Tuesday, March 29, 2016

North Node in Libra: The Refined Soul

***Also for if you have North Node in the 7th House

Being born with the North Node in the sign of Libra indicates that this lifetime is a partnership lifetime for you. Your greatest potential will be realized through being the best companion you can be, whether in romance, in friendship, or in any other partnership with other people. North Node in Libra individuals possess a soul that has a deep yearning to just get along with others. True fulfillment, for you, stems from being able to achieve this harmony and this easy sense of understanding with other people. Throughout your process of spiritual growth and personal evolution, you will discover how to tap into the side of yourself that is charming, loving, thoughtful, and kind. We always have our North Node within us. It’s just deep down inside and we have to challenge ourselves to become aware of this part of ourselves and bring it to the light.

What could possibly be getting in the way? Your South Node in Aries, of course. The South Node is the comfort zone that we cling to that keeps us so stuck in our ways that we struggle to really access and develop our latent North Node strengths and potential. Before you can evolve into this elegant, lovely peacemaker, you have to contend with the part of yourself that sees everything as a fight and a competition. With an Aries South Node, you are at your most counterproductive when you remain in a mode that is overly aggressive and headstrong. It’s most natural for you to want what you want and just go out and get it, no questions asked. But, it can be difficult for you to stop and realize the people you’re stepping on or running over in the process. This blind sort of selfishness is your Achilles’ heel. If you stay caught up in it, you’re not going to be able to grow.

The theory of the South Node is that it is the result of our actions from our past life. It’s a karmic debt that we have amassed prior to this lifetime. It’s why you cannot stay focused on your South Node. If you believe that continuing to be this way is going to bring you satisfaction, it’s like trying to go on a shopping spree with a maxed-out credit card. It’s just not going to work. With the South Node in Aries, you are coming from a very recent past life where it was all about you. In this former lifetime, you constantly put yourself first. While this made you a brave, enterprising, self-reliant individual, never backing down from what you want and always able to take care of yourself, it also made you, unsurprisingly, more than a little self-absorbed. You spent this last life in a highly self-involved state, forever focused on what you wanted and needed, to a degree that blotted out the needs, desires, and feelings of the folks around you.

I have my own theory about the Aries South Node. I think this is a placement that often shows someone who lived a very short past life. I believe that many (although not all, of course) people with the South Node in Aries died young in their most recent past life or in a very recent past life. This was probably the natural result of living life in the fast lane, as well as being unable to heed anyone’s advice on anything. You were too headstrong and foolish to listen, which eventually led to your downfall. And the fact that you might have died as a teenager, twenty-something, or around the age of 30 means that you never had time to really slow down. You also left that former life in a very selfish state, as a lot of people tend to be in their youth. You didn’t have the opportunity to learn how to not be self-involved and how to be truly giving and compromising in your relationships. Even if you didn’t die young in your last life, this was still something you never really learned.

Your personal relationships suffered, as a result. Sure, you might have accomplished everything you wanted to. But, there was no one to share that with. You could’ve gone very long stretches of time being single or bouncing from one messy relationship to the next. No one could tolerate your selfishness and willfulness for long. Even in friendships, you were often quite careless and thoughtless. Yet, there was usually no harm meant by any of your actions. You just lived a life where everything felt urgent and like an emergency. Sometimes, you see Aries South Node people who were soldiers, cops, firefighters, or athletes in their former life. Therefore, you were so used to things being charged with a feeling of competition, urgency, and even danger that you never knew how to just calm down. You could go from zero to sixty in a heartbeat, especially with that fiery temper. You also never had time for social niceties because they prevented you from really going for the jugular, in the way you were used to, and getting what you wanted.

These issues were never resolved in your last life. So, they are your unfinished business. You have brought them over into this life in order to be truly confronted and settled. The South Node will keep haunting you until you conquer it. It usually emerges in the form of a nagging sense of dissatisfaction and emptiness. Now, as I always say, even if you don’t believe in past lives, the South Node is still about your past in this present lifetime, as well. So, regardless, you can still look back and see the wreckage that your Aries South Node has left. In this life, you have been very wrapped up in yourself, to the point of constantly burning other people with your lack of consideration. You have been too quick on the trigger, too impatient, and too focused on the fight of life that you make things more difficult than they need to be. A certain point has to come where you’re fed up with all of this. Hopefully, the breakthrough moment happens when you’re tired of your love affairs or friendships crashing and burning, when you’re exhausted by always having to prove yourself, and when you wish you could just be a nicer, gentler human being.

