Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Capricorn Midheaven: A Role Model to the World

***Also for if you have Saturn conjunct Midheaven

Having your Midheaven in Capricorn means that you are on a life-long mission to accomplish and achieve as much as possible. Capricorn is the sign that rules the Midheaven, so this is what’s called a dignified placement. It doesn’t necessarily mean that those with a Capricorn Midheaven will have the best careers ever. In fact, dignified placements can sometimes go overboard in that area of life. So, it’s very common to see people with this Midheaven becoming too career-focused, to the point of selfishness or ruthlessness. You’re a single-minded kind of individual when it comes to what you do with your life. It’s just important to remember to keep that drive of yours balanced.

You see it as a life goal to be a respectable member of society. Capricorn Midheaven people really aim for the top rung of the ladder. You’re more ambitious than most but this doesn’t mean that you can’t tolerate not being the authority. In fact, you’re just as good as being the employee or even the underling. There are certain Midheaven signs that can’t tolerate not being their own boss. But, not you. Why? Because you’re shrewd about it. Those with their Midheaven in Capricorn were not born yesterday. You know how to play the game and if that means being closer to the bottom for a while, then so be it. You firmly believe that it’s only a matter of time until you rise up the ranks.

In the meantime, you will make all the right moves by being that role model for the world. You’re highly aware of your reputation and your public image. You don’t want to do anything that will tarnish that, which keeps your success going nice and steady. Capricorn Midheaven can virtually succeed at anything, so long as they stay focused and dedicated. The satisfaction you gain from your career just comes from being effective, hardworking, and respected by your peers. As long as your profession provides you with an opportunity to make a solid name for yourself, you’re okay with it. You will also gravitate, of course, toward anything that’s entrepreneurial. You’re definitely a businessman or businesswoman in the world, always seeking to build that brand of yours.

There’s something very substantial about the impact you make on the world. People will really look up to you and the things you achieve have a long-lasting effect. A great example of this is Martin Luther King Jr., who had his Sun conjunct his Midheaven in Capricorn. This placement totally symbolizes Dr. King’s ability to be a confident, memorable leader (Sun) in a movement that had seriously important results (Capricorn) for society. Whenever he spoke to the world, his words held true weight, with him quickly finding himself as an authoritative figure in the Civil Rights Movement. The famous dream that he had was a big ambition and he worked as hard as he could to realize it.

Martin Luther King Jr.: Sun conjunct Midheaven in Capricorn

Martin Luther King Jr. is a real icon, a literally monumental figure. He has his own holiday, streets in countless major cities named after him, and more than a few memorial sites. He’s no different than many other famous Capricorn Midheaven people who have made themselves an unshakable part of society and/or popular culture, even after, or especially after, death. If the Midheaven represents fame, on metaphorical or actual levels, then having the Midheaven in its ruling sign means that when you gain recognition, it’s going to be incredibly solid. You are no here-today, gone-tomorrow sensation. You’re going to last the long haul when it comes to importance in the world.

You do see yourself as an important person, though not exactly in the self-absorbed way that Leo Midheaven is harmlessly guilty of. You just know that you have something very important to contribute to the world. This has been driving you since high school, which is a time when I believe the Midheaven starts truly kicking in. And your ambitions have been running high ever since you were a teenager. It’s rare to see a Capricorn Midheaven adolescent who doesn’t have that premature focus and vision for the future. While your other peers are hemming and hawing when it comes to what they want to do with their lives, taking a very casual or carefree attitude toward the future, you were most likely serious about it. In fact, you might have already begun making specific plans for your life as an adult when you were still in your Junior year.

Getting that first job, building your resume, and making crucial connections all became motivating factors for you. In the teen years, Capricorn Midheaven people usually benefit from some sort of mentor who helps direct them and map out their steps. This sets you up for a pattern of easily taking to authority figures throughout life. You want their wise guidance and you also gravitate toward the power that they possess. So, you often have someone in your corner who has a lot of influence in your field and who knows the right people. Of course, you do work your ass off and I’d never want to diminish that, as you’re so proud of your work ethic. Yet, you’re also pragmatic enough to know that rubbing elbows with influential people will give you an extra, needed push.

This is what creates the networker side of your public demeanor that can become quite calculating. You’re calculating, in general, when it comes to being out in the world. While Cancer Midheaven, your opposite, is just happy to be very instinctual and free-flowing in their public life, you are forever connecting the dots. So, if you have any planets conjunct your Midheaven, they’re projected to the world in ways that are controlled and have a certain agenda to them. To be fair, we all have an agenda when it comes to our Midheaven. Yet, this is something that’s way more pronounced with you, to a degree that can give you a reputation as being one of those “climbers.”

