Thursday, May 5, 2016

North Node in Scorpio: The Passionate Soul

***Also for if you have North Node in the 8th House

If you were born with the North Node in Scorpio, you were meant to evolve into an impassioned, empowered individual. There is a higher self within that understands and embraces the depths of life. Everyone’s North Node is located deep down within themselves. But, with a Scorpio North Node, this is a part of your soul that goes especially deep. In this life, you will realize your greatest potential when you can make life something that gets your heart pounding and your blood racing. For you, things are supposed to be a bit risky, slightly dangerous, allowing you to teeter right on the edge. It might not make sense but embracing a bit of that danger is what you’re made for. What your soul really wants is to engage in a high-wire act, with not much of a net underneath. It’s through this approach that you will embrace the emotional power that you have within.

But, what could stand in the way of this life-changing intensity? Your Taurus South Node, of course. With this placement, it is all too easy to get stuck in your ways. I think Scorpio North Node people have one of the most challenging, if not the most challenging, paths to walk because your comfort zone is so comfortable that you just don’t want to leave it. In fact, it might not make any sense at all to leave it. Yet, your natural common sense can be much less effective when you dig in your heels and refuse to budge. With the South Node in Taurus, your worst habits come from being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn, unable to go with the flow of the inevitable changes of life. Therefore, you might feel like you’re being totally practical by sticking to your routines, clinging to your possessions, or insisting on your values. But, little do you know that these things have gone past their expiration date and being unable to do away with them will only hurt you, in the end.

We look at a person’s past life when we look at the South Node. Having the South Node in the sign of Taurus tells me that you experienced a ton of comfort, ease, and luxury in either your most recent past life or a very recent one. In this former existence, you could just kick back and relax. There was a lot of simplicity and groundedness to this lifestyle. In many ways, you were very skilled at establishing security and stability for yourself. All you needed was plenty of money, good food, nice things, and the people you loved to be happy. You were far from a complicated person. But, this ended up shooting you in the foot, after a while. You were so simple-minded that you were unable to handle the complexities of life, of yourself, or of other people. Anything that was too intense, dramatic, or chaotic was resisted by you. But, the thing is that you were so insistent on things being peaceful and stable that the slightest disturbance could feel like unwelcome drama.

Due to your inability to put yourself through these emotional fires, you never really grew as a person. You remained very stagnant on a psychological level. Since you were so practical, you didn’t see the reason why you had to change your ways. You equated happiness with the things that you owned. So, as long as you had financial and material security, why complain? But, this kept you in a very superficial mindset, unable to understand the deeper elements that were at play in your psyche, in your relationships, and in life in general. You were too busy counting your cash! One possibility with the Taurus South Node is that you went through your past life as a very financially well-off person. Maybe you were born into money and just never had to worry about it. But, this created an attitude of greed and materialism that racked up some negative karma. Another possibility is that you weren’t born into money. Instead, you displayed the determination needed to establish a very self-made wealth for yourself. But, like the spoiled and self-indulgent type, you too displayed a really greedy attitude toward money, probably because you never had it before.

The ways in which you made your money were utterly practical; a little too practical. Whether you came from a wealthy background or created your own material comfort, you were given the message that the bottom line is all that counts. Go out and make money! But, what about the motivation behind it? Making money for money’s sake is a trap you really fell into in this former lifetime. It’s something that prevented you from knowing and investing in your true passion, especially if it didn’t provide stable or practical income. This lack of passion defined your relationships with others, as well. While you were a laidback, reliable, and down-to-earth person, the intimacy of these relationships suffered because you were never willing to truly go deep. Instead, you settled for a ho-hum, uneventful way of connecting to others. No depth, no fire, no real intimacy; just sitting around and having dinner and reading and going to bed and doing it again.

