Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Moon-Uranus Aspects: The Livewire

If your Moon sign is conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Uranus, that makes you the livewire. Why is that? Blending the planet of emotional response (Moon) with the planet of sudden change and rebellion (Uranus) brings some very interesting results. Your Moon is your soul and with a Moon-Uranus aspect, you have the soul of a highly unpredictable individual. Feelings manifest in a really electrifying and chaotic way for you yet you keep a distance from these emotions, at the same time. There’s a circus going on inside of you at all times but you need this craziness in your life, even if it regularly turns your life upside down and drives other people crazy.

When I look at the Moon, I always look at the relationship with the mother figure, which is what this planet symbolizes. As I always say, the parent does not have to female to be the mother figure and nowadays, in same-sex households, it can go either way (in fact, people with a Moon-Uranus aspect often don’t have a traditional familial set-up anyway). But, in a family with opposite-sex parents, it’s usually the literal mother. So, what does this mean for you with a Moon-Uranus aspect? Your mother figure was the livewire presence in your life, surrounded by this aura of creative chaos. You could never really predict this parent’s next move and they liked it this way. So, they conditioned you to be used to the status quo never remaining as it is. If you have the Moon in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, the mother might have been more stable and grounded yet still had a way of being really unconventional and not following anyone else’s rules or expectations.

If the mother figure is actually female, she’s usually a truly progressive version of a woman, often in ways that rebel against gender stereotypes. With the sextile, trine, and often the conjunction, the maverick mother figure provides a positive sense of support, making you believe that you, too, could do anything you wanted, whether or not other people approve. To hell with conformity! So, the act of going against the grain became very comforting to you emotionally. It urged you to be more logical, as well, as being a nonconformist requires you to really think, instead of just going along with things. This is why people with their Moon in aspect to Uranus apply logic to their emotions so well. They don’t just automatically react; they think about how they’re reacting and if there are other ways to react. It goes against the irrational function of the Moon, which is both the blessing and the challenge of this placement.

Now, with the square, opposition, or potentially the conjunction, having the outlaw mother figure can actually be something of a burden. Those with the softer aspects usually love how liberating and nontraditional their relationship with this parent is. With the harder aspects, it can be love-hate. Sometimes, you might have just wanted a “normal” mother and cursed yourself for having to deal with such a nutcase. Though many people can have these complaints about their parents, it runs much deeper for Moon-Uranus folks. Maybe Mom was made fun of or talked badly about in the community for being strange, rebellious, or controversial. There also can be struggles surrounding not having that warm, fuzzy relationship with the mothering parent. Uranus is cool and detached while the Moon aches with emotional need. So, the more challenging aspects probably made you feel a painful or alienating coldness from your mother regarding your emotional needs.

James Dean; self-explanatory
No matter what the relationship is with the nurturing parent, Moon-Uranus individuals set themselves free from it. You might’ve felt liberated because you and your mothering parent had a more open relationship that was less rule-focused and more like a friendship. So, there were few rules to break and you’re very used to this freedom. On the other hand, maybe you just flat-out rebelled because you didn’t experience that warm closeness you wanted to with your mom. This can create an inner defensiveness that says, “I’ll never need anyone again!” And when you get closer to experiencing that intimacy with someone else, as an adult, you can either abruptly turn cold and distant or just go completely crazy in order to scare them away and get some space.

As much as people will love to paint Moon-Uranus individuals as being emotionally aloof and detached, across the board, it’s usually just in the case of the square and the opposition; when they haven’t healed those emotional wounds. You’ve got to come to admit that, yes, you have needs, as well, and that you do need people to satisfy them. You hate getting all sappy and mushy. But, that doesn’t mean you have to cut yourself off from that intimate connection altogether! There’s a way to maintain your independence and your level head but still have a strong connection to other people. The more you get over your feelings of alienation and isolation, the more you’ll realize this.

