Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sun-Uranus Aspects: The Experiment

Thanks to having your Sun conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Uranus in your birth chart, you’re the experiment. Since the Sun represents one’s sense of self and personality while Uranus has a progressive bent to it, there is something about the way you are that is quite unusual and unconventional. I call you the experiment because your cultivation of your identity occurs in ways that are kind of like a science project. You see yourself (Sun) with a certain detachment (Uranus) that can allow for a free-spirited, broad-minded sense of self. But, it can also make you rather alienated from yourself, as a result, and quite alienated from other people, as well.

The Sun and Uranus are naturally at odds here because their ruling signs, Leo and Aquarius, are opposites. So, it is quite a contradictory thing to have a Sun-Uranus aspect. I often describe Uranus as “on the outside, looking in.” When this planet touches the planet of self-expression – the Sun – in your chart, that means that you have a curious way of being on the outside, looking in, when it comes to yourself. You can observe your personality in motion, with an attitude of detachment and with an objective sense of how you fit into or don’t fit into the whole. The big-picture element of Uranus means that your self-expression cannot be purely selfish, even if the Sun is in Aries or in the 1st House. There would still be some selfishness involved, in that case. But, you are developing a self-image that is more so based on what you have to offer other people.

In many ways, you have to be a person who can benefit humanity. This can be on a major scale, like through any sort of political or social work, community efforts, or intellectual studies that can really help other people. Astrology could also fall into that category! Many Sun-Uranus people get quite a kick out of being devoted astrology students and possibly even becoming astrologers, developing their identity via this unique field of study that can benefit others. But, helping other people can also be on a smaller scale, just through your sheer example. Individuals with a Sun-Uranus aspect can really excel at being the change they want to see in the world. They can express themselves in ways that will spread greater acceptance, tolerance, love, and freedom for all. 

This is another reason why you’re the experiment. It’s like you’re the light bulb, the cell phone, or some social movement. Through being yourself, you are capable of advancing the lives of others. Yet, this is a reason why, in spite of being so in touch with humanity and its progress, you might not feel entirely human. I think the people with the square, opposition, and often the conjunction from the Sun to Uranus will feel this struggle the most. But, those with the sextile or trine are not necessarily immune, either. There’s this feeling within that you are here to serve humanity or spark the brainwaves of others, in some sense. Because of this, you can feel this dislocation from yourself on a more personal level. Sun-Uranus people can feel as if they’ve been “invented” in a way and usually by themselves. After all, Uranus is so independent. Yet, through being this invention, it’s hard to feel like everyone else, who are often leading self-focused lives. This is the alienating aspect of having this placement and those with the harder aspects can see themselves as outright freaks.

You might identify too much with being a freak, to a point where your provocative, progressive message does more harm than good. I think, more than most people with Uranus aspects, those with their Sun in aspect to Uranus could potentially be the most addicted to creating shocks, controversies, or sheer chaos. Mars-Uranus people can give them a run for their money. Yet, Sun-Uranus folks feel this compulsion ingrained within their very personality. And in the case of the square or the opposition, there can be a sense of creating all of this confusion and then suddenly wanting everything to go back to normal. Either that or you may provoke people, often by playing Devil’s Advocate, then pretending like nothing’s wrong. It’s important for you to embrace the fact that you’ll never be “normal” but to do so in a way that doesn’t make you try hard to be outlandish.

Another potential outcome of this placement is a lot of emphasis on playing it cool. And for a lot of Sun-Uranus individuals, being “cool” will mean not being concerned with what’s cool. Often times, it comes from shunning what is seen as cool, popular, or normal. Therefore, you get the typical hipster or the defiant free-spirit who is insistent on not playing by anyone else’s rules or by not being into what everyone else is into. Your self-expression can be quite nonchalant and detached, to the point of aloofness. This is because you’re often times not expressing yourself in a strictly self-focused way. You’re, instead, expressing yourself in a more universal or global fashion. The ego, in many ways, takes quite a backseat with this combination. Because your self-image is of that person who is contributing to the world on a greater scale, you often don’t get too concerned with making a lot of personal attachments or indulging too much in exclusive passions.

