Monday, May 9, 2016

Saturn in the 10th House

Having Saturn in the 10th House of your birth chart indicates that your purpose in life involves an endless climb. Saturn naturally rules the 10th, which should make it “at home” in this house. But, Saturn is never too nice and easy, especially when it’s in the 10th. These people are deeply aware of having “big shoes to fill.” Those shoes could be anyone’s shoes: one of their parents’, one of their siblings’, a certain role model, a mentor, etc. It’s just about anyone who came before you. 10th House Saturn people live with this heavy sense that the world is watching their every move. It’s not in an egotistical way, either. The 10th House is the house of one’s “celebrity”. Even if you’re not a Hollywood actor, just about everyone has a certain kind of fame, as in your reputation, public image, social standing, etc. The 10th House represents the way that one’s community views them. We all have an awareness of how we’re being perceived and responded to by everyone. It’s just that, when someone has Saturn in their 10th, that awareness can be really difficult to live with.

The judgment we receive from the world at large at can be harsh. A lot of people don’t get that invested in what people have to say about them. Those with a 10th House Saturn? They can’t really live that way, even if they try. In fact, it’s a really common thing for Saturn in the 10th House folks to act as if they don’t care at all what their peers and authorities think of them. In this way, they’re avoiding their essential responsibility. With this placement, you have to care about people think of you. Not in an insecure or self-conscious way but in a way that is responsible. It’s your purpose in life and how you develop your structure. Having a 10th House Saturn means that you have to establish an effective, powerful barometer when it comes to public response. You have to be truly aware of whenever you “flop”, professionally or socially, and take complete responsibility for it. It can be very tempting to just try and nonchalantly brush it off, acting like none of that matters. If you do, you’re just putting on a brave face because it’s actually deeply painful for you to feel like a failure, on any level. But, with this placement, personal fulfillment and strength stem from knowing just what “failure” and “success” mean. 

What’s interesting about the 10th House is that it shows us what we didn’t have much of while we were growing up, which is represented by the 4th House. So, by the time we near adulthood, we’ve created this life goal (10th House) for ourselves in order to accomplish what we didn’t have. With Saturn in the 10th House, there is almost always this sense of growing up without a sense of structure and guidance. I think the exception would be if you also have a Capricorn Nadir, as Saturn would, therefore, rule the 4th House. But, even in that case, it would be a sense of playing the responsible role at home while not really living in a responsible atmosphere. With this placement, your home life just wasn’t that regimented, disciplined, or stressful. You became very comfortable with just being comfortable and not having to worry about much of anything. In fact, it could have gone to the extreme of you living in a total madhouse where there were no rules or regulations.

But, a person’s 10th House placements (by sign or planet) really kick in once we reach the teenage years, as this is when the process of individuation starts. If the 4th House is the role you play when you are with your family, the 10th House is who you are when you’re out in the world. It stems from this feeling of lack and this need to start becoming your own authority. What do you really want to do with your life? What do you want to contribute to society? In the high school years, one’s 10th House takes over because, as graduation and college increasingly approach, you have to start thinking about the kind of person you want to be in society. You also become highly aware of the rules of the social game and how you do or don’t want to establish your reputation.

Yet, Saturn is where things are difficult for us and it’s where our fears are found. So, this was all a really difficult process for you, if you have Saturn in the 10th House. I feel like adolescents with this placement can be divided into two groups. The first group is the teenagers who feel terribly paralyzed when it comes to all of this adult stuff. It’s always been very safe (4th House) for you to not have to worry about all of that seriousness. Therefore, the pressure that comes from having to display, follow, and prove your ambition to everyone else can just be far too much to handle. This can produce a slacker of the first order, which can be highly frustrating to your teachers and authorities but the most frustrating to yourself. Deep down, it is actually your mission in life to feel accomplished, respectable, and at the top of the chain. But, it’s a life goal that can feel so ridiculously out of reach that you don’t even bother.

The other type of adolescent with Saturn in the 10th House is one who goes the total opposite direction: becoming a workaholic far before their time. Some teenagers with this placement can be so consumed with their goals and ambitions that it’s all they think about. This can get them sucked into a mode of always working, juggling a full-time job with AP classes and extracurricular activities, and putting far too much pressure on themselves. But, this is all driven by that deep-seated fear of failure. While the slacker types show extreme avoidance because of this fear, the overachiever types show extreme dedication because of it. It keeps pushing them and pushing them. So, they might not see any reason why it’s a problem until the stress slowly starts eating away at them, making it harder and harder to fulfill their slew of responsibilities.

