Tuesday, July 12, 2016

North Node in Sagittarius: The Candid Soul

***Also for if you have North Node in the 9th House

When you have the North Node in Sagittarius, you are someone who was meant to live this life in pursuit of truth and conviction. For you, true and deep fulfillment will occur when you learn to see everything as one, endless journey; as an exploration that just keeps going and going. This keeps you in a mindset that allows you to remain open to all of the possibilities ahead of you. Sagittarius North Node individuals realize their full potential when they continue to move forward, fueled by a genuine sense of inspiration and faith. You really have to believe that the Universe is on your side and wants wonderful things for you. That kind of attitude leads to great things for everyone. But, it’s crucial for you to develop this mentality as it keeps you enthusiastic and positive. You also must embrace full-on honesty, trusting that it’s all coming from a positive place.

Yet, you are going to have to overcome the pitfalls of your Gemini South Node in order to reach this place of consciousness. The South Node represents what holds us back and what remains counterproductive for us if we focus too much on it. And with the South Node in Gemini, you will remain in a counterproductive state if you’re too logical or too scattered. There are wonderful things about everyone’s South Node. Certain people may feel like it needs to be done away with altogether. But, that’s not the case, as I’ve been saying repeatedly through this series. The South Node just needs to be transformed. And with this placement, doing this will allow you to take advantage of the Gemini South Node qualities of being intelligent, curious, a great listener, and a conduit for all sorts of interesting information. 

However, when unbalanced, these traits just make you someone who is too “in their head” or who talks without saying much of anything. The South Node is an indicator of the negative karma we’ve carried from the past; not just our current past but our past life. If you can get behind the past lives theory, you should realize that the Gemini South Node means that in your most recent past life (or the second-most recent one) you displayed this compulsive habit of saying a lot without really meaning much of it. There was this strong pattern of spouting off a lot of empty words, often to be ingratiating toward others. You were very socially adept, a master at listening, at working the small talk, and at keeping others interested as well as being interested in others. But, all of this meant that you essentially would say whatever you needed to say in order to win the social game.

South Node in Gemini also speaks to a past life where schooling played a massive influence. You could have been an exceptional student or you might have also been a notable teacher of some kind. Many with this placement were very bright in school, taking to the constant stream of info like a fish to water, standing out as one of the smartest kids in class. Such a love of learning could have also compelled you to want to teach, later in life. But, there are also those with the Gemini South Node who went the other way and had particular issues in school, in spite of being very intelligent. It might have been a case of being one of those gifted kids who wasn’t being given the right curriculum, so you acted out in boredom or frustration. Yet, your intellectual giftedness could have shined outside of the classroom, in whatever activity or interest that you took up, making you stand out as being very much ahead of other people on a mental level.

So, in some way or another, this pattern set in of being smarter than other people. This manifested in two different ways. The first is that it made you feel like you always had to be rational and always had to know the facts. You became so used to absorbing information that you felt like you couldn’t properly communicate without knowing all the facts first. So, this led to serious over-thinking, keeping you in an unnecessarily analytical state of mind. You loved asking questions so much that you never knew how to stop and how to shut off your brain. The second way your intelligence often backfired on you was by making you strive to always be two steps ahead of everyone else. You saw everything from the mindset of a student and you were determined to get an “A” in whatever “class” you were in, due to the fact that you were a straight-A kid or you were denied the experience of being one, even though you knew you had it in you.

So, playing mind games, being manipulative, knowing more than other people, and talking out of the side of your mouth were all ways to get that fabulous report card. The thing about Gemini is that it’s dualistic. And with the South Node in Gemini, such duality emerged in a very negative way in your past life. It made you terribly unpredictable, inconsistent, and possibly even two-faced. You could’ve become a compulsive liar or an awful gossip, just because of your need to talk, talk, talk. In a certain way, you also constantly saw yourself as a teacher. So, you were intent on giving your students their lesson of the day. But, because you felt like every bit of information bouncing around in your head was useful, you would just tell people anything and everything, without knowing how to shut up. A part of you meant well. The other part of you? Maybe not so much. And such trickiness was probably encouraged by some “partner in crime”, possibly a brother or sister.

