Thursday, July 7, 2016

The 8th House: Signs and Planets

Whether you have an empty 8th House or planets in the 8th, whatever is residing in this house represents your dark side. It’s the covert, scary part of yourself that can emerge when provoked and can have a destructive influence on your relationships. At the same time, your 8th House sign and/or planet(s) can also have a wonderfully healing influence. The placement(s) in your 8th House show the ways in which you should work through your emotional issues and hash through any of the psychological inheritances, good or bad, that have been passed down to you via your family’s history. Here is how we can break the cycle and transform it, extending this power to others.

So, even though your 8th House has been wounded, it also shows how you are capable of being a survivor. Emotional, internal resources are found in the 8th House and this is something that will enrich your relationships. The ways in which you engage in intimacy are described by the sign and/or planet(s) residing in your 8th House. This includes emotional intimacy and the disclosure of certain secrets. But, it also means sexual intimacy. Sex is represented by this house but in a way that’s about cultivating a deeper sexual connection, as well as overcoming any emotional problems that might be standing in the way of better sex between you and your partner. Therefore, things get very passionate and intense in the 8th House, in many different ways.

8th House in Aries and/or Mars in the 8th House
You have been most wounded in life through a sense of being bullied and pushed around. Traumatic episodes of physical violence or sexual abuse could’ve occurred that made you feel dominated and weak. There also could have been unbalanced or unhealthy displays of anger that really impacted you. So, your dark side emerges through sheer rage and frustration, making you destructive through being obsessed with staying strong and winning out over other people. You are living out this inherited pattern of killing or being killed, which can make you terribly selfish and highly aggressive in ways that only create more pain and more conflict.

So, you are working through your emotional issues by managing your anger and understanding that you can achieve victories without having to destroy someone else. You have a cutthroat kind of strength that can help you survive. But, real healing occurs when you use this obsessive drive as a healthy inner resource, instead of a way to eat other people alive. You are capable of being a true force of nature and finding your power through this ferocious drive and determination, which will, of course, help you emerge as a winner in the face of emotional trials. When being intimate, you are very assertive and passionate, as you are so motivated to hash out deeper issues. You are highly sexual and seek a connection in sex that is fierce and invigorating. If anything is messing up this sexual connection, you will want to address the issue head-on and overcome it.

Taurus in the 8th House
Your feeling of being wounded has occurred through feeling like there is not enough harmony and security. A traumatizing experience of whoever you loved or whatever you owned being taken away has scarred you. It has created a shadow side that is scarily possessive and rigid, making you sink your claws into something or someone until you draw blood. You may stop at nothing in order to obtain the material possessions and pleasures you want. You’ve inherited a certain amount of greed and materialism that is often a desperate cry for power and control underneath. But, this only creates chaos and destruction, as your inability to let go only makes it harder to feel secure.

Mastering these personal demons comes by finding a feeling of security within that no one and nothing can take away from you. Then, you can mellow out some by not being so obsessed with hanging on to what or who makes you feel comfortable. Deep down, you have an almost ruthless ability to not budge. But, when you find true healing, you can use this inner consistency as a resourceful way to survive. In intimacy, you are quite level and grounded, taking a simple approach to emotional sharing. Sex is more of a physical, sensual connection for you. This is why you have to examine yourself and make sure you’re fully comfortable in your skin to cultivate a sexual bond.

Gemini in the 8th House and/or Mercury in the 8th House
Your emotional scars have stemmed from experiences of being tricked, lied to, or manipulated. In more dramatic cases, serious mental abuse could have occurred where someone was always getting inside your head and planting toxic ideas or cutting you down to size with their words. So, your shadow side can make you scarily manipulative, playing dangerous or destructive mind games with others, as well as sharp-tongued and verbally cutting. You have inherited an ability to always stay two steps ahead that can get quite controlling, making you either withhold information from other people or use the information you’ve obtained against someone else.

You have the power to hash out these psychological problems in a very intelligent way, as you possess a logical understanding of your issues. In fact, this is sometimes the bad thing as you clearly know what you’re doing wrong but still do it anyhow. Yet, this cleverness and intelligence can be used as a weapon to survive emotional difficulties. Then, you’ll find healing by knowing you’re smart enough to rise above the darkness. Your intimate self is communicative and clear, eager to discuss whatever problems are going on. This applies to sexual intimacy, as well. You’re a real problem-solver in terms of the sexual problems you or your partner may be having. Sex is constantly on your brain, but as a way to truly connect, and you have a very erotic way with words.

