Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturn in the 4th House

Saturn in the 4th House is an interesting placement, as this puts Saturn in the house that’s opposite the house it naturally rules: the 10th House. If the 10th House is about all the things worth public recognition and acclaim, the 4th House is about all the little things that only we and our loved ones care about. So, having Saturn in the 4th means that those little things matter tremendously to you. Establishing a very solid private life for yourself as an adult is highly important yet you may experience a lot of doubts or worries regarding the results or your ability to do so.

I read a lot that Saturn in the 4th means that you didn’t feel loved or supported during your childhood. But, of course, that’s not always the case and can be quite a generalization. It’s never going to be all bad when it comes to people with a certain placement. So, many with a 4th House Saturn can actually enjoy very strong, positive relationships with their families and didn’t have much issue feeling loved while growing up. However, even in these positive cases, there was some sort of emphasis on being a grown-up while still a kid. Whatever’s in our 4th House represents the familial role we played and with Saturn in the 4th, you had to be the one to hold everything together.

In some way, a child with a 4th House Saturn experiences a home life that is thrown into major disarray: through financial struggles, the loss of a parent (by either death or abandonment), a particularly large family, constant moving, or anything else that could significantly turn things upside down. This is usually the placement of someone who is the first-born child or who holds some position of superiority in the birth order of siblings. Even if you’re the middle or the youngest child, you just feel like you should be the oldest because you’re the most mature. So, Saturn in the 4th House children learn to take command of things around the house, becoming a surrogate parent to their siblings. And if you’re an only child, you just became highly self-sufficient.

You were left in charge a lot, whenever your parents were busy (and maybe even when they weren’t). But, maybe a bit too much responsibility was placed in your lap. The 4th House begins to set in during childhood because this is the time where we don’t want anything but the little things in life and our home life is where we can get these things satisfied. Yet, with Saturn in the 4th, you had to worry a lot about the little things, from a very early age. You were your brother or your sister’s keeper, as well as your own. Your parents might have just been too stressed, aggrieved, or pressured to take care of everything for you. So, you had to learn to do these things yourself. 

Now, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t care about you, as you might frequently read. There are some cases where a 4th House Saturn person does grow up in a home environment that is cold, harsh, and emotionally repressive, making it hard, of course, for you to feel cozy and comfortable. In these cases, the child’s needs are not honored as they should be. But, in many other cases, the home environment is just one of hardship or of grief. Whether it was through depression, illness, or having to work multiple jobs, one or both of your parents were frequently overwhelmed, leaving you to fill in the gaps. This is also what leads to a home atmosphere that isn’t the most joyous one.

As an adult, this attitude has carried over. The 4th House represents, in adulthood, the kind of private life we seek out, based on the things we did or didn’t receive as children. With Saturn in the 4th House, you seek to establish a very structured personal life. Even when you rest at home, you can never really rest. 4th House Saturn people still feel like they are the glue that keeps everything together in their personal lives. Therefore, you are always planning, calculating, and micromanaging at home. Based on the sign Saturn’s in, you may live by a constant schedule, even scheduling your down time, or you might feel like everything’s going to go wrong unless you’re in control.

And since the 4th House rules all those little domestic things, this can come down to having the final word on what you watch on television because you just have to see this show and being the one to wash all the dishes because no one else is going to do it. This is the self-destructive attitude that Saturn in the 4th House people can take on. You might find yourself being too hard on your loved ones because you feel like they’re never doing enough to help you. If you’re not careful, you might end up repeating the behavior of one or both of your parents. You can behave like the put-upon provider, bringing yourself down, in the process, because the pressure’s too much to bear.

Saturn is about goals, so it is quite funny having Saturn in the 4th. This means that those things like washing the dishes or watching that show on Netflix can become like serious goals for you. And this is an attitude that might make you seem controlling, overbearing, or uptight, in private, because you just can’t relax about things that other people want to relax about. This is something that also comes into play when you become a parent. You’ll either strive too much to control your children and what they do or feel constant anxiety over every little thing they do that could possibly go wrong. And you can even treat your partners like this, as well, making them feel like they’re the children and you’re worrying about them and their safety too much.

But, don’t let anybody worry about you! You’re fine, you’ll tell them. You’re fine! The truth is that you’re often terrified of being taken care of, as it can make you feel incompetent or helpless. You have this goal of having the most amazing, impressive private life you can have. You want your family to be awesome, your home to be awesome, everything to just be rock-solid. And you feel like the major source of all of this is you. Therefore, you can’t be off your feet! So, it’ll be tough to convince a 4th House Saturn person to stay in bed when they’re sick. You’re too scared of what’ll happen when you’re not in command. Yet, the catch is that it’s exhausting to always try to be the one in control. And this is what might make your home life depressing. It can feel like a trap, either way: you’re scared to release that control but needing to have it all the time is a real drag, as well.

During your Saturn Return (particularly your first), if you haven’t already learned the lesson of relaxing more and letting things take care of themselves, you will. A Saturn Return in the 4th can make one’s home life feel like a true disaster. It might be full of drama or chaos. The ideal marriage or family you’ve aimed for may disintegrate. You may become isolated, homesick, and melancholy through a major move. And your actual physical home may experience frequent breakdowns and needs for renovation and repair. All of this will be to show you that you cannot control all that happens on the home front. But, learning this will bring you peace because it’ll show you how much stronger you can be, even when things in your private life are totally chaotic and not going according to plan.

