Monday, December 7, 2015

The 2nd House: Signs and Planets

The sign and/or planet(s) in your 2nd House not only define your attitude toward what things are worth but what you are worth. And I can’t say it enough: an empty house is also going to be important and meaningful. If you have planets in the 2nd, though, this area of life is just going to become a stronger focus for you. Whatever is in your 2nd House symbolizes the way you handle your money and manage your resources. Your relationship toward what you own is seen through this house. So, it’s the way in which you establish basic security for yourself.

You also have to cultivate your 2nd House placement(s) in order to feel good about yourself. Expressing your 2nd House is the key toward healthy, solid self-esteem, which is something that we all have to cultivate. People who are really struggling with their self-worth are, therefore, not fully grounded in their 2nd House’s qualities. This house represents the kind of price tag that you put on yourself. Just how much do you cost? What kind of substance do you have as a person? You have to build upon these values in order to be able to really love and appreciate yourself. 

Aries in the 2nd House and/or Mars in the 2nd House
Your self-esteem is dependent on how well you can assert yourself. Therefore, being overly passive and inactive will cause your self-worth to drop. When you don’t go after what you really want, you aren’t able to feel good about yourself. So, you have to see the value in being a go-getter. When you do, you will find the pleasure in being able to come out on top. You love yourself more when you can prove yourself to be a winner or a worthy competitor.

Impulse buying is a big problem for you. When you see what you want, you’ve just got to have it and you have to have it now! So, it’s difficult for you to stop and think before you spend. Money and possessions are used as a shield by you. They make you feel strong and victorious. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for you to let people borrow things, whether it’s money or something you own, without feeling weakened. It’s good to have boundaries but don’t become too selfish in this way.

Taurus in the 2nd House
You have a self-esteem that comes from just being sensible and level-headed. When you don’t have both feet firmly on the ground and aren’t being practical, you won’t feel too good about yourself. Yet, your self-worth is also so powerful that it’s usually easily recovered. You come back to your senses quite quickly. So, pleasure and self-love are really common sense things for you. Not that you don’t struggle with enjoying life and loving yourself. But, it doesn’t last for too long.

Money is never far from your mind. Let’s face it: you really love money and the material things you possess. You are skilled at managing your resources in a very practical way. Yet, you can all too easily get stuck in a boring rut just to maintain that very secure lifestyle. So, don’t be too rigid with your resources, either. Since your possessions bring you so much peace, you may get really worked up whenever someone touches, uses, or, Heaven forbid, takes something you own.

Gemini in the 2nd House and/or Mercury in the 2nd House
You love yourself the most when you’re clever and quick. So, maintaining your self-esteem comes from knowing how to really use your intellect. When you feel like the “slow one” or are not really communicating well or using your mind, your value of yourself can plummet. Therefore, you will find great pleasure in anything or anyone that is mentally stimulating. You enjoy being very verbal and gain a great deal of security from having a strong sense of humor and wit, as well.

When it comes to purchasing and acquiring, you are very logical about it. You can come up with great ideas about how to save your money, make more money, or get good deals when you buy things. But, you also have so many ideas when it comes to your lifestyle that you can ping from one to the next. You understand that there is a duality to seeking stability: you’ll never be quite stable enough. This keeps you on your toes and prevents you from getting too attached to money.

Cancer in the 2nd House and/or Moon in the 2nd House
You feel the best about yourself when you are supportive, responsive, and caring. If you’re not dealing with other people with sensitivity, your self-esteem gets shaky. This is just as true when it comes to your own feelings. So, you learn self-love by being able to deeply value the emotions and needs of others and yourself. The more intuitive you allow yourself to be, the more pleasurable and secure life will feel. You’ll enjoy the process of completely going with the flow of life.

