Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Saturn in the 11th House

The 11th House can be a confusing place. The best way I can explain this house is that whatever is in your 11th House (planet or sign) cannot be expressed in a “normal” fashion. The more you try to express that energy in a straight line, the more chaotic it will become. That’s why being born with Saturn in the 11th House is not easy to wrap your head around. Basically, it’s your responsibility to find different ways to be responsible. You cannot pursue your purpose in life in a conventional manner. The more you do, the harder it’s going to become. For 11th House Saturn people, the challenge revolves around releasing preconceived notions or rigid expectations: of yourself, of other people, and of life itself. Whatever happens, you have to have the strength to just go with it.

It’s why this is actually one of the lighter, freer Saturn placements you can have. With Saturn in the 11th, growing up does not involve the traditional measures of growing up. There is no room for tradition or convention in the 11th House, even when we’re dealing with rule-bound Saturn. This is the place in your birth chart where many of those rules just don’t matter or make sense. So, it’s why, with this placement, you are going to experience a deep feeling of fear or doubt regarding embracing a lack of rules or guidelines. The backwards nature of the 11th House shows that, when Saturn in the 11th House individuals are avoiding their responsibility in life, they are actually trying their hardest to be responsible.

At this stage of their development, these folks try to dot all their i’s and cross all their t’s. There can be a resistance to either being unconventional or to embracing the unexpected in life. Instead, they seek to be control freaks who have everything planned out or in order. They might also strive to be seen as supposedly normal, not gaining too much attention for being different or out of the ordinary. In their mind, they might feel as if they are truly being responsible and adult-like. But, those with Saturn in the 11th truly grow up when they learn to throw the rule book out the window some and not care that much what other people think.

After all, a certain amount of maturity comes from making your own rules and standing strong in the face of people’s disapproval or judgment. It’s that judgment, that feeling of being looked at as such a weirdo or unacceptable person, that haunts the 11th House Saturn. There can be early social instances where they were painfully reminded of just how different they are. Bullying, peer pressure, or social ostracizing are quite common for many people growing up. For some people, they can end up leaving some serious scars. That’s often the case for those with Saturn in the 11th House. Many of these folks often have a tale or two from childhood or adolescence that has haunted them ever since. While some people can look back and laugh at memories of social awkwardness or embarrassment, it hits those with this placement on a level that’s rather traumatic. Being teased for being a bookworm, poor, overweight, uncool, or anything else that went against their peers’ standards can be harsh words that they still hear in their head well into adulthood.

So, this can lead to the overcompensation: the desperate attempt to be super-cool, super-successful, or all-around popular. But, while Saturn is ambitious and goal-oriented, its principles do not get conventionally expressed in the 11th House. Instead, they’re turned upside down. This can lead to a very frustrating feeling that Saturn in the 11th House people have of never getting the respect or the success that they want. As long as they are focused on getting respect and success, it’s not really going to happen for them the way that they want it. This is something that comes to a head during their Saturn Return in the 11th. It can be a time where they keep trying to climb that mountain of esteem and popularity and do nothing but slip and fall. Projects crumble, social events become a disaster, goals start feeling more and more ridiculous. It will continue to feel that way, so long as they keep trying to gain their success in the conventional way.

This series of tests will bring them face-to-face with their true purpose, if they should, hopefully, accept it. This purpose is to not define their success and their awesomeness based on what society thinks. It’s to think outside the box when it comes to their goals and their purpose in life. The more Saturn in the 11th House people stop seeking recognition and achievement, the more recognized and accomplished they will be. It’s a crazy thing but that’s just how the 11th House works. It rebels against our expectations, so we have to learn to have none in this part of our chart. When it comes to Saturn in the 11th, you must develop the strength to expect little to nothing, at least in a self-focused way. The 11th House is about other people. So, having Saturn in the 11th House is about learning how to strive for other people’s success while remaining detached about your own.

It’s an attitude that manifests in two ways. First off, it turns 11th House Saturn folks into veritable genies out in the world. Your wish is their command. With this placement, you will end up feeling far more accomplished when you can dedicate yourself to things that will help other people get ahead. Even if you are working on something that’s more so about you, you absolutely must develop this collaborative spirit. That’s your responsibility: to be a strong, successful collaborator. In return, not getting attached to what you’re going to get out of the process will end up causing amazing success to manifest in your life without you even expecting it. When you release those expectations, it has a magical effect. Awesome things happen without you having to try that hard.