Cancer in the 8th House and/or Moon in the 8th House
You have endured emotional pain due to a sense of not truly being taken care of or emotionally understood. Experiences of your actual needs not being met, acknowledged, or supported have scarred you. It’s why when you go to a dark place, you can become frighteningly needy and insecure. Your feelings consume you and devour you as well as the other person. This stems from an inherited emotional pattern of never feeling safe or protected, meaning that you can express a very destructive view that nobody will ever be able to care for you enough. Yet, when you actually find someone who is genuinely caring, you may not entirely trust it or receive it.

Because of this, you will gain a feeling of inner security from being aware of your emotional issues and working through them. You have a powerful ability to understand your feelings, even at your most irrational. But, when distorted, this can be expressed a bitter idea that no one feels the way that you do. So, you will heal when you can integrate both the ability to self-nurture and be nurtured, surviving trials by knowing when to support yourself and when to look to others for support. Intimacy makes you feel very vulnerable and emotional sharing fulfills a deep inner need of yours. You also really need passionate, satisfying sex in your life. Insecurities and fears may easily throw you off. But, you just need to go with the flow, as you have an instinct for lovemaking.

Leo in the 8th House and/or Sun in the 8th House
The difficult emotional experiences you have can give you this identity of being a very wounded individual. This can take your self-expression to dark places that make you remain that person you were when you were hurt, scarred, or traumatized. Because of this, it can be difficult for you to separate your shadow self from your general personality. It might seem like the only way to get attention is to be destructive and you can become self-absorbed in your desire to be powerful, which is the result of a long line of powerful personalities whose traits you’ve inherited. In short, you often express your dark side just because you can, turning your will into a deadly force.

The more you conquer your emotional problems, the more self-confident you will feel. In fact, delving deep into your psyche gives you this sense of coming alive. Yet, this is also why you can be so obsessed with drama: you may only feel alive when things are emotionally difficult or upsetting. But, the good thing is that you can find healing through this. Your true self is a survivor and your resourceful personality keeps you going through trials and tribulations. You discover and maintain your self-awareness through intimacy. The deeper you go, the more you stay true to who you are. You’re a very sexual person and learn a lot about yourself through sexual connections. This can potentially make you very self-absorbed during sex, though, so don’t make it all about you.

Virgo in the 8th House
Your experiences of being emotionally scarred have come from harsh criticisms and unreasonable standards of other people. You could have been victimized or abused in a way that made you feel ripped to shreds, like you were never good enough. Also, this emotional pain may have stemmed from having to obsessively serve others and be up to par. As a result, you have developed a dark side that can be obsessively critical and dissatisfied, not only with other people but with yourself. When these shadows emerge, your tongue becomes a deadly weapon, most of all against yourself. You have inherited a trait of being smart and observant to a very powerful degree and this is something that can become destructive if you allow yourself to abuse this power.

Since you have such an acute sense of judgment, you can delve into your psychological problems and work through them with great clarity. You are very humble about your issues, being the first to admit your deep flaws. But, you might also be so preoccupied with your flaws that they take on a chaotic life of their own, keeping you distracted from the good within you. Yet, this is where your power comes from: having a resourceful ability to assess your strengths and weaknesses and use them constructively. Such self-criticism helps you survive. You are also willing to work hard in terms of intimacy, constantly identifying the problems between you and the other person. This may bring frequent dissatisfaction on a sexual level, if you’re too busy figuring out what’s not working. Yet, you also have the ability to fully dedicate yourself toward improving the sexual part of the relationship.

Libra in the 8th House and/or Venus in the 8th House
You are dealing with psychological scars in terms of how you were valued and loved. Your beauty or sensuality was likely recognized intensely or at an inappropriate age, making your attractiveness difficult to handle or something that could have even felt wrong on some level. You also could have been involved in an abusive or toxic situation where you had to keep the peace, no matter what the cost to your own happiness or peace. As a result, your inner darkness emerges by either making you obsessed with being liked or causing you to ruin whatever love you do receive. You can possibly veer between the two. Your emotional inheritance has instilled an unbalanced idea of self-love and of relating to others that can make relationships feel dangerous or threatening.

