Friday, April 29, 2016

Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius Transit: Work on Freeing Yourself

First off, I want to apologize for the absence. It’s been over two weeks since I’ve made a post and that’s unusual for me. I think I just needed some time to unplug and recharge from the blog, thanks to the constant work in other areas of my life. But, now, let’s get started again, shall we? I’ll be doing a lot more posts now to catch up, especially as I have more time on my hands. I’ve been really paying attention to the recent Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius transit. I think it’s really interesting and I can see how much it’s been affecting me and my life. Throughout this time, I believe that we’re being pushed to truly free ourselves and to work hard toward this attitude.

The Saturn in Sagittarius transit is about knowing that freedom and responsibility aren’t mutually exclusive. The mistake many people make about becoming an “adult” is that they believe that it means that you can’t have fun anymore or that your life, as you know it, is now over. If you actually have Saturn in Sagittarius in your birth chart, this is a fear and a worry that you’re living with and overcoming. Right now, you’re going through your Saturn Return in Sagittarius which is teaching you that you’re actually going to realize your true responsibility in life by finding your freedom. With this placement, that is your duty and your purpose. If you understand how to broaden your horizons in self-sufficient and purposeful ways, then you will end up achieving self-mastery.

But, during this time, all of us are learning that lesson. Whatever house is being transited by the Sagittarius Saturn in your birth chart is where you’re figuring out how to free yourself yet in a responsible manner. If it’s in your 6th House right now, you’re finding liberation in terms of your daily tasks and routines, as well as your health and your mental-physical connection. If it’s passing through your 8th House, you’re going to spend the remaining year or so learning about freedom within the realm of intimacy. It’s just that, if it’s your actual Saturn Return in Sagittarius, the house is obviously going to be impacted more powerfully. This is a more enlightening Saturn transit where we discover the success and strength we can manifest through expanded possibilities.

Now, what about Mars in Sagittarius? Mars is about taking action and getting what you want. It’s assertive, aggressive, and competitive. So, this Mars in Sagittarius transit is teaching us to take action and assert ourselves through freeing ourselves. It’s an energy that’s about acting on faith. We’re all feeling somewhat more reckless and intrepid nowadays because of it, as well as more hopeful. But, it’s interesting that the Sagittarius Mars is now conjunct the Sagittarius Saturn, which will proceed throughout this month. It’s a powerful blend of the hopeful, faithful, inspired quality of Sagittarius and the realistic, hardworking, dutiful nature of Saturn.

So, how should we experience this transit? It’s about working hard to find our faith. We should feel very motivated, during this time, to go after the vision of bigger, better things. Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius is the kind of energy that can make people quit their jobs in order to do what they really love. But, of course, Saturn still wants you to be responsible about it. Saturn in Sagittarius is a contradiction and a fine balance because of that. So, live with the wind in your hair and take that risk. But, at the same time, do it shrewdly. Get another job lined up before you quit this one, all while trusting in the Universe and knowing that the new job will fall into your lap.

This is a major lesson for Sagittarius Saturn people, many of whom settle for a mundane, boring existence instead of living out their truth. It might seem frightening to you to be that adventurous and that free-spirited. But, just know that there are practical ways to do it. Your Saturn Return in Sagittarius is teaching you that and with transiting Mars conjunct, you’re getting an extra kick in the pants. We cannot really get away with not learning our lesson during our Saturn Return. If we try to, we will experience the consequences. But, I feel like, if you have transiting Mars conjunct your Saturn during this time, your ass is going to be kicked even harder by the consequences. You are meant to be an adventurer, so do not back down from the challenge.

Even though this isn’t my Saturn sign, I’m experiencing this transit quite strongly. It’s falling into my 11th House. So, where am I being challenged to have adventures, make discoveries, and be free? First off, in terms of expecting the unexpected. I cannot tell you how many out-of-the-blue things have been happening to me lately that have either slowed me down or thwarted my expectations. Saturn transiting my 11th House has been forcing me lately to have zero expectations. In many ways, this has been wonderful for me. I credit this transit for really helping me access and develop my North Node in Aquarius, since Aquarius rules the 11th. Before Mars entered the picture, it was mostly beneficial. But, ever since Mars has also entered my 11th House, I’ve had to roll with harder punches. Yet, stepping back to look at it with that Aquarius/11th House detachment, I’ve realized that even though my life feels highly chaotic now, it really hasn’t been that difficult. It’s just that my expectations have been making it hard, making me feel like certain things “should” be happening.

