Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Saturn square Saturn Transit (Age 21 and 51): Are You Ready?

A lot is made of the Saturn Return and for good reason. It’s a transit that marks a major turning point in your life and is going to happen to most of us two times: around the age of 28-29 and 58-59. The way I like to look at Saturn is that it represents your purpose in life. So, when you have your Saturn Return (which is when transiting Saturn comes back to the same sign and house as Saturn in your birth chart), you are going to be challenged to see if you’re truly living up to your real purpose in life. “Structure” is another Saturn word. But, I don’t think of it as the 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday structure that many people define adulthood by. Saturn’s structure doesn’t have to even be all that “practical”, especially if you have Saturn in a Water sign or house. It’s more so about a set of regulations and standards you set for yourself that will cause you to live out your purpose.

But, what about the Saturn square Saturn transit? When I say this, I’m not talking about the transit that happens when you’re 7 years old and 35 years old; both about 21 years before your Saturn Return. I mean the Saturn square Saturn transit that occurs when you’re around 21 years old and 51 years old. These transits are heavy, in a manner that can rival your actual Saturn Return. In fact, they occur only several years before your Saturn Return. That’s why I like to think of them as the “pre-Saturn Return”. Things are going to occur in your life that will seriously test you and make you question if you’re living the life you’re supposed to be living and what you can do about that.

It’s why the square from transiting Saturn to your natal Saturn when you’re 7 and 35 aren’t as powerful. When you’re just a kid, this square is going to shake up some of your childhood innocence. You may get your first inklings that life is not entirely smooth and carefree. And when you’re in your thirties, the square reminds you more so of the importance of staying on track and making sure that you’re moving toward maturity and not regressing. Given my age, I haven’t experienced the former but I have obviously gone through the latter. When I was 7,  I don’t remember it being too terrible or difficult. 

However, when I was 21 and transiting Saturn was square my natal Saturn, that was an unforgettably challenging time. I think, if most people look back on that age, they will be able to recall some experiences that truly shook them up or changed them. As I said, this transit is a preparation for one’s first Saturn Return. Because of this, and because transiting Saturn is now getting closer to your natal Saturn, the issues of Saturn in your birth chart are going to dominate your life during this transit. And the house that transiting Saturn is in is going to be the catalyst for all of this. This pre-Saturn Return happens in order for you to begin straightening you out. The Saturn square Saturn transit when you’re 21-22 is your first wake-up call to why you’re here and what you’re supposed to achieve. Given the age that this transit occurs, it makes perfect sense because we are now beginning the entry into adulthood during this time.

Now, I have Saturn in Capricorn and in the 12th House in my birth chart. My 12th House Saturn is dignified, since it’s in the ruling sign, Capricorn. Because of this, I feel like I have a doubled Saturn in the 12th House. And it amazes me to look back on this transit (which occurred in the latter part of 2010 for me) because, during this time, everything I was going through was very 12th House. I think this is the first time in my life that I really came face-to-face with all of my 12th House Saturn fears and anxieties. It really shook me up, through many realizations and experiences, and I have actually never been the same since this time.

Most Saturn in the 12th House people spend our lives struggling with depression and anxiety yet being blind to where it’s all coming from. For some reason, throughout this transit, I started feeling sadder and sadder. I had been so good at making myself blind to that inner sadness but it just started paralyzing me and making it hard to fully enjoy things. Realization number one: I had been feeling this sad my whole life but never stopped to really figure it out. My college offered free counseling sessions and for the first time ever, I started seeing a therapist because I just needed to work all of this out. I was lucky to have a great experience with a very sensitive, perceptive man who helped me start getting at the root of those emotional problems; why I could just feel so melancholy for no seeming reason and why I felt so anxious and so guilty on a regular basis.

Leading me to realization number two: I had a lot of baggage from the past to work out and much of which was kept from me or projected onto me. Saturn in the 12th House people have to overcome this feeling of being “dumped on”, in some way or another: by repressive and unhealthy family dynamics, as well as certain secrets or neuroses in the family, by being bullied, by having people emotionally drain or take advantage of us. All of that stuff from the past was brought to light then. Needless to say, I felt some major illusions shattering, including about certain people I knew, which has to happen when you have a 12th House Saturn. I felt like I finally “woke up” during this Saturn square Saturn transit and it was brutal. But, it was something that had to happen.