This is when your North Node in Libra will be awakened. The North Node builds inside of oneself in response to never really getting what your South Node wants. The Universe keeps our South Node’s desires and goals away from us until we are able to unlock and express our North Node. With a Libra North Node, your South Node in Aries’ goal of constantly coming out on top will be thwarted, again and again, until you get the message. Maybe, as hard as you fight and struggle and try, you still end up coming out the “loser” in the situation (and nothing aggravates you more than losing!). Maybe you still win, on a surface level, but it’s never enough. You’re hungry for more and will do whatever it takes. But, of course, this kind of cutthroat spirit does not win you any friends and, eventually, you end up being forced to eat some humble pie by being taken down by others.

Eventually, you must realize that it’s important to be as respectful to the competition as possible. After a long time of either constantly losing or having to relentlessly fight to remain the winner, either in your mind or in reality, you become tired of the endless battle. Instead of wanting to outdo everyone, you turn toward the path of wanting to work together with other people. Enlightenment, for you, comes from understanding how sweet a victory can be when it’s achieved alongside someone else, instead of against them. This strengthens the expression of your Libra North Node. It’s your higher calling to discover how to truly cooperate with people and co-exist harmoniously with them. You will still have an appetite for winning, thanks to the Aries South Node. Your South Node will never, and should never, disappear completely. So, you’re always going to be a warrior. But, now, you have to be a warrior in the name of love, not just for yourself and for personal glory.

With your vast experience of taking action and getting things done, you will have the tactical skill to be an excellent mediator in any sort of interpersonal situation. You’re very used to pushing people’s buttons and not backing down from a fight. But, all this time, your soul has developed an ability to ask just why the fight took place, who started it, what their motivation was, and how everything can be resolved. So, your higher self is meant to bring conflicts between other people to a place of peace, instead of just creating the conflicts. The good thing about this is that, unlike many a Libra Sun or Moon, you’re actually not scared of confrontation. A balanced expression of the Nodes brings out the very best in the North Node sign. Therefore, North Node in Libra people know how to work hard to keep the peace without being wishy-washy about it or running away when things escalate.

It’s very natural for things to escalate quickly with you. Managing your hair-trigger temper and explosive impatience is another part of your spiritual journey. This is why I see you as the refined soul. You are realizing your greatest potential by being able to smooth out your rough edges. We can surprise ourselves when we really get into our North Node’s way of being. It’s been inside of us all along! Libra North Node people, therefore, can be very surprised at how well-mannered and polite they are capable of being. At your worst, you can be quite abrasive, rude, and exasperating. It’s enough to make you feel like you’re just not that nice of a person. But, you are far nicer than you realize. You have actually been so tired of being so rough-around-the-edges that a part of your spirit, deep down inside, has been wondering how to be more graceful and sophisticated. Due to your competitive instincts, you can size up other people who seem to be winning at the social game, charming and delighting everyone they come across, and figure out how to beat them.

Whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve. So, that same headstrong determination can be applied to transforming into a more refined individual. It’s like those with the North Node in Libra go through a lifetime of Charm School but by their own doing. You will always want to do things your way. At the same time, you must develop the ability to truly take in the input and the perspective of the other person in the situation. Instead of just barreling through everything, only thinking about your point of view, you must realize how valuable and important it is for you to genuinely receive and often even follow the feedback of other people. It doesn’t make you a follower. It just means that you’re becoming open to more ideas than your own. After all, relationships are a crucial part of your spiritual growth and no relationship can thrive without that kind of compromise. You’re not compromising yourself. You’re just figuring out how to make things work with others.

Your higher self is an excellent boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, or friend to others. You need to put the passionate energy you channel into your pursuits and your goals into your personal relationships. But, you are independent to a fault, meaning that you think you’re perfectly well-off by just going at it alone and living your life exactly the way you want to live it. Again, no one’s telling you to give up your self-reliance. It provides a balance in your relationships that prevents you from being too needy. However, it is crucial for you to understand that, yes, you do need somebody. Too much time living the single life is actually not good for Libra North Node individuals nor is doing too many things by themselves. This makes you fall back on that comfort zone of only seeing things your way. So, you need to push yourself toward consistent, steady companionship, whether it’s romantic or platonic. This forces you to remain open and to remember to think of others.