All of these issues have accumulated into your karmic debt and have been carried over into this lifetime to be addressed. And guess what? They have also strongly defined your past in this life, as well. So, even if you are not a believer in past lives, you can re-read everything I just talked about and apply it to your past in this life. Gemini South Node people have lived their lives with either an obsessive liking or disliking of school, which has only caused them to stay stuck in their grade-school self. But, remaining the perpetual student is actually not going to get you anywhere, as it only leaves you preoccupied with always being correct or intelligent. This also can seriously hinder your communication skills. In spite of the fact that your mouth and/or mind can run a mile a minute (another issue that you have to address), you are so smart that you can think entirely too much about what you say, at times, to the point of speaking falsely or manipulatively. Being quite a con artist, to some degree or another, is something that does nothing but hold you back.

Therefore, a certain breakthrough period in your life needs to occur. For many people, the North Node becomes something that really starts taking over around the late 20’s to early 30’s. By this point, you’ve lived a life that has been disappointing and unfulfilling enough, thanks to those poor habits of the South Node. The more you focus on the South Node, the less fulfilled you’ll be. And with the South Node in Gemini, a certain breakthrough happens when you get tired of always having to be logical and always thinking things through. Maybe you’re exhausted by your over-active mind and your insistence on having the correct answer all the time. It’s also very common for those with this placement to get sick of hearing themselves talk, frequently telling themselves to “shut up” or not even taking themselves that seriously for being such a chatterbox. You may also become tired of living in a sense of dishonesty and without any consistent kind of ethics or moral code.

All of this is evidence that you are ready to embrace your Sagittarius North Node. For all of us, the North Node is an ongoing journey. But, it will definitely feel that way if you have the North Node in Sagittarius. I think it’s a common misconception that Sagittarius is about “learning”. I think that Gemini is the sign of learning. Sagittarius is the sign of experience, discovery, and opportunity. We all have to discover our North Node within. And with the North Node in Sagittarius, once you make this discovery, it will lead you to an endless string of discoveries. In this lifetime, you cannot be so preoccupied with factual information. Instead, you need to focus on inspiration, faith, conviction, and opinion. Prioritizing experience before learning is something that leads you to your full potential, as you experience soul-level growth when you just dive in, when you just act on faith, instead of needing to feel like all of your little ducks are in a row first.

With the South Node in Gemini, your kneejerk reaction is to be calculating. In a sense, you are always “studying” a situation first, picking up on all sorts of little cues and details and bits of information, before acting. Yet, the North Node in Sagittarius has unconsciously developed within you as a response to that. Your soul is tired of needing to observe everything and everyone. To a certain degree, you need to embrace more of a “tunnel vision” kind of approach. Just putting your energy into the facts and nothing but the facts bores you now. Deep down, you want to be free to focus on whatever you want to focus on. Think about it: in grade school, we don’t get to choose most of our curriculum. We have to excel at whatever subject we’re placed into, whether we like it or not. But, Sagittarius represents college; the time where we have a “major”, where we can choose what we want to study and when and why. Metaphorically speaking, you need a major – something that really feeds you with enthusiasm and direction – and you need to stick to it.

This is often why college is such a challenging time for a lot of people with this placement. You can see many of them either dropping out of college or vacillating between different fields of study. Your mind naturally works like this. You’re such an information junkie that just about anything sounds good to you. But, you must develop the side of you that really believes in that one thing. This will set you on a steady path that will bring you real fulfillment and satisfaction. It’s for this reason that many Sagittarius North Node folks find themselves going back to college, whether they dropped out or got a degree in something that they didn’t care about. The latter experience can really haunt them and make them feel like their time in college was meaningless. Therefore, they may feel the need to do it over again. So, it’s by finding that inner truth, that compass that leads you to your truth, that you will find the right field of study, whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, or beyond. 