Therefore, working on your emotional issues will allow you to truly love yourself and others, more than the average person. You have a dysfunctional knack of creating chaos or destroying things in order to find your peace. Yet, your internal power stems from this ability to cultivate harmony from a profound place within. When you do, you will be able to tap into inner resources that help you survive emotional challenges with your peace of mind intact. Your intimate self is very appealing, kindhearted, and agreeable. You strive to share yourself emotionally in cooperative ways. You possess plenty of sex appeal, as well, and seek to make the sexual connection a real give-and-take. Having a rich sex life not only gives you a feeling of peace but of healthy self-esteem.

Scorpio in the 8th House and/or Pluto in the 8th House
The emotional trauma in your life goes particularly deep and is something that you really need to face. You have been scarred from just having to confront the grittier, more intense aspects of life at an early age: death, abuse, abandonment, betrayal, or cruelty. Really upsetting experiences in terms of sex can also definitely be possible, including being raped, molested, or just given too much sexual attention too soon. Your dark side can be especially frightening, causing you to spiral down into the abyss or bring others with you. Such destructiveness is usually a distorted expression of a yearning for power, as you come from a long line of people who misused their power in some way.

Yet, you are truly made to figure out your psychological problems and just what to do with them. You are blessed with the magnificent power to transmute your darkness into something healing and beautiful. The thing is that you just have to learn how to pull yourself out of that darkness, as you can be so accepting of the shadows that you lose track of the light. Once you consciously choose healing, you will be unstoppable in the path toward becoming a better person, transforming others along the way. Your deep-seated resourcefulness means that you can truly change the lives of those you’re intimate with, as you know how to share inner resources and feelings in ways that are very powerful. When it comes to sex, you are wholehearted and seek a very intense connection. You may go to total extremes of being powerful and powerless in bed that need to be addressed. You have great sexual charisma yet this energy can be so obsessive that it needs to be redirected a bit.

Sagittarius in the 8th House and/or Jupiter in the 8th House
The emotional wounds you have that need healing revolve around your sense of faith and freedom. You could have endured something very painful or traumatic that prevented you from feeling like anything is possible. As a result, you developed a dark side that makes you feel in control by refusing to be hemmed in or brought down. When this part of you emerges, you can go to the excesses of excess, hurting others and yourself by not knowing when to stop. Your passed-down inheritance centers on this addiction to pushing your luck that can push you right over the edge. And the thing is that you might not care or be bothered by who falls off the cliff with you.

This is why dealing with your emotional problems will allow you to not be too naïve or reckless. When you work on your issues, you can stop and realize that you actually have issues. Otherwise, you can be quite ruthless in your compulsion to walk through the fire and not care about being burned. But, this attitude can become transformed into a formidable kind of faith. You heal yourself and find your power by believing that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This resourceful attitude brings good fortune into your life, helping you turn any sort of emotional pain into a positive. While being intimate, you are quite irrepressible, as you gain so much enthusiasm and freedom from this process of deep sharing. You take a sanguine attitude to the complex issues of the relationship, which means that you can almost magically heal any sexual blockages going on with your positivity. Yet, your sexual appetite is huge and you’ll want more and more of this bond.

Capricorn in the 8th House and/or Saturn in the 8th House
Emotional pain has manifested in your life in a way that has made you feel like quite a failure. You might have suffered through some experience that gave you a terrible feeling of not being in control and not being able to accomplish what you set out to. Therefore, your shadow side comes out in ways that can totally overwhelm you with worry, anxiety, and a sense of defeat. You can also become deeply calculated in your attempt to be in command again, placing you in a destructive mode. You have inherited this haunting feeling of not being able to achieve what you would like and it’s something that can bring deep bitterness and resentment at your lack of control.

What’s going to make you feel truly accomplished is facing your personal demons and understanding how to manage and overcome the inner darkness. You have the potential to be very obsessive in terms of gaining the upper hand. Yet, when you work as hard as you can on honestly confronting and transforming your issues, you will find yourself experiencing that upper hand in a profound way. So, you heal yourself and discover your inner power by using this self-therapy as a way of gaining authority. You’re going to take intimacy very seriously and this is something that can make it more difficult than it needs to be. You may also strongly resist the process of emotional sharing out of fear as well as of fully giving yourself sexually to your partner. You will have to work hard on keeping the sexual bond deep and alive, as well as not letting your fears ruin it.

