Saturday, February 27, 2016

Moon-Venus Aspects: The Sweetheart

With your Moon sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Venus, you are a real sweetheart. The Moon represents what is most instinctive and natural for us. Venus, meanwhile, is how we appeal to and attract other people. So, it’s safe to say that people with a Moon-Venus aspect are naturally attractive and appealing. There is this kindhearted, loving nature (Venus) to you that will really make other people feel comfortable (Moon). Not to say that you’re an absolute angel or that you don’t have your moments of being not-so-nice. But, the Moon signifies what we need in life and with the Moon in major aspect to Venus, you need to be a kind, thoughtful, attractive person. Any sort of ugliness is quite emotionally upsetting to you, in more than a few ways.

The Moon is an indicator of one’s relationship with their maternal figure. Whoever was the mothering parent in your house, growing up, is the person who you will establish a relationship with via your Moon. People who have Moon-Venus aspects tend to have really easygoing, peaceful relations with their mother. There is something about her that is so nice, graceful, and refined. For most people with these aspects, the mother (Moon) is a real symbol of beauty and loveliness (Venus). She might be really physically beautiful and amazingly stylish (and I say “she” but the mother figure can also be male, especially with same-sex parents). Her attractiveness and good taste instill within you a need for things to be tasteful and beautiful.

While a lot of Moon-Venus people get along wonderfully with their mothers, there are some who, while still seeming to have a peaceful relationship with her, may feel like there’s quite a strain. This is usually in the case of those who have the square or the opposition. But, some people with the conjunction can feel this, too. Maybe things are too good to be true with Mom, somehow. Underneath the civility, tact, or pleasantries, there might be real disappointment or dissatisfaction on either side, even though neither of you would address this any of this directly. Those with the harsh aspects might feel too much of a compulsion to please their mother figure, which leads them to try and please other people in extreme or unbalanced ways. While this placement makes you the sweetheart, it also means that you might become a bit too nice for your own good, constantly bending over backwards to make other people happy.

Things can be different for those with the Moon and/or Venus in a Fire sign. There might be more assertiveness in the relationship with the mother, in this case. But, even then, there is still this sense that everything needs to be alright. Even the feistier Moon-Venus folks do not like long-running conflict. They like to smooth everything out and move on, allowing everyone to be happy again. So, when there are serious issues in your relationships, it’s going to be hard for you to stomach that disharmony for very long. Depending on the defense mechanisms of your Moon sign, you might try to brush it off, make a joke out of it, or sweep it under the rug. You might go the other way and begin obsessing over it, over-thinking it, or feeling sorry for yourself. Either way, you aren’t going to feel emotionally secure in a relationship that has too much conflict.

Our insecurities and fears emerge when our Moon’s needs aren’t being met. Since you have such a need for harmony and for being on the same page as other people, you can start going crazy when things are not harmonious between you and your partner, close friends, etc. People with a Moon-Venus aspect get increasingly irrational when they feel like they’re not making the other person happy. You might become so insecure that you go to dramatic lengths to please them. On the flip side, you can go to equally irrational lengths to try and avoid the conflict. Such insecurities will be overcome when you realize that, first and foremost, happiness lies in everyone’s own hand. So, you can a) realize that it’s up to you to make sure that you’re happy and b) no matter what you do, the other person will not be happy if they don’t want to be or don’t make the effort to be.

At this stage, you can stop feeling like you have to please everyone and focus more so on your own pleasure. Then, being in such a good place will naturally make you a good influence on others, helping them reach their happiness without trying so hard. It is in the Moon-Venus individual’s nature to support other people (Moon) by just making them feel good (Venus). You are that partner or that friend who is there to boost self-esteem, soothe troubled feelings, or just make life seem more pleasant and enjoyable. In the end, you have to focus more on the greater need you have of just living a good life. This is especially crucial for those who have the square, opposition, or conjunction. But, even those with the sextile or trine could learn this lesson, as well. When you worry more about your own happiness, you will naturally draw happy people toward you.

And this draw about you is really instinctual. Those with their Moon in aspect to Venus have a very natural ability to attract: whether it’s situations, good things, or people. I believe that Venus tells us about how we were when we went through puberty, as it’s how we began acting when those feelings of lust, love, and wanting to be attractive and be in a relationship took over. Well, it’s sort of different for Moon-Venus people, as the Moon is an energy that’s present since the beginning of childhood. In many ways, you were always in some sort of state of puppy love while growing up. The ideas of being appealing and in love took over from a very early age. So, you were pretty much going through puberty before you went through puberty.