Also, I’ve always been artistic and that’s always been my sole ambition in life. That’s very Saturn in the 12th House. But, this transit made my artistic ventures in college very difficult, to the point where I felt blocked, thwarted, unrecognized. It made me start doubting my talent, for a brief time, before I threw myself into being more self-disciplined about it. I studied acting more seriously and took up screenwriting again in a more diligent way yet totally in private. I also realized that a couple ego-shattering moments had happened, like my peers getting recognition and me not, in order for me to release my ego attachment to being an artist. At this point, I experienced a major change in motivation because it stopped being about me getting applause and started being a lot more about me surrendering to something greater than myself and learning how to do so.

Because of this desire to be a more serious artist and also a yearning to be more in touch with my unconscious, which came from those therapy sessions, I started getting more into poetry, as well. I have always written it, in some form. But, I used this poetry as a therapeutic tool and I would write whatever was bouncing around in my unconscious, no matter how scary or strange or mysterious it was. I felt like I was unlocking something new in myself. That’s what Saturn in the 12th House people are supposed to do: unlock that vast Universe within themselves. But, at the same time, it did totally change me and it was very overwhelming, at times, to have to go through this process of letting those demons out. Yet, I realized that only by releasing the demons could I release the angels within, as well. Consequently, I became more spiritually inclined and my study of astrology also became more intense and started serving as a serious tool for my growth. I also began doing yoga, became a vegetarian, and enjoyed my alone time more. All very 12th House, as well.

Even though I don’t take the 12th House association with hospitals too seriously, 12th House people do often end up getting involved with hospitals, in some fashion. Hopefully, it’s not as a victim or invalid! But, during this time, an emergency situation happened that was probably one of the scariest things that ever happened to me. I had to rush myself to the hospital on campus and stay there all day. Yet, the diagnosis was that it was a health crisis that I had caused myself through dehydration. Again, my Saturn in the 12th House responsibility of not blinding myself to day-to-day problems or trying to escape them because, if I do, I’ll just end up in a giant mess.

I also don’t like the “hidden enemies” element of the 12th House because that screams persecution complex to me. I do just think this is where you can be taken advantage of, if you’re not careful. And, sure enough, during this time, someone – mind you, someone who I didn’t even know – did totally deceive me. He made me think I was hired for a job, even made me show up for a so-called day of shadowing him and the employees, when it turns out that I wasn’t hired at all (and I really needed that job). I found out through someone else. No explanation from him ever. I couldn’t even get a hold of him on the phone. It’s still a confusing mystery to this day. My lesson? Not to watch out for hidden enemies but just to not let anyone make me feel like a victim (which I did, for a moment, and which I think is the source of the whole “hidden enemies” paranoia).

All of that happened within a few months! So, as I said, a life-changing and dramatic time. The exact square was in October 2010 and that’s when a lot of this stuff really came to a head. My run-in with the deceitful employer was during the exact square. I went through it again in the summer of 2011, before I turned 22, due to Saturn retrograding. It was more so about the 12th House feeling of drifting and being overwhelmed than anything else. It was much less challenging than the first go around. But, that introduced a lot of chaos  into my life that made me confront my Saturn in the 12th House again.

But, going through all of that makes me feel like I know what to expect for my Saturn Return, to some extent. In fact, being the Saturn-ruled person I am (it’s my chart ruler), it actually wasn’t that bad. I kind of enjoyed that time in my life, which are the true words of a Saturn child. I handled all of those painful moments well: with dignity, effectiveness, perseverance. I just found a way to keep pushing forward and never let any of it stop me. Looking back, I’m so grateful that all of that happened because it did change me in a huge way. This pre-Saturn Return also has prepared me for my pending Saturn Return (which begins in December of next year!). I’m generally confident that I will be able to handle my Saturn Return well. In some way or another, I have been dealing with the repercussions of what happened during Saturn square Saturn ever since.

I think everyone feels this way, on some level or another, during their pre-Saturn Return at 21. Maybe that’s why people are finally allowed to drink in America when they turn this age! It’s stressful. This time can scar you, in a way, but the scars that are left will serve as lessons that you will hopefully learn by the time of your first Saturn Return. If not, the consequences may even be heavier than before. I feel like it’s a toss-up as to which time period will be more “difficult”. I think it all depends on the person’s development. If they take the lessons of their Saturn square Saturn transit and use them to grow and evolve, the Saturn Return will be much smoother. If not, it could be even more challenging. Yet, I think nothing is quite like the jarring nature of the Saturn square Saturn transit beforehand. It’s the first time you hit the brick wall of your Saturn’s limitations.

