Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Venus-Mars Aspects: The Lover

With your Venus conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Mars, you’re the lover. Does that mean that you’re all sweetness and sugar? Not necessarily. Venus-Mars aspects are interesting in that these two planets are quite different. Venus is a passive principle, focusing on all things pleasurable, easy, and enjoyable. Mars is an active energy, though, pushing us to get out there, know what we want, and be aggressive. So, with a Venus-Mars aspect, your way of being aggressive and assertive is basically to love. This often makes you intensely warmhearted and affectionate. But, it can also turn matters of the heart into an all-out war.

You’re a lover but you’re also willing to fight (Mars) for that love or throughout that love. For you, loving someone means fighting for them or fighting with them. This can go in many different ways. Those with the conjunction, sextile, or the trine can believe in healthy sparring matches in love. It can be anything from keeping the passion alive to being willing to hash out disagreements respectfully with one another. But, with the square or the opposition, the fights you experience in love might get a little too heated. This is the classic aspect of that person who feels like it’s not a truly satisfying relationship unless there’s head-butting on a regular basis.

Venus-Mars people can live for conflict between them and the people they love: not just significant others but good friends, as well. But, you are also purely energized by the love itself. Mars is what drives us and when it’s in aspect to your Venus, love is what drives you. It’s what gets you out of bed, in the morning. This led to a powerful awakening when you went through puberty. I believe that Venus describes how we handled puberty, as this is the time of emerging sexual feelings, crushes, dates, and that yearning to be that person’s boyfriend or girlfriend. And when Venus-Mars people enter adolescence, they do so with a vengeance.

As a teenager, you were so boy-crazy or girl-crazy that it could’ve started worrying your parents. All of a sudden, you couldn’t focus on anything else: school, family, extracurricular activities. You were all about that hot guy or girl in your Math class. Crushes totally take over a Venus-Mars teenager’s life. How they act on this can fall into two extreme categories. There are the adolescents with a Venus-Mars aspect who are perfectly content to just crush on their object of desire from a distance or for seemingly forever, even if they’ve been rejected or ignored. And then there are the ones who just have to win them, launching an all-out campaign to date them. But, even the ones who are more okay with the unrequited love still develop a strong desire to make that person theirs, even if everything (and everyone) else around them is telling them that it’s not going to happen.

This sets you up for a life where love and being loved is a real goal, more intensely and powerfully than the average person. The rest of us are simply looking for a relationship. Venus-Mars people are on the hunt, sending out their own metaphorical mating call. And without a relationship, it’s difficult for those with this placement to focus on anything else. There’s always this demanding little voice inside of you saying, “Find him/her! Find them now!” Now, all people who have a certain aspect are not going to act the same. So, you may meet a person with Venus in aspect to Mars who seems satisfied with the whole single thing. In many cases, that individual will just be unable to commit because there’s too many sexy people catching his/her attention. In other cases, they actually desperately want a relationship and it shows because it’s ruining their focus elsewhere.

That’s a pretty defining trait of these aspects. Venus-Mars people will typically feel quite unfocused and unmotivated without a partner or, at least, a regular string of people who are in the running to be their partner. This is why you’re the lover: without someone to regularly love, you start withering away. I’ve found this is much truer of those with Venus-Mars aspects than those with 7th House placements alone. 7th House people, particularly Sun in the 7th, are regularly labeled as being unable to function well without a steady relationship. But, I think Venus-Mars folks really have us beat in that department. It all makes sense because Mars is your drive and so with Venus touching Mars, relationships are a big part of your drive, whether you realize it or not.

And since Mars is so passionate, your significant other has to make you feel passionate. In this way, you’re still that same lovesick teenager you were all those years ago. Venus-Mars people don’t exactly seem to calm down, in this sense. Getting the number of that attractive person at the bar can still make you feel like getting the note from your crush that reads “yes, I do like you.” But, there might be so much passion in your love life that it’s difficult to contain. As I said before, if the Venus-Mars person indulges too much in these passionate exchanges, love becomes a real battlefield, resulting in various mind games, power struggles, petty fights or competitions.