The ones with the softer aspects usually have that whole balance nailed down, though. At their best, Moon-Uranus people can maintain their breathing room yet still be emotionally present. The great thing is your ability to not be too overwhelmed by your emotions, even when they’re out of control. You have a funny knack for almost observing yourself react to things. You don’t even have to think about it; it’s just instinct. But, your ability to see yourself from the outside looking in strengthens that healthy detachment that you need. When your Moon is in aspect to Uranus, you have a deep need to remain aware of the bigger picture, to not just get caught up in your limited perspective.

Uranus is people-focused and always wants to bring about change. So, you respond from that place. Again, it’s not the typical function of the Moon but this is what makes you so interesting! Moon-Uranus people have a very natural ability to think about what everyone else needs, feels, and thinks. It’s not sentimental. You just take an intuitive consensus of everyone else’s perspective in a situation and then you figure out what to do from there. So, on one hand, you’re amazingly reasonable and tolerant. You don’t get stuck in your feelings and your needs, even when you’re not totally satisfied with something. It’s all about collaborating with others for you, making them feel good by doing so.

Yet, on the other hand, there’s only so long that you can do the focused-on-the-group thing before you switch off into another mood. The Moon is our moods and because of Uranus’ influence, yours change suddenly, often without warning. This doesn’t mean that you pout and sulk. It means that you can react to things in ways that puzzle or shock other people, even though you’ll remain cool-headed and unaffected by their responses. You can get to a place where you’re so rational that it’s highly irrational. When we really go crazy, to a degree that we can’t explain, we’re working off of our Moon. And when you go crazy, you’re unflinching and matter-of-fact about it, convinced that you’re the one with the clear, logical head and we’re all the nutcases.

Deep down in your gut, you feel like the outcast in any given situation. But, you also have this instinctive feeling that you’re far ahead of everyone else and they just don’t understand you. Maybe if they did, they wouldn’t think you’re so weird. So, you persist with your wild reactions, maybe even feeling self-righteous against the narrow-minded, judgmental souls who label you as being such an eccentric. They just don’t get you! And you’re quite comfortable in this role, to a point where you might not even want people to agree with you all that much. Taken to an extreme, this makes you disagreeable, upping the ante of your reactions by constantly provoking people. Like an actual livewire, at your worst, you don’t know how to stop yourself or the blow-ups that keep happening around you nor do you realize exactly what you’re doing.

As I said before, you need some chaos. With a Moon-Uranus aspect, you don’t exactly feed on drama; just excitement and unpredictability. But, you have to learn to channel that energy in productive ways. You are a natural eccentric and that’s just going to have to be accepted by everyone. And when it is, you’re much easier to work with. Those with this placement are way more uncontrollable when you try to control them. This switch flips on internally and they go off! When you give them the total tolerance, acceptance, and space that they need, then they will be your best friend. They really will, as Moon-Uranus people have a powerful need for friendship. You are highly supportive of your friends and of all their differences, as well as their individual dreams. But, you just need that same kind of open-minded support back. You can be needier than you’d like to admit, in this way, craving the company of people who just totally let you be whoever you want. 

Besides, all that craziness going on inside of you is actually more useful than many people may think. Just like your mothering parent was an innovator or ahead of their time, so are you. This manifests on a highly intuitive level. The intuition of Moon-Uranus is enormous. It’s just sort of wonky and hard to figure out, as Uranus often comes off as counterintuitive. So, when it comes to your feelings, they seem out-of-step with what’s going on. That’s because your reactions (Moon) are uncannily in tune with the future (Uranus). A lot of Moon-Uranus people are downright clairvoyant because of this, especially if the Moon’s in Water, capable of actually predicting what’s going to happen next. Therefore, if you feel a certain way about something and it seems to come from nowhere, follow it. Experiment with that gut response and you’ll find it leading to you what’s next.

You’ve got amazing observational skills, especially when it comes to human behavior, which endlessly fascinates you. And the weirder it is, the better. You’re not shaken up when people act inappropriately or wildly. Everyone else might get really uncomfortable in those situations while you just keep on watching, unaffected. It may be the loud, unhinged man on the subway who’s had too much to drink, your good friend who’s having a meltdown, or someone who’s just acting with a total lack of pretense. The Moon is how we support others and you actually support the oddness and freedom in others. It gives you a good feeling inside, even when it makes other people in the situation uneasy. That just gives you more opportunities to take notes on the wide range of human behavior, which you’re always doing, like an anthropologist who never has a day off.