The transit will essentially work the same way when you are 51-52 years old. I just think the context will be different. When you’re 21-22, the Saturn square Saturn transit is your wake-up call. When you’re 51-52, it serves as a sort of “sunset”, if you will. This is the time where people are descending from their peak period of their 40’s. You are now settling into your 50’s and the dawning of old age is coming. So, the harshness of this transit can just be to let you know that you have much less time left than you used to. I think there is a deep sadness or discontent to someone who still hasn’t really achieved their Saturn’s purpose as they near their second Saturn Return. And if this is the case for you, then the transiting square will remind you of that. It could make you feel washed-up or like old news or maybe like you were never even that important to begin with.

You might also begin to feel that “left behind” feeling that characterizes the older years for many. Most people have children who leave their nest or lead their own adult lives by this time. They may also experience their parents dying or their spouse not being at the physical peak they once were at and having certain health issues. Decade-long marriages can also be reevaluated during this time. Regardless of the context, there comes a painful sense that things just are not what they used to be and you are now moving from the stage of being a well-off or successful adult to suddenly having to say goodbye to the status quo of certain situations in your life.

Essentially, I think this is what the second Saturn Return is about. It’s about whether or not you can “retire”. I don’t mean literally, either, although this question will also pop up in people’s minds around this time. But, once you are in your second Saturn Return, you’re pushing 60. When you’re pushing 30, your first Saturn Return urges you to be all that you can be and achieve all that you can. But, at this period in your life, it is simply evaluating whether or not you achieved that. If you have, the results can be marvelous. You have accumulated your “pension plan” and know you can fully enjoy it. However, if you haven’t lived out your true purpose, the realization of this can be especially painful because you’re going to feel more limited than ever.

So, the second pre-Saturn Return gives you the chance to look back on your life and figure out everything that you have or haven’t built. The following years, before your second Saturn Return, are going to give you the opportunity to still work toward those things, if you haven’t. You still have time. You’re not dead yet! But, at this point, you are most definitely not getting any younger. Therefore, a failure to live out your life’s purpose and figure out your true structure is going to be especially self-sabotaging. Yet, if you have spent your life doing this, you will use the experiences of the transiting square to know that it’s truly time to slow down and to simply reap the rewards of all of your efforts throughout life, instead of trying so hard. You might lose certain “status symbols” in the process. But, the serenity that comes with it will be worthwhile.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Chart Ruler: Sagittarius Rising (Jupiter)

When you’re born with a Sagittarius Ascendant, you have Jupiter acting as your chart ruler. This is because the chart ruler is the planet that rules the sign that you’re Ascendant is in. And when you look at the chart ruler, primarily by planet and house but also, of course, by sign and aspects, you will understand a lot about how your life unfolds and the kind of part that you’re playing it. For those of you with Jupiter as the chart ruler, this is the part of someone who cannot be contained. Jupiter is a planet without limitations, giving us an endless sense of discovery and adventure. So, with this planet shaping your life story, life, for you, is one big adventure.

Sagittarius Rising people view and approach any given situation like explorers. If the Ascendant is our individual outlook, with this placement, your outlook is that there are limitless opportunities and possibilities, just waiting to be grabbed. A pessimistic demeanor would be very rare for a Sagittarius Rising, at least on the surface. Even if you have placements in your chart that would incline you toward being more cynical, skeptical, or negative, this is definitely not the way you put your foot forward. Instead, your general approach is an optimistic one. After all, Jupiter is the planet of belief! So, when Jupiter rules your chart, you’ve got to have faith. The funny thing is that Sagittarius Ascendants end up serving as living proof of those Laws of Attraction. The more you expect, embrace, or welcome positive opportunities, the more they will come your way. This is something we can all learn through our Jupiter. But, for Sagittarius Rising folks, this is what life is all about.

It’s why you can regularly observe those with this Rising sign and see that they have some sort of grin on their face, even if they’re not feeling all that happy. This placement means that your default expression is a cheery, buoyant one. Jupiter is an irrepressible energy. When we tap into it, little to nothing can really get us down. But, with Jupiter ruling one’s chart, this is the essential role that you play throughout your life. Those with a Sagittarius Ascendant just appear to be so sanguine and so upbeat. Your perspective keeps you focused on the silver lining of any situation. Even when you’re looking right at a dark cloud, your point of view manages to brighten things somehow. It’s why, when you walk into a room, you can really lift the energy. This is what you’re used to doing: being a beacon of positivity in order to cheer up and inspire other people.