That’s not to say that you’re not passionate and that you don’t have any passion. Other placements in your chart can definitely indicate that. But, those passions often aren’t going to be felt in a personal way. With the Sun-Uranus aspect, you truly come alive when you are engaged with other people in an effort that is going to result in good things for everyone. Therefore, you are a real collaborator and will make sure everyone’s being a team player. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you will be completely easy to work with in any sort of group. In fact, you will see yourself as the person who can bring dissent to the situation just as much as cooperation. But, this will only happen when you have ideas that are being challenged by someone else. You really enjoy a healthy exchange of ideas, even when there’s disagreement, as you never take it personally. The fact that others do is laughable to you. So, because of that, you can bruise a few egos along the way.

Unless you have a Leo Sun, your ego is not easily bruised (and even if you do have the Sun in Leo, you still brush criticism or humiliation off rather quickly). People’s judgments of you really don’t affect you and you have a special knack for deflecting the majority of praise you receive. Being so unaffected by people’s opinions of you, good or bad, is what keeps your ego from gaining the upper hand. Besides, when you believe the good stuff, you have to believe the bad. Few people understand the truth behind that phrase like you. This makes you quite nonchalant in the face of flattery or ass-kissing. It all goes back to being the experiment. You care what people think only when it’s in terms of what’s going to affect others on a wider, more important scale. This is when you will tinker around with your self-expression until it works. But, when it solely involves you? You really don’t care because you don’t see why it would make that much of a difference. Now, of course, you might not entirely be there yet. We have to grow into our Sun. It comes with self-awareness. The more self-aware you are, the more detached you’ll be from others’ opinions of you.

You’re quite a wild thing, as well, since Uranus is such an unpredictable, uncontrolled energy. Although there is actually a part of you that is quite calculated in your personality, there is another part of you that is always making unexpected moves. The thing is that you surprise yourself just as much as you surprise others, if not more. If the Sun is about self-discovery and self-awareness, being a Sun-Uranus person means that you are, more than most, discovering all sorts of surprising and unusual things about yourself throughout life. You can get hit with many random insights about yourself that end up totally changing your life. Uranus can speed up progress and, often times, this aspect means growing into your identity in a very advanced or very unexpected manner. 

It also indicates that finding an identity for yourself is something that you’ll actually be quite distanced from and not entirely invested in. Since Uranus is detachment, there can be more of an impetus for you to help other people find their identity and sense of self. But, when it comes to yourself? That can just be a big, old mess. Again, we can see how the energies of the Sun and Uranus can be at odds. You might end up not caring about being in touch with your sense of self or finding out who you are. The result can be that you become an absolute whirlwind of odd, inconsistent, and erratic personality traits, to a degree that just makes everything around you very chaotic. You may indulge in such weirdness and wildness that you finally, one day, step back and realize that, in the midst of all of this experimenting, you’ve turned yourself into Frankenstein.

Since the Sun shows how one’s personality developed in response to the father figure, your paternal parent could’ve been viewed in a very distant light. There might have been this sense that they were busy with other things and didn’t have time to give you much approval or recognition. This could’ve been a very absent-minded, eccentric, or remote parent who was wrapped up a lot in bigger things. The Sun-Uranus father figure gives love and recognition in a more detached manner. While this made you feel free, it’s also something that instilled within you this sense of self of not exactly being recognized. Not like with Sun-Neptune where you feel ignored, abandoned, neglected, or projected onto. You just might not have felt like that “big of a deal”. Those with the softer aspects often take this much easier than those with the harder aspects, who can suffer from this feeling of wanting to be mavericks or rebels yet also somehow needing people’s seal of approval. Essentially, that yearning for acceptance must be discarded. If you can cultivate your own inner acceptance, regardless of your peers’ ideas, while seeing the actions of your father figure as highly tolerant and liberating, then you will be on the path toward true self-confidence.

