Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Saturn in the 6th House

Saturn has the potential to be very content in the 6th House. This is the house of efficiency, after all; of being productive, organized, healthy, and on-track. But, the challenge here is truly embracing this as one’s responsibility in life. People with Saturn in the 6th House are dealing with a lot of issues surrounding just how well they manage their day-to-day lives. While we all have to work to feel like functioning adults, I would say that those with a 6th House Saturn have to work even harder to feel this way. The 6th House is all about “functioning” and wherever Saturn is, we have quite a few hurdles and obstacles to overcome in this life area. So, with this placement, you can feel particularly dysfunctional in your daily living until you resolve to really get your act together.

Since Saturn represents one’s father figure and the kind of example that was set, having Saturn in the 6th House shows a dad who really embodied the “health and work” concerns of this house, positively or negatively. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your father was super-healthy and intensely hard-working. That can be the result of this placement, for many people. Insecurities were instilled within you because your father provided such an example of being on top of everything that you were constantly worried of falling short of those very high and often severe expectations. This parent can be obsessive about health issues as well as a total workaholic. But, just as often, you see a father figure who really struggled in this area of life. Maybe your Dad had serious health issues, like weight problems, diabetes, heart health, blood pressure, etc., and never developed the strength and dedication to truly manage or overcome them. Maybe your fathering parent was also just a procrastinator or slacker of the first order, unable to develop consistent self-discipline.

In either case, a message was reinforced within you that work and dedication were major parts of life. For many of us, we attempt, for some time, to avoid the guidelines and the lessons that our Saturn is trying to teach us. This is when we end up feeling the consequences. With Saturn in the 6th House, those consequences can stem from not being invested in your daily duties. You can see many people with this placement who repeat the patterns of procrastination, half-hearted effort, or unreliability that they witnessed from the father figure. This can create problems on the job, of course. But, the 6th House is not just about your “job”, as in your regular way of earning income. It’s about all of the little jobs you have to do throughout the day. Unless you have a maid or a personal assistant, the work does not end when you go home. There are plenty of chores that need to be done, errands that need to be run, and other things that need to be straightened out.

Yet, at the immature level, Saturn in the 6th House people can act as if they expect a maid or an assistant to run up behind them and do everything that needs to be done. This creates all sorts of little conflicts for you throughout the day. People can easily get frustrated with the feeling that you want them to clean up behind you or organize their life. “I’m not your servant” can be something you hear, directly or indirectly, on a regular basis. This tension can bog a lot of things down in your life. The 6th House is about the mundane sphere of existence, all of those everyday concerns and details that comprise our life. It’s about going to the grocery store and picking up your dry cleaning and making the dentist appointment. Yet, if Saturn represents anxiety and fear and worry, then it shows that you will experience a lot of worries over all of these little details. That’s why you can try so hard to avoid all of your chores and errands. They can seriously overwhelm you.

This is when you get the 6th House Saturn individual who goes the opposite route: trying to control absolutely everything. While the other type becomes painfully unproductive, too paralyzed by fear to get anything done, this type becomes obsessively productive, striving hard to make sure everything is done just right. But, while you might think that this just makes you hard-working and capable, it’s actually another form of immaturity, if it’s taken too far. It can give you a very rigid, inflexible idea of perfection that pushes you to never rest until every little detail is taken care of and exactly the way that you want it. In this mode of expression, all the little things in life then become utterly exhausting. But, you keep pushing, harboring this masochistic sense that you somehow need to punish yourself and break your back in order to do a good job and keep your life on-track.

Still, this can leave you with a feeling that you’re not functional, just like it does with the slacker-type of Saturn in the 6th House people. It’s because your issues will end up manifesting on a health level. The 6th House also represents our health. Since this house is naturally ruled by Mercury, it shows the powerful, profound influence that our thoughts (Mercury) have on our health. Mental health and bodily health are highly linked. So, whatever is in your 6th House will impact your immune system through its thought patterns, for better or for worse. With the challenging planet of Saturn in the 6th, your health can become a major problem. Even if you manage to convince yourself that things are going fine because you’re such a hard worker and so on top of everything, you will get a nagging sense that you’re slowly breaking down. Well, your body is what’s slowly breaking down. Since you can get so negatively wrapped up and obsessed with in everything that’s “wrong” around you, this energy can definitely manifest physically by always making you sick.

The worse thing is that you can push on, anyway, only making your health worse. 6th House Saturn folks are often the people who refuse to take sick days. You can virtually have the flu and still insist on showing up to work. You might also just have persistent health issues, like frequent headaches and migraines or this cough that just won’t go away, yet brush it all off. Being sick would require you to rest which would stop you from working. And you can’t have that! On the flip side, you do get the Saturn in the 6th House people who somehow want to be sick. It can mean being such a hypochondriac, so convinced that something is wrong with you physically, that those thoughts end up actually making you sick, repeating the cycle. It could also mean exaggerating health issues, just to get out of doing things you don’t want to do, or being dangerously careless about your health. Eating terribly, not getting enough rest, or compulsive smoking are all intentional ways that Saturn in the 6th House people can be pushing the self-destruct button.

All of these issues will come to a head during your Saturn Return in the 6th House. During one’s Saturn Return, any problems you haven’t admitted to, taken responsibility for, or worked through will become magnified, to a degree where they absolutely can’t be ignored and must, hopefully, be dealt with and conquered. With a Saturn Return in the 6th, a person can feel like they are totally drowning in their busy life. But, in a way, you’ve done it to yourself, either by having an unhealthy obsession with always staying busy and doing things flawlessly or by avoiding all of the day-to-day tasks that you have to get done. Either way, it all piles up into a mountain that’s really hard to climb. Your purpose in life is to be neither a workaholic nor a slacker. It’s to meet somewhere in the middle, developing the self-discipline to understand that there is work to be done while also trusting that it all will eventually get done and fall into place perfectly.

In adopting this attitude, you will heal your mind-body connection. Those with Saturn in the 6th House can finally experience a breakthrough moment of understanding, during their Saturn Return, in regards to how their negative thought patterns have been making them sick. Whether it’s through ignoring health issues, not taking them seriously, or blowing them out of proportions, the Saturn Return in the 6th, especially the first, can teach you the consequences of such a mentality. Many people with this placement don’t start committing to things like going to the doctor until this time in their life. Something can occur to show you that you’re not physically invincible or that you really need some help and some guidelines in terms of tending to your health. So, being dedicated to getting your regular check-up can be a major part of the maturity process for you.

Essentially, it is your purpose in life to provide the kind of daily structure that will keep your life functioning but not rigid. It’s why it takes living with a ton of anxiety, fear, and chaos on a day-to-day level for you to understand this. The stress you are capable of is like a runaway train and can do a tremendous amount of damage. It is crucial for Saturn in the 6th House people to understand how to manage their stress. It’s important for all of us but it is highly important for you, as this is how you establish your structure in life. Those stressful thoughts are going to nag at you on a regular basis. But, it’s up to you to develop the discipline to know what to do with them. Remaining aware of the thoughts, things, people, or situations that trigger that stress and anxiety and taking the proper steps to either avoid them or counteract them will keep you feeling solid and strong.

