Friday, November 20, 2015

The 11th House: Signs and Planets

Whether you have an empty or an occupied 11th House, this part of your birth chart tells you the spirit of collaboration and networking that you possess. The sign and/or planets in your 11th House represent the ways in which you establish social connections. However, these connections will just be casual acquaintances. They’re not your close friends, keeping you from having too much of a grip on them. Whatever is in your 11th House also defines the way that you act in group settings, showing just how well you can work toward a common cause with people.

All the random, unexpected, crazy stuff that happens to you is indicated by your 11th House sign and/or planets. These are the situations that come out of nowhere and will happen even when we try to not make them happen. In fact, they especially happen when we try to stop them or control them. But, hey, they keep things from getting boring, don’t they? They push us to get inventive and channel our inner brilliance. I also believe that the 11th House shows how you deal with technology. We all have a specific relationship with the various devices in our life. So, how loving, frustrated, restless, careless, confused, or careful you are with your phone or your tablet and why can be seen through the 11th House. 

Aries in the 11th House and/or Mars in the 11th House
When networking and collaborating with others, you are aggressive and assertive. People will clearly know what your agenda is in group settings. You may show some selfishness in group settings because you know exactly what you want. Yet, the good thing that can come out of this is a drive to help everyone else figure out what they want, too, aligning your desires together. You make social connections impulsively and passionately. But, you also keep in mind what you’re getting out of your associates when you connect with them, which may make it feel one-sided, if you’re not careful.  

Fights and confrontations will occur out of nowhere in your life. And the harder you may try to make peace, the more heated things get. But, in these situations, you have a brilliant way of allowing your intentions to be known and then making sure the conflict is settled. Your relationship with technology is very temperamental. When angry, it can feel good to just throw your phone or hit your laptop. Needless to say, you can destroy a lot of your gadgets. At the same time, you often do so out of frustration, as these devices just have a way of making you more impatient.

Taurus in the 11th House
You make for a peaceful yet obstinate collaborator. In group situations, you don’t seek to rock the boat but you also stand firmly regarding your perspectives. You’re like the one juror out of twelve who insists on another verdict, even when others disagree. But, your point of view is usually very reasonable and sensible. Associates stay in your life for a very long time, even when they’re beyond the point of usefulness or common interest. You’re often too lazy and complacent to move on to other acquaintances. Therefore, they usually have to be the one who moves on.  

Things will randomly slow down in your life, to the point where you feel like you’re living in slow motion and everyone else is regularly paced. And the more you insist on rushing, the slower life goes. Ultimately, you’ll find your inner brilliance by steadying yourself and pushing through the boringness. You can turn anything that’s dull into something exciting. You have a lot of patience with technology. You have to, as your devices will also frequently seem to move like molasses. Also, you can be quite materialistic tech-wise, worshipping your new phone or coveting a new laptop.

Gemini in the 11th House and/or Mercury in the 11th House
Great communication is a vital part of the collaboration process for you. When in a group, you just have to talk it out with everybody and are very eager for others to talk freely to you. But, make sure that you’re not the one in the group talking the most and dominating the conversation. Your verbal skills help you greatly in networking. You know all the right things to say to make social connections. But, your duality and changeability can make their head spin. You’re also all too clever with acquaintances and can easily juggle them, in a way that can sometimes be very fickle.

Your life is bombarded with random, sudden stimulation, even when you’re looking forward to having an uneventful time. This is usually the moment when the whirlwind sweeps into your life. But, this keeps your mind highly active. You’re brilliant when it comes to brainstorming, churning out all sorts of wild and unusual ideas. This fuels your relationship with technology. You love doing web searches on all sorts of topics, taking full advantage of being in the Age of Information. You’re always texting or on the phone. You need this outlet to be able to talk, gossip, and share ideas.

Cancer in the 11th House and/or Moon in the 11th House
You possess great instincts when it comes to group situations. You innately know how to collaborate with others, often more concerned with everyone else’s needs than your own. At the same point, you can be quite needy in groups. But, your way of showing it is just by becoming distant or behaving in very irrational ways. You’re both strongly connected to acquaintances and kindly detached from them. You constantly feel the need to play it cool while socializing. At the same time, your soul is deeply affected by all the random associates you have, more than you’d like to admit.

