Tuesday, February 23, 2016

North Node in Taurus: The Grounded Soul

***Also for if you have North Node in the 2nd House

With a Taurus North Node, you possess a higher self that has both feet firmly on the ground. For those with this placement, spiritual growth comes from being able to look within and develop their salt-of-the-earth side. It’s a bit of a contradiction to have the North Node in one of the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn). It shows that you will be able to evolve and strengthen your spiritual awareness by taking a much more practical route. Those with the North Node in Taurus are finding their enlightenment by embracing the simplicity that life has to offer. It’s a higher calling that requires you to cultivate calm, security, and stability in your life.

Yet, the comfort zone you are working off of is your Scorpio South Node. Our South Node represents what can keep us stagnant, if we’re unbalanced with that. But, having the South Node in Scorpio puts a person at a higher risk for this unbalanced mode of expression, as unhealthy or unevolved Scorpio energy goes to destructive extremes. But, this is just what you’re comfortable with. The Scorpio South Node makes you an innately passionate, intense person. You love being as wholehearted and going as deep as you possibly can. But, in an unevolved state, you can easily confuse depth for drama. It’s a sign that you’re not truly fulfilled or else you wouldn’t have to stir up such emotional storms in your life on a regular basis.

There is often a rather traumatic root to this pattern of behavior, though. When we look at the South Node in a past life context, I think that having a Scorpio South Node means that your most recent past life was a very tumultuous one. Your former existence was a constant emotional battlefield, in some way. Most people with this placement have a past that has made them all too familiar with the concept of abuse and emotional pain. You could’ve been the giver of this psychological turmoil, serving as a really toxic, destructive influence in other people’s lives. You also could have received this abuse on multiple levels: emotional, physical, sexual. Your past life memories are often harsh or unpleasant, because of this, stemming from being raped, molested, beaten, or betrayed. You might have also had dramatic near-death experiences in this past life or you could have even been murdered, maybe by someone you trusted or knew.

As you can see, the past life of a South Node in Scorpio soul is clearly not all sunshine and butterflies. If you had to endure severe pain, you developed an amazing emotional strength in the face of it. You learned how to tap into your internal resources, cultivating the resilience and the fortitude needed to push on, even when things were really emotionally difficult. So, you were a really powerful person, in this last life. At the same time, you became hooked on the crises and the dramas. You turned into an intensity junkie because you didn’t know how else to live. Life was like a constant Shakespearean tragedy, with little time to breathe or relax. Just when you thought you could, the rug would be pulled out from under you. But, little did you know that a lot of this was happening because you were making it happen, creating or attracting a lot of the turbulence.

So, you never really learned how to use your power as efficiently as possible. You used it to destroy, not create. This is especially true if you were abusive with your power. Even the Scorpio South Node people who started out as victims could easily become victimizers, in response to the powerlessness they once felt. It’s something that ended up tainting not only your worldly relationships but your intimate, personal ones, as well. No exchange between you and someone else could exist without intense complication. You were a suspicious, paranoid, controlling, and/or manipulative individual, always concerned about the power you had over someone or that they had over you. And anything could be used to maintain that control, even if it was sex. Although you were highly sexual and very alluring and attractive because of this raw sexual energy, you used this magnetism in order to control other people. Whether it was through sexuality or through your penetrating insight into others and their psyche, you were determined to maintain what felt like the upper hand.

Of course, so much of that was rooted in profound fear and mistrust. These are things that have been carried over from that former life and into this one. Things that you don’t resolve don’t just go away. They keep following you and haunting you. Whatever we don’t settle in our last life, I believe, manifests through our South Node. So, these problems show up as our problems in this current life, as well. Even if you don’t believe in past lives, the aforementioned issues are still things that have strongly affected your past in this present lifetime. And the negativity has accumulated to the point where it won’t work anymore. With this placement, you will continue to hit a wall if you remain focused on the shadows of life, on how you could possibly be hurt or what hidden motives someone else is harboring. Scorpio South Node people can make the mistake of thinking that they will be truly fulfilled by delving so deeply into themselves all the time. But, actually, this introspection does nothing but feed your obsession with the darkness within yourself and other people. 