If you’re the recovering-procrastinator type of 6th House Saturn, a to-do list will be your best friend. You have to take command of your life by understanding just what needs to get done and when to do it, checking everything off in a timely manner. At the same time, don’t become a slave to all of your lists, either. That’s something to remember if you’re the recovering-workaholic type. In this case, you might actually benefit from making less lists and organizing things less. This attitude only keeps you in a rigid mind frame, as far as your sense of order goes. It might do you some good to write down everything that you need to get done, store it all in your brain, and then throw it away. Trust that you’ve got an amazing sense of order already going on in your head. You can think and analyze things to death. So, mentally keep track of what you must get done without worrying about it too much. And if you don’t get absolutely everything finished? So, what? You did the best you could. For you, maturity comes from truly doing your best and believing you did your best, without beating yourself up in regards to what you fell short at or didn’t accomplish.

Since you gain your purpose from applying the right amount of structure and organization to your days, self-employment could do wonders for you. It forces you to stay on task and keep your level of productivity high and consistent. Yet, if you have to do it all yourself, you are also forced to not stress out or pressure yourself too much, understanding that Rome was not built in a day. Your Saturn Return in the 6th House might be a time where you end up finding great success by working for yourself. You could also excel in anything that involves physical health, of course, as well as assisting other people. We often experience our Saturn’s karma by getting involved in work that is associated with that house and sign. So, if you’ve either demanded the assistance of other people, to a degree of not pulling your own weight, or if you’ve endlessly criticized the efforts of others, feeling like they’re subpar, being in a line of work where you actually have to assist or help people can open your eyes. Then, you can actually feel the weight of the responsibility of that title and develop a great respect for the thanklessness that the helpers of the world often live with.

As a result, you can become a very humble helper in your own right. Just as you must be dedicated to organizing your life, you can take that same attitude of efficiency and apply it toward helping people straighten out their own lives. And this doesn’t have to be an actual paid job, either. Saturn in the 6th House people benefit just as much, if not more, from doing volunteer work, as well as from simply helping out their friends and family, however they can. This challenges you to take the work seriously, even when you’re not making a dime from it, and shows you how important your helping hand can be, in all aspects of life. You can find deep purpose in anything that’s “work”, which is why your career choices can be so broad and versatile. Sure, we can all do whatever we choose to do. But, you’re developing the strength and maturity to do any line of honest, hard work. It doesn’t matter how unglamorous, routine, overlooked, or messy it is. While others may complain, shuffle their feet, or get bored, you will be busy keeping your nose to the grindstone.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

North Node in Libra: The Refined Soul

***Also for if you have North Node in the 7th House

Being born with the North Node in the sign of Libra indicates that this lifetime is a partnership lifetime for you. Your greatest potential will be realized through being the best companion you can be, whether in romance, in friendship, or in any other partnership with other people. North Node in Libra individuals possess a soul that has a deep yearning to just get along with others. True fulfillment, for you, stems from being able to achieve this harmony and this easy sense of understanding with other people. Throughout your process of spiritual growth and personal evolution, you will discover how to tap into the side of yourself that is charming, loving, thoughtful, and kind. We always have our North Node within us. It’s just deep down inside and we have to challenge ourselves to become aware of this part of ourselves and bring it to the light.

What could possibly be getting in the way? Your South Node in Aries, of course. The South Node is the comfort zone that we cling to that keeps us so stuck in our ways that we struggle to really access and develop our latent North Node strengths and potential. Before you can evolve into this elegant, lovely peacemaker, you have to contend with the part of yourself that sees everything as a fight and a competition. With an Aries South Node, you are at your most counterproductive when you remain in a mode that is overly aggressive and headstrong. It’s most natural for you to want what you want and just go out and get it, no questions asked. But, it can be difficult for you to stop and realize the people you’re stepping on or running over in the process. This blind sort of selfishness is your Achilles’ heel. If you stay caught up in it, you’re not going to be able to grow.

The theory of the South Node is that it is the result of our actions from our past life. It’s a karmic debt that we have amassed prior to this lifetime. It’s why you cannot stay focused on your South Node. If you believe that continuing to be this way is going to bring you satisfaction, it’s like trying to go on a shopping spree with a maxed-out credit card. It’s just not going to work. With the South Node in Aries, you are coming from a very recent past life where it was all about you. In this former lifetime, you constantly put yourself first. While this made you a brave, enterprising, self-reliant individual, never backing down from what you want and always able to take care of yourself, it also made you, unsurprisingly, more than a little self-absorbed. You spent this last life in a highly self-involved state, forever focused on what you wanted and needed, to a degree that blotted out the needs, desires, and feelings of the folks around you.

I have my own theory about the Aries South Node. I think this is a placement that often shows someone who lived a very short past life. I believe that many (although not all, of course) people with the South Node in Aries died young in their most recent past life or in a very recent past life. This was probably the natural result of living life in the fast lane, as well as being unable to heed anyone’s advice on anything. You were too headstrong and foolish to listen, which eventually led to your downfall. And the fact that you might have died as a teenager, twenty-something, or around the age of 30 means that you never had time to really slow down. You also left that former life in a very selfish state, as a lot of people tend to be in their youth. You didn’t have the opportunity to learn how to not be self-involved and how to be truly giving and compromising in your relationships. Even if you didn’t die young in your last life, this was still something you never really learned.

Your personal relationships suffered, as a result. Sure, you might have accomplished everything you wanted to. But, there was no one to share that with. You could’ve gone very long stretches of time being single or bouncing from one messy relationship to the next. No one could tolerate your selfishness and willfulness for long. Even in friendships, you were often quite careless and thoughtless. Yet, there was usually no harm meant by any of your actions. You just lived a life where everything felt urgent and like an emergency. Sometimes, you see Aries South Node people who were soldiers, cops, firefighters, or athletes in their former life. Therefore, you were so used to things being charged with a feeling of competition, urgency, and even danger that you never knew how to just calm down. You could go from zero to sixty in a heartbeat, especially with that fiery temper. You also never had time for social niceties because they prevented you from really going for the jugular, in the way you were used to, and getting what you wanted.

These issues were never resolved in your last life. So, they are your unfinished business. You have brought them over into this life in order to be truly confronted and settled. The South Node will keep haunting you until you conquer it. It usually emerges in the form of a nagging sense of dissatisfaction and emptiness. Now, as I always say, even if you don’t believe in past lives, the South Node is still about your past in this present lifetime, as well. So, regardless, you can still look back and see the wreckage that your Aries South Node has left. In this life, you have been very wrapped up in yourself, to the point of constantly burning other people with your lack of consideration. You have been too quick on the trigger, too impatient, and too focused on the fight of life that you make things more difficult than they need to be. A certain point has to come where you’re fed up with all of this. Hopefully, the breakthrough moment happens when you’re tired of your love affairs or friendships crashing and burning, when you’re exhausted by always having to prove yourself, and when you wish you could just be a nicer, gentler human being.

