Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pisces Midheaven: An Artwork for the World

***Also for if you have Neptune conjunct Midheaven

With a Pisces Midheaven, your mission in life is… well, what exactly is your mission in life? This is the tricky thing for those with this Midheaven placement. Pisces is elusive and comes to its best answers not through linear logic. So, the nailing down of your ambitions (if you want to call it that) isn’t going to be easy. At the end of the day, the best way to put it is a major life goal of yours is to find something that you can just drift through. This doesn’t mean that you want to drift through life necessarily. If you believe everything you read, you should be cursing yourself right now for being an “aimless loser” because you have a Pisces Midheaven. That’s not the case. The perfect metaphor is that you want to be able to float your way to your goals, not paddle and break a sweat.

But, when it comes to your overall goals, they don’t (and shouldn’t) really involve you. Midheaven in Pisces people don’t get ahead in the world by possessing a sense of selfish ambition. The world is full of self-involved schemers who claw their way to the top. But, this is just not your style. Whatever it is that you do with your life, your intentions must be egoless for you to achieve success. And, for you, traditional success is not really success, so you’d have a tough time knowing if you were a success, even if you were one. Hard to follow? Well, a Pisces Midheaven’s life path is never straight and narrow. And, sure, there may be some people who will judge you for being directionless but this just confirms your sense that the “real world” somehow doesn’t understand you. Within every Pisces Midheaven, no matter what their career, there’s forever a struggling artist.

In fact, that would be the perfect way to describe your life goal. You really do want to make art for the world. Now, this can go in an obvious direction and it often does. Yes, a lot of Midheaven in Pisces people actually end up being artists: actors, musicians, singers, dancers, visual artists. It gives you the opportunity to do something purposeful via your imagination and your empathy. But, even if you don’t end up being in the arts, you still crave for what you do with your life to be art. It has to give you the chance to put some sort of magical touch on it. If not, it’ll be disheartening and even depressing for you. It’s sad to watch some Pisces Midheaven individuals who’ve never gotten to really utilize the artist within themselves. Their professional life then becomes a source of self-pity and self-victimization, where they sink deeper and deeper into becoming confused and careless about their work. If you have to adjust too much to the real world, it’ll unfortunately break you.

Vincent van Gogh: Midheaven in Pisces
Meanwhile, Midheaven in Pisces folks who find themselves able to express their artistic yearnings, in some manner, are more content and productive. Yet, even with some of them, there is still an unfortunate tendency toward victimizing oneself that can become well-known. I could list many famous artists with this Midheaven but a very obvious choice would be Vincent van Gogh. The man’s name is synonymous with “painter” and “art”, due in large part to the transcendental nature of his Pisces Midheaven. The vision, depth, and magic he poured into works like Starry Night and The Potato Eaters is really haunting and beautiful. He dedicated himself so wholeheartedly to being an artist that he became the model for the starving-artist archetype that we still picture today: the person with little to no money or resources, fueled by an unworldly love for their craft.

It’s quite sad, though, that van Gogh died before he became famous. Some see this as a sign that he’s one of the most tragic of figures (also the fact that he cut off a chunk of his own ear, but let’s not digress). Others may see it as a sign that his greatness was sealed at a young age. Others may believe that he got all the fulfillment he needed as he worked furiously on his art in obscurity. Van Gogh’s Pisces Midheaven means that he’s open to interpretation to the world, like all people with this Midheaven sign. The Midheaven is not only what a person wants from their career but who they want to be for world. It works both ways. So, Midheaven in Pisces people not only want to be the artist. They want to be the work of art, as well, forever interpreted.

This is why they make little to no effort to project a specific image. And if they do, it’s just like sort of like Picasso in his Blue phase or van Gogh when he couldn’t stop painting fruit. It’s a phase that they will fluidly morph out of. This starts in the adolescent stage. With this Midheaven placement, as a teenager, you decided it would be more interesting to just be a blank canvas for the world. Instead of imposing the colors on your canvas, you would let other people impose the colors on you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you just went along with what your classmates told you to be, although Pisces Midheaven teenagers can be particularly prone to peer pressure. It just meant that you were going to be known as whatever people said you were. You weren’t going to fight it.

You knew that this was going to make you more fascinating and more interesting. After all, van Gogh never had to tell us what the meanings of his paintings were. So, as your own work of art, you thought you didn’t have to craft a public image that totally made sense to other people. As a result, Pisces Midheaven adolescents grow up getting a very wide range of responses; sort of like Scorpio Midheaven, but less about intensity and more about confusion. You were an invisible nobody, a really big deal, a hottie, pretty average, a total sweetheart, a real jerk, a genius, and an idiot. It just all depended on what the person saw in you. Now, this can also instill some crises when it comes to your public image because it made it difficult for you to know what to be and at what time.

It continues into adulthood, with everyone in your community seeing you as fifteen different people. Meanwhile, you may see yourself as all of them or none of them. You understand that being out in the world requires you to play a part, to one extent or another. You can adapt to whatever role you need to play, so long as you know the role. This is what makes Pisces Midheaven people scarily good at immersing themselves in their work environments, like chameleons. You’d think they’d worked there for years and it’s just their third day. As long as you have expectations laid out, you will intuitively do whatever’s needed to meet them. But, when you don’t know what role you have to be, it can be terrifying and enough to make you just want to run off and hide.

