Monday, March 21, 2016

Sun-Saturn Aspects: The Boss

If your Sun is conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Saturn, then you are a freaking boss. Well, at least, it’s your path in life to become one. Saturn takes some time for us to realize its full potential. The Sun, meanwhile, is the planet of the self. It represents your identity in this lifetime and the expression of your Sun is a part of the process of figuring out, understanding, and expressing just who you are, as a person. Therefore, with a Sun-Saturn aspect, you have to take some time to figure out just how much of a boss you actually are. People with this placement can suffer through a part of their lives of not knowing what they want to achieve, not understanding how capable they are, or not being able to really buckle down and take care of business. It’s not until you get a “promotion” and become the man or woman in charge, in a metaphorical or a literal sense, that you find out just what you’re made out of.

Moon-Saturn individuals feel mature and capable from the beginning, as the Moon is who we always are. The Sun, however, is who we are developing the confidence to be. So, having the Sun in aspect to Saturn is about becoming self-assured enough to be your most mature or capable self. This is something that originates from the relationship with one’s father. Now, everyone has a certain complex around their father figure, in some way or another, that they need to work out or understand. But, Sun-Saturn people can live a life that is downright dominated by the father figure, outwardly or inwardly. Both of these planets represent one’s paternal parent, in different ways. The Sun is about how one’s sense of self developed in juxtaposition to the fathering parent while Saturn is about how a person’s sense of the rules and guidelines in life came about because of the father. So, when these planets touch, you can have Daddy Issues with a capital D.

On one hand, Sun-Saturn people can have fathers who are exceptional role models. These paternal figures (who do not have to be and will not always be male, by the way) are regularly seen as hard-working, determined, strong providers by their child. With this aspect, the Dad of the house or in one’s life is commonly seen as the unquestionable rock that one can always depend on. Yet, the drawback of this is an undeniable strictness. Saturn is about rules and regulations, after all. So, with the planet of personality (Sun) in aspect to Saturn, one’s sense of self develops with a strong awareness of what you can and cannot do. The father’s presence can instill a Saturn-like feeling of fear, anxiety, or worry, making the child preoccupied with expressing oneself in accordance to the law that Dad lays down. Of course, there can be a rebellion that occurs, especially if Uranus is a strong influence in the chart. But, the weight of the punishment that follows can leave a scar.

Not to speak horribly of fathers with a Sun-Saturn child. It doesn’t mean that they are cold, harsh, or difficult to deal with, although some of them can be or can veer dangerously close to this territory. It’s often a mark of a father who is struggling with a lot of pressures or burdens or who has in the past. There is a lot of weight on the father’s shoulders. So, this parent can try hard to teach their child about the hard consequences of life by not cutting them any slack and putting them through tough lessons. It is also possible that the father is so depressed, burdened, or anxious that, as a result, some of that angst is taken out on the child. It’s something that can produce a particularly challenging relationship between this parent and their son or daughter. This is especially true with the square, opposition, and often the conjunction. But, even those with the sextile or trine aspects can still feel the sting of their father’s punishment, well into adulthood.

Even if you say that this strictness was good for you, in the end, it can bring some serious limitations to your self-expression. It’s like you’re always waiting for some hand to strike down when you step out of line. But, you adhere to this feeling of discipline, on some level. You might really follow your father’s example because of the respect, success, and recognition that he’s received. This admiration can cause you to accept the tough-love aspect of your relationship very readily, sometimes too much. Yet, this, of course, leads me to the other kind of Sun-Saturn father: the kind who’s a good-for-nothing. This aspect tends to manifest in extremes: either the father figure is a real model of success or a perceived failure whose example is to be avoided at all costs.

In this case, there was a painful lack of discipline going on in the relationship between you and your father. So, Dad was then looked at as not being that strong or that dependable, which affected you on a profound level. If you couldn’t depend on your father for that structure, who could you depend on? As a result, this feeling of being a child without a “real dad” lead you to feel deeply uncertain when it came to expressing yourself. Not due to the neurotic sense of anticipating punishment, like the other Sun-Saturn types. It was due to the sense of not knowing where the guidelines were. Just what are the rules, how are they broken, and why should it even matter?

As a result of these extremes, you often get two stark contrasts when it comes to those with their Sun in aspect to Saturn. You either get the hardcore workaholic who can never be easy on themselves and who sees even their greatest success as a mediocre effort or you get the perennial slacker who is always making a hot mess of things and just doesn’t understand how to get themselves or their lives together. Whether it’s serious over-achievement or worrisome under-achievement, the result is the same: not understanding how to be one’s own boss. The over-achieving Sun-Saturn individuals are too busy trying to please their bosses out in the world while the under-achieving ones with this aspect seem hell-bent on disappointing or underwhelming their boss.

