Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The 12th House: Signs and Planets

Whether your 12th House is empty or occupied, this part of your birth chart represents where you are limitless. The sign on your 12th House cusp and/or the planet(s) in your 12th House show the ways in which you transcend yourself and are able to tap into the universal. The energies in this house belong to you and don’t belong to you, at the same time. They say something about how you feel in regards to your essential humanity, as well as the ways in which you might be denying, running from, or projecting these parts of yourself. You might be blind or oblivious in expressing whatever’s in your 12th House, so a “waking up” process is required.

There is a strong access to archetypes, fantasies, and mysteries of the Universe within the 12th House. Your 12th House sign and/or planet(s) gives you keys to the collective unconscious. Unlocking this energy can be quite terrifying or overwhelming yet the process is required for a deeper understanding of existence. Placements in the 12th indicate what has been denied or repressed within a person’s nature. It’s through this initial feeling of sacrifice and victimization that you can end up developing the empathy needed to awaken and heal these traits within other people, without expecting some sort of earthly reward or personal gain.

"Collective Unconscious" by Dreams of Downfall 

Aries in the 12th House and/or Mars in the 12th House
When living unconsciously, you can be in serious denial of your anger, drive, or aggression. You might delude yourself into thinking that you’re perfectly sweet, reasonable, and agreeable, as you were taught to be level-headed and not make a fuss. Yet, there is a lot of rage brewing within and when it emerges, it can feel like temporary psychosis. You have to deal with that angry monster within and find a certain loving acceptance and peace for it. Then, you will be able to understand that this kind of passion is just a part of being human that everyone shares.

You are meant to find your selflessness in a rather selfish manner. Serving as a spiritual guide for other people, helping them to unleash their inner warrior, will be very motivating for you. You’re meant to push your fellow man toward strength and drive without trying so hard to win the competition yourself. You can be very intuitively connected to the fighter within everyone, including you. Releasing this energy within can come from constantly raising your game in terms of your spiritual practice or artistic talent. You will also relish using art as an outlet for your internal passion.

Taurus in the 12th House
Being in denial will make you constantly seek to live in the fast lane without stopping to slow down and smell the roses. You may believe that it’s best to seek everything immediately and to not maintain that much consistency. You were conditioned to never be boring, so you may believe that you just don’t have that much chill. But, deep within, you are harboring a part of yourself that just wants to take it easy and calm down. You can suddenly express this through unexpected rigidity or stubbornness that makes absolutely no sense. So, you have to awaken yourself to your inner yearning for peace and stability, learning that this is a natural part of humanity.

When you rise above the ego, you will be able to carve out a grounded, settled space. Yet, you have to do this for the benefit of other people. You can display a psychic awareness of how much everyone just wants security, at the end of the day. Therefore, you can bless other people by helping them stabilize themselves and find the peace of mind they yearn for. It might take some moments of solitude for you to do this for yourself. Anything spiritual will bring you a very private, internal harmony, as well artistic things that can get you away from life’s daily hustle and bustle.

Gemini in the 12th House and/or Mercury in the 12th House
Until you are able to wake up, you might fool yourself into believing that you’re not all that smart, interesting, or articulate. You were always taught to play a more instinctual role in your environment, acting more on feelings and less on rational promptings. So, you can be oblivious to the strength of your intellect, while it manifests in ways that make you over-think to the point of insanity as well as through shrewd manipulation. It’s important for you to realize that every human being has something on their mind and something to say that needs to be truly listened to.

When operating from an egoless place, you can truly act as a voice for the voiceless. You are able to provide communication for those who are too scared, confused, or helpless to really communicate what they’re thinking. You understand that there’s both a teacher and a student within us all, so we all have something to learn as well as something to instruct others on. Coming to terms with this energy within yourself can come from the very dedicated study of something spiritual or metaphysical. You can also use art as a way to constantly learn and teach your fellow man.

Cancer in the 12th House and/or Moon in the 12th House
Living unconsciously will cause you to not be fully aware of your feelings and just how they’re impacting your life. Your behavioral conditioning instilled a certain strength, confidence, or extroversion within you that might make it tough for you to accept your vulnerability or insecurity. But, it doesn’t go anywhere, simply emerging in increasingly irrational ways that can cause a total breakdown. You must learn to see emotion, need, and vulnerability as all inescapable parts of being human. When you deal, you can heal your inner child and also discover your inner Mother.