Mars is competitive and wants to win, after all. So, with a Venus-Mars aspect, you can frequently feel like you’re competing against your lover and that makes you really good at playing at their own game. It doesn’t help that you’re drawn to people who are really passionate or headstrong, since Venus rules what we’re attracted to. So, that kind of fire in someone else is irresistible to you. At the same token, people are regularly drawn to the feistiness that they sense within you. This sets the relationship up to be a pairing of two warriors, consistently going at it. There are many ways you can go at it, however. You can fight to a degree where it starts getting ugly. You can challenge each other, in a healthy way, and demand each other to hold your own. And you can, well, go at it.

It’s an unavoidable element of these aspects: the sex has to be red-hot. Both Venus and Mars are sexual, in different ways. Venus is more about the sexual feelings and the appreciation of sex, while Mars is all about getting action and keeping those drives satisfied. This makes Venus-Mars people very sexual, as well as very sexually appealing. Those with the sextile and the trine more so smolder with this aggressive sensuality, while having the conjunction, square, and opposition can make it downright overwhelming. It’s crucial for your sex life in your relationship to remain active. Sex really makes you feel loved, as your way of showing and receiving affection (Venus) is basically carnal and lustful (Mars). At the same time, don’t let this drive you to the point of substituting sex for love.

But, you definitely know how to get what you want through your personal appeal. That’s another powerful trait of a Venus-Mars person. Mars represents the weapon(s) in our arsenal and Venus is all about charm and attractiveness. So, being very attractive – whether by being very sexy, very funny, very sweet, very smart, or any combination of the above – is your secret or not-so-secret weapon. You make for a formidable charmer, pulling out all the stops when it comes to your personal charisma. Now, often times, it’s to achieve your objective. But, you may also just be doing it because you simply get off on doing it. You’re energized by being able to wrap someone around your little finger, often for no other reason. Yet, Venus concerns itself with other people’s happiness, as well. So, you know how to do whatever you need to do in order to please the other person. 

That could possibly send you into the realm of being a serial people-pleaser. But, your intentions are not always concerned with others, in this sense. Being such a lover, you feel that when people don’t like you or when they aren’t pleased, you may be losing the upper hand. So, your motive to please can actually be quite selfish, whether others realize it or not. At the same time, this is a placement that can come to value that healthy, reasonable selfishness, understanding that they have to please themselves, first and foremost, before anyone else. As you see, Venus-Mars is one of the most contradictory combinations you could have. Eventually, for most people with this placement, a balance is nailed between giving love to others and giving that love back to themselves.

This leads to a great deal of pleasure when it comes to being assertive and going after what you want. With some of these individuals, mainly the square or the opposition, it’s difficult to pursue their wants while not upsetting others too much. But, plenty of personal growth comes from knowing how to do so. Venus-Mars people find a lot of enjoyment in being active and aggressive. It can mean regularly working out, consistently going out to do exciting things, or just not sitting still for too long. In any case, you are developing a value of this active, dynamic lifestyle. Knowing that you can really make things happen enhances and reinforces your self-worth.

It extends into how you relate to other people. As much as those with a Venus-Mars placement can indulge too much in arguing, they can also learn how to kindly, sweetly assert themselves and their desires. Then, they can see how a spoonful of sugar goes a long way. You might also find the other kind of Venus-Mars individual who’s actually quite passive-aggressive about their anger. Rage can be just as unattractive as it is attractive to these folks. Some of them just don’t want to get too mad because they feel it’ll make them “ugly”. It all depends on the person. But, a lot of them have the ability to lose their temper and express their anger in ways that are civil enough to make you believe they’re not that angry. In this case, they politely kill you with kindness.

As a Venus-Mars person, you are very passionate about your personal tastes (symbolized by Venus). You’re someone who knows what you like and what you don’t like, eager to let both be known. At the same time, you love swaying other people to your side of the fence. You are often quite dominant, in this sense, and can easily be that person who manipulatively coerces your friend or your partner into watching this movie or hearing this album or wearing this shirt. And if they start to dissent, you’ll just say, “Don’t worry! You’ll love it!” Those with Venus-Mars aspects have a strong desire to spread their taste around to others. It’s another goal; the process of culturing or refining someone else. If Venus and/or Mars are in Leo, Virgo, or Sagittarius, then this is even likelier.