Your spending habits are very dependent on your moods. Therefore, when you’re going through a tough time or having a bad day, you can rack up a lot of charges. But, you also have great instincts when it comes to your resources. Listening to your gut will bring you more financial security. You become very emotionally invested in whatever you own, as well. You can keep the littlest things for ages and if you happen to lose something or have it stolen, it’s deeply upsetting to you.

Leo in the 2nd House and/or Sun in the 2nd House
You value yourself when you’re able to be authentic and self-expressive. If you hide away inside of a shell, too scared to expose the real you, then you’ll have serious issues with your self-esteem. So, you’ve got to be willing to show off a bit and let your true personality be known. This process of establishing a strong, self-assured identity will bring you a lot of pleasure and stability. The more you understand how to put yourself out there, the more grounded your lifestyle will feel.

In many ways, you feel like you are what you own. This can lead to spending habits that are driven by ego, making you buy things just so you can look good or be seen as amazing. Too much pride, in this sense, will cause you to live beyond your means. But, your possessions can end up being a wonderful, vivid reflection of you who are. You express yourself through the things you have, so it can be a real ego blow whenever someone disapproves of one of these items.

Virgo in the 2nd House
Humility is the road to true self-love, for you. This self-worth is not going to be found by being over-confident and obsessed with yourself. Instead, you have to learn the value of modesty in order to establish a healthy self-esteem. In doing so, you will find solid substance in simply working hard for results, instead of bragging or showing off to get there. This is when true stability is achieved because you’ll be able to constructively assess just how you need to be improving.

You’ve got a very detailed sense of what you spend and save, to the point where you probably rarely have to look at your bank account to check. You might just do it all in your head! You can also stop yourself from buying anything that feels worthless or unnecessary. This makes you a very efficient buyer. The things you own will be things you really need. But, remember, the key to money flow is the flow. So, know when to relax, stop analyzing, and just enjoy your resources.

Libra in the 2nd House and/or Venus in the 2nd House
Your self-esteem is based on being able to get along with people and be nice. If you’re not cooperating, you’ll have difficulty building self-love. You also find your self-worth, more than most, by truly knowing what makes you attractive and appealing. The less you judge yourself, the more pleasure you will gain out of life. A secure lifestyle, for you, comes equipped with satisfying relationships, as your feelings of stability and groundedness are found through other people.

But, don’t become too dependent on others when it comes to managing your resources. You will benefit from a partner or a good friend who is very money-minded. Yet, you must be able to meet them halfway. You appreciate money enormously. It just makes you happy and at peace to be able to buy nice things. So, you will often treat yourself to various purchases, just because you can. But, you’re just as quick to buy things for other people, as it’s a solid way of showing your affection.

Scorpio in the 2nd House and/or Pluto in the 2nd House
The more powerful you allow yourself to be, the more true self-love you will experience. You will not value yourself or life if you go through it solely living on the surface. Therefore, you have to cultivate true strength and soulful depth in order to develop solid self-esteem. When you do, you will create a stable lifestyle by being able to look into things with a penetrating eye and know what’s false and what’s real. Doing so will allow you to feel more sensible.

You have a fantastic bullshit-detector when it comes to sales pitches of any kind. You know their agenda and will not give in to it. This is because you seek great control when it comes to your finances and never want to be influenced. But, at the same time, trying to be too controlling will cause you to hold on tightly to your resources. It often requires a great loss in either money or what you own for you to learn to not be too obsessive in this area and to let go more.

Sagittarius in the 2nd House and/or Jupiter in the 2nd House
Light and levity are the source of your true self-esteem. In order to love and value yourself, you cannot get too wrapped up in darkness or personal pain. Instead, you have to find the humor, the positivity, and the inspiring lessons in whatever you experience. The more you do, the more secure your lifestyle will feel. As you find pleasure in the process of looking on the bright side and being guided by faith, you will also feel that your feet feel more planted than before.

