Friday, February 12, 2016

The 7th House: Signs and Planets

Through your 7th House sign, also known as your Descendant, and any planets you might have in the 7th House, you embark on the process of completing yourself. Seeking a partner or good friend with the qualities of your 7th House is usually the catalyst for this. But, in order to achieve true balance through this part of your chart, you have to complete yourself by accepting and expressing your 7th House sign/planet(s) in a more independent manner, first and foremost. In doing so, you will be able to attract much more balanced, mutually satisfying relationships. This is something you’re capable of whether your 7th House is empty or occupied.

The kind of influence you end up having on people is defined by whatever is in your 7th House. This is the way that you expect the relationship to go: what you want to give and receive, in equal measure. But, due to the expectations of the 7th, it’s also what happens when you get your heartbroken. The way you handle any sort of break-up, rejection, or disappointment, whether it’s in romance or in friendship, is greatly defined by your Descendant and/or 7th House planets. It’s how you want to be loved and how you deal with a situation when you don’t feel that love in return. 

Aries in the 7th House (Aries Descendant) and/or Mars in the 7th House
You will complete yourself by learning how to accept your aggression and your drive. You are often pushier and more impatient than you stop to realize. This is what draws you into relationships with people who display these pushy, impatient traits. Arguments, confrontations, and competitions define your personal relationships. All of this is meant to bring you face-to-face with your warrior side. Once you acknowledge and accept your inner fire and strength, you will be able to meet the other person in the middle by holding your own and requiring that they do the same.

Your partner and close friends are given a very motivational push by you. Influencing people is something that you’re really passionate about because you love to help others find their courage and their mettle. This feistiness is a really important part of the dynamic of your relationships. It’s also a part of the ending of your relationships, as things get very heated when you’re heartbroken. You will bluster and fight your way through rejection or a break-up. Sometimes, you’re so headstrong about getting who you love that them leaving you only makes you fight harder for them.

Taurus in the 7th House (Taurus Descendant)
In order to complete yourself, you have to own the steady, easy part of yourself. You might not realize, at times, just how plodding and hardheaded you are. You move at this pace in order to achieve stability, which is why you’re so attracted to partners and friends who are also level-headed and grounded. Yet, they can also be so stubborn that they refuse to budge. By relating to them, you’ll be reminded of your own stubbornness. If you learn to love this trait and see it as a strength, you will be able to meet others in the middle by giving and receiving this salt-of-the-earth mentality.

You have a calming, leveling influence on your significant other and good buddies. You know how to influence people with patience and good sense, understanding the practicality involved in your rapport with others. You expect for the dynamic in your personal relationships to keep things balanced. This is why you’re quite level-headed when heartbroken. When you’re dumped, rejected, or no longer in love, you can stop and assess the practical reasons why. But, you are also so dedicated to making it last that it takes a lot, sometimes too much, for you to truly let go.

Gemini in the 7th House (Gemini Descendant) and/or Mercury in the 7th House
To become a whole person, you have to stop and acknowledge the side to yourself that is very intellectual and curious, as well as totally all over the place. You are brainier and more interesting than you sometimes give yourself credit for. You will regularly find yourself in close relation with really intelligent, articulate people. Yet, the constant picking of each others’ brains can lead to over-thinking and over-talking. This allows you to confront your highly active mind, loving and owning your intelligence to the point of being able to bring it to the table as an equal in these bonds.

You know how to influence your romantic partner or best friend by keeping them on their toes. You’re very shrewd and clever when it comes to influencing people, possibly even pulling the wool over their eyes. This quick-thinking, quick-witted dynamic is expected by you in your relationships. It’s why, when things end or fail with a lover or buddy, you get really rational about it; maybe a bit too rational. You can joke or analyze your way through heartbreak, at times, instead of totally feeling it. Switching off to a schizophrenic degree when hurt in love can become an issue.

Cancer in the 7th House (Cancer Descendant) and/or Moon in the 7th House
When you accept how sensitive and caring you are, you’ll find self-completion. The catalyst for this is being drawn into close relationships with people who are very sensitive and caring. Yet, these traits can regularly veer into neediness and insecurity. Being faced with really neurotic or really needy people will allow you to confront your own irrationality. By loving and owning your emotional side, even if it sometimes makes you feel like a lunatic, you will be able to have more satisfying bonds. You’ll be able to bring this soulfulness to the table, receiving it in equal measure.

You have a very instinctive knack for influencing other people. You know how to move, protect, and support your romantic partner or close friend, gaining a feeling of emotional security from this bond. The dynamic in your relationships has to make you feel safe and cared for. That’s why heartbreak is so deeply upsetting to you. More than most, the ending or the impossibility of a relationship brings out your insecurities and fears, as well as your worst moods. Getting over heartbreak can turn you into an emotional mess but also reminds you of the importance of taking care of yourself.