This is the kind of thing that made your passage through adolescence rather free of awkwardness or discomfort. While many of your peers were still trying to figure everything out, emerging from gawky preteens to refined young adults, you have possessed an innate refinement, from the get-go. It’s this quality that makes Moon-Venus teenagers take to puberty like a duck to water. You began displaying your fine-tuned instinct for not only attracting a mate and having a great relationship with them but also for being a wonderful figure on the social scene, understanding just how to connect with people in ways that would win them over and make them feel liked. As a result, you probably felt highly liked yourself, as a teenager. Adolescents with a Moon-Venus aspect are like junior socialites, displaying the good graces that will eventually serve them so well in adulthood.

Because of this, it’s really ingrained within you that you’re just supposed to be loved and appreciated. This can lead to some really healthy self-esteem. Yet, it might also lead to some vanity, if it goes unchecked. It’s so natural for you to be seen as a catch or as popular that you easily develop a compulsive need to be as hot and as well-liked as you can be. Yes, it can be quite superficial, at times. Sometimes, Moon-Venus people’s emotions are solely dependent on what’s happening with them romantically or socially. A bad date, an unreturned text or phone call, or a minor disapproval from a friend could really upset you. How you express that depends on the signs your Moon and Venus are in. But, it still manifests in that way. Any sign that someone might not like you, agree with you, or want to be with you is enough to unbalance you emotionally.

This is why you are so unconsciously intent on being such a sweetheart. Not only does it make other people feel good but it makes you feel good, as their approval and their affection are like food to your soul (Moon). But, of course, being so dependent on approval is eventually a dead-end road. So, again, it’s about turning inward to find that approval. This only comes from having strong, solid values. Venus symbolizes your value system in life: the likes, dislikes, preferences, and aversions that allow you to feel like a whole, well-off human being. Since your Moon is connected to your Venus, you gain a lot of emotional security from having such a strong set of values. Through this attitude, you will be able to gain more confidence in your instinct for getting the most pleasure out of life that you can. When you do, you’ll stop craving other people’s approval so much, knowing that your own approval is what will lead you toward true satisfaction and joy.

Another trait of these aspects is that emotion, which is represented by the Moon, becomes one of the things that you have to value. Moon-Venus individuals have to learn to appreciate the wide range of their feelings. Unless their Moon or Venus is in a Water sign, this can be a challenge (and it’s even sometimes challenging for Water Moons or Venuses). You need so much balance and harmony in your life that it can be difficult for you to acknowledge your anger, sadness, emptiness, or any other emotion that doesn’t “keep the peace.” You can find Moon-Venus people just wanting to be happy all the time, in ways that cause them to fake it and pretend like everything’s fine. But, embracing, owning, and expressing the challenging emotions will allow you to come to a place of true inner peace and happiness. If you deal with all of your feelings, then you will be able to overcome them in ways that will cause you to be genuinely happy, instead of just faking it. Therefore, emotions will become a valuable barometer for your own well-being.

When we look at Venus, we also see someone’s personal tastes. Individuals with a Moon-Venus aspect usually have exceptional, natural good taste because it comes so instinctively to them. All those years of being raised by a very cultured, refined, and/or well-dressed mother have stuck with you. So, you probably have excellent taste in films, shows, or music and it’s not even something you have to think about. Your gut feelings are just that spot-on, guiding you toward the good stuff. The arts are a real comfort to Moon-Venus people, since Venus represents creative sensibilities. So, being an artist can be deeply fulfilling for you. But, you can find just as much fulfillment from just consuming the arts. You can be a total film buff, watching good movies or going to the movies all the time, or a music junkie, listening to your favorite tunes all day. It’s a real comfort food for you, as well as reading a lot of great literature or enjoying great visual art.

