Monday, December 14, 2015

Sun-Moon Aspects: The Lunatic

With the Sun sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Moon sign, you’re basically a lunatic. Is that an insult? No, not really. There are different kinds of crazy, after all. There is an unhealthy-crazy and a healthy-crazy. And let’s just say that Sun-Moon people can easily exhibit both kinds. But, you cannot deny this because this is just an essential part of your identity. The Sun represents this identity, the person that you are discovering and deciding that you are. Meanwhile, the Moon represents your emotional, instinctive side. This is what makes the Moon crazy. We all have a Moon in our birth chart and it represents the crazy side that we all have. It’s why I firmly believe that the people who believe they’re so sane and act like it’s everyone else who is nuts are the most insane people. With the Sun in aspect to your Moon, you cannot be that person who projects your crazy on to everyone. You’re a nutcase. Just own it and deal with it.

The Sun and the Moon are known as the two “luminaries”. Out of the five inner planets (which include Mercury, Venus, and Mars; although I know some people include Jupiter and Saturn), these two are considered the most powerful. They are the most basic fuel to our overall functioning. There’s our self-awareness (Sun) and then there’s our emotional awareness (Moon). Now, how these two merge together is a whole other story. For those of us who don’t have Sun-Moon aspects, we will feel a contrast between who we think we are and how we are feeling. But, it won’t result in much conflict. For Sun-Moon people, it’s different. You either feel a dramatic lack of separation between your identity and your emotions or such a difference between the two that you feel like two very separate people. Either instance makes you a lunatic, where you are just a highly instinctual creature or you drive yourself nuts by overly compartmentalizing yourself. 

It’s interesting when you look at Sun-Moon aspects because both of these planets represent the parental figures. The Sun is the relationship we developed with our more fathering parent and how that relationship shaped our self-image. The Moon is the bond we forged with our mothering parent and how that allowed us to develop or tap into our needs (or not). As a result, Sun-Moon aspects speak huge volumes about the marriage between the two parents and how that affected the child. In the case of the sextile, the trine, and often the conjunction, you will usually see an easier, more positive rapport between the father and mother figure. The marriage will appear to run smoothly to the child and might even seem like a match made in Heaven. With the square or the opposition, as well as the conjunction, in certain cases, the opposite kind of marriage might unfold. As a child, with these particular aspects, you may have constantly looked at your parents and thought, “Why/how did you two get married?”

That may have been because the marriage was very rocky, full of arguments and disagreements. Maybe it was one of those marriages that didn’t last long at all. Those with difficult Sun-Moon aspects are often times those children whose parents got divorced when they were babies or toddlers and not even conscious beings, planting in your unconscious the idea that your mother and father were never meant to be together. But, not all of those with the more challenging aspects will be products of a contentious marriage. Maybe your father and mother figure got along relatively fine. Yet, there was just this black-and-white split between the two of them. Your parents felt like completely different people. So, when relating to both of them, you constantly had to switch from one radical way of thinking to another. This frustration gets ingrained in many Sun-Moon people to the point of making them feel like they always need to be turning a switch in themselves on or off.

Yet, you can also see some of these children siding more with the other (this is particularly true with the opposition). If that’s the case, you were much more your mother’s child or your father’s child. You resembled one of them far more in personality, so that’s the planet you relate more to, whether it’s the Sun or the Moon. But, that leaves the other planet expressing itself in ways that are outside of your awareness. You’re way more like the other parent than you think or would like to admit. This denial or this lack of integration only causes you to split and project yourself, identifying with one side while leaving the other side to wreak all kinds of havoc and just make you seem insane.

Now, in the case of the “easier” aspects, there’s still going to be some craziness but in a different way. This comes from the fact that, unlike the others, your father and mother seemed like the exact same person. In your perspective, they were a perfect match. Likewise, your inner Sun and your inner Moon will mesh harmoniously. But, sometimes, that harmony is too much of a good thing. It can cause your conscious awareness, symbolized by the Sun, to be overwhelmed by your irrationality, which the Moon represents. Yet, you can thrive on these times when your illogical side is in the driver’s seat, as the Sun represents what gives us life. This is especially true when it comes to having the conjunction, although those with the sextile or trine are often just as guilty. You feel alive whenever you’re acting in less-than-rational ways.