A big reason behind this was how easy it was for you to fall into a routine and remain trapped within it. South Node in Taurus people are coming from a past where they stuck to the “same old, same old” in various ways. On a very basic level, it meant that you were an absolute creature of habit who couldn’t conceive of changing these habits. Change was a very terrifying concept for you in your past life. It was a deep threat to the security you worked so hard for. The slightest change in your life could send your normally calm self into a complete freak-out, as if it meant that the entire sky would come crashing down. Also, you found psychological habits just as difficult to break, if not more. You often saw no practical reason for it, even if these habits drove people away or ruined relationships. You were so insistent on being comfortable and at ease that you wanted desperately to believe that you didn’t have any problems or issues that couldn’t be simply, easily resolved. But, of course, life is not that simple for anyone.

These problems went unresolved in this last life of yours. Therefore, they have been carried over into this lifetime in order to be settled and dealt with. Even if you’re not into the theory of past lives, all of what I just said has definitely manifested in your past in this current life. No matter what, Taurus South Node people are coming from a past, in this life or in another one, where their stubbornness, superficiality, and self-indulgence got the best of them. It’s all going to come to a head now, in the present. The breakthrough moment for you, in terms of your South Node, could be the fact that you are so stuck in a rut that you feel like you’re in quicksand and you can’t get out. It might come from having a supposedly happy, stable life but feeling like it’s all very empty and meaningless. It could also be that you want to develop a deeper, richer emotional life, creating a connection to the self and others that is far more complex than just everyday living.

This is when you know that you’re ready to embrace your Scorpio North Node. The Universe keeps denying us what our South Node wants and/or makes that area of life difficult until we focus on our North Node. So, if you remain preoccupied with practical, routine, predictable living, you are going to continue to hit a wall until you wise up. With the North Node in Scorpio, there is an intense part of your soul that has unconsciously developed in response to this over-simplicity. Deep down, you have wondered if there is more to life than this. All the mysteries and subtleties and complexities that make up the human existence are what you have been unconsciously craving. This inner yearning has constantly undermined your overly straightforward mentality. Every time you try to keep it simple, there’s this nagging feeling inside of you that something else is going on.

While one of the negative traits of Scorpio is paranoia and suspicion, with the North Node in this sign, it’s more of a healthy suspicion. Nothing and no one are entirely what they seem. Gaining conscious awareness of this allows your higher soul-expression of the psychologist and the detective to rise to the surface. In order to evolve, you must be willing to dig deep and figure out what’s really going on. First off, this translates to other people. By transforming the expression of your Taurus South Node, you will be able to use this grounded simplicity to support the shrewd, uncanny intuition that your Scorpio North Node is capable of. After all, like I always say, it’s about transforming the South Node, not leaving it behind altogether. If you use your natural levelness as a base for your “investigations”, you will display the common sense needed to see very straightforwardly into the hidden truths around you. You’ll be able to read people and situations as easily as you would a book because those complicated answers come to you with complete ease.

This insight should be turned inward as well as outward. As a Scorpio North Node, you realize your greater potential by being able to investigate yourself, as well. Instead of seeing introspection and psychoanalysis as being silly and unnecessary, you must see the value in this process. The thing is that, as a person with the South Node in Taurus, you have very strong values. That’s why they’re so difficult to budge. So, whatever you see as valuable, you will manifest it and maintain it in wonderful ways. Therefore, you have to develop your internal awareness and see the understanding of your deeper emotions as a very valuable thing, like a currency. In fact, you have to – and stay with me here – see your inner life as being more valuable than the money in your pocket. The North Node is what we have to focus on, while the South Node is what we’ve already had enough of. You’re already experienced in material riches. Now, you have to build your emotional riches.

With this North Node placement, you might read that you are discovering your abilities in terms of “other people’s money.” Personally, I’m not interested in this view of Scorpio or the 8th House. You are accessing and developing your inner power. I think it’s quite disempowering to focus on other people’s money. The way I like to see the dichotomy of Taurus and Scorpio is that Taurus makes you financially rich and Scorpio makes you psychologically rich. When you invest in your “emotional currency”, you win in this lifetime. The Scorpio North Node means that you need to work just as hard on and be just as dedicated to developing your inner depth. Take the time you need to reflect in a profound way. Explore any issues from your past, figure out what’s going on with you emotionally, examine any barriers or defenses that are getting in the way of you and true intimacy. In this way, you will earn a lot of valuable emotional resources. That’s what Scorpio is about to me: inner resources, not other people’s money. And these inner resources are needed to get you through tough times, to overcome your issues, and to amazingly transform yourself.

