Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The 4th House: Signs and Planets

Even if you have an empty 4th House, this is still a house in your birth chart that is highly important. Everyone feels their 4th House on a powerful level. Whatever sign is on the 4th House cusp and/or planets are in the 4th describe how you are going to feel at home. This can be translated in multiple ways: the way you want your home life to be and the way you feel like when you “return home” in a more personal, figurative sense. When you engage in your 4th House, you retreat into to a safe place that’s rooted in what was comfortable for you and healing for you in the past. Your 4th House sign/planet(s) have dominated your private life since childhood and remind you of where you come from as a person, as a result. It symbolizes your foundation and your roots.

Whatever role you play in your family is described by what’s going on with your chart’s 4th House. You were this person in the family from childhood because everyone expected you to be and you’re still playing this familial role with them as an adult. With people who aren’t blood-related but are like your family, you will also be playing out the traits of your 4th House sign or planet(s). It shows how you will really get comfortable and intimate with people, behind closed doors. It also indicates the things in your home life that you need and that you’re most sensitive or reactive to. 

Aries in the 4th House (Aries Nadir) and/or Mars in the 4th House
You experience a true homecoming whenever you can engage in your passion, directness, and aggression. Your private, safe place is one where you can feel free to be a firecracker and assert your desires. For this reason, fights and confrontations will regularly occur for you, behind closed doors. In fact, you need them to. You actually feel more hurt when your loved ones won’t butt heads with you over things in your home life. When they breathe some fire themselves, you’re reminded that they care. Apathy, passivity, or fake niceness makes you feel uncomfortable.

With whoever you call family, you’re the one who doesn’t hold back. As a child, you were feisty, spirited, and dynamic. So, your family members have always expected you to invigorate the home environment and challenge them. Therefore, people will feel like family to you when they don’t take this personally when you’re not too delicate with them. You’re coming from a past where you found solace in healthy selfishness. So, you must honor this foundation by being me-oriented on a regular basis in private, focusing more on your own wants. But, of course, just don’t over-do it.

Taurus in the 4th House (Taurus Nadir)
When you go home, on literal and spiritual levels, you want to engage in comfort, harmony, and relaxation. That safe place for you is one where you can just kick back and enjoy yourself. Behind closed doors, you are slow-moving to the point of sheer laziness or self-indulgence. Yet, this is just an expression of your need for pleasure. Your private self immerses in all the sensual joys that life has to offer; not just sex but food, music and other possessions. So, you’ll be distinctly uncomfortable or upset whenever someone tries to interrupt, change, or take the things you love.

Being such a creature of habit is how you found your place in your family. Since childhood, you always knew how to steady and stabilize yourself. You’ve always been expected by your relatives to be a really reliable, consistent, and patient person. They’re also very familiar with your total stubbornness. Anyone else who you see as family will be, too. But, this is why your foundation is so rock-solid. You’ve always known what you love and what you value. So, you will constantly remember who you are by honoring the things you enjoy and sticking to them very firmly.

Gemini in the 4th House (Gemini Nadir) and/or Mercury in the 4th House
Your private self is restless, curious, and quite a stimulation junkie. Retreating into your safe place must never be a boring experience. It must be something that constantly feeds and awakens your mind. Therefore, coming home must be a time where things are exciting and communicative. It can genuinely upset you when you feel like the people you live with aren’t willing to talk to you and maintain that open dialogue. You are most sensitive when there’s a lack of communication, as well as when things are too serious. Behind closed doors, you want to constantly chat and laugh.

You’re the whirlwind of your family, playing an unpredictable role where no one knows what you’ll say next. Since childhood, you have been the type to bounce all over the walls. So, your family expects that there won’t be much of a dull moment whenever they’re bonding with you. Anyone who feels like family to you will experience this attention-deficit side of yourself. Your past felt really informative and educational, even if it was outside the classroom. Therefore, you’ve built a strong foundation of intellect and curiosity for yourself that you must constantly honor and engage in.