Honesty is so important to your growth in this lifetime. It’s why I call you the candid soul. Being truthful is what puts you on the right track. Again, that can be quite a generalizing statement that applies to anyone. Yet, that’s what Sagittarius is about: that very basic sense of right and wrong. First off, you have to know what’s “right” and “wrong” for you. You might not be entirely aware of it but you have this deep inner sense that what’s good for the goose is not exactly good for the gander. But, you’re so adaptable and such a quick study that you can not only lie to others but lie to yourself, convincing yourself that you enjoy or think something that you don’t or are meant for something that you’re not. That Gemini South Node makes it all too easy to listen to those various “voices”, whether they are literal voices or the ones in your head that anticipate that what you think other people are going to say (something that can make it very hard for you to make decisions).  

But, forget all of that! You have to figure out a sense of right and wrong that will guide you through life. This means not just communicating glibly but developing strong convictions. While personal planets in Sagittarius can potentially bring self-righteousness, you are going to be very opinionated in a good way. For you, it’s not standing on a soapbox. Emitting some fire and brimstone is what allows you to access your higher self. Your greater soul-expression, therefore, is entirely straightforward, spouting off these beliefs and viewpoints in spite of what others may think. The way you can find balance, in this sense, is to see your opinion as a message that could feed the mind of someone else. The teacher-side of your Gemini South Node can be positively utilized, in this way. If you see the honest exchange of opinions as a way to connect intellectually and stimulate those around you, you will feel more motivated to share your beliefs with others.

Besides, you don’t know who you could end up positively impacting! Your conversations must come from a place of true candor and passion. You are very used to just saying “hey, how was your day?” without entirely meaning it. But, in this life, you have to say what you mean and mean what you say. In doing so, you will be carrying and expressing a very positive energy that can touch others around you. In the end, most people are disarmed by someone who’s very authentic, who’s real, who speaks so honestly and straightforwardly. It is a very refreshing quality and you are meant to be that refreshing person who just tells it like it is, regardless of the response. In this life, you are allowed to be rather blunt. Not to a mean degree but in a way that gives you a very pure intention: one of just being candid and telling the truth, hopefully to liberate, enlighten, or inspire someone.

As you evolve in this way, you will figure out what is meaningful to talk about and what isn’t. You can easily be that classic person who just yammers on to fill the silence or who gossips because there’s nothing else to say (which ends up being malicious, intentionally or not). But, the Sagittarius North Node is challenging you to figure out more important things to talk about. You’ll be using your natural intelligence to do this, as your clear intellect will show you what people are actually interested in. Despite your natural curiosity and people skills, you may sometimes fail to notice that the line of communication is suffering due to the superficial, catty, or scattered nature of your conversation. Yet, focusing on the Sagittarius North Node allows you to “keep it real” in the sense of creating a more authentic connection that can lead to conversations that are far more interesting than you would’ve thought, such as philosophical discussions that bring up the meaning of life.

You’re meant to go down a philosophical path. Skepticism shows that you’re off-track, as faithfulness is the key to unlocking your higher self. Many Gemini South Node people grow up without any religious affiliations. If they do, they tend to not take it seriously, while pretending to for the sake of their parents. But, in order to grow, you have to find your religion. This doesn’t mean literal religion necessarily, even though many with this placement do actually find themselves being deeply reborn by taking on some religion in adulthood. It just means some sort of faith or philosophy that allows you to develop a strong moral fiber. Again, it goes back to that sense of right and wrong. Sagittarius North Node people need a solid, consistent code to live by. There is a very honorable part of yourself that has developed in response to your cunning, tricky, or insincere behavior, in the past. This inner Honor Code is what allows you to experience spiritual development.

