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Aries Midheaven: A Challenge to the World

***Also for if you have Mars conjunct Midheaven

I’ve saved the most impatient for last (and the best, of course, in the mind of the person with this Midheaven). I’ve really enjoyed doing this Midheaven series. The Midheaven is one of the most interesting parts of a person’s chart, to me, and hopefully this series has helped you figure out your worldly purpose and public image more. Now go out there and get what you want out of life, like Aries Midheaven does!

A person with their Midheaven in Aries is following a life mission of tackling and conquering one challenge after the next. With this placement, you do not go gentle into that good night, to quote Dylan Thomas, when it comes to your professional path. You are a real fighter out there in the world, determined to get what’s yours and to do so with boldness and quickness. Not everyone with an Aries Midheaven will be an in-your-face level of aggressive. All of them pursue their life goals with aggressiveness. But, some will be more subdued or underplayed about it, while others will be very loud or showy. In any case, all Aries Midheaven people just have to explode before the world. Even when they’re the more subtle types, they still require a profession where they can be complete firecrackers, displaying their ability to dominate, be passionate and kick butt.

However, there is a time and a place. The moderation of this fiery, feisty energy is something that can be difficult for many Midheaven in Aries individuals to pull off. Instead, they just keep going off, finding themselves going from one public tantrum to the next. However, if you have this position, there are many different ways for you to go off. You might not be the type to get wildly angry or defensive while out in public. You won’t hesitate when faced with a fight but you might have already learned the lesson that there are many different ways to fight. This is perhaps the biggest challenge for Aries Midheaven throughout their life: knowing which battles to pick and when. Then, you can choose things to fight for and situations to unleash your inner animal in that will win you the respect and the admiration of many.

Still, you’re not like your opposite, Libra Midheaven, who thrives on being liked by as many people as possible. It’s your life goal to be a fighter and a real fighter just gets in there and wins, no matter who likes them or not. You can see this sort of tough-minded attitude in many celebrities with Midheaven in Aries. Yet, you’d be hard-pressed to find a ballsier Aries Midheaven than Kanye West. Love him or hate him, this rapper has battled and bragged his way toward the status as one of the best hip-hop artists ever, in a lot of people’s opinion. Even those who don’t exactly agree with his off-stage antics still love his music. And, yes, there is plenty to disagree with regarding his argumentative public persona. Since the beginning, Kanye has been the King of the Outburst, particularly when he believed that he wasn’t getting what was rightfully his. Selfishness can be the dark side of Aries Midheaven’s public ways but it can also be their ace in the hole. Kanye’s intense preoccupation with winning is a big part of what keeps him at the top. 

Kanye West: Midheaven in Aries

You’ll know many an Aries Midheaven who are similar, even if they aren’t as extreme as Kanye is. And you know what? Should we begrudge them for that? We all have our different paths in life. And while some of us are on a mission to help people or empower others or bring about change and awakenings, other people have a purpose that’s primarily about them. Midheaven in Aries people are on a life path that is, in many ways, about selfishness. But, of course, they can’t take that too far. Then, it gets ridiculous. It was that selfishness that led Kanye to infamously interrupt Taylor Swift at the VMA’s years ago just because he felt like it. And the backlash was intense, showing that when Aries Midheaven gets too cocky, too impulsive, too heated, things blow up on them.

Our intent to become our Midheaven begins in the teenage years, in my theory. So, with an Aries Midheaven, adolescence was when you started having this vision of yourself being a real warrior in the world. Now, I think the reason why is that you actually didn’t feel like a warrior until you reached this stage of awareness. Aries is the sign of overcoming fears and it became your life’s mission to tackle all of the fears and insecurities you were plagued with. This has carried over into adulthood, which is why people shouldn’t assume that your fearlessness means that you’re never scared. Quite the contrary! A lot of people with an Aries Midheaven spend a lifetime plagued with insecurity. And they mold themselves into such fighters so they can constantly shut up those doubtful, fearful voices inside of their heads, telling them that they can’t do it.

As a teenager, whenever you were faced with any of these voices in real life, you pushed back. It’s the kind of thing that makes you defy teachers’ rules, test your parents’ patience, and say “screw you” to any of your peers who doubted or made fun of you. In fact, you probably became quick to fight back physically, seeing it as the way to squash whatever beef was between you and someone else. Males with an Aries Midheaven are very prone to this. But, the females with this placement are just as scrappy growing up. Teenage girls with their Midheaven in Aries are often the ones who don’t settle for sneakier, more manipulative tactics with their female classmates. Instead, they’ll directly confront them and ask them if they want to take it outside. If you catch a high school girl in the middle of an all-out, physical catfight, this could possibly be her placement.