Finding selflessness, for you, comes from giving this nurturing and support to other people without demanding it back. You are being tasked to develop the emotional awareness and intelligence needed to be unconditionally caring and responsive. In tune with the maternal archetype, as well as the child archetype, you are capable of establishing very healing relationships with others and finding a profound inner healing. You will find great comfort with the idea of the Goddess, the divine Spirit Mother, as well with using art and imagination as a transcendent outlet for your emotions.

Leo in the 12th House and/or Sun in the 12th House
You will need to wake up when you live in a way that denies the truth of who you really are. You have been taught how to serve others and exist in ways that they find correct or useful. This can turn you into an endless chameleon, only playing whatever role that is needed to be played, fragmenting your actual personality to dramatic degrees. Instead, you have to stop running from what makes you truly special and embrace it. There is something special and recognizable within every human being. When you lovingly accept your light, you can accept everyone’s light.

Yet, for you, transcending the ego is done by embracing the ego. You are supposed to take a look in the mirror and figure out what makes you amazing. By doing this, you will be able to intuitively see what’s amazing in everyone you come across. You are meant to awaken other people to their inner confidence. You are tapped into the superstar archetype and should serve your fellow man like a Hollywood agent, leading them toward awesomeness and praise. Your own confidence is strengthened by spiritual awareness or expressing your charisma through any sort of art.

Virgo in the 12th House
If you remain in denial, you might not think of yourself as all that judgmental or sharp-tongued. Seeing as how you were conditioned to be very nice and agreeable, you can repress the critical, snappy side of your nature. Yet, it only builds within to the point of emerging in ways that make you occasionally rip other people to shreds, often illogically or irrationally. This is because you’re not acknowledging your internal feeling of things somehow being wrong or not up to par. All human beings have certain standards that they want to meet and concerns about falling short. You must accept the idea of working hard to meet these standards, even if it means being a bit critical.

You will reach the state of egolessness when you are able to dedicate yourself to a job that will end up serving and benefiting mankind. You possess an intuition that will tell you just what everyone is satisfied or dissatisfied about. Being as in touch with the archetype of the helper, you are able to rise above yourself in order to help to improve things for everyone. Hard work is the key to transcendence for you. When it comes to spirituality, you can be tireless about improving your consciousness and you may sweat just as much over any sort of art, striving for blissful perfection.

Libra in the 12th House and/or Venus in the 12th House
When you live unconsciously, you may remain oblivious to just what makes you lovable and appealing. You probably didn’t grow up with much demonstration of affection or positive reinforcement in this sense. So, you can blind yourself to your attractiveness, instead putting others up on a pedestal. Yet, a vanity and self-indulgence can emerge in extremes, causing you to know no boundaries in your attempts to make someone love you. Therefore, you have to stop and realize that there is something lovable and attractive about everyone, including yourself.

For you, transcending the ego is achieved when you are able to make other people feel loved, all while knowing that you are loved, no matter what you say or do. Instead of demanding that affection back from others, you can tune in to what makes the people around you so beautiful, appealing, or valuable. The collective unconscious archetype of the lover is very accessible to you. As a result, you are able to live out your spiritual nature in ways that make you feel deeply appreciated. Art can also bring you a profound feeling of love, joy, and sensual pleasure.

Scorpio in the 12th House and/or Pluto in the 12th House
You might delude yourself into thinking that you don’t have much of a dark side. You were conditioned to behave in very happy, optimistic, lighthearted ways. So, you can deny the shadow side of your psyche. But, that darkness doesn’t go anywhere, only building internally to the point where you may, at times, feel like you’re truly going psycho. You will be able to wake up when you accept the fact that we all have a dark side, that we’re all just as capable of evil as we are of good. Knowing that this is a basic element of humanity will bring you healing and peace.

You will become selfless by helping people come to terms with their demons. There is a certain power that comes from this, as it gives way to transformation and insight. To rise above the ego, you must be willing to guide others toward their inner power, without turning it into a battle for power or control. Inwardly, you are in tune with a formidable force that is inside of us all. This energy can be deeply felt for you by aligning yourself with a spiritual system that will empower you. It can also come through artistic endeavors that keep you in tune with the depths of emotion.