There is no more room for really manipulative behavior in your life. It will just bring you an empty sort of feeling. Yet, the shrewd part of yourself can be used in order for you to navigate your grand journey in life. In the end, you’re nobody’s fool. You are smart enough to smell someone else’s BS because, let’s face it, you can dish out quite a bit of BS of your own. But, the Sagittarius North Node wants you to rise above that, simply using your sharp people skills to smell someone’s else falseness or lies. And that’s someone you don’t want accompanying you on your journey! There is also a funny pattern, thanks to the South Node in Gemini, of the relationship with one’s sibling(s) experiencing a significant shift on account of this personal growth. If you’re an only child, it’s often a cousin who felt like a sibling and was your total partner-in-crime growing up, to the point of being your evil twin. Of course, no one is saying to ditch your brother or sister! But, you can still act like you’re 10 years old when you get together, still plotting mischievous schemes and getting into trouble. So, that aspect of the relationship has to change, as well as the feeling of them being joined at the hip with you. You’re no one’s Siamese twin! You are free to go off on your own adventures.

And being adventurous is the ultimate purpose of the North Node in Sagittarius. It means venturing out beyond your typical spots and hang-outs. You can stick to your little neighborhood to your own detriment. You feel more comfortable with everyone knowing your name. But, you need to go off and explore other places, whether that’s other hang-outs in your city, another city, or even another country. In any case, expanding your options is how you grow in this life. Embrace your personal freedom to go off on another path. Whatever you want to do, just go out and do it. Act on faith! Sagittarius North Node people think too much for their own good, sometimes. It’s more important for you to go out and do something for the sake of doing it and growing from it, instead of needing a “good reason.” At this stage, the sheer experience needs to be reason enough, awakening the higher self within that wants to be free enough to live as much life as possible.


  1. Shorter articles. SOLIDIFIED with more frequent articles. Would be solid. :O

    1. Thanks this just made me piss myself laughing.

  2. I have a young nephew, just 4, with a Gemini south node. He's a Scorpio but I feel like his Gemini south node is so much stronger. He's super hyper, always all over the place, very talkative; he can talk about anything, and VERY bright and curious. On the negative side though, he can be deceitful, a bit of a know-it-all (he will literally have cute little arguments with me if he thinks he knows best LOL), and he changes his mind SOOO MUCH! it's aggravating. For example, he might ask me to make him a pb&j and in the middle of making it, he will say “actually...I don't want one anymore.” Sometimes he makes me wanna pull my hair out lol. But you know what wayman, that little boy keeps life interesting and I love him to death. He's an amazing kid, and I can't wait to witness him grow up and see what his Sagittarius north node has in store for him:)

    1. He sounds adorable! Haha but I get the frustration. He needs to act out those bad habits and get it out of his system, though, until he becomes an adult. So you kind of have to just let him be in those moments. That's his karma. We all have it through our South Node. :)

  3. Hello Wayman, thank you for your wonderful posts- some of them were hugely clarifying for me.
    I feel a bit puzzled now about the interpretation of my NN in Gemini in the 9th house, especially when you mention that the article pertains both to NN is Sagittarius and to NN in the 9th house. Could I understand my NN as a point that wants me to integrate both principles of Sagittarius and Gamini at the same time? Or do you see another way to interpret it?

    1. Yeah the Nodes in the opposing houses are very tricky! Basically, it is both much easier for you to slip into your bad habits but also much easier to access your full potential. There is a very thin line between your higher self and your lower self.

      When interpreting the Nodes, the sign overpowers the house. So this makes it less confusing. You are very used to doing Sagittarius things in a 3rd House ways. You can be very prone to seeking freedom due to fickle whims and expressing your convictions in very changeable ways. Sometimes, it is manipulative and sometimes, you are so easily influenced that you don't know what to believe!

      So you must focus on expressing Gemini energy in a 9th House way. This means knowing exactly what you believe and communicating it clearly. You must be truly interested in what others have to say due to the process of discovery and inspiration that good conversation gives you.