Cancer in the 4th House (Cancer Nadir) and/or Moon in the 4th House
You are deeply dependent on the safe place you create for yourself in private. So, you will seek out this process of withdrawal and reflection in a powerful way. Being able to be immersed in your feelings and needs is what home should feel like, to you, as well as being responsive and sensitive toward others. Your private self is highly reactive, as you really need to release your crazier side behind closed doors. You go through strong cycles of irrationality, moodiness, and neediness at home. Yet, you also need people to understand these phases of yours. Any insensitivity, whether it’s intended or perceived, will really upset you and cause you to withdraw more into yourself.

You’ve always been the most vulnerable, sensitive member of your family. From childhood onward, your relatives have always seen you as being really dominated and swayed by your feelings and needs. This can often makes them expect you to constantly need to be taken care of. But, on the flip side, they can expect you to readily take care of and nurture them because of your sensitivity. People who become surrogate family members, as well, will be very familiar with your tenderness. The foundation you’ve established is based on your highly instinctual, supportive past self. So, you honor where you come from by creating a cozy, warm place to be nurture and be nurtured.

Leo in the 4th House (Leo Nadir) and/or Sun in the 4th House
When you go to your safe place, you establish a strong sense of who you are. Therefore, at home, you need to feel comfortable and confident enough to just be yourself. Your private self is your true self and you use this home atmosphere to have the stage you need to express yourself. Yet, you may become quite demanding or self-absorbed, behind closed doors, especially if other people aren’t giving you the attention or the respect that you need. Whenever you’re being ignored or underestimated, you feel very uncomfortable and may cause quite a private scene because of it.

In your family, you’ve always been the entertaining one or the one with a lot of personality. Ever since you were a child, you knew how to get everyone in the family’s attention. So, your relatives still expect you to perform, in some way, yet might also become exhausted by having to be your audience. You bond with people who you treat like family by providing them with a good time and with a lot of confidence. Your foundation as a person comes from being a leader. So, you stay in touch with your roots by being able to be this positive, empowering influence toward loved ones.

Virgo in the 4th House (Virgo Nadir)
Going home, in a metaphorical or a literal sense, requires you to get your act together and honor various systems or routines. In your private life, you’re going to thrive on a lot of regularity. This might mean having to compulsively clean or organize things at home. But, it can also just mean sticking to daily routines that will help bring order to your life. Behind closed doors, you’re a very helpful, modest individual, gaining a feeling of safety by being able to help others improve as much as you. Yet, this also means that you get easily upset when you can’t fix something or someone.

You’ve always played the familial role of the little helper. Since childhood, you’ve been able to not only really assist your relatives but take certain orders from them well. Whatever you can do to help! But, your family also expects quite a bit of criticism from you, in return, whether it’s constructive or nitpicky. People will feel like your surrogate family when you can do the same for them, in private. You’re coming from a past that is all about being the healthiest, most improved version of yourself you can be. So, you build a strong base for yourself when you can do so and help others do so.

Libra in the 4th House (Libra Nadir) and/or Venus in the 4th House
The process of recharging and reflecting is found, for you, by really connecting with other people. Whenever you retreat into your safe place, you aren’t going to want to do it alone. It feels safer when you’re with someone else. Therefore, home needs to be a place where your relationships can be truly nourished. Your private self may be quite co-dependent because of this. It can be really uncomfortable or upsetting for you to live alone or, worse, with people who are rude and selfish. Therefore, you need an atmosphere of peace and love for you to really feel at home.

Within your family unit, you are the nice one who doesn’t really rock the boat. As a child, you played the role of just wanting everyone to get along and love each other. Therefore, your family members look to you now to maintain the harmony and cooperation. This very easygoing, loving private self is what you share with people who end up becoming your family. It’s due to you having a personal foundation that’s built off of being really well-liked and agreeable. You’re reminded of who you are and where you’ve been when you stay in touch with these charming people skills of yours.