This is when your North Node in Libra will be awakened. The North Node builds inside of oneself in response to never really getting what your South Node wants. The Universe keeps our South Node’s desires and goals away from us until we are able to unlock and express our North Node. With a Libra North Node, your South Node in Aries’ goal of constantly coming out on top will be thwarted, again and again, until you get the message. Maybe, as hard as you fight and struggle and try, you still end up coming out the “loser” in the situation (and nothing aggravates you more than losing!). Maybe you still win, on a surface level, but it’s never enough. You’re hungry for more and will do whatever it takes. But, of course, this kind of cutthroat spirit does not win you any friends and, eventually, you end up being forced to eat some humble pie by being taken down by others.

Eventually, you must realize that it’s important to be as respectful to the competition as possible. After a long time of either constantly losing or having to relentlessly fight to remain the winner, either in your mind or in reality, you become tired of the endless battle. Instead of wanting to outdo everyone, you turn toward the path of wanting to work together with other people. Enlightenment, for you, comes from understanding how sweet a victory can be when it’s achieved alongside someone else, instead of against them. This strengthens the expression of your Libra North Node. It’s your higher calling to discover how to truly cooperate with people and co-exist harmoniously with them. You will still have an appetite for winning, thanks to the Aries South Node. Your South Node will never, and should never, disappear completely. So, you’re always going to be a warrior. But, now, you have to be a warrior in the name of love, not just for yourself and for personal glory.

With your vast experience of taking action and getting things done, you will have the tactical skill to be an excellent mediator in any sort of interpersonal situation. You’re very used to pushing people’s buttons and not backing down from a fight. But, all this time, your soul has developed an ability to ask just why the fight took place, who started it, what their motivation was, and how everything can be resolved. So, your higher self is meant to bring conflicts between other people to a place of peace, instead of just creating the conflicts. The good thing about this is that, unlike many a Libra Sun or Moon, you’re actually not scared of confrontation. A balanced expression of the Nodes brings out the very best in the North Node sign. Therefore, North Node in Libra people know how to work hard to keep the peace without being wishy-washy about it or running away when things escalate.

It’s very natural for things to escalate quickly with you. Managing your hair-trigger temper and explosive impatience is another part of your spiritual journey. This is why I see you as the refined soul. You are realizing your greatest potential by being able to smooth out your rough edges. We can surprise ourselves when we really get into our North Node’s way of being. It’s been inside of us all along! Libra North Node people, therefore, can be very surprised at how well-mannered and polite they are capable of being. At your worst, you can be quite abrasive, rude, and exasperating. It’s enough to make you feel like you’re just not that nice of a person. But, you are far nicer than you realize. You have actually been so tired of being so rough-around-the-edges that a part of your spirit, deep down inside, has been wondering how to be more graceful and sophisticated. Due to your competitive instincts, you can size up other people who seem to be winning at the social game, charming and delighting everyone they come across, and figure out how to beat them.

Whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve. So, that same headstrong determination can be applied to transforming into a more refined individual. It’s like those with the North Node in Libra go through a lifetime of Charm School but by their own doing. You will always want to do things your way. At the same time, you must develop the ability to truly take in the input and the perspective of the other person in the situation. Instead of just barreling through everything, only thinking about your point of view, you must realize how valuable and important it is for you to genuinely receive and often even follow the feedback of other people. It doesn’t make you a follower. It just means that you’re becoming open to more ideas than your own. After all, relationships are a crucial part of your spiritual growth and no relationship can thrive without that kind of compromise. You’re not compromising yourself. You’re just figuring out how to make things work with others.

Your higher self is an excellent boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, or friend to others. You need to put the passionate energy you channel into your pursuits and your goals into your personal relationships. But, you are independent to a fault, meaning that you think you’re perfectly well-off by just going at it alone and living your life exactly the way you want to live it. Again, no one’s telling you to give up your self-reliance. It provides a balance in your relationships that prevents you from being too needy. However, it is crucial for you to understand that, yes, you do need somebody. Too much time living the single life is actually not good for Libra North Node individuals nor is doing too many things by themselves. This makes you fall back on that comfort zone of only seeing things your way. So, you need to push yourself toward consistent, steady companionship, whether it’s romantic or platonic. This forces you to remain open and to remember to think of others.

You’re very used to either draining people, hurting their feelings, or making them angry. It can seem like you offend without even meaning to! Such a pattern has caused an inner voice to develop that makes you think, “What did I do wrong?” As much as your Aries South Node loves to be unapologetic toward others, you are actually more bothered when you upset people or when people don’t like you than you’d like to admit. Pushing forward regardless of the effect on others may be what you’re used to but it doesn’t actually fulfill you. What fulfills you is learning how to take the other person’s response into consideration. Instead of just responding in a totally impulsive, self-absorbed way, you have to take it easier. Be gentler, figure out what the other person is thinking or feeling, and then move forward or say what you want to say. You find it very easy to be honest and straightforward. But, don’t be so honest that you’re only caught up in what you feel or think.

This will often require you to apologize; something that does not come easily to you. But, you have to remember that nobody is faultless. There are times when you mess up. Because you live with a no-regrets attitude, you usually just shrug it off when things go wrong, say “oh, well”, and move on. If you keep doing that, you’ll be moving on with no one by your side and that will keep you off-track spiritually. So, you will truly evolve when you realize how to check in with your partner or friend, find out if they’re okay or not okay, figure out what went wrong, and make the effort to make it right. Your way of saying “sorry” could be just by saying the actual words (which will probably feel like speaking a foreign language, at first) or doing something very kind and thoughtful to make up for it. In this lifetime, tenderness, sweetness, and consideration go a very long way for you, keeping your relationships a success. And when your relationships are a success, you’re a success.

Those with the North Node in Libra are at their best when they are a part of a team. You might find that things you try to do on your own eventually end up stagnating and going nowhere. That’s because the Universe wants you to work alongside others toward success. This will make you the most fulfilled and bring out your true potential. Whether you realize it or not, you will get a lot of help from other people. In your most selfish phase, you might overlook the contributions of others, too stuck in your me-against-the-world mentality. But, when you are on the right path, you will be able to step back and realize how you and the other person have come together to create something great, whether it’s a project, a business, or any other joint venture that can bring you both joy. It’s not about being completed by the other person. It’s about joining forces with them in order to complete something that only the two of you could. Besides, you’re so impulsive and impatient that you usually aren’t actually able to finish things on your own. You’re a fantastic starter and initiator. You just require someone to pass the baton to when you get bored.

Eventually, you will reach the stage where you aren’t just living for yourself. You are living for the pleasure and the peace you can experience with others and bring to others. Helping people find their happiness (which is not the same as being a people-pleaser) is what this lifetime is supposed to be about for you. As a result, you will attract the right kind of people who will help you find your happiness in life. You have the potential to become highly popular and likable. It’s hard for someone to resist a person who just sincerely wants the best for them. Even if a relationship ends, you have the ability to understand that your mate or your friend might be happier elsewhere or with someone else. So, instead of it turning into a vicious battle, you can give them your blessing and your love at the parting. The North Node in Libra is opening you up to the love that is available everywhere, if you are ready to receive it. So, when one door closes, another can open amazingly fast for you, bringing you a lot of positive experiences in the relationship department.