Venus is about fashion, as well, and there are two different sides to this with the Moon-Venus energy. You are probably very comfortable with being a fashionista, whether you’re female or male, and possess a natural flair for knowing what to wear. At the same time, you also have to feel very at ease in what you wear. Fashion (Venus) must equal comfort (Moon) for you. Because of this, for every Moon-Venus people you get who loves to dress up and be decked out, you get another who is a serial dress-downer. But, due to your innate elegance and grace, you can make sweatpants look like couture. It’s an expression of your sensuality, your need to truly enjoy things. Moon-Venus people are very inherently sensual. Venus does also represent your sexual feelings, your likes and dislikes in bed. Sexually, you need a lot of emotional comfort. You appreciate sex the most when it makes you feel safe. You definitely strive for your sexual needs to be met. If not, you can get really upset or insecure. Yet, you will be more than willing to return the favor to your partner.

Moon conjunct Venus: You have the conjunction, meaning that you can be the biggest people-pleaser of the bunch. It’s important to watch out for being insecure or defensive when it comes to the boat being rocked. On the other hand, you are so lovable, kind, and attractive. You possess a truly beautiful soul and these good vibes keep reeling various admirers in.

Moon square or opposite Venus: With the square or the opposition, it’s difficult for you to know how much or how little harmony there should be in relationships. It can bring out your irrational side, making you veer from being too focused on your needs to desperate to please others. Finding balance will allow you to develop your deeply loving heart and your ingrained self-esteem.

Moon sextile or trine Venus: Through either the sextile or the trine, you have the ability to keep the peace without bending over backwards. You are a really lovely, appealing, and popular person yet you usually don’t sacrifice your own well-being just to be liked. Still, vanity and concern with approval can still take over, at times, and make you overly aware of how good you look. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

North Node in Taurus: The Grounded Soul

***Also for if you have North Node in the 2nd House

With a Taurus North Node, you possess a higher self that has both feet firmly on the ground. For those with this placement, spiritual growth comes from being able to look within and develop their salt-of-the-earth side. It’s a bit of a contradiction to have the North Node in one of the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn). It shows that you will be able to evolve and strengthen your spiritual awareness by taking a much more practical route. Those with the North Node in Taurus are finding their enlightenment by embracing the simplicity that life has to offer. It’s a higher calling that requires you to cultivate calm, security, and stability in your life.

Yet, the comfort zone you are working off of is your Scorpio South Node. Our South Node represents what can keep us stagnant, if we’re unbalanced with that. But, having the South Node in Scorpio puts a person at a higher risk for this unbalanced mode of expression, as unhealthy or unevolved Scorpio energy goes to destructive extremes. But, this is just what you’re comfortable with. The Scorpio South Node makes you an innately passionate, intense person. You love being as wholehearted and going as deep as you possibly can. But, in an unevolved state, you can easily confuse depth for drama. It’s a sign that you’re not truly fulfilled or else you wouldn’t have to stir up such emotional storms in your life on a regular basis.

There is often a rather traumatic root to this pattern of behavior, though. When we look at the South Node in a past life context, I think that having a Scorpio South Node means that your most recent past life was a very tumultuous one. Your former existence was a constant emotional battlefield, in some way. Most people with this placement have a past that has made them all too familiar with the concept of abuse and emotional pain. You could’ve been the giver of this psychological turmoil, serving as a really toxic, destructive influence in other people’s lives. You also could have received this abuse on multiple levels: emotional, physical, sexual. Your past life memories are often harsh or unpleasant, because of this, stemming from being raped, molested, beaten, or betrayed. You might have also had dramatic near-death experiences in this past life or you could have even been murdered, maybe by someone you trusted or knew.

As you can see, the past life of a South Node in Scorpio soul is clearly not all sunshine and butterflies. If you had to endure severe pain, you developed an amazing emotional strength in the face of it. You learned how to tap into your internal resources, cultivating the resilience and the fortitude needed to push on, even when things were really emotionally difficult. So, you were a really powerful person, in this last life. At the same time, you became hooked on the crises and the dramas. You turned into an intensity junkie because you didn’t know how else to live. Life was like a constant Shakespearean tragedy, with little time to breathe or relax. Just when you thought you could, the rug would be pulled out from under you. But, little did you know that a lot of this was happening because you were making it happen, creating or attracting a lot of the turbulence.