Leo in the 7th House (Leo Descendant) and/or Sun in the 7th House
For you, becoming whole unto yourself is just a general process of accepting and expressing your true self. You are often not aware of how much personality and confidence you have. You’re going to be surrounded by people with a lot of personality and confidence. Yet, they can also easily become self-absorbed, turning your relationships into a battle for attention that brings out your own self-absorption. If you look within and give yourself applause and approval, you will be able to enter into relationship with a strong sense of self, confident enough to encourage others’ confidence.

You are a very influential person, capable of using your force of personality to really sway your relationship with your significant other or close friend. You find self-assurance through being able to influence others, as well as a feeling of fun and entertainment. Essentially, you want the dynamic in your relationships to be constantly entertaining and fun. Yet, when they end or fail, you can get really dramatic, as if it’s become a soap opera. Heartbreak is an ego blow to you and when hurt in love, you will act out in entitled rage. Yet, every disappointment strengthens your self-image, helping you become a better partner or friend. So, heartbreak can end up boosting your confidence. 

Virgo in the 7th House (Virgo Descendant)
To achieve self-completion, you must be able to realize how efficient and clear you can be. You are much more together and reliable than you often stop to acknowledge. But, this only makes you gravitate toward relationships with others who are very orderly, helpful, and grounded. Yet, their groundedness can turn into dullness and their sharp intelligence into harsh criticism. This will make you confront your own harsh inner critic. By owning your sharper, clearer side, you’ll be able to equally give and receive these constructive, sensible assessments, leading to greater balance.

You end up influencing people just by helping them and tending to the details with them. You will sway your lover or your close friend through your ability to figure out what’s wrong and help them solve it. Because of this, you expect your relationships to be a thing of hard work that you have to stay committed to. This is why, when dealing with heartbreak, you don’t want to stop trying. You can respond to a rejection or a break-up by becoming even more analytical and more driven to “fix” everything. At some point, you have to stop breaking your back and realize that there are some relationships that have problems that do not have a solution.

Libra in the 7th House (Libra Descendant) and/or Venus in the 7th House
To become whole unto yourself, you have to acknowledge how sweet and kind you can be. You often don’t realize just how nice of a person you are, which is what gets you into relationships with people who are such sweethearts. But, they may be so compulsively nice that they become indirect or passive-aggressive, which makes you confront your own passive-aggressive tendencies. When you acknowledge and own the side of yourself that just wants to make people happy, you will be able to do so in a relationship with someone who is equally devoted to your happiness.

You influence people through being really charming and sweet. You have a strong yearning to make other people adore you, so you’re going to put a lot of effort into being able to say and do the right things to win them over. There needs to be a smooth, harmonious dynamic to your romances and good friendships. So, when you experience heartbreak, you prefer to deal with it in a graceful, respectful manner. In response to a rejection or a break-up, you are actually able to look at the situation fairly and from both sides. Yet, this may also make you very indecisive about where you actually stand on the matter and how you feel about it all.

Scorpio in the 7th House (Scorpio Descendant) and/or Pluto in the 7th House
Achieving self-completion, for you, involves accepting and owning your passion and intensity. You have more depth and complexity than you realize. You will end up in close relation with deep, complex people because of this trait, which can cause things to get highly passionate but also stormy and intense. These relationships bring you face-to-face with your own shadow side. But, by learning to love your shadows and depths, you will learn to own your power. Then, you can bring an equal amount of emotional riches to the table, meeting another emotionally rich soul in the middle.

Your influence over your significant other or close friend is mysterious yet profound. You feel empowered by being able to influence other people. Yet, you should be seeking to genuinely heal them and help them change for the better, not control them. There is always this dynamic in your relationships that is quite seductive or magical. But, being heartbroken can cause you to turn dark. You can totally go off the deep end when a relationship is ended or thwarted, becoming a total stalker, manipulator, or life-ruiner. You may also just completely cut the person off, like they never even existed. But, you should see heartbreak as an opportunity to only grow stronger and wiser.

Sagittarius in the 7th House (Sagittarius Descendant) and/or Jupiter in the 7th House
You are more optimistic and adventurous than you give yourself credit for. In order to complete yourself, you must come to terms with the side of yourself that is an avid explorer and believer. You’re highly attracted to explorers and believers, in romance and friendships. Yet, this attitude can easily give way to naiveté and wanderlust in them, serving as a reflection of your own naïve wanderlust. When you learn to own these adventurous traits within, you’ll become a whole person. Then, you’ll be able to meet the other person halfway by giving and receiving this freedom equally.

Your one-on-one influence is highly inspirational and enthusiastic. You believe in the importance of influencing other people, as you really benefit from being able to expand someone else’s horizons. But, your personal relationships can be just as defined by restlessness or foolishness as they are enthusiasm. When dealing with rejection or a break-up, you are all too eager to move on to the next lover or friend. It can get sort of messy and irresponsible. But, you excel at seeing the silver lining in a broken relationship, understanding what you learned and how you grew from the experience.