In doing this, you will have to discover some unsettling things. Because of your comfort-loving Taurus South Node, it is a significant challenge for you to embrace those uncomfortable emotions within. Scorpio North Node folks can spend a great deal of their lives fooling themselves into thinking that they don’t have a dark side; that they don’t get angry, depressed, jealous, self-loathing, or just plain irrational. But, here’s the thing: you can’t find true fulfillment in this lifetime until you deal with those difficult feelings. With this placement, you experience spiritual growth by embracing that scary person you have inside of you. This shadow self might scare you more than anyone, especially since you would much rather prefer that everything remain stable and easy. But, understanding the ways in which you can be potentially unstable actually brings great rewards. For those who have the North Node in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), the Element which represents emotion and irrationality, positive growth comes from being able to go a little psycho.

I’m not saying become destructive and criminally insane. What I am saying is that you have to understand your shadows and know what to do with them. The best way to put it to you, thanks to your pragmatic Taurus South Node, is seeing those emotions as needing a “savings account.” You can store away your rage, hatred, sadness, or scariness in this psychological savings account, managing it and saving it up until you really need to use it. This might mean when you need to have a moment of real emotional honesty with someone, when you need to face and overcome certain issues, once and for all, or just when you need a cathartic release. Getting into something artistic can work wonders for you because it allows you to get all of that out! Your shadows cannot be ignored in this life. If they are, they will find a way to make you increasingly stagnant until you’re just hit with such overwhelming boredom and complacency that you’re desperate to make a change.

North Node in Scorpio people are figuring out that, deep down, they don’t want many dull moments. This is what makes you the passionate soul. You actually don’t want everything to be nice and easy. You want to experience some tempests, some trials and tribulations. You might actually end up sabotaging yourself, in this sense, because you can unconsciously get yourself stuck in some really upsetting situations just to wake yourself up. Your Taurus South Node finds it hard to let go once it’s invested. So, you may have a habit of attracting or creating some upsetting, intense situation and then not being able to get out of it. And while you may convince yourself that everything is fine, an inner storm is brewing that becomes increasingly hard to ignore. Eventually, something will have to explode or implode to get your attention. You’re incredibly hard-headed, to a point where you miss what’s really happening. So, often times, change happens in your life that’s not at all of your doing. The Universe forces it on you and keeps doing it to the point where you can no longer say “no.”

This is a process that you need to embrace. Just let the transformation happen. Don’t cling so hard to what or who you have. Also, don’t insist so much on possessing things and people so tightly. I’m not saying don’t seek stability. You will always have a knack for being grounded and living a relatively consistent life. But, you should also keep a loose hold on what or who is around you. In doing so, you will actually end up feeling so much better. I can’t think of a better metaphor for this placement than the show “Hoarders.” These people keep endless stuff for years and years that have completely worn out their use or that are actually making themselves or their lives much worse. Then, once it’s all cleaned out, they feel so much better and a process of emotional purging and healing takes place. You are a hoarder, on a literal or metaphorical level. So, let your “space” be cleaned out, overhauled, transformed. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the wonders that it works.

It can not only heal you emotionally but it can also rebalance your finances. In spite of how sensible you are by nature, there is a part of you that can mishandle money through unnecessary spending, accumulating, or hoarding. Whether it’s the storage space that you have to pay for every month for that stuff you never use or the new car you just had to buy even though you have a perfectly fine one in the driveway, you will financially benefit from letting go of what no longer serves you. Those with a Scorpio North Node are figuring out how to do this with people, as well. You might put up with toxic family members and friends far beyond the point where you should’ve requested some distance or even cut them off. If you stop being so attached to a consistent picture of your life in your head, you can take the time to visualize what will truly fulfill you. In doing this, you can use your natural gift of manifestation, weeding the negative people out and drawing the people toward you who will truly support you. Also, it takes just as much courage for you to figure out how you might be behaving as an unhealthy influence in someone else’s life and what to do to change.