So, you never really learned how to use your power as efficiently as possible. You used it to destroy, not create. This is especially true if you were abusive with your power. Even the Scorpio South Node people who started out as victims could easily become victimizers, in response to the powerlessness they once felt. It’s something that ended up tainting not only your worldly relationships but your intimate, personal ones, as well. No exchange between you and someone else could exist without intense complication. You were a suspicious, paranoid, controlling, and/or manipulative individual, always concerned about the power you had over someone or that they had over you. And anything could be used to maintain that control, even if it was sex. Although you were highly sexual and very alluring and attractive because of this raw sexual energy, you used this magnetism in order to control other people. Whether it was through sexuality or through your penetrating insight into others and their psyche, you were determined to maintain what felt like the upper hand.

Of course, so much of that was rooted in profound fear and mistrust. These are things that have been carried over from that former life and into this one. Things that you don’t resolve don’t just go away. They keep following you and haunting you. Whatever we don’t settle in our last life, I believe, manifests through our South Node. So, these problems show up as our problems in this current life, as well. Even if you don’t believe in past lives, the aforementioned issues are still things that have strongly affected your past in this present lifetime. And the negativity has accumulated to the point where it won’t work anymore. With this placement, you will continue to hit a wall if you remain focused on the shadows of life, on how you could possibly be hurt or what hidden motives someone else is harboring. Scorpio South Node people can make the mistake of thinking that they will be truly fulfilled by delving so deeply into themselves all the time. But, actually, this introspection does nothing but feed your obsession with the darkness within yourself and other people. 

This is where your North Node in Taurus comes in. Throughout all of this time of your addiction to pain and suffering, as well as battles for power, your soul has developed this deep inner yearning to just chill out. In this lifetime, you really owe it to yourself to truly relax. The Taurus North Node means that you find your truest soul-expression through a calm, centered energy. But, something has to occur for you to figure this out. Maybe you have been so busy living in emotional turbulence that you feel completely drained and exhausted. With a Scorpio South Node, you have a penchant for highly dysfunctional relationships or romantic situations. So, maybe, the breakthrough happens after being so battered and bruised, inside or outside, that you can’t take it anymore. Your karma can also become severely stacked against you. The South Node represents our karmic debt and in the sign of Scorpio, you can totally drowning in that debt. After years of thriving on so much negative energy (hatred of self or others, jealousy, rage, deceit, etc.), you can end up reaping what you sow in particularly tragic or painful ways that make you want to change your life.

Of course, I don’t want to sound fatalistic. But, having the South Node in Scorpio can become like quicksand, if you’re not careful; a trap that you just keep sinking further and further into. That’s why, out of all placements, it’s most crucial for those with this placement to change their ways. Embracing your Taurus North Node will put you on that path. You just have to get used to that feeling of peace and stability. Deep down, what your soul really wants is to just enjoy life. In order to do that, you have to figure out what you value. In the past, you really have lived without values. Thanks to your South Node, it might be way easier for you to focus on what you loathe over what you love, which only causes that negative energy to come back tenfold. You also have endured such pain that you see life as being about destruction and surviving the destruction, instead of being about the growth and the flourishing of things.

This manifests in many different ways. It can prevent you from ever having the kind of relationship or job or bank account or life that you want. Instead of focusing on the building of these wonderful things, you can be too preoccupied with the collapse of them. So, you will express and develop your North Node in Taurus by discovering your innate ability to build. This has developed due to your knack for putting yourself back together after every tragedy or every blow you’ve received. Being able to pick up the pieces and move forward so exceptionally well has given you the inner potential to create something really solid for yourself, in various forms. Whether it’s forging a satisfying relationship, finding a great and fulfilling job, or developing healthy self-esteem or self-regard, you will be able to establish an unshakable level of security for yourself when you set your mind to it.

When it comes to transforming the South Node, you have to remember that you possess a wonderful inner strength. Yet, the power of your Scorpio South Node needs to be used not to battle it out with your emotional issues all the time but to just keep your feet on solid ground. You have to trust that you are a survivor and that you will be able to withstand whatever comes your way. Then, the negative habits of mistrust, suspicion, and control-freak obsessions will be able to be released. Instead of anticipating the next horrible thing that’s going to happen to you, you can calmly rest easy, knowing that you’re strong enough to handle it; that is, if it even happens. You possess a very vivid, intense imagination. Don’t let it get out of control. Instead of focusing on the nightmare in your head, focus on the lovely things that are happening right now, in the present.