This is where your North Node in Taurus comes in. Throughout all of this time of your addiction to pain and suffering, as well as battles for power, your soul has developed this deep inner yearning to just chill out. In this lifetime, you really owe it to yourself to truly relax. The Taurus North Node means that you find your truest soul-expression through a calm, centered energy. But, something has to occur for you to figure this out. Maybe you have been so busy living in emotional turbulence that you feel completely drained and exhausted. With a Scorpio South Node, you have a penchant for highly dysfunctional relationships or romantic situations. So, maybe, the breakthrough happens after being so battered and bruised, inside or outside, that you can’t take it anymore. Your karma can also become severely stacked against you. The South Node represents our karmic debt and in the sign of Scorpio, you can totally drowning in that debt. After years of thriving on so much negative energy (hatred of self or others, jealousy, rage, deceit, etc.), you can end up reaping what you sow in particularly tragic or painful ways that make you want to change your life.

Of course, I don’t want to sound fatalistic. But, having the South Node in Scorpio can become like quicksand, if you’re not careful; a trap that you just keep sinking further and further into. That’s why, out of all placements, it’s most crucial for those with this placement to change their ways. Embracing your Taurus North Node will put you on that path. You just have to get used to that feeling of peace and stability. Deep down, what your soul really wants is to just enjoy life. In order to do that, you have to figure out what you value. In the past, you really have lived without values. Thanks to your South Node, it might be way easier for you to focus on what you loathe over what you love, which only causes that negative energy to come back tenfold. You also have endured such pain that you see life as being about destruction and surviving the destruction, instead of being about the growth and the flourishing of things.

This manifests in many different ways. It can prevent you from ever having the kind of relationship or job or bank account or life that you want. Instead of focusing on the building of these wonderful things, you can be too preoccupied with the collapse of them. So, you will express and develop your North Node in Taurus by discovering your innate ability to build. This has developed due to your knack for putting yourself back together after every tragedy or every blow you’ve received. Being able to pick up the pieces and move forward so exceptionally well has given you the inner potential to create something really solid for yourself, in various forms. Whether it’s forging a satisfying relationship, finding a great and fulfilling job, or developing healthy self-esteem or self-regard, you will be able to establish an unshakable level of security for yourself when you set your mind to it.

When it comes to transforming the South Node, you have to remember that you possess a wonderful inner strength. Yet, the power of your Scorpio South Node needs to be used not to battle it out with your emotional issues all the time but to just keep your feet on solid ground. You have to trust that you are a survivor and that you will be able to withstand whatever comes your way. Then, the negative habits of mistrust, suspicion, and control-freak obsessions will be able to be released. Instead of anticipating the next horrible thing that’s going to happen to you, you can calmly rest easy, knowing that you’re strong enough to handle it; that is, if it even happens. You possess a very vivid, intense imagination. Don’t let it get out of control. Instead of focusing on the nightmare in your head, focus on the lovely things that are happening right now, in the present.

This attitude of appreciation is a major thing for you. Taurus North Node people find their spiritual awakening when they master the art of gratitude. It can be enough to make you weep with joy when you recognize all the beautiful things that you already have in your life. And as the theory goes, this gratitude only ends up multiplying those good things. Life is becoming a much simpler, easier affair for you now. You have withstood enough. Now, you get to just kick back and indulge in the finer things. For those with a Taurus Sun or Moon, self-indulgence can be an issue. Yet, with the North Node in Taurus, a certain amount of indulgence is your right. It puts you on the path toward enlightenment because it brings out your innate ability to fully enjoy something.

