Friday, May 27, 2016

The Chart Ruler: Pisces Rising (Neptune/Jupiter)

The next Rising sign I’m tackling in this chart ruler series is Pisces Rising. Now, what is the chart ruler? It’s the planet that rules your Ascendant sign, not the most dominant planet in your chart (which is a pretty common misconception). Since the Ascendant tells you how your life is going to unfold, your chart ruler, in many ways, is your life. If you wrote a biography, this would be the general tone of it, how one chapter progresses into the next chapter. Therefore, understanding your chart ruler is important when it comes to understanding just what kind of “story” you’ve written for your life. We all do this and we all have ways in which we need to change that story.

Yet, with a Pisces Ascendant, just what is your story? Well, Pisces is unique in that it is, along with Scorpio and Aquarius, technically ruled by two planets. Pisces’ modern-day ruler is Neptune but its traditional ruler is Jupiter. As I’ve been saying, I think the modern-day ruler for these three signs makes for a perfect match. I feel like Pluto aligns with Scorpio more powerfully than Mars and that Uranus is a much better fit for Aquarius than Saturn. Likewise, I feel like Neptune is the absolute ruler of Pisces. However, as with the other two signs, the traditional ruler still has a subtle say and its Return marks a pivotal time in the person’s life.

However, we are going to mainly be looking at Neptune here. What is your life story when Neptune is your chart ruler? Neptune is nonlinear, imaginative, shape-shifting, and elusive. So, you can get many Pisces Rising people who don’t really know their story. In fact, “I don’t know” is a phrase you will regularly hear coming from many Pisces Ascendants. “I don’t know” or “I guess” or “maybe” can be their go-to responses, as they have this outlook on life that is never exactly clear. Therefore, with this Rising sign, you can sometimes look back on your life and draw something of a blank. What does it all mean? Nothing! This is something that haunts those with this placement: a feeling that life is just confusing and meaningless. But, due to the unconscious quality of Neptune, this is also something that they may not be able to articulate or even be aware of.

With Neptune as the chart ruler, life can be lived half-asleep, much of the time. It’s why Pisces Rising people often have that sleepy look about them. One’s resting face is largely determined by their chart ruler/Rising sign. It’s the way you look without really even trying. And with this placement, your default expression makes you seem as if you’re about to doze off or as if you’re not really here. The dazed-and-confused look is a signature of the Pisces Ascendant, as is this mesmerized expression, as if something or someone is hypnotizing you. You’ll regularly end up hypnotizing others, though, especially with those dreamy eyes of yours. This is an Ascendant that regularly gives a person such vividly expressive eyes that they almost look cartoonish, like an anime character. Whether big or small, your eyes are especially a window to your soul. 

But, they are also a window to everyone’s soul. Neptune is the great reflector, serving as a mirror for humanity through its sense of oneness. Therefore, when people look at you, they can easily see themselves in some eerie way. This is why you can also create a life story for yourself that is not your own. The “script” that Pisces Rising people write for themselves can end up sounding like an actual screenplay. You easily feel like your life is a movie, not exactly with the dramatic self-absorption that a Leo Rising can. It’s more so because of how imaginative and empathetic you are. Whatever character you want to be, you will shape your life in order to be it, getting into the role like an actor. If you want an inspirational life story, you will be that character. If you think life is always victimizing you, you will be that character. And if you want to live life like a constant journey toward redemption, you’ll write that script for yourself. There really are no boundaries.

Sometimes, you might even plagiarize someone else’s story. The Ascendant is the role you play and, clearly, you have no rigidly defined role. So, you can internalize the point of view of anyone around you. I think more than any other Rising sign, it’s the Pisces Rising who is very prone to people rubbing off on them. Yet, it can all end up becoming very confusing when you stop and have the terrifying feeling that you’re a fraud. Neptune, in its negative form, can represent deception. I’m not saying this Ascendant makes you a horrible liar. But, it does mean that, more than the average person, you are far more than you present yourself to be. You might not even be who you present yourself to be at all. Just who you are, anyway? Such a perspective can haunt you. It’s like you are looking at this image of life and it all just shatters, leaving you bewildered.

The house that Neptune is in shows how this feeling of disillusion can play out. Since it’s a slow-moving outer planet, the majority of living people nowadays with this placement will have Neptune in one of the latter six houses of their chart. Neptune may be in the 9th, leading you to live out a series of disillusionments in regard to your sense of direction and inner guidance, your freedom, and your conviction. Neptune might be in the 10th, showing that you can feel disillusioned when it comes to your calling in life, your status/reputation in your community, and your goals. But, fear not. You are not meant to remain stuck in this feeling of disenchantment. I feel like this happens to every Pisces Rising person in order for them to release any attachment to any specific role, allowing them to realize the blissful sense of oneness they can feel when they embrace all the roles.

