Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Saturn in the 6th House

Saturn has the potential to be very content in the 6th House. This is the house of efficiency, after all; of being productive, organized, healthy, and on-track. But, the challenge here is truly embracing this as one’s responsibility in life. People with Saturn in the 6th House are dealing with a lot of issues surrounding just how well they manage their day-to-day lives. While we all have to work to feel like functioning adults, I would say that those with a 6th House Saturn have to work even harder to feel this way. The 6th House is all about “functioning” and wherever Saturn is, we have quite a few hurdles and obstacles to overcome in this life area. So, with this placement, you can feel particularly dysfunctional in your daily living until you resolve to really get your act together.

Since Saturn represents one’s father figure and the kind of example that was set, having Saturn in the 6th House shows a dad who really embodied the “health and work” concerns of this house, positively or negatively. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your father was super-healthy and intensely hard-working. That can be the result of this placement, for many people. Insecurities were instilled within you because your father provided such an example of being on top of everything that you were constantly worried of falling short of those very high and often severe expectations. This parent can be obsessive about health issues as well as a total workaholic. But, just as often, you see a father figure who really struggled in this area of life. Maybe your Dad had serious health issues, like weight problems, diabetes, heart health, blood pressure, etc., and never developed the strength and dedication to truly manage or overcome them. Maybe your fathering parent was also just a procrastinator or slacker of the first order, unable to develop consistent self-discipline.

In either case, a message was reinforced within you that work and dedication were major parts of life. For many of us, we attempt, for some time, to avoid the guidelines and the lessons that our Saturn is trying to teach us. This is when we end up feeling the consequences. With Saturn in the 6th House, those consequences can stem from not being invested in your daily duties. You can see many people with this placement who repeat the patterns of procrastination, half-hearted effort, or unreliability that they witnessed from the father figure. This can create problems on the job, of course. But, the 6th House is not just about your “job”, as in your regular way of earning income. It’s about all of the little jobs you have to do throughout the day. Unless you have a maid or a personal assistant, the work does not end when you go home. There are plenty of chores that need to be done, errands that need to be run, and other things that need to be straightened out.

Yet, at the immature level, Saturn in the 6th House people can act as if they expect a maid or an assistant to run up behind them and do everything that needs to be done. This creates all sorts of little conflicts for you throughout the day. People can easily get frustrated with the feeling that you want them to clean up behind you or organize their life. “I’m not your servant” can be something you hear, directly or indirectly, on a regular basis. This tension can bog a lot of things down in your life. The 6th House is about the mundane sphere of existence, all of those everyday concerns and details that comprise our life. It’s about going to the grocery store and picking up your dry cleaning and making the dentist appointment. Yet, if Saturn represents anxiety and fear and worry, then it shows that you will experience a lot of worries over all of these little details. That’s why you can try so hard to avoid all of your chores and errands. They can seriously overwhelm you.

This is when you get the 6th House Saturn individual who goes the opposite route: trying to control absolutely everything. While the other type becomes painfully unproductive, too paralyzed by fear to get anything done, this type becomes obsessively productive, striving hard to make sure everything is done just right. But, while you might think that this just makes you hard-working and capable, it’s actually another form of immaturity, if it’s taken too far. It can give you a very rigid, inflexible idea of perfection that pushes you to never rest until every little detail is taken care of and exactly the way that you want it. In this mode of expression, all the little things in life then become utterly exhausting. But, you keep pushing, harboring this masochistic sense that you somehow need to punish yourself and break your back in order to do a good job and keep your life on-track.

Still, this can leave you with a feeling that you’re not functional, just like it does with the slacker-type of Saturn in the 6th House people. It’s because your issues will end up manifesting on a health level. The 6th House also represents our health. Since this house is naturally ruled by Mercury, it shows the powerful, profound influence that our thoughts (Mercury) have on our health. Mental health and bodily health are highly linked. So, whatever is in your 6th House will impact your immune system through its thought patterns, for better or for worse. With the challenging planet of Saturn in the 6th, your health can become a major problem. Even if you manage to convince yourself that things are going fine because you’re such a hard worker and so on top of everything, you will get a nagging sense that you’re slowly breaking down. Well, your body is what’s slowly breaking down. Since you can get so negatively wrapped up and obsessed with in everything that’s “wrong” around you, this energy can definitely manifest physically by always making you sick.

The worse thing is that you can push on, anyway, only making your health worse. 6th House Saturn folks are often the people who refuse to take sick days. You can virtually have the flu and still insist on showing up to work. You might also just have persistent health issues, like frequent headaches and migraines or this cough that just won’t go away, yet brush it all off. Being sick would require you to rest which would stop you from working. And you can’t have that! On the flip side, you do get the Saturn in the 6th House people who somehow want to be sick. It can mean being such a hypochondriac, so convinced that something is wrong with you physically, that those thoughts end up actually making you sick, repeating the cycle. It could also mean exaggerating health issues, just to get out of doing things you don’t want to do, or being dangerously careless about your health. Eating terribly, not getting enough rest, or compulsive smoking are all intentional ways that Saturn in the 6th House people can be pushing the self-destruct button.

