Saturday, June 11, 2016

North Node in Gemini: The Curious Soul

***Also for if you have North Node in the 3rd House

Having the North Node in Gemini in your birth chart means that this lifetime needs to be about true communication for you. Your highest soul-expression is one that is logical, inquisitive, and eager for more information. That is why I call you the curious soul. Deep down, you possess this powerful yearning to just learn more. More than most people, the more you know, the more you grow. But, you need to “know things” in a rational way; by gathering all the facts. Gemini North Node individuals are discovering that, in order to evolve, they need to treat life like an endless classroom, a textbook that never ends. Accessing and embracing your ability to be both a remarkable student and a remarkable teacher is what is going to bring you the most spiritual growth.

For those with the North Node in Air – Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius – objectivity and open-mindedness are required in order to rise above the sometimes overly subjective passions and desires that they succumb to so easily. With the North Node in Gemini, you have the South Node in Sagittarius. Because of this, you possess an innate sense of faith, morality, truth, and freedom. You’re a naturally adventurous spirit and a big motivation behind these adventures is to figure out the bigger meanings of everything. But, your search for inspiration and truth can often become unbalanced. Sagittarius South Node folks are all too prone to blind faith, letting their belief in the Universe become downright naïve, and also to self-righteousness. You have a deep-seated habit of letting your beliefs and opinions become the “absolute truth”, instead of just one perspective amongst a sea of many different perspectives. In order to grow, you need to overcome this habit.

Since the South Node is indicative of our past life. It’s usually our most recent past life or, at least, a very recent past life. In any case, having the South Node in Sagittarius shows that your former lifetime was one big philosophical journey. You were a free spirit in this last life who thrived on going from one place to the next. An addiction to “finding yourself” in this sense and discovering a grand sense of meaning and inspiration defined this former lifetime. While this made your existence quite exciting and allowed you to live with the wind in your hair, it eventually became a stumbling block for you. A major issue for South Node in Sagittarius is believing that the grass will be greener on the other side, creating an insatiable kind of restlessness that keeps you going from one path to the next. You were too dissatisfied with the mundane and too hungry for something “more.”

This craving for more, more, and more drove your past-life self in many ways. You were an excessive sort of individual who didn’t really understand moderation. This led to an irresponsible streak as well as a compulsion for “gambling”, in many senses of the word. Whether you were at the blackjack table or jumping on some get-rich-quick venture or just taking some wild leap of faith, in terms of romance or career, you didn’t let logical considerations hold you back. After all, the Universe was on your side! Sagittarius South Node people were such believers in their past life that it became quite fanatical or ridiculous. Most of these folks were very religious in this last lifetime. Whether they were Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, etc., this belief system always made them think that everything would work out and that their God was on their side. But, such a belief became all-consuming, to the point where it prevented them from being appropriately rational.

Their beliefs also invaded their communication with others. Instead of just conversing with other people, they preached to them. In fact, a lot of these people were preachers, evangelists, or religious leaders/activists, to some extent, in their former lifetime. So, they not only became preoccupied with swaying others over to their side of the fence but became fixated on their truth. This doesn’t only mean their philosophical or religious truth. South Node in Sagittarius people were compulsively honest in this last life, to the point of tactlessness or foolishness. I think these people can be divided into two groups. The first kind never learned how to cultivate a “filter”, giving them no sense of rationale in what to say and what not to say, which led to a pattern of being embarrassingly blunt. The second kind is quite similar but they just more so never learned how to lie. In many ways, this is an admirable thing. But, it kept them in a state of naïveté, feeling as if they could never tell the tiniest fib or that people always wanted to hear their opinions. And, of course, this isn’t true, which is something that created some social awkwardness.