Feelings manifest for you with suddenness and strangeness, almost like a psychotic episode. And it’s no use trying to be unemotional because the feels will only get stronger. Therefore, you feel brilliant when you find ways to deal with those emotions so they don’t cloud your judgment and make you crazier than you already are. You’re very moody when it comes to technology. There are days when you just shut your phone off and others days when you never get off of it. Your devices are also very close to your heart. You’re often more affected or upset by these devices than actual people.

Leo in the 11th House and/or Sun in the 11th House
You see yourself as a wonderful collaborator, getting life from the process of joining forces with other people. You remain very open to the ideas and the contributions of others. You’re a leader in group settings yet you’re also a rebel because, somehow, you always have to defy expectations. So, you’re the wild card in the group. You form social connections with great confidence or, at least, a show of it. You really entertain and enliven your associates, which can make you very popular and well-known. But, inevitably, you’ll rebel against such popularity, not seeing yourself that way.

You constantly have this abrupt compulsion to go right when everyone else goes left. At times, you may try to be cookie-cutter or fit in more. But, that’ll only cause you to feel more compelled to go against the grain. You can handle this craziness by knowing that it makes you a genius. You just have a different outlook and you show your brilliance by being self-assured in this unique point of view. You’re probably going to be very tech-savvy. If you’re not, you can strengthen your sense of self by becoming better with computers and devices. You love acquiring this special knowledge.

Virgo in the 11th House
When collaborating and networking, you have a very critical eye. You’re the one in the group who’ll be asking all of the detailed questions, often times making the other people think more analytically. Just don’t try too hard to fix or change the people you collaborate with. You’ll also be one of the hardest working people in the group. You discipline yourself the same way when you network, having a set plan of just what connections to make and when. Acquaintances will be humbled by your good sense but might also chafe under the harsh judgments you can make of them.

There’s always some random little detail waiting to irritate or disappoint you. Even when you try to relax more or have lower expectations, you’re suddenly reminded of how low the bar has been set around you. Therefore, your moments of brilliance happen when you reach for higher standards. This gives you an innovative perspective on what needs to be improved and why. Your tech devices can feel just as subpar. You can easily be that person constantly complaining about their phone or tablet. But, you’re very quick and efficient about handling tech issues, often able to do it yourself.

Libra in the 11th House and/or Venus in the 11th House
To you, collaborating is about knowing how to really relate to other people. You prefer being agreeable in group settings and often become the one who’s the moderator. But, things may short-circuit if you’re trying to please everyone in the group or get them all to like you. Your kindness and charm goes over well with associates. You know how to socially connect through your appeal, blending flirting and networking. This causes acquaintances to regularly evolve into lovers.

You can never, ever anticipate just when you’re going to meet “the one.” And you’re living proof that just when you stop trying to find love, it suddenly comes right into your life. You abruptly go from insisting on being single to being partnered up. Your inventiveness comes from knowing not only how to attract people but how to find something attractive in all sorts of people. Technology gives you a certain peace and feeling of ease. You really love and value your devices. But, you may be indecisive about choosing them or unable to work them without someone else’s help.

Scorpio in the 11th House and/or Pluto in the 11th House
You see collaboration as an opportunity to go deeper. As a result, you have a knack for getting inside the heads of others, in group settings, to a degree that may freak them out. You aim to wield a certain power over the group but you must make sure that you’re also helping them find their own power. You may become obsessive about networking, taking to it with great intensity. You use social connections as a chance to discover or expose various secrets. But, you’re a real mystery to your acquaintances, so they probably don’t know that this is your actual motivation.

Turbulent, intense, and dramatic things occur very randomly and suddenly in your life. It’s no use trying to keep things calm and balanced because they’re just going to get destroyed. Eventually, you’ll gain a lot of resilience and resourcefulness from this. You tap into your inner brilliance by facing dark, scary situations and knowing how to radically transform things. This influences your relationship with technology, as you know how to save dead devices or allow old ones to survive. You also have a passionate obsession with gadgets, making it devastating to lose them.

Sagittarius in the 11th House and/or Jupiter in the 11th House
As a collaborator and networker, you easily spread yourself around. In fact, you can be quite excessive in this way, always going from one group to the next. You want these group situations to help you grow and believe you should move on if they’re not. You establish social connections through infectious enthusiasm and grand ideas which makes you feel bigger-than-life to others. Your associates get this sense that you’re an adventurer, constantly seeking out exciting, unique things. But, if they don’t come along for the ride, they’ll quickly be left behind.

