Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Virgo Midheaven: A Standard for the World

When you have your Midheaven in Virgo, your primary life goal is to improve the world around you. And this doesn’t exactly mean that you want to “make the world a better place” like people with an Aquarius Midheaven. You really just want to clean up society, bringing organization to the chaos all around you. Whatever your career is, it must be something that offers you the opportunity to be a very effective individual. The Midheaven is how we get ahead and with a Virgo Midheaven, you get ahead by always being of assistance. You’ll find many people with this placement in customer service, as a result. But, whatever you do with your life, there must be some element of practical service to it. You’re fulfilled by just being there to put everything in order.

However, this is also going to require your criticism, which the world will receive a healthy amount of. Virgo Midheaven individuals are eager to broadcast their criticisms out toward the world. After all, this is how you carry out your mission of improving the world. Many of these critiques won’t be served up with a spoonful of sugar. “What good is that going to do anyone?”, you think. But, don’t be surprised if the message doesn’t always go over well. If you see someone ranting about politics on social media, rattling off all of their boss’ flaws in the break room, or correcting an employee at a place where they’ve never even worked, there’s a good chance that they have a Virgo Midheaven. While these people don’t see anything wrong with their critiques, others may disagree.

People in your community, public sphere, and/or work environment might feel as if you are constantly in a state of judgment. And you know what? They’re kind of right. It wouldn’t hurt you to relax more or hold your tongue more when it comes to the things that you see in the world that are “wrong.” But, this is because you hold society to high standards and people are constantly falling short. So, you really believe that you’re helping whenever you unleash your criticisms. This is a Virgo problem, in general, and with your Midheaven in this sign, it’s something that affects your professional and public life. It’s important to stand back, then, and realize when you’re being constructive and when you’re just – let’s be honest here – bitching and moaning. It’s all too easy for Virgo Midheaven people to confuse one for the other, especially since they’re so motivated to fix things and get them up to their standards. But, when is this necessary and when is it just irritating?

The thing that might irk some people the most about you is how you have this way of appearing to be perfect. Now, what is perfect exactly? I personally don’t believe when people say perfection doesn’t exist. I think it does. Perfection is just subjective and in my opinion, it doesn’t mean being without flaw. It can just mean everything being just as it should be. Well, Midheaven in Virgo people are known as being some form of perfection; however you define it. One great example of that is Brad Pitt. This Virgo Midheaven and two-time Sexiest Man Alive has made a career out of being widely seen as perfect. Even though he’s a great actor, the world has always worshipped the entire pristine package. It’s not just the striking good looks and sculpted physique but also the fact that he’s funny, talented, down-to-earth, a humanitarian, dedicated family man, etc., etc.

There was a time where you could just use “Brad Pitt” as a phrase and people would know that you meant
Brad Pitt: Midheaven in Virgo
“ideal man.” The Midheaven defines not just what we want to achieve in the world but how the world ends up seeing us because of it. So, Midheaven in Virgo folks not only have high standards when it come to their career but end up being a high standard for everyone else to reach. It’s the kind of thing that might not seem fair to everyone else. But, if you have this placement, you’re probably not going to enjoy being put on a pedestal like this. If anything, it terrifies you. Virgo’s criticism is as inwardly directed as it is outwardly directed. So, you’re already quite hard on yourself when it comes to what you achieve throughout your life. Everyone worshipping you like a god or goddess will only give you more anxiety about falling short.

So, I’m willing to bet that the sex-symbol status never went to Brad’s head. If anything, he’s seemed eager, in the past several years, to shake it off with the unkempt beards and hairstyles, which garnered him some criticism. That’s the tricky thing with a Virgo Midheaven. Whether you’re known for being insanely desirable like Brad Pitt or amazingly intelligent or tirelessly hardworking (it’s likely, with this placement, that you could be seen as all three), you’ve got to keep living up to that standard. If not, then the world will likely rip you to shreds.