Sagittarius in the 12th House and/or Jupiter in the 12th House
You will have to wake up by letting go of a denial of your own good fortune and faith. You might be conditioned with a certain cynicism or fatalism that prevents you from fully believing in the goodness of the Universe. This can keep you feeling limited, when an internal part of you just desperately wants to be free. It’s an energy that will eventually emerge as an uncontrollable restlessness that creates giant messes in your life. Therefore, you have to realize that all human beings, including you, need genuine hope and need to feel free and inspired. It’s what connects us all.

If you develop a truly egoless approach, you will be able to help other people find their freedom as well as figure out what they really believe in. You are meant to be an enlightening spiritual guide for other people, broadening their horizons in empathetic ways. You possess a profound connection to the adventurer archetype within the collective unconscious. So, internally, there is this yearning to just do it big and bold. Being spiritual will help you to feel limitless and like you can do anything. Artistic ventures will also provide you with this freedom, like a journey where anything can happen.

Capricorn in the 12th House and/or Saturn in the 12th House
When you live unconsciously, you can insist that you are untroubled or unaffected by the issues of life. You have been conditioned to not dwell on your problems or maybe even to not admit to them. So, when you remain in denial, you will just shrug off any doubts, fears, or emotional issues. Yet, intense anxiety or haunting melancholy can wear you down to the point where you constantly are hitting a wall. You have to come to a place of acceptance by realizing that sadness, difficulty, and fear are just a part of humanity. We all are dealing with these burdens, including yourself.

Becoming selfless will happen when you are able to wisely counsel people and help them find their purpose. You must develop the strength to help your fellow man with their problems and bring a certain structure to their lives, all while not seeking the same from them. You are deeply connected to the Father within us all, understanding how we all can be our own authority. You will be able to find your own structure in a transcendent way. Spiritual or artistic practices will give you purpose, help you work through your issues, and allow you to experience internal feelings of success.

Aquarius in the 12th House and/or Uranus in the 12th House
You might be in denial of your brilliance and your differentness. Growing up, you were taught to tow the more conventional or predictable line in life. Therefore, you may strive to be more even-keeled or “normal”. Yet, even if you try to be like everyone else, your strangeness and wildness will keep emerging in ways that eventually create overwhelming chaos. So, you have to develop a loving acceptance of your own weirdness. You might be haunted by feelings of being misunderstood but if you stop and realize that we all feel misunderstood, at times, you’ll see this as a human struggle.

When you transcend your ego, you will be able to show a lack of judgment toward other people. An amazing tolerance will emerge when you are truly selfless, as you will be able to completely treat others like equal human beings, regardless of any superficial trappings. It’s just one way that you can intuitively think outside the box. You are attuned to the innovator and the inventor within everyone. So, your psychic channels are very open to different, non-mainstream forms of spirituality. Your artistic expression will also be wild, experimental, and unpredictable.

Pisces in the 12th House and/or Neptune in the 12th House
Self-delusion can be particularly powerful with you, as you can fool yourself into thinking whatever you want to think. But, you can especially run from the very sensitive, fragile, fluid side of yourself. You were conditioned to behave in stronger, tougher, more assertive ways. So, it can be tough for you to accept just how tender and transcendent you are. This ends up emerging as an overwhelming sensitivity that mysteriously drains you, as well as an unhealthy, dramatic escapism. You have to accept that to be human is to be full of fragilities, hopes, dreams, and all sorts of facets. Then, you will be able to truly understand the vast Universe that’s inside of yourself.

You are capable of amazing egolessness once you nail the art of truly surrendering. You will achieve this selflessness by simply giving without expecting much of anything back. This charitable, compassionate nature must be expressed in ways that will genuinely touch and heal others. You possess a very wide ranging understanding of other people, as you are in touch with all sorts of archetypes. So, you can step into anyone’s shoes, which helps you enormously as an artist. On a spiritual level, you can speak the mysterious language of spirituality as if it were a native tongue.


  1. Hi,

    Interesting analysis again, but it's left me slightly confused as my 12H Saturn in Scorpio conjuncts my South Node, so I'm not sure whether I'm coming or going in regards to this, as the SN is what I easily fall back into but the 12H stuff indicates I need to focus on this as well...?