You’re very used to either draining people, hurting their feelings, or making them angry. It can seem like you offend without even meaning to! Such a pattern has caused an inner voice to develop that makes you think, “What did I do wrong?” As much as your Aries South Node loves to be unapologetic toward others, you are actually more bothered when you upset people or when people don’t like you than you’d like to admit. Pushing forward regardless of the effect on others may be what you’re used to but it doesn’t actually fulfill you. What fulfills you is learning how to take the other person’s response into consideration. Instead of just responding in a totally impulsive, self-absorbed way, you have to take it easier. Be gentler, figure out what the other person is thinking or feeling, and then move forward or say what you want to say. You find it very easy to be honest and straightforward. But, don’t be so honest that you’re only caught up in what you feel or think.

This will often require you to apologize; something that does not come easily to you. But, you have to remember that nobody is faultless. There are times when you mess up. Because you live with a no-regrets attitude, you usually just shrug it off when things go wrong, say “oh, well”, and move on. If you keep doing that, you’ll be moving on with no one by your side and that will keep you off-track spiritually. So, you will truly evolve when you realize how to check in with your partner or friend, find out if they’re okay or not okay, figure out what went wrong, and make the effort to make it right. Your way of saying “sorry” could be just by saying the actual words (which will probably feel like speaking a foreign language, at first) or doing something very kind and thoughtful to make up for it. In this lifetime, tenderness, sweetness, and consideration go a very long way for you, keeping your relationships a success. And when your relationships are a success, you’re a success.

Those with the North Node in Libra are at their best when they are a part of a team. You might find that things you try to do on your own eventually end up stagnating and going nowhere. That’s because the Universe wants you to work alongside others toward success. This will make you the most fulfilled and bring out your true potential. Whether you realize it or not, you will get a lot of help from other people. In your most selfish phase, you might overlook the contributions of others, too stuck in your me-against-the-world mentality. But, when you are on the right path, you will be able to step back and realize how you and the other person have come together to create something great, whether it’s a project, a business, or any other joint venture that can bring you both joy. It’s not about being completed by the other person. It’s about joining forces with them in order to complete something that only the two of you could. Besides, you’re so impulsive and impatient that you usually aren’t actually able to finish things on your own. You’re a fantastic starter and initiator. You just require someone to pass the baton to when you get bored.

Eventually, you will reach the stage where you aren’t just living for yourself. You are living for the pleasure and the peace you can experience with others and bring to others. Helping people find their happiness (which is not the same as being a people-pleaser) is what this lifetime is supposed to be about for you. As a result, you will attract the right kind of people who will help you find your happiness in life. You have the potential to become highly popular and likable. It’s hard for someone to resist a person who just sincerely wants the best for them. Even if a relationship ends, you have the ability to understand that your mate or your friend might be happier elsewhere or with someone else. So, instead of it turning into a vicious battle, you can give them your blessing and your love at the parting. The North Node in Libra is opening you up to the love that is available everywhere, if you are ready to receive it. So, when one door closes, another can open amazingly fast for you, bringing you a lot of positive experiences in the relationship department.

Developing your thinking skills is another aspect of your spiritual journey. You must now think before you act and before you speak. Considering your perspective and the other person’s perspective and then finding a solution is the key in any relationship. But, the Libra North Node is making you more thoughtful in a lot of ways. Your newfound sense of balance can emerge in a way that’s highly cultured and intelligent. Anything in the arts can awaken your intellectual side, as you can view these things from a very refined, high-minded perspective. Your elegance can also shine through in any social situation. You’re sort of like a new-money socialite, impressing and stunning all sorts of people with your newly gained classiness and sophistication. This only draws more admirers your way who seek to get closer to you and bask in that graceful glow. 


  1. Nice article about the Libra north node! :) Based off of what this north node is all about, I definitely have quite a lot of work to do, as I can very easily fall back on my south node in Aries whenever I'm uncomfortable. By the way, I have Saturn in Aries conjunct my south node. Would that be like having a Capricorn south node?