This attitude of appreciation is a major thing for you. Taurus North Node people find their spiritual awakening when they master the art of gratitude. It can be enough to make you weep with joy when you recognize all the beautiful things that you already have in your life. And as the theory goes, this gratitude only ends up multiplying those good things. Life is becoming a much simpler, easier affair for you now. You have withstood enough. Now, you get to just kick back and indulge in the finer things. For those with a Taurus Sun or Moon, self-indulgence can be an issue. Yet, with the North Node in Taurus, a certain amount of indulgence is your right. It puts you on the path toward enlightenment because it brings out your innate ability to fully enjoy something.

Cultivating and owning your sensuality is a very important step in this process. You will be able to enter into a virtually meditative state when you can just please any of your five senses. Listening to good music, savoring delicious food, doing some gardening, or going to a museum to check out the art are all things that will keep you in touch with your higher self. It’s the part of yourself that just wants to take these pleasurable things in with nothing else to complicate the process. It can be a real challenge for you to do this completely because your introspective Scorpio South Node always wants to figure out the deeper meaning of things. So, you will have to be able to experience pleasure without that super-probing mentality. These pleasures will still be felt on a profound level. You feel things with great intensity. But, when you evolve, you learn to just accept the feeling of powerful, pure pleasure, free of the anxious sense that the good times won’t last or are a trick.

The development of your sensuality comes into play sexually, as well. Taurus North Node people also obsess over the deeper meaning of sex. So, although they have a ton of sexual energy and sexual appeal, they resist the process of just making sex a physical thing. Well, it’s actually a part of your journey to do so. The reason being is that your obsessive search for mind-blowing, soul-mate sex only brings out your shadow side. Once you bond so profoundly with someone, it’s difficult to let them go. The overwhelming emotions of the sexual act still stick with you physically, which is why you can get so jealous, so possessive, or so controlling with your lovers. Sometimes, it only takes just one time of having sex for you to become totally consumed with the other person. And when they feel like “a part of you”, the threat of losing them becomes highly exaggerated and it, let’s be honest, brings out your inner psycho, inevitably destroying what could be a great union.

Yet, when you approach sex in a much more physical, sensual way, you will find that you are able to remain self-possessed and level-headed. The issue of control does not come into play, either way, because you both are your own separate, physical entities. Then, you will feel freer and more relaxed with your sexuality, instead of making it this really serious, really dramatic hunt for your one and only. The idea is to not judge the process and to simply enjoy what’s happening. You can make sex such a big deal that it ends up blocking you and preventing you from experiencing as much sexual fulfillment as you actually could. But, when you focus much more on the physical side of the act, then you can experience a real breakthrough. Those with the North Node in Taurus can find themselves having better and more frequent orgasms, as well as an easier, more satisfying connection with their lover, when they start seeing sex as just sex and stop taking it so seriously.

When you can engage in your love affairs without them becoming really torrid and all-consuming, you know you will have let go of your negative attachment to drama. Taurus North Node people make excellent artists, though, because they are so in touch with their psyche: good, bad, and ugly. This is usually the best way for you to get all of that out. You’re always going to be very aware of your dark side and of your emotional intensity. But, the key is to find some sort of outlet that gives that a release, without turning your actual life upside down. So, you can find many singers, actors, or writers with their North Node in Taurus who are capable of going down into their depths for their art and then returning to their stable, easygoing lives. For many with this placement, being an artist is also a higher calling because it gives you the chance to create something, which you have to develop the skill to do, patiently and step-by-step.

You have an excessive amount of emotional energy, thanks to the Scorpio South Node. But, you cannot waste it on unimportant things. There is often a wake-up call, with those who have this placement, where they realize that if they spent even half the energy they spent hating their ex or brooding over their past or living on the edge and invested it in practical concerns, they’d probably be a lot more successful. With a Taurus North Node, you have to learn that if you had a dime for every obsessive or compulsive thought you had, you’d be filthy rich. So, the key here is figuring out how to redirect all of that energy. The South Node in Scorpio blesses you with tremendous focus. Yet, it’s all about what you focus on. More than most, you are going to receive what you focus on very strongly, good or bad, because your energy can be so intense.

