Saturday, February 27, 2016

Moon-Venus Aspects: The Sweetheart

With your Moon sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Venus, you are a real sweetheart. The Moon represents what is most instinctive and natural for us. Venus, meanwhile, is how we appeal to and attract other people. So, it’s safe to say that people with a Moon-Venus aspect are naturally attractive and appealing. There is this kindhearted, loving nature (Venus) to you that will really make other people feel comfortable (Moon). Not to say that you’re an absolute angel or that you don’t have your moments of being not-so-nice. But, the Moon signifies what we need in life and with the Moon in major aspect to Venus, you need to be a kind, thoughtful, attractive person. Any sort of ugliness is quite emotionally upsetting to you, in more than a few ways.

The Moon is an indicator of one’s relationship with their maternal figure. Whoever was the mothering parent in your house, growing up, is the person who you will establish a relationship with via your Moon. People who have Moon-Venus aspects tend to have really easygoing, peaceful relations with their mother. There is something about her that is so nice, graceful, and refined. For most people with these aspects, the mother (Moon) is a real symbol of beauty and loveliness (Venus). She might be really physically beautiful and amazingly stylish (and I say “she” but the mother figure can also be male, especially with same-sex parents). Her attractiveness and good taste instill within you a need for things to be tasteful and beautiful.

While a lot of Moon-Venus people get along wonderfully with their mothers, there are some who, while still seeming to have a peaceful relationship with her, may feel like there’s quite a strain. This is usually in the case of those who have the square or the opposition. But, some people with the conjunction can feel this, too. Maybe things are too good to be true with Mom, somehow. Underneath the civility, tact, or pleasantries, there might be real disappointment or dissatisfaction on either side, even though neither of you would address this any of this directly. Those with the harsh aspects might feel too much of a compulsion to please their mother figure, which leads them to try and please other people in extreme or unbalanced ways. While this placement makes you the sweetheart, it also means that you might become a bit too nice for your own good, constantly bending over backwards to make other people happy.

Things can be different for those with the Moon and/or Venus in a Fire sign. There might be more assertiveness in the relationship with the mother, in this case. But, even then, there is still this sense that everything needs to be alright. Even the feistier Moon-Venus folks do not like long-running conflict. They like to smooth everything out and move on, allowing everyone to be happy again. So, when there are serious issues in your relationships, it’s going to be hard for you to stomach that disharmony for very long. Depending on the defense mechanisms of your Moon sign, you might try to brush it off, make a joke out of it, or sweep it under the rug. You might go the other way and begin obsessing over it, over-thinking it, or feeling sorry for yourself. Either way, you aren’t going to feel emotionally secure in a relationship that has too much conflict.

Our insecurities and fears emerge when our Moon’s needs aren’t being met. Since you have such a need for harmony and for being on the same page as other people, you can start going crazy when things are not harmonious between you and your partner, close friends, etc. People with a Moon-Venus aspect get increasingly irrational when they feel like they’re not making the other person happy. You might become so insecure that you go to dramatic lengths to please them. On the flip side, you can go to equally irrational lengths to try and avoid the conflict. Such insecurities will be overcome when you realize that, first and foremost, happiness lies in everyone’s own hand. So, you can a) realize that it’s up to you to make sure that you’re happy and b) no matter what you do, the other person will not be happy if they don’t want to be or don’t make the effort to be.

At this stage, you can stop feeling like you have to please everyone and focus more so on your own pleasure. Then, being in such a good place will naturally make you a good influence on others, helping them reach their happiness without trying so hard. It is in the Moon-Venus individual’s nature to support other people (Moon) by just making them feel good (Venus). You are that partner or that friend who is there to boost self-esteem, soothe troubled feelings, or just make life seem more pleasant and enjoyable. In the end, you have to focus more on the greater need you have of just living a good life. This is especially crucial for those who have the square, opposition, or conjunction. But, even those with the sextile or trine could learn this lesson, as well. When you worry more about your own happiness, you will naturally draw happy people toward you.

And this draw about you is really instinctual. Those with their Moon in aspect to Venus have a very natural ability to attract: whether it’s situations, good things, or people. I believe that Venus tells us about how we were when we went through puberty, as it’s how we began acting when those feelings of lust, love, and wanting to be attractive and be in a relationship took over. Well, it’s sort of different for Moon-Venus people, as the Moon is an energy that’s present since the beginning of childhood. In many ways, you were always in some sort of state of puppy love while growing up. The ideas of being appealing and in love took over from a very early age. So, you were pretty much going through puberty before you went through puberty.

This is the kind of thing that made your passage through adolescence rather free of awkwardness or discomfort. While many of your peers were still trying to figure everything out, emerging from gawky preteens to refined young adults, you have possessed an innate refinement, from the get-go. It’s this quality that makes Moon-Venus teenagers take to puberty like a duck to water. You began displaying your fine-tuned instinct for not only attracting a mate and having a great relationship with them but also for being a wonderful figure on the social scene, understanding just how to connect with people in ways that would win them over and make them feel liked. As a result, you probably felt highly liked yourself, as a teenager. Adolescents with a Moon-Venus aspect are like junior socialites, displaying the good graces that will eventually serve them so well in adulthood.