    1. My SN is in the 11th as well, to make it even more confusing....

    2. Well, since the South Node and Saturn aren't in the same house, they're a little bit separated, even though they're conjunct. Either way, planets conjunct the South Node represent very natural talents. You can "do" whatever that planet represents without even thinking about it. But, you just have to balance that energy out with the North Node or else it'll get counterproductive or negative. So, yes, with a 12th House Saturn, it is your duty to focus on these things and as long as you're doing it with consciousness and higher intentions, you'll be fine.

  2. The other night, I had a dream where I got angry because I felt like the world just wouldn't let me express my feelings, like I was trapped in an emotional cage, which is a reflection of the nagging feeling I feel in my waking life at times, but refuse to confront or admit. I first I thought nothing of this dream, and then came to the realization that I only do it to myself. Sure, people can sometimes discourage me from expressing my feelings or not, but they can't actually control whether I do or not. That's all my doing. I have Cancer in the 12th house.

    1. Interesting. Yes, we definitely have to awaken ourselves to whatever is in the 12th. Is your 12th House empty?

    2. Yes, it's an empty. However, the moon is in my 10th house, and I don't really know what that means in connection with my 12th house.

  3. I'm quite confused because I'm a Capricorn rising but I also have Capricorn in the 12th house... how would you interpret that?

    1. Someone just asked this. Two people, actually. So, I'm just copying and pasting my reply to them. :)

      That's an interesting thing when the 12th House and 1st House cusp are the same. In a way, the person both denies and claims that sign's energy. They're doing it but don't think they're doing it. So, the denial may be more dramatic, in that case, and can make the person seem very deluded.

      Most of the time, the 12th House energies are more successfully hidden from others. I've read a few people say that everyone can see them but you. I don't think that's true exactly. I think the 12th House energy just ends up emerging in very indirect or elusive ways. Unless, it's the same sign as the 1st House sign. Then, it's being directly expressed but denied at the same time. Very confusing, for others and for the person, but it will take some honesty for the other person to stop and realize what they're doing. When they do, they can learn to be a sort of vehicle for what they sign stands for. In this case, the 12th House energy will be brought out into the light much more but still must be expressed selflessly.

  4. Can you, please, tell me about Venus conjuct North node in the 12th house in Leo? What is the task?

  5. Thank you for these insightful descriptions! I have Leo duplicated as my 12th House and Ascendant, and what you wrote here is exactly what I've recently come to realize (with help from Uranus and Pluto transits to my Sun and Moon). I was denying who I was in an attempt to please others and fill roles for them to the detriment of myself, and over time I fragmented my identity. What you wrote as a response to someone else with a 12th house/ 1st house duplication also applies so well. I never understood how others saw me or what they saw in me because I was too busy suppressing my self-expression, but eventually I'd love to help others by being a sort of vehicle for the bright, beautiful things that Leo energy stands for.
    Thanks for wording things so well :)

  6. Hello MR. Stewart! I enjoy your blog very much. I have the last half of Taurus and first half of Gemini in 12th, and both fit very well. Do you work any with Chiron, because that and Vesta are in my 12th. Would be curious what you think. Thank you!

  7. Awesome article. I have Capricorn on the cusp of the 12th, with Uranus, Neptune and ceres conjunct. Lilith and mars also in the 12th in Aquarius (5 degrees apart). And Chiron rx opposes Lilith exactly. Any thoughts?

  8. 12th house Mars ♈ 1°29'
    Rising ♈ 26°26'
    ♓ in 12th house cuspid 28°55'


  9. bang on for me! Piceas 12h w/saturnR, moon and chiron.

  10. Thank you for all your blogs especially the one about 12th house saturn, it actually cured my depression for the time being and i feel safer and healthier within myself again :)

  11. My Venus/Mars/Acsending sign are in the houses of 1 and 12 and is Aries. Could you give me some insight to this. Thanks

  12. This is so well explained :)

  13. Can you, please, tell me about Venus conjuct North node in the 12th house in Leo?

  14. hello! what if the ruler of my 12th house saturn, is placed in my 1st house and the ruler of my 1st house uranus, is placed in my 12th house?? I've always had this doubt

  15. You truly have a talent. I have never understood my Aries in my 12th house until now, but this explanation is spot on