Aquarius in the 8th House and/or Uranus in the 8th House
You can be that classic person who is quite detached from their actual emotional pain. Your attitude toward the traumatic things you’ve faced could be very nonchalant and aloof, keeping you distanced from your inner darkness. In truth, you have been deeply impacted by a feeling of being an outcast, being misunderstood, or not having your personal feelings respected. Ignoring your personal needs for others is something that only feeds your dark side, making it emerge in ways that can bring out a scarily impersonal and cold side to you, either toward others or toward yourself. This stems from a psychological inheritance that can easily keep you at arm’s length from your deeper self.

You have the ability to work through your psychological damage in a way that allows you to treat yourself like someone else. Your process of beating your personal demons is quite offbeat and unusual. In the end, emotional chaos feeds your secret sense of being weird and uncontrollable. If you transform this pattern, you can develop survival skills by never allowing yourself to be controlled by toxic programming or the pain of the past. Finding your power gives you freedom, which allows you to engage in intimacy by liberating your partner. Your tolerant approach to the sexual connection means that you’re open to whatever weird, wild things the other person wants to do. Yet, you will expect the same of them or will go somewhere else where your sexuality can flourish.

Pisces in the 8th House and/or Neptune in the 8th House
You will have a particularly tough time seeing your emotional scars clearly or even knowing how they got there in the first place. During anything traumatic or painful in your life, you easily disassociated and went off to some other world, especially if you’ve faced abuse of any kind. So, when your inner shadows come to the surface, it can be like a case of multiple personality disorder. And the more deluded you remain about the chaos you’re creating, the more destructive you’ll be. This is due to coming from a long line of people who were very deceptive or delusional about what was going on, playing power games by remaining out-of-touch with reality somehow. There is also usually a psychological inheritance you’re dealing with of being a victim and robbed of your power.

Therefore, confronting your personal demons will really require you to “wake up” and see things more clearly. Your imaginative side can become quite dangerous, if you let it, either making you psychotic or making you attract psychotics without even knowing it. But, this knack for creating a deeply ideal state will eventually become your power. You become a survivor by visualizing just how you want to transform and work through your issues. Then, you can pour all of your energy into doing just that, operating on a more empowered wavelength. In your intimate relationships, you have the power to take you and the other person to another plane of being. Profound healing, acceptance, and compassion is your way of handling the complexities of intimacy. So, sexual healing is going to be a strong focus here, creating a sexual bond that can become downright blissful.


  1. I have Moon in Pisces in the 8th house. In my early childhood, I felt deeply connected with my biological mother. We just had this psychic bond like nothing else. I haven't felt connected by my biological father, but we got along fine. (This could explain my Sun in Cancer in the 12th house as I never knew my biological father emotionally even if I saw him right in front of me.) I was soon adopted by the Wiggins family when I was only a year old along with my two biological sisters who were older than me. Since I was very young, I never knew why me and my biological sisters were adopted; I would find out that my biological parents were not ready to raise us and neglected our health. My adoptive parents were fortunately kind and caring for me and my biological sisters as they had already had two biological children and also adopted two unrelated girls. I connected well with my adoptive mother, but not as much as my biological mother. My relations with my adoptive father were about the same as my biological father, but my adoptive father was often caring. (You could say I was a momma's boy even if I had a masculine side of my own.) I did experience some trauma with my current family. One of my adoptive sisters had behavioral and psychological issues. She would often yell at my adoptive parents and my other biological and adoptive siblings. I never noticed about her issues until a big incident involving my adoptive sister happened in 2012 when I was eleven years old. While me and my adoptive family were shopping at Walmart, my adoptive sister had suddenly disappeared from us. We started to worry if she was kidnapped and immediately told the Walmart staff as they called the police. One of the officers came in the building and checked the Walmart security footage. What the officer told us literally stabbed my heart: my adoptive sister had ran out of Walmart. My adoptive family and I went in our car and followed the officer as we searched for my adoptive sister. A second later, we saw her go in a stranger's car as it drove to a nearby Sonic building. Our adoptive parents and the officer immediately swerved at fast speed to the building. We finally caught to the vehicle and the officer grabbed my adoptive sister out of the vehicle. My adoptive parents immediately got out of the car and deliberately yelled and shouted at the top of their lungs at her. That moment finally broke me down in tears. The officer arrested my sister and the stranger and took them to the police station. To this day, I will never forget this incident as it finally told me of my adoptive sister's problems. After the big Walmart incident, we attempted two times to take my adoptive sister back home, but we were not successful and since she made threats about murdering my adoptive parents, we put a restraining order against her. As for my biological parents, me and my biological sisters still visit them once in a while and despite that they were not great parents when we were infants, I still care for them. I do have secrets I still keep in my heart from my adoptive family; both involving sexual and fantasy content. Even if Gemini is my dominant sign in my natal chart, I am still a sensitive and intuitive soul who wants to create harmony and peace with others. I am obsessed with things involving with the performing arts and other artistic sections. I dream of having an exciting career as an actor in the film industry. I am sorry if this is incredibly extended, but thanks for listening to my thoughts. You are the greatest astrologer I have ever come across. Keep doing what you love and we will always be excited to whatever astrological content you post. ;)