In the end, you are going to figure out who you are when you’re willing to be different. Those with a Sun-Uranus aspect shine as individuals when they let their unique brilliance come to the forefront. With the father figure, there was a sense of having plenty of room to think freely and be independent, whether it was through freedom that was directly given or indirectly taken. Either way, your true personality is that of someone who does their own thing. In spite of your allegiance to certain causes, collaborations, or movements, your true sense of self comes from knowing how you stand out amongst the masses. You must be “one of the people” while also totally being your own person. This is another essential dichotomy of having your Sun touching Uranus. You shine the most when you don’t care about shining yet when you know exactly what makes you unique, even if no one else is that interested in it. In the process, the ego (Sun) is both tamed and strengthened. It gives you the power to experiment with all of these modes of self-expression while also not getting that personally invested in the outcome, whether that’s success or what people say about it.

Sun conjunct Uranus: You are the biggest eccentric of the group and are going to make no bones about it. Thanks to the conjunction, your sheer sense of self is tied up with being unconventional and difficult to put in a box. But, out of all the aspects, you may be guiltiest of thriving too much on the chaos you can create. So, it is important to channel all of that brilliant energy into something worthwhile that will help people and that won’t get you into too much trouble.

Sun square or opposite Uranus: With the square or the opposition, you can have a difficult time accepting your quirky, unpredictable nature. Sometimes, you try to fight it and then the inner pressure gets too intense that you explode in erratic, bizarre ways. It helps for you to first find the tolerance within for yourself that you may or may not get from others. Then, you will be able to express yourself with true originality, intellect, and also humane concern for other people.

Sun sextile or trine Uranus: You’re also an oddball but since you have the sextile or the trine, you don’t stick out like a complete sore thumb. You are just weird enough to shake up whatever social scene you’re in without alienating people too much. Though you know you’re unique, you don’t have to rub it in their faces. Still, you can also become quite unmanageable, at times, if you’re not careful, especially if you like someone is giving you some sort of “rule” to break.


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    1. Glad you've found your freedom. With the square from Uranus and Neptune, you're definitely meant to be on your own wavelength.

  2. I finally made a Blogger account because I tried commenting on some other articles of yours here with my Wordpress one, and my comment disappeared with no warning :)

    I really like your perspective and writing style. Related to Sun-Uranus, I've been wondering if my square is "in effect", as the orb is about 6.40, but it's out of sign (Virgo/Scorpio). Anyway, I can find myself in much of what you've written, though my ego is a bit more on the defensive side. I think one of my biggest internal conflicts are between the need for security/safety and the need for change and originality. I also have Mars trine Uranus (my tightest aspect), Moon trine Uranus and Uranus opposite MC. And lately I'm starting to feel more and more the tension between my need of approval and my need to show true self.

    1. Well, thanks! But, I do feel like that's too wide of an orb for a square. My cut off orb for squares is about 4 degrees. I feel like it has to be tight for the tension of the square to be felt. I think your Uranus conflicts may be coming from the other aspects, especially Uranus conjunct the Nadir (aka opposite the MC). You are deeply rooted in that Uranus energy, since it's on your Nadir. If you also have Uranus in the 4th, that's especially true. People with this placement may feel like their personal foundation is always in flux and unpredictable, which can be enjoyable and comforting, sometimes, and just create a headache behind closed doors, at other times.

      Also, I think the fact that you are privately Uranus-like means that, in public, you switch that part of yourself off and just want to be accepted and approved of. You might try hard in your public life to be popular or well-liked. I think, on some level, you need this. It's just about finding a balance between the kookiness of your private self and the somewhat more straitlaced nature of your public self.

