Saturday, October 31, 2015

Libra Midheaven: A Lover for the World

***Also for if you have Venus conjunct Midheaven

With the Midheaven in Libra, your mission in life is to give and receive as much love as possible. Therefore, the profession that you pursue must be something that harmonizes and beautifies the world. No matter what your actual career is, you will approach it with a very aesthetic sensibility, as well as a yearning to please other people. Libra Midheaven people cannot go around pretending like they don’t care what people think of them. You really want those in your community to like you; to even fall in love with you! You’ll take whatever kind of appreciation and flattery you receive because gaining these compliments actually feels like an achievement for you.

After all, the Midheaven shows what we want to achieve throughout our lives. So, with a Libra Midheaven, you feel accomplished by being widely adored and pined after. Besides, you understand the power of being so charming and seductive: it gets you further in life. This works for you better than many others. While most of us have to rely more on our work ethic, passion, skill set, or intelligence, you’re one of those lucky people who can slide by more on just being really likable and attractive. Yet, that’s not to say that you don’t have to work hard! Midheaven in Libra can become an indolent placement, in this way, expecting to get by too much on their good looks or nice personality. However, your attractiveness is a powerful asset and you know how to work it.

You’ll find many famous people with a Libra Midheaven who are renowned for being so adorable, impossible to dislike, and totally beautiful. It’s funny because the Midheaven doesn’t affect your appearance yet having this placement just makes you so highly appealing that people can’t help but pay homage to your beauty, on many levels. This is evident with Elizabeth Taylor, one of the best examples of a Libra Midheaven you could find. The late Oscar-winner was pretty much the top stunner in Hollywood, in her prime; the most beautiful woman in the world! She was that coveted goddess: you either wanted to bed her or to be her. Elizabeth’s love of fashion and glamour is also legendary. She was once quoted as saying that diamonds were the third love of her life, behind husbands Mike Todd and Richard Burton. She also, of course, had an actual diamond named after her: The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, of which she was quite proud.

But, surely, there was more to Elizabeth Taylor than beauty and fashion. She was also a very talented
Elizabeth Taylor: Midheaven in Libra
actress, with her iconic performances in films like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? showing off her range. However, her substance usually came to second to her attractiveness to most, which can be a major problem for Libra Midheaven people. A lot of them get frustrated that people only see them as the hottie or as the nice guy/girl. Some just learn to go with it, resigned to the fact that they’ll be viewed in lightweight, superficial terms. It’s clear from quite a few other famous Libra Midheaven folks that it takes a lot of effort for them to become seen as having more to offer than their sex appeal or their sweetness. Yet, the catch is that you know that this is your calling card, so you don’t want to give up that image altogether, either.

This is a dilemma that can come into play during the high school years, which is when your Midheaven began to emerge and really take form. Libra Midheaven teenagers have a shrewd understanding of how to play the social game. You make the right friends and influence the right people. You also never wanted to be on anybody’s bad side. This is a very peace-loving placement, when it comes to one’s social life. It’s an attitude that began in adolescence. Even if you had some disagreements with your peers, you tried to handle it all in a civil, kindhearted way. You didn’t want enemies, often because you could be quite scared of the confrontations that could follow.

At the same time, you really did just desire to be nice to people. There is a life goal, with this Midheaven, to love everyone you can. But, this could’ve made things complicated in your dating life. Libra Midheaven can freely flirt, tease, and lead others on, sometimes because you’re too enamored with the idea of romance and affection to stop such behavior. It didn’t help that plenty of people probably wanted to be your boyfriend or your girlfriend in your high school days. Now, not every Midheaven in Libra teenager is going to be voted Most Attractive. Some might blossom later and if that’s the case, it makes dating around or landing a relationship even more of a goal for them. Late-bloomer Libra Midheaven folks will not be held back from finding that special someone, as they have a pretty pent-up drive to do so, thanks to their delayed sense of romance.

All of this is what makes you the lover for the world. You not only want the world to be in love with you but you want to be in love with what you do with your life. So, in a way, you aim for a sense of romance with your career, as well. There are some Libra Midheaven people who can find themselves substituting a romantic life for a professional one. And the opposite can be true, as well. Libra is about finding balance, after all, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfectly balanced all the time. Therefore, you often feel like you need to choose between loving your career and loving your significant other. It can indecisively send you back and forth. When you’re single, you might become career-obsessed. When you’re with someone, your motivation toward your career may drop. It can easily feel like you’re cheating on your career with your significant other and vice versa.

It doesn’t help matters that your relationships become public knowledge so easily. It’s really difficult for you to have a private life where romance is concerned. Your love life is the talk of the town! Look at Elizabeth Taylor. At one point, she was just as well-known for being tumultuously married to Richard Burton as being an actress and no profile of her goes without mentioning that she was married eight times (but, then again, that’s just astounding, anyway). A big reason for this level of attention on your love life is that you’re widely seen as such a catch. So, being the sex symbol you are, people are naturally going to ask, “Is he/she single?” After all, they’re probably crushing on you and want to know if you’re on the market or not. When you’re not single, it can lead to plenty of disappointment as well as judgment. Since you’re valued so highly on the market, some people in your public sphere may unfairly judge your partner (or partners) for not being successful enough, good-looking enough, talented enough, or whatever else enough for you.