If the Ascendant tells us how we came into this life, having a Pisces Rising means that your entry into the world was not a clear-cut one. It’s common for people born with this placement to be delivered while their mother is really out-of-it and drugged, halfway present and halfway somewhere else. These babies are often easy births, mostly for that reason, but the process of labor can sometimes be very under-the-radar. Maybe only a few people knew about it and showed up. So, the Pisces Ascendant child’s first experiences are often of being invisible or undetected. Not necessarily neglected, although it can happen in some cases. It’s more so that you learned to deal with new experiences in a very seamless, subtle way, instead of forcing yourself on to them.

Your early environment could have made you feel forgotten about, sometimes. But, this was often because you just as easily forgot where you were. Pisces Rising children can so easily get lost in their imaginations. This, combined with the fact that go-with-the-flow Neptune made you a particularly undemanding, unfussy child, meant that you could readily just disappear. Growing up, your parents or siblings may have regularly had to ask what you were up to and if you were okay, even if, or especially if, you were just at home. You’d be off in your room, totally wrapped up in TV shows or movies or maybe in creating your own stories and worlds. I’d be very surprised to see a Pisces Ascendant who didn’t grow up displaying some sort of very artistic talent: acting, singing, writing, drawing, etc. And even if they don’t get into an artistic field as an adult, there is still that artist lying inside of them, eager to transcend to some new place in their fantasy life.

A lot of Pisces Rising people do end up doing something very artistic with their lives and they should. If the chart ruler is your life, fantasy-fueled Neptune means that you should be living the life of an artist. If you happen to have Neptune in the 10th ruling your chart, that’s even truer. Regardless, you are still going to be an artist. If there is one role you always play, that is it. And you do so because of that vast imagination and empathy that you possess. So, even if you’re not actually an actor or a performer, you are pretty much always performing. Again, it’s sort of similar to a Leo Rising. But, you are performing not for the applause, like them. You are performing in order to disappear. In some way or another, for you, life can be about finding ways to hide.

This can often be taken literally, as Pisces Rising folks are pretty notorious for falling off the face of the earth when they want to. Thanks to Neptune being your chart ruler, the new situations that life brings can easily overwhelm you. So, you often need the time to assimilate them and go at your own flow. It’s why being bombarded with texts and phone calls by your friends or family can get to be too much and you just want to turn off your phone for two days. Even if you are more consistently accessible, you can still take forever to respond to people’s demands, being that person who doesn’t text back until a few hours later or the next day. Sometimes, you’re just so caught up in something else that you don’t notice and sometimes, it’s just too much to handle at the moment.

Your elusiveness follows you throughout life. Just when people think they have you pegged, you switch into another role. It’s why each chapter of your life can be so vividly different. You’re like a Scorpio Rising, in this sense, except that they are shedding their old skins in order to become deeper, stronger, and wiser. You, however, are just hopping from one very different character to the next, as if you’re Meryl Streep or something. And it can often just be for the sake of doing it. Neptune is so open and so porous that you welcome just about any experience in. So, you try on many different skins just because you feel like it. I think this is essentially the purpose of being a Pisces Rising. You’re not supposed to be pinned down! Still, it’s important for you to know what you’re doing, so you don’t get too lost in this boundless range of behavior. If you can step into these characters more consciously, you will find yourself feeling less confused and more directed, knowing that you need to play that role in that given situation or at this time in your life.

Neptune’s house placement shows the ways in which you’ll find bliss through your role-playing. Neptune in the 8th would indicate that it would bring a deep sense of intimacy and introspection into your life while Neptune in the 11th shows that it will keep things unpredictable, help you make a difference, and also help you not be afraid to be different. The highly psychic, intuitive element of Neptune is also something that will strongly define your life. Getting plenty of sleep and keeping track of your dreams is a must for you. A significant part of your life will actually be lived out on this unconscious plane. Pisces Rising people find themselves having such vivid dreams that they feel like life. And real life is nothing but a dream to you, anyway. It’s through accessing your unconscious, intuitive side that you will find transcendence, not only through being in touch with your endless inner landscape but by knowing how to tap into others’.

You possess a very empathetic outlook. Yet, true to the shape-shifting quality of this placement, it emerges in many different ways with different Pisces Rising people. Some do seem obviously tenderhearted and compassionate, like the kind of person who’d give you their last dollar. Other Pisces Rising individuals are much better at hiding their empathy, to a degree where, if you’re going by stereotypes, you might question their Ascendant. You should never try to fit any placement into a box. But, this is especially true for Pisces Ascendants. Since Neptune, your chart ruler, is a planet that can empathize with anyone, you may express your empathy just through that ability to be someone else. This is another form of hiding out, as carrying yourself as someone who is more selfish, aggressive, feisty, or no-bullshit is a great way of concealing how much you actually feel for others and how easily you’re hurt. Unless there’s some sort of serious mental illness going on, the Pisces Ascendant is highly sensitive. They can just feel the need to fool themselves into thinking otherwise in order to survive or go along with the flow of a world that can be a bit insensitive.