Your North Node in Scorpio is requiring some fierce, often ruthless emotional honesty. Embrace what you’re really feeling, even if, or often especially if, it hurts. This will allow you to get truly real with the people in your life, not just clinging to a level of predictable harmony. I’m not saying be cruel or vicious. But, do not hold back, on a general level, and see who can stand the heat. Those who can appreciate, respect, and honor your emotional truth are the keepers. This translates on a sexual level, as well. The development of your passion is also about sex. But, it’s not just about “doing it.” It’s about all the feelings, needs, and complex desires that drive sex. You need to take a more nuanced, insightful view of sexuality. In doing so, you will not only be able to emerge as a sex-positive being but wield your powerfully healing touch on your partner. By creating a truly intimate dialogue where you both can be fully honest about what you want sexually, no matter how light or dark it is, you will be living out your higher self, with no shame and no fear.


  1. This is the most insightful explanation of my Scorpio NN/Taurus SN I've ever read. Spot on. Took my breath away -- thank you.

  2. Gah damn it Wayman! Back at it again with the detailed and insightful posts lol. Loved this! You touched on some really interesting points and it got me thinking I have a lot of mutable energy in my chart (3rd house stellium including the NN) and so would that help in dealing with these very fixed sign placements? Thanks again and keep it up!

    1. Haha, thank you. And it definitely could help make you less stubborn and more flexible. You're still going to be very stubborn. Maybe just not to a total extreme. But, it's still there and with Taurus SN in the 9th, it can make you feel like you're always right and that you're always on the right path, even when life keeps knocking you on the head to tell you that you're not.

  3. Hey I have a Scorpio N'N
    And I have few questions;
    My N'N programs to Sag around 30+ does that mean I'm done with the transformation?
    I pretty much feel like a new soul, which explains the part where I don't understand depths lol though I try
    (Gemini moon) which also makes it hard for me to feel connected to my emotions :( does that make any sense?
    Oh, and also. Any tips? Haha

  4. Great
    I like it a lot
    I have the North Node in house 12 as well as Jup and Venus both conjunct
    I always have liked nice and easy living but deep down always knew that those moments were preceded by total chaos than in most cases I afront with fear, but reading your post makes me realize that all this complex situations were tasks that make me appreciate how important is chaos in our lives in order to reborn as spiritual helpful beings

  5. Hey Wayman , hope you're doing well . I have a few questions If you don't mind . I have my scorpio NN in the 5th house conjunct my vertex as the same degree and my 8th Uranus squaring my NN , could you please explain what does that mean ?

  6. Howdy Wayman!

    + Is the South Node 'always' in a opposite sign - even if the chart does not have the sign present?

    North Node Scorpio 14°19' Я
    In 5th house with Uranus
    Taurus is not activated as part of the chart whatsoever (no house, + no planets in that sign).

    Rather, directly opposite Scorpio is:
    11th house in Aries loaded with Jupiter, Moon-that-BiQuintiles Uranus (5th), & Chiron, plus 6 aspects like Lilith Inconjunct NN.

    + So, does it mean the contents of house 11 should be fully treated as the South Node (past energies to evolve away)?

    + Traditional views of NN/SN in opposite signs doesn't seem allow that some charts may have a different sign on the other side. Treating Taurus as the SN seems like a disconnect from the literal chart and all the 11th house aspects or relations.

    Anyway, your thoughts on opposite signs here would be more enlightening.


    1. Yes it is always in the opposite sign. It doesn't matter if the SN sign is intercepted which is what you seem to be talking about. It is still in that sign. That is the entire purpose of the Nodes, finding balance between two opposing energies.

      Basically it sounds like you're over thinking it. Also the Nodes are very important so as long as you have one of the Nodes in a sign, it makes a big difference, even if you have nothing else there.