Capricorn in the 7th House (Capricorn Descendant) and/or Saturn in the 7th House
It’s a challenge for you to feel capable and efficient on your own. So, you are very drawn to those who seem capable and efficient. But, the strength of these partners and friends can turn to rigidity and their purpose and drive can become calculating. This only reflects back to you your own potential to be rigid or calculating. To complete yourself, you must come to terms with your own ambition and strength. In doing so, you will feel like a whole person and you will be able to enter into these relationships with a solid nature that only helps the other person feel more solid.

You see it as your duty to influence people effectively. In romance and in friendship, you strive to sway the other person in order for goals to be accomplished and guidelines to be followed. There is a really structured, serious quality to your relationships. Consequently, when a relationship ends or fails to happen, you take it really seriously; too seriously, at times. Heartbreak brings out deep self-doubt within you, making you severely question your judgment, which may make it difficult for you to keep trying. But, you should see these hurts as mere obstacles to overcome and learn from.

Aquarius in the 7th House (Aquarius Descendant) and/or Uranus in the 7th House
Being able to complete yourself requires you to acknowledge just how weird and wild you can be. It’s why you’re so attracted to weird, wild characters, as their quirkiness reflects your own. But, harmless eccentricity can turn into chaotic, bizarre anarchy, from them and from you. This only means that you need to stop and come to terms with your own eccentric side. Being able to accept and express the mad genius within only allows your relationships with fellow mad geniuses to flourish, as you’ll be able to give and receive this inventiveness and tolerance in equal measure.

Your ability to influence people is very scientific and highly random and unpredictable. You are an acute observer of human nature yet are so offbeat and unpretentious that you never really try hard to sway your significant others or good friends. It just happens. In your personal relationships, there is always an unconventional, unexpected dynamic. Relationships can end just as quickly as they begin. You’re objective and logical when heartbroken. Just don’t become too detached. Yet, you’re very good at having no hard feelings and staying friends with ex-lovers, in particular.

Pisces in the 7th House (Pisces Descendant) and/or Neptune in the 7th House
To become whole unto yourself, you have to become more aware of how empathetic and ethereal you are. This side of yourself finds realization through romances and friendships with empathetic, ethereal people. Yet, their otherworldly nature can also make them totally unrealistic, deluded, or evasive, which will force you to confront your own from-another-planet self. Accepting that your feet aren’t always on the ground will allow you to love your otherworldly side. As a result, you can establish mutually satisfying relationship by giving and receiving this kind of bliss and wonder.

Your imagination and intuition allows you to influence other people, as well as your shape-shifting abilities. To sway other people, you feel like you have to become many different people. This is what makes your bonds with partners and buddies feel so fluid and, often times, so confusing. Heartbreak can bewilder you, particularly because you’re often blind or deluded about what’s going on. Even when you’re rejected or it’s over, you will remain in denial. So, something often has to occur to wake you up and allow you to surrender to the situation and float off to someone else.


  1. So on point with the Libra descendant. Crazy! Because when people tell me I'm 'sweet', I hardly ever believe them haha, because I just see myself as rough around the edges. And yes! I do tend to attract the nicest people ever, that I occassionally take this for granted and let them down. ALSO, I saw the Valentines Q and A that you did, and am just in awe yet again on how much time and effort you put into typing out your responses! And I don't know, I think that I noticed how you seem to remember what people had asked you before and I thought that could be a Scorpio moon thing. ^.^ Thank you for enlightening me yet again with this post!

    1. Good, I'm glad you liked it! So, you should work on owning that sweetness more. The way I like to look at it is if people keep telling you something about yourself, it has to be true. All those people can't be wrong. I think that usually comes through our Descendant. It's the part of ourselves that we keep saying "Really?" to when people notice it. But, we keep getting that response so we can just own it.

      And yes the freakish memory is a Scorpio Moon thing. I can remember exact conversations I've had from several years ago. Sometimes helpful (like on here), sometimes irritating. :)

  2. I need some help with the 7th for me: i have Venus in the 7th, but in Aries, and Mars in Libra, in the 12th. It seems flipped for me and i get confused when i read something like this here that says i need to embrace my sweetness but also my inner warrior in relationships. Can you clarify a bit about flipped placements? Thanks!😃

  3. I have 2 planets in my 7th house! Pluto AND Jupiter!
    It looks hectic! What is going on???

  4. Libra in 7th house cuspid and 7th house Pluto in scorpio

  5. Oh god, I have Aries descendant WITH Mars in the seventh house also! Any advice??

  6. I have Neptune, Moon, and Uranus in 7th House Capricorn. Is that why I relate to all the heart-break situations? Lol