We live in a world where so many people are trying way too hard: to impress, to gain approval, to get to the top. But, those with Saturn in the 11th gain their strength and structure from, basically, learning when it’s necessary to not give a shit, which is the second positive way this position can manifest. If you approve of the path that you’re on, then that’s all that matters. You don’t have to perform for anyone anymore. Your Saturn Return in the 11th House should teach you that. It’s going to be a very liberating time for you, even though it might initially feel like the stress of people’s expectations is weighing on you more heavily than ever. But, hopefully, you will experience a real breakthrough (an 11th House word) during your Saturn Return in the 11th. This can be a time where you just wake up one day and say, “To hell with what people think”, totally changing your life. You can stop being that bullied little boy or girl, so obsessed with the cool kids’ approval, and learn that all you need is your own approval. This is the road to true adulthood, for you.

Therefore, it’s basically a part of your responsibility to be quite the rebel. You will know that you’re finding the structure you need in life when you stop becoming so invested in what people say about you, whether it’s people on the job, in your community, or even your family and friends. It’s a healthy kind of detachment and lack of caring. As long as you’re being a kind, respectful person who treats others equally, then who cares what they say? This compels you to embrace your inner freak, allowing yourself to get weird and wild when needed. Saturn in the 11th is a very intriguing combination of authority and free-spiritedness. You have the inner authority to make up and follow your own rules, as long as they’re not getting you into too much trouble, of course. Yet, it’s also your duty to cause a bit of trouble or mischief, to shake things up and challenge people’s thinking.

In doing so, you will learn how to liberate other people, as well. With this placement, once you come to a place of healing for your own inner bullying victim, you can come to see just how much of an epidemic bullying is. It certainly doesn’t end in high school. People ostracize, judge, cut down, and mock people well into adulthood for all sorts of superficial reasons. We’re all pretty aware of that. But, those with Saturn in the 11th House have a responsibility to do something about this. You are not living up to your calling in life when you stand back and watch someone else get picked on or excluded. Instead, you have to see it as a social calling to be that person who knows how to show kindness and lack of judgment, to make everyone feel like they’re an important person who deserves respect. You have to step up to the plate by becoming a true egalitarian.

The 11th House is so associated with groups. But, I think, in the end, we should see the 11th House as being concerned with the massive, collective group that is humanity. As we’re all human beings, there’s no reason why any of us should be excluded from the “group.” We all have the same qualifications, when you take away any arrogance or snobbery. This is why I believe many Saturn in the 11th House individuals are somehow scared of or skeptical of groups. It’s because they don’t like anything that feels exclusive, sometimes even if it’s an organization or a company that’s working toward a higher cause or ideal. But, it’s your responsibility to work hard (Saturn) toward these higher causes (11th House). So, you’ve got to get over that skepticism, understanding that a group isn’t exclusive if it’s working for the greater good of everyone. And it’s your personal obligation to dedicate yourself to anything that will make a difference in the world. 

He might've had Saturn in the 11th. He worked so hard on the Delorean.

Yet, you’re also supposed to resist exclusivity. It’s interesting because I often read that an 11th House Saturn brings restriction to friendships. It does but not because the 11th House represents “friends”, as we’re so repeatedly told. At least, not your close, personal friendships. That’s your 7th House. In the 11th House, we meet a lot of people who we have common ground with, who we enjoy being around, and who we’re very friendly with. But, there’s a detachment to this house. The social connections we make via our 11th House are the buddies who we’re not that intimate with or close to. We don’t get attached to them. We just see them when we see them and go on about our lives. And with Saturn in the 11th, you’re fated to experience most of your social bonds this way.

So, you are mastering the ability to be really cool with just about everyone; that is, the people you truly like and get along with. Even the people who you might dislike have to be treated with a light cordiality if you happen to run into them. You’re becoming a master networker, complete with no bad vibes and no drama. But, what this is going to do is bring some distance to those close friendships. Saturn in the 11th House people cannot have a squad or a crew that they compulsively stick to. You can’t hang around the same people all the time. Then, your attitude becomes cliquey and exclusive, which is not the purpose of this placement. So, as painful as it may be, you’re going to have to learn to not be too attached to old friends or best friends. You’re going to have to treat them exactly the same as the people you just met at the bar; no better or worse.