This sensitivity can make you feel, in any given situation, like you’re being assaulted by everyone’s feelings and thoughts, like a telepath who cannot shut out the noise. Sometimes, you probably do feel like a telepath or a psychic. You need to trust those moments and find a certain grounding that will allow you to not feel so swamped by your environment. With Neptune ruling the chart, you must learn the difference between living life with no separation and living life with no boundaries. You must have boundaries, preventing you from falling prey to the cliché Pisces Rising direction of getting taken advantage of. But, viewing life from a perspective of there being no separation comes back to that sense of oneness with others, which makes being able to feel their thoughts and feelings a beautiful blessing, instead of an overwhelming, stressful curse.

Your “we are all one” approach to life shows why you are capable of making such an overwhelming impression on others, as well. Pisces Rising individuals appear to be everyone and no one, at the same time, which lends them a distinct aura of mystery. It’s a mysterious air that makes it difficult for others to put their finger on you because you just seem like someone that they already know: maybe in their past, maybe in a dream, maybe in another life. It’s a common thing for people with this placement to constantly get mistaken for someone else. If you had a nickel for every time someone said, “You look just like so-and-so”, you’d be rich. But, do you really look like them? Yes and no. If the Rising sign is your appearance, your physicality can easily morph into something else, almost like magic. It’s pretty spooky. But, you can look very different at different angles, in various lights, from a distance or up-close, glasses on or off, hair up or down, clean-shaven or not.

So, you will have an uncanny way of appearing to be many different people, often without realizing it. Neptune just does that. It’s also why you will look so ethereal. There is usually a strange beauty to Pisces Rising people. Neptune is, in many ways, a planet of beauty. Not Venus’ beauty, which is more so about earthly forms of attractiveness. Neptune is unearthly and there is something quite beautiful and also quite unsettling about it. Therefore, Pisces Rising folks have that look about them, as if they’re some lovely creature from another planet. It’s an otherworldly kind of attractiveness, which can make some with this placement stunningly pretty and others just as stunning but in an unusual sort of way. The fact that it’s so effortless, as you take to your appearance with a certain carelessness or free-spirited ease, only strengthens the impact.

With this Ascendant, something about you is just untouchable and inaccessible; sometimes, through your own doing and sometimes, in other people’s eyes. It’s why being a Pisces Ascendant is a rather lonely life, at times, and you get very used to spending time alone. Because you’re like a character straight out of a movie, it is hard for you to fully integrate with “real life.” Not just through practical, regular routines, which many with this placement resist, but just by being totally accessible to others. We watch characters in the movies and empathize with them. They can feel like a part of our lives. But, in the end, they’re not. They’re out of our grasp. So, you can feel just as out of reach, at times, even to your close friends. Yet, you’re okay with this. Life, for you, is to be lived as if you’re in another world. While this does sometimes require you to get a reality check, it also means that you are constantly straddling these two worlds. And when you temporarily enter the one that everyone else inhabits, you bring back something magical for other people to enjoy.

Jupiter, meanwhile, is your secondary chart ruler. Jupiter is the planet of limitless belief and I feel like, in its negative form, it can support the delusions of your Pisces Ascendant. Jupiter believes even when people try to sway it to the other side of the fence. So, if you are letting Jupiter get a negative upper hand, you will insist on clinging to your delusions: about life, other people, and your place in life. Jupiter’s house placement can show how this will play out. If Jupiter’s in the 3rd House, false beliefs and warped facts will regularly come out of your mouth and distort your thinking. If Jupiter’s in the 4th House, your personal life can become hindered by this deception. And during your Jupiter Return, which occurs once every 12 years, this will really hit the fan.

Therefore, it’s important to focus more on Neptune’s fluid, nonjudgmental nature. Jupiter can be very dogmatic and self-righteous. Yet, Neptune knows the truth is all relative and that no man has room to judge. It can be surprising to see a Pisces Ascendant in judgmental mode, given the descriptions. If they are, they are letting their Jupiter undercut their intentions. But, your dominant ruler is Neptune. So, you must release all judgments and biases, which will allow your nonlinear perspective on life to simply be an expression of spiritual awareness. Then, during your Jupiter Return, you can experience the benefits of being a believer in a healing way, whether it’s through your communication (3rd House), your private life (4th House), or wherever Jupiter is in your chart.


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  4. Thanks for showing us the Way man!

    Sounds like Pisces energy in general; however, the birth details and one's appearance may be the only differences, alongside other planetary aspects.

    1. No, it's quite different, actually. It's why I keep talking about "life story" and "how you view life." Yes, Pisces traits are Pisces traits. But, for a Pisces Rising, they determine how their life unfolds. That's not going to be the case for a Pisces Sun with a different Ascendant.

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