    1. Thank you! Yeah there would be some similarities. I'd say that you can be really hard on yourself and feel like you have to do everything the hard way, by being so independent and headstrong (Aries), instead of just relaxing more and accepting others' help and support when you need it.

  2. Interesting. Yeah, that sounds a bit like me. Like I said, lots of learning to do!

    1. Yeah. The Nodes are a big-time learning process for us all. But, I remember you telling me your age and, trust me, I think just about everyone is very stuck in their South Node at that age. I definitely was. In that way, the South Node gives you a long past in this life that you can look back on and count all of your mistakes and cringe. Haha.

      I don't think it's until the mid to late 20's that a lot of people start making a breakthrough with their North Node and begin mastering it. For some people, it may be in their 30's or later. It depends on the maturity level and level of self-awareness. But, it's a journey. :)

  3. Very interesting interpreting your article from the perspective of an Aries with a North Node 7th House Virgo w Saturn (Leo and Moon descendent) and a Pieces South Node.

    1. To elaborate, with these aspects individuality seems imperotive but it is always in tension or needing relationship to ground or define iteself. Makes me ponder that O had perhaps some intensly selfless and perhaps illusioned past life experience regarding how important sacrifice was

    2. I'd say that with a Pisces South Node in the 1st, you've been selfishly selfless in the past. Basically, being self-sacrificing and then demanding a personal reward for it somehow. Wanting to benefit from good karma. So, now, you have to be thoughtful in a way that will genuinely help others without being focused on reaping the benefits just for yourself.

      Interesting combo! I would also say that your SN makes it easy for you to unravel or self-destruct, not caring so much how your self-sabotage affects others. So, you'll become more grounded by striving to get your act together for others' sake.

  4. It was a very enlightenment reading. I am a South node Aries in the 6th house. I like the theory that south node Aries died young and fast in their past lives. Coincidentally, I was a soldier in my latest one that died in the war,barely an adult.
    In other lives I've also been caught up with serving in the military, and there were also lives related to being a nurse, and healing. I think that fits the 6th house, Virgo, aspect of the node, I guess

    1. Interesting! So you've clearly done past life regression then. I would love to do that one day.

  5. I love every single one of your articles, Wayman; you always know how to get right to the core and I appreciate that about you and your site :-).

    It's just always difficult to read about my nodal axis because while I have Libra North Node, it's in the 1st house conjunct Chiron in Libra. My South Node is in Aries but it's also conjunct my Venus in Aries in the 7th house. Would this make the North Node in Aries article ring more true for me? I definitely feel like I always give more to others than myself, but in a selfish way because my entire identity is often wrapped around others' approval of me. Let me know if my interpretation hits the mark :-P

    1. Thank you! And oh, charts like that are so tricky! Haha, there is a very thin line between your NN higher self and your SN comfort zone, especially with Venus also on the SN.

      With South Node in Aries in the 7th, you're right in that you are selfish in relationships. Your immaturity can come out through picking fights, doing whatever you want, no matter the consequences, and having tantrums yet also still desperately wanting to be liked. You act like you don't care but you really do. You want to please your partner, especially with Venus here, yet you also prefer to please yourself. So, if what you're doing isn't making them happy, you'll get annoyed and either make a big fuss out of it or just get wrapped up in your desires. Then, you feel guilty for being mean or selfish. Then, the cycle repeats.

      It must be really confusing to live with! Basically, your Libra North Node in the 1st wants you to be genuinely considerate and thoughtful, not just according to your whims and momentary desires. You have to develop a strong point of view of truly being fair and getting along with others. And the thing is that the more you know that you're actually being nice and considerate, the less you'll need people's approval. You're discovering that you can do your own thing and cooperate with others; the best of both worlds.

      I wouldn't tell you to identify more with the NN in Aries, especially since you have the SN in Aries and that'd just encourage your shadow side. The sign the NN is in is always slightly more important than the house. The NN house is just the style in which the sign is expressed and how its directed. So, you have to focus on Libra principles in this life but in a 1st House way: brave, independent, go-getting, singular. Also, I think the conjunction to Chiron can bring up a ton of issues. It may make it very painful to really embrace your NN but very healing when you do.