This can come to define your Saturn Return in the 11th. Old friendships can become more and more distant. But, it doesn’t have to be a dramatic thing. The 11th House, after all, doesn’t do drama. It just means that you’ve got to let that buddy of yours go, in order to embrace your duty of connecting with all of humanity. And if you don’t let them go, something will happen to end the ties. These close friendships may abruptly break apart. Maybe you suddenly realize that you two just don’t have anything in common anymore and you want to start associating more with people who are more like-minded. Maybe you just suddenly stop texting each other or answering each other’s calls. But, when it happens, you can come to see that it’s not that tragic. There are so many more people that you’re destined to connect to. Your purpose is to be everyone’s buddy. So, if that old friend comes back into your life, great. If not, there are other people to meet. No hard feelings.

It also highlights the idea that you’re supposed to just go with it when challenging or difficult things occur. Trying to fight it and keep everything under control will only result in more chaos and drive you even crazier. But, this brings out your inner genius. You will develop your brilliance by learning to objectively, intelligently deal with whatever hard times happen. In doing so, you will find inventive ways around these situations that bring out your inner experimenter. Since you find such purpose in going against the grain, career options can truly go any which way for you. Whatever you do, you’re going to need to feel free to throw whatever you can to the wall and see what sticks. A profession where you’re a truly equal collaborator is your best bet. And as long as you keep disciplining yourself to connect with others with an open mind, things will pay off.


  1. Hi Wayman,

    Thank you very much for your thoughts. You've helped me put another piece of the puzzle in place. In my chart Saturn is 1/2 degree behind my 11th house cusp, in Aquarius and conjunct (2 deg) the south node just inside the 11th, natally retrograde and providing the apex of a yod with a new Moon and Mars forming the base. Progressed Saturn went direct about 10 years ago.

    The frustrations and obsessions you describe are precisely what I have experienced. Fortunately, lots of astrology reading, journal-ing and introspection have carried me through some confusing periods. Might I assume that Saturn being in Aquarius would further encourage inside-out objectivity, and the aspect to the nodes emphasizing consequences of not practicing what your article has suggested?


    1. Hey, thanks for reading. I would say that Saturn conjunct the South Node will only bring consequences when you focus too much on the negative. You already have an innate skill for taking responsibility and doing what needs to be done. Just don't let self-doubt, fear, or pessimism get int he way. And yes, Saturn being in Aquarius makes the influence stronger.

  2. Hi Wayman
    The article is phenomenal ... It essentially describes exactly what I feel...tgrought school when someone would refer to me as part of a "group" I would cringe...I always felt that I'm everyone's friend and I talk to everyone,not just a specific group...I was just wondering though , how would a moon (in aries) 2 degrees before the 11th house (not conjunct the is 31 degrees away from it) change the equation...will it make me more attached to "humanity" in general?

    1. Hey, thank you. But, I still think you have a 10th House Moon. It's just at the very end of the 10th House. I only move a planet to the next house when it's just minutes behind (same degree). So, a 10th House Moon makes you feel for the world, in a way. It's sort of preparing you for that 11th House mentality of treating everyone equally because a 10th House Moon gives you an ability to open up to the world, in some capacity, as if they're family or old friends.

  3. All I can say is this: as an 11th house Saturn, I'm printing this right now, and putting it on my bedside table. No joke.

    1. Flattered! :) I also thought of you for a second when I posted this, because I remembered this was your placement, and wondered if you'd read it.

  4. By far the best delineation of Saturn in the 11th house I've read. Thank you so much.

  5. This is the most detailed Saturn in the 11th article I have ever read. Thank you. My natal saturn conjuncts my natal pluto and natal mercury in the 11th house in Libra. My sun, though is also in the 11th but very far to make a conjunction to these planets. Does that mean that networking will give me the opportunities I need? Yeah I get the point of working conventionally hard wont yield results... So true.

  6. My saturn is in 11th house but near 12th house cusp. What does it mean ?

    1. I would consider Saturn itself in the 11th still unless it is at the same degree as the 12th house cusp. However the sign Saturn is in will be felt in the 11th and 12th.