People with their Moon touching Uranus are extremely in touch with social cues, due to their high interpersonal intelligence. But, you ignore them or overlook them when it has to do with yourself. Your people skills are not to win popularity (even though you will surely make a ton of friends) or gain approval but to widen your study of your fellow man in order to be able to help them more. The more you observe about people, the more you know and can contribute. Those with a Moon-Uranus aspect feel deeply fulfilled by supporting causes, advancing movements, and promoting emerging trends. Politics, technology, world news, and community services all speak deeply to your soul. And you have a knack for just understanding where society is going and needs to go.

Moon conjunct Uranus: You can go the craziest and the wildest, since you have the conjunction. But, as long as you feel like you have the personal freedom you need so much, you’re not quite as rebellious or out of control. You make a wonderfully loyal, accepting friend to just about everyone. Though you may get distant or run hot-and-cold, your buddies really mean the world to you.

Moon square or opposite Uranus: Those chaotic responses can be the hardest to accept and handle for you, with the square or the opposition. A part of you wants to be “normal” yet that mad genius is smoldering on the inside, demanding to burst out. The more you accept that normal doesn’t exist, the more you can establish the liberal, interesting, exciting connections with others that you crave.

Moon sextile or trine Uranus: Due to having the sextile or the trine, the commotion you cause is not so loud and troublesome. You’re relatively easy to manage, just so long as no one’s trying to force you into a box. Your quirky free spirit is a delight to your many friends. But, even you sometimes need to watch out for becoming aloof, as well as breaking others’ rules just to break them.


  1. Hi Wayman and thank you for great article again,

    If i may say, you are kind too soft on this aspect. I am not the owner of this aspect. I am doing tha same thing you do - having the list of people with birthcharts and observe them. Why i am saying too soft, is that aspects like this including Moon aspects with Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn are always, with no acception are having serious painful inner conflicts untill the extent that if they are not pointed to, may cause damage to their psyche.
    One of my parents has trine of the Moon to Uranus. And few others(about six people) in very close intimate family and friends are having different aspects. Every aspect trine or sextile , square, conjuction, opposition are all have been or some still are having troubles with the same commonalities.
    I have never seen thet much of absurd in behavior like in this people. I can not call it just rebellion, - we all are rebellion in different areas. I can not call it just unpredictable (they sure are unpredictable). Crazy , yep, but not just in a fuuny quarky way. They can be very funny though, very intertaining, great sense of humore. And then all of the sudden they flip and start to destruct with their speech, behavior, like they do not give a damn, whome they are hurting. They can become indifferent, so egocentric and even justify it and be proud about their misplaced excentrism right in front of the ones around , that i call it absolute antisocial. And in some cases they absolutely unaware and completely oblivoious even when you show them in different ways. To tell them this is a dangerous thing, -because they are often on the emotional edge they can not handle the truth easily ( they all have fear to be seen and called insane).
    Toone of the person with Moon square Uranus aspect i have said ones ( because i saw how afraid she was, when freind for fun said to her when she was very funny: "You are nuts") :

    - Do not be afraid of thinking that you are crazy. She knew i loved astrology. So i said:
    - Itś because of your Moon square Uranus. She had big eyes:
    - OOh, i am so afraid sometimes that i am really insane.
    I had suggested she would find some creative outlet for her revolutional ideas, her amount of energy.
    But still, i have seeen her doing hurtful stuff, in a way i could describe : My way or the high way. I do not think a lot of imagination requierd to see where it has brought her...: a lot of people left.
    Wayman, do not misunderstand, i am not critizing you. Job, you do is wonderful. People trust you. I wante to share my experienses with hard aspect in people charts to see the darkness in our psyche. Any aspects to the Moon is pointing to general well being of the human psyche or desctrutive to such extent, that it will influence some important choices in Life and Life circumstances.