Venus also represents our particular fashion sense. So, Venus-Mars usually gives a person a real passion for fashion. But, even if you’re a slob who couldn’t care less about clothes, you will insist on not caring about fashion, never wanting to be directed by someone else regarding what to wear. This placement lends a person a bold, independent sense of style. You dare to put on whatever you feel like putting on, almost challenging the other person to tell you they don’t like it. Yet, the aggressive refinement of Venus-Mars aspects means that the opposite usually happens. A lot of these people become total fashion idols, as if they were models or Hollywood actors (and especially if they are). It extends to the make-up the women wear and the way the men (and women) get their haircut. The choices you make are fearless and ballsy but also graceful and sophisticated. You know how to throw down the gauntlet, fashion-wise, making the rest of us step up our game.

Venus conjunct Mars: You’re the most avid lover, since you have the conjunction. The good thing is that you go all out when it comes to winning people’s hearts and showing your love. You invest in relationships with great passion. The drawback is that you may begin demanding to be loved too much according to your personal desires. So, find a balanced way to give and receive love.

Venus square or opposite Mars: There can be many frustrations in matters of the heart, since you have the square or opposition. You’re most likely to butt heads with loved ones because you’re never exactly getting what you want. Your lesson is asserting yourself with people without being selfish. This is what brings out the true strength of your affection and devotion.

Venus sextile or trine Mars: With the sextile or the trine, instead of living your love life in the fast line, you’re more capable of pumping the brakes. Your style of loving is passionate, bold, and direct without being too overwhelming. At the same time, you always want to keep those fires burning. Just make sure you don’t cause an explosion because you can do so without realizing it.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Saturn in the 8th House

Having Saturn in the 8th House of your birth chart can be scary. It can be really scary, in fact. Saturn rules fears, worries, and anxieties, while the 8th House pushes everything in it to extremes. Therefore, unless they have other strong 8th House, Scorpio, or Pluto placements, a person with their Saturn in the 8th will probably spend a significant amount of their lives avoiding this placement altogether. When Saturn’s in the majority of the other houses, the person may get away with avoidance of their responsibility and purpose. But, Saturn in the 8th House is the house where Saturn absolutely cannot be avoided. That is, unless you want to spend the rest of your life, writhing in pain and agony. It’s either that or amazing transformation and self-empowerment. The 8th House is all-or-nothing. So, Saturn in the 8th requires nothing less. The choice is up to you.

We see the true face of 8th House placements in intimacy, sexually and emotionally. A person’s 8th House planets can seem opaque or mysterious or even deceptively simple until we get intimately involved with them. Then, a whole other side of this planet emerges. So, Saturn in the 8th House people might not seem that overwhelmed with worry, at the outset. Sure, they may not always be “happy” but you can consider them fairly free of anxiety. That is, until you become intimate with them. Then, you meet a very different person who worries obsessively over all sorts of things that you’d never even think they worried about, like when they’re going to die and if having sex with you will somehow change their life and if you really actually love them or are just pretending to love them until you inevitably stab them in the back.

So, 8th House Saturn people can become bottomless pits of worry and fear, in this negative state, letting the feelings of doom cycle and cycle until they spin out of control. Yet, this really intense, overwhelming fear of being out of control leads to a deep compulsion to be in control of everything. We discover control issues in the 8th House and they manifest very heavily for those with Saturn in the 8th House. Instead of letting life flow freely, they can feel driven to always be in command of every little thing, particularly in their intimate relations with others. This involves the feelings of the other person and the sex that goes on between the two of them. It’s the kind of thing that can become nastily manipulative, if taken too far, as Saturn in the 8th House people, at their worst, can be sexually withholding and unresponsive, just as a way to control their partner. And at the same time, there may be huge anxieties surrounding sex because they feel their partner somehow uses sexuality to control them, which will paralyze them. Any idea of someone “being in control” will just ruin the sex for those with Saturn in the 8th, because real intimacy isn’t about control.

All of these hang-ups around sex can very often be linked back to a traumatic experience in their life, like being raped or molested, where they felt painfully disempowered on a sexual level. 8th House Saturn people also typically aren’t eased into puberty by the adults around them. Maybe they had a father figure, in particular, who had a repressive or avoidant attitude surrounding the subject. The way parents have “the talk” really does impact their child, for better or worse. So, with Saturn in the 8th, the talk might have been totally avoided, giving the person an equally avoidant or fearful attitude toward their sexuality as an adolescent. On the other hand, maybe the talk was too much, too soon. The opposite extreme is a father figure who exposes the child to sex inappropriately, maybe far before puberty even hits. It then becomes too much to handle and really overwhelms the child, which is an attitude that continues through adulthood until these issues are resolved.

