Friday, April 29, 2016

Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius Transit: Work on Freeing Yourself

First off, I want to apologize for the absence. It’s been over two weeks since I’ve made a post and that’s unusual for me. I think I just needed some time to unplug and recharge from the blog, thanks to the constant work in other areas of my life. But, now, let’s get started again, shall we? I’ll be doing a lot more posts now to catch up, especially as I have more time on my hands. I’ve been really paying attention to the recent Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius transit. I think it’s really interesting and I can see how much it’s been affecting me and my life. Throughout this time, I believe that we’re being pushed to truly free ourselves and to work hard toward this attitude.

The Saturn in Sagittarius transit is about knowing that freedom and responsibility aren’t mutually exclusive. The mistake many people make about becoming an “adult” is that they believe that it means that you can’t have fun anymore or that your life, as you know it, is now over. If you actually have Saturn in Sagittarius in your birth chart, this is a fear and a worry that you’re living with and overcoming. Right now, you’re going through your Saturn Return in Sagittarius which is teaching you that you’re actually going to realize your true responsibility in life by finding your freedom. With this placement, that is your duty and your purpose. If you understand how to broaden your horizons in self-sufficient and purposeful ways, then you will end up achieving self-mastery.

But, during this time, all of us are learning that lesson. Whatever house is being transited by the Sagittarius Saturn in your birth chart is where you’re figuring out how to free yourself yet in a responsible manner. If it’s in your 6th House right now, you’re finding liberation in terms of your daily tasks and routines, as well as your health and your mental-physical connection. If it’s passing through your 8th House, you’re going to spend the remaining year or so learning about freedom within the realm of intimacy. It’s just that, if it’s your actual Saturn Return in Sagittarius, the house is obviously going to be impacted more powerfully. This is a more enlightening Saturn transit where we discover the success and strength we can manifest through expanded possibilities.

Now, what about Mars in Sagittarius? Mars is about taking action and getting what you want. It’s assertive, aggressive, and competitive. So, this Mars in Sagittarius transit is teaching us to take action and assert ourselves through freeing ourselves. It’s an energy that’s about acting on faith. We’re all feeling somewhat more reckless and intrepid nowadays because of it, as well as more hopeful. But, it’s interesting that the Sagittarius Mars is now conjunct the Sagittarius Saturn, which will proceed throughout this month. It’s a powerful blend of the hopeful, faithful, inspired quality of Sagittarius and the realistic, hardworking, dutiful nature of Saturn.

So, how should we experience this transit? It’s about working hard to find our faith. We should feel very motivated, during this time, to go after the vision of bigger, better things. Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius is the kind of energy that can make people quit their jobs in order to do what they really love. But, of course, Saturn still wants you to be responsible about it. Saturn in Sagittarius is a contradiction and a fine balance because of that. So, live with the wind in your hair and take that risk. But, at the same time, do it shrewdly. Get another job lined up before you quit this one, all while trusting in the Universe and knowing that the new job will fall into your lap.

This is a major lesson for Sagittarius Saturn people, many of whom settle for a mundane, boring existence instead of living out their truth. It might seem frightening to you to be that adventurous and that free-spirited. But, just know that there are practical ways to do it. Your Saturn Return in Sagittarius is teaching you that and with transiting Mars conjunct, you’re getting an extra kick in the pants. We cannot really get away with not learning our lesson during our Saturn Return. If we try to, we will experience the consequences. But, I feel like, if you have transiting Mars conjunct your Saturn during this time, your ass is going to be kicked even harder by the consequences. You are meant to be an adventurer, so do not back down from the challenge.

Even though this isn’t my Saturn sign, I’m experiencing this transit quite strongly. It’s falling into my 11th House. So, where am I being challenged to have adventures, make discoveries, and be free? First off, in terms of expecting the unexpected. I cannot tell you how many out-of-the-blue things have been happening to me lately that have either slowed me down or thwarted my expectations. Saturn transiting my 11th House has been forcing me lately to have zero expectations. In many ways, this has been wonderful for me. I credit this transit for really helping me access and develop my North Node in Aquarius, since Aquarius rules the 11th. Before Mars entered the picture, it was mostly beneficial. But, ever since Mars has also entered my 11th House, I’ve had to roll with harder punches. Yet, stepping back to look at it with that Aquarius/11th House detachment, I’ve realized that even though my life feels highly chaotic now, it really hasn’t been that difficult. It’s just that my expectations have been making it hard, making me feel like certain things “should” be happening.

