Thursday, January 21, 2016

Venus-Jupiter Aspects: The Hedonist

If you have your Venus conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Jupiter, I would call you the hedonist. Whenever you’re considering Jupiter aspects, one of the key things to consider about them is “excess.” Jupiter is a bigger-than-life planet that doesn’t know or, more accurately, doesn’t want to know limitations. So, whatever Jupiter touches in your chart, it can easily take it over-the-top. Therefore, with Jupiter in aspect to your Venus, which represents our pleasures and values in life, you’re going to really love the things that you love. But, this is what gives you such an amazing, resilient set of values. You believe fully in seeking out these pleasures.

Venus-Jupiter people are highly self-indulgent because of this. Venus already represents our potential for self-indulgence or even greed. With a Venus-Jupiter aspect, then, this potential becomes amplified. Is this always a bad thing, though? No, not always. The wonderful thing about this placement is that it gives you the ability to experience an uninhibited, unfiltered kind of joy. People with their Venus in aspect to Jupiter can be so full of love and appreciation that it’s overflowing and downright infectious. This is especially true if Venus and/or Jupiter are in Air or Fire. But, you can even observe this trait in those with Venus and/or Jupiter in a sign like Virgo or Scorpio or Capricorn, which aren’t exactly known for their carefree enthusiasm. But, as a Venus-Jupiter individual, you strongly value (Venus) being enthusiastic and full of faith (Jupiter).

There is a thin line between Jupiter’s optimism and foolishness, however. When Jupiter is in aspect to your Venus sign, then this manifests in the blind faith you put into your sensual pleasures, your values, and, yes, your relationships, as Venus also symbolizes how we deal with our relationships. Having a Venus-Jupiter aspect in your birth chart means that your love life is always going to feel like an adventure. What kind of adventure it is, however, often depends on the aspect. With the sextile, the trine, and sometimes the conjunction, you can just see someone who’s intrepid and free when it comes to matters of the heart, not letting anything hold them back from finding love. The square and the opposition, however, as well as the conjunction, in certain cases, can make a person go to sheer extremes with this, so desperate to explore their options and make various discoveries in love that they just end up with a big old mess on their hands.

A person’s Venus says a lot about how they went through puberty and dealt with the adolescent trials of romance and attractiveness. And even though we hopefully grow and mature and evolve, that teenage boy or girl is always in us, on some level, well into adulthood. Venus-Jupiter teenagers suddenly see matters of the heart as an amazing exploration they have to embark upon. With this influence, you dealt with crushes and dating and being attractive by just being willing to take the leap. Adolescence might not have been as painfully insecure for you as for your friends or peers. If you liked that boy or girl, you just took the risk of telling them, possessing the good faith and expansiveness to just be honest about how you felt and to see where it went.

Dionysus and the Sea Nymphs by Sir Joseph Noel Paton

In fact, Jupiter is how we’re fortunate in life. So, puberty was most likely not excruciating for you. The ones with the harder aspects may have had to work more at this feeling of ease. But, you had the belief in yourself that you could pull it off. Venus-Jupiter teens often have wonderful experiences in romance, never lacking a boyfriend or girlfriend and really benefiting from a very positive relationship, at some point in this stage. Even if you got rejected or let down or heartbroken, you developed the resilience to bounce back very easily and positively, always trusting that there was someone else for you out there. This could’ve been so true that you potentially began to date around just a bit too much. Again, Jupiter is excessive, which made the dating scene feel like an all-you-can-eat buffet that you took full advantage of during these formative years.

This continues into adulthood, explaining your hedonistic attitude toward love. The more pleasure, the better! But, the tough lesson for Venus-Jupiter people to learn is that there can be too much of a good thing. You want more and more and more of the things and the people you love, to the point where you become insatiable. In romantic relationships, this can get quite tricky. With both the easier and more challenging aspects, you can see those with this placement somehow feel trapped or limited by the person they’re with. It’s a problem that can get especially overwhelming for the people with the square or the opposition. You just have so much loving to give! So, the idea of being confined to giving it all to one person can be kind of dispiriting or boring to you.

It’s the kind of thing that can give those with Venus-Jupiter aspects a reputation for unfaithfulness. Of course, I don’t like astrological stereotyping. I think anyone is equally capable of being faithful or unfaithful. The same thing goes with commitment. However, it is true that if the commitment (Venus) feels too binding and like it’s cutting off your sense of adventure (Jupiter), you might be apt to either avoid it or try to skirt your way around the rules. If you’re dating or married to someone with their Venus touching their Jupiter, you’re going to want to give them the freedom that they value so much. Any sort of possessiveness will be a damper on the relationship, even if, dare I say it, they have Venus in Scorpio. In this case, they might still like some degree of it or even give some of it but in an affectionate way; not to the level where it limits the possibilities between you two.