    1. Hi Balta, thanks for your comment. I can relate fully to it. Both in it's praise for the article and the extreme efforts it takes to maintain a certain level of healthy self-esteem with this aspect.

    2. Hi Henry,
      Thanks, Itś nice to hear and to exchange thoughts. It is also inspiring to hear that someone enjoyed what i have written, because recently i - myself have started wrighting on some subjects, not the astrology. I love to share my insights and to learn further on astrology here...

      And, thanks , Wayman for providing the knowledge, the space and freedom for exchanging the ideas.

    3. Balta, I can't help it - my egalitarian sense is tingling. Sounds to me as if you were describing the effect of having a major Moon-Uranus-aspect in a society that expects you to conform to rather rigid rules. Like, you're a woman, so you are to marry, have children and run a household, and if you don't like it, you're obviously crazy. Or something like it.

      “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” (Henry David Thoreau)
      The thing is that people with dominant Uranus in their chart have hard accepting this, especially the "quiet"- part of desperation. We're sure able to conform to whatever, as long as we are free not to. The current Pope, Pope Francis, is a great example. A rebel with a cause, so to speak (and Moon in Aquarius square Uranus).

      Anyways, you can't simply say that Moon-Uranus is responsible for the way she acts and leave it at that. That's not the cause. I mean, imagine you have a cat at home. The cat can't get out of your appartement, but in your eyes, it shouldn't matter because you think she got everything she needs. And then you come home and find that she scratched your furniture, destroyed your plants and puked, or worse, on your carpet. You think that her behaviour is crazy, because there's food and shelter and the occasional scratch behind the ears - you'd be glad to live this way, so she should be happy, too. But you don't provide for all of her needs. There's no prey to hunt, not enough space to run around, and there sure aren't enough places to hide, watch and stalk, etc. The trouble is that you don't understand those needs. She feels trapped in this tiny appartement, and every so often she snaps and acts destructive, even though she knows that you strongly disapprove of this behaviour. From your perspective, she's being destructive because she's a cat, though in fact she's simply frustrated because she's forced to conform to your way of living.

      Moon-Uranus isn't bad in itself. Or Moon-Neptune. Moon-Pluto etc. I got them all, my chart is positively loaded with Uranus and Pluto. I also got cats. :) In my experience, it's only "damaging to the psyche" if you try or are forced to be someone you're not.
      Every single house, planet and aspect got his good and bad sides, so the thing to do is not to deny this part in you or to feel guilty about it, but to find out what it's good for.

      So, let me close this plea with the battle cry of every Uranian ever: "Give me freedom, or give me death - but don't tell me what to do, think or feel." :P

    4. Nadine sounds reasonable to me as a woman with Moon conjunct Uranus. Thank you for your explanation.

  2. Thanks for the articles. They shed a new light on interesting aspects.

    I have (Sun conjunct Uranus) square Moon, Opposite Chiron and Square Neptune. Mood swings are my trade-mark, leaving people wondering what happened to the visionary and inspiring personality who has now turned into a whining and depressed misanthropist. Too much to handle for most and leaving a trail of broken friendships behind. Daytimes are manageable, night times is a different story.

    The trends seem so obvious and yet they (the ignorant or conservative others) need endless explanations and pushing. Uranian insights and Ego are no friends it seems.
    Best method seems to be to suggest some change, run away for a few years and come back to see how someone has picked it up and claimed it their own. Sow the seeds, water them and wait, and wait, and wait. Claiming the ideas as your own seems a recipe for disaster.

    I used to work in 3 months focussed efforts to bring about transformation followed by a 2 year recovery period and another 3 or 4 years to wait for the next issue to come up. It worked well in ICT and some meditation groups in a society open to change. In other places the remnants of the Inquisition or outdated political models are too strong to have any impact at all.

    Big wheels turn slow even for "normal" people and appear stagnant to Uraniuns.

    I can see how many people consider my behaviour offending or just "looking for a fight" and from a conservative point of view it is just that. Reading Ken Wilber it appears that a lot of the change that seems needed has to be introduced much more slowly in order not too lose the support a the basis. (His main critique on the Green meme).

