Friday, November 6, 2015

The Pluto in Libra Generation: I'd Die Without You

From 1971 to 1984, Pluto was in the sign of Libra. So, if you were born during this time, you’re a member of the Pluto in Libra generation. This is a very interesting group, who are now all coming into their own and assuming important positions of power in society. Pluto represents power and the sign it’s in shows how the particular generation will exert their power in the world. It’s not something that can be really observed until everyone in the generation is in their 30’s, at least, having gone through their Saturn Return and now truly within their adulthood stage (well, some of them; the ones that have taken the right steps).

Everyone in the Pluto in Libra generation is over the age of 30 now. The youngest of them have just entered the decade while the older ones are either just turning 40 or have been living out their 40’s for the past few years. So, they’re learning a lot more now about the effects, limitations, and usage of their power out in the world. And with Pluto in Libra, power is deeply interpersonal. What happens to your power when you join forces with another person? Can you come together and be equally powerful or will the whole thing just fall apart? These are questions that Pluto in Libra people have a collective obsession with, which profoundly affects their relationships.

Libra is about balance but it’s trying to find a balance. So, it often swings back and forth to do so. This vacillating isn’t wild or extreme, though, where Libra is generally concerned. It’s just thoughtful. That changes with Pluto in Libra. This is such an interesting energy because Pluto is so different from Libra. Pluto is extreme and quite all-or-nothing. Because of this, the effect of Pluto in Libra is going to extremes in order to try and find balance. But, the relationships these people can find themselves in end up becoming highly unbalanced, particularly in the exchange of power. These folks often become the one holding all the power or give a lot of the power to the other person. And this resorts in a fierce battle that gets far uglier than Libra would usually like to get.

Now, this will affect every Pluto in Libra person differently. If Pluto isn’t a dominant influence in the person’s chart, it won’t affect their actual personality. Instead, it’s some sort of unconscious force that only comes out through socializing with friends or engaging in cultural trends and activities. The outer planets represent what’s bigger than us. And if an outer planet isn’t strong in your chart or isn’t in aspect to two or more of your inner planets, then you will just experience it in a transpersonal, outside-of-yourself way. Pluto in Libra folks who aren’t especially Plutonian will feel this obsession coming out only when it concerns dating, relating, hooking up, etc.

These people made things like online dating, speed dating, and no-strings sexual arrangements (like friends with benefits) a big thing.  Just about every Pluto in Libra person is obsessed with their relationship status. But, what happens is, if your Pluto isn’t very active in your chart, you may be able to convince yourself, much of the time, that you’re quite “sane” when it comes to love. You may feel very light and easygoing about it. That is, until you get around your peers. Then, you all start dissecting matters of the heart together. You discuss just how much you love-hate your ex or your current partner, how obsessed you are with sleeping with this one object of your affection, how good the sex actually was and why, or why you really, really don’t want a relationship. Did I mention that you really don’t want a relationship and just want to do you right now? 

Quote from "Romeo and Juliet"

It’s the interesting thing I find about Pluto. It does represent the things we are preoccupied with around folks who have the same Pluto sign. With Pluto in Libra, there’s an intense preoccupation with how you all make up and break up. Pluto is also about the things in society we get fixated on. And Pluto in Libra people have this fixation with commitment. They’re either compulsively seeking it out or compulsively avoiding it. They often seek to control and manipulate a lot of the people they date or sleep with or maybe allow those people to control and manipulate them. It all becomes a huge deal. But, if their Pluto isn’t strongly placed, they may be able to deny it.

But, Pluto in Libra people who have an active Pluto don’t have that luxury. Instead of being able to experience this obsession as something “out there”, you are living with it on a daily basis. This is true if Pluto is in aspect to your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and/or Mars. But, those of this group with Libra placements are definitely going to feel it. If you have a conjunction from Pluto in Libra to any of your personal Libra planets, it’s like every day is a potential Shakespearean tragedy for you, when it comes to love. Every relationship can feel like a star-crossed, torrid romance, which is ironic because, normally, all your Libra planet would want is peace. But, it doesn’t seem to happen that way, in spite of your efforts. However, you can also set it all up this way. Plutonians can get destructive and Pluto people of this generation can set themselves up to die without their true love.

Now, this manifests in many different ways, as Pluto’s deaths are much more metaphorical. If you have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars conjunct Pluto in Libra, you might constantly fall into unrequited love situations, just so you can be tormented by wanting the one you can’t have. You might be utterly terrified of being single because it’d make you feel dead inside. Or maybe you allow yourself to stay single, out of self-destruction, letting the loneliness slowly kill your spirit. You can also go in for the kill when things don’t work out right in the relationship. Libra people of this generation can turn from super-sweet to surprisingly deadly when hurt or slighted by their lover, going all out for revenge while hiding your plots and schemes behind that lethal niceness.