  6. Every Libran that I know and I know a few and others with Libran placements is NOTHING like what Astrologers claim they are. All of the people that I know with Libra qualities love to argue and fight and there is no refined sense about them. In fact, one that I know absolutely loathes anything fancy or refined. They are all sharp tongued and difficult to get along with at their best. I can say that two of these people do have at least one Scorpio placement in their charts. My uncle is a Libra with a Scorpio Mercury and he used to be very hateful and snappish with everyone and he wasn't into anything fancy either. My father in law is a Libra Sun, Mercury, Neptune and he is the one that loathes anything fancy. He is gruff and more like a mountain man. Sharp tongued and tempered. As I said, I have yet to find a true Libra that acts like Astrology says they should.

    1. I have made this point myself in my Libra Sun article. The profile of Libra being super nice and polite isn't always true.

      But even the argumentative Libra types are being true Libras because they are bringing everyone's attention to the other side of the coin. Being blunt when you sugarcoat. Saying no when you say yes. They are still reacting off of you.

      But maybe you're meeting those types of Libra for some reason in your own chart because plenty of the refined types exist.

      Also this is not about the regular Libra energy. You have to aim for the highest qualities of your NN sign. So Libra NN people do have to be nice and polite abd refined, even though the Aries SN brashness and feistiness will remain.

  7. Excellent description! I wish you had more North Node descriptions available... do you have books audios or videos teaching more? (besides "Unveiling the 12th House")
    You really have a gift for getting to the heart of these placements and explaining them clearly and concisely.

  8. Can someone explain to me what happens when you have Chiron, sun and moon in your first house of Libra? This combo honestly makes me very afraid of confrontation, I have never confronted a single person in my life and I refuse to do so for I find it very rude to bother people.

    However I have the problem of having my north node being in the 1st house of Libra. I read in many places that this can mess you up bad because having a north node being in the first house basically means the same thing as having your north node being in Aries. Basically I have imbalanced karma where half of it is telling me to be myself (North node in 1st) and the other half is telling me to be selfless (North node in Libra). There are almost no astrological information on what happens when your nodes contradict each other like this.

    Also I'm autistic, and in my case it makes me almost mute, and learning to interact with others and be a social grace may be out of my neurocapabilities. I'm not a neurotypical so I can't exactly be social with ease, it isn't natural for my brain. This isn't my fault, I blame Chiron for this or maybe messed up nodes. I'm also mentally ill in other ways but would prefer not to share here. Lol I do have Pluto in my 3rd house so maybe that's why.

    A lot of it does ring true, but keep in mind some of us do have our sun and moon in Libra. Also if you could address those with conflicting nodes (Libra north node 1st house, Aries north node 7th House etc.) That would be great.

  9. Wow amazing article! The best interpretation of the Aries & Libra Node archetype I've read. I have NN in Libra 8Th. House the Aries SN 2nd. House. The SN Aries archetype you described I can relate to so much. I'm 38 & within the past couple of yrs. Have been feeling the shift into my NN a work in progress, yet very liberating. Thank you so much for this wonderful article.

  10. One of the best articles I've read on the Libra North Node. Thanks for writing this

  11. I have my moon in aries conjunct south node.. Jupiter with north node..I Am 23 and I can't get rid of some of the aries traits now.. I mingle with people really well.. But in love I tend to run head over heels and I am always in hurry. How can I change this. Bcoz of this I don't have happy relationships.

  12. I am almost 40 with North Node Libra, Capricorn Sun and Moon in Pisces (thats all i know) and have given, given, given myself for the last 25 years. Now im in a position in my relationship that I'm trying to take some time to do something I want to do that the South Node selfishness is coming up... the determination that I want to do this and I have the right to.

    I am trying so hard to find a balance in keeping on giving caring for others but also doing for me. I have rarely taken for myself. (I have 8 kids,and a spouse who says I am the source of his happiness and his world revolve around me) so is it wrong for NN Libra to be selfish and do something even tho the partner says no.

  13. This is so beautiful, literally the BEST Lunar node in Libra/Aries I've ever read that most accurately described me. A true lesson that I will save to read over and over to remind myself of my motives in this lifetime and to what will genuinely bring me fulfilment. Thank you for sharing.