But, with this placement, you have to learn how to be the boss of yourself. Of course, you can’t always be in command or in control of things (which is another personality trait of this aspect that often needs to be curbed). However, you can learn just what you control and how to manage these things with an effective yet healthy attitude. In order to do this, you are going to have to stop over-identifying with Daddy and possessing such a neurotic self-consciousness because of this relationship. In many ways, you may still be this unsatisfied child, either trying really hard to win your father’s approval or aiming painfully low because, on some level, you were taught to. These issues are such a deep part of your sense of self that they’ll probably require some extensive therapy to unravel, particularly if the Sun and/or Saturn are in the 4th, 8th, or 12th House.

Once you get a handle on these fears and anxieties, you will stop seeing yourself in terms of either being a total success or a total failure. Those with a Sun-Saturn aspect can become very black-or-white, in this sense. If you have the square or the opposition, things can get really extreme, causing you to be merciless on yourself in terms of what you did “wrong.” But, the first step of becoming the boss of yourself is learning what kind of boss you want to be. Do you want to be an asshole to yourself, always beating yourself up over things that really don’t even matter? Or do you want to be the kind of boss that will allow you to keep pushing yourself and challenging yourself in healthy ways? You need to go with the second option, which will give you the kind of confidence that will allow your personality to really flourish and shine. 

You’ll also particularly shine when it comes to stepping into positions of authority over other people. Yet, this is only when you’ve learned how to be the right kind of boss for yourself: establishing solid structures and guidelines without getting too rigid about it. At this stage, you will know how to manage other people because you will know how to manage your expectations. You won’t aim too high, like that boss who is an insane, insufferable perfectionist, and you won’t aim too low, either, like the kind of boss who is so sloppy and unequipped that you wonder how he even got the job. Instead, you will find a healthy balance that allows you to bring out the best in other people.

So, for Sun-Saturn individuals, a lot of purpose is found in being able to be in command. This only ends up strengthening and deepening the wisdom of your personality. Your identity depends on being a wise character with great substance. Since Saturn is our key to true maturity, finding out who you really are (Sun) leads you to become much wiser and stronger (Saturn). That’s true of all of us when we get older, embrace the reality of who we are, and learn from our difficult experiences. But, Sun-Saturn people were especially made to embark on this serious process of self-discovery, developing the ability to help other people do the same.

Saturn is also about tests and challenges. Therefore, with this planet in aspect to the planet of the self, you are someone who is just going to endure a lot of challenges. The aspect can signify just how these challenges are experienced and dealt with. Those with the easier aspects can often see the eventual benefits that will come from pushing through these difficult times. However, those with the hard aspects may just feel like life is dealing them one blow after another. It is common for those with this placement to fall into a pattern of feeling like they are hated, unfortunate, constantly getting shorted and crapped on. But, you have to remember that if this is how you see yourself, this is what you will end up being. Few people can suffer from self-fulfilling prophecies like you.

It’s this kind of negative attitude that could potentially make you come off as a difficult (Saturn) person (Sun). You might end up expressing yourself in ways that make other people miserable, intentionally or unintentionally. You may also seem sort of miserable or melancholy, even if it’s more so beneath the surface. There can be a sense that you’re just a distant personality. People may not see you as hard to deal with. It just might be the feeling that you’re unreachable or unavailable, in some sense. It’s probably because you’re too busy suffering in a silent, stoic, or isolated manner. An important lesson, therefore, is remembering that even though it’s necessary to strive to be the boss of your life, you also have to know that it’s just as important to know when to receive some help or some support. After all, no authority figure is all-powerful or infallible.

More than anyone, you discover that your attitude determines your altitude. So, the way you see yourself really defines what you’re capable of achieving. When you feel like something or someone is in your way, most of the time, you need to just look in the mirror. Once the paralyzing sense of self-criticism or fear is overcome, the sky is truly the limit for you. Of course, you prefer to be more realistic. But, the truth is that you can work on yourself so hard that you become unstoppable. The phrase “Saturn represents limitations” is often interpreted too negatively. These limitations are often the result of negative thought patterns. And once you resolve to master your views of yourself, you can truly overcome a lot of your limitations. Having a Sun-Saturn aspect can turn you into an amazing success story. You can become living, breathing proof that you can transform yourself into the person that you always wanted to be when you grew up. You just have to choose to.