In any case, relationships can feel like a death match for these people, as well as constantly on the verge of destruction. The obsessions of every Pluto generation stems from the transformative cultural movements and awareness of the time. For Pluto in Libra, it was the fact that divorce was emerging as a common thing. Before this transit, marriage was seen as forever, a cultural institution, and it was deeply shameful to get divorced. You stuck it out no matter what! Pluto in Libra changed that, causing the divorce rate to skyrocket and forever threatening the status of many relationships. During this period, people learned that you couldn’t just chain your spouse to you for life, no matter what they had to suffer through. You both had to really compromise and work on things or else it could all be over.

Many Pluto in Libra people have experienced deep scars from being a child of divorced parents. The fights got ugly, the ability to see eye-to-eye was destroyed, and the love seemed to be ripped away. While divorce is hard for every child to handle, this generation was profoundly affected by it. It led to this sense that love was something that was difficult to manage and, therefore, had to be controlled, in some way. That could mean either constantly pushing people away in love or desperately attempting to make someone love you or pulling out all the stops to maintain a relationship. Either way, it painted an extreme picture of love for this generation.

There will be many people of this group whose parents never divorced but they can be just as affected by what was going on. No doubt, everyone of this generation knew someone whose parents split up. So, even if the parents didn’t divorce, the child developed an intense fixation, based on what was going on out in the world, on the possibility of things going wrong. All of the little signals of trouble between their folks were strongly picked up on, especially if Pluto in Libra is conjunct any of their personal planets. Someone with their Sun or Moon conjunct Pluto in Libra grew up feeling obsessed with the idea that the other shoe has to drop eventually. Something has to go wrong in the relationship, at some point in time, so they felt the need to always be in control of it.

And with these Libra people, this sense of control comes through their charm, their manners, their ability to make you happy. But, it’s something that can eventually suffocate others. Many of these people will do nice things for you and still, somehow, make you feel guilty or uncomfortable. It’s because of the manipulation behind it. Yet, it’s all a well-kept secret. Plutonians are great at maintaining their secrets and with Plutonians of this generation, it’s the secret that they will do anything they can to make you stay. That’s why they can make the most dramatic of scenes when they’re undergoing a break-up. Being broken up with can push them over the edge. Yet, if they want to maintain the upper hand, they can also push others to the edge by breaking up with them.

That’s why Pluto in Libra people need to really face their demons when it comes to their relationships. These kinds of issues easily occur in friendships, as well. They must cultivate Libran balance by understanding that no one gives them their power and no one can take it away. Therefore, they cannot give or take away anyone’s else power. It doesn’t matter who leaves or who stays, who cries or who doesn’t, or who's hurt who. Relationships must be about two equally empowered beings coming together. When it is, then magical, transformative things can occur. Pluto people of this generation really heal their issues with control, betrayal, or long-held hurts when they realize these things, not allowing their feeling of power to be dependent on anyone else.

Plutonians are highly magnetic and when they’re of the Pluto in Libra generation, they can become completely irresistible. That charm of theirs is overwhelming and can cast quite a spell on you! A big part of this is that they have a mysterious way of appearing to be all lovely and light but there’s a lot going on underneath. And they’re very willing to explore what’s going on underneath with you. Some seriously sexy things can go down in their romances. Let’s not forget that the Pluto in Libra era was the time of free love, swingers, and sexual liberation. This is what allows those of this group to discuss sexual practices in very thoughtful yet fearless ways while together. Pluto in Libra gets down to the nitty-gritty in relationships and sex is an undeniable part of that.

Besides, it’s all part of that magical way they have of healing others. Pluto is a very healing energy, on the higher level of it, because it’s all about transformation. Pluto in Libra folks are very geared toward transforming others, if their Pluto is strong. Libra is the sign of the other, after all. So, Plutonians of this group evolve into being able to use their sharp, uncanny sense of perception to satisfy you, whether it’s through exploring your deeper sexual desires with you or talking about your unexpressed feelings. They are focused on making you happy. But, they also need to remember that this obsession will eat away at them and become unbalanced if they haven’t healed and satisfied themselves first. Transforming themselves will allow them to transform other people.


  1. Please, could you do Pluto in Sagittarius next? Because this was epic. And I want someone to shed some light on our Plutonian ways. "To, be, honest, you're a genius." And, if possible , do me one favor. . . show me what you can truly do. Go Wayman!