Good fortune and amazing opportunities will happen very unexpectedly for you. This means that, ironically, the moment you believe you’re not going to get lucky is when you really strike gold. It allows you to develop a very advanced sense of faith. Your brilliance comes from understanding the chaotic benevolence of the Universe. You use your tech devices endlessly but will also be quite careless with them. Lots of clumsy accidents occur with your phone or your laptop. But, technology also expands your world and opens up a lot of doors for you, in many different ways.

Capricorn in the 11th House and/or Saturn in the 11th House
You have a strong awareness of the rules and limits of group settings. It can be difficult for you to know which ones to adhere to and which ones to go against. This can make collaboration an awkward process. But, it’ll get better for you through personal growth. You will come to see maturely contributing innovative ideas to the group as a part of your purpose. Networking is an essential duty, as well. Yet, this may suck some of the fun out of connecting socially. It can also be too calculating, causing associates to believe that they’re just a means to an end for you.

Hard times will hit you abruptly and out of nowhere, more than most people. The more desperately cheerful and easy you try to be, the more life will become a drag. Eventually, you will learn to become brilliant and inventive in the way you deal with challenges. With maturity, difficulties will just give you the chance to brainstorm and think outside the box. You are meant to become a real tech master but you have to work at it. You may be very behind on the latest devices or experience frustrating malfunctions or breakdowns in your own. So, it all requires plenty of dedication.

Aquarius in the 11th House and/or Uranus in the 11th House
You’re a collaborator of the first order, fully enjoying the process of being in a group and expressing and combining ideas. You encourage a lot of openness and tolerance, in this regard, wanting others to feel free to experiment. In your mind, there shouldn’t be too many rules; very few, in fact. And it’s this attitude that can also make you a primary source of chaos in the group. You’re the type to have a ton of associates and you keep a very loose hold on them all. To your acquaintances, you’re super-cool and friendly with a quirky charm. But, attempts to get closer can be shut down by you.

Your life is constantly in a state of being turned upside down. You’ll eventually learn that it’s futile to even try to be remotely normal because you will abruptly be reminded that you’re not when something totally weird happens to you. Instead, you should embrace being such an oddball. You’re naturally brilliant, which emerges when you don’t care what others think too much and just do you. You’re also going to have a special relationship with technology. The language that computers and phones speak is the same one you speak, making you very technical but also very intuitive.

Pisces in the 11th House and/or Neptune in the 11th House
Compassion and intuitive understanding are what the collaborative process is about to you. In group settings, you feel what everyone feels. And it’s to a point that it may be overwhelming or draining. It can be difficult to establish boundaries in your collaborations with others. At the same time, you can develop a very telepathic connection with these people. While networking, you really know how to become whatever you need to become. You show different facets to different acquaintances. You’re very elusive, in this way, embodying a wide range of social personas in order to get by.

Random and sudden confusion descends on you on a regular basis. The more you try to think clearly and see straight, the more you will find yourself lost in the fog. So, it’s important to just embrace it. It activates your imagination, which is the source of your brilliance. You make for a very inventive, experimental artist. It also gives you an advanced ability to understand people without knowing why. You don’t see technological things clearly, either. Instructions will only make it worse. Your understanding of technology comes through more of a psychic sixth sense.


  1. Hi Wayman

    I am starting to see from this where some of the interpretations in a composite chart reading would have been derived from, for example Mars, Uranus and Neptune in 11th House

  2. Well, I have Sagittarius in 11th, along with Pallas, North node,Neptune and Uranus. Woops !! so many planets !! :P

  3. You are teaching me Astrology in a way I've just never seen befre, I'm just FLOOORED by your interpretations, my god. I have uranus in the 11th, in scorpio, and this is exactly how my life has been, I just get the rug pulled out from under me all the time, and I just... I cannot believe that this is why... but now I do. Thank you. You are amazing.

  4. This is very accurate to me
    I have Pisces in 11th house

  5. Pluto in the 11th house conjunct Mercury, 11th house Scorpio; you got me with the lines "Turbulent, intense, and dramatic things....It’s no use trying to keep things calm and balanced because they’re just going to get destroyed." Others do not feel comfortable with me getting in their heads. They get defensive.