Well, I’m letting go of that and that’s how I’m working toward my freedom. Every time I have some preconceived notion of how things are going to happen, Saturn makes me feel the consequences. So, I have to stay more objective. And since having no expectations and being objective is the agenda of my North Node in Aquarius, I’m really benefiting from that. I’m learning how to stop striving to live up to some conventional image of the life I should be leading or who I should be, which is also awakening my inner Aquarius eccentric. Also, a big 11th House theme is very casual friendships and associations. Transiting Saturn is actually in a nearly exact trine to my 7th House Sun right now. The 7th House is close, personal friendship. And I’ve over-identified (Sun) for so long with being “the best friend” and have been so enmeshed with and close to my best buddies. But, Mars and Saturn’s transit through my 11th has put some significant distance in those relationships (not ending them, just distancing them), forcing me to widen my network.

I have succeeded and have made a lot of new buddies and do virtually every weekend (I also go out way more than I used to, due to that 11th House yearning to regularly be “amongst the people”). But, the vast majority of them are just casual acquaintances and associates, all of whom unpredictably come and go. It was lonesome for a while yet I’m accepting the healthy distance now. Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius are trying to free me by giving me a lot of personal space and allowing me to see the value in connecting to people from that distance. I can’t hang on to anyone anymore. It’s awakened the other element of my Aquarius North Node that just wants to treat everyone equally. So, I can treat people I just met like an old friend now, much more than I used to be able to, because I’m not being blinded by any favoritism toward anyone. I also feel like this is a very important transit for me because it’s the Saturn transit right before my Saturn Return, which is always a crucial time of preparation. And I can see how some of the lessons I’m learning now are preparing me for my upcoming Saturn Return in the 12th: letting go of expectations, being more intuitive, having a love of all of humanity, embracing aloneness, etc.

I’ve learned by now that whatever house Saturn is transiting, you have to just let it do its work. You’re going to feel it so strongly and there will be difficulties. But, you just have to be open to whatever it’s trying to teach you. So, allow yourself to be liberated in the house that Saturn in Sagittarius is transiting. Be receptive to its wisdom and you’ll actually find yourself feeling bigger and better than ever in that house, whether it’s as a partner (7th House), as an individual (1st House), as a communicator (3rd House), etc. And with Mars’ presence here, there is an extra challenge during these days for you to measure up. If you resist, it’s going to be really difficult. But, if you let Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius possibly take certain things away from you, in this house, you will realize that you feel lighter, freer, and more inspired without them.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

North Node in Virgo: The Efficient Soul

***Also for if you have the North Node in the 6th House

With your North Node in Virgo, this is a lifetime that’s about getting your stuff together. Your greatest potential lies in being able to develop your latent powers of organization, finding a clear sense of order in the midst of a lot of chaos. When the North Node is in any of the Earth signs, the process of growing on a spiritual level is sort of a contradiction. Through this placement, your spiritual growth comes from being able to handle reality and practicality. What your soul really wants is to just roll up its sleeves and get things done. This is why the greatest soul-expression for you is one that’s effective, productive, and specific. You are the efficient soul, feeling deeply fulfilled by any sort of system, method, or checklist that will aid you in your work from day to day.

In order to realize this potential within, you have to overcome the pitfalls of your South Node. The Virgo North Node gives you a Pisces South Node. So, there is a part of you that is not organized at all. In fact, it’s much easier and more comfortable for you to just drift along in a very nonlinear fashion, not trying too much to make logical sense out of anything or anyone, including yourself. Now, the good thing about having the South Node in Pisces is that you are blessed with an innately spiritual, metaphysical mentality. You already know the meaning of blissful acceptance, allowing the Universe, God, Goddess, or whatever Greater Force you believe in (and the vast majority of Pisces South Node folks believe in some Higher Power) have its way. You are capable of amazing inner peace, as a result. You are also innately compassionate toward other people, easily putting yourself in their shoes, and naturally imaginative in ways that can give life a very magical feeling.

The issues you encounter, though, involve being so intent on surrendering your will to something or someone bigger than yourself that you forget or neglect to do the work you need to do. Thanks to the Pisces South Node, you’re so busy letting go that it’s all too easy for you to lose your grip altogether. This doesn’t just mean having unrealistic or delusional expectations. It can also mean becoming increasingly irrational, to the point where you feel like you’re losing your mind. These are all problems that have stemmed from your past life. The South Node represents the most recent or a very recent past life and the things that weren’t resolved during that time. I usually say that many people don’t believe in past lives. But, if you have the South Node in Pisces, you most likely not only believe in past lives but feel profoundly connected to yours. Pisces is a very karmic sign and, with the South Node in this sign, you live out your past-life karma in a very powerful way.