Therefore, focus on the pragmatic goals that will give you the life you want. The grounded quality of your soul indicates that, in the end, all you really want to do is have plenty of money and live in a beautiful home, most likely with a garden, and enjoy what you do for a living. Don’t worry about that being shallow or simple, either. The Taurus North Node is urging you to get over those hang-ups about money being the root of all evil. Yes, you’re well-aware of evil and how people in power can abuse their position. And money does lead to a certain power in the world, which is what can make you uncomfortable with it. But, your North Node in Taurus means that you’ve got to have your mind on your money and your money on your mind. People often think the spiritual and the financial parts of life are mutually exclusive. Yet, this placement shows that they clearly are not.

For you, it’s about developing the latent skill of handling your money wisely, earning and saving and spending in ways that will bring you practical security. Finding this practical security is your key to spiritual awareness because it leads to personal security, i.e. peace of mind and heightened self-esteem. You owe it to yourself to make good money and have nice things. In the past, you have let life beat you up and take a dump on you, time and time again. Now, you will put yourself on the track toward enlightenment by knowing that you should be living a much more comfortable life, personally and financially, as a way of expressing true self-love. And it’s the innate survival skills of your Scorpio South Node that will support the money-management of your Taurus North Node. You already know how to handle your emotional resources. Now, life must be about handling your financial resources. This will directly connect to your spiritual well-being. By being able to live comfortably, you’ll understand that life is good and that everything will be alright.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Saturn in the 11th House

The 11th House can be a confusing place. The best way I can explain this house is that whatever is in your 11th House (planet or sign) cannot be expressed in a “normal” fashion. The more you try to express that energy in a straight line, the more chaotic it will become. That’s why being born with Saturn in the 11th House is not easy to wrap your head around. Basically, it’s your responsibility to find different ways to be responsible. You cannot pursue your purpose in life in a conventional manner. The more you do, the harder it’s going to become. For 11th House Saturn people, the challenge revolves around releasing preconceived notions or rigid expectations: of yourself, of other people, and of life itself. Whatever happens, you have to have the strength to just go with it.

It’s why this is actually one of the lighter, freer Saturn placements you can have. With Saturn in the 11th, growing up does not involve the traditional measures of growing up. There is no room for tradition or convention in the 11th House, even when we’re dealing with rule-bound Saturn. This is the place in your birth chart where many of those rules just don’t matter or make sense. So, it’s why, with this placement, you are going to experience a deep feeling of fear or doubt regarding embracing a lack of rules or guidelines. The backwards nature of the 11th House shows that, when Saturn in the 11th House individuals are avoiding their responsibility in life, they are actually trying their hardest to be responsible.

At this stage of their development, these folks try to dot all their i’s and cross all their t’s. There can be a resistance to either being unconventional or to embracing the unexpected in life. Instead, they seek to be control freaks who have everything planned out or in order. They might also strive to be seen as supposedly normal, not gaining too much attention for being different or out of the ordinary. In their mind, they might feel as if they are truly being responsible and adult-like. But, those with Saturn in the 11th truly grow up when they learn to throw the rule book out the window some and not care that much what other people think.

After all, a certain amount of maturity comes from making your own rules and standing strong in the face of people’s disapproval or judgment. It’s that judgment, that feeling of being looked at as such a weirdo or unacceptable person, that haunts the 11th House Saturn. There can be early social instances where they were painfully reminded of just how different they are. Bullying, peer pressure, or social ostracizing are quite common for many people growing up. For some people, they can end up leaving some serious scars. That’s often the case for those with Saturn in the 11th House. Many of these folks often have a tale or two from childhood or adolescence that has haunted them ever since. While some people can look back and laugh at memories of social awkwardness or embarrassment, it hits those with this placement on a level that’s rather traumatic. Being teased for being a bookworm, poor, overweight, uncool, or anything else that went against their peers’ standards can be harsh words that they still hear in their head well into adulthood.

So, this can lead to the overcompensation: the desperate attempt to be super-cool, super-successful, or all-around popular. But, while Saturn is ambitious and goal-oriented, its principles do not get conventionally expressed in the 11th House. Instead, they’re turned upside down. This can lead to a very frustrating feeling that Saturn in the 11th House people have of never getting the respect or the success that they want. As long as they are focused on getting respect and success, it’s not really going to happen for them the way that they want it. This is something that comes to a head during their Saturn Return in the 11th. It can be a time where they keep trying to climb that mountain of esteem and popularity and do nothing but slip and fall. Projects crumble, social events become a disaster, goals start feeling more and more ridiculous. It will continue to feel that way, so long as they keep trying to gain their success in the conventional way.