All of these issues will come to a head during your Saturn Return in the 6th House. During one’s Saturn Return, any problems you haven’t admitted to, taken responsibility for, or worked through will become magnified, to a degree where they absolutely can’t be ignored and must, hopefully, be dealt with and conquered. With a Saturn Return in the 6th, a person can feel like they are totally drowning in their busy life. But, in a way, you’ve done it to yourself, either by having an unhealthy obsession with always staying busy and doing things flawlessly or by avoiding all of the day-to-day tasks that you have to get done. Either way, it all piles up into a mountain that’s really hard to climb. Your purpose in life is to be neither a workaholic nor a slacker. It’s to meet somewhere in the middle, developing the self-discipline to understand that there is work to be done while also trusting that it all will eventually get done and fall into place perfectly.

In adopting this attitude, you will heal your mind-body connection. Those with Saturn in the 6th House can finally experience a breakthrough moment of understanding, during their Saturn Return, in regards to how their negative thought patterns have been making them sick. Whether it’s through ignoring health issues, not taking them seriously, or blowing them out of proportions, the Saturn Return in the 6th, especially the first, can teach you the consequences of such a mentality. Many people with this placement don’t start committing to things like going to the doctor until this time in their life. Something can occur to show you that you’re not physically invincible or that you really need some help and some guidelines in terms of tending to your health. So, being dedicated to getting your regular check-up can be a major part of the maturity process for you.

Essentially, it is your purpose in life to provide the kind of daily structure that will keep your life functioning but not rigid. It’s why it takes living with a ton of anxiety, fear, and chaos on a day-to-day level for you to understand this. The stress you are capable of is like a runaway train and can do a tremendous amount of damage. It is crucial for Saturn in the 6th House people to understand how to manage their stress. It’s important for all of us but it is highly important for you, as this is how you establish your structure in life. Those stressful thoughts are going to nag at you on a regular basis. But, it’s up to you to develop the discipline to know what to do with them. Remaining aware of the thoughts, things, people, or situations that trigger that stress and anxiety and taking the proper steps to either avoid them or counteract them will keep you feeling solid and strong.

If you’re the recovering-procrastinator type of 6th House Saturn, a to-do list will be your best friend. You have to take command of your life by understanding just what needs to get done and when to do it, checking everything off in a timely manner. At the same time, don’t become a slave to all of your lists, either. That’s something to remember if you’re the recovering-workaholic type. In this case, you might actually benefit from making less lists and organizing things less. This attitude only keeps you in a rigid mind frame, as far as your sense of order goes. It might do you some good to write down everything that you need to get done, store it all in your brain, and then throw it away. Trust that you’ve got an amazing sense of order already going on in your head. You can think and analyze things to death. So, mentally keep track of what you must get done without worrying about it too much. And if you don’t get absolutely everything finished? So, what? You did the best you could. For you, maturity comes from truly doing your best and believing you did your best, without beating yourself up in regards to what you fell short at or didn’t accomplish.

Since you gain your purpose from applying the right amount of structure and organization to your days, self-employment could do wonders for you. It forces you to stay on task and keep your level of productivity high and consistent. Yet, if you have to do it all yourself, you are also forced to not stress out or pressure yourself too much, understanding that Rome was not built in a day. Your Saturn Return in the 6th House might be a time where you end up finding great success by working for yourself. You could also excel in anything that involves physical health, of course, as well as assisting other people. We often experience our Saturn’s karma by getting involved in work that is associated with that house and sign. So, if you’ve either demanded the assistance of other people, to a degree of not pulling your own weight, or if you’ve endlessly criticized the efforts of others, feeling like they’re subpar, being in a line of work where you actually have to assist or help people can open your eyes. Then, you can actually feel the weight of the responsibility of that title and develop a great respect for the thanklessness that the helpers of the world often live with.

As a result, you can become a very humble helper in your own right. Just as you must be dedicated to organizing your life, you can take that same attitude of efficiency and apply it toward helping people straighten out their own lives. And this doesn’t have to be an actual paid job, either. Saturn in the 6th House people benefit just as much, if not more, from doing volunteer work, as well as from simply helping out their friends and family, however they can. This challenges you to take the work seriously, even when you’re not making a dime from it, and shows you how important your helping hand can be, in all aspects of life. You can find deep purpose in anything that’s “work”, which is why your career choices can be so broad and versatile. Sure, we can all do whatever we choose to do. But, you’re developing the strength and maturity to do any line of honest, hard work. It doesn’t matter how unglamorous, routine, overlooked, or messy it is. While others may complain, shuffle their feet, or get bored, you will be busy keeping your nose to the grindstone.


  1. I have a Venus-Mars-Saturn triple conjunction in the 6th house (Aquarius), and this article is seriously uncanny in how much of it applies to me. My dad could (and still does today) work at his job 6-7 days a week, but anything that was dependent only on his motivation to finish it never got finished. He is the master of procrastination, and I inherited his penchant for it like it was DNA.

    I was actually diagnosed with ADHD just a few years ago at age 21. Like other people who went untreated until adulthood, I'm basically learning how to develop self-discipline and management skills from step one, which is terrifying. I actually get anxiety over the thought of trying to make important phone calls, and the list of things I should be managing but am not is growing, like, daily.