    The question doesn't seem to be the validity of the Uranian ideas and insights, but how to integrate them in a non-disruptive way. For that the Moon square Uranus might very well be the hammer on the head that us "game changers" need in order not to lose contact with the nurturing mother from whom all life emerged and the people for whom these changes are intended.

    Somehow the aspect reminds me of the Alchemist in Paulo Coelho's book.

    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Jiddu Krishnamurti this is one phrase that keeps me going and yet the emotional price to pay for not adjusting to the society you live in is (almost) unbearable.

    You reap what you sow; if you shout at society that "they are sick" for years on end, they will start to question your "normality" and rightfully so. Moon square Uranus feels like a call to keep the renewal of society within an emotionally supportive framework, going fairly gentle whilst maintaining the vision and honouring the speed (or lack thereof) at which others can adapt to new ways of doing things.

    1. “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.” Mahatma Gandhi

      So much bitterness. Really, you don't have to have a "conservative point of view" to see that you are looking for a fight - your post is full of "You against Them", even though you are just as much a part of society as anybody else, whether you like it or not. Really, would you listen to someone like you? You say it yourself: you don't care about the people, so why should they trust you? Or follow your advice? I certainly wouldn't, and I'm all about change. (We could put our birth charts on a table and see who's got the longest... uhm.... most dominant Uranus. Just don't put me into a room with someone who's all about "Never change a running system". Muggles! ;D)

      I don't know you, so I don't question your ability to "change the game", but would the world be any better for it? I don't know. Because of your need to satisfy your ego and your misanthrophy, the result of your ideas might just as well be a dystopian society - no, thanks, I don't want to spend the rest of my life fighting Skynet.

      Anyways, I'm not here to pick a fight. I don't even think the things I'm telling you here matter, you'll probably only get defensive and try to make me see your point of view. Well, I do. I KNOW this intense feeling of frustration, like, when you think you know better, but nobody listens to you. But still, I gotta try, because I learned a lot in the past year, most of all that it's not about your abilities - your ATTITUDE determines whether you become a hero, who wants to implement change for the sake of others' and his own happiness, or just some pitiful villain, who blames the world for his unhappiness.

      Well, I think you're on the right track already - don't stop now. If you have any planets in your 12th house, get Wayman's book, it's a real eye-opener. Question yourself, your family, your motivation, your behaviour pattern, your thinking pattern, go to therapy, do charity work, try really really hard to become the best "you" you can be - I promise, it's the most rewarding journey. Painful, too. But not as painful as a life full of bitterness.

    2. Nadine,
      You have missed the point completely in what i have said and Henry Virgem's story. You are one of those people which are always right and of course you would never agree to this because you consider yourself the most open minded...while always talking to yourself inside your head and agreeing to yourself all the time...There are a lot of people in that state of mind believing they are already achieved their greatness, only somehow nobody believes you.... And it's a tough job to convince everyone.

    3. Nadine Rick sounds like a reasonable explanation to me, as woman with Moon in Leo conjunct Uranus in Leo I can relate to that. Thanks

  3. This is one of my funner aspects I'd say. I have an Aquarian Moon in the 4th house trine Uranus in the 12th house (these are both trine my Gemini Saturn in the 8th which may be why developing my intuition is still happening while I'm 43 years old?). Good article.

  4. I have a taurus moon square uranus in aquarius. I don't like it. It makes me feel when I don't want to and then not feel when I should. I'm also very inconsistent.

  5. I have Uranus conjunct Jupiter, square the Sun, opposite the moon, sextile Mercury, square Venus, trine Mars, and opposite Chiron. It's a lot. And you're right, I believe there is absolutely NO ONE on this planet who really understand me. I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time... and that's being nice about it. Sometimes I think I may be crazy for real, but if someone else said it, it could possible be the last thing they said for a while. I try so hard to control EVERYTHING, but it feels impossible. Anyone else here with this many aspects to Uranus that has learned how to handle that energy??

  6. Shekeria
    If you don't mind me asking...what is the month and day of your birth. Don't have to give me year. I might have some insight. I too have a lot of Uranus on my chart.