These are patterns that are carried into adulthood, all the way up until the first Saturn Return. This is when your attitude toward success is going to be really challenged. The 10th House is a challenging house, in general, and pushes us to achieve certain things. So, one could say that having a Saturn Return in the 10th House can be one of the most challenging of all the Saturn Returns, if not the most. However, you’re also really used to being pushed, whether you respond to it by breaking your back or by trying to avoid all the critical voices. A Saturn Return is not a “punishment” for everything you’ve done wrong. But, if anyone could take it as such, it’s someone with Saturn in the 10th. You might feel, during this time, that all of your hard work has come to nothing. A Saturn Return in the 10th often times really stalls career matters, to the point of putting a person in a professional slump. And no matter what you do, you keep hitting a wall. This either results in relentless frustration or the resigned feeling of, “Yep, I’m a failure. It’s confirmed.”

And since you are plagued with the sense of the whole world watching, any sort of perceived failures or experienced setbacks can feel like a complete gut-punch. While many people can handle such obstacles with a more sanguine attitude, it is downright devastating to you. What Saturn in the 10th House people really want out of life is to just be a success, to be someone who is looked up to and seen as important. Any evidence that you’re not this person can be terribly upsetting. It stems from the father figure element of Saturn, as well. With Saturn in the 10th, one’s father figure looms large over their life. It is often because he is either a real “big shot” or someone who has constantly struggled to get to the top. The struggle of the father figure to become successful and “be somebody” can seriously haunt many 10th House Saturn individuals. But, so can the difficulties the father figure may have cost others. In the case of the highly ambitious, successful father, he might have hardened on his way to the top-rung. Maybe he exerted his authority in the world in a ruthless manner, displayed cutthroat competitiveness, or cared only about the bottom line. Whether the father figure never really made it or made himself into stone to get ahead, there is often a certain notoriety around one’s father, with a 10th House Saturn, that’s hard to live down.

If this parent acquired a negative reputation, in some way, you will worry a lot about gaining a negative reputation yourself. Since the 10th House also influences us in a widespread social manner, you harbor a lot of fears and doubts (Saturn) regarding what people think of you. These issues can really come to a head during your Saturn Return in the 10th, particularly the first. There might be a certain scandal attached to your name that makes you feel like you’re on the cover of People Magazine. In some cases, it can be damaging enough to make you lose friends or to threaten your career. It’s very possible, particularly if Neptune is also in the 10th or in aspect to Saturn, for certain secrets about you to be exposed to the light of day, making the whole town talk. If you have the ruthless father figure and have negatively followed in his footsteps, then you will feel the consequences of screwing people over to get to the top. If you have the struggling father figure and have remained just as ineffectual in the pursuit of your goals, then you will also experience the consequences, making everything in the world seem like an uphill battle.

As I said, Saturn doesn’t punish. He just allows us to reap the natural consequences of our actions, good or bad. Saturn in the 10th House people learn a lot about those consequences because whatever is in your 10th House has no place to hide. It’s out there for everyone to see. So, you will reap what you sow in such a public way that you are forced to straighten up and fly right. Understanding the true meaning of responsibility is the key here for Saturn in the 10th House. It means knowing how to pursue achievement and responsibility with true dedication but also with a true sense of right and wrong. With this placement, you have to understand the steps you need to take in order to be a success. But, while you have to work hard and be determined and persevering, you also have to know that there are certain steps you shouldn’t take in order to get ahead. This includes anything that will harm others as well as anything that will harm yourself. Figuring out how to achieve your life goals with a reduced amount of pressure and stress is very important. 

Another key element of this placement is knowing what success truly means. You can be too desperate to be seen as a success in the world’s eyes. But, are you a success in your eyes? The 10th House Saturn is urging you to cultivate more structure by celebrating and honoring every step you take toward your goals. You can be way too outcome-focused and this fixation with the results can be too stressful or make you too intimidated to bother. Focusing on the process will help you enormously. It will allow you to not be so obsessed with “the goal” and to fully appreciate the process of getting to the goal. This will not only make you consistently feel like a success, so long as you’re working hard and staying dedicated, but will reduce those worries about “failing.” If you can believe that the only failure is giving up or not trying, you will be able to develop a thicker skin and a more positive attitude. It’s very important for 10th House Saturn people to change their perception of failure, seeing these professional stumbles as opportunities to become stronger and wiser.

A lot of wisdom and inner strength will be gained when you accept that “getting there” is an endless process. This is something that does produce a certain kind of weariness or cynicism within you. You understand the scariness that can come from reaching the pinnacle. The 10th House is the highest point in our chart and with Saturn here, you may be very hesitant to reach the top. Some with this placement deal with this by slacking while others deal with it by sabotaging themselves right before accomplishing what they want to accomplish. Either way, you’re not understanding and fulfilling your purpose. If you can forget about getting to or being at the top and just focus on the here and now of what you’re doing in the world, you will handle the success that you do receive with a level head. Even at their most powerful and influential, the mature, self-aware Saturn in the 10th House person can maintain exceptional humility, gracefully accepting that they still have a long way to go.