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    1. Sorry Wayman, completely wrong on placement so I deleted my comment and now understand everything. My Saturn is actually in 12th house which explains my unemployment and isolation for the past forever it feels like, why psychological habits/issues that no one knows about are coming to the surface and why my buddy's effort to help is futile. Yay! So, how do you make a living this way haha...good news is, I slept in the dark two nights ago, which is a first in many years. But unfortunately my insomnia is picking back up so I've been up for 3 days....hmmmm...I understand the 12th house mysteries since both Uranus and Neptune are here also....I feel like I've accepted my eternal aloneness on earth and am working on my hidden bad habits....I hope it ends soon because I'm ready to go back to least I guess I'll do my best to accept uncertainty

    2. Haha that's okay. But yes I am sure that's how it feels. I have Saturn in the 12th, as well. A big part of this placement is not being obsessed with worldly rewards and focusing more on spiritual, internal, and/or artistic success. But, at the same time, being grounded enough to still survive in the world. And yes, accepting a certain physical aloneness yet knowing that, on a spiritual level, you're never really alone. So if you haven't already done this work and made this growth, now is the time.

      If you would be open to signing up for a special consultation with me, I would love to chat with you more about this because it is too complex for a single comment.

    3. The closest Saturn has EVER COME TO THE EARTH WAS IM THE YEAR 1981 ,
      When it was conjunct Jupiter and Jupiter was the closest it had ever been to Earth
      All in Libra RX another first in human history for Jupiter and Saturn ,
      So called ''the greatest conjunction' ---or more ancient " the golden allignment " or "the Golden Dawn" (related to the Hermetics pratices )
      I was born Durning the 3 pass of this triple conjunction May 26th 1981
      6:11 pm Houston , Texas
      The tracking if this particular conjunction and subsequent allignment is the reason astrology was conceived in lumeria
      These trigon's where what they were tracking why?
      Because every time this triple conjunction occurred life and humanity drastically changed.
      This particular conjunction
      Will eventually come back to world prominence and will be the future religion as it was the first religion.
      I left a comment for you at end of this thread , read it ,
      Because wheither you realize now or 29 years from now I will be this source of illuminations
      You will ultimately seek or study or watch .
      So why wait for the iron to heat?
      Stike the iron now! so hard you make the cold iron spit up white flame.

  8. Thanks verybmuch for this!! Going through the saturn return in the 11th in sag right now, these words are very helpful!! Any idea what a uranus satur galactic center conjunction natal may indicate? Cheers from London, finja

  9. Hello, I have to Saturn in house 11 and I am really so. But I confused a lot with Uranus in 1 in conjunction with mercury and ascendant in Scorpio. I have venus in Scorpio in 12h too. I feel very Uranian but not what placement more influence. Either way, your article is amazing! It's a light on my path. *I hope I have written well, my native language is Spanish.

  10. Hello, I have to Saturn in house 11 and I am really so. But I confused a lot with Uranus in 1 in conjunction with mercury and ascendant in Scorpio. I have venus in Scorpio in 12h too. I feel very Uranian but not what placement more influence. Either way, your article is amazing! It's a light on my path. *I hope I have written well, my native language is Spanish.

  11. I'm a Scorpio with Saturn in my 11th House and just had an incident with a 44 year friendship with a Leo come to a screeching halt due to bullying. I've blocked them on all communications. This happened within the last 3 weeks. Surprised?

  12. Spot on man! I have been trying for years now to wrap my head around this 11th house and the Saturn-moon conjunction here in Gemini. You have managed to express with words somehow exactly this experience. The Uranus connection here is unavoidable as well, and I would hedge my last dollar that not only does it grant its natives here an independent and rebellious streak, but also a lot of genius. I thank you infinitely for this contribution!

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  14. I genuinely despise Saturn, especially Saturn in the 11th.

  15. I have Saturn in the 11th but retrograde. Do you know what added layer this would bring

  16. I can form acquaintances but friendships I take time because theres a part if me that detests being confined. Friendships can be confining because you get too used to people who have certain ideologies. I love freshness and newness. I love the companionship due to 4 planets in the 7th however I dont like being tied down. Such a struggle. I think the solution is to have a variety of friends

  17. Hey there. Love the article and cusping my 11th house SR. it doesn't start until Dec but the breaking down of every structure I've ever attempted to build is happening. It's painful and scary. you do consults?

  18. Hey there. Love the article and cusping my 11th house SR. it doesn't start until Dec but the breaking down of every structure I've ever attempted to build is happening. It's painful and scary. you do consults?

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  20. Wow. Best article I've read on Saturn in the 11th. Nailed it. Thank you.

  21. This was excellent! I must say I received some clarity about my life from reading this.
    I have Saturn in the 11th house in Scorpio. Jupiter is entering Scorpio now. How will Jupiter play with Saturn?
    Thank you for this insight.