Developing your thinking skills is another aspect of your spiritual journey. You must now think before you act and before you speak. Considering your perspective and the other person’s perspective and then finding a solution is the key in any relationship. But, the Libra North Node is making you more thoughtful in a lot of ways. Your newfound sense of balance can emerge in a way that’s highly cultured and intelligent. Anything in the arts can awaken your intellectual side, as you can view these things from a very refined, high-minded perspective. Your elegance can also shine through in any social situation. You’re sort of like a new-money socialite, impressing and stunning all sorts of people with your newly gained classiness and sophistication. This only draws more admirers your way who seek to get closer to you and bask in that graceful glow. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Chart Ruler: Scorpio Rising (Pluto/Mars)

The next Rising sign we will be tackling in the chart ruler series is Scorpio. What happens when you have a Scorpio Rising? What kind of life are you set up to lead? Well, when we look at the chart ruler, we look at the ruling planet of the sign that the Ascendant (or the Rising) is in. The chart ruler makes a huge difference in your life. In many ways, it is your life because it defines the exact moment, via the Ascendant, that we were given life; that we were born. Therefore, it says a lot about how your life unfolds, pretty much from beginning to end. But, of course, you have a lot of say in this matter, as well. I think that the chart ruler definitely needs to be worked with, instead of worked against or worked for, in order to live the best life that you can.

As a Scorpio Ascendant, this is the kind of empowering thing that you want to hear. With this Rising sign, your life is about finding your empowerment. Now, you are a unique case as, along with Aquarius Rising and Pisces Rising, you technically have two chart rulers: Pluto and Mars. Pluto is seen as the modern-day ruler of Scorpio, while Mars is the traditional ruler, which lorded over Scorpio until Pluto was discovered. In my opinion, the modern rulers of these three signs – Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces – are the perfect fit. However, the traditional rulers do have a significant say, especially when they return to where they are in your chart.

So, for the most part, as a Scorpio Rising, we will be looking at Pluto as your chart ruler. What is Pluto? It represents depth, intrigue, mystery, passion, power, and sexuality. It’s certainly not a lightweight planet. Instead, it’s the powerhouse planet; the one that the other planets are a little scared of. With Pluto serving as your chart ruler, then you live out your life by being the one that everyone else is a little scared of; unless, of course, they have some strong Scorpio or Pluto energy themselves. Then, you two can be best buds, although with occasional moments of wariness. There is just something about Pluto that mesmerizes, fascinates, and terrifies people. It’s no wonder that the mythology of Pluto makes it the representative of the Underworld.

Hades is the figure who is said to symbolize Pluto and Hades is the God of the Underworld. He desires Persephone, who was just a sweet, innocent little maiden, walking through the fields, one day, picking flowers. And he dragged her down to the Underworld where she was never the same again. Some stories say he seduced her, other say he raped her. Either way, she became Hades’ wife and would never be that innocent little flower-girl again. But, through her time in the Underworld, Persephone found her power. And she made a deal with her husband to spend six months with him in the Underworld and six months above ground, back in the light, using her newfound powers to transform those who’ve never been to Hell and back.

Basically, I keep talking about the Underworld because, as a Scorpio Rising, your life can certainly feel that way. It can be from the moment that you’re born. Those with this Ascendant often enter the world in a manner that can feel a battle to the death. It’s common for mothers with Scorpio Rising babies to endure an excruciating labor process. It may have been long and difficult or there may have been a ton of pain involved (more than usual). Something can also happen to the baby like getting the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck or having health issues within the first few days. The Ascendant defines how we were labeled when we came into the world. So, in some way, you were labeled as the one who was not easy to bring to life (you may have also been difficult to conceive) and, consequently, you go through your whole life never truly feeling “easy.”

With Pluto ruling your life, you may be a walking taboo. Maybe there are certain secrets around your conception or your parentage that don’t come out until later on in life. There might be a feeling of scandal or controversy surrounding your birth, particularly because of events that occur at the same time. It’s very common for a Scorpio Rising child to be born and someone within the family to die around the same time, ushering you into an atmosphere of grief or sadness that may be hidden in order for you to be taken care of. Whatever the case may be, you are used to living with the idea that you are shrouded in or surrounded by mysteries, in one way or another. And this instills the motivation to play the role of the detective, in order for you to solve these mysteries.

Your exceptional intuition develops because of this. You live your life feeling like things are being hidden from you. So, you’re driven to figure out what they are. Whatever house Pluto falls in your chart shows just how and where these detective skills will play out. If Pluto is in the 9th House, you are very investigative when it comes to the various possibilities that life has to offer. You will dig beneath the surface in order to figure out how to be free, as this is a mystery to you. Pluto in the 2nd House would make the process of attracting and manifesting security a mystery to unravel. Therefore, you will hunt down all the clues needed to help you earn the finances you want and, in turn, develop the right kind of inner security and self-worth.

But, of course, this can be taken a step too far, making you suspicious at every turn. The Ascendant emerges in just about any situation. It’s how we greet what is before us. So, with a Scorpio Ascendant, you may greet everything and everyone with suspicion. A simple “Hi, how are you?” can be met with a million internal or external questions. “Just what do they mean when they ask ‘How are you?’” At an extreme, this brings a certain tense, tightly wound quality to your demeanor. Scorpio Rising is one of the Rising signs most likely to suffer from “resting bitch face.” It’s not because you’re a mean person but because you can be so focused, so intense, and so penetrating, at any given moment, that it can be difficult for you to truly relax your demeanor.

Yet, since the Ascendant symbolizes our general behavior, you behave in ways that make you a mystery that needs to be solved. So, you can be just as likely to suffer from “resting blank face.” Sometimes, your default expression either gives nothing away or just sits there and waits, with a cool, controlled expression, knowing that the other person will eventually start babbling or slipping up and tell you exactly what you wanted them to tell you. Your personal presence is a lot like the mystical, mysterious Sphinx, just silently anticipating the answer from the other person, while keeping the right answer a secret. And if they don’t give the right answer, you might just eat them alive, in one way or another. There are other Scorpio Rising types (often times with a “lighter” planet conjunct the Ascendant or in the 1st) who are less foreboding or intimidating. They might even seem perfectly outgoing, extroverted, even cheerful. But, you also get the sense that there is a lot brewing beneath that exterior. With some of these folks, there can be a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing kind of vibe that may end up scaring people even more.  

No offense because I know, with this Ascendant, you’re so sick of feeling like you scare people off. You’re so sick of being intimidating. Well, maybe you aren’t. Maybe you get off on it and on the fact that people just somehow get the impression that there’s some underlying evil going on. But, a lot of it boils down to the fact that you believe this about yourself. As a Scorpio Ascendant, your presence is highly magnetic. This means that, through your approach to life, you are magnetizing whatever you want to toward you. If you are convinced that you’re supposed to live your life as this evil person, as a psycho, as a bitch or an asshole, then you will be able to totally convince people that you are. You will scare people away because your very powerful energy is telling them “I’m insane” or, your favorite one, “Don’t mess with me.” But, if you sincerely believe that the part you’re here to play is to transform people, to heal them, and to empower them, you will have an entirely different impact on others. You will magnetize all sorts of good and beautiful vibes your way.