This series of tests will bring them face-to-face with their true purpose, if they should, hopefully, accept it. This purpose is to not define their success and their awesomeness based on what society thinks. It’s to think outside the box when it comes to their goals and their purpose in life. The more Saturn in the 11th House people stop seeking recognition and achievement, the more recognized and accomplished they will be. It’s a crazy thing but that’s just how the 11th House works. It rebels against our expectations, so we have to learn to have none in this part of our chart. When it comes to Saturn in the 11th, you must develop the strength to expect little to nothing, at least in a self-focused way. The 11th House is about other people. So, having Saturn in the 11th House is about learning how to strive for other people’s success while remaining detached about your own.

It’s an attitude that manifests in two ways. First off, it turns 11th House Saturn folks into veritable genies out in the world. Your wish is their command. With this placement, you will end up feeling far more accomplished when you can dedicate yourself to things that will help other people get ahead. Even if you are working on something that’s more so about you, you absolutely must develop this collaborative spirit. That’s your responsibility: to be a strong, successful collaborator. In return, not getting attached to what you’re going to get out of the process will end up causing amazing success to manifest in your life without you even expecting it. When you release those expectations, it has a magical effect. Awesome things happen without you having to try that hard.

We live in a world where so many people are trying way too hard: to impress, to gain approval, to get to the top. But, those with Saturn in the 11th gain their strength and structure from, basically, learning when it’s necessary to not give a shit, which is the second positive way this position can manifest. If you approve of the path that you’re on, then that’s all that matters. You don’t have to perform for anyone anymore. Your Saturn Return in the 11th House should teach you that. It’s going to be a very liberating time for you, even though it might initially feel like the stress of people’s expectations is weighing on you more heavily than ever. But, hopefully, you will experience a real breakthrough (an 11th House word) during your Saturn Return in the 11th. This can be a time where you just wake up one day and say, “To hell with what people think”, totally changing your life. You can stop being that bullied little boy or girl, so obsessed with the cool kids’ approval, and learn that all you need is your own approval. This is the road to true adulthood, for you.

Therefore, it’s basically a part of your responsibility to be quite the rebel. You will know that you’re finding the structure you need in life when you stop becoming so invested in what people say about you, whether it’s people on the job, in your community, or even your family and friends. It’s a healthy kind of detachment and lack of caring. As long as you’re being a kind, respectful person who treats others equally, then who cares what they say? This compels you to embrace your inner freak, allowing yourself to get weird and wild when needed. Saturn in the 11th is a very intriguing combination of authority and free-spiritedness. You have the inner authority to make up and follow your own rules, as long as they’re not getting you into too much trouble, of course. Yet, it’s also your duty to cause a bit of trouble or mischief, to shake things up and challenge people’s thinking.

In doing so, you will learn how to liberate other people, as well. With this placement, once you come to a place of healing for your own inner bullying victim, you can come to see just how much of an epidemic bullying is. It certainly doesn’t end in high school. People ostracize, judge, cut down, and mock people well into adulthood for all sorts of superficial reasons. We’re all pretty aware of that. But, those with Saturn in the 11th House have a responsibility to do something about this. You are not living up to your calling in life when you stand back and watch someone else get picked on or excluded. Instead, you have to see it as a social calling to be that person who knows how to show kindness and lack of judgment, to make everyone feel like they’re an important person who deserves respect. You have to step up to the plate by becoming a true egalitarian.

The 11th House is so associated with groups. But, I think, in the end, we should see the 11th House as being concerned with the massive, collective group that is humanity. As we’re all human beings, there’s no reason why any of us should be excluded from the “group.” We all have the same qualifications, when you take away any arrogance or snobbery. This is why I believe many Saturn in the 11th House individuals are somehow scared of or skeptical of groups. It’s because they don’t like anything that feels exclusive, sometimes even if it’s an organization or a company that’s working toward a higher cause or ideal. But, it’s your responsibility to work hard (Saturn) toward these higher causes (11th House). So, you’ve got to get over that skepticism, understanding that a group isn’t exclusive if it’s working for the greater good of everyone. And it’s your personal obligation to dedicate yourself to anything that will make a difference in the world. 