Scorpio in the 4th House (Scorpio Nadir) and/or Pluto in the 4th House
Your personal safe place can feel rather dangerous, at times, but that’s actually what you love about it. You feel at home when an atmosphere is established that is intense and that will provoke change. So, you find true comfort in a certain amount of discomfort. Your private self is highly passionate and perceptive, seeking to know those you live with on deeply intimate levels. You need to be able to immerse yourself in strong emotion and raw sexuality, behind closed doors. Things cannot be kept on a lukewarm or superficial level. If they are, then you won’t truly feel at home.

You’ve always possessed a certain position of power in your family, even as a child. From the start, you were really magnetic and intense, wielding an uncanny influence over everyone. Your relatives also expect you to be very complicated and mysterious, so they’ll never fully know you. Yet, with anyone who you treat like family, you have the power to deeply heal and transform them. For you, staying in touch with your roots means owning your power and knowing what to do with it. You maintain your foundation as a person by not being scared of your depth or of your darkness.

Sagittarius in the 4th House (Sagittarius Nadir) and/or Jupiter in the 4th House
Whenever you go home, you don’t want to be caged in. You always prefer to keep your options and possibilities open in your private life. So, retreating into this safe place gives you the chance to reflect on all the adventures you could be having. Therefore, when you’re at home, you’re not going to want to always be at home. Also, you possess the flair for making a home anywhere. It’s truly wherever your heart is. Your private self is quite gypsy-like, in this way, as you feel distinctly uncomfortable when you’re being pinned down or limited to a single place.

In your family, you’ve always played the role of the irrepressible one. Since childhood, your relatives have known that they cannot put a leash on you or try to stop you from doing what you believe in. So, you’re expected to be the adventurous one who is always trying something new and leaving your family behind, for a while, to do it. People will feel like family to you when they give you the space to be free and don’t hem you in. You remember where you come from when you remain faithful and in tune with the grand journey, always knowing that there’s somewhere else to go.

Capricorn in the 4th House (Capricorn Nadir) and/or Saturn in the 4th House
Going home is quite a paradox for you because it means getting down to business. You feel at home in a private atmosphere that is really structured and solid. You need to work hard, in some way, in your personal life. Yet, this can also lead to serious struggles or burdens behind closed doors. Your private self can be very easily stressed, over-anxious, or full of melancholy. At the same time, you find your safe place by being a strong, reliable manager on the home front. When you trust in how dependable and persevering that you are, you will establish the feeling of safety that you need.

As a child, you weren’t fully a child, always expected to be the mature one or the responsible one. In your family, you’re the glue that holds everyone together. It can be exhausting yet you play this role with great diligence and dedication. So, whenever you treat someone like family, you’re eager to be their rock. You’ve established a rich personal foundation of toughness and self-discipline for yourself. It’s always there to draw on when you need it, especially when things get difficult. You’re very rooted in your ability to just get on with things and to turn any sort of hardship around.

Aquarius in the 4th House (Aquarius Nadir) and/or Uranus in the 4th House
Going into your safe place is a wild and crazy experience. You feel comfortable with a distinct amount of chaos and weirdness. So, whenever you go home, you don’t want things to be predictable or traditional. A conventional kind of private life is going to make you feel uncomfortable. Also, behind closed doors, you’re most sensitive to whenever someone tries to control you or possess you. Your private self is highly tolerant and always interesting. But, if you can’t get the same tolerant understanding that you need, you’d much rather live alone.

Your familial role was always somewhat detached and rebellious. Since you were a kid, you’ve always been seen as the “different one.” You’re the free spirit of your family who can easily shock your relatives because you don’t care much about their approval. Yet, you’re also very cool with them, treating them all like good buddies. In the end, anyone who becomes your family also becomes your friend. You find your foundation in life when you see everyone as equals. When you don’t judge, you can easily think outside the box, which gives you a sense of roots as a person.