  7. Best article about Moon-Uranus I have read, thanks.

  8. Best article about Moon-Uranus I have read, thanks.

  9. This really spoke to my soul! Great article!

  10. The moon and mercury takes precedence my chart, a strong Sun conjunct Saturn in Cancer/third house. Moon lies in Libra/sixth house in a near exact conjunction with Uranus. Also, this happens to be near the NN in Scorpio/sixth, Ascendant Gemini, Midheaven Aquarius. From an astrological perspective it seems lightning and upsetting the status quo is a prerequisite. I have this need to tear down the conditioning of others, to break down tradition, to crack the hierarchy. I have no leader and I am no follower. The past has no binding influence. Those who seek status and security fear me. For love cannot exist where there is power and conformity. The time is ripe for an incisive transformation of personal consciousness in the age of Aquarius...

  11. My moon is sextile Uranus in Aquarius. Suffice it to say my mother was unconventional, even before she was forced to be a single parent. (My father died, he didn't divorce her. :) It was true love by all accounts and even the stars support that impression. He had Uranus in 7th so he probably fell in love with my mother specifically for her exotic qualities - he even encouraged her. He paid rent to her as his landlady when they moved to a new house because she'd bought it with her own money. My sun and moon are also in sextile. Theirs was a strange love, even to me, but definitely the real thing, God bless them.)

  12. My moon is conjunct Uranus in the 1st house, and are both also conjunct my Sagittarian ascendant. Very accurate article, if quite flattering also. Despite my mother's emotional detachment, I am still very grateful for her strange progressive intelligence and intuition in all that she encouraged and accepted in me when I was young (much internal and external freedoms, books, access to music/instruments, things to stimulate my imagination and emotions etc., and tolerated my strangeness and bouts of genius or whatever). But it really was a major theme in my life of thinking I shouldn't need anything, and caused a lot of internal grief later on. Double edged sword of much independence, but no idea of how to be vulnerable or ask for help when my emotions went haywire and I met serious emotional struggle.

    It's taken a long time to learn how to give actual nurturance to myself and to self-give what my mother couldn't always. Sometimes I think my own private nature and prickly reluctance made her give me a lot of space and didn't help with being approached or helped but ... yeah. Again, double edged.

    It's also true these days that I love the people who give me space and freedom. Have an excellent boyfriend who has been able to keep me only because he allows completely for my nature. As a result I feel actually compelled to work on my tendency to isolate and have made a lot of strides in coming out of the uranian coldness ruled by those mad genius stares of electricity to talk about and show my emotions. It's so easy to be logical about emotions but another thing entirely to be vulnerable.

    The logical emotionist should actually be my true name lol. It's come up so much in my life (other people see it so clearly) and seems like such a contradiction, or as I would rather say, a perfectly mystical blend of right and left brain.

    Anyway, much more to say on the subject but will stop here for now.

    1. Oh, apparently my mom's Uranus would be in Leo, not sure what house, but we always had a lot of technology or quirky interesting inventions around to do with art, music, and entertainment, which was great for us growing up. She also was the only woman of her friends (or anyone around I think) to have her own espresso machine; very strange to own at the time! But very normal nowadays. ;)

  13. I don't know if you are going to see this comment but I do a ton of charts for people just for the fun like I do to my friends and family and I noticed the that moon Uranus in easy aspect is a seperetion from the mother in a way that the child wants like I have the trine and when I was 4 I told my father I don't wanna live with mom so I got the easy aspect because this is an easy seperation from my point also lots of friends I know have moon trine Uranus and they decided themselves to go to Boarding school and selereted from their mother and home in a sense they fine with it and moon opposite or square Uranus it was more forced on them like the child really needed mothers love and she just ripped that security off them and so they grow up very much independent but they need security but as soon as love and security comes their way they get cold and overly rational (I know less about the pattern of the square and opposition but I know how the behave )
    As for the conjunction they are the person who knows enybody and everybody and just can't seat more then 5 miunits (my father has the conjunction)I really hope this would get to you