So, all Sun-Moon people behave like it’s a Full Moon, in some way, whether it’s actually a Full Moon or not. A fun fact is that people with Sun opposite Moon are usually born on a Full Moon. If that’s your aspect, then you’re really a lunatic. Yet, this is just an essential part of how you are going to be. You have to embrace it. That’s where those with the Sun in challenging aspect to their Moon run into trouble. They don’t embrace their contradictions, their raw impulses, or their darker side. And because of that, it all comes bursting out in a negative way. At the same time, they might embrace their contradictory, impulsive, shadowy side too much and then things are just messy all the time.

I’ve never discussed parental figures more in a Sun or Moon aspect article. But, more than most people, the relationship between your parents is going to massively shape you. It’s going to be a highly complex relationship, especially in your mind, whether it’s good, bad, or anything in-between. As a result, you’ve turned out to be a highly complex person, with an ever-changing, ever-sensitive link between your conscious and unconscious self. There are a lot of things about how you inherently are that don’t make any sense, even to you. Your self-awareness is dependent on being able to understand these mysterious inner codes. But, it can be a frightening process, as the depth and the darkness of the Moon can often threaten to totally swallow up the light of the Sun. 

That says a lot about how you view your emotions, which have a really powerful influence on how you view yourself. Sun-Moon people are very emotional, even when they have the Sun sign and/or Moon sign in Earth or Air. This might make them less dramatic or easily hurt, on an emotional level, than if either planet is in Fire or Water. But, with this placement, your light (Sun) is extremely dependent on how you feel (Moon), which is why you strikingly switch into various personalities, based on your moods. It’s also why you’ll be able to build your confidence by making what you need and what you feel very important. Yet, don’t make your needs and feelings so important that they turn you self-absorbed, as this can very easily happen with Sun-Moon folks. You are what you feel. So, these emotions feed your ego, meaning that when one is bruised, the other will be, too.

Because of this, you may start driving other people crazy, at your worst. When a person with a Sun-Moon aspect is hurt, it’s all too common for them to make it all about them. It might be blatantly obvious that you’ve actually hurt the other person, over-stepped your boundaries, or did something careless or wrong. But, being told that you’re wrong will hurt your ego and, then, hurt your feelings. So, people can easily get exhausted with you, in this mode, because you keep turning it around and re-focusing the attention back to how you feel. After all, you want your emotions to be recognized. It’s tough for you to remain objective whenever your feelings get involved, even if you’ve got an Air Moon and just love to think you’re so objective about what you feel.

It’s very possible to work on this, though. Sun-Moon people have the great potential to develop a strong awareness of their emotional habits. This is the recommended route, I should say. If not, you can go to the total opposite direction and have no self-awareness about how much of an unhealthy lunatic you are. And when you don’t, your confidence will actually suffer. You need to be clearly tapped into your inner life to feel self-assured. When you’re able to truly stop and say, “Oh, no. I’m doing it again. I’m projecting/playing the victim/being manipulative/making it all about me, etc. I’m sorry”, then you are able to really know who you are. We’ve all got some emotional stuff we need to work on, to one degree or another. It’s just that you are required to work a bit harder on it.

Then, you’ll become the healthy kind of lunatic. The wonderful thing about Sun-Moon aspects is how emotionally honest and available they can make a person. Your identity is based on how well you’re able to connect to other people on this emotional level. So, that means just showing them your soul, which doesn’t just mean showing them your vulnerability and your true feelings. It also means not being afraid to let your crazier facets out. If they really support you and love you, then they’ll accept them. You must be able to accept these parts, as well. There are many different phases of the Moon and you have to integrate this into your sense of self, knowing that you’re capable of being many people, waxing and waning in an emotionally uninhibited way. If you don’t know someone, though, you may keep more of a guard up until you feel like you’re really safe with them.