Pisces in the 4th House (Pisces Nadir) and/or Neptune in the 4th House
You recharge by going into a safe place that’s wildly imaginative and highly idealistic. You’re going to require a lot of private alone time to reflect because you just get consumed with your fantasies and psychic impressions. Therefore, going home is quite a reclusive experience for you. Yet, when you’re not being a hermit, you’re very empathetic and forgiving toward the people in your personal life. You just have to watch out for a lack of boundaries. What upsets or discomforts them can very easily upset or discomfort you, so you have to remember to not get too lost in other people.

Your role within your family has always been chameleon-like, allowing you to be whoever you need to be with them and when. From the start, your family has projected a lot on to you, sometimes unfairly, because of your psychic openness. You’re a ton of things to them yet none of them know you as well as they think. So, you treat people like family by being quite elusive and mysterious with them yet also very intuitive and giving. You stay in touch with where you’ve come from when you honor your spiritual, sensitive roots. Art, faith, fluidity, and compassion create your foundation.


  1. Thank you for writing these articles, they are always fantastic!

    I have the nadir at 0'57 degrees libra, so does the virgo description apply to me as well, or is it strictly libra?

    1. Hey, thank you! But, yeah, I don't really believe in sign cusps. You just have a Libra Nadir, in my opinion. However, I do think that zero degree placements express themselves quite differently. So, your Nadir is going to feel totally raw and unformed, like a newborn baby (because that's what the zero degree symbolizes). It's just completely reacting to everything.

      Come to think of it, I should write an article on the zero degree one of these days...

    2. Thank you for the reply!

      An article on the zero degree would be great, at least for me, considering I have the Nadir and the Midheaven in the zero degree ;) Plus I've never really seen a good article on it.

  2. Neat article! taurus nadir here, with mercury and venus in taurus , gemini sun, all in 4th. I am really funny at home and I love to stuff my friends with food,create and atmoshphere (venus is a great host). If I am not lazying around (which happends most of the time) I am most certainly doing something mentally oriented~~perhaps because of gemini cusp on 6th house.

    Lucky to find this blog! to be honest:What I like the most about this is your house cusp overlay-because it's exactly like mine, thus I find out bonus details. :d

    1. Oh, that's great that we have the same houses! Hopefully you relate to the personal examples in these articles, then. :)

    2. Thank you for replying! Yes, I relate a lot :)
      P.S Waiting for more ''Ask me anything'' sessions. Lots of questions about capricorn stellium churning inside. :D
      Congratulations for your blog! Keep up the good work~

    3. Haha, are you talking about the inner planets or were you born with the outer planet stellium in Capricorn? If so, we have even more in common!

      But, yeah, I might start doing those on a monthly basis because they've turned out very well, both times, and it'd be my regular way of connecting with the readers. So, stay tuned. It might be happening again soon!

    4. A mixed one: moon,uranus,neptune in 1st conj capricorn ascendant. Saturn aquarius 1st house. Capricorn NN in 12th
      And I am just a silly gemini :)

      I will stay tuned!

  3. Hi Wayman, thank you for this lovely article about the 4th house, it was very informative! I have not only Libra on the IC, but its ruler, Venus, falls in my 4th house as well. This placement definitely rings true for me, as I can be very charming and agreeable when I at home with my family. I also love to create art at home, and only feel comfortable doing so when I'm at home. I have always had a great love of being at home, which has made me into the homebody I am today. Also, it is absolutely necessary that I get along with my family members and have pleasant, peaceful relationships with them. Whenever I fight with any of my family members, it makes me very sad and depressed (You know Libra, always needs to have that peace and harmony.)

    1. You're welcome! A 4th House Venus ruling the Venus does sound really nice. Whenever a house ruler is in that house, especially if it's an angular house, you really need fulfillment in that life area. So, your private life is going to be super-important to you and you can't really function when it's not satisfying. What you just said, then, makes a lot of sense.

