remain their high school self throughout adulthood, particularly since you’ll always pretty much be a teenager, in spirit, in your public life. The youthfulness that Hepburn retained throughout her very long life was evident to everyone, known for never slowing down or letting her passion die. Yet, that teenaged self might still be stuck in silly social politics. There are the unevolved Leo Midheaven folks who still behave like the Alpha Male or the Queen Bee on campus, to the point of getting caught up in bullying, power-mad behavior out in the world. At your worst, you can view many in your community as “losers”, looking down on them or treating them terribly.

Your preoccupation with social politics may also make you consumed with the “do they love me?” syndrome, constantly feeling the need to get the world’s approval and applause. Leo Midheaven people can obsessively pursue success and popularity and even fame solely as a way to feel loved. It’s a cliché thing but you can be that typical person looking to feel the love from the world that you might not feel elsewhere. And this is only going to keep you as a stunted adolescent throughout your life path. If you remember that you’re forever special and loved, no matter what you achieve in life, then you can let go of trying to desperately get the world’s approval. Also, you can realize that your approval isn’t so life-or-death, either, stopping you from looking down on someone else you come across just because they don’t “measure up.” We’re all special and your purpose in society, with this placement, is to do whatever you can to make people feel special.

Letting go of any self-centered jealousy does this, as well, as you can stop feeling like recognizing the importance of others diminishes your own importance. In spite of how much self-confidence you project, there can be deep insecurities underneath about someone else kicking you off of your throne. But, everyone can have a throne of their own! Leo Midheaven individuals are meant to be the King or the Queen within their field or their community. However, you will rule with much more dignity, grace, and class when you recognize that you can be a monarch amongst monarchs. The whole world (or whatever world you professionally find yourself in) could never be ruled by just one person, after all. And every monarch brings something all their own to the territory.

The irony of this is when you let go of these insecurities, you realize that even though we all rule in our ways, very few people can rule like you. Has there ever been another Katharine Hepburn? Cate Blanchett is the modern person who’s probably most compared to her. Yet, as much as I adore her and as much I can see it, no one could ever be quite like Hepburn. She was so determined to be unique that she created a class entirely for herself that no one else could occupy (also evidenced by the fact that she’s the only actor ever to have won four Oscars). And a Leo Midheaven feels like they’ve really succeeded at life when they’re able to do such a thing: to not only be in their own league but to be in it because they basically put themselves there.

When we talk about Midheaven in Leo being an authority figure, it’s sort of redundant. You might maneuver your way into a position of authority just because you fake it ‘til you make it. You walk around like you own the place, you make sure you’re one of the strongest assets on the team, and you make more than a few (possibly forceful) suggestions to those who you work with. It’s only a matter of time before you become the boss! You’re very professionally fulfilled by being in a position of power. In fact, I’d say that you need this from your career, at some point or another. If you’re in a situation where can’t be the boss (yet), you’ll never just want to blindly take orders from whoever’s in charge. You’re not being rebellious and difficult, a la Aquarius Midheaven. You’re just a strong-minded, creative individual who, again, just wants to feel important and not like some mindless, hired hand. So, they’ve got to honor your own will and your own choices.

Just remember that, when you finally are in charge, great responsibility comes with that great power! It’s really a wonderful thing to see Leo Midheaven people move into those authoritative positions because it’s like watching a coronation take place. You’re being prepared for Greatness. In the workplace, whatever your title may be, you perform it with pizzazz and life. The last thing that your Midheaven in Leo wants is a dead working environment. So, you bring all of your passion and enthusiasm and liveliness to those that you work alongside. You love lightening things up at work and will be the one telling the good stories, cheering people up, and making what you do just feel like so much fun. Yet, the fact that you don’t take what you do too seriously might distract some people from the fact that you’re also formidable at what you do and aim to be the best you can be.

This translates to just about everything you do in public. When a Leo Midheaven steps out of the door, he or she definitely turns that light switch of charisma, energy, and all-around awesomeness on. In fact, people you know who very well might be really used to you putting on this show for the world, even if you’re heading to the grocery store. The last thing you ever want to be seen as is boring or unremarkable. And for that reason, you have a knack for making even the smallest things you do out in the world memorable. Like an actual celebrity, people in your community might talk about the most uneventful or uninteresting thing you did, like getting a rental car, as if it were front-page news. So, if there’s actually some good gossip about you, it’ll definitely get around! You feel like public property and regularly find yourself looking over your shoulder for the paparazzi whenever you’re out, figuratively speaking. Yet, this is also why you are so authentic in your public life. Even though you’re definitely “on”, you’re just projecting the amazing parts of you. You’re not inventing yourself. You’re just glamorizing or heightening yourself, which is your greatest asset.