People will see you as a climber, regardless. This can be positive or negative. After all, didn’t Dr. King work his way up from being a simple preacher from Georgia to the powerful face of a movement that changed the nation? So, this ability to climb up the ladder can win you respect. But, it’s also something that can get tongues wagging, if it’s suspected that it wasn’t an entirely honest process. So, folks with their Midheaven in Capricorn can be subject to the kind of talk that says they schemed, schmoozed, backstabbed, or slept their way to the top. These public opinions will really bother you, especially since you pride yourself so much on your work ethic and the public’s respect. The thing is, though, that these rumors aren’t always rumors, in the case of this placement.

Maybe you did stop at nothing to get to the level of success you’re at and that’s something about yourself that you need to examine. As much as you aim to be a role model, you should also carry out this mission by not just wanting respect for what you do but how you get there. Because of this, Capricorn Midheaven people often either turn out to be very unscrupulous, believing that the ends justify the means, or project a strong moral fiber to the world. You should work as hard on this attitude as you do your career. Focus on having a very solid sense of integrity and letting that guide you through the world. MLK did the same thing, insisting on nonviolent protests, even when other members of the Movement disagreed. You must exercise authority in this way, showing the public that there are always certain rules to be followed, in order to be a decent member of society.

Young people with a Capricorn Midheaven gain a rep for somehow being more mature than their peers. When you were a teenager, you didn’t seek to be like the cool kids. Instead, you had some special adult that you emulated. This continues into adulthood. Those with this placement in their twenties often have different priorities than other people their age. You’re not a fan of this stage of life being a “messy” time. You strongly crave that security and high level of achievement from an early age. There are those with this placement who get a lot of success early on but then there are others who feel like they have to wait longer. This is often just your perspective, though, as you aren’t recognizing the success you’ve already achieved. You’re just looking at the so-called failures. It’s good to push yourself but stop to pat yourself on the back, every once in a while, as well. Remember how hard you work and how you’ll get where you want to go eventually.

Getting over your fear of failure is going to be a big issue, as well. You must overcome the hurdle of worrying about falling flat on your face. Capricorn Midheaven individuals have a really tough time handling the idea of failure. For all your competence and efficiency, you often become overwhelmed with anxiety and worry whenever you’re faced with challenges in your career and life path. You have this overactive awareness that the whole world is watching you. Therefore, you really hate making mistakes or missteps, as you feel like you’re going to be judged very harshly for flopping. Well, some people are going to judge. But, it does you good to lighten up, in this regard, and to stop worrying so much what people will think. Even if everything you did was a “success”, there’d still be plenty of people judging you and finding fault with you.

So, you have to relax more into your professional path and not take it so seriously. This is what can also contribute to your widespread image of somehow not being very fulfilled or happy. Many Capricorn Midheaven people are seen by the public as a melancholy or lonely person, maybe even secretly depressed. You can be the example of that person who seems to have it all, on a worldly level, but is actually quite empty inside. You might feel this way yourself and you’ll overcome this feeling by focusing equally on your personal life. It’s good that you’ve found such a strong calling for yourself and that you are such a career person. But, all of that success will be nothing without someone to share it with. So, learn to see your private fulfillment as just as much of a goal.

Also, the more you change your views on success and failure, the less your career will feel like such an uphill battle. It certainly will remain that way for you, as you’re destined to meet a few more challenges than most on your way up. But, if you see success as just giving it your all and never throwing in the towel, then you can stop being so hung up on the outcome. Then, those “failures” can reveal themselves as opportunities in disguise. This also improves your approach as an authority figure. Your Midheaven in Capricorn makes you a very capable, dutiful boss. You know how to set the rules and call the shots. But, the less you worry so much about everything, the less stressful your job will feel. Planets conjunct the Midheaven can show how you set the guidelines for your employees. And this will eventually be something you have to deal with, as this Midheaven sign means that you really owe it to the world to be the boss and be an example for everyone else.

You know that this is your place in the world and you take to this public persona with dignity and self-control. People with a Capricorn Midheaven really know how to be put themselves and keep themselves together in public, to a degree that makes you seem stoic or reserved. You are in firm command of yourself and your actions, never wanting to be sloppy or embarrassing. The stiff upper lip you maintain, no matter what happens around you in the world, may make you seem hard, remote, or unapproachable to those in your community. Yet, the people who muster up the courage to do so will realize that you’re actually quite sociable; just as long as it’s in doses. Capricorn Midheaven folks really enjoy connecting with people in public. But, it has to be for a good reason or else you’ll just keep to yourself. You also gain the world’s respect so easily that it happens in unexpected ways. You’re probably often mistaken for the manager, at a store or a restaurant, because you just seem like you should be in charge. And whenever you have to tell a stranger off or put them in their place, you’re very effective and they’ll take you seriously.  