A premature familiarity with death can also settle in at this early age. Saturn in the 8th House people frequently experience the passing of an immediate or close family member or of a friend as children that impacts them very deeply. But, at the same time, we try to run from the things of our Saturn until we’re mature enough and strong enough to handle these issues. So, with Saturn in the 8th, you may try to desperately avoid the reality of death and your mortality. It’s something that haunts you yet that you can attempt to block out with the sunny, happy elements of life. But, this placement’s major lesson is that true joy cannot be experienced without acknowledging true pain and loss.

During your Saturn Return in the 8th, especially the first, how well you can handle and confront these painful losses will be tested. With Saturn in this house, your Saturn Return can rock you to your very core. It can feel really traumatizing, in some way or another. You may experience back-to-back deaths in your life, seeming unable to get out of the grief. In some way, you’ve been living with grief your whole life: over being hurt, betrayed, abused, abandoned, or whatever else. In your Saturn Return, the grief will become so overwhelming that you’ll be forced to find a way out of it. And this is when you end up discovering your power. If you stand up to the challenge, your Saturn Return in the 8th will be a wonderfully, intensely transformative time where you shed all the old skins that have held you back. At the end, you can look back and not even recognize that old self.

Some sort of terrible betrayal or unexpected emotional pain can very well hit you during this time, as well. Someone who you believed was your “friend” can dramatically stab you in the back. You might also see a very close relationship crumble before your eyes or anything else come into your life that feels like a knife’s being jabbed into your heart. But, these situations enter into your life in order for you to not only find your strength but your ability to forgive. Not just to forgive those who wrong you but to forgive the chaos of life that you can’t control. You have no control over who dies, who lives, who betrays you, who loves you, or anything else that happens. You just have control over how you deal with these situations. In knowing that, you’ll be able to not only find an amazing inner strength and resourcefulness but develop the skill of letting go and cultivating forgiveness. Why hold on to grudges? The bad things that happened only made you stronger.

The 8th House is always described as “other people’s money” and I’m not too interested in this perspective. I think it’s not good for 8th House people to think too much about other people’s money because it robs them of their power. If anything, other people’s money just brings more issues. Saturn in the 8th House folks know this better than anyone. You can go out and get a loan. But, then, you’re in deep debt if you can’t pay it. You can open a joint bank account with your spouse. And then, you find yourself financially tight if they can’t spend well. And you can gain an inheritance from your dead father or aunt or grandparent. But, then… Well, they just died. Do you really want to rejoice over the money you received from your loved one who’s no longer living?

The complications of these matters become very clear to you during your Saturn Return in the 8th. There can be quite a few situations where other people’s money only brings more turmoil into your life. I’ve read that this 8th House placement needs to be the least concerned with the financial resources of others. I think that’s true because Saturn is all about self-mastery and you can’t master what doesn’t belong to you. Therefore, you have to learn how to become financially empowered on your own. And when you’re in a strong enough of a place, then maybe you can apply for that loan or combine your resources with others’. This may be a time where a marriage falls apart just because you realized that you’ve been sponging off of your spouse in some way, or vice versa, instead of taking responsibility for your own money.

Yet, you can excel when it comes to paying off any possible debts. Most Saturn in the 8th House people have probably amassed a terrible credit history that they never want you to know about. However, they really don’t have much of a choice but to tell their partner. This is a challenge area for you but one you must rise to. You have to face your debts and I know, in this day and age, confronting debt is an anxiety-inducing thing for most people, no matter where their Saturn is. But, the more you do so, the more financially resourceful you’ll be. Then, when it comes time to merge with other people on a financial level, you’ll have the strength to do so successfully.