Well, I’m letting go of that and that’s how I’m working toward my freedom. Every time I have some preconceived notion of how things are going to happen, Saturn makes me feel the consequences. So, I have to stay more objective. And since having no expectations and being objective is the agenda of my North Node in Aquarius, I’m really benefiting from that. I’m learning how to stop striving to live up to some conventional image of the life I should be leading or who I should be, which is also awakening my inner Aquarius eccentric. Also, a big 11th House theme is very casual friendships and associations. Transiting Saturn is actually in a nearly exact trine to my 7th House Sun right now. The 7th House is close, personal friendship. And I’ve over-identified (Sun) for so long with being “the best friend” and have been so enmeshed with and close to my best buddies. But, Mars and Saturn’s transit through my 11th has put some significant distance in those relationships (not ending them, just distancing them), forcing me to widen my network.

I have succeeded and have made a lot of new buddies and do virtually every weekend (I also go out way more than I used to, due to that 11th House yearning to regularly be “amongst the people”). But, the vast majority of them are just casual acquaintances and associates, all of whom unpredictably come and go. It was lonesome for a while yet I’m accepting the healthy distance now. Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius are trying to free me by giving me a lot of personal space and allowing me to see the value in connecting to people from that distance. I can’t hang on to anyone anymore. It’s awakened the other element of my Aquarius North Node that just wants to treat everyone equally. So, I can treat people I just met like an old friend now, much more than I used to be able to, because I’m not being blinded by any favoritism toward anyone. I also feel like this is a very important transit for me because it’s the Saturn transit right before my Saturn Return, which is always a crucial time of preparation. And I can see how some of the lessons I’m learning now are preparing me for my upcoming Saturn Return in the 12th: letting go of expectations, being more intuitive, having a love of all of humanity, embracing aloneness, etc.

I’ve learned by now that whatever house Saturn is transiting, you have to just let it do its work. You’re going to feel it so strongly and there will be difficulties. But, you just have to be open to whatever it’s trying to teach you. So, allow yourself to be liberated in the house that Saturn in Sagittarius is transiting. Be receptive to its wisdom and you’ll actually find yourself feeling bigger and better than ever in that house, whether it’s as a partner (7th House), as an individual (1st House), as a communicator (3rd House), etc. And with Mars’ presence here, there is an extra challenge during these days for you to measure up. If you resist, it’s going to be really difficult. But, if you let Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius possibly take certain things away from you, in this house, you will realize that you feel lighter, freer, and more inspired without them.


  1. I am always confused,how do we count Houses? Do we use the Sun or the Ascendant? Because I've noticed that many times counting from the Sun, the transits are influencing me stronger.

    1. Definitely from the Ascendant. Doing it from the Sun won't make it about your birth chart.

    2. Thank you very much! Have a beautiful day!

    3. Thank you, I too have Sag in the 11th-12th and I am also an astrologer. What with Mars heading direct again ... and all ... lol ... would love to connect with you. I will look for you on FB.

  2. Soooooo, as per the usual, your interpretations are spot on and your explanations magnificent! After reading this post I did a transit chart for myself and low and behold: mars in sag is transiting my natal saturn in sag in the 11th house! Yes going through my saturn return right now and am counting down 28 days until I quit my corporate job forever. Of course, I'll have something else lined up but it'll be more flexible so I can pursue the things I love! I just want to be free!! Thank you for always helping us to see the potential not the detrimental in our charts. I've always been so confused what saturn in sag b meant especially in the 11th house -such a contradiction; so thank you for the insight.

    1. Thanks! I did a full article on Saturn in the 11th awhile ago that you should read then, if you haven't already. Its under February 2016.