Thursday, October 29, 2015

The 9th House: Signs and Planets

Whenever you don’t know your way, you should access your 9th House. Empty houses are still important, so even if you have no planets here, look at the sign in the 9th. The sign on the 9th House cusp and/or the planets in your 9th define the compass that gets you through various situations. It’s not only your sense of direction but your morals; what you feel is right and why. This attitude was instilled once you left high school. Whatever’s in your 9th House symbolizes the experiences of your college or post-high school self that are still with you to this day. This house is also about adventure. So, whenever you just want to go out and explore your possibilities, you’re tapping into your 9th House. The sky’s the limit and the night is young! 

Aries in the 9th House and/or Mars in the 9th House
After high school, you became more of a fighter. Your college or post-high school self declared that you could look after yourself and pursue your own desires. Therefore, your sense of direction comes from getting what’s yours. You feel perfectly justified in putting yourself first, believing that if you don’t stand up for yourself, nobody will! Yet, you might become too self-righteous when you feel like someone has one-upped or outdone you, always believing there’s some competition near.

Whenever you’re feeling lost, you just have to trust your impulses. Your inner compass emerges when you have the balls to just do whatever you want to do. So, being courageous really uplifts you and makes you feel enthusiastic. When it comes to going out and doing things, you can be quite pushy or aggressive. You don’t like the process of waiting around for everyone else or compromising too much. If push comes to shove, you may just get impatient and go out on your own.

Taurus in the 9th House
Getting out in the world made you more patient. Being in college and/or out of high school taught you that it’s important to be more cautious and persistent. You were in various situations where you felt more like the tortoise, instead of the hare, yet ended up winning as a result. Therefore, your sense of direction is found through taking your sweet time. You think you’re in the right when you insist on going at your own pace and can feel indignant when people try to prod you to speed up.

Figuring out just where you’re going can be kind of time-consuming for you. When you’re lost, it might feel like you’re going to be lost for awhile. Then, a common sense solution will come through, if you keep on going, and you’ll feel inspired by being able to be so practical. You have to work up the energy to go out and you can be that stubborn friend who doesn’t want to go somewhere new. However, once you’re out, you’re out! And you know how to have an uncomplicated good time.

Gemini in the 9th House and/or Mercury in the 9th House
Once you gained your freedom, you had to constantly fight off boredom. The college or post-high school version of you was a real busybody, always doing a million different things just because you could. So, you gained experiences that were varied and interesting yet all over the place. The compass you developed is a highly curious one. Some may scoff at your willingness to put a finger in every pie. But, you really believe you’re right by wanting to keep things interesting.

You’re never lost for long because you always seem to switch paths anyway. Therefore, your particular form of direction is just to figure out another one. The more you bounce around, the more inspired you are, as it keeps you sharp and stimulated. The idea of embarking on any adventurous outing excites you. Yet, you might lose your enthusiasm just as quickly. So, your road buddies may learn to just jump on these ideas and do them right away or they may lose your interest.

Cancer in the 9th House and/or Moon in the 9th House
After high school, you felt like you found the place where you really belonged. Your college or post-high school self could finally feel comfortable and supported. Being out in the world made you feel safe to truly express your feelings and needs. As a result, your sense of direction is very intuitive and emotionally honest. You’re guided by what feels true to your gut. It might seem crazy to others but you’re convinced that your gut responses are right (and they usually are!)

Being lost can be emotionally upsetting for you or put you in a bad mood. Yet, your innate compass gives you a knack for feeling out a situation and mysteriously figuring out where to go. So, not always having to be logical is very inspiring to you. You’re nourished by a night out on the town yet you may be very needy in this way. If you’re not doing something exciting, you can feel down. However, you also love making others feel good by sweeping them away on adventures.

Leo in the 9th House and/or Sun in the 9th House
You figured out who you truly were once you left high school. Being in college or just out in the world made you feel more self-confident and more comfortable with recognition. You became a more authentic version of you! So, the sense of direction you developed is very self-willed. You see yourself as the boss of your personal journey. But, you can get self-righteous when you shoot down the input or the direction of other people as wrong, often without even considering it.

Even when you’re lost, you’re self-assured that you’ll get on the right track. You’ll regularly refuse to ask for directions. This may be overconfident but you do usually end up getting back on path. It’s easy for you to feel inspired because just the sheer act of living gives you a lot of enthusiasm. You’re usually the bossy or the dominant one when embarking on adventures with others. You like calling the shots but you also have a genuine desire for everyone to have a good time.