You were a highly spiritual being in your past life. A very common interpretation of this placement is a past life as a nun or a monk. Now, of course, you could have lived in a convent or a monastery. But, it’s more complex than that. You might have just been someone who was very dedicated to their spiritual life in this former existence, in a way that made you not feel of this world. Pisces South Node folks usually struggled with an attitude of persecution, isolation, and/or self-victimization in their past life. It was so easy for you to feel like a victim who nobody cared about in a harsh, cold world. However, you continued to serve as an unworldly example by being very empathetic, forgiving, and accepting. Maybe you were constantly taken advantage of because of that, only repeating the cycle of feeling like a victim. Little did you realize, though, that this was your own doing. You were only a victim in this life because you chose to be.

A past life of intentional suffering is a big theme with the Pisces South Node. Playing the role of the martyr as well as the victim, indulging in patterns of endless self-sacrifice, fueled this suffering. Somehow, you felt like you were supposed to do this. You were always supposed to be selfless and kind and unconditionally loving. But, this mindset made you fail to create strong boundaries, for others as well as for yourself. Just as you might have been terribly deceived and taken advantage of, you also could be very deceptive and a sponge toward others. Because you never really got your act together, you were always someone who was in need, taking the charity of other people in one way or another. Instead of learning to help yourself, you were more than willing to be helped, particularly because you never knew how to insist that others help themselves, either.

This placement also typically shows someone who was an artist in their past life. You might have made it a profession or it might have just been a private hobby. Either way, it only aided your ability to completely get lost in your fantasies. Pisces South Node people were often the typical tortured artists in their former life. While you possessed exceptional talent and vision, your giftedness ended up haunting you and causing you self-destruction. You could’ve become a drug addict or an alcoholic, too sensitive to handle your problems without self-medicating. You could’ve allowed your vivid imagination to make you highly deluded. This made you someone who became more and more removed from reality. Severe isolation could’ve resulted, as the world became too overwhelming or harsh for you, forcing you to live in your own little world. Such isolation drove you increasingly nuts, to the point of serious emotional disorders or a full-on breakdown.

All of these problems were never resolved in your past life. So, they have been carried over into this life in order to be dealt with, once and for all. More than the average person, you are particularly haunted by the weight of your past life. This karmic debt could be something you’re virtually drowning in now. These issues have also had a very powerful influence on your past in this lifetime, as well. So, when does the breakthrough moment occur when you are finally ready to embrace your North Node in Virgo? It can come from you spending so much time feeling like you’re losing your mind that you’re desperate to gain clarity and better judgment. It can be that you’re sick of feeling like life is always taking a dump on you and you want to figure out how to turn all of your problems around. It might also be that you’re tired of having such terrible boundaries and feel this yearning to be more discerning and to not have to be full of unconditional love all the time.

This is when your Virgo North Node has been awakened. Throughout your highly chaotic past, a part of you has developed within that just wants to make sense out of all of this. While it’s more of a kneejerk reaction for you to just let go and let the problem become resolved, it actually still leaves you in a state of anxiety. Focusing too much on the South Node leaves one feeling empty and dissatisfied. With the South Node in Pisces, when you stay in that state of surrender too often or for too long, then you are actually just going to feel worse. Temporary bliss may come but followed by greater worry, then growing paranoia, depression, and full-on craziness. And the trick is that the Universe has a way of denying us of what our South Node wants until we learn to develop our North Node. So, the more you try to just let go and forget your problems, the worse and worse your problems will become. This ends up building to a critical degree, leaving you stuck with a giant mess on your hands and no idea what to do.

Well, the solution is to clean up the mess! Your North Node in Virgo is the part of your soul that just wants to fix these problems you have on your hands. Due to the powerful fantasy life and deep sense of spirituality of the Pisces South Node, you have a way of thinking that things are supposed to just happen like magic. You can definitely be one of those people who believes that blessings are supposed to fall out of the sky or appear to you whenever you need them. Life doesn’t exactly work that way for any of us. But, for you, it’s definitely not going to work that way. Instead, you need to just buckle down and get real. Things are not going to happen, change, or get fixed until you put in the hard work and the practical effort. In this lifetime, you are meant to develop the side of yourself that knows how to be productive and how to work for positive results.