    That includes health issues, too. I'm having problems with my wisdom teeth and I need new glasses but I don't remember the last time I went to the dentist and I'm overdue to see an optometrist. I've also been having back problems since I was 18 and my anxiety has led to terrible compulsory habits, all because I've been putting everything off.

    I'm only 24 and Saturn is already biting me in the ass for all of the responsibilities I've avoided. And my NN in Capricorn just compounds this need to get myself in order. It's like my life goal is just to become a normally functioning adult :|

    1. That definitely is your life goal, with the Capricorn NN. Saturn in the 6th also adds to that. But, don't worry. No one really has their North Node or their Saturn figured out at the age of 24. In fact, that's the age where you're supposed to be making mistakes, in terms of these placements. Then, you can learn from them and grow. Saturn improves with maturity and maturity takes time. But, you'll get there, especially if you're already self-aware and concerned about these things now.

  2. this was incredibly insightful, well-written and applicable to me saturn in sag 6th house. thank you. self doubting capricorn moon procrastinating saturn 6th house reporting for duty and growth signing out :)

  3. I have Saturn conjunct Moon in the 6th house in the sign of Aquarius. BOY, do I understand all too well about procrastination. From what I remember, my father worked most of his life but also was a HUGE procrastinator. As for me? I find it hard to keep day to day routines. I find it hard to keep motivated when it comes to work. I was actually a late bloomer when it comes to work. I didn't get my first job until a little later in life. It's hard to find balance when it comes to work. When I work...I overwork, barely sleeping, barely taking time off. I could easily work a 12-16 hour shift without barely stopping to eat or to break. When I'm out of work, it's very easy for me to become "lazy" or a "slacker." Because my Moon is conjunct Saturn in the 6th house; I actually have a HUGE history with Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, Phobia's, Depression, OCD, you name it. I can actually see how Saturn is taking a toll on my mental state. It also doesn't help that I'm a Virgo rising, with my progressed sun in Virgo. I overthink, over worry, especially when it comes to my health. I'm the type of person who diagnose myself and run to the doctor freaked out. I hate it. With so much Virgo energy in my chart, I'm also somewhat (allot, actually) of a neat freak. Everything has to be tidy, neat and in order. I actually have a few hard placements in my chart. Sometimes I feel like I'm cursed, but I will never stop working at it. I know that there's something for me to learn and that every placement I have is for a reason. Even if I can't see what that reason is right now.

  4. Thank you for this article! It describes my life struggles to a T as in T square: SA/CA op MA/CN 11th (5 degrees) sq ME/AR (1 degree). Saturn is cn JU/AQ which is probably why I haven't suffered to badly. Working for myself is key to happiness and stress reduction. Exercise and sports, cooking health meals, and meditation have been crucial to my dealing with the anxiety related health issues mentioned in the article. I am approaching my 2nd Saturn return in 2020 and am having fun with astrology to understand what I may be dealing with then. Thanks again for the article. It is very validating of the key issues I've dealt with in my life!

  5. I can relate so much to this! I've got Aquarius Saturn conjunct BML in the 6th (0 degrees) It's hard for me to let myself relax. Tons of anxiety. I'll be 26 in a couple months. There is still time to find the right balance before the dreaded return.

  6. I can relate to this so much. I have saturn in libra in 6th house. My father is a famous workaholic that is to say that not only my family but the entire town knows him as a extreme hard worker. Plus he is also super fit. I on the other hand a Taurus Ascendant is a huge procrastinator. I am still to figure out how to go about it. I am into my early 30’s. Now i am thinking of working my proverbial a** of.

  7. Great article! Still have my dads voice in my head saying "be productive, be productive, how are you being productive today?" Arghh! As an artistic soul his very realistic and practical worldview did not encompass mine. Very interesting! I have 6th house saturn in Scorpio, and I am a very efficient artist!( Be quiet Dad!)

  8. I stumbled upon this article and I have to tell you that I never had such a thorough well explanation of what I have been going through my life , I'm the slacker type and have real deep enxaity attacks just to do a phone call to get an information about so and so I'm working with a therapist and through this article I understand how this placement managing me ( saturn conjuct mars in Scorpio ) my dad died he had a series of heart attacks never kape a job after the first one I understand so many things now this was truly insightful for me thank you so much!

  9. You're so gifted and insightful! I've got Mercury in 5th house capricorn, sun in 4th house capricorn, Saturn in 6th house Aquarius conjunct the south node in 6th house Aquarius with Saturn squaring a Scorpio stellium. The chronic health problems began to gallop at my 1st Saturn return & I'm approaching my 2nd around the great conjunction of 2020. With time & stress I've been forced to learn 'to let go and let God' I so agree that being around infants and children has shown me the beauty of surrendering to my highest self & releasing my white-knuckle grip on the matrix

  10. I've suffer from chronic pain from a chold. I find getting g tbru day a struggle. Self employment is what I've had in mind. My body is ridid which I tink us causing mu chronic pain however o have 5 planets retrograde in natel so I thought it also could be coming from a past life.