Virgo in the 9th House
After high school, you became more sensible and clear-headed. Your experiences in college or out in the world made you believe in the importance of tending to the details. This became the sense of direction you developed in life, which sometimes made you more critical than you needed to be. Yet, you have a sincere conviction that you’re in the right with your criticisms. You feel justified by the process of trying to improve things, even when other people just think you’re nitpicking.

Whenever you’re lost, all you have to do is step back and analyze the situation some more. Then, you’ll usually come up with a way to get back on track. Your inner compass is shrewd and intelligent, allowing you to become inspired by figuring out solutions and identifying problems. You’re quite skeptical when it comes to going out and doing things. You’ll be the one poking holes in everyone’s suggestions. But, at the same time, you really enjoy planning these various adventures.

Libra in the 9th House and/or Venus in the 9th House
You felt more attractive and elegant once you gained your freedom. Your college or post-high school self was a more refined version of you, becoming more polite, sophisticated, and appealing. You developed a high consideration of others that became your sense of direction. You think it’s only right to be as nice as you can to other people and to not offend. While some may believe you’re just putting on the charm, you just have a conviction that rudeness is wrong.

Don’t go at it alone when you’re lost somewhere. You do best when you rely on other people, asking for directions or any sort of help. You have a compass that feels incomplete with someone else’s, so any form of partnership will be highly inspiring for you. It’s also because you can be quite indecisive or passive when embarking on adventures. When going out, you’ll either let others choose or just piggyback off of what they suggest. In this sense, you prefer to be agreeable and not rock the boat.

Scorpio in the 9th House and/or Pluto in the 9th House
Graduating high school brought out a deeper, more introspective you. In college or out in the world, you may have had some traumatic or intense experiences that brought you face to face with the nitty gritty. Therefore, you honed a sense of direction that was ever-aware of danger and threat. So, you can be guided by the conviction that some sort of radical drama is waiting around the corner. Others may see it as paranoid or controlling but you just know that there’s something out there.

Whenever you feel lost, you can tap into an amazing power that turns everything around. Your inner compass is quite psychic, capable of understanding all that’s unseen in ways that will put you on the right path. So, it’s spooky but this ability to grasp the intangible is your source of inspiration. You’re not the biggest fan of going out, as it can feel quite superficial to you. But, if you do embark on an adventurous outing, it has to be in a very intimate setting and it has to be deeply meaningful.

Sagittarius in the 9th House and/or Jupiter in the 9th House
All you ever wanted was to be free and you were thrilled to finally be unleashed onto the world. Your college or post-high school experiences were freewheeling, enlightening, and probably even quite wild. So, your sense of direction became to depend on feeling like you were limitless and could do anything. You’re truly convinced of this and don’t appreciate anyone raining on this parade. It may not always make you realistic or moderate but it does keep you endlessly moving forward.

You don’t stay lost for long because you have an undying sense of faith that gets you through. Even when you don’t exactly know where you’re going, you see it as an adventure, which always leads to new discoveries. You have a compass that makes you feel very lucky and full of enthusiasm. You love going out, doing anything you can to just burst free of any confinement. Painting the town red is your specialty and you can easily be the party animal that just doesn’t want to quit.

Capricorn in the 9th House and/or Saturn in the 9th House
Upon leaving high school, you became more aware of the pressures of life. You couldn’t be as irresponsible or carefree as your friends while in college or out in the world. If you were, you definitely paid the consequences for it. It might have taken some time but you eventually developed a sense of direction that made you well-aware of life’s harsh consequences. It may seem like pessimism to others but you feel like you’re in the right, which is often proven to you by your trials.

You have an inner compass that is made to be put to the test. So, when you’re lost, it’s just an opportunity to be realistic and sensible. You feel inspired by acknowledging limitations and obstacles while not being crushed by them, which helps guide you through many situations. You take going out quite seriously, as embarking on an adventure should feel like something important. If the activity doesn’t feel purposeful and worthwhile, you might just prefer to stay in.