Like Persephone, you’ve lived through the Underworld. This is the unfortunate and very famous side of Scorpio that I do not have to spend too much time on. As a Scorpio Rising, you can live a life plagued with betrayal, abuse, abandonment, death, and loss. It can be like you’re living out a Greek tragedy. But, maybe, you want to, on some level. Your perspective of life being so painful and tragic is causing these horrible things to happen to you, tenfold. Yes, we all suffer through emotionally difficult times. That’s unavoidable. But, you could suffer a lot whole less throughout life if you taught yourself to use your inner resources and strengths for good, instead of for obsessing over every terrible chapter or moment that’s happened in your life or that’s to come.

At this level, you will go from playing the role of the one who is constantly beaten down but constantly getting back up to the person who is done with all the drama. The Ascendant is the “character” we assume throughout life. So, yes, you are definitely living out your life as a survivor. But, don’t be masochistic about it, needing a lot of emotional drama just to keep proving that you’re a survivor. Know that you are one and your life will become a lot easier. Your demeanor will relax hugely, as well, preventing you from feeling like you need to be anticipating something terrible at every corner. Instead, you will just appear to be a person with a ton of soul and depth. You’ve been to the dark places in your life. But, be like Persephone: switching off between going down into the dark place, only when necessary, and then living in the light.

You will then be able to live as a healer and counselor for others. This is the true gift of Scorpio Rising people. Pluto ruling your chart shows that there will be something in your life that is significantly traumatic. It might be the death of a loved one in childhood, it might be an abusive experience, it may just be an exposure to the nitty-gritty elements of life too prematurely. Whatever the case, you have to find a way to heal that wound. When you do, you can see it as your role to be a healer for others through your insight and the depths of your experience. Pluto’s house placement will show just where this healing power will play out. If Pluto is in the 10th, you will be meant to be a healing member of society, in ways that bring you success and recognition. Pluto in the 12th will require you to be this healer and transformer in ways that are selfless and deeply spiritual.

Let’s also get to the sexual element of Scorpio, which is just as well-known as the other elements. It’s another part of getting down to the nitty-gritty that defines your life. With Pluto as the chart ruler, you are meant to live your life through a deep understanding of the mystery and the transformation of the sexual act. This sexual energy really shapes your whole world view. Scorpio Rising people are highly Freudian individuals. Fun fact: Freud himself also was a Scorpio Rising. So, just like you can have trouble just letting a cigar be a cigar, in general terms, you can also turn that cigar into a symbol for something risqué. Just about everything you see can be assigned a sexual meaning or undertone, with this Rising sign. As a result, you’re the master of the racy joke.

You are also highly sexualized, down to your very presence, and a lot of you see nothing wrong with that. The only people who have a problem are those clueless prudes. There’s something in your walk, your talk, and your whole way of being that can scream sex. Yet, there are many Scorpio Ascendants (or Scorpio people, in general) who just don’t really “get” their scorching sex appeal. And it’s not exactly for you to understand. After all, you are here to be a mystery. So, your sexiness can be just as much of an enigma. Even if you’re not conventionally beautiful or handsome, there is still an eroticism to your appearance and demeanor. Often times, Scorpio Rising people have very seductive voices, as well: husky, deep, powerful, and passionate. It’s an aura that others can’t help but respond to, even if they don’t know why. Sure, you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. You do have that tendency to be a polarizing, love-them-or-hate-them type of individual. But, the people who are into you are really into you, right from the jump, and not just sexually but in a general sense.

Essentially, Pluto serving as the chart ruler gives you a lifelong access to great power. But, as the famous quote goes, great power requires great responsibility. This is where Mars comes into play. Now, I think Mars is your co-chart ruler in the sense that it gives you this amazing passion, drive, motivation, and courage. But, what are you going to do with that? Mars is explosive and impulsive. So, what I think the traditional chart ruler can do, as I mentioned in the Aquarius Rising article, is undercut the aims of the modern chart ruler, which should have the final say. Pluto wants you to embody passion and power with a sense of spiritual awareness and self-mastery. But, Mars can screw all that up by throwing that control out the window and just making you go nuts.

When you see a Scorpio Rising person really losing it, Mars is taking over. They are becoming destructive and in the wrong ways. I think Pluto can symbolize a positive kind of destruction or ruthlessness for you, in the sense of eliminating and getting rid of anything or anyone that keeps you from being empowered while allowing you to remain evolved and conscious. But, Mars’ destruction can gain the upper hand, resulting in a vicious temper, cruel or petty behavior, selfish jealousy, and a desire to dominate everyone. Say what you will about Pluto but I actually think that Scorpio’s dark side comes from the Mars element of this sign being out of check. Pluto knows the dark side but also knows the consequences, even when indulging in evil. Mars, being as raw and headstrong and often immature as it is, usually does not until it happens.

It’s safe to say that you cannot have a Pluto Return, as Pluto moves far too slowly to come back to your sign and house. But, you have your Mars Return once every couple of years. And this is the time where you will be tested on those consequences. Are you using your great power responsibly or destructively? If it’s the latter case, then your Mars Return will become a time where you constantly have things blowing up in your face. The karma that your negative energy has been collecting will be dished out full force, during this time, and in the realm of your Mars’ house. So, if Mars is in the 7th, your relationships will implode. If Mars is in the 3rd, communication and inner thoughts cannot proceed without some sort of conflict. This will all occur so you can hopefully stop, assess the situation, and figure out just how you need to master and express your power.

If and when you do, then the Mars Return will be a time where you feel more motivated and more passionate than ever. The fierce focus of Pluto will then give way to the active, dynamic drive of Mars. So, the power that you’re really yearning for in this life can be accomplished during the Mars Return. With a 7th House Mars, relationships can be more invigorating or successful and with Mars in the 3rd, your thoughts and your words will lead the way toward the fulfillment of your desires. As a Scorpio Rising, your life does revolve around desire, in so many definitions of the word. Whether it’s for sex, power, intimacy, depth, revelation, or all of the above, you approach any given situation with the intent of getting these desires met. You can obsess over them, for sure. But, when you have your Mars Return, you will learn if you are positively or negatively obsessing over them. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sun-Saturn Aspects: The Boss

If your Sun is conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Saturn, then you are a freaking boss. Well, at least, it’s your path in life to become one. Saturn takes some time for us to realize its full potential. The Sun, meanwhile, is the planet of the self. It represents your identity in this lifetime and the expression of your Sun is a part of the process of figuring out, understanding, and expressing just who you are, as a person. Therefore, with a Sun-Saturn aspect, you have to take some time to figure out just how much of a boss you actually are. People with this placement can suffer through a part of their lives of not knowing what they want to achieve, not understanding how capable they are, or not being able to really buckle down and take care of business. It’s not until you get a “promotion” and become the man or woman in charge, in a metaphorical or a literal sense, that you find out just what you’re made out of.