Who could really measure up? That might be many people’s idea of you. Libra Midheaven individuals can regularly give those in their community sweaty palms and wobbly knees, making them feel like love-struck schoolboys or schoolgirls. Yet, you understand this and milk it for all its worth! If you find yourself in positions of authority, you wouldn’t be above using that personal appeal to set the rules. It’s a funny thing but Libra Midheaven bosses lay down the law without seeming to do so. So, you can charm your employees into doing things, possibly even by making them feel like it was their idea. On the other side of the equation, with your bosses, you’re going to be just as charming. Yet, you might have a way of still directing the operation, without them knowing. Due to your sweetheart persona, people can underestimate you. But, you know how to use this to your advantage, getting just what you want from your boss while still somehow pleasing them.

And when it comes to any conflicts in your professional environment, you make an excellent mediator. Midheaven in Libra individuals know how to diffuse any sort of tension in the workplace. After all, you just want to be the lover and spread good vibes around! But, you can also listen to both sides of the argument intelligently and come up with a way for everyone to meet in the middle. Therefore, this brings another element to your public image: one that’s soothing, understanding, and reasonable. People will look to you to be the person with the level head who brings balance and harmony to your working situation. When things get too intense, though, you might just seek to run off somewhere. You can handle disagreements but you don’t want serious fighting or drama on the job at all, which will certainly be one of the rules you enforce with your employees.

You also want to play a professional role that allows you to seek justice. On a smaller level, you might just be the person on the job who is always trying to make things equal and fair. But, you can also become involved in a career or a public venture that is about fighting for justice. This is really going to bring you satisfaction. Elizabeth found a way to do this, becoming the first celebrity to stand up and seek justice for those suffering from AIDS, when the disease first had its outbreak in the 1980’s. She believed that it wasn’t fair the way people were shoving these victims aside and used her high profile to fight for their equality. This was her Libra Midheaven at play and you’ll feel like you’re on the right track when you’re doing something similar. It doesn’t have to be charitable or political but it has to bring balance to the world in some sort of way.

I like to keep advice about the Midheaven general, just telling people what they want out of their career, instead of the specific career choice they should be making. But, with a Libra Midheaven, this stance of mine may just frustrate you because it can be difficult enough for you to make a career choice! This is something that probably started back in your high school days. When you were figuring out what you wanted to be, out in the world, you saw the goodness in many different choices. But, then, you could also see the con’s of many different choices. So, what choice should you make? This indecisiveness can lead some Libra Midheaven people to straddle the fence throughout their lives, as far as what they want to achieve. Even if you have a certain field nailed down, there’s still so many options within that field. You can do this project or that one or work for this person or that person. It’s enough to drive you pretty crazy, sometimes.

This is why Libra Midheaven people find more success teaming up with someone. In many cases, it can be a partner. You may easily find yourself falling in love with someone who is in the same field as you and, therefore, can partner up with you in a business sense, as well. But, it can also be through the help of a special contact, supporter or frequent collaborator. In any case, you just require someone to have your back, throughout your professional path, so you have a safe bet to go with when you’re busy vacillating. Just don’t become too dependent on this career partner, though, or you may find yourself feeling unbalanced without their input, decisions, or help. Learn how to make your own decisions more, concerning your career, and just meet others halfway.

When you head out into the world, a switch flips on that allows you to project a lot of elegance and grace. Many Libra Midheaven folks are the picture of sophistication when they are out and about in public. And even if you’re having a bad day, you’re going to try your best to give off very kind, considerate, and polite vibes. Because of this, you’ll find yourself welcomed and liked just about everywhere you go. The people at your regular places are used to you treating them exactly how you’d want to be treated. And just like with Taurus Midheaven, one of these regular places may be the mall. You’re going to love to shop and also love to be seen as your best groomed self. Most people with this placement never want others to think they’re having an off-day, style-wise. You are also regularly up for public displays of affection, to the point of not even being self-conscious about it. There is a powerful yearning here to show off one’s love and one’s partner to the public. So, you think it’s simply natural to kiss and get close out in the world, no matter who’s looking.


  1. Superb!! I have a Taurus MC (Leo rising) but I absolutely adore your site. Your thoughts and interpretations are so spot on.. you're great. Please write more and never quit. Muah!!!

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  3. Hi Is This Article Accurate For Venus Trine Midheaven Too?

  4. Hi Is This Article Accurate For Venus Trine Midheaven Too?

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  11. thank you so much for this lovely message...the whole time i was so engaged and was freaked out in a way that i kept getting goosebumps from start to finish, almost as if you are in my mind or as if my higher self is talking this all to me...this statement was moving and accurately dialed in to this dimension of my life...gave me much more inspiration, empowerement and gratitude that this quality of mine needed to be lightened up from the darkness within my mind, and brought to light, as this is a incredible gift of its own to be given in this life, and i am just burning with wisdom now as to how this aspect alone can really help move humanity forward when in the right hands such as myself, and this just adds tremendously to my pluto here also, and this lord house is venus, and my 5th house has mars in taurus (venus lord also) and connected to my exalted venus in 3rd house pisces....i send you love, light, and protection in exchange for this free knowledge and insight.....blessings and abundance to you for a description well put.