    2. Wayman could you please answer my question

  7. Thank you so much! Very insightful and helpful.

  8. I really appreciate reading this. The first time I read it, it made me uncomfortable because I was stuck in the ways of my Taurus SN. I let myself stay in an abusive relationship because I was comfortable and too afraid to stir up drama by leaving. I was also afraid of all the things I'd have to let go of and it all became too intense and meaningless at the same time. Those were unhappy years and I finally left and have never been more happy to get rid of a lot of things and read this again knowing I'm on a better path whether or not my life is stable. Thank you for your insights.

    1. I'm so glad! When Scorpio North Node people let go of what is "comfortable" and what just seems to make practical sense and leads to so called stability, they discover that they are actually better off not going down that route. Moving past the predictable comfort zone is very tough for thise with this NN but so, so worth it. Good luck! :)

  9. Thank you Wayman, for the incredible interpretation of the nodes, has made it all a lot more clear. I have North nodes in 5th house in scorpio, (nrth node also exactly conjunct venus). What you have expressed about getting too stuck in a rut is something I identify with but also is uncomfortable to read! I am a lone parent with adult children still at home and also foster two young girls, (5th house children), also work as a counsellor for people who have suffered sexual abuse, (scorpio), however, I am also an artist and when I have been productive I have been at my happiest...However, now I find I have somehow created a situation where I am so busy taking care of the needs of others that this part of me has taken a back seat. I live in a beautiful part of the world and count my blessings in many ways, and wish I could just be happy...Your interpretation has given me quite a jolt and led me to believe maybe I am not being true to myself but can't quite figure out how to do that without letting those dependent on me down, (not to mention all my pets), 6th house sun in saggitarius...Would so welcome some advice. Thanks.

  10. Thank you so much for this explanation. It was very insightful, deep and detailed than other explanations about NN Scorpio. I have this in NN Scorpio 9th house and its truly a challenge and fearful to be confrontational and use my emotions of speaking up and saying my truth esp when it comes to personal relationships. Ive been working on myself esp my shadow side and some days I cant look at myself in the mirror. Having my moon in Virgo in the 8th house has made me want to purify and work on myself to be better when dealing with intense moments.

  11. Tainted and Damned relationship ?
    I have NN in OPO with my BF Venus.
    Im always showing soo much love, forgiving the things that hurt me most.
    But, he always ask for forgiveness and i accept.
    But he never does any change for me, seems life always hiding me to his social life.
    We laugh, we are like too kids, soo much coincidences, memories, amazing aspects that seems perfect to be together.
    But i read that NN opo Venus, its a destructor of relationships. :(
    I hope dont be liike that, but its only be a way to build a relationship strong withou past life issues.
    So can you please answer my doubts here? <3
    Namastê <3

  12. This was the best explanation I've read to date. I've gained so much clarity about how I've been feeling lately. Thank you so much.

  13. Wow this is spot on...I am 59yrs. old with NN in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in the 12th house squaring Pluto in Virgo conjunct the midheaven. I've been embracing my NN Scorpio, living and traveling light for about 16yrs. But I have been putting up with too much family abuse and drama and your description of the SN in Taurus stubbornness and holding on way too long is sooo accurate. I am at a crossroads now and really want to move physically and emotionally into more uncharted territory. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. That is very spiritual, beautiful North Node combination! You're welcome and good luck with it. :)

  14. Wayman...Way Man! Thank you, I have been sensing & delving deep into my nodes. I am 59 with NN in Scorpio conjunct Neptune & Jupiter in the 2nd house. At times I am brilliant, on fire & flowing high & at other times I am without a sense of compass or compassion for my state of being. I recognize my compass as an internal boredom, first ignored because there are practical things to get done & then it turns into a range of discomfort to despair. Having my nodes in the opposite houses of their signs has always been confusing for me but you have helped me quite a bit to delineate the qualities of the NN Scorpio for me from the placement/house that it resides in my psyche. I'm a single parent, an artist, a spiritual coach, a landscape designer & a wanderlust traveler. I create, I recreate, I destroy, I hold on, I let go, I nurture, I change, I imagine & I get lost :) Thank you & again Way Man!