Moon-Saturn individuals feel mature and capable from the beginning, as the Moon is who we always are. The Sun, however, is who we are developing the confidence to be. So, having the Sun in aspect to Saturn is about becoming self-assured enough to be your most mature or capable self. This is something that originates from the relationship with one’s father. Now, everyone has a certain complex around their father figure, in some way or another, that they need to work out or understand. But, Sun-Saturn people can live a life that is downright dominated by the father figure, outwardly or inwardly. Both of these planets represent one’s paternal parent, in different ways. The Sun is about how one’s sense of self developed in juxtaposition to the fathering parent while Saturn is about how a person’s sense of the rules and guidelines in life came about because of the father. So, when these planets touch, you can have Daddy Issues with a capital D.

On one hand, Sun-Saturn people can have fathers who are exceptional role models. These paternal figures (who do not have to be and will not always be male, by the way) are regularly seen as hard-working, determined, strong providers by their child. With this aspect, the Dad of the house or in one’s life is commonly seen as the unquestionable rock that one can always depend on. Yet, the drawback of this is an undeniable strictness. Saturn is about rules and regulations, after all. So, with the planet of personality (Sun) in aspect to Saturn, one’s sense of self develops with a strong awareness of what you can and cannot do. The father’s presence can instill a Saturn-like feeling of fear, anxiety, or worry, making the child preoccupied with expressing oneself in accordance to the law that Dad lays down. Of course, there can be a rebellion that occurs, especially if Uranus is a strong influence in the chart. But, the weight of the punishment that follows can leave a scar.

Not to speak horribly of fathers with a Sun-Saturn child. It doesn’t mean that they are cold, harsh, or difficult to deal with, although some of them can be or can veer dangerously close to this territory. It’s often a mark of a father who is struggling with a lot of pressures or burdens or who has in the past. There is a lot of weight on the father’s shoulders. So, this parent can try hard to teach their child about the hard consequences of life by not cutting them any slack and putting them through tough lessons. It is also possible that the father is so depressed, burdened, or anxious that, as a result, some of that angst is taken out on the child. It’s something that can produce a particularly challenging relationship between this parent and their son or daughter. This is especially true with the square, opposition, and often the conjunction. But, even those with the sextile or trine aspects can still feel the sting of their father’s punishment, well into adulthood.

Even if you say that this strictness was good for you, in the end, it can bring some serious limitations to your self-expression. It’s like you’re always waiting for some hand to strike down when you step out of line. But, you adhere to this feeling of discipline, on some level. You might really follow your father’s example because of the respect, success, and recognition that he’s received. This admiration can cause you to accept the tough-love aspect of your relationship very readily, sometimes too much. Yet, this, of course, leads me to the other kind of Sun-Saturn father: the kind who’s a good-for-nothing. This aspect tends to manifest in extremes: either the father figure is a real model of success or a perceived failure whose example is to be avoided at all costs.

In this case, there was a painful lack of discipline going on in the relationship between you and your father. So, Dad was then looked at as not being that strong or that dependable, which affected you on a profound level. If you couldn’t depend on your father for that structure, who could you depend on? As a result, this feeling of being a child without a “real dad” lead you to feel deeply uncertain when it came to expressing yourself. Not due to the neurotic sense of anticipating punishment, like the other Sun-Saturn types. It was due to the sense of not knowing where the guidelines were. Just what are the rules, how are they broken, and why should it even matter?

As a result of these extremes, you often get two stark contrasts when it comes to those with their Sun in aspect to Saturn. You either get the hardcore workaholic who can never be easy on themselves and who sees even their greatest success as a mediocre effort or you get the perennial slacker who is always making a hot mess of things and just doesn’t understand how to get themselves or their lives together. Whether it’s serious over-achievement or worrisome under-achievement, the result is the same: not understanding how to be one’s own boss. The over-achieving Sun-Saturn individuals are too busy trying to please their bosses out in the world while the under-achieving ones with this aspect seem hell-bent on disappointing or underwhelming their boss.

But, with this placement, you have to learn how to be the boss of yourself. Of course, you can’t always be in command or in control of things (which is another personality trait of this aspect that often needs to be curbed). However, you can learn just what you control and how to manage these things with an effective yet healthy attitude. In order to do this, you are going to have to stop over-identifying with Daddy and possessing such a neurotic self-consciousness because of this relationship. In many ways, you may still be this unsatisfied child, either trying really hard to win your father’s approval or aiming painfully low because, on some level, you were taught to. These issues are such a deep part of your sense of self that they’ll probably require some extensive therapy to unravel, particularly if the Sun and/or Saturn are in the 4th, 8th, or 12th House.

Once you get a handle on these fears and anxieties, you will stop seeing yourself in terms of either being a total success or a total failure. Those with a Sun-Saturn aspect can become very black-or-white, in this sense. If you have the square or the opposition, things can get really extreme, causing you to be merciless on yourself in terms of what you did “wrong.” But, the first step of becoming the boss of yourself is learning what kind of boss you want to be. Do you want to be an asshole to yourself, always beating yourself up over things that really don’t even matter? Or do you want to be the kind of boss that will allow you to keep pushing yourself and challenging yourself in healthy ways? You need to go with the second option, which will give you the kind of confidence that will allow your personality to really flourish and shine. 

You’ll also particularly shine when it comes to stepping into positions of authority over other people. Yet, this is only when you’ve learned how to be the right kind of boss for yourself: establishing solid structures and guidelines without getting too rigid about it. At this stage, you will know how to manage other people because you will know how to manage your expectations. You won’t aim too high, like that boss who is an insane, insufferable perfectionist, and you won’t aim too low, either, like the kind of boss who is so sloppy and unequipped that you wonder how he even got the job. Instead, you will find a healthy balance that allows you to bring out the best in other people.

So, for Sun-Saturn individuals, a lot of purpose is found in being able to be in command. This only ends up strengthening and deepening the wisdom of your personality. Your identity depends on being a wise character with great substance. Since Saturn is our key to true maturity, finding out who you really are (Sun) leads you to become much wiser and stronger (Saturn). That’s true of all of us when we get older, embrace the reality of who we are, and learn from our difficult experiences. But, Sun-Saturn people were especially made to embark on this serious process of self-discovery, developing the ability to help other people do the same.

Saturn is also about tests and challenges. Therefore, with this planet in aspect to the planet of the self, you are someone who is just going to endure a lot of challenges. The aspect can signify just how these challenges are experienced and dealt with. Those with the easier aspects can often see the eventual benefits that will come from pushing through these difficult times. However, those with the hard aspects may just feel like life is dealing them one blow after another. It is common for those with this placement to fall into a pattern of feeling like they are hated, unfortunate, constantly getting shorted and crapped on. But, you have to remember that if this is how you see yourself, this is what you will end up being. Few people can suffer from self-fulfilling prophecies like you.

It’s this kind of negative attitude that could potentially make you come off as a difficult (Saturn) person (Sun). You might end up expressing yourself in ways that make other people miserable, intentionally or unintentionally. You may also seem sort of miserable or melancholy, even if it’s more so beneath the surface. There can be a sense that you’re just a distant personality. People may not see you as hard to deal with. It just might be the feeling that you’re unreachable or unavailable, in some sense. It’s probably because you’re too busy suffering in a silent, stoic, or isolated manner. An important lesson, therefore, is remembering that even though it’s necessary to strive to be the boss of your life, you also have to know that it’s just as important to know when to receive some help or some support. After all, no authority figure is all-powerful or infallible.