Yet, people will feel safe around you. This is not only because of the lovely vulnerability you give off, making others feel okay to also be unguarded, but because there is a real caregiver aspect to your personality. You find confidence in your ability to be able to make people feel warmly welcomed and taken care of. At the same time, you want to know that you’ll be taken care of, as well. It has to be a mutual thing for you, Sun-Moon person, if you want to be in a good place. You have to be able to give and receive that care to feel good about yourself. Well, we all do but you especially do. This is only going to strengthen your intuition. You’re developing confidence (Sun) in your instincts (Moon), as well, which means being willing to look like you’re completely out of your mind, sometimes. When we follow our gut feelings, we can appear crazy. But, you must be assured in this inner knowing, no matter what other people say, following those steps to the conclusion that was right all along.

Sun conjunct Moon: Having the conjunction keeps you howling at the moonlight, which can be both a positive and a negative. You’re as soulful as you are unstable, so you have to develop the self-awareness that will help you manage your sensitivity. But, there’s an emotional rawness to your personality that is beautiful and touching. You thrive on wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Sun square or opposite Moon: Since you have the square or the opposition, simultaneously building your confidence and meeting your needs is a big challenge. You’re either feeling unsupported or overprotected. Either one will make you act out insanely and then wonder who did the damage. If you can blend your light and your dark side, you’ll become whole in a deeply rich, life-giving way.

Sun sextile or trine Moon: With the sextile or the trine, you’ve nailed a healthy balance that’s allowed you to be crazy in a sane way. An emotionally open person, you find it easy to be conscious of what you need and make others aware of it, too. But, you also may, sometimes, draw too much attention to your emotions. So, know when you’re being honest and when you’re being a drain.


  1. Sun square moon here. Third quarter. I have one child with a sun conjunct moon and another with a sun opposite moon. We're all sorts of crazy here.

  2. Haha, wow, that's something! Aspects or influences usually run in families like that.

  3. My adult son has a Sun-Moon opposition. His father and I divorced when he was eight. This article is helping me understand him and the impact of the joint custody, half time at Dad's, half time at Mom's arrangement he grew up with. He's a fine young man, and I can see what this placement's issues might be for him more clearly. Thank you.

  4. My adult son has a Sun-Moon opposition. His father and I divorced when he was eight. This article is helping me understand him and the impact of the joint custody, half time at Dad's, half time at Mom's arrangement he grew up with. He's a fine young man, and I can see what this placement's issues might be for him more clearly. Thank you.

  5. I have a moon (taurus) sextile sun (cancer) but I sometimes feel like having the opposition bc of my moon conjunct Saturn (which is kind of having The Moon in Cap isn"t it?

  6. This is a great post. What about having your Sun inconjunct Moon natally?what could that indicate?

  7. Sun conjunct Moon in the 12th house😮

  8. I've got a close conjunction of the sun and moon at 0 degrees in scorpio. I'm worried since the moon completely blocks the sun's rays making the sun's influence less effective? And the moon is at its fall in scorpio so does this mean there is a strong tendency to be mentally ill ?

    1. I don't like the 'fall' and 'detriment' theory. So, I wouldn't be that negative. I just think you can go very, very dark, if you let yourself and don't have the self-awareness to pull yourself out of that. But, you also possess amazing emotional depth. You can seriously heal yourself and others.

  9. I have a trine Sun/Moon in Pisces/Scorpio, all kinds of crazy, but I can usually keep it in check and somewhat balanced, and nurturing and long as someone doesn't blindside me with things that deeply hurt my heart, especially if they kmow they are being hurtful, then I go into full irrational crazy mode lol. I don't initiate violence or anything, but I mst definitely have an irrational temper when I get really hurt.

  10. Sun in Virgo squaring Moon in Gemini here and yep, I know that I am nuttier than a Payday candy bar.

  11. Sun in Sag oppositing Moon in Gemini - I constantly feel like I'm fighting inside 24/7. It's tiring to balance everything, usually I'm one of the other :(

  12. Wayman Stewart you’ve help me so much. I am Amazed every time I read something about myself or my daughters

  13. What if the sun and moon make no aspect to each other in the chart?

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