In the end, Jupiter is all about possibilities and since Venus represents love, relationships have to have this kind of dynamic for you to stick around. It’s why you’re just as attracted to more free-spirited, casual types who aren’t going to lock you down too tightly. Open relationships often work like a charm for those with a Venus-Jupiter aspect. If you have this placement, rigid monogamy tends to make you all the more tempted to explore your possibilities with someone else. But, when you’re given the freedom to do what you want, you’re actually more likely to not stray too often. Still, Venus represents your sensual nature and your sensuality manifests hugely. So, you’re always yearning for “more” in a sexual context. If your partner can’t give it to you, whether by letting you see other people sometimes or by just being up for anything, it probably won’t last long.

Venus is more so what we love about sex and the things that will turn us on or off. So, Venus in aspect to Jupiter in your chart shows that you appreciate sex the most when it feels like an adventure. This is a very sexually liberated influence, totally eager to gain as much experience as possible. If taken to excess, Venus-Jupiter can potentially give you such a limitless sexual appetite that you start sleeping around. Again, it’s not always going to be the case. But, it definitely happens with many with this influence. With Mars-Jupiter people, it’s more so about the experience of just doing it all the time. Venus is more about sexual feelings, instead of mere sexual desires. So, for you, it’s about the yearning you have for sex that just won’t quit. If it’s not being satisfied by the right person at the right time, you’re going to get highly restless and shoot off in another direction.

But, you’ll hear no slut-shaming from me. It’s great that you have such a sense of sexual freedom. You just have to do it in ways that aren’t irresponsible. When you do, you’ll be able to appreciate the feeling of revelry that you value so much. As the hedonist, you are like a modern-day version of Dionysus, whether you’re male or female. You take to everything with this spirit of free and often wild pleasure. It is often times a beautiful, enlightening quality, as you can get such joy and positivity out of life in ways that many people cannot. Planets in aspect to Jupiter are irrepressible and cannot be kept down for long. So, with Venus in aspect to your Jupiter, your sense of love and affection are what cannot be contained, not only for other people but for yourself, as well. 

Since Venus also symbolizes feelings of self-esteem and self-worth, you will see Venus-Jupiter people typically feeling very good about themselves. It’s not to say that your self-esteem can never be affected or that you can never feel not-so-great in your own skin. But, those feelings or thoughts subside easily and quickly. You are kept afloat by this philosophy of loving yourself. You know how to boost yourself up and make yourself feel good, capable of appreciating your appearance, personality, and/or abilities more than many people can. At the same time, Venus can also be vain. So, you might also go to the other end of the spectrum, moving beyond sizeable, positive self-love to really exaggerated vanity, unable to turn away from the mirror, figuratively or literally.

But, it’s this love of self that ends up manifesting tenfold. I think both Venus and Jupiter represent the Laws of Attraction, in different ways. With Venus, you’re attracting based on how you feel in your own skin. With Jupiter, you attract through your beliefs. Put these two planets together and you’ve got someone who can be extremely attractive. That’s really the point of this aspect. You need to fully believe (Jupiter) in just how lovable and valuable (Venus) you are. This is what usually draws people in to you. You’re very hard to resist, with a likability and generosity that are off the charts. With friends as well as lovers, as Venus also represents friendships, there is this sense of you being their lucky charm or a ray of light in their life. Even ex-partners and former buddies walk away from the relationship with you very amicably. You know how to touch the people you love in a very inspiring way and experience just as much growth and positivity from connecting with them.

When it comes to the personal taste element of this planet, being a Venus-Jupiter individual doesn’t give you the subtlest of tastes. Other influences here can counteract that but even your attempt to be refined or underplayed often gives way to exaggeration. With music or movies or other works of art, you like it big and bold. You love listening to or watching something the most when it can make you cry your eyes out, laugh your ass off, or think so hard that your head hurts. Your tastes and preferences are so restless that you all too easily become that person who has to listen to a new album or watch a new film non-stop. You’ll also want to spread the word about whatever it is that you love at the moment, shouting how awesome this artist or movie is from the mountain top.

In regards to clothes, you’re very adventurous, with your try-anything attitude manifesting via your style. But, this spirit of exploration keeps you forever in search of your look. You never want to pin it down because that’ll stop you from attempting new things. Therefore, to be a Venus-Jupiter person is to have a rather sloppy, careless fashion sense that even the fanciest clothes cannot hide. Your essential attitude is to just throw on whatever comes your way and see what happens. It’s this knack for pretty much falling into the clothes you wear that makes you, let’s be honest, guilty of quite a few missteps. But, you easily laugh it off, not caring that much if you’re on anyone’s Worst Dressed List. It’s this sanguine approach that allows you to strike gold just as many times, fashion-wise, pulling amazing looks together that you didn’t even think were that cool or that big of a deal.