More than anyone, you discover that your attitude determines your altitude. So, the way you see yourself really defines what you’re capable of achieving. When you feel like something or someone is in your way, most of the time, you need to just look in the mirror. Once the paralyzing sense of self-criticism or fear is overcome, the sky is truly the limit for you. Of course, you prefer to be more realistic. But, the truth is that you can work on yourself so hard that you become unstoppable. The phrase “Saturn represents limitations” is often interpreted too negatively. These limitations are often the result of negative thought patterns. And once you resolve to master your views of yourself, you can truly overcome a lot of your limitations. Having a Sun-Saturn aspect can turn you into an amazing success story. You can become living, breathing proof that you can transform yourself into the person that you always wanted to be when you grew up. You just have to choose to.

Sun conjunct Saturn: You can either be the most efficient boss of the bunch or the harshest, cruelest one. The thing is that you’re cruelest to yourself more than anyone. Learn to ease up and recognize just how far you’ve come. Then, the highly focused, ambitious nature of your personality will serve you well. You are wonderfully dependable and can really handle your business.

Sun square or opposite Saturn: It’s challenging for you to know how to wield authority, as you tend to do either far too much or not nearly enough. This leads to an increasing feeling of pressure that can make you severely self-critical. You will become a success story when you work through these painful issues surrounding the self, showing others how to truly take charge of who they are.

Sun sextile or trine Saturn: For the most part, you are an easy boss to handle, as you know how to buckle down without getting too bogged down. Your perseverance, work ethic, and wisdom can lead to healthy self-confidence. But, even you can have periodic trouble with unneeded self-doubt and rigidity. So, learn how to stay disciplined and dutiful while also keeping things a bit loose. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

North Node in Leo: The Charismatic Soul

***Also for if you have North Node in the 5th House

The spotlight is ready to shine upon you if you were born with the North Node in Leo. This placement instills a higher self within that is full of charisma, life, and confidence. For those with this North Node, the path toward spiritual growth comes from recognizing just what it is that makes you special and that makes you feel alive. Deep down, your soul possesses this yearning to take the star position, soaking up the applause of others. In doing so, you will not only be able to make life a more entertaining, exciting venture for you but you will be able to entertain and excite the people around you. “Let me entertain you!” is the motto you need to live by in order to evolve.

But, the place that you’re coming from is your South Node in Aquarius, which makes you much more comfortable just standing back and watching everything happen. You have a deep-seated hesitance to get involved, in more ways than one. Instead, you prefer to maintain an attitude of detachment, giving you a vision that is more intellectual than emotional, more objective than personal. Like all of our South Nodes, there are some pro’s and some con’s here. On the plus side, you possess a wonderful ability to not take life so personally. Being as attuned as you are to the “bigger picture”, you don’t go around immediately reacting to everything that happens to you. So, on a certain level, you can naturally keep things drama-free and these super-chill vibes draw a lot of friends your way, as does your highly approachable, friendly manner. You truly don’t know a stranger.

This is because that Aquarius South Node gives you an unpretentious, easy ability to mix it up with everyone. A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet. But, the downside of this is the preoccupation with everyone over concerns with the self. In an unevolved mode, you don’t care that much about being “special” exactly. You know that you’re different – as in quirky, free-thinking, or nonconforming – but it’s not something that goes to your head. In actuality, it can be something that brings a painful sense of loneliness, beneath the highly active social life and the nonchalant, breezy demeanor. South Node in Aquarius individuals can struggle with the sense that they have a lot of friends but that nobody truly “knows” them or understands them. Yet, you also don’t truly know or understand yourself. You’re too busy getting caught up in ideas, concepts, projects, causes, and friendships that you don’t take enough time to stop and ask, “Well, what about me?”

It’s a reflection of baggage from your past life that you’re still carrying around. With an Aquarius South Node, I believe that you’re coming from a very recent former life where you strove hard to make a difference in society. You were determined to make the world a better place. People with this placement were activists, inventors, or innovators in their past life, in some way or another. You could’ve been a vital member of some social or political movement. You may have been involved in something that focused very much on other people, particularly the study of human nature. Many South Node in Aquarius folks were psychiatrists, sociologists, or anthropologists in their past lives, looking at their fellow man with an objective, well-informed eye and figuring out what makes them tick. You also could’ve done something very scientific or intellectual in your former life, developing your natural strength of using your mind and your higher reason to navigate the world.

But, the problem is that you became really stuck in your head. Your gift for objectivity soon became a major weakness because you couldn’t stop scrutinizing everything and everyone from the outside looking in. It was like you viewed the world from the perspective of a microscope or a telescope, instead of seeing it from your own personal lens. This is something that began alienating you from other people. It was difficult for you to become truly emotionally connected to others in this last life. With the South Node in Aquarius, your romantic endeavors particularly suffered because of this. The passion never ignited or lasted because you were too interested in staying cool to keep the fires burning. A part of this was because you never thought you were that big of a deal. So, you resisted the passionate affection of others, since such exclusive attention made you uncomfortable. And, as a result, you had a hard time showing passionate affection. Therefore, you lived your life in a very arm’s-length way, keeping it light and easy with your vast multitude of friends while never really getting that close or bonding that deeply with anyone.

These are problems that you never found a way to resolve in your former life. That’s why they’ve been carried over into this lifetime. Even if you’re not into the past lives theory, the aforementioned issues have still strongly defined your past in this current life. It’s why the causes you promote might be more important than your personal life. At an extreme, the Aquarius South Node can make you so dispassionate and casual about your personal life that you can leave your loved ones wondering if you even care at all. You can detach too easily from people, giving off an uncomfortable chill instead of an enjoyable one. It all comes from that head-centered way of living, which prevents you from truly connecting to your heart. And you are meant to fully live from your heart center, as it will give you the vitality and passion you need to perform on life’s stage.

Enter your North Node in Leo. It is your birthright to be a performer and a lover. After an unfulfilling past of distance and lack of ego, what your soul really wants is to develop an ego and to use it to make your special mark on the world. It can take a feeling of crisis for us to move past our South Node. It usually comes from us trying and trying at it but continuing to feel empty and unsatisfied by our efforts. With the South Node in Aquarius, the breakthrough moment may come when you get tired of freewheeling your way through your social network, feeling bothered by your lack of special connection to certain people. You might start getting tired of all of the idealism and intellectualism as, if unbalanced, this leaves you with a sense of lack. You may also wonder why your romances just don’t touch you like they touch everyone else or why everyone else gets a chance to shine in the spotlight while you are too busy watching from the wings or the audience.

This is the moment when you know that you’re ready to embrace your Leo North Node. The thing is that it’s already inside of you. We’re not learning how to be our North Node. We’re just learning how to acknowledge those traits within us and actively express them to walk a more conscious and more enlightened path. So, with the North Node in Leo, you have to shine a light on the part of you that yearns to be special. Through all of your years of being the audience member, instead of the performer, or of being the fan, instead of the celebrity, you have internalized the amazing things about the larger-than-life individuals that you admire so much. It’s like you’ve spent all of your past as an unknown kid from the middle of nowhere. That’s your South Node in Aquarius. But, you have harbored such vivid, amazing dreams of getting out of that town, going off to the big city, and becoming a star. That’s your Leo North Node. And all you’ve got to do is buy the plane ticket.

