Saturday, January 2, 2016

7th House Planets: Most Influential People

Happy New Year, everyone! This is my first post of 2016 and even though I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because I think they’re a big cliché, I do plan on writing more frequently nowadays. I have a bunch of ideas bouncing around in my head and I’m also going to be continuing my series on the chart ruler, the North Node, as well as all the houses. I have a bunch of ideas for articles bouncing around in my head all the time and I need to just do it.

Anyways, that’s clearly not what the title of the article is about. I did a series last year on planets in the 7th House and I’ll eventually get around to writing an article about the 7th that focuses more on the Descendant itself. As you might know, I have the Sun in the 7th (as well as my South Node), so I love the 7th House. But, I’ve been thinking lately about something that I haven’t really explored yet about the 7th: how it relates to the public. Now, I definitely think that the Midheaven and whatever is going on with it – the sign and/or the planets – define your “public self.” The Midheaven is your public demeanor and your reputation. Yet, I can see how the 7th House can inevitably influence your standing with the public, as well. It’s just sort of a supplement to the Midheaven.

People with 7th House planets experience this much more powerfully than most. The 7th House is all about relating and social expectations. We’re pretty much always relating to other people and I think 7th House people can really – for intentional lack of a better word – relate to that. So, it makes sense that your 7th House planet is going to be seen by the public. But, I think it defines the kind of relationship the public feels like they have with you. Our planets in the 7th are what people experience when they’re in a relationship with us. It’s also how we end up influencing them.

So, those with planets in their 7th House wield a really strong influence over the public. We can really make people feel like they have a true bond with us and the planet defines what that bond is. This goes beyond people who are actually in a romantic relationship or close friendship with us. These people may just be observing us or experiencing us from a distance. But, because 7th House people have such a powerful way of connecting to people, we can feel like their lover or their BFF, even at a distance, or cause them to have a lot of expectations of what that relationship would be like. Because of this, 7th House people feel a social pressure to be that planet for other people (whether they realize it or not) because they know people really expect it of them. 

Sun in the 7th House
You relate to others in a highly personal, genuine way, with a lot of individuality. You have a special knack for being able to make anyone feel very connected to you. You are a very relatable person, easily making other people feel like you’d be an excellent best friend or lover. Your confidence and strong personality also make you very influential and make people feel like they have to hold their own. So, you feel the expectation to constantly entertain and/or impress the public.

Moon in the 7th House
You connect with the public by being there for them. Other people feel like their relationship with you allows them to cry on your shoulder or look to you for support and guidance. You feel like that caring, responsive BFF or partner to everyone, letting other people lean on you. So, you’re socially expected to be understanding and supportive. Yet, this can also bring out your moodiness, so you influence others in an up-and-down, ebb-and-flow sort of way.

Mercury in the 7th House
To other people, you’re like their chatty, restless best friend or lover, always making things more exciting and interesting. Your relationship with the public is stimulating and engaging, as you promise never a dull moment. This is because you’re relating to everyone on a very intellectual level. So, you sense the expectation that you have to be consistently smart, witty, and stimulating. As a result, influencing the public is something that keeps you on your toes.

Venus in the 7th House
The idea of being your good friend or your partner is highly appealing to other people, so the public will constantly clamor for your affection. Your connection with others is a very loving, very pleasurable experience. You can make people feel like they truly have a special place in your heart. So, you influence others by causing them to fall in love with you and vice versa. You feel like it’s expected of you to spread love and you’ll often do so by flirting with many people you encounter.

Mars in the 7th House
You’re experienced as someone who’d be a very dynamic, passionate lover or friend. This makes the public feel like they have to step up their game when they’re around you. Yet, this often creates a relationship with other people that is positively challenging or competitive. You know how to influence people in ways that are motivating and aggressive. As a result, you sense that other people always expect you to be assertive and to take on a dominant role in the situation.

Jupiter in the 7th House
Your connection to the public is inspiring and uplifting. Everyone feels like you’re that upbeat, adventurous best friend or partner, living life as if it’s your playground. This is because the way you influence other people is by expanding them and showing them everything’s that possible. In your relationship with the public, there are no limits and there’s no holding back. So, you feel the social expectation to do things on a bigger and bolder scale than most would.

Saturn in the 7th House
You relate to other people by sobering them up and getting their head on straight. So, the rapport between you and the public is a more serious, purposeful one. You use your wisdom and your earned experiences to influence others. Therefore, people feel like they could learn a lot from you if they were your best friend or your significant other. This puts an expectation on you of having to be an example and providing a certain structure and guidance for those in the public.

Uranus in the 7th House
The public experiences a connection with you that is nontraditional and interesting. You are relatable in an oddball sort of way, making people feel like you’re their eccentric, exciting good friend or mate. There is a great friendliness and tolerance that defines how you influence other people, as well. You easily see past differences and find commonalities with everyone. All in all, you feel that the public expects you to be free-thinking, nonconforming, and unpretentious.

Neptune in the 7th House
Your connection with the public makes you feel otherworldly and out-of-reach. Yet, people will find you relatable in a contradictory way because you’re like a fantasy version of a best friend or a lover. You influence others in elusive, imaginative ways, shape-shifting into different people to create a relationship with them that can be slightly disorienting. Therefore, you are expected to not be easy to pin down and to provide the public with something alluring and artistic.

Pluto in the 7th House
You’re experienced by other people as a very powerful buddy or partner to have. So, you relate to the public by helping them through a process of empowerment. At the same time, you maintain a mysterious influence over other people, as well. These connections you make have many multiple layers to them that not everyone will figure out. This forges an intense, addictive bond with the public, bringing an expectation for you to be other people’s obsession.


  1. Hi Wayman,
    Thank you for the article.
    I have the North Node in 7th house. How is the difference between planet in the 7th house and the North Node?
    I do know some people with planets in 7th house. My observation is that somehow North Node in 7th house is somehow is summary of the all planetary 7th house influences. Or 7th house North Node is the path of to "know how" to relate? May be i feel like this because my North Node is in Sag 0% degree? I feel like generalist,- as older i become, as better i feel what makes everybody tick concerning relationships - the 7th house. I view relationships in more detached manner than before i became aware of my North Node. I believe is the only way - to detach, but not being aloof; being present, but not clingy. How is it for you with South Node in 7th house?

  2. I have Mars in in Taurus conjunct South Node in 7th house

  3. I have pluto in the 7th house. You could say, I'm intense, powerful and a creep because I know people better than they know themselves.

    1. Don't worry! You're luckier than, say, a 1st House Pluto person. While they have to stand alone in their intensity, you get to attract people who are just as intense. So, you'll have some company. You may feel like a creep or a freak but you aren't destined to be a lonely one. :)

    2. You are not alone mate. Another Pluto Rx in the 7th house conjunct Scorpio Descendant (opposing Jupiter) and wide square to Mars on Aquarius MC.

      And you think you're the only one that's all those things Daniel?... I feel you. Thanks Wayman for the uplifting comment.

  4. i have sun, mercury, venus and north node in the 7th house all in virgo, any insights?

  5. venus taurus, mercury gemini, sun taurus all in 7th house :)
    does it mean I have three different styles? LOL

  6. I haven't a single planet in the 7th house ! *cries* only little vesta...

  7. Sun Mercury Juno in the 7th house :)