  1. Very insightful article Wayman! I myself have a Gemini midheaven but Saturn squares it by a tight 1 degree orb. I could identify with some of the descriptions of the Capricorn midheaven like the rigorous work ethic and was wondering if the square has anything to do with that?

    1. Hey, yes having the ruling planet in aspect to the Midheaven is similar to having the Midheaven in that sign. The way its expressed depends on the aspect, though. With the square, you may put even more pressure on yourself and be even more afraid of failure, which needs to be worked through.

  2. "Capricorn Midheaven folks really enjoy connecting with people in public. But, it has to be for a good reason or else you’ll just keep to yourself" Yes, I agree so much on this. I have sun conjunct my Capricorn midheaven. And I think I express myself only when it interests me. That's why I never express myself freely in school, it won't be beneficial to me neither good. I know that whatever is in our school education as if for now, is not associated with what I want in the future, or what I see myself doing in the future, therefore I don't try as much as I should. But this also worries me, since I've calculated that Saturn is going to transit my sun and midheaven on the begging of last semester of my school year (which I still have years to go) but it worries me about my choices.
    P.s I've obviously used my mother's google account, great article!

    1. You're still super-young, then, if you'll graduate when Saturn's in Capricorn. Just try and find as much purpose as you can now. But, that transit will probably be a very good time for you and bring great opportunities. You'll be able to handle it because your Midheaven's ruled by Saturn anyway.

  3. Hi Wayman,
    A lot of appreciation to you for the great article again!
    It is my case : Midheaven in Capricorn trine Sun and Moon in Taurus ( Sun and Moon in conjunction in 1st house), and MC in T-square - Saturn in Cancer opposition MC in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aries squares MC, Jupiter in Aries squares Saturn in Cancer.

    To make it even more complicated Saturn opposition to MC ( MC trines Sun and Moon which are in conjunction as i said, and Saturn in Cancer sextiles Sun, Saturn in Cancer sextiles Moon)
    I hope it's not too much asking,- cause as you see there is quite a heavy case. I have difficulty to understand. It is a lot of weight on My Midheaven in Capricorn.
    How to understand this trine from MC to both Sun and Moon which are conjunction? - supportive? And T- square from Jupiter and Saturn - challenging? So it's both supportive and challenging?
    Definitely, i know i square people of sometimes. I know i give an impression of being all soooo laid back , all sooo comfy, cozy with my Taurian Sun, Moon and Ascendant and then KABOOM! - it's about priorities, it's about honour, it's about truth, it's all my achievements on all of this matters! They are in disrespect! - if people question those - i am ruthless. Polite but ruthless to the bone. And people look at me, like i have hornes grown on my head all of the sudden. Some people do know me for a long time.Still they are shock when i am making my MC visible.

    And yeah... career... to find that complete satisfaction in my endeavors is still a challenge. I feel like time is ticking. I have felt this all my life - no time, no time to waste.
    Would you mind to give some insight on those contradictory aspects of my Midheaven,?

  4. Hi Wayman,
    Great article and totally spot on for me.
    I have Saturn conjunct Midheaven in Saggitarius but really identified myself with your description of a Capricorn midheaven. I also have Uranus in conjunction to MC and Saturn and Jupiter in the 1st house (and Sun in the 12th house Aquarius). I don't normally comment articles but this one was exactly spot on, this idea of taking your professional life way too seriously. My saturn return will take place in a month and I am really anxious about what it will mean for my professional life. I have climbed the corporate ladder for the past 6 years and achieved a good financial situation. However, I have a feeling that I need a change and focus more on a meaningful professional life rather than materialistic pursues...
    (Saturn is squaring my Jupiter first house). Anyway, really enjoyed reading your article.

    1. Hey yeah if a planet is conjunct the Midheaven, it feels a lot like the planet's sign. I have Moon conjunct Midheaven and I feel a lot like a Cancer Midheaven.

      And yeah, with this placement, your Saturn Return will mean a lot in terms of your career. It could really be a time for a change. Good luck to you! :)

  5. I have a Midheaven in Capricorn and Saturn and Jupiter both conjunct with Capricorn. I can understand the issue of responsibility and fear of failure. Sometimes it is very difficult to achieve or move forward due to this fear. Your article is very clear and helpful. My sun is in Scorpio and ascendant in Aries. I have a difficult time with that Ascendant Sun combination but work very hard to meet the Midheaven. Sometimes I feel it is not fair that I am working while others are playing. I work towards my goal of selling my artwork. Website: http:;//www.rossanakeltonartist.myshopify.com
    I continue to work to sell my artistic work and really make a difference through my talent.

  6. You nailed it I really resonate with it I always had some adoult to look up to and learn from his wiseness and i knew what I wanted to do since I remember myself