But, of course, this requires you to believe in yourself. With the Leo North Node, there is an element of “faking it ‘til you make it.” You naturally don’t give two shits about your “image” and that’s a great thing about you. It’s what you’re most comfortable with: just living your life and not trying to create a lot of buzz or hype around yourself. But, at the same time, your spiritual destiny requires you to create that buzz around yourself. The great thing is that, with an Aquarius South Node, you won’t get too caught up in all of that. This is where the balance with our Nodes comes from. You’re supposed to transform your South Node, not leave it behind. Your natural ability to not get too involved means that you can create the fabulous image you need to succeed while not caring too much about it. Unlike those with personal planets in Leo, your ego doesn’t get attached to the praise or the glamour. It’s like that famous story about Marilyn Monroe (who had a Leo Rising and an Aquarius Moon). Born as Norma Jean Baker, she was known for turning that pizzazz she had on and off. One day, she turned to a friend of hers, while they were heading out in public, asked “Do you want to see her?”, as in Marilyn Monroe and not Norma Jean, and suddenly flipped a switch and became the alluring pin-up goddess for her fans and photographers, instead of the offbeat, nerdy girl she felt like on the inside.

This placement gives you that same ability but you’ve got to access the audacity and the gall to be that person. You are so accustomed to paying attention to “more important” things in the world than yourself. So, Leo North Node people are often afraid to step into the spotlight and strut their stuff because they just ask themselves, “Who do you think you are? Climate change is happening, corrupt politicians are trying to take over the world, and you’re worried about people liking the way you dress or your play getting good reviews?” Well, hey, we all cannot be global thinkers. And this is something that North Node in Leo individuals just have to release. Yes, it’s wonderful that you are so concerned with the bigger picture. But, you fit into that bigger picture, don’t you? It’s liberating for you to, then, realize that everything that happens in the world matters, whether it’s big or small, whether it affects everyone or if it just affects you.

Therefore, you will evolve by learning to be okay with wanting to be important; not for any other reason than just expressing your creativity or your specialness. You have spent more than enough time trying to make everyone else feel special. Now, you’re more than overdue for some me-time. This is what gives you such a charismatic soul. You are on a higher mission to self-actualize and, in the process, will discover the powerful charisma that you possess. And this star-quality will actually be expressed without you caring too much if other people are into it. There will always be a part of you that’s a rebel or a maverick, thanks to the Aquarius South Node. You’re so used to not being "famous" and not pursuing that fame that you have an instinct for going against the grain, for taking the indie or non-mainstream route, so to speak. So, you will be able to achieve the superstardom you want via your own rules, not by conforming to someone else’s. After all, no one is capable of selling themselves better than you.

Because of this, there is a part of you that has to become less dependent on your group of buddies. It’s as if you are a member of a boy band or a girl group yet you’re clearly the one who shines the brightest. It’s like Justin Timberlake when he was in NSYNC or Beyonce when she was in Destiny’s Child. Without coincidence, the two of them both have the North Node in Leo. And they were obviously the most famous, popular ones of their groups. Now, look at them: they’ve both been solo artists for over a decade and are two of the most celebrated entertainers of their generation. And that didn’t really happen for them until they started their solo careers. It’s the same situation with you. You’re going to have to access and develop the courage and the confidence needed to step away from the group. Instead of clinging to an “all for one and one for all” mentality, you have to find the strength of will within to step out and invest in your own creative endeavors. In this lifetime, you’re allowed to be reasonably self-absorbed. It’s about you now.

That’s not to say that you have to give your friends the finger. You will always have a lot of friends and will display a very level-headed, egalitarian kind of loyalty to them. But, what about what you want? What about what interests you? You need to put yourself back at the center. Of course, this won’t manifest in the realm of creative projects and pursuits of fame for all Leo North Node folks, even though it can, in many instances. It can be as simple as you deciding you want to go to the park, even if your friend wants to go to the movies. Well, if you don’t want to go to see that movie, don’t go. It’s so easy for you to “go with the flow” and be nonchalant about your personal desires. But, you will grow spiritually by developing a healthy self-involvement, saying “No, this is what I want” and then just doing it. And if they’re really your friends, they will support your “solo album”, whatever it might be. Your friendships can be rather superficial anyway, as it’s so easy for you to make friends that you can call someone that you just met two weeks ago your best friend. But, when you take command of your own life and do what truly interests you, you will figure out the difference between actual friends, who support you and are loyal to you no matter what, and casual acquaintances who you just socialize with and hang with in the same circles.

You are discovering a lot more about yourself, as well. When you express this willful kind of creativity, you will figure out the things about the creative process of life that give you genuine joy and confidence. Your self-assurance is burgeoning and blossoming because, when you embrace your North Node, you can look in the mirror and applaud what you see. This is why you gravitate toward praise. It’s actually not that much of an ego trip for you. Instead, it’s just a way of other people affirming the things you’re discovering about yourself: that, yes, you are beautiful, kind, talented, fun to be around, intelligent, etc. It’s why you find such soul-level fulfillment from performing. North Node in Leo can produce some highly passionate actors, singers, dancers, and musicians. Something like writing or drawing often isn’t “involved” enough, even though it can be enjoyable for you. But, those are more objective, distant art forms and you’re evolving from that. You actually want to throw yourself in the moment, show people what you’ve got, and then receive their glowing reviews and loving appreciation like the superstar you were made to be.

This manifests in the area of romance, as well. It is through discovering your ability to show heartfelt, undivided love that you will grow. The Aquarius South Node has caused you to spread your attention to everyone, in the past. Now, the cultivation of really special time with a really special person will bring you true fulfillment. This means that you have to get attached and that you have to understand just how much your actions affect the other person. You’re so attuned to everyone that you can become out-of-touch with “the one.” So, you have a tendency to create a lot of chaos in your romantic relationships and also in close friendships. In a way, you are rebelling against what you see as the restrictive demands of the other person. Being a weirdo, causing trouble, or staying detached are often utilized to push the other person away, out of fear, especially since you can be so puzzled as to what they see in you that’s so special.

But, you have to believe that not only do they want to love you but that they should want to love you. Then, you can give them the special attention and devotion that they give you. Due to your naturally strong intellect and powers of observation, you can blend this affection and passion with an intelligent awareness of what’s going to serve them as an individual. Yet, you are also not supposed to get too wrapped up in your intellect. Being too rational is a sign that you’re off-track spiritually. With a Leo North Node, you are supposed to follow your passions. It might make you feel like a love-crazed teenager, at times. But, that’s how you’re supposed to feel, in this lifetime. You’ve spent too much time playing it cool. So, let yourself get enthusiastic and swept away: not just by your love affairs but by anything that catches your fancy. This is why North Node in Leo people have such karmic connections to children and adolescents. You might spend part of your life resisting a rapport with these youthful creatures, even when you’re a kid, regarding them in an alien-like way. But, soon, you will realize that you speak the same language as them. There is a big kid or an eternal adolescent that resides within your soul. On a certain level, you are meant to never fully grow up.