Paying off debt and gaining inheritance is not just a financial thing. It becomes a very emotional, psychological thing. The “inheritances” of the 8th are not solely the money that your mother left you in her will. That’s just a small fraction of it. It’s also the issues that have been passed down, from one generation to the next. After all, don’t we “inherit” our parents’ issues and then find ourselves figuring out what to do with them? Saturn in the 8th House people keenly feel the dysfunctional or unhappy element of their family line. So, your responsibility is to learn what to do with this psychological inheritance. You have to learn how to transform these issues, in some way, letting them go and often truly letting them die. With an 8th House Saturn, you cannot go through life being carelessly, willingly screwed-up. You have to confront the emotional debt you’ve racked up throughout life: who you’ve hurt and how you’ve hurt yourself and how to heal from it all. 

In doing so, you’ll be diving into some deeper, darker matters. But, you cannot be afraid of what lies in your shadow. Being unwilling to face up to your dark side is like being unwilling to pay off your credit card bills. The interest will just keep piling up and piling up until you’re completely buried in it. So, Saturn in the 8th House have to confront all of it: their rage, their fear, their lust, their obsession, as well as the incredible love and devotion they’re capable of. This will be demanded of you during your Saturn Return in the 8th. Events will happen that may make you consumed with anger and hatred or fall into a severe depression or get totally lost in obsessive-compulsiveness. Through this time, you’ll be faced with your demons and also learn to see them as friends, not things to be feared. As long as you acknowledge and work with them, they’re not so bad.

This inevitably affects your intimate relationships. Any connection in your life that is not a real connection has to fall by the wayside. At the same time, if you’re not willing to truly, deeply connect with others, you’ll see those relationships dying because of you. So, you can no longer be afraid to get real, trusting that the person who really loves you is the one who can witness your shadow side and not leave you because of it. Being abandoned is a huge fear of yours. But, you’re also learning that people who leave you aren’t actually supposed to be there in your life, anyway. The deaths of the 8th House are way more metaphorical, most of the time. A relationship that’s meant to die is just going to die. Accept it, grieve for it, and move on.

Being able to effectively connect to other people means that your attitude toward your sexuality will heal, as well. You can stop feeling shameful or dirty for the intense desires that you possess. Those with Saturn in the 8th can actually become true masters of sex-positive living. At this evolved level, you know how to help your partner air out their sexual frustrations because you’ve had to go through that same process. Sex is something that you learn to take very seriously. The healing that you find through the sexual act brings a lot of purpose into your life. Saturn in the 8th is all about mastering the process of digging up all that’s buried, unhealed, unsolved, or holds great emotional power. So, you can make a career out of that by getting into the arts, the occult, research or investigation, or psychology/anthropology. You have a duty in life to interpret the mysteries around you that others cannot see and the shadows and the secrets that all human beings possess.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Aries Midheaven: A Challenge to the World

***Also for if you have Mars conjunct Midheaven

I’ve saved the most impatient for last (and the best, of course, in the mind of the person with this Midheaven). I’ve really enjoyed doing this Midheaven series. The Midheaven is one of the most interesting parts of a person’s chart, to me, and hopefully this series has helped you figure out your worldly purpose and public image more. Now go out there and get what you want out of life, like Aries Midheaven does!

A person with their Midheaven in Aries is following a life mission of tackling and conquering one challenge after the next. With this placement, you do not go gentle into that good night, to quote Dylan Thomas, when it comes to your professional path. You are a real fighter out there in the world, determined to get what’s yours and to do so with boldness and quickness. Not everyone with an Aries Midheaven will be an in-your-face level of aggressive. All of them pursue their life goals with aggressiveness. But, some will be more subdued or underplayed about it, while others will be very loud or showy. In any case, all Aries Midheaven people just have to explode before the world. Even when they’re the more subtle types, they still require a profession where they can be complete firecrackers, displaying their ability to dominate, be passionate and kick butt.

However, there is a time and a place. The moderation of this fiery, feisty energy is something that can be difficult for many Midheaven in Aries individuals to pull off. Instead, they just keep going off, finding themselves going from one public tantrum to the next. However, if you have this position, there are many different ways for you to go off. You might not be the type to get wildly angry or defensive while out in public. You won’t hesitate when faced with a fight but you might have already learned the lesson that there are many different ways to fight. This is perhaps the biggest challenge for Aries Midheaven throughout their life: knowing which battles to pick and when. Then, you can choose things to fight for and situations to unleash your inner animal in that will win you the respect and the admiration of many.

