Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sun-Neptune Aspects: The Chameleon

With your Sun sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Neptune, you are the chameleon. This can be both a magical and a confusing thing for you. The Sun represents how we gain our personal identity and self-awareness. But, Neptune is completely fluid and changeable. Therefore, you have an identity that is very difficult to pin down, to say the least. Sun-Neptune people are constantly living with the sense that they are many different people. It’s to the point where you can feel like you have multiple personalities and life might become a struggle to reconcile them all. If and when you do, you can achieve great bliss.

The Sun is an indicator of a person’s relationship with their fathering parent. And when you have the Sun in aspect to Neptune, it’s often a bond that’s on some other plane. In many cases, this aspect shows a child who learned about all things mystical, spiritual, poetic, and compassionate from their father figure. This relationship opened your eyes to the importance of empathy and communicating with something greater than yourself. And since the Sun is how we shaped our identity, you began forging your sense of self based on this ability to surrender and feel what people feel.

At the same time, you might also see a father-child relationship, with these aspects, where the father figure is either a victim or a victimizer (quite possibly both). This is often more so the case with the square and the opposition, as well as the conjunction, at times. A Sun-Neptune person can experience their father as being rather slippery or difficult to figure out. So, since you developed your sense of self based on this relationship, you also became an unfathomable character. This sense of mystery might be because of unavailability: many of these fathers can be emotionally absent, sporadically present, or just disappear altogether, walking out on the family. It may also be because the father figure is highly manipulative, prone to deluding and deceiving others, which may or may not be intentional. In this way, the parent is the victimizer but also the victim.

Sun-Neptune people can also have fathers who have suffered a great deal, in some way. It’s quite common for those with this aspect to have a father figure who has poor health and who even passes away from some sort of cancer, terminal illness, or other unexpected tragedy. As a result, the identity that you developed, in response to what you saw in your father, could also have some tragic or painful feel to it. Even the strongest of Sun-Neptune folks are very prone to feeling sorry for themselves, which they may be in denial of. Though the archetype of the Sun is heroic and courageous, Neptune’s archetype is deeply vulnerable and easily overwhelmed. So, your sense of self is a particularly fragile one, as you have an awareness of just how breakable you can be.

It’s for this reason that many people with their Sun in aspect to Neptune feel the compulsion to be the chameleon. You might want to escape the self within that feels so defeated, overlooked, or misunderstood by life. This combination represents a will to take on various guises. It’s something that can go either way. You often see those with the sextile or the trine (as well as the conjunction, potentially) just expressing this in a very creative sense. Neptunians are natural-born artists, which will manifest in different ways, depending on the planet in aspect to Neptune. With the Sun touching Neptune, being an artist just feels like an integral part of who you are. And this is something that you can hone, develop, and express as a true personal strength. 

So, you’ll find many gifted artistic types with a Sun-Neptune aspect, using their transcendent sense of self to open the door to new worlds and to step into all sorts of people’s shoes. In the case of the square and the opposition, the person will be just as artistic. In fact, this part of themselves is so intense and overwhelming that they really have to be engaged in art and creativity. If not, they’d probably go cuckoo. With the more difficult of these aspects, it can be tougher to find grounding and centering. Your view of yourself is so fragmented that you can become pushed further and further from reality. Again, this is wonderful if you can harness it and channel it into some sort of art form. But, it’s not so great if you’re allowing it to take over your daily life.

This is where your potential deceptiveness can come in. Neptune aspects show capability for lying, in different forms. It’s not malicious lying, though. It’s often accidental, as Neptune people get so caught up in their illusions, fantasies, and ideals that they easily confuse lies with truths. With a Sun-Neptune aspect, you can basically lie about who you are. And this doesn’t just mean fibbing to other people. You deceive yourself just as much, often times more. There is this deep yearning within you to become somebody else. In your ordinary, everyday life, this isn’t always the best route, as it drives you to take on one personality after the next to potentially run away from the actual person that’s lying beneath all of these invented people.