  2. This article hit home for me. I am in that generation, a child of divorce, and Pluto is in my 7th. I do always feel like the other shoe's about to drop in relationships - all relationships. I have a brother who missed out being in this generation by one year, and it amazes me how well he's able to tolerate the 'casual lie that keeps the peace' in his friendships. I personally tend to obsess about those things. The older I get, the more it seems like most relationships end up weighed down by unspoken things. It's exhausting. Power struggles make me crazy, even as I see myself engaging in them. I also recognise that intense people-pleasing tendancy you mention. It makes sense that on some level it would make people really uncomfortable. I'm definitely going to be paying more attention to that in myself and others.

    1. You're going to feel all of it really strongly since Pluto's also in your 7th, which doubles the effect. So, yeah, just keep working on it. The good thing is how much you can transform yourself through these relationships.

  3. Thank for writing this piece I've asked a few times about this placement and you seem to really get to the core of it without being part of the libra Pluto generation ? I've got Mars / Pluto / saturn conjunct square my venus so this is has been like the driving force of pain that has forced me to do some incredible spiritual work on myself . I think Pluto on my ascendant last few years has forced me to the work I may not have wanted to prior . Turning inward to find power within is really the key . Like you said you have to give up the idea that you can take or lose power .. It's already a part of us , the job is recognizing that and respecting others in the process . This generation must have the similar feeling to someone with Pluto in the 7 th . Maybe I need to start dating younger to find another Pluto generation so we don't go insane ! Ha ha

  4. Hi Wayman,
    Thank you for the wonderful article again. This article is genius indeed! How do you know all this about my generation?
    This is my generation. Bully generation it is. " I love you, i kill you" - life style. Obsessed with own peers. Yep, i feel free only within my own generation - mysterious, beautiful, passionate, crazy, intense, graceful. I can not live with them, can not live without.
    Yeahhh - fiercely fighting for harmony and love. Only the ones, which you mentioned in the beginning of the article , which took the right steps will come forward on a wordly arena. Many , many, many people i have known of my peers are still fighting obsessively for love and harmony - which is a "cosmic joke" and because of this distortion are not capable to take the right steps and thatś why will not be visible to the world. I am, myself had the most fierce, as you said toreadoric fights with myself - to banish those disbalances in myself. Exorcism it was !
    Our generation have one big issue still unsolved - we find the human Plutonian distortions quite normal . My girfriend (1977) said to me about herself : " I know i have issues, i know i am pretty nuts. I can do nothing about it. " The manipulations of her and few other friends drove me insane.They were OK with it and i am quite convinced they still are.
    Ooooo, and thoooose gossips about everything and everybody,- Oooh, mama mia, Santa Lucia...My peers are calling those gossips - the "understanding".
    My generation is shameless. Free and shameless. Generation born after Flower - Power - so fragile and powerful the same time.

    How do you know,- we are the generation with a lot of secrets? I have known people, charmingly dangerous,- I better not mention the occupations of some of them. Aristocrats on outside - devious from inside and all in perfect harmony somehow..
    Our generation is the only one, the only one, i will repeat again the only one - where powerful politicians, poets, artists, sientists and bullys would seat on the same table, understand each other differences with great pleasure.

    Btw. Wayman, would you agree that Uranus which was also in Libra for quite time until 1975, Saturn was in Libra as wel around 1981 and North Node also in Libra around year 1977 - did they all play a big role in that mysterious, dangerously charming and manipulative caracteristics, and have had a huge influence on divorce issue?

    I have a question - Pluto in my chart makes a lot of aspects: trines Mercury, squares Venus, opposition to Jupiter, squares Saturn, trines South Node, sextiles North Noode. Would you say, that i have "Plutonian" chart?

    Thank you

  5. Pluto in the first, square Venus in Cap, near the IC. Years of intense, hard work to balance in a healthy way. Developing mastery, though I have gone years without dating anyone. For me, transformation happens when I feel, not necessarily when I commit. So when I'm emotionally interested, regardless of the other person's feelings, I use that emotion as a springboard for inner growth.

    Funny, I tell people that every time I fall in love I reinvent myself. It's nice to see that sentiment echoed here. That, and that positive change is absolutely possible with Pluto in Libra. Thanks for the write-up.

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  7. Thanks, Mr Wayman. But I can't agree on manipulation,all my life I just want to love truly and purely. May be is my Leo sun square pluto that doesn't like manipulation? Idk, I just really don't like manipulation, I find this a dirty work. I am Pluto conjunct Asc Libra at 29 degree.

  8. Wow. The level of resonation to this is astounding! Incredibly accurate. I’m Pluto Libra in the 5th house.

  9. I have Moon-Mars-Pluto in Libra (2nd house) 2 degrees conjunction. This article is very good... everyday I feel like there is a Shakespearean drama right all the time :) fun and sad