The Midheaven always goes both ways, showing both what we want to achieve in the world and who we became for the world. Therefore, with the Midheaven in Aries, you not only want to be challenged by the world but you became a challenge for the world. From adolescence, people have sensed that you’re a force to be reckoned with. So, they become prepared to come with their A-game. And this doesn’t have to mean during some sort of fight or confrontation. Well, almost any public situation with you can become a fight. It can be a friendly fight, an amiable battle of wills. But, they need to hold their own or you may run right over them. Since your first job, your bosses and co-workers have also picked up on this. They can feel like if they don’t constantly defend their rules, requests, questions, or expectations, then they’ll be shot down by you. Whether you intend to or not, you seem to constantly be asking those in your community, “Why should I do that?”

Yes, you’re always going to do what you want to do in your public life. But, your problem is that you don’t think about the consequences of it until later. Such impulsiveness can surround you with controversy. It seems like Kanye West can’t go a few months without pissing off or annoying certain people with what he has to say. You might have that same effect. For one, you’re brutally honest with those in your community in ways that can end up stinging. Sagittarius Midheaven people can be blunt in the world and get away with it because it doesn’t come off as an attack, unlike with you. Your blunt assertiveness can end up burning people like a blow torch, which will often surprise you. You’ll also be surprised at the reaction to your actions. Aries Midheaven people aren’t too good at stopping to think about how what they do will impact their public image. So, you attract scandal to you, in this way, getting caught in naughty, compromising, or unflattering situations.

I don’t think you’ll find a more polarizing, controversial Midheaven than this one. Even when Scorpio Midheaven people have their haters, it’s often for no good reason (unless they’ve behaved ruthlessly or cruelly). But, a lot of Aries Midheaven people do just have a way of pissing the world off. Just like you can act out in anger before the world, the world can respond in anger and frustration toward you. Many guys with this placement routinely get used to being known as “the asshole” while many of the women get used to hearing “slut” or “ball-breaker” or “just who does she think she is?” On one hand, you probably do just act in ways that make people angry. After all, nobody tells Kanye to go on his embarrassing, egotistical rants. So, Aries Midheaven people can definitely invite it in. But, on the other hand, sometimes it is just not fair. It can be others’ response to you as being such fierce competition. And what do people try to do to the fiercest competition? Eliminate them.

This can end up becoming your greatest challenge: learning how to deal with your competitors with strength but also with dignity. You have to balance these qualities out, never being afraid to go after the big prize but also displaying enough humility and consideration for others when you get there. It’s an attitude like this that can produce a mellower, gentler Aries Midheaven. In these cases, whenever people get pissed with you or fed up with you, you’ll just know that they are just being haters. Plain and simple. In the case of more reined-in Aries Midheaven folks, the only reason that people are getting mad at them is because they’re constantly taking the first place position. Well, in that case, let them get mad and just blaze your own amazing trail.

After all, you’re meant to be a challenge. So, in whatever field or industry you wind up in, you’re meant to be that person who makes everyone raise their game. This is something you’ve keenly felt since your teenage years. You might have been that kid who people felt compelled to be more like. Not because you were a wonderful role model and loved by all the teachers and parents. In fact, you were a rather headstrong teenager so it might have been the opposite. Rather, your classmates sensed that they just needed to step up and get on your level because whatever you did, you made sure to do it amazingly. This has carried into adulthood. Kanye is probably the most influential rapper to debut in the 21st century, influencing countless rappers who have followed. It’s an effect that defines the way you take on positions of authority. But, you’re not really about leading, teaching, nurturing, or guiding others. Mostly, you just want to think about yourself, career-wise. However, if you come across someone with the same fire that you have, you will push this kindred spirit to the finish line with you, demanding the greatness from them that you know they have.

With an Aries Midheaven, you also have an interesting sort of sex appeal to the world. Unlike Libra or Taurus Midheaven, you aren’t really coveted or lusted after. Instead, you’re the one doing the lusting, projecting a lot of sexual energy to the public. The combination of your hot and heavy desire and your confidence then ends up making you sexy, even if your appeal is nowhere near conventional. In fact, that’s often the sell with an Aries Midheaven: you want it just because of how bad they want it. It’s interesting with women with this placement, then. You don’t let yourself get objectified. Instead, you’re constantly in charge of the sexual element of your image, in a way that’s truly empowered and feminist. And if it scares that guy that you’re a feminist, then you don’t care. He’s clearly a coward, anyway. But, keeping in with that line of thinking, many Aries Midheaven females will go the total opposite way and not be the “sexy girl”, even if they totally could be, relying way more on their intelligence or talent or whatever else. Either way works. Aries Midheaven women see using their sexuality or their substance (or both) as a strength, as long as they win.