People praise you so much for being so on-point and this brings such high expectations to your public image that you may feel like you can never slip up. It can seem like the world’s waiting for you to let yourself go, in some way, so they can pounce. Either that or you just wind up disappointing them deeply and then getting criticized because they expected so much more from you! It won’t be fun experiencing this sort of backlash. But, I think it’s liberating for Midheaven in Virgo. Then, they can learn that it’s not worth it to beat themselves up all the time for their “mistakes” out in the world. If you slip up, it’s not the end of the world. You can move on.

Since I believe the Midheaven begins truly forming in high school, once we start becoming very aware of our reputation, planning for the future, and begin working, having a Virgo Midheaven means that you thought about all the little details when it came to what you wanted to do with your life. This will cause many Virgo Midheaven teenagers to have a very well thought-out plan, in regards to their endeavors when they grow up. Even if you didn’t plan everything out, you still had very clear expectations of yourself. While Pisces Midheaven, your opposite, was happy to drift and dream toward success, you knew that you had to really work for it and that you had to meet a benchmark of excellence. But, this can create a lifelong pattern of stressing yourself out.

We hear a lot about how overworked and anxious teenagers are nowadays. Well, Virgo Midheaven people of previous generations were way ahead of these kids now, as that was their life in high school. While your friends were busy with carefree socializing, you were on your p’s and q’s. Your parents probably never had to remind you about homework. In fact, many teens with this placement are quite nerdy; not that there’s anything wrong with that! But, you were very motivated by the essays and the projects, as well as any productive extracurricular activities you could get into. However, you may have been putting far too much on your plate, especially when you counter in the fact that you also busted your butt at your part-time (or even full-time) job.

There are select Virgo Midheaven teenagers who slack off during high school, which only fuels their self-criticism. Virgo is a perfectionist but people forget that the fears perfectionism brings can cause a lot of procrastination and underachievement, as well. If this was you, you’re haunted by the memory of failing to do your best in this formative time, possibly even well into your thirties or so. And this is what created the motivation within you to work as hard as you could as an adult, in order to never be that underachiever again. If you were the overachieving kid, you’re still that person in adulthood. You’re forever bending over backwards in order to get that A in whatever you do. While you shouldn’t push yourself too hard, it’s a very good thing that you push yourself like you do.

You’re aware that you’re this high standard for the world and that drives you. It doesn’t mean that you like being idealized or that you even agree with it. In fact, Midheaven in Virgo folks are famously self-deprecating; the first ones to take the piss out of themselves. However, being seen this way by your community gives you something to constantly reach for. And maybe, just maybe, you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re that amazing. After all, you do want to be perfection, even if you may not admit it. So, it all depends if you think perfection exists and if it’s reachable. I’d definitely recommend Virgo Midheaven people to follow my theory that perfection is possible. But, you have to see perfection as something that’s attainable, realistic, and doesn’t require you to be faultless. If you do, you’ll find yourself feeling more fulfilled.

You should take this same attitude toward your work and public ventures, as well. You just need to focus on improving via what you do, instead of driving yourself (and your colleagues) insane by trying to get absolutely every little detail just right. As a boss, an unevolved Virgo Midheaven can be that outrageous perfectionist who won’t settle for anything less than exactly what he or she envisioned, . But, the great thing is how helpful you are with your employees, as well as how humble. Authority figures with Midheaven in Virgo do show a lot of humility. Even if they frequently think they’re right, they can still admit when they’re wrong. But, they’ll only do so when you provide them with the proper evidence and a great argument. Like Gemini Midheaven, they encourage the people they work with to think and to become more articulate and communicative.