If you’ve already been learning these lessons, your Saturn Return will be a time where that ultra-solid foundation you’ve been working toward becomes stronger than ever. Your family life can become more fulfilling, with you really finding your footing in the role of parent and/or spouse. Saturn in the 4th House people are rooted in their sense of authority and their seriousness. So, finding more success as a family man or family woman will deepen these roots. This inner foundation is also reflected through your introspection. 4th House Saturn makes for a contemplative soul in private. Saturn wants to work hard and when it’s in the house of the personal sanctuary, the retreat from the outer world, you must work hard on a more reflective level.

Since the 4th House is the opposite of the career and the public life, your greatest achievements will actually be on a private level. Saturn in the 4th is about learning the maturity of not investing too much energy in your work and your worldly image. There are much more substantial accomplishments waiting to be seized by you. They involve your family, your personal nourishment, and your roots. This is what’s going to give you much more purpose in life.


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    1. I don't like "fall" and "detriment" because it makes placements sound handicapped. Your Saturn isn't handicapped. Fallen and detrimental placements just sort of go against the grain of that planet's conventional expression. It might be challenging but doesn't make it hopeless.

      I don't really like moving planets up to the next house, unless it's the same degree as the next house and just minutes behind. Otherwise, in my opinion, a planet's in the house it's in. So, you have a 3rd House Saturn, in my book, but having Saturn in Cancer is going to allow you to relate a lot to Saturn in the 4th, since Cancer rules the 4th. There are many similarities but I think Saturn in Cancer is more about your emotions and Saturn in the 4th is more about your private life.

    2. O'k, i have understood now. Thank you for a very clear answer. Makes a lot of sense indeed about moving the planet in the next house.
      If i put all conclusions together, i see now how my private life is very important to me. My home, my relationships is where i have healed my emotions. My home is a place i have found true happiness.
      Thank's again, your article and the answer have been very enlightening

  2. Your last paragraph nailed it! Loving ur articles...

  3. I cant agree more. I try hard not to fall depression about it all. Even though there is nothing bad against me i can complain, there is nothing at all. When i think back about my childhood there is a emotional emptiness, financial problems, a mother who fear from outside world and try to drag me down to company, manipulations, parents that they dont even now which grade im going..go and go. And if i dont be careful really its replaying. Im the younger child in home but i seem to authority to keep all of them in line. That doesnt mean i hold them in tight grip i hate it my 4th house in aquarius dont let it. But i interfere only if i have to otherwise it will be chaos. Home is also a crowded place with no rule can be established but i gave up long ago for that i only interfere if necessary.

  4. Hi, thanks for the article! could you help me understand better this Saturn in 4th if its in the same degree as Uranus in Sagittarius and conjunct Neptune in Capricorn?

  5. A very very good article about saturn in 4th house. I can see myself in it, totally.

  6. Thanks this resonates with me too. Youngest of four, my mother had left her home country for my fathers, financial struggle, eldest beloved sister left home when I was 10, my deepest source of grounding and love, I grew closer to my father as we shared a hobby of ice dancing together. In my first Saturn Return I had my first baby of four, moved house, financial struggle, holding it all together with a sea faring husband. Now I’m approaching my next Saturn Return - 2 years in a foreign country, moved here to be with my soul mate, my family grown and secure in their lives encouraged me to follow my destiny and my youngest is on her way to join us, we feel we have outgrown our small apartment and It’s space versus financial but it’s exciting times and I feel a return to my roots as a mother and home maker but as I also still have my property back “home” which I’m renting out, does this signify anything also? You indicate parents.. my mother passed in 98 age 74, my father remarried (age 90!) last year we all were together to celebrate - still lives in the family home we shared, I long to return on a visit very soon to see him especially and my children and sister and brothers.

  7. Thank you very much for this article, i asked my Mum where Saturn was in my chart and she told me it was the 4th house and that it was home. I was like interesting, but what does that mean exactly? I searched it and came actoss your article, I giggled so many times as that describes so much about me haha I hate doing the dishes, but will often do them, because they literally don't get done, unless I sorta nag my partner haha I've been learning to not do everything though, I'm a Leo going through my first Saturn Return, while Saturn is in Return, and my weakness is my back, not my heart thankfully, I have Scoliosis (curvature of the spine, causes ribs to pop out from spinal discs, as well as inflamed ribs), Kyphosis (Hunch back), Lordosis (Larger arch in lower back) and Osteoarthritis of the Spine, so doing to much house work causes me pain and if I don't slow down I could be screwed for days.

    I think I'm going to get my partner to read this, it'll help him understand me better, I can't help but want the house to be nice and clean and tidy, but never seems to happen, so I get all annoyed and stressed about it XD

  8. Yes, your description resonates; mostly the feeling of being unsupported/unwanted as a child, especially upon my first Saturn return, which brought my firstborn child. That's when I realized the way I was treated as a child, #4 out of 5, was way different to the way I treated my first child. This truly motivated me to evolve, to be the parent I always wished for. However, being a great parent without awesome parent role models is a dark, slippery slope, though I know my parents tried their best and were simply overwhelmed. Thank all the gods my husband was raised in a warm Italian family and he was deeply familiar with the art of bonding, intimacy, unconditional love. I learned by watching and doing. Some days, my two sons tell me I am the best mother in the whole world, and other days they tell me I am the worst. It always makes me think of the old adage "if you can't be a great example, be a terrible warning".