Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Neptune in the Houses: Go with the Flow

The house in your birth chart that is occupied by Neptune is the house where you have to go with the flow. There is going to be a feeling of surrender in this area of your life. You cannot control the activities of this house or have them act in accordance to your will. Instead, you have to become completely fluid in this house. Since Neptune is such a distant outer planet, the ways in which we feel and express our Neptune on a personal level are through the aspects to Neptune and the house placement of Neptune. In our Neptune house, we find transcendence.

But, this can also be the area of our life that is particularly chaotic, confusing, and nonlinear. Very few things can make sense in the house that we have Neptune in. That is, they won’t really make sense on a logical, straightforward level because Neptune is not logical or straightforward. Still, it’s very easy for us to lose ourselves in this area of life, to develop a certain addiction for what it represents. Everyone has a certain desire to “escape” and that is expressed in the house you have Neptune in. This is where we have a looser hold on reality and where we might even be downright oblivious to certain things, leading us toward a path of oblivion. But, here, we learn that “reality” is often more of a concept than a fact. And for all the confusion and chaos of this house, it’s also where we can experience a beautiful feeling of bliss and higher understanding.

Neptune in the 1st House
Transcendent behavior. When you go with the flow, you can behave like anyone and at any given time. Yet, this can give off the impression that you’re somehow deceptive or out-of-reach. But, you just get so immersed in whatever role you take on that it overwhelms you. From your point of view, life is something to be lived with imagination and empathy, as if you’re a character actor.

Neptune in the 2nd House
Transcendent security. You put the “flow” in “cash flow”, as you handle your money by not holding on to it. You have a metaphysical approach to your finances, earning more by giving back a lot and not being attached to money. This selflessness and compassion raises your self-esteem. But, it’s possible to indulge too much by either spending obliviously or letting others virtually rob you.

Neptune in the 3rd House
Transcendent communication. Your mind works in highly intuitive ways, causing you to give and receive information a lot like a telepath or a psychic. You are a channel for a boundless stream of ideas, which can sometimes overwhelm you, causing you to either never stop talking or feel at a loss for words. At your best, you can serve as a voice for the voiceless.

Neptune in the 4th House
Transcendent privacy. Behind closed doors, you are quite an escapist. Anything in your home life that will take you into another world makes you feel safe and comforted. You might spend a lot of time alone in your personal life and could easily become a recluse. You’re very empathetic with your loved ones but also a mystery to them, as your private self is elusive, unknowable, and changeable.

Neptune in the 5th House
Transcendent creativity. When you’re truly living in the moment, you get utterly lost in the moment. So, your self-expression can become quite confusing or vague to others. Your creative talents and energies can take you to otherworldly heights, turning into an addictive passion. Your heart can deceive you, at times, bringing crushes, dates, or flings that feel like chasing a mirage.

Neptune in the 6th House
Transcendent routine. You don’t want to keep the mundane parts of life mundane. Instead, you are capable of being very imaginative when it comes to getting these day-to-day things done. You feel most productive when you can work on your own wavelength. But, it can also be very easy for you to get caught up in fantasizing about the tasks you’ll do instead of actually completing them.

Neptune in the 7th House
Transcendent relationships. In your personal bonds, you seek a dynamic that will sweep you off your feet and be a give and take of compassion. You are most compatible with fluid, sensitive companions but you are also a fluid, sensitive companion to others. Still, it’s crucial for neither person in the relationship to put the other on a pedestal, as the illusion will painfully shatter.

Neptune in the 8th House
Transcendent intimacy. You are capable of going with the flow by loving the deepest, darkest parts of yourself and another person in an unconditional manner. Emotional and sexual intimacy can act as an exchange of profound healing in your life. But, toxic projection and deception can occur, as well, making it very difficult for you to tell which psychological issues belong to you or your partner.

Neptune in the 9th House
Transcendent conviction. You can tap into an all-paths-lead-to-God mentality (whatever your God is) that makes you very accepting toward the convictions of others. Yet, having such a loose sense of faith will make it harder to understand your own inner compass. In the end, you will feel freed and inspired by this ability to flow wherever the waves take you, trusting that it will all work out.

Neptune in the 10th House
Transcendent status. Throughout life, you will achieve the status of the chameleon, getting ahead and gaining recognition by being a shape-shifter. But, this means that while your community thinks they have you figured out, they really don’t have a clue. Your life goals aren’t always clear or even realistic. Your ideal profession is something that is either out-of-this-world or heals humanity.

Neptune in the 11th House
Transcendent experimentation. You have to welcome unexpected chaos into your life. The more you try to be logical and clear-headed, the more confused or overwhelmed you’ll feel. You are oddly intuitive and imaginative, capable of experimenting with really visionary ideas. Eventually, you’ll use this psychic brilliance to collaborate with others and move toward common goals with them.

Neptune in the 12th House
Transcendent empathy. You go with the flow when you acknowledge and accept your exceptional compassion, becoming deeply in tune with all of humanity and the Universe itself. This sense of oneness requires remarkable egolessness, which can be very draining, confusing, even downright scary. But, this level of empathy also brings bliss and wonderful spiritual, artistic, and psychic gifts.


  1. I have Neptune in the 6th. I find that I absolutely HAVE to have some good music on whenever I'm working on a task. It turns something as simple and mundane as doing the dishes into a magical experience, haha :)

  2. I have Neptune in the 2nd. I don't like money for the greed that is brought with and is attached to this "value". My sense of values takes on a non-earthy, non-material aspect of living in this impermanent life. My spiritual, higher values has been no good in my younger years; money can be spent obviously, not emotionally attached to money. But growing into my adulthood and poorly handled finances, my earthy moon helps to balance that. No way I can mess up financially again. Because I realized in order to survive in this physical world and impermanent life, I have to ground myself. So thank goodness for my earth moon!

  3. As a Capricorn rising I hate having Neptune in the first house (conjunct the ASC) sometimes people just want to see whatever they want but not me for who I really am... I also have Uranus in the first house and I like this placement better, it's less confusing (well it is but not in the same way Neptune)

  4. Neptune in the 4th house- very true. I also heard it has to do with the type of home you grow up in? My quistion is how it be modified if it sextiles Sun and Venus (Taurus). Would it mean creating a "dream home"?

  5. Hey Waynman ,I have neptune in the 8th house in the sign of capricorn opposite my cancer moon in the 2nd house . could you please tell me what does this mean ?

  6. Ooh... "You feel most productive when you can work on your own wavelength." I've never before connected my 6th house Neptune to that transcendent late-night mind-state I love... I do find myself waiting for that to actually do any work, cause I feel like it's the only time anything flows, and it's when my best/most imaginative ideas come. I agree with Alyssa Graves, music lets you get lost in Piscean fantasyland...

  7. Neptune in the 10th. Definitel Rasputin like tendency to look like I belong in a chosen inner circle. Situations unfold which surprise and reinforce peopls notion that I am linked to someone theyve know for a long time, even if I have sometimes just introduced myself everyone involved will have some secondary or familial connection. No of which helps me nail down my csreer focus or really helps with my soul purpose of meaningful relationahips. It is sometimes good for a knowing smile to myself as people try and place me in a situation