Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Transiting Saturn conjunct the Moon: Removing the Pacifier

A lot of people are curious about what happens when transiting Saturn conjuncts your natal Moon sign. Well, after having endured this transit myself during Saturn in Scorpio, I can tell you that it’s one of the roughest transits you’ll have to go through. I don’t like to dwell on the negatives but it is going to be really tough. Saturn restricts and challenges and pushes us to mature. And it’s at odds with the safety-blanket nature of the Moon. This planet is about what makes us feel emotionally comfortable. So, when Saturn crosses your Moon, things will get very uncomfortable on a deeply inward level, to a degree that can drive you crazy. It’s not uncommon for this to feel like “rock bottom.” But, this is going to happen in order for you to become more of a grown-up internally.

I like to look at this transit like this: it’s like you’re a baby with a pacifier. The pacifier is your Moon’s sign and house combination: the things you pursue that make you feel safe. The aspects to your Moon, which is how you pursue those things, will be impacted, as well. So, you’re just sucking on that pacifier and it feels good. But, you’re a baby. You don’t know that this pacifier might not be entirely good for you anymore. And Saturn is like your mother or father, pulling the pacifier out of your mouth, through the conjunction to the Moon. That comfort zone is going to be difficult, restricted, maybe even taken away altogether. And what will you do? You’re going to cry and cry and cry, not understanding why you had to have that thing that felt so good taken away.

Like the baby in that metaphor, we don’t know any better. We don’t know that this is helping us grow. We’re just very in the moment with these difficult feelings. But, it’s for our own good. The Moon represents your habits and they’re not always great ones. Our fearful, needy, insecure, compulsive side also comes out through the Moon; the side of us that’s going to scream its head off, in some way, when its needs aren’t met. And Saturn recognizes these bad habits and wants us to get into better shape. So, when he conjuncts your natal Moon, he will either take away the thing you cling to the most or make it really difficult for you to be happy in this area. 

It sounds depressing and it will feel depressing, for a while, until you gain perspective. Then, you’ll realize the reasons why it’s all happening. But, it doesn’t make it any easier or make the process go any quicker. In fact, depending on the degree of your Moon and where it is in its house, this feeling can last throughout the whole transit through that sign. That’s very important to stress and I know that from personal experience. As long as Saturn is in the house that your Moon is in, expect for your comfort zone to not be so comfortable and easy anymore. Saturn’s now in Sagittarius. So, Sagittarius Moons, buckle up for this transit.

Let’s say you have your Sagittarius Moon at 8 degrees and it’s conjunct your Sagittarius Nadir, which is at 5 degrees. So, your Moon’s in the 4th House. These feelings have already started brewing, as immediately when Saturn entered Sagittarius, it was conjunct your Moon. But, when it actually enters your 4th House, you’re really going to feel it. The exact conjunction can bring on a lot of sadness that continues until Saturn is far away enough from your Moon. However, as long as Saturn is in your Moon’s house, it’s going to be tough to get comfortable. So, in this example, you’re not going to be able to completely get settled again until Saturn’s left your 4th and entered your 5th.

Wherever our Moon’s house is, that’s where we truly feel at home. And so, Saturn passing through that house can make you feel, on a psychological level, like you’re homeless. It’s a time where you’re really stripped bare and where you’re forced to look at all of your insecurities and fears. Don’t be surprised when childhood stuff starts coming up like a vengeance, as the Moon is rooted in our inner child and our childhood experiences. It vividly remembers that painful moment when we were 10 when we felt so sad or like nobody cared about us. And when Saturn transits through your Moon’s territory, it can feel as if you’re a scared little kid just crying out for some love.

There are two solutions to this process: 1) you must grow up and be an adult 2) you must be sensitive enough to the child within. Saturn confronts us with realities and there is a dual nature to the Moon that forces us, as adults, to be our own caregiver and take responsibility for ourselves yet in a way that still supports the vulnerable side of us. You have to remove the pacifier from your inner-child’s mouth while still comforting him or her while she cries because he or she is going to cry, for sure. And it’s easy for people to be unbalanced during this time. You may feel like you just have to toughen up and push through the difficulties, ignoring how much it hurts. But, you may also totally sink into the pain, feeling a victim who just can’t catch a break. It’s common, in fact, for people to alternate between both when Saturn conjuncts their natal Moon. So, find a happy medium.