      Basically think of yourself as a bit more of a Gemini North Node but don't neglect the call of the 9th. :)

    2. Thank you, Wayman, it makes it much clearer for me...

  4. Hi Wayman,great article again!

    It was great inside of you, that with influence of South Node in Gemini, the person sometimes is few steps ahead than the rest of people. I was embarrassed sometimes by seeing solutions so fast, that people felt stupid, believing i wanted to outsmart them, while for me it was a very natural thing. My partner, who has Sagittarius Sun placement explained to me:" You do not get it, that they do not see it as fast as you do. What is natural to you, is different to some others."

    Funny thing is: i am a daughter with NN in Sagittarius in 7th house of the mother also with NN in Sagittarius in 8th house. When i was growing up i have decided to do everything different than she did. She had actually challenged me to do this by telling me: " I will see, how you will manage by your own in life". My answer always have been: "One thing for sure
    i'll be fine".
    My mother is very very fickle. I have learned from her,i have felted it on my own skin, how difficult it is to build solid relationships when you are not consistent, not following the dotted lines, you say one thing and do the opposite - eventually you loose the track of events and the actual meaning behind the events. And if you go on and on like that without application of change here and there,- you might even loose the meaning of your own life. I did realize one thing exactly very early in what you said :" Act on faith! Sagittarius North Node people think too much for their own good, sometimes. It’s more important for you to go out and do something for the sake of doing it and growing from it, instead of needing a “good reason.” I kept telling her that when i was a teenager: "You do not like it, change it..." She never did, because she reasoned too much and my life is one Big Change after another - countries, residences, educations, fields of occupation, people in of out my life. My Oh My, - am i not exhausted to give her "good reasons" for that,- even for my diverse hobbies?

    Would you agree or not with me saying, that there is a possibility, that i have learned from my mother's mistakes, and there for i am dare to say, i had little difficulty to leap in on the path of my North Node without leaning too much to my South Node?

    Would you also agree, that to people with NN in Sagittarius astrology,- is one of the truth giving them solid spiritual ground and understanding?

    Thank you

  5. Wayman, i have another burning question, if it's not too much of a bother.
    My North Node is in Sagittarius and falls by degree in 7th house which is mainly occupied by Scorpio. My 8th house is also occupied by Sagittarius and 9th as well. I am curious what would you say: is it like that Sagittarius sign have quite big influence in my chart?

    1. It is very interesting when a parent and child have the same North Node. I think it is very likely that she finds it hard to understand her mistakes and how she holds herself back. So your relationship is very karmic. As you said, she may see a lot of her shadow side in you. But your full potential can remind her of hers, which may inspire and motivate her or be a source of contention.

      The important thing is to just be yourself and not focus on being better than your mother somehow. I feel like any time someobe says they're going to be better than their parents, it's like a curse. It usually causes that very thing to happen because the person is always living in reaction to the parent and, sooner or later, becomes them. But we are all individuals. You're not a reflection of your mother. Just focus on your own path and your own growth.

      And yes Sagittarius is duplicated in your chart. It is a significant influence but too long to explain in a comment. I'll do an article soon on duplicated houses. :)

    2. Thank you very much for your reply.

      "I feel like any time someone says they're going to be better than their parents, it's like a curse." - great observation...and not really respectful to the parents,-it's fortunately does not apply to me.
      I have said to myself, i would do things different,- not better. It's my mother which always compared her life to mine and not in my favour. I also was never in reaction to her, i was very independent, but humble daughter ,- she even said it herself - That all was said just for clarification of things.

      Appreciate your insight a lot, always so refreshingly wise. And i look forward to your article about dublicated houses!

  6. i have sag north node(12retro) conjunct capricorn ascendant 4 deegree orb, how would that play out? and will it be visible? and should i focus more on the 12th house when working with the north node or sagi traits?

    1. I always say that the NN house is the style that you express the NN sign in. The NN sign is what you work on and the house is how you work on it and bring it to fruition.

      So express the Sagittarius NN in a 12th House way: fluid, imaginative, spiritual, solitary, etc. This combination can send you on some very inspiring, magical kind of spiritual quest that is really never ending.