    1. Thank you for sharing that, Alex. :)

    2. I am very impressed with what you wrote.And I get sad.

    3. I am very impressed with what you wrote.And I get sad

    4. I hereby gift you with the goodness of life. And I am grateful that thou art living the exquisite life of an artist, Sir Alex.

  2. Hey wayman , I want to ask if that also goes for the personal planets aspected by pluto ?

  3. My 8th house stellium in Libra(Mars 18 50", Saturn 22 06", Moon 24 24", Pluto 26 52") has continuously made my life miserable and still didn't learn to control it or at least cope with it...��.
    There is also a strong need for intensity, especially an intimate relations, which is really hard to achieve while making sure I stay safe.

    Any advice, please.
    Thank you,

  4. My Venus sign is in Scorpio in 8th house!!! From what I read at 'Venus in 8th house' and 'Scorpio in 8th house', they are too true to be good. Wayman Stewart! You're a truly talented astrologer! When I was younger, I took even the most harmless jokes/banters very personally because I knew I hated it when other people (and even my immediate and extended family members) pointed out the parts where I was insecure at. I've felt so insecure. I didn't feel I was pretty enough. I was so occupied in my problems that I wasn't aware that there are bigger problems in this world. The worst moment I've had in my life was when I was middle school, where my friends tried to shun me away from them. Especially in Middle School, I was bullied badly, although not physically, but more of verbally and emotionally, over one problem that I had with my guy friend. Even my good friends jumped in and did the same. This happened because I approached one of my guy friends in a very aggressive way, thinking that he would want and accept me as his girlfriend (he had a gf at that time). All of my friends thought I was hella desperate, which was true, because I also wanted a biyfriend way too damn badly because I noticed that other people were loved up and that they've found their partners *smh* I was so jealous!! I tried too hard to be loved and accepted by other people.

    The time I found my confidence was when I hit freshman year high school (9th grade). I've always loved to show off my artistic talents and perform in front of the audience, especially during United Nations concert (I went to an international school, by the way!).

    The emotional wound was felt deep inside by me after the bullying incident, making me isolated, distrustful, cynical, depressed, timid and resentful, even though when I got into 8th grade, there was no more bullying and whatnot, but because distrust and fear took over, I would get myself into trouble because I would accuse some people in my classroom of tearing my characters down by bringing them to the school office so that me and these people would have a talk. I was tired of feeling humiliated, offended,hurt, let down and disrespected. Yes, I buried all that rage and anger inside my heart. I chose to let them out when I was tired of holding them in. I had no choice, but to get angry at my friends whenever they tried to make fun of me. I might be funny for them but not me. That was why I was admitted to a psychologist which was suggested by 'helping needs' teacher. I was so anxious that I thought I lost control. Keep in mind that none of the characters I listed are natural to me. I'm the opposite of those things.

  5. But the silver lining behind all the problems I've had in the past is that I'm compassionate enough to understand where these people come from. There was no need to play the victim/martyr because I should've known that I was much stronger than that. I have creative energy inside of me, so I should've used that in a more positive way. It was hard, but I would eventually got the hang of it, when I was transforming myself into a confident, self-assured, and sexy person. What I should've realised was that all of my friends that had brought me down had good intentions. It wasn't that they tried to hurt my feelings; it was that I needed to stop taking everything too personally and lighten up a lot more. The transformation was internal but liberating. After the transformation, I felt a lot better. I was able to connect with others without being too aggressive and overbearing and angry all the time! I was able to set aside my resentment and forgive others and myself even when none of them asked for forgiveness! I was able to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions in a more healthy and positive way. No more of that emotional baggage that held me back big time!!!