This time is going to show you how vulnerable you truly are. And when the things of our Moon’s house are minimized or out of reach, it’ll be easy to respond from the really hurt side of your Moon sign. And when we’re hurt, we can go off the deep end. So, transiting Saturn conjunct your Moon and in your Moon’s house will show you your psychological limitations. You’ll learn just how vulnerable you are, via this sign and house, and how you must work hard to build security for yourself in this area. But, building that security will happen inwardly, as well. The Moon is internal and Saturn is going to remove all of these external things that you’re so dependent on so you can learn to find that safety you need on an inner level. So, one of the good things of this transit is that you have the chance to learn to be happy with a minimal amount of what your Moon’s sign and house represents. You can grow up by finding those things on the inside, making you a more self-sufficient person, and making you less insecure and needy in this life area.

If you have Sagittarius Moon in the 4th House, Saturn’s passage through this territory is going to show you how much you need a secure private life and family connection. It’ll make this area of your life difficult, as long as it’s in this house. With this combination, you may find yourself feeling more distanced than usual from your family members. Maybe it’s more difficult for you to visit them, particularly because you’ve moved somewhere else. And it doesn’t help that Saturn transiting the 4th can bring problems with the actual home, often times through renovation issues or difficulties paying your bills and keeping that roof over your head. You may have to move into someone else’s home, as a guest, which could further alienate you. Your 4th House Moon gives you a deep need for a safe foundation, a private haven to really feel comfortable in and call your own. So, in some way, you’ll struggle in this area. And your Sagittarius Moon can act out this in ways that are very irresponsible or thoughtless.

Sagittarius Moons have a tough time dealing with their heavier feelings. So, during this transit, you all may be acting out your disappointments in ways that make you increasingly reckless, restless, or tactless. And the fall-out from this behavior can make you feel even lonelier. But, do not fear. It’s natural to feel lonely during Saturn’s trip through your Moon’s sign and house. This is a transit that a lot of people might not even know was that difficult for us, except the ones who are close enough or perceptive enough. The Moon is the inner self, after all, and Saturn is forcing you to become your own island for a while. It won’t be easy but if you stay the course, in ways that both honor your needs and heed these tough lessons, you’ll come out of it stronger and more evolved than before.


  1. Really great analogy with the pacifier. Just like how you've outlined how a Sag Moon might experience a Saturn transit, what I'm really interested in is how the natal condition of Saturn impacts our experience of its transit. Using myself as an example, my Moon is conjunct Saturn, and both are in Capricorn. So, from that perspective, there is a degree of understanding of the vibration of Saturn, I've lived with it in a very close way, it's already part of what is "home" for me, and is my comfort zone.

    1. Hi, thanks, Tara! It'll be interesting to see the effects of your Saturn Return in a few years then as that aspect is only going to get stronger. But, it'll also most likely get better.

    2. I'll be sure to report back in 2018! :)

  2. Fantastic post! Intelligently written and oh my goodness, so on point for me. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  3. Very well written! Saturn is transiting my third house and about to conjunct my natal moon in Sag. It has definitely been a challenging time. An astrologer once told me to look at Saturn as a crib...restraining yet a safe place to reflect. Thanks for the pacifier analogy which paints an even better picture!

  4. this has been the most difficult year I can remember. I am losing relationship I have heavily relied on since childhood. Saturn is conjunct my moon exactly right now in my 5th house. I feel like I literally haven't had fun in months. I was crying the other day that I don't know how to have fun anymore (SO weird for me as a 5th house sag moon, leo rising - I know how to have a good time!) because for some reason the universe does not seem to want me to be relying on that for my happiness right now. & its tough because I'm watching my friends stay up late, go to music festivals, happy hours & none of that merriment has come easily to me this year. I have been reassessing my goals & carrying for my mother going through chemotherapy. it definitely has been the removal of the pacifer! jeez lousie!! haha reading this has been very reassuring for me though. I very much appreciate & enjoy this article for reassurance. perhaps this is my prep for my Saturn return beginning when it moves into Cap (in which I have a stellium of 6 planets + Pluto hanging out there til 2024) don't even get me start, what would I do without astrology?!

  5. Great post. I had to look this up. My husband has a Sagittarius moon and Saturn will hit it direct this year, but we are already feeling it. I'm at my breaking point with the "boundaryless" display of his angry emotions. His moon is in the 7th Sq. My sun.(he natally has all those big planets in Virgo too, Pluto included-ugh). I have both Saturn and the moon in Cancer in the first. Although I have patience and understanding, the chaos of his emotions are just too much for me anymore. I am familiar with Asrtology, but i cant let someones chart excuse their behavior. Either he gets counseling or I find a new place to live with our kids.

  6. Wow its an amazing post. My boy friend's natal moon is at 22° Sagitarius and yes he is acting very wierd...somedays he is Ok while most days he is very cold and detached...Am really loosing my patience and not sure how long we shall last...