This is often the same attitude taken toward your boss. It can drive your authorities crazy how much you can poke holes in their actions, arguments, or decisions. At the same time, they may come to see you as a wonderfully valuable asset because of your knack for critical thinking and classification. Any planet that may be conjunct your Midheaven will show the ways in which you can analyze things and make them better in your career. The people up top will be more than grateful for doing so. It’s the kind of thing that makes you an excellent assistant. This is actually how you have to carry out your career to be successful. You have to be an assistant and if you find yourself in a position where you literally have to be someone’s aide, in some way, you’ll be brilliant at it.

Even if you get into a position of power, you have to maintain your humility. Midheaven in Virgo people are not wildly ambitious and don’t need to be. Though you aim to have your stuff together, you don’t find success through serving your ego. You find it through helping others. If anything’s conjunct your Midheaven, it’s projected in this modest, efficient, and low-key way. Satisfaction in your career comes from using your organizational powers to allow other people to get more organized. It’s why teenagers and college-age people with this placement love being teacher’s assistants. Sometimes, being the person behind a successful person is way more fulfilling for those with this placement. Also, any sort of volunteer work would be great for you. Partnering with Angelina may have inspired Brad to get into more charity and relief work. But, actually, it’s his Virgo Midheaven coming out to play, relieved to do something productive where he can get the spotlight off of his movie-star self and just help other people become better or live better.

This yearning for betterment is something that can make being out in the world a hair-raising experience for many Midheaven in Virgo folks. “Ugh, there’s just so much litter in this area of town! Why are they still doing construction over here? They really don’t need to be building new apartments.” As I said before, people can often recognize you through your complaints. But, your helpfulness also makes a big impact on your community, as well. You’re more than eager to give a lost person on the street directions. If you’re just out at the store, you could straighten up a messy display or make the cashier’s job easier and bag up your stuff. In any case, whenever you’re around, things seem to be able to function better and run more smoothly. You’re also quite a well-behaved character in public. Much like Capricorn Midheaven, you’d never want to be sloppy or do something that would totally embarrass yourself. And if you see someone enduring a giant fail in public, a part of you just can’t help but shake your head at their inability to get their act together.


  1. Great article. My midheaven is in Virgo and this is so dead on. The suggestions on what to do with this place are brilliant!

  2. This is so me!!! I laughed reading the whole thing because of how accurate it was! Great article

  3. This is exactly me . Right on point
    Thanks :) .. Sun in Aries moon in Aquarius Scorpio ascendant with Virgo Midheaven

  4. I'm a pisces sun, pisces moon, and scorpio ascending. Although I have many traits of these water signs I always felt like it wasn't totally accurate. Reading about my virgo midheaven now brings the entire picture together. It all makes sense. Thank you so much for writing this!

  5. This created a turning point for me, mentally and emotionally. Just like ⬆Mallory I'm water all the way Cancer sun, moon, mars, venus, and scorpio rising. The website I read my birth chart on didn't even cover midheaven! I've felt that something was missing and I'm glad I went looking. This was the best possible exclaimation I could've found. I thought since my chart didn't talk about this side of me that it was just an over-critical, over-analytical personal defect that I've aquired in life. I've been trying to tell this side of me to fck off but now I'm inspired to embrace it!

  6. WOW !!! This explains it ! I'm a Gemini sun, Scorpio rising and Taurus moon. I love organizing and ummmmm.... do my fair share of complaining about the lack of organization at work. Now I know why !!! I love helping people and I work well with people that are able to "accept" direction. When they follow my lead, it's like a well oiled machine ! Thanks for A GREAT article !!!

  7. Wow �� look at us in the comments. a lot of scorpio ascendants have this Virgo midheaven.

    Libra sun Leo moon Scorpio rising

  8. My Virgo MH is literally my only earth placement in my chart.I am Gemini sun, moon, and Mercury with Sagittarius rising. This really is like a tether. My need for the world to be orderly, accurate, fair, etc. It is the only thing keeping me from flying out into space. I was wondering why I'm so judgy. Lol

  9. Wow Amazing.... This explains my tendencies especially at work ... However I am a Rising Pisces... Gemini Sun and Moon in Virgo