Venus conjunct Jupiter: With the conjunction, you have the biggest appetite for pleasure out of the aspects. You possess a love that truly knows no bounds but you have to be a bit more cautious about who you give it to or how you give it away. But, you bounce back beautifully. While other people can remain crushed or shut down, you see every letdown as a positive lesson.

Venus square or opposite Jupiter:  With the square or the opposition, you want love to be glorious and grand but often have trouble knowing where to start, making you so pent-up that you become all-out reckless in relationships. You should learn how to appreciate life’s adventures without going overboard. In doing so, your resilient, uplifting attitude shines through in a very appealing way.

Venus sextile or trine Jupiter: Thanks to the sextile or the trine, you’re a more low-key hedonist. You can freely pursue these pleasures without surrendering to complete abandon. People will be drawn to your big heart and your tireless ability to have a good time. But, you also have issues, at times, knowing when to put a limit on the fun, so be aware of when you’re tiptoeing toward excess.


  1. Hi and thanks so much for this post as I have this aspect along with venus opp saturn & venus trine pluto; I was wondering how having these aspects would affect my personality?

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for writing such a detailed and thought-out article. I recently came across your blog and have enjoyed many of your enlightening posts. I have Jupiter at 8 degrees 51 minutes in Libra in the 2nd house in opposition to Venus at 8 degrees 35 minutes in Aries in the 8th. However, I did not find the information in this article to relate to me at all, and I think that's because both of those planets are retrograde in my chart. Something that you said here in particular has given me hope, however, and that is that the key to this aspect is self-love and fully believing that I'm lovable and valuable. I have never believed these things about myself, and that's the problem. I'm currently in a period of self-discovery as Uranus transits my Sun in Aries, and I'm beginning to attempt true self-love for the first time in my life (I'm 22 years old). Perhaps that will give me access to some of the likability and charm that this aspect normally represents. Wish me luck :)

    1. Sometimes, people have to grow into their Jupiter aspects, since Jupiter represents growth and enlightening experiences, especially in the case of the square or the opposition. There are just some lessons ahead that will teach you how to take on these traits and attitudes. You still have plenty of life ahead of you and I do wish you luck! :)

  3. Enjoying your blog
    Its amazing how my life is spent in two houses:8th and 11. With Mars, Saturn, Moon, and Uranus in 8th, and Sun, Venus and Jupiter in 11th leaving Mercury alone in 12.
    But yes lots makes sense except with so many conjunctions, its hard to understand the effect of one or two alone

  4. Thanks for this! So, so much! For all the time and esforce put in those words. Kisses from Brazil!

  5. I have Jupiter + Venus in pisces. It's true I have my count of failed love connections but now I just stay away. If I'm going to be in one ill be very cautious and use more of my intuitive abilities. I'm very sensitive to everything while in it too. Be it music, color, people, my surroundings, you name it. My emotions ARE hard to express and very deep. I'm always there for my friends when they need a hand.

  6. I am grateful and amazed at how mirror like this report is for me. I have often wondered about my self, my appetites, my ability to go to extremes to feel the life in me the way I need to feel it, to express myself authentically and yet not blow my circuitry in the process. I am now able to appreciate my unique perspective on life with a little more understanding and love for myself, as it has been a difficult path being a Virgo with my Venus in Scorpio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen and aho!

  7. Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aries
    Its so true if I love a song I would
    Get stuck on it and listen only to this😂
    I adore your blog you never say bullshit

  8. Thank you very much for this insightful article. Being someone with Venus and Jupiter as co-rulers, that Venus Square Jupiter in my chart is a big influence. Lucky for me my natal Sun and Saturn is trine that Jupiter. As I have gotten older that aspect has worked much better for me.

  9. The part about the clothes was hilarious. Thank you for writing this very personable and loving article!

  10. I really like your blog since I discovered it. I was wondering what could be the effect of my conjunction between venus and jupiter in aries and in 8th house. The conj aspects pluto (trine) and neptune (sextile). Thank you, I'm your fan

  11. This is spot on. When I was a kid I once put sugar on a creme egg to make it sweeter. A few years later in college I spent £8 on pick and mix. I also love expensive boutique beers, and loads of port and Brandy at Christmas. My aspect is Jupiter in Aries opposite Venus in Libra. The idea of foreign women is attractive to me; a foreign accent, the different culture.

  12. I have my moon and venus tightly conjunct in virgo opposing my jupiter in pisces and this article was like reading about myself. I have three divorces behind me, left another two long term relationships and cannot stand being restricted in any way. I always end up going back to self-employment because the thought of a boss telling me when I can or can't take holiday is just too much to bear lol! I absolutely love people, animals, philosophy, everything, I just love life! Glad I found your site :)