Accessing, expressing, and strengthening this efficient higher self will put you on the right track. Of course, there is a balance that is required with the Nodes. You are not supposed to give up your imagination and your free-flowing approach altogether. The South Node is made to be transformed, not left behind. And it’s what brings out the very best in your North Node. Unlike many people with personal planets in Virgo, your way of working hard and getting results is not going to be anal-retentive or obsessive-compulsive. The natural fluidity that you’re born with actually puts you in that magical state of flow: where you’re working so hard that it’s like you get totally lost in another world. For Virgo North Node people, work is often a positive substitute for their addictive, escapist tendencies. You can get lost in your work yet also not be a workaholic.

You will also understand how to use your gift of visualization and imagination to turn your plans into a reality. Fantasizing about doing something practical and then taking all of the necessary steps to make that practical vision happen is one of the best ways to balance out your Nodes. You’re off-track spiritually if you’re just fantasizing for the sake of fantasizing. You can get so utterly lost in your internal life than whole hours, possibly even days, pass you by without you realizing it. “Where did the time go?”, you ask, which is why it can be so easy for you to run late on a regular basis. Instead of living in a state of timelessness, you are actually supposed to be managing your time. Your soul really wants to run on a reliable, consistent schedule. Having routine in your life is going to keep you fulfilled and prevent you from stagnating into a very passive, careless state.

Disciplining yourself to use your reflective, introspective periods for something useful is the key to your growth. And yes, you might actually be an artist. A lot of Virgo North Node people are. But, even as an artist, you need to maintain a firm self-discipline. You can’t afford to be one of those artists who just lives off of inspiration and only goes with the flow. You must work really hard at it, doing something with all that imagination, soul, and intuition. It’s why North Node in Virgo artists really benefit from having formal training and also from consistently forcing themselves to practice and to master their skills. You must live by “practice makes perfect”, discovering your latent skill of working harder than three people put together in order to master a skill or deliver a service.

Through this heightened awareness, you’ll learn that if you put half the energy you put into your free time into working, you’d be able to accomplish so much more. When you talk about addictions with this placement, it doesn’t just mean drugs and alcohol, which is the tricky thing about how this energy manifests. You can be just as much of an addict when it comes to binge-watching movies or television shows, listening to music, browsing the Internet, sleeping, etc. Anything that takes you away from the present moment can become an insatiable addiction. It’s why you have to moderate these activities. It’s not that you can’t enjoy them. But, when you feel yourself gravitating toward them in order to out-run feelings, problems, or pressing realities, you have to avoid them, stop and figure out what’s actually going on.

As a person with the North Node in Virgo, you cannot be one of those people who is just content to get stuck in their feelings without finding a solution. This will definitely cause you to be a drain to others but it can also cause you to attract really draining people who just want to complain and don’t want to help themselves. Your past experience of dealing with lost causes as well as being quite a lost cause yourself can make it tempting to just give in to them with displays of sympathy and kindness. But, you need to take a different approach. I’m not saying don’t be compassionate. Your empathy is a wonderful gift. Yet, you need to use that empathy in a practical way. Figure out how you can make the other person feel better. And I don’t just mean saying “there, there, everything will be okay.” Come up with a plan. Your higher self is a planner and you must utilize your natural intuition to guide you toward the best plan, for others’ happiness and your own.

If they are not willing to receive your help, then you have to let them go. This is how things need to change for you. Instead of constantly letting go in order to avoid your problems, you have to let go of the things and the people that will only bring more problems into your life. If you have a friend who’s so self-absorbed and needy that they monopolize your time and resources too much, just pick up the phone less when they call. Maybe you can stop speaking to them for a while or even clearly tell them, “I think we need a break.” The same thing goes for your relatives, co-workers, partners/spouses, children, the people on the subway, etc. You just give and give and give. If you stepped back and realized how much emotional energy you let people sap from you, you’d be amazed. You’ve got to set some limits! And that requires you to use your judgment.