Still, you’re not like your opposite, Libra Midheaven, who thrives on being liked by as many people as possible. It’s your life goal to be a fighter and a real fighter just gets in there and wins, no matter who likes them or not. You can see this sort of tough-minded attitude in many celebrities with Midheaven in Aries. Yet, you’d be hard-pressed to find a ballsier Aries Midheaven than Kanye West. Love him or hate him, this rapper has battled and bragged his way toward the status as one of the best hip-hop artists ever, in a lot of people’s opinion. Even those who don’t exactly agree with his off-stage antics still love his music. And, yes, there is plenty to disagree with regarding his argumentative public persona. Since the beginning, Kanye has been the King of the Outburst, particularly when he believed that he wasn’t getting what was rightfully his. Selfishness can be the dark side of Aries Midheaven’s public ways but it can also be their ace in the hole. Kanye’s intense preoccupation with winning is a big part of what keeps him at the top. 

Kanye West: Midheaven in Aries

You’ll know many an Aries Midheaven who are similar, even if they aren’t as extreme as Kanye is. And you know what? Should we begrudge them for that? We all have our different paths in life. And while some of us are on a mission to help people or empower others or bring about change and awakenings, other people have a purpose that’s primarily about them. Midheaven in Aries people are on a life path that is, in many ways, about selfishness. But, of course, they can’t take that too far. Then, it gets ridiculous. It was that selfishness that led Kanye to infamously interrupt Taylor Swift at the VMA’s years ago just because he felt like it. And the backlash was intense, showing that when Aries Midheaven gets too cocky, too impulsive, too heated, things blow up on them.

Our intent to become our Midheaven begins in the teenage years, in my theory. So, with an Aries Midheaven, adolescence was when you started having this vision of yourself being a real warrior in the world. Now, I think the reason why is that you actually didn’t feel like a warrior until you reached this stage of awareness. Aries is the sign of overcoming fears and it became your life’s mission to tackle all of the fears and insecurities you were plagued with. This has carried over into adulthood, which is why people shouldn’t assume that your fearlessness means that you’re never scared. Quite the contrary! A lot of people with an Aries Midheaven spend a lifetime plagued with insecurity. And they mold themselves into such fighters so they can constantly shut up those doubtful, fearful voices inside of their heads, telling them that they can’t do it.

As a teenager, whenever you were faced with any of these voices in real life, you pushed back. It’s the kind of thing that makes you defy teachers’ rules, test your parents’ patience, and say “screw you” to any of your peers who doubted or made fun of you. In fact, you probably became quick to fight back physically, seeing it as the way to squash whatever beef was between you and someone else. Males with an Aries Midheaven are very prone to this. But, the females with this placement are just as scrappy growing up. Teenage girls with their Midheaven in Aries are often the ones who don’t settle for sneakier, more manipulative tactics with their female classmates. Instead, they’ll directly confront them and ask them if they want to take it outside. If you catch a high school girl in the middle of an all-out, physical catfight, this could possibly be her placement.

The Midheaven always goes both ways, showing both what we want to achieve in the world and who we became for the world. Therefore, with the Midheaven in Aries, you not only want to be challenged by the world but you became a challenge for the world. From adolescence, people have sensed that you’re a force to be reckoned with. So, they become prepared to come with their A-game. And this doesn’t have to mean during some sort of fight or confrontation. Well, almost any public situation with you can become a fight. It can be a friendly fight, an amiable battle of wills. But, they need to hold their own or you may run right over them. Since your first job, your bosses and co-workers have also picked up on this. They can feel like if they don’t constantly defend their rules, requests, questions, or expectations, then they’ll be shot down by you. Whether you intend to or not, you seem to constantly be asking those in your community, “Why should I do that?”

Yes, you’re always going to do what you want to do in your public life. But, your problem is that you don’t think about the consequences of it until later. Such impulsiveness can surround you with controversy. It seems like Kanye West can’t go a few months without pissing off or annoying certain people with what he has to say. You might have that same effect. For one, you’re brutally honest with those in your community in ways that can end up stinging. Sagittarius Midheaven people can be blunt in the world and get away with it because it doesn’t come off as an attack, unlike with you. Your blunt assertiveness can end up burning people like a blow torch, which will often surprise you. You’ll also be surprised at the reaction to your actions. Aries Midheaven people aren’t too good at stopping to think about how what they do will impact their public image. So, you attract scandal to you, in this way, getting caught in naughty, compromising, or unflattering situations.