These issues were never resolved in this former lifetime. So, they have been carried over into this life, in order to be settled and overcome. Even if you don’t buy into the past lives theory, everything I just said can definitely be applied to your past in this current lifetime. Individuals with the South Node in Sagittarius spend the first quarter or third of their lives really feeling like restless philosophers, constantly searching for meaning, overly eager to inspire others, and quite helplessly unable to monitor their speech and not be honest at all times. But, when we over-focus on the South Node, which we do until we’re about 25 to 30, we just end up feeling empty and unfulfilled. This is when we have to say “enough is enough” and strive to reach our full potential. After all the aimless adventures, the restless quests, and the foolish self-righteousness, those with this placement have to come to a breakthrough period in their lives when they are ready to come down off of that high-horse, as well as to stop riding that high-horse off into the sunset all the time.

This is when the North Node kicks in. Those who have the North Node in Gemini realize their full potential when they stop preaching and start teaching. The thing is that the North Node is always within us, unconsciously developing due to a dissatisfaction with living so heavily through our South Node. And because of their South Node, these people possess a moral code that can be downright rigid. But, deep down within their soul, they can feel an “evil twin” brewing within. Gemini symbolizes duality and paradoxes. If you have the North Node in Gemini, this theory of opposites and contradictions is not initially comfortable to you, early in your life. But, a funny thing happens: you end up turning into a hypocrite.

Having the South Node in Sagittarius means that you can only stand on that soapbox for so long. Then, you fall off because you start getting other ideas and hearing other voices. If you’re a hardcore vegetarian, to a degree that makes you fanatical, you’ll increasingly crave the taste of red meat. If you’re extra-vocal about casual sex, to the point where you judge people who are not as prudes, you’ll start feeling yourself become more and more unsatisfied with having sex without commitment. Whatever the case may be, if you are too self-righteous about something, you will end up going against that belief. The Universe is, after all, set up to deny us our South Node or make it a source of struggle when we are not balanced out by our North Node. It can horrify you to feel this terrible yearning to go against your beliefs. But, you actually need to embrace this compulsion because the North Node in Gemini is about being open to many different ideas.

Instead of insisting on specific beliefs, you need to spend this life focusing on a wide range of ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. You experience a deep fulfillment when you can accept and master your own duality. The problem is that you can feel uneasy with being contradictory because it feels like it’s being dishonest. But, the truth is that human nature is all about contradictions: love and hate, yin and yang, light and dark, right and wrong. And these contradictions can blend so easily that it’s difficult to tell the difference between the two. Accepting ambiguity is a big step in your development as a person. It’s all too easy for you to bluntly promote a black-or-white code of morals and ethics. However, your major challenge in this life is to welcome the shade of grey.

This means understanding how to be both right and wrong, instead of always needing to be right. Such an attitude is your Achilles’ heel. But, you have to develop the objectivity to know that what’s right for you is not necessarily right for everyone else. Maybe someone sees your point of view as “wrong” but you don’t. Maybe you disagree with someone else’s ideas but they are fully convinced they’re right. This is just the ambiguous part of human nature: we all are just trying to do what we think is right. Knowing this will prevent you from judging others so much, in accordance to your moral code, and make you realize that the “truth” is not absolute. It varies, from person to person.

In accepting this, you can figure out ways in which to modify your own truth, depending on who you’re speaking with. This doesn’t mean be two-faced, insincere, or dishonest. The North Node is the highest, most ideal expression of that sign. So, while those with personal planets in Gemini can suffer from being a bit tricky, shady, or duplicitous, this isn’t the case for you. Instead, you can master the art of tailoring your message to the individual. After all, with a Gemini North Node, your higher purpose lies in being a great messenger. To do this, you have to move beyond the very generalized form of preaching you’re prone to and cultivate a more specific brand of teaching. Instead of spreading your messages on a mass scale, you need to spread these messages on a smaller level, engaging in a logical give-and-take of information between people.

But, you will still need your South Node, as we all do. As I say all the time, the South Node does not need to be left behind. It just needs to be transformed. And you can use the good faith and spirit of adventure to drive your emerging communication skills. Your curiosity will be strengthened if you see the exchange of ideas between you and someone else as an adventure. You never know what will happen and, who knows, they might end up changing your mind! Such a concept is pretty unthinkable to you, in your less evolved and conscious state. You want to do the enlightening! You want to change minds! The thing is that your Gemini North Node does give you the power to change others minds. But, this can only happen when you’re just as open to being mentally affected by them, instead of seeing your interactions as only being about you inspiring, uplifting, or directing them. Real communication is a two-way street!