The North Node in Virgo allows you to realize your full potential when you unlock your ability to judge people; within reason, of course. In spite of your tenderhearted feeling of oneness with humanity, you have an inner voice that can’t help but say things like, “Wow, what an asshole” or “He doesn’t seem very bright” or “She’s a very superficial person.” Since you’re more comfortable with being unconditionally accepting or loving, you can be quite horrified and uneasy with your more critical side. But, the fact is that being able to judge others is a part of your humanity. We all do it, to some degree. And you know what? It’s often necessary. Even though we shouldn’t judge other people to the point of cruelty or coldness, we do need to make objective assessments of others to figure out how to deal with them. But, if you’re too busy not only being a beacon of Love and Light but not seeing the faults of others clearly, you won’t be able to do this and you’ll be falling short of your higher self. Instead of always seeing the good in others, you sometimes need to see the bad, in order to get a clearer view of them and to deal with them in a healthier way.

Yes, no one will ever be all bad. But, your Pisces South Node’s ability to gloss over other people’s faults and wrongdoings can make you a magnet for all sorts of toxic, abusive, dysfunctional, or just plain disappointing individuals and relationships. If you can stop and say, “No, no. This is messed up”, you’ll be strengthening your acute vision. It can feel very painful to hear the stained-glass illusion you have of someone else or a situation in your life shatter. But, this is the path that you need to take in order to figure out how to deal with the person or the situation. The Virgo North Node wants to fix and to correct. But, you cannot do that unless you stop to truly figure out what needs fixing and correcting. Keeping a journal for all of your observations, ideas, and thoughts would be perfect, as well. Analysis is a wonderful skill of yours, once you take the time to develop it. Trust your intuition but not to a blind degree. Critical thinking is the way to go for you.

A wonderful intelligence results from this. Not only can you understand how to do things efficiently but you can figure out how to say them just as efficiently. You have the soul of a real intellectual, capable of communicating in very articulate, precise ways. The more you remain interested in the specifics of things, the more you will feel your brainpower being strengthened. North Node in Virgo people make for great listeners, analyzing your every word, as they are discovering their ability to figure out all the little details of things. Throughout your process of growth, you will surprise yourself with how clear of a thinker and speaker you can be. You possess a level of common-sense intelligence that can get you through each and every day with great effectiveness. Your soul’s higher level of expression will cause people to turn to you, left and right, for advice, assistance, and constructive criticism. You’ll be very fulfilled by serving people in this way, understanding that teaching a man to fish is a rather underrated, understated form of compassion. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Difference between the Ascendant and the Midheaven

One of the bigger questions in astrology is just what is the difference between the Ascendant and the Midheaven? It’s an interesting, nuanced subject because both of these angles and their respective houses – the 1st House and the 10th House – represent your “image”. But, when it comes to the difference between the two, they’re about the ways in which you project that image. One is on a large, widespread scale (the Midheaven) and one is on a smaller, more immediate scale (the Ascendant). Also, I like to see it as the Midheaven being the specific image that you aim to present or end up presenting. The Midheaven, after all, is a goal. The Ascendant, meanwhile, is a motivation. So, it’s more so a general image that is just a pattern throughout your life.

Confusing? Well, let’s look at it this way. When we consider the Ascendant and the 1st House, we consider a person’s general outlook on life. This is the usually called the “house of self.” I like to re-define that, because it can be so misleading, and call it the “house of personal perspective.” I’ve already written an article on the Sun versus the Ascendant, saying that the Sun is the self while the Ascendant is the role that the self plays. It’s not as simple as calling it a mask. It’s more so a set of behaviors that stem from an attitude that has just been ingrained in you throughout life. Therefore, whatever’s going in your 1st House says a lot about the way you approach life.

The 1st House has a way of touching everything. All the other houses are following the trail that your 1st House/Ascendant blazes. Meanwhile, the 10th House/Midheaven is on its own plane. It is the most elevated point in your chart. All your other houses are a little jealous of your Midheaven, trying or yearning to get on its level but never really being able to. This is why the Midheaven is so associated with fame and why we see famous people so heavily through their Midheaven and any aspects to it. While the Ascendant is your approach to life, the Midheaven represents your goals in life. But, you kind of need one to get the other. It’s why both of these angles can feel so interchangeable and they do have a way of really feeding each other.

Both angles show how people view us from a certain distance, whether it’s a literal distance or a metaphorical one. Their opposing angles, the Descendant/7th House and the Nadir/4th House, are much more up close and personal, showing the way that our romantic partners and good friends (7th House) and the people who we call family (4th House) experience us. The 1st and 10th House, however, are less personal. Strangers can see us through either angle, depending on how they’re viewing us. People we’ve just met or have only briefly known are leaning more toward our Ascendant. Bosses, co-workers, and other professional collaborators are getting more of a taste of our Midheaven. When someone knows you but doesn’t know you, they are looking at you through either the 1st or the 10th. That’s not to say that either angle is false or just an act. But, there is a sense of strategy to these placements that allows us to navigate the world.