Sun conjunct Saturn: You can either be the most efficient boss of the bunch or the harshest, cruelest one. The thing is that you’re cruelest to yourself more than anyone. Learn to ease up and recognize just how far you’ve come. Then, the highly focused, ambitious nature of your personality will serve you well. You are wonderfully dependable and can really handle your business.

Sun square or opposite Saturn: It’s challenging for you to know how to wield authority, as you tend to do either far too much or not nearly enough. This leads to an increasing feeling of pressure that can make you severely self-critical. You will become a success story when you work through these painful issues surrounding the self, showing others how to truly take charge of who they are.

Sun sextile or trine Saturn: For the most part, you are an easy boss to handle, as you know how to buckle down without getting too bogged down. Your perseverance, work ethic, and wisdom can lead to healthy self-confidence. But, even you can have periodic trouble with unneeded self-doubt and rigidity. So, learn how to stay disciplined and dutiful while also keeping things a bit loose. 


  1. Quincunx is a major aspect or a minor one ? I have quincunx and I heard it's a difficult one. Is it like the opposition and the square?

  2. I have the trine and it sums me up pretty accurately. I'm hard working, disciplined, responsible, but also mellow, understanding, and relaxed. It's a feeling that makes people feel comfortable working with me or for me.

  3. I have the trine as well, sun in sag, Saturn in Aries. I can see why the trine is called an easy aspect, although Saturn can whoop my ass at times,I would definitely say I have an easier time dealing with it. I know this may sound weird, but I kind of appreciate the hard times because I love coming out from the other side with a lesson learned. And as for father figures, I've always been lucky enough to have my dad around and be there for me and guide me throughout life. It's something I've really learned to appreciate because not every child gets that perk. Thank you for writing this article, because it has given me more insight into this aspect and has helped me learn to see it more in a goof light.

  4. I have this aspect. I also have my Moon conjunct Saturn AND I'm a capricorn rising...
    So I guess Saturn has a really strong influence on me...

  5. Sun, Saturn, Moon conjunct in Aries 12th house with Saturn in the middle. It's been a lot of work but I have so much to offer. I am nearing 50 now and though often seen as aloof or stoic when you get to know me you will be surprised to find me nonjudgmental, intuitive and understanding. Also Venus and Mercury in Pisces 11th house.

  6. I Just discovered your blog and you are so detailed I love it. You don't have a huge negative on the Sun-Conjunct Saturn, because it gets a bad rep most of the time.

    I'm finally understanding my chart, and how I'm grateful for having a having pluto influence (Scoprio Pluto in 1st house-conjunct my scorpio moon, along with a scorpio rising)

    Basically, I'm glad I'm all about difficulty and overcoming transformations with a Saturn conjunct Sun

    I'm also happy that non of my scorpio aspects are in contact with my Sun conjunct Saturn.
    They're each doing they're own thing, making sure I over come this life by becoming independent (North Node in Capriocrn)

    Long rant. But I surely appreciate your blog, I've been reading all night and I'm finally wrapping my head around my birth chart.

  7. my mom is the hardworking and strict provider type...while my father is the good for nothing type...idk, i guess it just balances itself

  8. Saturn in Pisces square my Sun in Gemini... ๐Ÿ˜” yes this is true. Good thing I have my Jupiter trine Moon.

    1. Hey I have saturn in pisces and a Gemini sun too. I'm virgo rising, Gemini sun, cancer moon. And I liked your comment about the Jupiter trine moon. Soo true!

  9. Great write up. Saturn in Libra (7th H) squares both my Sun in Leo (4th H) and my Moon in Aquarius (10th H). The strictness and harshness of the parents, particular father figure, is spot on. Been trying to work hard to dissolve my relentless inner critic, bully and workaholic. And not identify so much with it too. I can see how the self fulfilling prophecy is scarily real... screw that! Thank you so much for this post.

  10. I have a square with sun in Virgo in eighth house. This is surprisingly true because I have a terrible relationship with my dad. When I say "terrible" doesnt mean he is a bad person, but it is because he has so much responsibily weighing on his shoulders that he can easily loses temper. Our relationship has improved since both of us tried to open with each other more and I realized how lucky Iam to have such a dad like him in my life. Thanks for you post anyway.

  11. My ex was my authoritative figure by circumstances though he's a few days younger than me. Funny cause Ive seen it there, that have made me understand a bit bout punishments and to live by the rules but I'd rather not be a boss (Its Squaring) and I have a new established view of life not necessarily the one I wished for but I felt I have fulfilled it for a short while. Through stiocism, Ive learned how to be a person who knows my limits. No need a father to make it there, understanding is the key.

