Monday, January 25, 2016

Adele - Astrological Profile

Adele has broken quite a few records recently. The video for her single “Hello” has just reached over a billion views on YouTube, doing so faster than any other video ever. Also, there’s been the truly phenomenal success of her album “25”, considered her comeback after she took a couple of years away from the spotlight, following her incredibly popular, multiple Grammy-winning album “21”, first released in 2011, and her Oscar win in 2013 for Best Original Song for “Skyfall.” But, Adele clearly does the whole comeback thing bigger than most. When it was released near the end of 2015, “25” set the record for the largest single-week sales of the past couple decades.

I’ve become a big fan of Adele’s lately: the music, the voice, the personality. I know plenty of other people are, as well, as she’s one of those public figures who is just very beloved. So, I figured that it would be appropriate to do an astrological profile on her. Just what’s going on in her birth chart?

She was born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins on May 5, 1988 at 3:02 AM in Tottenham, London and is also an only child. She is a Taurus (her identity) with a Sagittarius Moon (her emotional nature) and an Aquarius Ascendant (her behavior). I always follow my instincts when it comes to looking at famous people’s charts. Sometimes, I sharpen my skills as an astrologer just by analyzing certain public figures through their charts and how it all lines up with what we know about them, their lives, and the public’s relationship with them. My gut tells me that Adele’s chart is definitely accurate, for countless reasons. 

Let’s start off with her Aquarius Rising. The majority of famous people with this Ascendant are known as being the kinds of people who aren’t exactly “celebrities”. Aquarius, after all, is the anti-celebrity, the egalitarian, finding diva-like, Hollywood antics and interests ridiculous. Adele certainly fits that bill. She has expressed, numerous times, that she’s not interested in being a celebrity. Even though she’s the biggest songstress of her generation, her attitude toward her massive fame is low-key and detached. Aquarius is always rather “outside looking in.” She said recently in an interview, regarding all of her success and recognition, “I always feel like this is going to turn out to be a hidden camera show and someone is going to send me back to Tottenham.”

Like a true Aquarius Ascendant, Adele is highly accessible. While some famous people might only downplay their fame just to look or sound good, it feels very believable coming from her. She definitely doesn’t play the superficial game of trying to have a certain “image.” Adele is well-known for her easy acceptance of her full-figured body, which is what makes many people identify with her more. I can see that in her Gemini Venus trine her Ascendant. People with the Venus trine Ascendant aspect tend to have a healthier body image and more comfort in their own skin. “I think I remind everyone of themselves,” she said. “Not saying everyone is my size but it’s relatable because I’m not perfect and a lot of people are portrayed as perfect, unreachable and untouchable.”

I should also note that she has Mars in Aquarius conjunct her Ascendant. Mars is, however, in her 12th House. 12th House planets conjunct the Ascendant are fascinating because they play out in a more subtle, more elusive way than if they were in the 1st House. With Mars rising in Aquarius, Adele is very driven (Mars) to be the everywoman (Aquarius), as well as to electrify her environment with her unpredictable, quirky nature. But, since Mars is in the 12th, she doesn’t hit us over the head with that. It’s expressed in an under-the-radar way. 12th House planets on the Ascendant are more felt than anything. It might be why people seem to never question her relatable ways, while other famous folks can receive more cynical criticism or scrutiny for trying to be “just like us”.

When it comes to public figures, I think we know them primarily through their Ascendant and their Midheaven. While their Rising sign is the person that you end up shaking hands and speaking with, their Midheaven is the person who is broadcast out toward the entire world. Adele has a Sagittarius Midheaven, giving her a tremendous public self. Those with a Sagittarius Midheaven just do it “bigger”, career-wise, than most of their peers. The profession becomes an exciting, wonder-filled journey where anything can happen. Adele is known for not being calculated in her career moves. In fact, those with this placement tend to just fall into their success, as if it were an accident.