Cultivating and owning your sensuality is a very important step in this process. You will be able to enter into a virtually meditative state when you can just please any of your five senses. Listening to good music, savoring delicious food, doing some gardening, or going to a museum to check out the art are all things that will keep you in touch with your higher self. It’s the part of yourself that just wants to take these pleasurable things in with nothing else to complicate the process. It can be a real challenge for you to do this completely because your introspective Scorpio South Node always wants to figure out the deeper meaning of things. So, you will have to be able to experience pleasure without that super-probing mentality. These pleasures will still be felt on a profound level. You feel things with great intensity. But, when you evolve, you learn to just accept the feeling of powerful, pure pleasure, free of the anxious sense that the good times won’t last or are a trick.

The development of your sensuality comes into play sexually, as well. Taurus North Node people also obsess over the deeper meaning of sex. So, although they have a ton of sexual energy and sexual appeal, they resist the process of just making sex a physical thing. Well, it’s actually a part of your journey to do so. The reason being is that your obsessive search for mind-blowing, soul-mate sex only brings out your shadow side. Once you bond so profoundly with someone, it’s difficult to let them go. The overwhelming emotions of the sexual act still stick with you physically, which is why you can get so jealous, so possessive, or so controlling with your lovers. Sometimes, it only takes just one time of having sex for you to become totally consumed with the other person. And when they feel like “a part of you”, the threat of losing them becomes highly exaggerated and it, let’s be honest, brings out your inner psycho, inevitably destroying what could be a great union.

Yet, when you approach sex in a much more physical, sensual way, you will find that you are able to remain self-possessed and level-headed. The issue of control does not come into play, either way, because you both are your own separate, physical entities. Then, you will feel freer and more relaxed with your sexuality, instead of making it this really serious, really dramatic hunt for your one and only. The idea is to not judge the process and to simply enjoy what’s happening. You can make sex such a big deal that it ends up blocking you and preventing you from experiencing as much sexual fulfillment as you actually could. But, when you focus much more on the physical side of the act, then you can experience a real breakthrough. Those with the North Node in Taurus can find themselves having better and more frequent orgasms, as well as an easier, more satisfying connection with their lover, when they start seeing sex as just sex and stop taking it so seriously.

When you can engage in your love affairs without them becoming really torrid and all-consuming, you know you will have let go of your negative attachment to drama. Taurus North Node people make excellent artists, though, because they are so in touch with their psyche: good, bad, and ugly. This is usually the best way for you to get all of that out. You’re always going to be very aware of your dark side and of your emotional intensity. But, the key is to find some sort of outlet that gives that a release, without turning your actual life upside down. So, you can find many singers, actors, or writers with their North Node in Taurus who are capable of going down into their depths for their art and then returning to their stable, easygoing lives. For many with this placement, being an artist is also a higher calling because it gives you the chance to create something, which you have to develop the skill to do, patiently and step-by-step.

You have an excessive amount of emotional energy, thanks to the Scorpio South Node. But, you cannot waste it on unimportant things. There is often a wake-up call, with those who have this placement, where they realize that if they spent even half the energy they spent hating their ex or brooding over their past or living on the edge and invested it in practical concerns, they’d probably be a lot more successful. With a Taurus North Node, you have to learn that if you had a dime for every obsessive or compulsive thought you had, you’d be filthy rich. So, the key here is figuring out how to redirect all of that energy. The South Node in Scorpio blesses you with tremendous focus. Yet, it’s all about what you focus on. More than most, you are going to receive what you focus on very strongly, good or bad, because your energy can be so intense.

Therefore, focus on the pragmatic goals that will give you the life you want. The grounded quality of your soul indicates that, in the end, all you really want to do is have plenty of money and live in a beautiful home, most likely with a garden, and enjoy what you do for a living. Don’t worry about that being shallow or simple, either. The Taurus North Node is urging you to get over those hang-ups about money being the root of all evil. Yes, you’re well-aware of evil and how people in power can abuse their position. And money does lead to a certain power in the world, which is what can make you uncomfortable with it. But, your North Node in Taurus means that you’ve got to have your mind on your money and your money on your mind. People often think the spiritual and the financial parts of life are mutually exclusive. Yet, this placement shows that they clearly are not.