  12. I completely related to this article on many levels! My Virgo sun, mars, and mercury are conjunct my MC, with a square from Saturnin Gemini in the 7th. Daddy issues, that's an understatement. My father was a physically abusive, pathological-lying, cheating, narcissistic, dictionary definition of a Sociopath, con-artist, looser! I only saw him maybe once a year as a child during summer visitations and during that time, I lived in psycho-land and I was always the recipient of his dilusions and witness to his many extramarital-sexual deviations. I never had a "normal" dad. Even my stepfather was a complete (yes diagnosed) bi-polar and schizophrenic, mental patient and also physically abusive fuq-tard. I have a very stoic& serious disposition no matter how hard I try to pretend to be friendly and happy. I also have a very hard time with self confidence. Pretending to be outgoing is very difficult and exhausting. Even though I have proven expert-level competence to myself and others, I can't seem to ever believe in myself. I am very hard on myself and it seems when ever I get close to getting that brass ring of success in my career or aspirations, life pulls the proverbial rug out from under me and back to the mediocre bottom I go as others seem spoon fed success and fulfillment in life. Both my marriages were/are to older father-figure type men that I also have worked with in my profession and I feel.... not sure, never good enough, trapped, like a child in a middle aged woman's body. I want to break through this square and literally become someone else. Add my moon in Scorpio, it's no wonder I'm nothing resembling my Sagittarius ascendant. I always felt more "Capricorn" or Scorpio like eventhough I know 100% my correct birthtime. I feel this Saturn square has really colored my chart in the most challenging way and robbed me of a life of any joy or happiness.

  13. awesome! thanks for the article! very valuable :)

  14. I have Saturn parallel both my Sun and Ascendant while in longitudinal chart, I only have Saturn quincunx Sun but in a wide orb. I heard that parallels are similar to conjunctions and this made more sense because to be honest, I can totally relate to this especially the conjunction and I get comments from all those who know me or even those who just encountered me that I am very serious, hate to be teased, dry humor, sarcastic, sharp tongued, practical, stingy etc. which all are classic Saturnian/Capricornian traits. Also I have Moon square Saturn and Mercury opposite Saturn and Capricorn MC. NO wonder I'm nothing like my Aries Sun and Ascendant. My chart blend is Fire-Earth though fire is my dominant element but I honestly feel Earth is my dominant element. All my fiery planets are aspected by my earthy planets especially my earthy Saturn in Virgo and empty Capricorn MC. I always feel more like Capricorn than my real sun sign Aries. Incidentally both my parents have Capricorn Moons and my relationships all involve men including my current partner who have either or both Cappy Suns or Moons. Funny because our suns should square one another and I'm supposed to be incompatible with these people.

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  16. I've got Sun trine Saturn but my son, his father, and his grandfather have tight Sun/Saturn conjunctions. My son has 3° orb. The others have 1° orb. Lol. It is very accurate and so interesting seeing this general aspect passed down.

  17. This just made cry. I am so grateful for your work in helping me understand my chart and my life. I have Saturn in Gemini in the 12th house conjunct my ascendent and opposing my Sun in Sagittatius, which is also the central axis of a kite running through a grand air trine with my Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Libra. Everything is linked to me harnessing the power of my Saturn. Sincere thanks Wayman.

  18. Im so thrilled to see this post. I like the way you've described Saturn beyond limitation. You emphasize the challenge to work through Saturn, an incentive for growth; most astrologers describe Saturn as the inevitable working of the World against you. Liz Greene, in her book, "Saturn a New Look at an Old Devil," describes it as a psychological pattern that influences perspective and as a result our actions and attitude. Her writi g is rather edoteric and complex and has been helpful on my path of digging in and understanding this complex psych pattern. But your write up is easier to digest and let's me know that I must keep going.

    I have Sun ♒(H8) square Saturn ♉ (H11). I actually envy those on this post with mutable signs rather than fixed. I would think the fixed square would require more work/time (Saturn).

    Nevertheless, I do struggle with my self-image thanks to a domineering, critical, abusive mom who could never be satisfied with my efforts and an easy-going father who would not stand strong and go up against the difficulties of the world. Both disappionted me and I think i strive to overcome this disappointment in my own psyche but doing better and not allowing my parents image to impress upon me, but be my own Authority. I also have Moon ♑ trine Saturn ♉. My Cap moon makes me determined, but still lots of negativity to work through.

    Thank you for the positive and inspiring blog. Ultimately, i need to be the Authority of my own consciousness first, and then I will be the Authority of my own Life!This is my new definition of Success!