But, she is also a clear example that Sagittarius Midheaven people often strike absolute gold in their profession, as long as they maintain their faith and their freedom of spirit. It’s where they’re the luckiest. The total runaway success of “21” and “25” is reminiscent of another certain Sagittarius Midheaven called Michael Jackson and a little album known as “Thriller” that broke all sorts of records back in its day. Also, the legendary status that Adele has assumed as a songstress within such a short time reminds me of Whitney Houston, another Sagittarius Midheaven who was also seen as the biggest, most beautiful voice of her day.

However, Adele also has her Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the Midheaven in the 10th. This gives her an extra special edge. Although Sagittarius Midheaven people gain a reputation for being very authentic and honest, Adele’s Moon sitting on her Midheaven gives her a greater boost of authenticity. Those with the Moon conjunct the Midheaven are not crafting a “persona.” They are just expressing a very real part of their soul and their inner, deeper self to the world. It’s why the Moon conjunct Midheaven aspect is so good for artists and performers who can truly make a career (Midheaven) out of their emotions (Moon). Few singers do so better than Adele.

This aspect of her is probably what touches her fans the most. Her songs, from “Hello” to “Someone Like You” to “Set Fire to the Rain”, are so full of genuine soul and feeling. Moon conjunct Midheaven artists can bring out a wide range of emotional responses in their audiences. It’s well-known that listening to an Adele song is going to make you feel all the feelings. The key to her success is also her own vulnerability (Moon). As one journalist noted, “She has a poignantly vulnerable stage presence, with her heart on her sleeve, and she sometimes cries over the still keenly felt heartbreaks that are the subject of most of her songs.”

With her Sagittarius Moon, she is already very candid about her feelings and deals with them very straightforwardly. So, that instinct is channeled into her work, creating the really powerful feeling of intimacy she has with her audience. She said herself, of this connection, “I have sympathy for myself, I have sympathy for them, they have sympathy for me, and I know that we are all there knowing exactly how each other feels.” Planets in the 10th and/or on the Midheaven are for the whole world, instead of being experienced as much on a personal level. With the Moon conjunct the Midheaven, a person’s feelings have such a direct, powerful outlet through their work that they don’t get expressed as openly in their personal life.

Adele once said, “In person, I can never talk about my feelings… But, my head comes alive when I’m writing music and I start using words and describing emotions I had no idea existed in me.” The Moon is a mysterious influence. You just have to surrender to its flow. Also, we can clearly see her Sagittarius Moon just through her public demeanor. The Moon goes through phases and moods. So, she can shift from being highly emotional to just expressing her silly, fiery, uncensored, bigger-than-life Sagittarius soul, complete with a huge, infectious laugh. “I’m a big personality,” she accurately stated. “I walk into a room, big and tall and loud.” It’s another reason why we feel so invested in her: she projects her innermost self so publicly that it feels like a personal bond. 

I also see that she not only has the Sun in Taurus but Jupiter in Taurus in a close conjunction to it. People with their Sun conjunct Jupiter have big personalities. Take whatever sign the conjunction is in and multiply it. With her Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, Adele is absolutely grounded and down-to-earth. Being a Taurus, her self-image is based on remaining realistic and keeping a level head. But, due to the influence from Jupiter, she’s going to do so on a major scale. This kind of attitude brings good fortune into her life. I should also note that she was having her Jupiter Return in Taurus throughout mid-2011 and early 2012, as “21” became the musical phenomenon of the year and she won all those Grammys. Jupiter in Taurus was a wonderful, confidence-boosting time for most people with their Sun in Taurus. But, it was especially so for Adele.

Taurus rules the throat and the five senses. So, Taurus possesses a famous artistic flair and a lot of people with personal planets in Taurus have lovely voices, speaking-wise and singing-wise. It’d be an understatement to say that Adele is included among them. Jupiter being in Taurus and conjunct her Sun is probably what makes her voice so particularly big. One producer stated that he could hear her singing outside of the recording studio just as clearly as if he were right next to her. As a Taurus Sun, Adele is also building an identity (Sun) for herself as someone who is mastering the art of self-appreciation and self-worth (Taurus). So, it’s no wonder why she has such an unapologetic comfort in her own skin. While not immune to insecurity, Taurus is one of the least insecure signs.