But, then again, who are any of us, anyway? We all generally operate on this notion of a true self. Yet, is there really such a thing as a true self? This idea might disturb many people, as it suggests that all we do is perform and take on guises. However, with you, this is an idea that actually gives you a certain amount of confidence. Our Sun provides us with self-assurance. And it’s this lack of a fixed, static self that makes you feel self-assured. It gives you that ability that Neptune thrives on to rise above the mundane. You’re not trapped in some mold, clinging to a simple little identity. Instead, you can surrender all of that and become everything and nothing, all at once.

Sun-Neptune individuals are certainly complex and quite unknowable, in this manner. You’re like Sun-Pluto people, in this regard (and if you also have a Sun-Pluto aspect, you’re an utter mystery, more than people probably know!) But, while Sun-Pluto folks are really multilayered, you’re really multifaceted. And whichever facet you need to utilize at any given time, you will. People with Sun-Neptune aspects change colors in ways that might end up puzzling those who know them (or those who think they know them). It all depends on who they’re with, what they’re feeling, what’s in the air, etc. It’s the kind of thing that might make you seem to be hard to read, to gauge, or even to trust. Yet, it’s a quality that you’re always going to possess and it can be a very positive thing.

It can also cause people to hear the glass of the illusion shattering, when it comes to who they think you are. Your Venus-Neptune siblings have the same problem, though it manifests more so in their love life and friendships. With you, it’s just in general. People easily believe you’re one person and then are often surprised to meet another person. If you have the Sun in Gemini or Pisces (which rules Neptune, of course), this is going to be even more pronounced of a trait. Yet, your ability to assume different aliases is often useful. You can “go undercover”, in this sense, assimilating yourself into a situation just to get what you need. If you’re an introvert, you know how to pretend to be an extrovert, whenever you need to be. If you’re terrified, you’re very good at making people believe that you’re not, just to survive a situation. Whatever role you have to play, you play it brilliantly.

You’re such a brilliant, convincing actor that you convince yourself just as much. It’s important, then, for Sun-Neptune people to never make absolute statements about themselves. You will easily contradict yourself. Say you’re that kind of person, one day, and you’ll find yourself being this kind of person, the next. When evolved, you can find confidence in this fluidity, knowing that you don’t have to see yourself in black-or-white terms. You don’t see other people in black-or-white, either. Everyone is a shade of grey to you. Your awareness of being so fragmented gives you great compassion for all of the various flaws, fears, strengths, and paradoxes that make up other people.

With a Sun-Neptune aspect, you must gain your identity from being an empath. But, this can sometimes be difficult for those with this placement. Thanks to your consciousness of your father figure’s suffering (or your potential suffering from his absence or his weakness of character), it may be tough for you to put your empathy out there in the world. It might feel too harsh and too selfish a place for you to do that. This is the kind of thing that can turn some Neptunians hard: feeling like it’s not important or worth it to express their deep compassion. It’s something that may be particularly obvious in some Sun-Neptune types, even the ones with the softer aspects, at times. Like the chameleon you are, you might just totally adapt to this selfish world by becoming selfish.

In fact, an unevolved Sun-Neptune person can actually go the other way and be really narcissistic, especially due to being hypnotized by their constructed, idealized self. Such an attitude also comes from the identification with being a victim, feeling like the world is always trampling on you. So, this can make you overly focused on your pain, blotting out others’. It’s important, then, for people with these aspects to learn how to see a piece of themselves in everyone they come across. This reminds them to be equally compassionate toward themselves and others. Because, Sun-Neptune people can also, of course, allow themselves to be walked all over. This is the more typical description of this aspect’s downside: being a doormat, unable to say no because you feel too much for others.

Instead, a healthy middle ground needs to be found. This often comes from some sort of spiritual awakening. I say spiritual over religious because it actually can be quite dangerous for Neptune types to become traditionally religious. That should be saved for the Jupiter-influenced folks. With Sun-Neptune, becoming a born-again Christian can be the recipe for feeling like you are virtually the messiah yourself. Of course, it won’t be the case for all of these people. Many Sun-Neptune individuals will be able to be religious and not let it go to their heads. But, the Sun does represent ego and any sort of faith that comes equipped with the potential to get holier-than-thou may negatively affect Sun-Neptune types, feeling a bit too special because of their “salvation.”