    Now, I'm able to laugh off any disagreements that I thought will be too petty to hold on to. Not everyone has the same mindset and views on things in life and that I need to learn to accept differing views. You can now call me fat all you want and I won't care because I'm a big-boned girl anyway ������. I have flaws and I know it, but those don't make me less beautiful! In my opinion, beauty should come from within! Because let's put it here; you can wear a Valentino dress as much as you want, but do you feel beautiful? Sure, everyone will compliment on how ravishing you look in that dress. But if you're so conflicted in your insecurity(ies), you will think otherwise. And I'm very comfortable with my sexuality. I'm also writing a novel that's related to sexuality (I'm slacking off on that book hehehehe!!!).

    1. Thank you for sharing all of that, Natasya. 8th House people definitely have rather dramatic stories to tell of their life. I think, once we do transform and shed that old skin, it can really surprise people what we've endured and turned around.

      It can even surprise us. So much of my life feels like a different person's life. Glad you found the strength to change and forgive.

    2. Thank you for giving yourself time to read my and others' stories. I'm very sure there are people that must've suffered as much as I did in the past. It only gets better as time passes by. There is light at the end of a tunnel and you just need to keep up the faith to reach to that light!

    3. That horrific experience of mine was a blessing in disguise because it helped me build a thicker skin, helped me stand up for who I am as a person and not letting others who may otherwise, disagree with me, undermine my characters. It helped me to become a resilient peson. I believe that sharing similar stories like this can have a healing and liberating effect on everyone's minds and souls. It made me realise that it's okay to be vulnerable. The more we open up our joys and sufferings to other people, the more they understand us as people. There's no need to sugarcoat our feelings, emotions and thoughts. Whenever we want others to listen stories like this, we don't ask for opinions and/or advices. We just want others to open up their ears and let us vent our hearts.

  6. I have this kind of placement because my Ascendant is in Pisces at 20 degrees from what I found in my natal chart.

  7. So how about south node in virgo in 8th house cusp in Leo

    1. He's done a series on the Nodes. I believe with the Nodes especially, the Sign that rules the House corresponds with how you would read it. I also have Virgo SN in the 8th! Read his pieces on Pisces North Node and Taurus North Node. They were each very insightful for me. In my experience, I'm very much an overthinker. When I allow things to happen on their own, things go much smoother and actually come to fruition. With NN in the second house, I seem to feel "guilty" about lavish things and wealth and rely too much on other people's money. When I stop trying so hard, abundance comes on its own. I'm still a minimalist, but I am comfortable and like having excess that I can donate to others and to good causes, and I don't feel guilty when I want to splurge on myself. "Treat yoself" has become a mantra. lol

  8. The 8th house, you say? The one that has my Moon conjunct Chiron in it? ...yeah, that one is a beast.

  9. The 8th house, you say? The one that has my Moon conjunct Chiron in it? ...yeah, that one is a beast.

  10. I have Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in the 8th house in Capricorn, so slightly different, but in case this helps..

    I too seek intense intimate relationships that have been incredibly damaging and unsafe. What is helping me now is owning my intensity and therefore letting go of the need of expressing this through another person.

    I would also seek partners with 8th house, pluto or scorpio influences, but if you are still dysfunctional and not owning this, you will attract this (like a mirror) in others. So the key is working on your own inner darkness and then the partners you meet (which are ALWAYS a vibrational match to you) will match your healthy transformation.

    Also owning your power and learning how to love yourself and empower your self will keep away the crazy people :)

    I hope this helps. <3

  11. I have my Sun in virgo H8, Mercury in H8, Lilith in Leo in H8, Moon in scorpio square my mars un leo What do you mean ?

  12. So i have a 8th house stellium (Taurus Sun, Gemini Mercury/Venus/Mars/Saturn), also having some of them opposing Pluto. And I can't relate to it that much. Not at all. And I don't want to, since i've read many scaring articles and information about this house 😓

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  14. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, very insightful.

  15. Would love for you to do a series on Black Moon Lilith in the Houses. It's hard to find good info on Lilith and love your unique take on everything. I have Virgo Lilith in the 8th house.

  16. you ruined my past .you all tried your best.
    future is still mine .
    you hadn't betrayed me.

  17. don't even think you will get any chances in future.
    please don't wake the monster I am .or I will burn your future ,never give second thought about my brain.or you will suffer.

  18. if god won't do justice,I definitely foot.

  19. I’ve got Mars, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Uranus in my 8th house. I just hope that one day... just one day... this all be over.