The interesting thing about Jupiter is that there is quite a “savior” element to it. After all, this planet and the sign Sagittarius are so associated with religion. It’s not a self-sacrificing, martyring energy, like Pisces and Neptune. But, it is this energy that can really turn a person’s life around. Jupiter is your particular religion and it doesn’t have to be a literal religion. It’s just whatever belief that you can invest in that will alleviate your troubles and make you feel like everything is going to be alright. It’s funny, then, having a Sagittarius Ascendant because it shows that you will appear and behave like a savior for other people. This is why you have that larger-than-life aura. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Sagittarius Rising individuals to be assigned this Jesus-like persona, coming off as downright epic. It’s not only because of that incredibly positive, expansive demeanor of yours. It’s also because you’re so full of faith that you can be convinced you can walk on water. 

Of course, life will regularly remind you of the foolishness of being so blindly faithful. Still, you have an amazing way of bouncing back from anything. It can be to the point where you might see the negatives of the situation as having not even happened. Very few people can turn a negative event into a positive like a Sagittarius Ascendant. This goes back to the very beginning, as one’s Ascendant shows how the person entered the world and the primary experiences of their first several years of life. It is quite common to hear of people with a Sagittarius Ascendant being a “miracle baby”. Maybe the parents had a hard time conceiving or having a child for a while and, then, all of a sudden, you showed up. So, there is typically a very positive attitude that surrounds your entry into the world, unless you have planets in the 12th, which can symbolizes serious fears or issues that your mother had while she was pregnant with you. Even then, however, such complaints are cheerfully brushed to the side. Everyone was just ready to see you come to life, which probably made for a delivery-room experience that felt like not only an adventure but a blessing.

In your early years, Jupiter ruling your chart means that you were probably treated like a gift from God. Again, certain difficult placements in the chart can modify this somewhat. But, usually, Sagittarius Rising children are conditioned with this sense of being lucky to be here and of other people being grateful for them being there. I often see this Rising sign in children who are the younger ones in their family, meaning that they swept into their early environment and really turned things around. Maybe there were serious family problems that were a source of struggle before you were born. Yet, somehow, things began looking up once you came. In any case, with the planet of blessings and good fortune as the chart ruler, one not only plays the role of the person full of blessings to offer others but comes to see life as being full of blessings and wonder.

It’s no surprise, then, why you cannot be contained or kept down for long, if at all. Being so conditioned to behave with a sense of good faith and of gratitude, life is constantly awe-inspiring and glorious to you. It’s something that can annoy some of the more cynical, reserved, or melancholy individuals around you. In fact, your behavior can easily be a bit “too much”, in some way or another. Jupiter, after all, is excessive. So, this means that you live your life as an excessive person, in some way or another. Sagittarius Rising people can be seen as being too loud, too wild, too opinionated, too nice, too passionate, too silly, etc. Regardless, you are used to being the person in any given situation who goes rather over-the-top.

The house placement of Jupiter indicates just where and how you’re over-the-top. If Jupiter was in your 2nd House, you’re easily a complete hedonist, fully indulging in money and pleasure and all the good things life has to offer. Jupiter in the 5th House ruling the chart means that your sheer self-expression can be over-the-top, as you’re so intent on giving a good “performance” and often overly focused on how everything is affecting you. Of course, problems can arise if you don’t learn how to moderate your Jupiter somewhat. This is the dark side of Jupiter that we don’t always hear about. This planet is not completely beneficial, as no energy is all-good (or all-bad, for that matter). When it comes to Jupiter, a person can overdo it, push their luck, and then end up with a disaster on their hands. And since Jupiter rules your chart, this is basically the story of your life!