Aquarius in the 9th House and/or Uranus in the 9th House
Once you got out in the world, you began caring less what people thought. Your college or post-high school self was quite an eccentric, gaining experiences that taught you how to get weird and go crazy. Therefore, the internal direction you gained from this time was an unconventional one. You’re that mad genius who will go on your own path, feeling justified in your unusual choices, even when other people disapprove. In fact, the more they disapprove, the more right you feel.

Being lost is an opportunity for you to get inventive. You have a compass within that allows you to freely experiment. So, you can end up finding your way by just going in kamikaze mode. Therefore, the process of thinking outside the box gives you the greatest inspiration. You are always down for sudden, unexpected adventures. So, you don’t mind having plans to go out being sprung on you and vice versa. However, you can also just break off and do your own thing, often to others’ surprise.

Pisces in the 9th House and/or Neptune in the 9th House
After high school, you became more willing to just go along with the flow of things. Your experiences in college or out in the world taught you how to be sponge-like and simply adapt. But, this instilled a sense of direction that can be easily confused. Your convictions can change a lot, depending on whoever you’re with. But, whatever you’ve convinced yourself of at the moment is totally right, even when you have others believing that you have multiple personalities.

Getting lost can often mean staying lost for you. However, you are actually inspired by being lost, in a positive way. Your compass urges you to wander, bringing you great enthusiasm when you can just drift, not worrying about the results. When you go out, you easily merge with others’ plans but often neglect or forget your own. Another alternative is that you just prefer to stay in, while just dreaming about going out. The fantasy of an adventure is often better than the reality to you.


  1. I'm having a little bit of trouble synthesizing the two bits of information being as my Mercury in Libra resides in my 9th house as well. What does this exactly mean as far as describing my inner compass/morality/etc.? I have a Sagittarius Moon (12th) which sextiles this and I feel like finding out this information would help a lot.

  2. I think it means that you think it's right to listen and communicate with other people fairly. You're very curious about other people's opinions, even when you don't agree with them, because hearing the other point of view is the right thing to do, in your mind, and it's also very fascinating to you. But, this can cause you to justify straddling the fence, which you sometimes do just out of boredom or just because you can. And you have a sense of direction that depends on bouncing ideas off of other people a lot. Without being able to get good ideas from someone else, you may easily feel lost and uninspired.

  3. Could you teach us how to read a birth chart? (Specifically your method)

  4. I'd have no clue how to do that and I don't really have a method for it. Just keep studying and learning about astrology.

  5. What if my 9th cusp is libra but I also have pluto there in scorpio, conjunct the midheaven?

    1. Then just combine both descriptions for both placements. :)

  6. I have stellium Pisces in 9th house, actually a 9th house stellium (Sun,Mars,Mercury,Jupiter) and I think Pisces take a biggest part of my 9th house because I would rather daydream all of those traveling and journey you mention rather than take an action. Isn't it bad? Between really love that Bilbo Baggins meme

    1. Haha I figured it was pretty perfect. And yeah I'd imagine that but those are all really strong, dynamic planets to have there. If you really develop the courage to act on those fantasies and dreams (which is what placements like Mars or Jupiter in Pisces are supposed to do), your life will feel more exciting and adventurous.

    2. That is, if the planets are in Pisces. If any of them are in Aries, that could give you an even greater push.

  7. Thank you so much. But yeah I'm quite imbalance with all those Pisces driving. What else I hope not to be lose inside my head.

  8. Oh my God, my ninth house in Scorpio and I also have Pluto in my ninth, the description you gave of this is literally me in a nutshell. Like, insanely accurate.

    PS: I love your blog, Wayman! You write so accurately and realistically, such a breath of fresh air in comparison to all the wishy-washy stuff you come across online about Astrology.

    1. Thank you! :) I'm glad you could relate to it.

  9. What happens when libra is on the cusps of your ninth house, but your natal mars is placed in that house as well?

    1. You'll be a mix of the descriptions for both placements, then, which will be a real contradiction in many ways.

  10. Hello again Wayman Stewart!
    I want to ask what if my Sagittarius is not exactly in the 9th house cusp (because I have Pisces as my ascendant sign), but all the 9th house placements (Sun, Mercury and Pluto) are all in Sagittarius?

  11. Hi ! I know you don't write in you blog anymore so I'm not sure you'll see this, but I just have one question. I have Mars at the very end of my 8th house, and so conjunct my 9th house... do you believe that aspects to houses (not only the cardinal ones) are important?