Her Taurus Sun is not only conjunct Jupiter but in the 2nd House, which rules Taurus, as well. So, she’s like a double or maybe triple Taurus. Adele’s Venusian influence is also amplified by Venus’ placement in her 4th House. Those with a 4th House Venus find the most pleasure in their private lives. It not only leads to a very private person but someone who is far from a workaholic. Adele’s Venus in the 4th keeps her rooted (4th House) in this feeling of ease (Venus). “My career’s not my life,” she says. “It’s my hobby.” Her foundation allows her to maintain strong, satisfying private connections with others, even in the midst of her overwhelming success, including her mother, her partner, music producer Simon Konecki, her old friends, and her three-year-old son, Angelo.

Speaking of her son, I can also see her Moon in the 10th conjunct the Midheaven in how much motherhood has changed her life and her career. Much of the time off she took was due to wanting to be with her child. With the Moon conjunct the Midheaven (or ruling it), parenthood becomes just as fulfilling of an achievement as one’s career because being a parent (Moon) is really one of the person’s major life goals (Midheaven). The way she went about “25” at her own flow not only speaks to the fluid Moon dominating her career but her Pisces North Node in the 1st. With a 7th House Virgo South Node, Adele is more comfortable pleasing or influencing others (7th House) by being very diligent, timely, and productive (Virgo). But, as she evolves, she is embracing more of her North Node, which is urging her to find her higher self by approaching all situations (1st House) in a way that’s transcendent (Pisces). By resisting her old habits of being enslaved to schedules and correctness for the benefit of others, she has been expressing her 1st House Pisces North Node by developing the self-approval needed to go at her own flow. When we focus more on our North Node, our lives become more successful. So, is it any wonder “25” turned out the way it did?

Also, Adele has Venus in an out-of-sign opposition to her Saturn in Capricorn. Since Venus represents your creative sensibilities, artists with a Venus-Saturn aspect have a certain elegance, maturity, or sophistication that set them apart from their peers. I was, like many, surprised a while ago to learn that Adele is, to date, just 27. It’s not that she doesn’t look her age because she does. But, she seems so much older and wiser in spirit, known for a classy, throwback kind of style that is very different from the pop stars of her age group. “Rumor Has It”, for instance, sounds like it could’ve been sung by The Supremes in the 1960’s. It’s this timelessness of hers that will only keep her growing legend going and going. Uranus, her chart ruler, is in the 10th, which is a very powerful influence. Whenever the chart ruler is in the 10th, one’s life unfolds in ways that are purposeful and fateful, giving a person a role in life that keeps them in touch with their destiny; that is, if they should heed the call. It looks like Adele has, using her perspective as the one who’s always been rather different (Uranus) to contribute something important and respectable to society (10th).


  1. This was extremely interesting and in-depth. I would love for someone to make such an accurate description of myself, honestly!

  2. Very good article, although I would NEVER, ever compare Adele to the truly stellar likes of Whitney Houston! Adele is a good singer with emotional poignancy and clever lyric-writing ability, but Whitney Houston was on an entirely different, almost divinely gifted level entirely (just check out her three-song medley live performance at the 1994 American Music Awards)... Whitney Houston was a late-Pisces Rising, with her Aries Moon in the 1st in a trine with her Sun&Venus in Leo and her MC. A totally different, more show-stopping and musically impactful kettle of fish, to say the least...

    1. Well it's all a matter of opinion. Whitney certainly had out of this world talent in her prime. But a lot of people would describe Adele as "divinely gifted" as well. I am not saying she is the new Whitney or anything. Artists should be allowed to be individuals. Still I think it's a valid comparison especially since they both have the same MC.