  22. Oh my goodness- this was awesome! Very succinct! I needed this. I'm so glad the universe let me to this page. I just finished meditating and needed understanding about myself, my life, my relationships etc... And I was led to get online and look at my natal chart. While reading my chart, my 11th house stuck out to me so I googled it's interpretation and was brought here. I needed this. This was awesome.

  23. When you know how relationships matter to succeed in our world, this Saturn in the eleventh house is quite a pain.

    Living like an outcast may be fun once you accept it, but you really need to be born wealthy, because this situation will not help you earn your life, when people who invited you literally put poison in your glass !!!

  24. thank you very much! So well written, so clear.
    Cheers from Brazil

  25. I have Saturn retrograde in the 11th as well. My entire life I’ve avoided friendships because of feeling confined! However it’s odd that I’ve been pursued by others, feeling forced into these relationships by the other person only to be ripped apart later with circumstances out of my control. I’ve definitely learned to befriend anyone I come across, to me it is freeing not be confined in the same relationship all the time as far as friendships are concerned. I’m Aquarius Sun & Moon. This article has brought me clarity that I’m on the right track in every way.

  26. I truly appreciate the information you provide. Damn sure has helped me overcome some things in my life. Does having Saturn in Capricorn in the 11th & North Node in Capricorn in the 11th tell you anything about me (my chart)?

  27. Thank You for helping me understand.I have this placement in my natal chart and often wondered why I have so many acquaintances,but a small circle of close friendships.These close friends have been around since childhood.I also tend to have older people as friends.As I get older though,it's getting harder to meet up with my friends,because everyone has their own responsibilities that they need to tend to.So I'm my own companion at times,which I've become use to.

  28. Hello! This is my first visit to your blog and can I just say, you are a phenomenal writer. I just found out that my Saturn Return is placed in the 11th house a few hours ago, so I googled it. Your post here is the first source I've read and honestly, I feel that this so perfectly encapsulates what I'm going through right before my return in January that I need not read anything else! I do have a question for you, though. At the end you mentioned that the best careers for this placement are ones where I can be an equal collaborator. Do you have any examples of roles that fit that description? Thanks so much for sharing this excellent piece with the world. It has allowed me to gain so much clarity in just the amount of time it took to read it.

  29. Hello ,
    I am part of the "greatest conjunction' of 1981 .
    That being the last triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
    RX ♎ 1981 .
    Jupiter 0° Rx libra 11 h .
    Saturn 3° Rx libra 11 h
    Pluto 22° Rx libra 12 h.

    I know the celestial bobies at play here , and it's significant calling to man .

    I have endured the Saturnian labors, and survived .
    Gained enlightened knowing , am a prolipr artist , visionary, astrologer, advanced astro physics's, philosopher, ect. Ect
    But these fucking Saturnian labors still afflict me!
    I have a small daughter Athena
    I am a single father ,
    I am the outsider no id no insurance no SSI , I burnt them
    Now I am at the ledge once more looking into an inky abyss AGAIN!!!!!
    only this time my daughter stands there with me unknowing afraid.

    And I am given to melincoly, and with exsaulted Uranus RX in Scorpio 1st house
    Melancholy quickly turns to Pluto Rx 12 house.
    Only I want to take prisoners there to entertain me .
    You see ? Dark shit man .
    I am at a lost for what to do
    And this is new for me .
    Because I am a customed to saying fuck you make me , then me destroying you. But my daughter changes this conciously .
    Don't know how to proceed, thoughts suggestions?
    You spoke well of Saturn in 11th
    That be everbodies buddy shit pissed me off , so that means it's true. Haha
    Help me .

    Google search " the surrealist Master Bruce Whyne"

    Click on the images and videos
    And peek into the Devine and darkness
    ..and the darkness of the Devine
    The Devine of darkness...

  30. Wonderful article that resonates well, and puts things in proper person. I have cancer rising, saturn along with sun in 11th, aspected by Jupiter (from 5th). Had a very interesting life so far. I struggle against feelings of victimhood, and ask myself to have proper perspective.i did realize that when I focus on putting my energies in helping others, there's this sense of fulfillment and inner feeling that
    this is my real purpose.

  31. This was fabulous. Thank you so much. I truly laughed, cried and felt everything in between as almost every word resonated. Thank you thank you thank you.