I don’t think you’ll find a more polarizing, controversial Midheaven than this one. Even when Scorpio Midheaven people have their haters, it’s often for no good reason (unless they’ve behaved ruthlessly or cruelly). But, a lot of Aries Midheaven people do just have a way of pissing the world off. Just like you can act out in anger before the world, the world can respond in anger and frustration toward you. Many guys with this placement routinely get used to being known as “the asshole” while many of the women get used to hearing “slut” or “ball-breaker” or “just who does she think she is?” On one hand, you probably do just act in ways that make people angry. After all, nobody tells Kanye to go on his embarrassing, egotistical rants. So, Aries Midheaven people can definitely invite it in. But, on the other hand, sometimes it is just not fair. It can be others’ response to you as being such fierce competition. And what do people try to do to the fiercest competition? Eliminate them.

This can end up becoming your greatest challenge: learning how to deal with your competitors with strength but also with dignity. You have to balance these qualities out, never being afraid to go after the big prize but also displaying enough humility and consideration for others when you get there. It’s an attitude like this that can produce a mellower, gentler Aries Midheaven. In these cases, whenever people get pissed with you or fed up with you, you’ll just know that they are just being haters. Plain and simple. In the case of more reined-in Aries Midheaven folks, the only reason that people are getting mad at them is because they’re constantly taking the first place position. Well, in that case, let them get mad and just blaze your own amazing trail.

After all, you’re meant to be a challenge. So, in whatever field or industry you wind up in, you’re meant to be that person who makes everyone raise their game. This is something you’ve keenly felt since your teenage years. You might have been that kid who people felt compelled to be more like. Not because you were a wonderful role model and loved by all the teachers and parents. In fact, you were a rather headstrong teenager so it might have been the opposite. Rather, your classmates sensed that they just needed to step up and get on your level because whatever you did, you made sure to do it amazingly. This has carried into adulthood. Kanye is probably the most influential rapper to debut in the 21st century, influencing countless rappers who have followed. It’s an effect that defines the way you take on positions of authority. But, you’re not really about leading, teaching, nurturing, or guiding others. Mostly, you just want to think about yourself, career-wise. However, if you come across someone with the same fire that you have, you will push this kindred spirit to the finish line with you, demanding the greatness from them that you know they have.

With an Aries Midheaven, you also have an interesting sort of sex appeal to the world. Unlike Libra or Taurus Midheaven, you aren’t really coveted or lusted after. Instead, you’re the one doing the lusting, projecting a lot of sexual energy to the public. The combination of your hot and heavy desire and your confidence then ends up making you sexy, even if your appeal is nowhere near conventional. In fact, that’s often the sell with an Aries Midheaven: you want it just because of how bad they want it. It’s interesting with women with this placement, then. You don’t let yourself get objectified. Instead, you’re constantly in charge of the sexual element of your image, in a way that’s truly empowered and feminist. And if it scares that guy that you’re a feminist, then you don’t care. He’s clearly a coward, anyway. But, keeping in with that line of thinking, many Aries Midheaven females will go the total opposite way and not be the “sexy girl”, even if they totally could be, relying way more on their intelligence or talent or whatever else. Either way works. Aries Midheaven women see using their sexuality or their substance (or both) as a strength, as long as they win.

You’re a spirited, dynamic individual out in the world. You have a way of dealing with the public as if you’re constantly on the hunt. Whenever you go out into the world, you remain very well aware of what you have to do and achieve. So, you could say that an Aries Midheaven’s mission is to always be on a mission. Therefore, even while just out at the park or at a restaurant, you might constantly seem rushed, in a hurry. The people you come across can feel this impatience of yours to get on with it or to get where you need to go. So, they might hurry up themselves or just move out of your way. Scuffles and disagreements out in public are quite common with this placement. But, hopefully, it’s nothing you’ll get arrested for! Mostly, you may quickly flip off or yell at that terrible driver or immediately put a disrespectful person in their place. If you’re more level, you can just publicly settle problems and move on. If you’re testier, however, the you-know-what may hit the fan.