Monday, December 7, 2015

The 2nd House: What Does It Cost?

I think the 2nd House is one of the most unappreciated houses, which is ironic because this house is all about appreciation. But, many people can turn their nose up at the meaning of the 2nd House. The main reason for this is that this house has such a superficial association with “money” that too many people dismiss it as a materialistic, shallow sector of the birth chart. And seeing as how many of us who are into astrology like to see ourselves as more spiritual beings, we can feel like that materialism is meaningless and not worth much exploration.

Well, I won’t deny that money plays a big role in the 2nd House. It’s the house that is inherently ruled by Taurus, after all, which is the sign of practical comforts. But, that’s not all that the 2nd House is about. Besides, there is a basic practicality to this house that we cannot deny, no matter how spiritually evolved and enlightened we would like to be. Whether we like it or not, we all have to live in this world and we all have to make money, in some way or fashion, to do it. This is something that people with an occupied 2nd House are unapologetic about it: money makes the world go round for them. We all have to know how to manage our financial resources so we can continue the lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to. The sign and/or planet(s) in your 2nd House show you how to do that. 

When you’re having trouble making money or making your money last, you can look to your 2nd House placements and see if there are any issues going on here. This is the house of “manifestation”, showing just how you’re going to draw these resources toward you. But, this Taurus-ruled house focuses on practical manifestation. It doesn’t tell you that if you wish really hard, you’ll suddenly get a six-figure paycheck in the mail. It tells you that you’re going to need to apply some pragmatic effort to make more money or manage your money better. Yet, there is an innate magic to this practicality, as well. Venus is the ruling planet of the 2nd, which means that you are definitely attracting your resources toward you through the attitude you have toward them.

This is why people who don’t worry about money, within reason, eventually end up having more of it. People who feel like they will always be broke often end up always being broke. This tends to be a major dilemma of those with Saturn in the 2nd or Capricorn on the 2nd House cusp. And people who are financially generous, in an authentic way, can usually count on that money coming back to them. Venus rules over both the 2nd and the 7th House, meaning that both houses symbolize how we attract. In the 7th House, we’re attracting on romantic, friendship, or relational levels. In the 2nd House, we are attracting on material levels.

Because your 2nd House sign and/or planets indicate your attitude toward your resources, it also shows how you end up spending your money, as well as just handling your possessions. People with the Moon in the 2nd House, for example, are really emotionally attached to what they own. They are also seriously guilty of “retail therapy.” How they spend is dependent on their moods. So, if you’re a 2nd House Moon, you’re going to end up broke for the week if you go to the mall when you’ve had a bad day. Sagittarius on the 2nd House cusp would give someone good fortune in how they spend and acquire. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll become rich. But, they will always seem to find something amazing that’s on sale, bargain their way toward a better deal, or maintain their bank account even when they haven’t exactly been monitoring their purchases.

While our Rising sign is the role that we play, the 2nd House is what gives substance to that role. This is where we move past the basic materialism that many people define the 2nd House with. It also has a lot to do with our self-esteem and what makes us feel good. Interestingly, the 2nd House cusp will make us feel good and raise our self-worth in a way that differs from how our Rising sign makes us behave. For example, a Leo Rising person with Virgo on the 2nd House cusp will want to play the role of someone who is expressive, entertaining, warm, and confident. Their behavior’s geared toward being royalty, a performer, or a leader, in some sense. But, if they go too far into arrogance (Leo), they’ll be neglecting the Virgo in the 2nd House values of being humble and down-to-earth. So, Leo Rising people actually don’t feel very good about themselves when they are very egotistical. Instead, they learn real self-love by cultivating the modesty of their Virgo in the 2nd.

Our 2nd House levels us and grounds us in that way, which is not surprising since Taurus is such a grounded sign. We would all be “too much” without our 2nd House cusp and planets. The 1st House is, after all, ruled by Aries, which is so in-your-face. And when we’re trying too hard to assert the agenda of our Rising sign, we become unbalanced, neglecting our 2nd House. So, when someone is a totally cliché example of their Ascendant, they’re not really expressing their 2nd House. And not expressing your 2nd House causes issues in self-esteem, which is really quite an epidemic in our culture. So, I would say that we all need to cultivate more love and appreciation toward the qualities of whatever is in our 2nd House. In doing this, we learn what we’re really worth.

And when you learn what you’re worth, you learn how much it would cost for you to do this or do that (1st House). Therefore, the 2nd House doesn’t just describe how we assess the price tag on other possessions. It describes how we assess the price tag on our most valuable possession: ourselves. You sell yourself with your Ascendant and anything conjunct it or in the 1st. But, are you selling yourself for what you’re really worth? It’s often necessary, then, for us to have a 2nd House that gives us rather different values than whatever is in our 1st House. Because the Rising sign is so instantaneous, we need the time to step back and be more practical about what we’re doing. And the 2nd House is always practical, even if you have something like Cancer or Pisces in the 2nd. Whatever is in this house, it keeps your feet planted, even if it’s not in a traditional way.

Therefore, the personal value we assign to ourselves in the 2nd House raises our ability to be more valuable on a financial level, as well. Any transits you’re having to your 2nd House, especially the long-lasting ones from the outer planets, will affect your material and personal sense of stability. In doing so, it can allow you to understand just how to better your self-worth in ways that will better your overall lifestyle. And when you grasp this balance, you realize how simple it all is. The 2nd House is really one of the simplest, if not the simplest, houses in your birth chart. There is a beauty to that simplicity and it can make life feel more beautiful and enjoyable, as well. Not just through the money you make or what you own. It’s through how you own yourself.


  1. Dear Wayan, you hit the nail on the head in this one, I never viewed the 2nd house this way before, It's fascinating to see such a strong connection between the 2nd and the rising. Thinking back, I have always been slightly perplexed by my 2nd house virgo, I never understood why it was placed there, thanks for solving a mystery!

    I really hope that you can do more of these posts in the future. I would love to know more about the relationship between houses.

  2. Here hear! Thanks for a delightfully different take on the 2nd house. My North Node lives there at 23 Virgo. I appreciate tools to help envision what this placement means.

  3. My ascendant and the sign on the cusp of my second house are both Leo, but I've been having the hardest time making money and reestablishing a foundation for myself for the past seven years, ironically, right at the same time I started my own business at 23. I'm a Capricorn and it's really been the most tense and frightening experience- I'm also a Taurus north node so it's been very difficult for me. Before and during my Saturn return, I learned more of the intricacies about myself, but what should the Leo-Leo connection mean for my approach to establishing myself, my way?

  4. This is great, thank you for sharing! I'm a Capricorn rising with my moon in Aquarius in the 2nd house : )

  5. Great
    But for me something is confusing
    If I have the ascendant in Capricorn
    12th house in Sagittarius with Saturn and Uranus in there and Neptune on there
    While the first house ruler is in the 12th house
    2nd house Aquarius cusp have north node in Pisces
    Through reading your articles, this mean I mix the practicality with imagination or imagine then apply
    How is my north node in Pisces in a 2nd house in Aquarius ?? Isn't Bizzare?

  6. What if your ascendant and 2nd house are both in the same sign, such as leo? Does that mean that your self esteem and self expression is boosted or better served by expressing your ascendant?

  7. This is all so eloquent. I also feel that the 2nd house has to do with our skils and talents as personal resources on order to attract meterials for existence.

  8. Thank you! Very insightfull; "Therefore, the personal value we assign to ourselves in the 2nd House raises our ability to be more valuable on a financial level, as well."

  9. Thank so much for this more grace to your elbow

  10. I can't but echo these "thank you",but in Spanish! Gracias! I loved this perspective of yours.