Let’s say you’re out at your party. Anyone who is not too familiar with you is going to experience either angle. When they’re just looking at you from across the room, they’re looking at your Midheaven and any planets that might be conjunct it. While we don’t really “look” like our Midheaven, we are going to seem like it. I think the Midheaven is how you would make your way through the party; your “goal” in that situation. What do you want the night to be like? How do you want people to talk about you (or not talk about you) after? Whether you freely socialize and talk to everyone, try to get attention, remain a wallflower, or just stick to the few people you know, you are on a certain mission at the party via your Midheaven.

Now, if someone strolled up to you and began talking to you, then they would be getting your Ascendant and anything conjunct it. Your Ascendant is how you’re going to carry yourself and behave at the party; your “approach” in the situation. Again, it’s rather similar but also different. Your Midheaven may cause you to stick to your squad that night or gravitate toward the center of attention but the Ascendant will determine how you do so: loudly, quietly, glamorously, unpretentiously, etc. It’s especially visible when you’re dealing with new or not-so-familiar people. I like to say that the Ascendant is how you initiate people into your get-to-know-me-process. What do they have to “get through” in order to get to you? Weirdness, niceness, talkativeness, coolness, seriousness? Since the Ascendant is ruled by Mars, we sort of challenge new people through its expression, seeing if they’ve got what it takes to pass through the gates to the more personal “us.”

It’s interesting if you measure this in regards to the same placement on the Ascendant and the Midheaven. Let’s take Taurus, for example. Now, if you have a Taurus Ascendant, right off the bat, you are going to strike people as being grounded, sensual, calm, and reliable. At the party, you’re going to shake hands and meet people with level-headed common sense and an easygoing, relaxed spirit. So, people will get the immediate impression that you’re down-to-earth, as this is your approach to life. Yet, if you have a Taurus Midheaven, your reputation is for being down-to-earth and level-headed. This is something people can observe in you, from a distance, without you even having to speak to them. Since your goal is to be secure and stable, you will be observed as having both feet on solid ground, in some sense. The more people associate with you, the more they will achieve this relationship with you that feels so solid and substantial. Then, inevitably, your widespread image in your community is of being grounded, sensual, calm, and reliable.

It’d be the same way with planets conjunct either angle. Someone with the Sun conjunct the Ascendant is immediately seen as very confident, charismatic, warm, and lively. Someone with their Sun conjunct the Midheaven, meanwhile, will engage in public efforts that, over time, display just how confident, charismatic, warm, and lively they are. The Sun on the Ascendant acts like the king or queen, while the Sun on the Midheaven achieves the status of the king or queen. This goes on and on. Both angles are clearly powerful ways to make your mark. It’s just that one needs to be worked for (Midheaven), while the other one is what you just automatically do (Ascendant). 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mercury-Jupiter Aspects: The Preacher

If Mercury is conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Jupiter in your birth chart, you’re the preacher. This is a combination that can make you either an inspiring or an overwhelming person to mentally engage with. Mercury rules how we communicate with other people, while Jupiter is about the beliefs and the particular faith that we have in life. So, it makes sense that a Mercury-Jupiter aspect in one’s natal chart gives them a yearning to communicate (Mercury) their faith (Jupiter). But, just how are you doing that? Because, as beneficial as Jupiter can be, it’s not all good, like some may think (just as a feared planet like Saturn has plenty of positives). The downside of Jupiter is over-doing it. With Mercury in aspect to Jupiter, you can very easily get a person who over-does it when it comes to speaking their faith, not knowing when to stop preaching to others.

So, the downside of these aspects is an obnoxious self-righteousness. It tends to be more evident in those with the harsher aspects, like the square and the opposition. The conjunction can go either way, as it’s such a seamless expression of the aspect’s energy that it can either be very positive or rather challenging, often switching between the two. Those with the sextile or the trine seem to understand how to communicate their beliefs without shoving them down people’s throats. But, even they have their moments. Essentially, this all comes from the fact that you have a tough time separating opinions from facts. Mercury is an objective, logical, factual planet. Meanwhile, Jupiter is all about what you believe, which is highly subjective. When you merge the two, you get someone who feels as if what they believe is a fact and that, of course, is not always the case.