With the North Node in Gemini, becoming an expert conversationalist is your destiny, allowing you to engage with all sorts of people in regards to all sorts of things. You have to let go of the idea that you can only speak when it’s about something “meaningful.” This is the reason why, sometimes, you can talk up a storm and, other times, you don’t want to say much of anything. You can speak excessively when it’s something you believe in: when it’s a grand topic like religion, life, morality, politics, self-discovery, etc. But, when you’re asked about your day, your job, or your new house, you might feel yourself blanking on what to say. You may be able to go through the motions of it but in a manner that feels disengaged and remote, as if you’re above the whole thing, which is an attitude that inevitably makes people not really want to talk to you.

Therefore, you’re mastering the art of chit-chat, of small talk, of speaking about everyday and random things. Your Sagittarius South Node is so hungry for meaning. But, you can use that thirst for discovery and truth to understand that everything has meaning. You can actually end up learning so much about a person through small talk, if you overcome your arrogant feeling that it’s meaningless. Actually, all the little things about how a person communicates, as well as the random things that they say and speak of, can carry a great deal of meaning. You have to work on not letting these things go over your head. Figuring out things like social cues and body language really unlocks your Gemini North Node. You must remain adaptable to all the shifts in your environment and the person you’re speaking to, going with the flow of it all in an intelligent way.

Your higher self is bright, fascinating, and witty. You have a latent ability to adapt to the endless stream of thoughts and ideas around you. But, until you embrace this higher self, you might be that person who comes off as sort of “dumb”, even though you’re actually smart. It takes some time for Gemini North Node to develop these intellectual skills. You are more comfortable with being told what to think and say through your particular “bible”, whether it’s religious or just a personal philosophy. So, when it comes time to actually think and speak, in a way that’s removed from these beliefs, you can fall flat on your face. You can respond to what you think someone said, instead of what they actually said. You can tell jokes with horrible timing, making them either land flat or come off as inappropriate and offensive. You may also just completely get something wrong that’s an obvious fact to everyone else, making you look really silly.

But, this is why you need to move toward being the student. Gemini North Node people are unlocking their social graces within. Being so clumsy or inept at connecting with others has allowed a side of yourself to unconsciously develop that just wants to see things more clearly. If you can logically tune in to what’s happening around you, then you will be on the right track. This awakens your amazing skill of being able to gather all the facts, observe the situation correctly, and then figure out what to say. It’s a real learning process for you but one that will strengthen your intelligence, sense of humor, and social skills. It’s why being curious is so important for you: more than the average person, you have a lot to learn and this is something that will make this lifetime endlessly stimulating for you. There’s always more information for you to consume.

Developing this mindset will appeal to the insatiable nature of your Sagittarius South Node. But, the difference is you need to be eager for information and not for experience. Working on this mindset will allow your inner shrewdness to emerge. Because you can blindly assume that everyone is as honest as you are, you can all too readily take someone at their word. This also comes from that habit you have of gambling, of just taking a risk without any information. However, this isn’t going to work for you. Your South Node makes you feel like luck is always around the corner. Yet, it won’t be if you keep allowing yourself to be duped. Instead, you must shift your perspective by realizing that the only way you’ll get lucky is by being logical and observant about your situation. In many ways, you need to be like that 6-year-old who won’t stop asking questions. In this lifetime, with a Gemini North Node, you can’t assume anything. Always seek out the facts. This will not only help you see things more clearly but will straighten out the various forms of miscommunication you struggle with. The truth, for you, can no longer be about opinion. It must be about logic.