You’re a spirited, dynamic individual out in the world. You have a way of dealing with the public as if you’re constantly on the hunt. Whenever you go out into the world, you remain very well aware of what you have to do and achieve. So, you could say that an Aries Midheaven’s mission is to always be on a mission. Therefore, even while just out at the park or at a restaurant, you might constantly seem rushed, in a hurry. The people you come across can feel this impatience of yours to get on with it or to get where you need to go. So, they might hurry up themselves or just move out of your way. Scuffles and disagreements out in public are quite common with this placement. But, hopefully, it’s nothing you’ll get arrested for! Mostly, you may quickly flip off or yell at that terrible driver or immediately put a disrespectful person in their place. If you’re more level, you can just publicly settle problems and move on. If you’re testier, however, the you-know-what may hit the fan.


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  2. That's me through and through. Aries midheaven Aquarius sun.

  3. Hi Wayman.

    Thanks for this article and all others about MC. Do you offer a privat e reading?I don't normally post comments but at this MC series I've decided to post a few. Because these are the topics I struggle a lot with. I've MC in cancer conjunct mars (3degrees conjunction,9th house,opposite Neptune 8degrees),mercury(4degrees,10th house) and sun(6degrees,10th house), all three planets in cancer.My moon is heavily afflicted.I am not on mission at all but definitely would love to be if I knew how.I feel like giving up more than fighting all my life.I miss something in my life I could give everything in.I am a very argumentative person,mainly with my father,exbosse,partner.I would say that this trait is getting better with the age,I try to stop myself,I don't realy like this agressive trait of myself.I am ashamed of it.I would say that I get on much better with female than male bosses(probably because I argued a lot with my father).But I really envy other female feminity. I've never felt like father's princess,which I really miss in my life.I used to have a "coalition" with my mother.I used to have a lot of physical fights with my younger brother.I miss that I am not lusted after,I have a problem with my femininity,not feeling enough feminine, my body is slim,would love to have more curves. I was very insecure person and still have (34 y) problems with self confidence, not being good enough but also not much trying,being lost..Not loving myself. I was never successful,maybe in my last job at asylum I've tried to work hard,but I was never sure of life direction.
    I would say that for me having 3 planets in cancer, mars conjunct MC is complicated.Part of me wants to be nurturing but there is still the other part which is often angry and impatient, ambitious but also lazy and not believing in myself.I quite like working with children,used to work with people in mental asylum (schizophrenia). When younger I loved being creative.But still not sure what is the right path for me. Is there somebody with similar experience? They say that this aspect is good for athletes,but I was never good at sport (the opposite).But I definitely need to move my body,use the energy which I have.If not it gets closed up and it gets much worst then. Would love to have children but also afraid of. Children like me but I am afraid of repeating family patterns,quarrels,not being a good mother.Just thinking about starting acting lessons,maybe my Venus in Leo wish.I hope it could help me with my emotions.I am sorry for my English,I am not native speaker.

    Best Katie

  4. Amazing description! Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, Cancer Rising, Aries Midheaven


  5. Wow so accurate.. that's me to a T especially the part about (putting a disrespectful person in their place) lol

  6. Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Cancer Rising and Aries Midheaven ...

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  8. Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Cancer Rising and Aries Midheaven... ��

  9. Lol this can not be more true ! I was just recently been told that i come off patronising on this forum i am mdmber of. Like i am allways clutching my perls in comments just to provoke people.... ok i might do that sometimes, but i swear it is not allways... conciously ahah Men dont really like me, neither do women. Highschool was hell on earth for me because people tought i had this idea i am better than everyone (having leo asc does not help) and then me using twitter to rant about my classmates (in true Kanye style) definitively did not help! I have learned that if i want it easy in life i have to play dumb, and my mars in virgo does not need all the drama all the time in real life so i search for my drama online.

  10. I am an Aries midheaven who also has the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Aries and all in the 10th house for that matter! But for some reason, I cannot relate to the article :( I am a fighter when need to be, but I am actually very accepting and tolerant towards people around me and rarely ever get mad. I am not hot-tempered at all, and can remain calm in the most chaotic situations. And I feel like I cannot initate things or follow them through - so non-Aries like- and get frustrated with my laziness a lot. :( Why can it be the case? I am a Cancer rising and Leo moon.

    1. Where are your other planets? If you have Saturn in Aries like I do, it may be more difficult to start things. (I also have Aries Midheaven, fyi.) This might also be the case depending on how your Saturn aspects your natal Mars and Sun. If you have Jupiter or Venus in houses or signs such as Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, or Virgo (the mutable signs), you might be inclined to be more focused on other people and their well-being than one normally might with Sun/Mars/Midheaven in Aries. This is because Venus governs what we value while Jupiter governs things involving expansion, charity, etc. Pluto may also have an impact if it is put into one of these signs, as it will place your sense of power and capability into what you can do for other people.

      Long story short, your chart is more than just Sun, Mars, and Midheaven. (I haven't mentioned Mercury because it doesn't seem all that relevant here.)

  11. Hi, my mars is in cancer conjunct MC the description is gighly accurate wth the exception of the cancer traits and an afflicted mars from saturn, pluto and neptune but the summary is very helpful. Thank you for the article!