He might've had Saturn in the 11th. He worked so hard on the Delorean.

Yet, you’re also supposed to resist exclusivity. It’s interesting because I often read that an 11th House Saturn brings restriction to friendships. It does but not because the 11th House represents “friends”, as we’re so repeatedly told. At least, not your close, personal friendships. That’s your 7th House. In the 11th House, we meet a lot of people who we have common ground with, who we enjoy being around, and who we’re very friendly with. But, there’s a detachment to this house. The social connections we make via our 11th House are the buddies who we’re not that intimate with or close to. We don’t get attached to them. We just see them when we see them and go on about our lives. And with Saturn in the 11th, you’re fated to experience most of your social bonds this way.

So, you are mastering the ability to be really cool with just about everyone; that is, the people you truly like and get along with. Even the people who you might dislike have to be treated with a light cordiality if you happen to run into them. You’re becoming a master networker, complete with no bad vibes and no drama. But, what this is going to do is bring some distance to those close friendships. Saturn in the 11th House people cannot have a squad or a crew that they compulsively stick to. You can’t hang around the same people all the time. Then, your attitude becomes cliquey and exclusive, which is not the purpose of this placement. So, as painful as it may be, you’re going to have to learn to not be too attached to old friends or best friends. You’re going to have to treat them exactly the same as the people you just met at the bar; no better or worse.

This can come to define your Saturn Return in the 11th. Old friendships can become more and more distant. But, it doesn’t have to be a dramatic thing. The 11th House, after all, doesn’t do drama. It just means that you’ve got to let that buddy of yours go, in order to embrace your duty of connecting with all of humanity. And if you don’t let them go, something will happen to end the ties. These close friendships may abruptly break apart. Maybe you suddenly realize that you two just don’t have anything in common anymore and you want to start associating more with people who are more like-minded. Maybe you just suddenly stop texting each other or answering each other’s calls. But, when it happens, you can come to see that it’s not that tragic. There are so many more people that you’re destined to connect to. Your purpose is to be everyone’s buddy. So, if that old friend comes back into your life, great. If not, there are other people to meet. No hard feelings.

It also highlights the idea that you’re supposed to just go with it when challenging or difficult things occur. Trying to fight it and keep everything under control will only result in more chaos and drive you even crazier. But, this brings out your inner genius. You will develop your brilliance by learning to objectively, intelligently deal with whatever hard times happen. In doing so, you will find inventive ways around these situations that bring out your inner experimenter. Since you find such purpose in going against the grain, career options can truly go any which way for you. Whatever you do, you’re going to need to feel free to throw whatever you can to the wall and see what sticks. A profession where you’re a truly equal collaborator is your best bet. And as long as you keep disciplining yourself to connect with others with an open mind, things will pay off.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ask Me Anything: Round Three (Session Closed)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I just realized a while ago that every year on Valentine’s Day is the day that the Sun in Aquarius is conjunct my North Node to the exact degree. It must be why I never feel salty or depressed whenever I’m single on Valentine’s Day (which is happening again this year). It always feels like a really meaningful day, regardless. My 1st House Aquarius North Node is just always there to say, “Don’t worry about being a weirdo for being single. You’re supposed to be a weirdo and an independent one, at that. Besides, you have too many new projects to start.” And I actually am usually experimenting with something new, around this time, that ends up defining the rest of my year.

All of that is to say that you should figure out the day, every year, that the Sun is exactly conjunct your North Node. This will be a very meaningful day for you; a time where you can either get on the right track spiritually or feel rewarded or satisfied for striving to become more evolved or enlightened. And it can set the stage for the next 365 days. Since you have to wait a whole 18 years for your North Node to return, I’d say that this day of the year holds great significance because it gives you a chance, on a regular basis, to get or remain in touch with that higher self of yours.

So, to celebrate this special day for me, I wanted to do the third Ask Me Anything session. You know how it goes: feel free to ask anything but keep it respectful. 

The session is now closed. But, as always, it's been great talking to you guys. I feel like I answered every one's questions but if there is someone I didn't get to, I apologize. It's not you. My Mercury trine Neptune brain is feeling more deliriously loaded with information than usual lately. Thanks, everyone, and keep reading!