This is an attitude that goes all the way back to your grade school years. I think that Mercury represents how we dealt with school, from elementary to high school. And for those with a Mercury-Jupiter aspect, school was not so much a time of learning but of discovering. People regularly associate Jupiter with teaching. But, recently, I’ve come to realize that Mercury is actually the teacher, as it deals with the facts. Jupiter is the guide, showing you the way toward discoveries that are greater than facts. For this reason, Mercury-Jupiter people usually do much better in college (unless they have the square or the opposition) than they did in grade school. In college, you’re encouraged to give your opinions a lot more. With this placement, this is right up your alley. You didn’t want to just spit out the facts in school. You wanted to give your perspective.

As a result, you might have excelled in any sort of subject that required you to think in bigger, broader terms. In high school, the Advanced Placement classes typically require this of their students, preparing you for college, in this sense. You could’ve taken to those classes easily and readily. In fact, you really wanted to as whatever Jupiter touches, there is a yearning to “go big” in that area. So, when it came to school, you did really strive to be one of the smartest kids in your class. Even if you didn’t work hard toward this and other things got in the way, like peer pressures or self-doubt or whatever else, you still had a very idealistic vision of yourself being an amazing student. But, an overly casual attitude might have been the problem. Unless you have a Mercury-Saturn aspect, or Mercury in Virgo or Capricorn, you didn’t really want to work to get to the top of the class. You just thought it would be really awesome to be there.

So, often times, you see the Mercury-Jupiter teenagers who take all the shortcuts to academic glory. You might not have cheated, per se, unless your Mercury is in Scorpio or Pisces, because the “honor code” may have been too important to you. But, instead, you were probably that student who didn’t study or do their paper until the night before or who was very lax about attending class or paying attention while in class. Yet, Jupiter is where we get lucky. So, lucky you: you still had a way of usually passing your classes even with minimal effort. But, this set you up for a learning pattern that showed that you didn’t have to apply too much effort to know something. You just believed you already knew it. It’s actually an amazing mental trick that follows you throughout life: if you approach information with that “I got it” attitude, you are usually able to get an A on the test, so to speak. But, of course, this can only take you so far.

Your academic sloppiness might have frustrated your teachers, at times, especially when you challenged their own grip on the facts. This can turn into downright hubris for some Mercury-Jupiter kids and adolescents. You didn’t have to show your work on that math test, you thought. You got the right answer. The facts behind it didn’t matter all that much to you. It’s also why, when you questioned what the teacher was telling you, you probably didn’t hesitate to speak out against him or her and, likely, in front of the whole class. Having a big mouth is a symptom of the Mercury-Jupiter aspect and this developed early. It’s the kind of thing that could’ve made the teacher feel like you were trying to take over the class. You not only communicated like a know-it-all but like a class-clown, as well, which made it even worse. When you look back and remember that boy or girl in the 9th grade who could never be quiet, stop making jokes, or otherwise go ignored in class, they definitely could’ve have Mercury in aspect to Jupiter in their chart.

All this means that the process of learning, for you, is hard to get through without mouthing off. Mercury-Jupiter people are usually big-time interrupters, as they have so much on their mind that they want to say and are so enthusiastic about saying it. With the harsher aspects, this can get seriously annoying to the other person who is just trying to get their point across. But, the problem is that you’re pretty presumptuous about what they’re going to say. Those with this placement take in just about anything with that “I already know that” attitude. So, even when you’re talking to them, they regularly assume that they already know what you’re going to tell them. What does this result in, though? The inevitable outcome of them getting it totally wrong, either putting their foot in their mouth or making a foolish choice off of what they assumed to be right.  

After all, Jupiter doesn’t unconditionally bring us good fortune. Just like they were regular occasions where you failed that test you hardly studied for (even though you hate to look back at your academic record as being anything but positive), there are the recurring moments now, in adulthood, where you “fail” in conversation with others because your mouth and/or brain made you too casual or too careless. Yes, there is a certain bluntness that can also come with these aspects. Again, you see your beliefs as facts. So, you can communicate your honest opinion in such a matter-of-fact way that you don’t stop to realize the damage that it might do. You believing that your friend’s hair looks terrible today or that your boss is a moron or that you’re in the right in your argument with your partner is not the same as saying two plus two equals four. Accepting that you’re not always right is a huge thing for Mercury-Jupiter individuals. If you can’t, then it can establish a barrier in your communication with others that’s hard to cross.