  1. Thank you for the great article, Wayman

    Now I am also a fan of Katahrine Hepburn! I have read her quotes with my mouth open :)
    I want to read her book now and watch the interviews. Such a warrior spirit! Amazing woman. I am also a little proud, that she is a Taurus, - my birhday is one day ealier.
    Many personal thanks to you, Wayman for introducing her. I would not find out myself, or may be much later. I am not getting fascinated easily. And not in to celebraties stuff at all. Something in me denies fame, unless....itś a perfection of the human spirit. Katharine Hepburn is very special someone.
    I wonder what her ascenant is? Some say,- Scorpio. Some say - Libra. I think - Libra.
    What are your thoughts on this matter?

    1. I adore her. She's one of my favorite Old Hollywood stars. She's definitely a Scorpio rising; that's what her official chart says. She had such a powerful presence and she could be pretty extreme, which explains those jaw-dropping quotes you read. She was very private (the public had no clue about the truth of her relationship with Spencer Tracy for many years), always throwing people off her scent, and her brother committed suicide when she was a kid (Scorpio rising = traumatic or intense life). So, it all adds up.

  2. OMG this is so right on! It gets tiring sometimes I'm finding....finally at 43 to leave the house always ON.

  3. So detailed n accurate! Thanks. I now feel lile even more of the VIP that I am... hehe

  4. Well, Now i know why I was so fabulous! hahaha

  5. I am aparently midheaven leo but i must say,absolutely nothing from here describe me...i hate to be center of attention,never care what other think,im not the bimbo diva kind,...i m sun capricorn and i totaly and entirely feel a capy..i can probably say that i am vain and high ego but im pretty sure this are also part of capy traits..

    1. the thing about astrology is theres so much to it , which makes each and everyone of us mysterious miracals. with that being said you have to take in account your rising sign , sun sign and moonsign. its all balancing acts in everyday situations. good luck! :)

  6. I wonder what you think about progressed charts. I've found that many display the natal midheaven over progressed for the majority of their lives...the progressed is more a little flavor added to the main. What's your experience been?

  7. A fascinating piece … thank you Wayman Stewart.

    I have been an admirer of Katharine Hepburn’s work and words for many years, but I didn’t know she and I shared an astrological commonality or two.

    Like her, my MC is in Leo but my childhood sense of performance and theatre was crushed out of me by my parents, sibling, extended family and all but one of my teachers. They just didn’t get it. “David, sit down and shut-up. Stop trying to be the centre of attention. They’re not laughing with you, they’re laughing at you,” they would say. But, somehow, I knew differently. And to prove the point, at the age of 15, I picked-up a guitar and almost instantly began playing it. I went-on to perform as a lead guitarist and back-up vocalist in a couple of moderately successful London, England based bands during the 1960s and into the 1970s. Then, in 1979, as disco took a hold, I defected to the disc jockey camp. Within two years, I’d broken into radio with the B.B.C. and that’s where I stayed until 2014.

    Meanwhile in 1986 and, due to my background in ‘live’ music, I became a freelance newspaper showbiz columnist, then feature writer and, eventually, an independent author. Later still: from the early 1990s, and under my newly adopted stage and pen name of Lewis Adler, I ventured into TV and film as an actor. In the years that followed I notched-up numerous supporting cast roles, plus – in 2014 – a featured role in an episode of the B.B.C. TV series “Casualty”.

    Today, I’m a UK pensioner, but I continue to make radio programmes and write newspaper columns, but now I do it for fun and for free. Indeed, Katharine Hepburn was a huge inspiration to me a couple of years ago, because I’m now partially disabled by a progressive neurological condition called Dystonic Tremor, which severely affects my hands, arms and head. In fact, my head and voice tremor symptoms are identical to the symptoms suffered by Ms Hepburn late in her career and I remember being inspired by her sheer determination to deliver her lines in “On Golden Pond”. At that time, my condition had deteriorated markedly and I was on the verge of giving-up, but I remember saying to myself: “If it’s good enough for Ms Hepburn to push through her symptoms, then it’s good enough for me to do the same.”

    I don’t consider myself to be famous, but I admit I have tried very hard indeed since the 1960s to achieve that objective. However, with the benefit of hindsight, it seems my every turn along the way has been thwarted by circumstance. Either I was just in time to be too late (my adopted epitaph) or I didn’t tick the necessary politically correct boxes in vogue then and now. Pity really, but – at 71 – it’s a bit too late in the day to be bemoaning my fate. On the contrary, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thank you again for a compelling, revealing article.

    Best Wishes David (aka Lewis)