Because of this, it’s really ingrained within you that you’re just supposed to be loved and appreciated. This can lead to some really healthy self-esteem. Yet, it might also lead to some vanity, if it goes unchecked. It’s so natural for you to be seen as a catch or as popular that you easily develop a compulsive need to be as hot and as well-liked as you can be. Yes, it can be quite superficial, at times. Sometimes, Moon-Venus people’s emotions are solely dependent on what’s happening with them romantically or socially. A bad date, an unreturned text or phone call, or a minor disapproval from a friend could really upset you. How you express that depends on the signs your Moon and Venus are in. But, it still manifests in that way. Any sign that someone might not like you, agree with you, or want to be with you is enough to unbalance you emotionally.

This is why you are so unconsciously intent on being such a sweetheart. Not only does it make other people feel good but it makes you feel good, as their approval and their affection are like food to your soul (Moon). But, of course, being so dependent on approval is eventually a dead-end road. So, again, it’s about turning inward to find that approval. This only comes from having strong, solid values. Venus symbolizes your value system in life: the likes, dislikes, preferences, and aversions that allow you to feel like a whole, well-off human being. Since your Moon is connected to your Venus, you gain a lot of emotional security from having such a strong set of values. Through this attitude, you will be able to gain more confidence in your instinct for getting the most pleasure out of life that you can. When you do, you’ll stop craving other people’s approval so much, knowing that your own approval is what will lead you toward true satisfaction and joy.

Another trait of these aspects is that emotion, which is represented by the Moon, becomes one of the things that you have to value. Moon-Venus individuals have to learn to appreciate the wide range of their feelings. Unless their Moon or Venus is in a Water sign, this can be a challenge (and it’s even sometimes challenging for Water Moons or Venuses). You need so much balance and harmony in your life that it can be difficult for you to acknowledge your anger, sadness, emptiness, or any other emotion that doesn’t “keep the peace.” You can find Moon-Venus people just wanting to be happy all the time, in ways that cause them to fake it and pretend like everything’s fine. But, embracing, owning, and expressing the challenging emotions will allow you to come to a place of true inner peace and happiness. If you deal with all of your feelings, then you will be able to overcome them in ways that will cause you to be genuinely happy, instead of just faking it. Therefore, emotions will become a valuable barometer for your own well-being.

When we look at Venus, we also see someone’s personal tastes. Individuals with a Moon-Venus aspect usually have exceptional, natural good taste because it comes so instinctively to them. All those years of being raised by a very cultured, refined, and/or well-dressed mother have stuck with you. So, you probably have excellent taste in films, shows, or music and it’s not even something you have to think about. Your gut feelings are just that spot-on, guiding you toward the good stuff. The arts are a real comfort to Moon-Venus people, since Venus represents creative sensibilities. So, being an artist can be deeply fulfilling for you. But, you can find just as much fulfillment from just consuming the arts. You can be a total film buff, watching good movies or going to the movies all the time, or a music junkie, listening to your favorite tunes all day. It’s a real comfort food for you, as well as reading a lot of great literature or enjoying great visual art.

Venus is about fashion, as well, and there are two different sides to this with the Moon-Venus energy. You are probably very comfortable with being a fashionista, whether you’re female or male, and possess a natural flair for knowing what to wear. At the same time, you also have to feel very at ease in what you wear. Fashion (Venus) must equal comfort (Moon) for you. Because of this, for every Moon-Venus people you get who loves to dress up and be decked out, you get another who is a serial dress-downer. But, due to your innate elegance and grace, you can make sweatpants look like couture. It’s an expression of your sensuality, your need to truly enjoy things. Moon-Venus people are very inherently sensual. Venus does also represent your sexual feelings, your likes and dislikes in bed. Sexually, you need a lot of emotional comfort. You appreciate sex the most when it makes you feel safe. You definitely strive for your sexual needs to be met. If not, you can get really upset or insecure. Yet, you will be more than willing to return the favor to your partner.

Moon conjunct Venus: You have the conjunction, meaning that you can be the biggest people-pleaser of the bunch. It’s important to watch out for being insecure or defensive when it comes to the boat being rocked. On the other hand, you are so lovable, kind, and attractive. You possess a truly beautiful soul and these good vibes keep reeling various admirers in.

Moon square or opposite Venus: With the square or the opposition, it’s difficult for you to know how much or how little harmony there should be in relationships. It can bring out your irrational side, making you veer from being too focused on your needs to desperate to please others. Finding balance will allow you to develop your deeply loving heart and your ingrained self-esteem.

Moon sextile or trine Venus: Through either the sextile or the trine, you have the ability to keep the peace without bending over backwards. You are a really lovely, appealing, and popular person yet you usually don’t sacrifice your own well-being just to be liked. Still, vanity and concern with approval can still take over, at times, and make you overly aware of how good you look. 


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  2. Thank you for this! I just read your article out loud to a friend (moon square venus) who really, really needed to hear those wise words today. ❤

  3. Wayman, I think I remember one of your posts about the ''flexible'' planets and in the given example was really the moon.

    I have moon trine venus but she is really the most aspected in my chart. I have moon conjunct uranus, neptune and asc, trine mercury and venus, square mars,sextile pluto, sesi-square jupiter, semi-sextile saturn. Is this too looney? Lady moon is in my 1st house.

  4. Lovely article :)
    I have the opposition myself. Moon in taurus, venus in scorpio

  5. It somewhat reminded me of the intercepted signs aries/libra
    Idk know tho
    Maybe because of the values part and balance and harmony

  6. You are amazing. This is so spot on and I'm immensely glad I found you. No other astrologer resonates as deeply as you do!

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  8. Amazing article,I have Venus in 4(Aries)/and moon in 10th (Libra)

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    Moon and Venus in Taurus, love this article. Please tell my why I always think of sex?? I always want it...
    Sun Gemini cancer rising mars in cancer mercury in cancer

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