More generalized spiritual practices, therefore, are often a better bet for Sun-Neptune people. Meditation can do wonders, as well as anything that teaches surrender and a trust in the Universe. The more you’re able to really let go, the more confident and empowered you will feel. Being artistic can also be a great form of spirituality for those with their Sun in aspect to Neptune. Since your art provides you with transcendence of yourself and a greater understanding of your fellow man, it can bring you to a place of true bliss. Whatever you do, you must find a way to anchor yourself in something that gives you a healthy detour from this world and into another landscape.

Sun conjunct Neptune: Since you have the conjunction, you morph personalities the easiest; so much so that you often don’t realize that you’re doing it. People don’t know you nearly as well as they believe they do. It’s natural for you to just become what you think you should become to get by. Lead with your amazing empathy and emotional intelligence but don’t get too lost in it.

Sun square or opposite Neptune: With the square or the opposition, self-delusion and deception becomes a high risk, especially since you can be so convinced that you’re grounded and realistic. It may take a lot of introspection to understand that the person you’ve been is one big charade. But, realizing this awakens your wonderful knack for piercing through all sorts of worldly illusions.

Sun sextile or trine Neptune: Your ability to shape-shift is more like a prepared performance. You know how to say the right lines and then step out of character. You are enchanting to other people, drawing them in with your mysterious, soulful vibe. But, you, too, are liable to some breaks with reality, every now and again. So, remember to keep checking in with yourself.


  1. this was the shit wayman... I have Sun Square Neptune with an orb of almost 6 degrees and I have been getting in to spirituality and what not heavily lately.. I've realized theres a HUMUNGOUS reflections within the studies of spirituality with me and I've come to the conclusion that this aspect is definently a big reason and I also have mercury, ascendant, moon, mars, venus, Saturn, and Jupiter all in aspect to Neptune.. so I guess its safe to say I'm pretty Neptunian. but yeah man this was an awesome interpretation for sure dude fuck yeah.. p.s I kind of lost my direction with this post but the point is I appreciate this interpretation .

    1. Haha, thank you! I'm glad you liked it. And I'm very Neptunian myself, so I totally understand. :)

  2. Best article about Sun/Neptune ever!!👏👏

  3. Great article! I have Sun ( Scorpio) sextile Neptune (Capricorn) and my Sun conjuncts Pluto, so that intensifies my complex nature. My friends and classmates told me that I'm quite unreadable. It can be a burden sometimes, but it is also useful.

  4. I can relate to this one. Having Sun sextile Neptune, I lost my step-dad whom I considered my dad. And my bio-dad is weak. Plus, I am a Sun-Pluto person, too.

  5. I have the conjunction and I think you hit the nail right on the head and shot it through the wood. I have a few friends with Sun-Neptune aspects and this is super accurate for them too. Great job.

  6. I don't even know if I can fully express how right on this is! I have Sun square Neptune and I have delusions of myself at so many levels. At 43 I've transformed and been so many people that I truly don't know who I am. I question who I am everyday. Every person I am around influences who I am and by myself I can't grasp it. I can't find my art...I'm trying these days to find it. I have trasiting Saturn conj. my Neptune right now and I don't know if that's making me try to find it? Sometimes I see the resiliency in life this aspect gives me and sometimes I just see how lost this aspect makes me. I even think it has caused me to be wrong about my MBTI for years although I don't know who else I'd be? Ugh! If a reading with you could help me with all this, I'd do it.

  7. This is another wonderful article! Spot on with all of the insightful things you have mentioned.

    I don't know about others, maybe this is something else in my chart, however i also think Sun-Neptune aspects can portray you as someone who glamorizes drugs and escapism. I think it can also show your father figure as a drug user/escapist too.