I think just about every Sagittarius Rising has to have a chapter or two in their lives where they went to the excesses of excess. Jupiter and Sagittarius represent the gambler archetype. So, with this influence, you have to spend a part of your life as a compulsive gambler, metaphorically or literally speaking, not knowing when to stop and then, eventually, ending up with nothing. When we push our luck too much, our hubris can cause us to be empty-handed. Maybe, with Jupiter in the 5th, you overestimate your ability to gain the applause of others and to show off your specialness. So, you become more and more attention-seeking, throughout life, until nobody is left in the audience. Jupiter in the 12th as the chart ruler shows a life that is lived with limitless compassion and a very expansive imagination. You have an unflagging connection to The Source yet you might be overly compelled to surrender and leave it up to the Creator or your Guardian Angels, to a degree that causes you to release all personal responsibility whatsoever. Then, you screw yourself over. You might also become utterly absorbed in solitude, neglecting to realize that how much this is isolating you from other people and from the everyday world until too much time has passed.

Regardless of what house Jupiter is in, you will have to learn how to rein it in some. Until you do, you can live out the overly opinionated, self-righteous downside of this planet. You are the kind of “protagonist” who is an utter believer, even when everything is crashing down around you. The way you see it, your life needs to be about inspiration. This can often blind you to more factual and objective viewpoints, unless your Jupiter is in the 3rd or the 11th. Even then, you can still be very biased, in your own way. This is the irony that gets you closely involved, via your Gemini Descendant, with really logical, intellectual, and mischievous people. These folks are keen enough to play Devil’s Advocate, poke holes in your beliefs, and maybe even confuse you or mess with your head somewhat. This will eventually bring out the side of you that is a clear, objective thinker, as well, bringing more balance to your nature when you embrace and express the part of yourself that can use its head and see things from multiple perspectives.

The unfortunate thing about Sagittarius, which is what speaks to that opposition to rational and articulate Gemini, is that it can be the “village idiot” much of the time. Sagittarius doesn’t really think. It just wants to experience. This is why you find balance by embracing your Gemini Descendant and being more intellectual. If not, you can make plenty of downright stupid mistakes, including the total no-filter bluntness you’re regularly built of. It’s not that Sagittarius is stupid, though. It does, after all, represent the “higher learning” that we find in college. But, it just isn’t all that interested in facts and logic. True to Jupiter’s form, it is more about just enjoying the journey. This is what can make you pretty myopic and clumsy in the way you carry yourself, though.

One of the best ways to pinpoint a Sagittarius Ascendant is that there will be something sloppy or careless about their demeanor, in some way or another. Many people with this placement have to be told to lower their voice or whisper. Using your “inside voice” can be a problem, as you often don’t think about the difference between inside and outside. A blindness to the nuances of their environment is pretty common, unless they have some Virgo or Scorpio placements. Still, that wouldn’t prevent them from being total klutzes. With this placement, you probably run into walls, trip going up the stairs or over your own two feet, or accidentally break things on a regular basis. You know where you want to go but you never really watch where you’re going. So, the poor people around you can also be regularly subjected to you stepping on their feet or running into them.

It’s true that having this placement means that you live with a constant sense of embarrassment. It’s why you don’t take yourself seriously, as you’re used to being laughed at and experiencing things, in all situations, that are worth laughing at. However, those with Sagittarius Rising just have a way of making these “fails” work. Maybe it’s because you’re laughing at yourself just as hard as everyone else is. It’s also due to the positivity of Jupiter. Thanks to your ability to turn any experience around into a positive, even the most embarrassing situations end up working out to your advantage. The house that Jupiter’s in will tell you how you’re able to do this. If Jupiter is in the 12th, it’s because you trust so much in the Higher Plan. Jupiter being in the 7th ruling the chart would mean that it’s because you have such faith in other people and in connecting to them. 

So, again, you spend a lot of your life just feeling really lucky, even in times where other people would feel mortified, depressed, or disheartened. This is when that myopic point of view actually works to your advantage. Not over-analyzing the situation or worrying about it too much leaves you focused on the positive. Then, eventually, the positive manifests itself into your life. Now, I would not be surprised, however, if they were certain Sagittarius Rising people who don’t feel like they have been that lucky in their life. In this case, the good fortune of Jupiter is so natural to them that they don’t even notice it. That can be the case for many people with their Jupiter. The life area it represents is so easy and effortless that we can take it for granted. But, this is why we must be truly appreciative. If Jupiter is ruling your chart, you need to stop and look around, living your life with a genuine sense of appreciation for everything you have, instead of being wastefully unappreciative. You’re more blessed than most and you have to acknowledge that to keep those blessings coming.