Because of this attitude, you benefit from a sanguine approach to your resources. You must be guided by a lack of stinginess or pettiness when it comes to money. The more you do this, the more you’ll end up manifesting. You might not become literally rich but your financial blessings and good opportunities can make you feel like you are. In fact, you sometimes have to watch your spending because it’s all too easy for you to go out and crave more, more, and more things to own.

Capricorn in the 2nd House and/or Saturn in the 2nd House
Self-esteem is a particularly challenging area for you. But, it’s a life area that you were destined to master. Being able to develop this maturity and capability is what will allow you to find that self-love. You don’t feel good about yourself when you’re being really irresponsible and not tending to your duties. So, you find security through the process of buckling down and growing up. And it is actually quite pleasurable for you because it brings better things into your life.

Something you have to watch out for is constantly worrying about money. You are really scared of being penniless, to a degree that’s neurotic and that causes you to feel and become broke, turning into a self-defeating thing. But, if you trust that you can manage your resources well, no matter how much you have, you will always have enough. Because of your self-discipline, you can also be quite Spartan with your resources, capable of doing well with less than most people.

Aquarius in the 2nd House and/or Uranus in the 2nd House
You won’t feel good about yourself if you follow the rules all the time. Trying too hard to live up to others’ expectations will end up harming your self-esteem. Instead, you must be willing to rebel when necessary and do your own thing. You will then see the value in taking the unconventional route, establishing your own sense of security, whether you’re accepted or not. Life becomes more pleasurable and stable when you avoid conforming to a rigid mold. 

Being overly concerned with money is petty and self-centered to you. So, you keep a loose, detached hold on your resources. Your spending habits can get erratic or uncontrolled because saving too much gets boring for you. But, you’re also very rational about money, always keeping an objective eye on what you have. You acquire possessions for independent-minded reasons, not as tools to impress people or show your status. You think for yourself when it comes to what you have.

Pisces in the 2nd House and/or Neptune in the 2nd House
You learn genuine self-love when you are capable of being selfless and empathetic. Instead of being overly detached from your fellow man, you must be willing to display your humanity and show people that you really care. In doing so, you will develop a stronger sense of self-worth. Empathy, spirituality, and imagination all have a stabilizing effect on your lifestyle. Ironically, the more you’re able to value things not of this world, the more you’ll be able to survive the real world.

When it comes to spending, you’re very unconscious, a lot of the time. It’s very easy for you to buy things and forget you bought them, as well as make really irrational purchases. But, this is because your attitude to money is very egoless. Whenever you can, you enjoy just spending your money to buy things for others. Just maintain boundaries, in this sense. Don’t totally forget yourself. You will also find yourself constantly losing possessions as you have a hard time keeping track of them.


  1. I don't get it :(
    I have Aquarius on the cusp which means I shouldn't follow the rules at all times (which is completely understandable) but then I have Saturn there saying I should buckle down and grow up.... This is so confusing how can I balance that??

  2. What does it mean if Chiron is in the second house?

    1. I have Chiron in the 2nd, and struggle with “self worth”. Chiron being your deepest wound, I would say it makes you feel wounded regarding your worth.

    2. Growing up you might of seen your family go through financial hardship which made you feel bad to ask for anything but the same you felt you were never really given anything when it comes you possession . Maybe you experience friends or sibling be given lots of gifts Christmas time and you got little to none compared them . This wounded you but it also made work hard for your possession . It also can make you have a hard time borrowing your possession because you might feel people won’t take good care of it or just not return it .. You fear feeling that poverty you felt when you were younger or in your past life .Your self esteem is tied in what you own because of this wound you may hoard stuff . Chiron in the second makes a good financial advisor . You might be extremely good at managing money .

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  4. I love the emphasis here on self-worth regarding the 2nd house. I experience it representing that even more so than material possessions, most of the time.

  5. Yeah, my 2nd house is in Taurus.. 'someone touches, uses, or, Heaven forbid, takes something I own, and i will heat up with rage :D I'm really possessive and jelaous over MY stuff, MY things. Nobody can touch or use them.

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