  15. I just stumbled upon this website through a Google search because my NN is in Scorpio (as is my Ascendant). I cannot tell you how helpful this information is (and corroborates with a previous site, but yours is so much more in depth). I found it very very interesting that artistic outlets can "work wonders" -- explains my fascination with learning how to dance tango! Plus, I recently began re-exploring my fine arts side of drawing and poetry writing to channel these turbulent emotions inside, my shadow side, which until recently, I was afraid to deal with. But I am in a period of my life where I am being forced to - the Universe has made sure of that! Since 2012 things have been rockin' and rollin', not always in a good way, I might add. Anyway, I appreciate your information and insight.

  16. Hi Wayman! :) Thanks for the beautiful contribution! I'd like to ask if you might give me some info about NN in Aries in 8TH HOUSE since this article also applies to the house placement. What happens when Aries is combined with 8th house Node?

  17. North Node Scorpio with a 7th house aries stellium (sun, moon, venus, & mercury)...dare I say it...I am tired...but I feel I have grown so much in this lifetime...sometimes I can't keep up with the beginning and ending of relationships and always feel my destiny is to be the catalyst in someone else's understanding

  18. Thank you. That's was the clearest articulation of a "dream" for my life that I have ever read. My north node is in my third house one degree away from
    my Scorpio moon.

  19. This has been the best description I've ever found on this placement. I have N.N in Scorpio AND in 8th house (and conj Sat). I'm 60 now. Been through the "mill". This placement always terrified me. I first read about it in Martin Schulmans book on the Nodes. I was in my 20's when I read it. It cast a shadow of "doom" over my life and threw me into a deep depression, and has haunted me on & off for years. I couldn't understand the meanings behind some of what he wrote. I thought if only I can find more info , I'll be able to "get it right". Over the years it's been difficult to find much other info on this topic. I thought I must be the only person in the world with NN in 8th house AND Scorpio. It's pretty bad. I still don't think I've got a handle on it even now, so late in life. How depressing. I've learned a hell of a lot though. In fact I've gained so many deep insights it makes me feel isolated from other people. I made a mess of my life in past years due to past life residues. Many regrets. I've been in a rut for past 6 years. I'm scared to make any decisions now, in case it's the "wrong"

  20. 'If not the most challenging paths to walk'... Almost any placement in my chart, Saturn, Mars, Cheiron, Pluto, being described as the most challenging. No wonder my life feels like a punishment, it's simply what my birth chart tells me. Born under a bad sign rings true after all. At least I know now and thanks for not sugarcoating it. Life is a battle indeed, better to accept it then to wait for a miracle that will never come. We'll see how long this Warrior finds the hunger to keep fighting. Like Swan said when they made it back safely to Coney Island: This is what we fought all night to get back to? No wonder it's my favourite movie of all time as it depicts my life: all I want is truce but life is an endless game of slaying dragons with no reward except for the knowledge that this is what life is about. What an insane divine plan and planet.

  21. hello there Wayman, this was a profoundly accurate post and it leads me to wonder whether you yourself have these characteristics on your chart ;) I have a question for you and hope you will take it as a challenge to your astrological knowledge. My north node is in scorpio and south node in Taurus, but along with my Sun sign being a Taurus, I have Lilith inextricably tied to it. They are both in the second house at 25 degrees - cazimi each other. I love my Lilith and understand her dearly but I wonder how her extra characteristics can be grown and teased out. I hope you are familiar with the Shadow as well as the Light side of Lilith because I am searching for some encouraging insight onto her development. Thank you for your time and I hope this reaches you somewhere out there in cyber space.

  22. Wow. This is the exemplary article on ♏/♉ ☋ . Thank you for posting this. I be keeping it close at hand.

  23. I've read a lot of books on this subject, as well as articles, and this one was far more insightful and helpful. Very profound. (Scorpio NN in the 1st) Thank you.