    2. Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I also think that the Sun-Uranus orb might be too wide, but I think it's effect is even more decreased by the fact that it's not in the sign which would be actually squaring Virgo, like Sag.
      Related to the Uranus/MC opposition, I have Uranus in the 3rd house, but 1 degree from the IC, so it's pretty close. I can definitely relate to that changeable personal foundation you mentioned. Until now it has been me, the stable, reliable person in the public eye, but lately I've been showing a lot of my Uranus-like side, which usually doesn't "behave" as expected, so yeah, striving towards some balance should be the goal.

  3. Thank God I have one of the easier aspects. I have the sextile exact, between my sag sun and Aquarius Uranus. Both the sun and Uranus are dominant planets in my chart, so I can feel these energies very much! I think I mentioned on here once before that I have Uranus in Aquarius and it is angular as well.
    Because of the sextile, I never really feel the need to express the sun-uranus side of myself until I really need to. I do feel like my identity and my need to rebel, be independent, and progress are completely at ease. The sun and Uranus have always been two planets I've been able to work with. However, with my emotional and love nature, uh uh. Completely different story, haha. I have those three planets in a fixed t square in my chart.
    As for my father, he's definitely one of the detached sorts. I don't really mind it though because although he isn't that emotional or animated, he is VERY chill and friendly. My dad is one of my best friends and not just my parent.

    1. I do remember the Sun rules your chart, since you're a Leo Rising. So, you're going to feel all of your Sun aspects in a really powerful way. And that's cool that you have that kind of relationship with your dad. I do think a wonderful friendship can develop between father and child with this aspect, in many cases.

  4. Also, the part where you said sun-uranus people might be very much into astrology and love to study it, VERY true. I've loved astrology for so long now and I don't think I'll ever get bored with it. Astrology is kind of like the ocean or the stars in the sky. Vast, so much to it. Also, since Uranus in Aries is conjuncting my midheaven as of right now, I have been contemplating being a professional astrologer one day and reading people's charts and just helping them understand themselves better. Astrology has really helped me understand myself.

  5. This is a new take on this placement for me. It made me think about Sun in the 9th house- discovering the self through reason or through sudden insights of a philosophical nature. Thank goodness I have this placemnt as it saved me from all my Plutonian themes of childhood. I learned to overcome bullying and other people- now I love people as they are and I know I can sit back on the sidlines and watch with that love- and be the bigger person. My ASC is in Virgo so self-service is a thing plus both my Sun and Venus trine Neptune so I LOVE to feel trends and currents on a social level and see them before people create them. It is uncanny really. As far as relationships go - giving tohers freedom to be who they are is a posetive elment of this aspect I think. As for being weird...What are you talking about? lol Ok maybe we are strange but it is't something you can pin point with ease.

  6. Hey. I have sun square Uranus. But I was NEVER rebellious. Like, ever. I might even dare to say that was a wimp, afraid to stir things up. Nor am I wild. Well, not on the outside. My emotions and feelings can be very chaotic and it can be kinda hard to deal with? I also have Uranus in Aquarius/ 8th btw. Tho I'm not entirely sure what this means. I also have Pluto opposite Uranus, Neptune sextile uranus and uranus square Saturn. I'm kinda new to this, heh. I'm really curious what my Pluto/Uranus aspect means tho

  7. I know you don't believe in minor aspects but I have the quinqux and I really can relate to this article... or maybeis it just because I have Uranus in the first house?

    1. That definitely could be it. Its just that you're playing the part of the rebel, free spirit, etc instead of it being your true identity.

  8. Interesting article but i have Uranus (12th house) trine Sun (8th house) and i dont feel that much of a "oddball". It feels like i want to change but i cant put it into action. Is it due to 12th house Uranus?

    1. That is exactly why. But you are weirder and wilder than you initially seem. I have a 12th House Uranus and I think we look straitlaced and try to be a bit more stable/consistent. But that chaotic craziness and weirdness in us eventually comes to light and in ways we can be unaware of. So you are much more of an oddball than you believe you are.