This contributes to your reputation as being a wise, sophisticated, strong individual. It is your responsibility to be a member of your community and of society, in general, who provides good sense, structure, and consistency. You are being called upon to be someone who others can depend on. So, obviously, having Saturn in the 10th can bring you wonderful success in any sort of authoritative position. Being the boss will allow you to reap great rewards, as well as teach you the balance of assuming control and being ambitious yet without driving yourself or others too hard. But, whatever career you do take on, as long as you feel like you are partaking in it with a strong sense of responsibility and a substantial vision, you will get very far with it.


  1. I have saturn in the 10th house in aquarius; although my 10th house starts as capricorn. I'm currently in this smooth flow of responsibility and working hard, while tempering it with humor and light heartedness. It's almost like I just effortlessly work at this point. Stuff just happens gracefully and easily for me. I'm pursuing a career as a writer & stand up comedian and it's so effortless and fun, it seems like a dream come true.

  2. Is having Saturn placed in the 10th house similar to a Capricorn midheaven ?

  3. You should do a "planets conjunct the node series." Sort of think it might tickle your fancy. Lol

  4. Very insightful post, thank you. My Saturn is in the 10th house conjunct the Midheaven, and is currently passing retrograde over the MC after its' first return conjunction. So reading this right now is very helpful.

  5. Can we give a round of applause for the author!? Description on point.

    I have Saturn in the 10th, in Aries and retrograde- so he's not too happy there. Grew up poor, family experienced many ups and downs financially, near-bankruptcy.

    I used to be a deliquent, but I 'reformed' my behavior and became an extreme workaholic (and still am). I'm under 20 years old, but I already am planning my life 10 to 15 years from now. While my friends party nights away, I stay behind working.

    I take myself very seriously, and tend to feel a great deal of burden on my shoulders. I believe this quality makes others respect me and think I am successful, but I am not even a quarter of where I want to be.

    1. Be easy on you! Respect your body and mind's needs you need to be healthy to continue working very hard, is always good to go out and have fun!

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    1. If Saturn is in 2 degrees of the MC, is it in both the 9th and 10th house?

    2. I would read it as an emphasized 10th house Saturn. The effects are stronger when planets are at or near a cusp.

  7. Thank you. This was really helpful. I've got Saturn at 23 degrees in Cancer, in the 10th house, and this describes my life to date, especially the fear of failure and struggle with staying humble. What impacted me the most is the vision you gave of who we are meant to become. Very grateful.

  8. Love the post. Appreciate the depth. Couple of things regarding my experience, 22 years into this placement: my father is a well known craftsman who seems to be from an entirely other time. He played a major role in my childhood even if he was away. He is libran energy to the max, exalting Saturnian energy, and it has given me tremendous anxiety trying to do better than he has. To the point where I feel his vibe subconsciously steps on my vibe. I guess my tenth house Saturn being in Pisces ties in there. Reflecting on my actions as a teenager, overinvolved in school and work to the point of getting nothing done, decelerating the fruition of all my hard work by my senior year and associating with burnouts. Panicking when I took the first year off from college. Knowing I once wanted to be an architect, having to continuously restart at the bottom of the food chain in food service jobs infinitum.

    It seemed to be so extreme at times, Neptune is sextile saturn in the 9th and points to a Yod in the third house at my leo mars. I was involved in theater, pushed to be in plays by my mother as a kid. Serious sexual hangups prevented me from entering old places of work. Fear of homosexuality and how that could disgrace my father's reputation. Losing friends through not knowing where to direct all this confused energy. Totally not even gay, just felt fucked by myself for years feeling so small around male authority figures. Dreams of running away and starting fresh away from my family- who as the youngest of five kids, I always felt so comfortable with, though now they seem to constantly harass me- to start a new profession, to finally finish my degree, to actually provide for a lover. Meanwhile knowing that it's all for nothing, such a nihilistic feeling I never ever could have imagined as a happy- go- lucky child. Then I'm just like, I'm obviously going to become a physical therapist, get the girl, have my own real estate business, enjoy family moments, and I can't fathom why suicide rates are on the rise. Life kills you anyway, this placement almost asks why not to have a little fun and definitely definitely defffffinitely NEVER TO GIVE A HOOT what people say or think. No doubt I've said and thought a ton of things myself. No thanks to noise.

    I'm ranting like crazy but appreciate this forum giving me an outlet to reflect!