People with this Midheaven are invariably reclusive, to some degree. Some go through phases of rarely leaving their home and then feel recharged enough to go back out into the world. Some just prefer to be out and about for work, then need to withdraw. It’s actually pretty ideal if you can find a career that allows you to work from home or at least work on an irregular schedule where you don’t always have to be out in public. The demands of constantly being out in the world are often a little too much. But, it’s enough to make some people want to file you as a missing person. It’s another thing you have in common with Scorpio Midheaven. Yet, they disappear strategically. You disappear without an end game, possibly making some people question if everything’s alright.

One of the things that overwhelms you about public life is that pressure to live up to people’s expectations. But, remember that you do not have to be what people want you to be. Pisces Midheaven often feels fulfilled by being some sort of fantasy or ideal for other people in the world. It’s much healthier if you can just become a fantasy version of yourself through having an artistic career. Actors, in particular, who have a Pisces Midheaven tend to be more balanced and clear-headed, in this regard. By making a living out of playing various people, you’ll feel much less of a need to be various people all the time in real life. Just save it for the camera, where you’ll most likely be very good at it. You can really touch people’s souls and any planet conjunct your Midheaven is projected in a very sympathetic, tender yet mysterious manner.

If you can’t be an actor, just see yourself as one in your public life. Understand that you need to be this character just to get by. But, don’t go Method! Don’t get overly attached to the character. Know when to shake the role off and when to embrace a new one, when needed. Yet, of course, many people might think that they’re getting a piece of the actual you. More perceptive souls might know better. Like all great works of art, there is no single definitive or correct opinion of you.

Vincent van Gogh, the man, was as difficult to understand as Vincent van Gogh’s art. This is why he, without irony, made himself the subject of his art through many of his self-portraits. Yet, he’s still out of our reach. To you, interacting with the world is not about sharing your “real self”. It’s just about being one self, one sketched-out persona, after the next. After all, everyone loves the word “real”. But, how real are any of us, anyway? It’s a postmodern concept that you’re all too familiar with: everything’s a mask, especially out in the world. Besides, you’d rather turn the focus on to other people.

As I said before, assuming selflessness in your career is going to get you far. So, even if you’ve got some Capricorn action going on, that image of the hard-driving businessperson isn’t going to suit you. Well, actually, it’s another character you can assume in order to get far enough in the world. Just minus the ruthlessness or hard-nosed pragmatism. As an authority figure, you’re highly empathetic, easily putting yourself in your employees’ shoes. Just be careful because people may get the sense of how soft a touch you are and try to take advantage. Have enough boundaries to not be walked on but retain your compassion. The world needs it! This is why, as an employee, you may find yourself bringing out a softer side in your boss than the others. You just activate others’ humanity. This is also a sign that organizing charity and humanitarian events, groups, and activities is right up your alley! Save those stray animals, feed the homeless, volunteer for whatever you can. It’ll feel like as much of a success as something you’d get paid to do.

Now, you can do all of these incredible things or you can just stare at your wall, smoke some more weed and just fantasize about all the great things you could do. I didn’t want to focus on the tragic element of Midheaven in Pisces too much. But, it can potentially create a life path where one is always screwing up: struggling with addiction, making poor and misguided choices all the time, or never knowing what you want to do with your life. As a teenager, you probably didn’t have the most conventional sense of direction, which could have worried your parents. Don’t let it send you down an overly messy road and don’t let it make the fantasy better than the reality, either. Some Pisces Midheaven people can prefer to keep their ambitions out of reach, almost too scared to make them real. But, you have to have the courage to manifest them and know that you deserve to have them.

I usually talk about how everyone conducts themselves in public, thanks to their Midheaven. But, we’ve already established that the public is not your most favorite place, even though you’re probably too kind and tenderhearted to be grumpy about it. So, if you have to be out and about, you would rather just disappear into the crowd. Those with their Midheaven in Pisces are very good at being invisible, when they need to be. In fact, you can go as far as to disguise yourself pretty well, whenever you don’t want to be bothered. Yet, you are very receptive toward those who cross your path, even if the character you’re assuming may be a tougher sort. You also have a way of being in solitude, even when you’re surrounded by other people. It’s not exactly like Aquarius Midheaven. You actually know how to either cloister off and claim your own space or bury into yourself. It’s a self-protective kind of thing. You’re probably spotted doing a lot of things alone and may give off the sense of being sad or pitiable somehow, even if you don’t feel that way.


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  2. Thanks! I think you would have moments in your career/public life where you're more selfish, instead of being the selfless Pisces Midheaven all the time. And there would be consequences for that, thanks to Saturn. Since its intercepted, you have to gain awareness of how and why you do that.

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  12. You are one of the best astrologers! I've read several of your articles since I've recently discovered astrology info on the internet. Yes, Pisces Midheaven and now I understand more. I'm 71 now but my first astrologer didn't go into such detail and I wasn't conscious enough to understand anyway. I've been teaching Yoga for 33 years (can you imagine me as a legal assistant for 15 years prior?) I did turn to writing and published a book in 2014: "I Forgive You, Daddy - Yoga and the Angels Healed Me! Along with Astrology, Channeling, Dreams, Past-Life Recall, Psychicism, Telepathy, Walk-Ins and the Whales". I tried to be a successful businesswoman as a Yoga teacher but money has always eluded me (though my Jupiter return is coming soon!). With no Earth planets, I really don't care about money but feel pressure to try. I'm turning to writing again now and going to let creativity come through. Thank you, this article is so helpful! NN in 12th house is awesome too! I'm really learning how wonderful my chart is because of you!

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