    I would also like to add that since the SUN is what SHINES about you, i would think this placements portrays one as compassionate, selfless, emphatic, delusional, gullible and dreamy (head in the clouds). Or maybe that's just me, from somewhere else in my chart.

  8. I was involved with someone who has Sun in the 8th house square their Neptune in the 12th...After reading this It expresses the dots which started connecting already in my mind related to this. On the surface he seemed this sensitive, charming and even humble guy and after knowing him better I just realised one day that he is also this cruel self centered narcissist. The issue is that I think he himself is not really aware of that... I'm not saying this aspect makes you narcissistic but I can see the possible connection.

    Also I somehow can relate to this description above pretty much myself, and I don't have this aspect but I have my Sun in the 12th house...

  9. Can I relate to this if I am a Pisces sun?

    1. Yes Pisces Sun and Sun-Neptune people are very similar. Sun conjunct Neptune is the most like Sun in Pisces.

  10. My mother has Sun conjunct Neptune in Scorpio and she is basically the epitome of self sacrifice. She is very nice to everyone and has this basic need to help but sometimes I feel it gets obsessive for her. And I always feel like my bundaries are constantly under attack...

  11. Very impressive; thank you. Presently reading everything that I can find about my natal: Exact sun/neptune conjunction in the 12th.

    Secondary search: Planets sun and neptune, as well as my ascendant are in Sagittarius.

    If you could put me in the right direction then that would be great.



  12. This is so true I have sun opposition Neptune also Pisces rising with my chart ruler in 12 house my life is so confusing but beautiful.

  13. i have sun in taurus in the 9th house square neptune in my 6th house i know im delutional about how i see myself as a nice person but im not so sure if im the person i think i am anymore id ont know what to do about it ???

  14. Very nice description, I do believe that there should be a little be more on the delusion and sense of grandiose fantasy done of these individuals show toward fake tv or celebrities and personalities, who some of these natives appear to worship religiously

  15. Holy crap! Everything is spookily spot on!
    I saw my father only during the holidays and he passed away at age 59. Cancer.
    I went to acting school because becoming someone else comes naturally. Making myself vulnerable does not though. ^^
    I could go on, but you get my point. Amazing. Thank you.

  16. I can adapt my attitudes on anything due to my (sun squaring neptune) I feel like a chameleon and always tells people I am a chameleon before even getting into this astrology and aspects thingy so I quickly removed the notion of being a chameleon through introspection hoping one day to know what I am truly. There are no problems with wearing what hat I should wear all is my concern is, I am also venus (squaring neptune) so my entire relationship in general and in close ones are a struggle indeed. I remain in one personality but I sometimes can't be the same person forever. Regarding on the fathers side. I haven't met him. Thats it.

  17. Sun trine neptune, with sun opposition Pluto, and sun in Gemini.

    I am a truly chameleon. Like, I can be introvert and calm in home and suddenly full of energy and excited in school and become serious and stoic in workplace. It comes naturally to the point I sometimes feel like lying to myself. It's scary that I have different personality in different situations with different people.

  18. Great article! I have sun trine Neptune and my dad has played a truly wonderful role in my life (and still does!). Kind, generous and always a gentleman to all. He is loyal and trustworthy and absolutely meticulous in his work. He has been passive and quite self sacrificing though and it was always my mum who was the more aggressive of my parents. I turned 41 recently and my mother suddenly realised how much like my dad I am. I look for the good in all and when I can't find it, I use my Lilith in 8th house to reach into my darkest depths to find the reasons behind the psychological behaviour that I can't condone in another. In this way I place myself in their shoes and work out what has caused their behaviour or pain but to do this I need lots of alone time. It's kind of like the alone time becomes like a "death", it's like a grieving process and when I can find forgiveness then there is the resurrection. A rebirth, another area of darkness has been illuminated and an understanding has been reached. There is kind of like a little personal spiritual epiphany that occurs and I can feel one with the universe again with the feeling of all humanity no matter how awful some people are, we are all deserving of love and forgiveness. This becomes apart of who I am, another facet in my personality, it makes me stronger and yet more fluid and elusive.