For you, it’s about developing the latent skill of handling your money wisely, earning and saving and spending in ways that will bring you practical security. Finding this practical security is your key to spiritual awareness because it leads to personal security, i.e. peace of mind and heightened self-esteem. You owe it to yourself to make good money and have nice things. In the past, you have let life beat you up and take a dump on you, time and time again. Now, you will put yourself on the track toward enlightenment by knowing that you should be living a much more comfortable life, personally and financially, as a way of expressing true self-love. And it’s the innate survival skills of your Scorpio South Node that will support the money-management of your Taurus North Node. You already know how to handle your emotional resources. Now, life must be about handling your financial resources. This will directly connect to your spiritual well-being. By being able to live comfortably, you’ll understand that life is good and that everything will be alright.


  1. As a Taurus north node individual I've endured a lot of hard lessons where I've directed my energy to manifest chaotic and drama-filled situations. Going through the experiences at the time surely did not make sense until I realized my attitude towards money and those who had it. I changed my attitude (Mercury conjunct Pluto conjunct South node in Scorpio), mainly my negative thinking, and have since rid myself of a lot of draining situtations and controlling and manipulative people. Since I understand that money is not evil and with a conscious effort to value what security it gives me, I keep an ever present mindset on my intentions and always keep an attitude of gratitude. Like magic, my dreams are starting to materialize. Thank you for this article. I can attest to its validity. Depending on the chart aspects, it can manifest in many ways, but ultimately, I've learned that combining the spiritual with the material is possible, and most importanty, ok :)

    1. Hi, I'm glad you've been working on all of that! As I said, Taurus North Node people can be some of the most amazing manifesters around. But, it all depends on what you choose to bring to a reality. If you focus on the positive, with this placement, things in your life can really transform, as you said, like magic.

  2. "singing my life with his words," that's exactly what you did, Wayman! I've been trying to work on exactly this and it has truly been a brand new world. But, I love everything you said- I mean even getting to the end and going into money not being the root of evil, and most especially about the power it gives you; it not being shallow. Like, it truly spoke to me!

    1. Haha, thank you. I'm glad! I think everybody feels that way once they start really focusing on their North Node. A whole new world opens up. It's like life starts over or something. So, good luck with your journey. :)

    2. This article was pure bliss, I must so urgingly say. And furthermore, I simply cannot wait to see what you do with the domicle north node; Virgo. I'm sure it's going to be amazingness. ;) Plus, I liked what you said about the 'practical route' ; I mean, earth signs just have to put their mind on their "money and their money on their mind." Or at least, so I've heard. ;) ;) Great writing . . . I'm jealous.

  3. Hi,

    Many thanks for this article.

    I have this nodal placement myself. Using Placidus my NN is in the 5th house and my SN in the 11th. My SN is also widely conjunct my 12thH Saturn.

    If you use equal houses it alters my nodes along the 6/12H axis, which has always confused me a little as I can kind of see how both interpretations work and I get worried I'm using the 'wrong' house system. But in the end I feel more comfortable with Placidus so I use that.

    Having Saturn on the SN with this placement in my experience leads me to feel a huge amount of guilt at the fact that I'm enjoying the sensual/earthy pleasures and indulgences of life when millions of others do not have the opportunity to do so, any ideas on how to work with this would be helpful.

    The past life issue is the main thing here though. I've done a little digging into past lives and if I'm right then this bit:

    "You were a suspicious, paranoid, controlling, and/or manipulative individual, always concerned about the power you had over someone or that they had over you. And anything could be used to maintain that control, even if it was sex. Although you were highly sexual and very alluring and attractive because of this raw sexual energy, you used this magnetism in order to control other people. Whether it was through sexuality or through your penetrating insight into others and their psyche, you were determined to maintain what felt like the upper hand."