      The best way to satisfy a 12th House planet is to accept that it can never really be satisfied on this earth. With a 12th House Uranus, you have to know that the regular world will never totally understand your odd brilliance. But if you find an outlet for that (spiritually or artistically), you can let go of the illusion of what's "normal".

      Then your Uranus energy will rise to the surface more and be used more consciously, even though it will always be quite subtle and elusive in expression.

  9. hi! i love this description, i have sun conjunct uranus in capricorn in the 5th. the funny thing is that my sun is conjunct neptune too, so it's interesting to try to synthesise those two planets and the effect they have on my sun. if you have any insights at all, they would be very much appreciated!!

  10. This is just amazing and so empowering. I have Sun in Leo conjunct Uranus in the 8th. Always been an oddball in just the way you describe. Dad was very supportive, praised my creativity, but traveled a lot.

    The other feeling of rejection and not belonging is different and separate. It came from the 8th house emotional inheritance of an invalidating and aloof Aquarian mother - Moon square Sun, Moon Square Uranus.
    Once the Sun Uranus conjunction is untangled from the 8th house issues I am validated on one hand and have the proper insight to work on abandonment issues more effectively.

    I think I got that close. It feels right anyway.

  11. Hey, your articles are great and in depth, one of best I seen in the internet, and help people too.

    I have a real hmm hard time with outer planets.
    Sun conjunct Uranus in Sag sextile aquarius mars.
    Then merc conj neptune.

    Is like everything is at odds :/ You got it right about the "not knowing who you are anymore". That is me right now.

    Other planets in detriment or clashing with the Aquarius energy is moon jupiter venus stellium in capricorn. Sigh.

    And I would like to figure out how to use my time and productivity to the common good. But those things at odds makes so hard for me. Even to get a career. I got one for money/safety, was so unhappy had to go to therapy. The married moved to a small country not well known where everybody is taurus (no joking 7 out of 10 people here are taurus) with very rigid mentality/boredom/little tolerance to change for good or improving bad things .

    Maybe I am here to put Uranus to good energy but I can't find how to fit here at all. Is like the situation you describe but feeling even more isolated from others. If you have any idea about how Uranus can deal with a situation like this, let me know please.

  12. Great post--one of the most comprehensive I've seen on the topic. I'm sun conjunct Uranus and super unconventional, free-spirited, about helping other people find themselves (while enjoying the ongoing journey of self-discovery myself). My conjunction is the 5th house, so I have a very eccentric sense of creativity and fun. I am an astrologer myself (living up to the Uranian potential of the conjunction). Also an artist, healer, and holistic physician. I definitely feel myself to be in a light-brining role for humanity. I'm not sure I can or will live up to my potential in that way, but trying brings me joy and fulfillment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and wisdom on this topic. ALOHA!

  13. Thanks for the write up on Sun-Uranus aspects. I must say, your synopsis was spot on for my case.
    I have a 12th house Taurus sun conj. Taurus Merc (3 deg), in opposition to Uranus. I'm a weirdy! Lol! I've always felt different, always (still do in moderation) went against the grain, tastes in music and subculture sharpened and non conformist. I rebelled as a teen against organized religion (especially!), authority, and anything main stream and pop culture.
    So I find myself as an adult experiencing a Uranus opposite Uranus (yes mid life crisis! ahhh), but get this Uranus is about to conjunct my sun next May 2018. Crazy!! Well, needless to say (but I will, lol), I've been a student of meditation and cymatics (sound healing). I play a set of 7 quartz crystal singing bowls (like the Tibetan ones but quartz crystal), all tuned to the chakras @ 432 mhz. I'm like a kid in a candy store. The practice is doing wonders for me, and I'm thinking about joining up with a local yoga studio to start offering sound baths for everyone.
    See....spot on! Cheers!