  7. I have north node Sagittarius in 7th house sextile my sun in 5th house kinda easy for me to be direct candid in my relationship with others

  8. Hello Wayman,
    I just discovered your blog and it's amazing! So, thank you, very inspiring. You have different way with words and interpretations, it's refreshing and more authentic. I have also taught myself astrology through books and internet for the last 2.5 years, it has helped me a lot to understand life, which before that was one big riddle.
    I've got mars + pluto + SN + IC 21d in scorpio in 3/4 th, NN in taurus in the 9th, stellium with jupiter in aquarius in the 6th, moon in leo in the 12th, ASC 29d leo, saturn + uranus in saggitarius, chiron opposite saturn, neptun in capricorn.
    Saturn return has been exactly as you've described it, very painful. I'm still in it, battling those bullies and finding my purpose, I've changed radically. Better times are coming, feeling stronger, things are clearer.
    I'll get intensly in your page this weekend, probably reading every article you have :) THANK YOU <3

  9. I have Gemini South Node in the 9th and Sagittarius North Node in the 3rd. I would say that I have been slightly Gemini in this lifetime, but not enough for me to be like, "UGH this Gemini energy is the bane of my existence!" So I wonder if a lot of my Gemini stuff is connected to a past life instead. I also wonder if maybe everything with this is confusing for me because I have Sag NN in the Gemini house and vice versa. I honestly don't feel that connected to my North OR South Node! The nodes have been the biggest mystery for me in astrology. Everything else is crystal clear and pretty much entirely accurate. But I just can't ever seem to resonate with anything about my node placements.

    1. Oh, I wanted to add: my Gemini South Node is conjunct the MC and Mars. Perhaps that modifies things a bit. The NN is, of course, conjunct the IC but no planets.

    2. It's because you have flip flopped Nodes. Your Gemini SN has a very Sagittarius flavor since it is in the 9th and your Sagittarius North Node has a Gemini feel because its in the 3rd. So it will be particularly challenging for you because you never feel too much like one or the other.

    3. Yeah, that's basically it, and I'm just going to have to accept that (hard for this 12th House Virgo lol). When I can't analyze and understand everything to make sense of it perfectly, I get really annoyed. So with this node thing it's like the placements are just blurred together; there is barely any distinction between them. It drives me crazy because I want to be able to dissect, to figure out what each one means separately. When I can't do that, it feels SO frustrating! Virgo Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in the 12th with Virgo Rising, can you tell? haha

    4. Haha yeah I'm sure. But the good thing about those who have their Nodes like this is that it is more so about balancing the Nodes than embracing and accessing the NN because, in many ways, you already get it. Its just about not going to extremes and maintaining that middle ground.

  10. Lol I always got in trouble for gossiping in primary skl. It would ALWAYSSS come back to bite me. In uni I still did it because I convinced myself it was the truth anyway so I could say it. Think I lost a friend over it, not sure because she's an Aries so she didn't say what upset her(she herself was a big gossiper) heh but from reading this I realised I'm going okay and I need to stay away from venting on Twitter because I start subtweeting :'D honesty is a big deal for me & it's hard for me to tolerate lies/lying in any form even withheld information. I get angryyy and I usually knw if someone is lying(Aries Moon) Though I can act/lie pretty well too I rarely do it seriously. Honesty is the best policy :D with some compassion(working on the compassion... I'm pretty blunt)

  11. I have been thinking a lot about this placement and the idea of travelling and adventure. I have often thought of it as either an intellectual/ spiritual pursuit or a physical change of geographic placement. However, more recently I have been thinking of this as exploration of something completely different for oneself that enables you to grow. For example, I have always been a people person who wants to help others by physically being there for them and working in sales/ public related fields. Now though, I am thinking of a more isolated occupation that will enable me to financially contribute to non-profit organizations. I have no children of my own and love to contribute to the greater good when I can, often volunteering in my spare time. Does this correlate with how other people with this placement feel? That it may not be a physical journeying but more like experiencing adventure by pushing oneself in a completely different direction? I am just curious.