  4. You're are freaking amazing! Do you know this Wayman Stewart? I've been following your blog for awhile. Thanks to Linda Goodman's fourm. You are the most on the point astrology blog that I've ever encountered. Your blog is my favorite and in my favorites!

  5. What if you have Neptune and Uranus in capicorn square your venus though in the 7th? They both in 4th house in capicorn with a Venus in Aries.

    1. Sorry but I can now only answer specific questions like that on here through my Ask Me Anything sessions, which I will be doing regularly from now on.

  6. I have saggitarius in my 4th house also conjunct uranus from the 3rd. So your gipsy-like comment was pretty spot on. I have moved since I was 6 years old, (30 now) I've changed many cities and bedrooms and living rooms i can't even remember. And I've never had a problem with that. Actually if I dont move for 2 years I feel awkard and instinctively start scrolling through apartment adds. :) I invented this little verse "anywhere I put my computer I call my home". Come to think of it now, maybe that's my uranus conjunct nadir speaking...

    1. Yes, Uranus on the Nadir will make make you feel even more free-spirited! You'll feel at ease in that chaos. The moving thing is very Sagittarius Nadir, I think. I feel like you guys either need to move on a really regular basis or have some sort of job where you have to travel a lot and are never at home for long, getting to live everywhere basically, for a bit at a time. This is a real "live out of a suitcase" position.

  7. You're article on Mars in the 8th house explained my life in ways that took my breath away! My boyfriend & I both have this placement, with scorpio rising & moon for me. We have Aquarius in 4th - mine is empty, his has Saturn. The heart rendering part is, my mother is sun in aquarius, & she used to beat me mercilessly. I always said she couldn't tell the difference between us, & she was taught to hate herself, so she took all that out on me. 4th doesn't always feel good.She used to say "I won't stop until I break you!" My boyfriend & I go to extremes not to be controlled or possessed to the point that it's sometimes hard to connect in all the good, warm supportive ways with tons of connections in positive areas - especially toward change. (Pluto, uranus, moon & jupiter connections to name a few) We also both have leo sun, same degree. Karma? Lol

  8. Btw, could you please do an article on planets in the 12th house? Confusing! :-)

    1. Yes, the 12th House is my next article in the houses series! It should be up by the end of the month. However, I've also written an e-book on planets in the 12th, if you want to check that out. The ad for it is on the right side of the blog.

  9. Fantastic article about Nadir in houses. I have Nadir in aquarius, and this explanation was so supporting and clarifying. If you go against the norms in society, by free will or not, you can see yourselve as a problem, but this article is not sentimental or judging certain lifestyles.

  10. Wow I just found you! Amazing stuff, so helpful! Thank you thank you xxxx
    And yes please to the article on Zero points - my sun is 0'20 Aries, I've never related to it until fairly recently!

  11. Great article. I can relate to much of it, and would like to read what you have on the third house. If you have a search option on your page, I cannot find it. I have five planets in aquarius, with two at the end of my third house, three in my fourth. Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Moon, in that order. Since two are on the cusp, I read for all five. Lack of communication in my intimate relationships kills me, as does living with rude people in a stressful environment. Depression is a lifelong issue, as I most desire a sense of home and family, and often have a love/hate feeling towards humanity. I love jumping into the void, and traveling to new places alone. I will talk with anyone, and can relate on some level with most. I love the discovery of life. Moving thirteen times around the nation in three years was a bit obscene though. Home and family are huge for me, and yet often lacking in my life. My dream involves building my tiny home on wheels and learning how to live on my own land, as an herbalist and artist. I'd really like to read what you have on the third house, and stelliums. Keep up the good work. :-)

  12. "You go through strong cycles of irrationality, moodiness, and neediness at home (...)"

    Great post! 👍

  13. Hi! Great post! I have three planets in conjunction in 4th house: Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. I am trying to figure out the impact of that in my life. I would be most thankful if you could tell me one or two things about that. Bu the way, the three of them are in Capricorn. Thanks!!