You are also someone who is constantly moving forward. The idea of your life consisting of “chapters” really appeals to you because you always want to move on to the next phase. Jupiter is about opportunity and experience. Therefore, you want to live your life by having as many experiences as possible; always growing, never being stagnant. This is what makes you the free spirit in life, much like your Aquarius Rising brothers and sisters. These placements are quite similar, in that way. But, while the Aquarius Ascendant has a free-spirited outlook and demeanor due to their way of expecting the unexpected, you are acting as the free spirit because you have such a thirst for adventure and discovery. It’s quite common for Sagittarius Rising people to spend a great deal of their lives, if not most of their lives, traveling to all sorts of cities and countries, as well as just engaging in wildly adventurous hobbies like skydiving, piloting or mountain climbing.

You love embarking on these journeys because they confirm your outlook that life is one big exploration. You do not want to be held back, thanks to Jupiter ruling your chart. But, this can apply in an everyday context, as well. You have got to give a Sagittarius Ascendant room to breathe and move about and be free. If you’re at a party, you’re going to want to mingle and work the room, saying hello to everyone you know and also people who you don’t know. This is one of the friendliest and most outgoing Rising signs you could have. After all, the Ascendant is how we are with new people and new situations. The insatiable nature of Jupiter means that you probably really love and feel very at ease with new people. If not, you’re extremely good at acting like you do. Life is all about accumulating new experiences for you. Therefore, you freely welcome the opportunity of engaging with someone you don’t know, thereby making another one of your “discoveries.”

You’re not going to be easy to pin down, as a result. While at said party, your significant other or good friend would just have to get used to you kind of being all over the place. The truth is that you can get easily bored with confining relationships and this can lead to an aversion to commitment. That element of Sagittarius is legendary. But, this also keys into your Gemini Descendant. You need a partner, romantic or platonic, who is rather restless and free and hard to pin down themselves (as Gemini can be, albeit in a more intellectual manner). They’ll just need to trust that you have a powerful mental connection with them that you will keep coming back to, at the end of the day. When it comes to living your life, you always want to know that you have the freedom you yearn for. By establishing such a trust, it will be much easier for you to commit and let them get close.

The Return of a person’s chart ruler is a time where they can really re-write the script they’ve written for themselves. You experience your chart ruler’s Return as quite the reverse of how everyone else does. So, while everyone else experiences their Jupiter Return as a time of increased opportunity, renewed faith, and great exploration, it’s actually not that big of a deal for you. Your life is essentially one non-stop Jupiter Return. Therefore, what I think happens is that when you go through your Jupiter Return, as a Sagittarius Rising, it can be a time to just give that good fortune back to others. Instead of experiencing the benefits of Jupiter, you can use your Jupiter to benefit others. So, you may feel especially generous, charitable, or motivational toward others.

The Jupiter Return happens every 12 years in a person’s life. This is more than enough time to experience one major chapter closing and a new one beginning. But, since you’re so obsessed with moving on, your Jupiter Return might give you a centeredness that you rarely feel. Your restlessness can be calmed down enormously during this time. You can then stop and realize how many positive experiences you’ve had in your life and how you don’t need to be in a massive rush to gain more. You have already attracted, manifested, and experienced so many blessings. So, during the Jupiter Return, all that’s left to do is sit back, calmly count those blessings, and prepare for the new cycle, trusting that more exciting adventures and wonderful things will happen soon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Planets conjunct the South Node

It is very powerful to have a planet conjunct the South Node in your chart. I use a 9 degree orb for the Sun and Moon, in this instance, and an 8 degree orb for the other planets. Any time I see a planet conjunct the South Node in a person’s birth chart, I see someone who has racked up a lot of karmic debt, more so than most people through their South Node. While they have accumulated their fair share of debt through this placement, it’s like those of us with a planet or more on the South Node have maxed out about two or three spiritual credit cards and are not allowed to take out another one. The South Node shows our natural skills and talents. But, it also shows our weaknesses and negative patterns. With a planet on the South Node, a person has used these skills very irresponsibly or destructively, in the past. So, now, in the present, they are a no-no.

However, this is not to say that you have to forgo these energies altogether. It is unrealistic to believe that you can just leave your South Node behind. I’ve said that all throughout my series on the North Node. But, this is especially true if you have a planet conjunct the South Node. How on earth could you leave your Moon in Virgo behind if it is conjunct your South Node? That is such a deep, inescapable, important part of you. It just means that you are going to have to become the very best version of that placement that you can possibly be, shedding the negative attitudes and habits that your South Node displays. In the aforementioned example, you need to find balance through your Pisces North Node to be a highly evolved Virgo Moon. The compassionate, intuitive, spiritual, and imaginative nature of the Pisces North Node will eliminate the nagging, anxious, judgmental, overworked dark side of your Virgo Moon. This will allow its natural gift of being so helpful, humble, practical, and intelligent to come to the forefront in a really beautiful way.