But, this is why I call you the preacher. Whatever your belief is, you stick to it. To a certain degree, all of our beliefs start to feel like facts. Yet, a lot of us can step back and realize that we’re mostly just being subjective. With the Mercury-Jupiter influence, that’s much harder for you. You’re like the person who believes God exists so absolutely that it becomes a die-hard fact. Your particular “religion” or “God” in life (which is what Jupiter stands for) is communicated in this way. That’s why there’s so much conviction behind whatever it is that you say. It’s also why you might end up being a bit too much in conversation, sometimes. People aren’t always in the mood for that fire and brimstone. If you have Mercury and/or Jupiter in a Fire sign, then this can definitely be a problem for you. You get so caught up in your convictions but, again, this is the way you comprehend things. It’s clear that the Mercury-Jupiter aspect is quite a contradiction and it requires a balance between your logical side and the side of you that is pure belief and faith.

Yet, this faith is the good thing about you. We all need faith in life! It helps us get through life, even when all the facts show us that things might not be so great. Since you have Mercury touching your Jupiter, you possess the ability to do this, overlooking the cut-and-dry facts in order to adopt a more inspired, positive mentality, which ends up making wonderful things happen. So, your belief that everything will work out to your benefit (Jupiter) becomes a form of logic (Mercury) and this is truly a good thing. This is another reason why you are the preacher. It’s because you are capable of thinking and speaking in a manner that will inspire others. After all, whether you agree with the preacher’s message or not, he or she just wants to uplift other people. Essentially, this is the way you are, as well. You might stand up on a soapbox a bit too often and you may have an exaggerated sense of right and wrong. But, in the end, when someone else is feeling down, the faith and the inspiration you think and speak with can really brighten up their day.

You make for an exciting conversationalist because of this. Jupiter is about adventure and with Jupiter in aspect to Mercury in your chart, every conversation has the potential to be an adventure. Those with the square or the opposition just often need to work through a pattern of either holding back their intellectual enthusiasm, which will bore and deplete them, or totally indulging in it, which will make them over-the-top in their communication. A more moderate approach can be developed, where you embark on these journeys of the mind without going overboard. With this placement, you love the feeling of never knowing where the conversation will go next. As a result, you are a much more spontaneous speaker, at your best, who loves the freedom of just saying whatever comes to mind, instead of operating on a limiting script. While Mercury-Uranus people speak in a more off-the-wall, weird, unpredictable fashion, Mercury-Jupiter people communicate best when they can be fully unleashed and uninhibited, which does often mean not having much of a filter.

At the same time, this is also what gives you the ability to talk so much. You can think a lot, too, sometimes more than necessary. Since Jupiter is about excess, the Mercury-Jupiter aspect means that you have an enormous amount of mental, intellectual energy. You would probably benefit from doing a lot of reading and/or writing, in order to get all of that out. You are chock-full of ideas, in more than one sense. You’re so full of ideas that it can be hard to figure out which ones to act on first. With Mercury representing our sense of humor, you are also full of ideas when it comes to jokes and making people laugh. For you, humor is freeing and enlightening. Your sense of humor is larger-than-life; not particularly restrained or understated. Even if there are other Mercury aspects in your chart that symbolize a dry or sophisticated wit, there is still a major part of you that just likes it really big, broad, and silly; the more “stupid” kind of comedy. You can be a total goofball, with a big laugh that’s hard to contain and an ability to bring just as much laughter out of others. In fact, others see you as so hilarious that you can even get a laugh when you’re not trying to be funny.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter: You have the potential to be the biggest know-it-all, with the conjunction, as you have the strongest belief, out of the other aspects, in whatever you say and think. It’s important for you to slow down and admit to the facts, sometimes. Yet, your amazing amount of mental faith is why you have such a resilient attitude and can be a total inspirational speaker.

Mercury square or opposite Jupiter: Thanks to having the square or the opposition, it’s hard for you to know, in your dialogue with others, when to reel it in. You might be insufferably opinionated, trying to hold your beliefs back but failing. Understanding when to communicate these beliefs is an important balance, which will allow you to use your words to genuinely uplift other people.

Mercury sextile or trine Jupiter: The sextile or the trine makes you the preacher with the message that’s gentler or easier to swallow. You simply have an enthusiastic, free, buoyant way of communicating with others. Although you usually stand your ground reasonably, you, too, can sometimes get swept up in your beliefs. So, remember the difference between opinion and fact.