You’re also reining in a compulsive tendency toward wanderlust. You will always love to “travel”, whether it’s to discover many different experiences in your city or to go from city to city or even country to country. But, in order to find true fulfillment, you must focus on travels of the mind, more so than travels of the body. In actuality, your soul is tired of darting from one place to the next. You can find real satisfaction deep within by engaging in what’s going on in your own backyard. Gemini North Node people can make excellent neighbors; the kinds who are always keeping up with everyone. On a certain level, you need to gossip. It’s what your soul yearns for. I’m not saying do it in a malicious, negative way. But, knowing how to freely exchange a wide range of information is how you evolve, helping others learn and also learning more from others. So, spilling a harmless amount of tea is good for you! Your greater potential makes you that person who causes people to hang on to their every word, eager to hear what you have to say next.


  1. Hmm,I have my NN in Gemini,3rd House.
    I also have a stellium in Sagittarius (Sun,Mercury,Venus and Pluto),Venus in the 8th house,everything else in 9th. my South-node is conjuncting my Chiron,Part of fortune and my Midheaven.(POF and MC are already in Capricorn,my sn is at 27° Sag)

    So,how does this then affect me?
    I heard that if somebody has a stellium in a sign,then the person has a special talent in those areas and the native should try to use them.
    But now what?!
    Use it but don't use it?
    I'm a little bit confused,sorry.

    Rik. :)

  2. I'm with Rick... I have a Saggitarius South Node Stellium in the 2nd. Moon, Mars, and Uranus which all square my Sun. Is the stellium a blessing or a curse?

  3. I'm with Rick... I have a 2nd house stellium conjunct south node in Saggitarius. Moon,Mars, and Uranus, which squares my Virgo sun. Is my stellium a blessing or a curse?

  4. Ahhhh I hate this so much even though it feels so accurate! I'm so much happier with my south node past life, I'm hating becoming Gemini - small talk, puke :'(

    1. South Node Gemini 12th house came chiming in here, I totally understand that philosophy and information can be boring and dull sometimes but information can be entertaining if you know where to look. One of the things you can do is read up on legends or historical literature/ Videogames. Maybe you can even learn stuff by going on an adventure, welcome aboard explorer ;).
      I came to the Gemini North Node page to find some examples on my. North Node by reading on Sagittarius South Node.

    2. Thank u! Sagi south node. Your reply perked me up. To perk you up, even philosophy and soul searching can be interesting.. Treat them with curiosity :)

    3. Right. How was work today hunny?

  5. Great, thank you!! The best published article which i red. All truth and finally good explained on what i should be concentrated to develop myself and fullyfy requests of my path.

  6. This is an amazing article. The truth of this really hit home. Especially the past life things, because those traits have appeared in this lifetime as well. I've always been a 'watcher' and found it difficult to communicate in my younger years, so I turned to writing. As I've gotten older, I've learned to articulate things in ways that the individual person is able to understand. I have a huge passion for learning and thrive on expanding my knowledge and perspective. I'm constantly evolving by questioning myself. Thank you for the validation. I still have a long way to go to get to the person I know I was always meant to be.

  7. I am a nn in Gemini I also have my moon mercury AND Venus in Virgo. Not sure what it means for me. But this article has helped a great deal and is very much appreciated:)

  8. Really just started learning about my Nodes. My North is in Gemini/7th House.

  9. The "drawing a blank" when it comes to small talk is too true. I am a bit antisocial because of a stellium in Sag in 9th(geek).

    I really am very judgemental even through me not saying anything. People feel "judged".

    The part where you wrote that Gem north node are afraid of appearing disingenuous. Too true.

    I judge Gemini people the harshest of all. My ex is one(Gem Sun/Merc) and he felt that I didn't trust him at all.

    My Mom has Gem Sun(Drac) and I have just discovered that her religious natal Sun in Sag disguised a dual Gem Drac Sun.

    She revealed a devastating secret that affected my whole world. And I think she battles to see integration between the two psyches

    Great article!

  10. Interesting and well written.. Although my NN is in Pisces. I sort of understand my husband a bit more but a little worried too. As the article states " they never learned how to lie".
    Ugh 😒

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