    .... is bang on the money. The only thing is that I don't think this past existence [if I'm right] was the previous one to my current incarnation. I think it was the second most recent one, and the incarnation between it and now was where I paid much of my karmic debt for the time where I held power. However echoes of that powerful life still resonate with me today. Of course this is just what I've worked out with my divination, and I take it [like any past life matter] with a pinch of salt, but reading your article convinces me there's some truth to it.

    The whole thing about needing to move into more relaxed waters from the raging depths of my SN is so accurate. I have an enormous amount of Scorpio energy in my chart and that brings with it power issues of some magnitude. Part of me absolutely yearns for peace and serenity in the way you describe.

    Thank you so much for this article.

    1. "feel a huge amount of guilt at the fact that I'm enjoying the sensual/earthy pleasures and indulgences of life when millions of others do not have the opportunity to do so, any ideas on how to work with this would be helpful."

      - some things are common sense and not related with Astrology - of course you might feel guilt about that!
      ""This attitude of appreciation is a major thing for you. Taurus North Node people find their spiritual awakening when they master the art of gratitude.""
      I think you can be grateful and appreciative for what you have, and that you don't really have more than comparable peers.

  4. Also, interesting thing about using this nodal placement to bring forth the SN's dramas into artistic expression.

    I do art/writing from time to time, and while I don't necessarily focus on mega-dark subject matter, I've always felt it necessary to put some form of dramatic expression into the art, for example drawing in very decisive, heavy lines, photographing things and viewpoints which have a spectacular element to them, etc. I also listen to a lot of dark-sounding music, lots of heavy metal/hard rock and the more spectacular classical pieces, but I've come to the conclusion that it's not primarily the dark emotions they contain which get my juices flowing, it's more the sheer drama and energy of the expression. I tend to just say that I like my art and music to be dramatic.

  5. and this is the music style of the norht node in taurus https://soundcloud.com/zdzicza-y-obszar-raban

  6. This is the best interpretation on Taurus north node I have read; and I have read a lot of them.

    Many seem to be cribbing from the same books and articles. This is the first one that felt personal and most importantly specific and actionable.

    One question how do I integrate the north node and the house it resides especially if they feel antithetic; in my case Taurus NN in the 4th House.

  7. Eloquent! Blown away by this. Hit my core and spoke to my experience this last year (also my saturn return). Thank you!

  8. What if Taurus NN falls h8 ?
    I have Saturn SN, Pluto Scorp 1st .. I'm a mess

  9. Just a BRILLIANT article. Describes so much I am familiar with so well

  10. Yes thank you so much, answered so many questions I have been really struggling with these past few years, and really such a relief to get clarity, your words are going to really enable me to simplify, clarify and change my world- 'permission' to enjoy finally!!!!! (And I'm 51!) big love and gratitude

  11. Wow, finally after many searches, I fould this incredibly good text. Thanks and bravo!

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  13. yes yes yes, just the right time i found this article i suppose, so much clearence now. And a eye opener for better understanding my so chaotic being and obsessive drama things i definitely attract and or create to be in my known comfort zone which ofcourse as described i can perfectly handle because indeed in some way its like drugs and im the pain junky who is addicted to that feelings(LoL) , and the rest that has been described in this article. The first part was really hard to digest for a moment cause its really tough stuff to realize thats just it! Now intergrating it and gonna work with it. I allready do arts, im an abstract painter (expressionism) and there i definetly can throw away all the dramatic, dark, painfull, hard, intense etc emotions i experience through life, its really funny to read thats also it XD Thank you for this article it's really helpfull and inspirational <3 Greetings <3

  14. Amazingly illuminating the article is wayman.

  15. Thank you this has helped me digest and accept the need to build stability for myself.

  16. Right on the money. Thanks- mind blowing.