  14. A very insightful article! I have my south node in Aries but I also have an Aries ascendant. How does this work?

  15. wauw my late fiance had his north node in Libra. He died at the young age of 22 but when I read about his south node, and how that would effect his behavior, I see no resemblance to how I knew him at all. On the contrary, he seemed to have cultivated the libra qualities of always being thoughtful, considered, loving and giving at a very young age and before I even met him. He used to say that there were these two conflicting parts of him that he was always struggling to get to work together, and that when I came out to spend time with him (we lived on two different continents) they would just naturally come together without any effort on his part, and that he needed to figure out how to do that on his own too, when I wasn't around. I never quite did understand what he meant by that, but now I'm thinking it might have been an inner struggle he felt, between his South and North node.

  16. I have north node in Libra in th 3rd house, and south in Aries 9th house.

    I must admit, reading this article felt like an ego death, and it reinforced what I knew intuitively.

    I'm 21 years old and I have suffered from chronic Lyme disease for the past 13 years and it has definitely influenced my response to the world around me. For starters, I was a very fiery kid who blazed forward without a care in the world, never considering the damage that I was doing (I'm guessing that was overflow from my past life)

    I later became disabled due to my chronic illness and was forced to slow down, and take a hard look at the world around me (mainly because I could no longer keep up with my peers) and the consequences of my past actions.

    I became more aware of the feelings of others, and
    more considerate and generous, but on the flip-side
    I had to be more self-reliant in order to navigate and find my diagnosis as well as "power through" whenever my illness became a hinderance between me and accomplishing my daily tasks.

    I went 10 years undiagnosed and misdiagnosed before I pieced everything together through my own determination, and google searches.

    You'd think that an 18 year old would have their parents to rely on for help, especially through illness, but my parents were mostly emotionally absent in my life and were even verbally abusive.

    They couldn't be bothered with anything that had to do with me, and we began to clash once my illness become more intense and I was seen a nuisance.
    So, in response to that, I had to rely on my Arian backbone throughout my life to get through obstacles, as best I could. I thought that I could find that sense of warmth, and stability through a romantic partner, but when I thought I found someone special it eventually fail to pieces (I also have Venus and Mars in Cancer/ both in the 12th house, the house of suffering)
    there has always been a part of me that craves an emotional connection and personal relationship with someone else, someone who I could love unconditionally, and receive the same sort of love in return. I see it all around me, and I feel a sense of constant emptiness and loneliness due to my lack of partnership.

    In fact, that is my deepest longing, and no matter what I do it seems like my relationships are doomed not to last. I've recently chalked it up to me being too rough around the edges or simply being misunderstood. in some ways I've given-up on any type of partnership
    and I've begun to surpress my basic human need to interact. My one true saving grace seems to be the career that I want to go into, which is holistic medicine to serve others, but I'm afraid that's the closest I'll ever get to any sort of relationship.

    Everything else seems to be blocked.

    A bit of background:
    Sun in Virgo
    Moon in Aries
    Leo Rising
    Mercury in Libra

    Venus in Cancer
    Mars in Cancer
    Jupiter in Capricorn
    Saturn in Aries (obstacles maybe?)
    Uranus in Aquarius
    Neptune in Capricorn
    Pluto in Sagittarius

    With a harsh Sun square Pluto aspect, as well as 4 other squares and 10 oppositions. It seems like my entire chart is cursed sometimes

    1. Or maybe the universe is putting obstacles in my path inorder to help me realize that maybe I could use the help of another, and I need to wait for the right one to appear.

      It's so funny how all of this is coming together I'm such perfect timing. The universe really is a brilliant thing, the moment we think we have it all figured out it surprises us. I'm going to take a good hard look at my life and process all of the information I've learned. Thank you 🙂

  17. wow, alot of work to do wish I had stumbled on this earlier in life.

  18. I started to read your article as my north node appears to be in Libra and could not be more surprised when I read a bit about past lives. I had a dream then I was a child that I was a soldier in my previous life and even remember that it was French soldiers uniform, I dreamt that I was shot dead and my mates were carrying my body on their shoulders.
    It is so spot on about everything you said, now I am starting to understand why I behave in certain patern. Thank you so much. It was an eye opener.

  19. Very interesting as am just beginning to be aware of astrology. The north node is in libra and south node in Aries. I agree that in the past I have been very independent not reaching out to others, therefore not being in any relationship for 14years. However time has come to find my tribe and be able to relate to them and offer love and support. Would love a special companion in my life. Thankyou you hit the nail on the head.