It’s pretty much do-or-die when a planet is on the South Node. I have found – through my own experience, in particular, since I have the Sun conjunct South Node in Leo – that you cannot ignore the lessons of your North Node when you have a planet conjunct the South Node. It super-charges the flaws and weaknesses of the South Node, making them unavoidable. I think other people may feel their South Node less intensely. It is still powerful and fateful but it doesn’t dominate their life as much and they don’t feel the consequences of indulging in its negatives so heavily. But, those of us with a planet or more conjunct the South Node feel those consequences in dramatic or radical ways. And it’s going to negatively impact the affairs of the house that the South Node is in. 

Why does this happen? Because the Universe wants us to wake up to the fact that we’ve already been there and done that and often in very harmful ways. The South Node is our past, whether in this life or the previous one. Everyone has a past and it’s more important to strive to live in the present, outgrowing whatever you did in the past that was immature, counterproductive, or self-destructive. However, when you have a planet conjunct the South Node, it’s all too easy to live in the past. Those of us with this influence can really idealize the traits of the sign that the planet(s) and South Node are in, as well as the house, even when they’re not good for us. At a certain point in our lives, we’re far more hardheaded than others in terms of our South Node. This causes the Universe to give us a swift kick in the butt repeatedly, as our lives are set up to be highly unfulfilling, disheartening, or stagnant whenever we indulge on our South Node.

With everyone, the lesson is to not obsess over what the South Node represents. It’s to know that you’ve already got this. Since you fully understand what is symbolized by your South Node sign and house, there is no need to be preoccupied with it. And guess what? The irony is that life will magically make you successful in your South Node’s territory once you fully focus on the North Node’s mission. That’s why the South Node is not only automatic in expression but in manifestation. So, the process of obsessing over it is pointless because we will always be this energy and it will always be a part of our lives, in some form or another, which is why it is impossible to just sever it from your psyche altogether like an amputated limb.

Yet, this lesson is doubled for people with planet(s) conjunct the South Node. I think when we focus on and obsess over our South Node territory, it’s not just vaguely disappointing like it is for most people. It becomes downright disastrous. You won’t just hit a wall. You will crash into it with a car and total the car. Again, this is due to the very negative karma we have accumulated, in regards to this life area. However, when we are balanced by our North Node and just rest easily and lightly in our South Node, the rewards are truly extraordinary. Then, the planet in question becomes an exceptional skill and will play out in ways that make you really remarkable and distinctive in the life area that your South Node house represents. The planet as well as the sign will become something that you can do really effortlessly, to the point where it truly amazes others and often even yourself. These are talents that are being channeled very instinctively from the collected experiences of your past – in this life and the previous one – that are so ingrained within you.

I’ve noticed that those of us with a planet conjunct the South Node usually mature significantly earlier in life in terms of our North Node than other people. You often see people with this influence really getting the message, loud and clear, in terms of their North Node by the time they’ve reached their mid to late twenties. By the time we’re thirty, we can be already very experienced in our North Node and what it wants for us. Some people take until they’re in their early to mid thirties to begin doing their North Node work. Certain people may take even longer than that, not finding that awakening until they hit forty.  

But, when you have a planet conjunct the South Node, especially if it’s a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus), there is much more urgency to the North Node and it is usually awakened and actualized much sooner. You become very focused on achieving what the North Node stands for and typically very successful at it. It’s because you have already had your fill of the South Node and because the North Node becomes far more crucial, as a result. I know that’s been the case for me because I’ve realized just how much my life suffers when I’m in the lower realm of my Sun/South Node. I really don’t have a choice! I can either get on that higher path or I can live an endlessly frustrating and hopelessly stagnant life. There’s little in-between. With this influence, you absolutely cannot live the life that you want to live if you do not work on your North Node.

Sun conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: self-awareness, strength of will, self-expression, leadership
When unbalanced: raging willfulness, entitlement, self-absorption, or bossiness that burns other people or minimizes their individual importance
When balanced: a totally charismatic, regal presence who knows exactly who they are and who is gracious and confident enough to give others recognition

Moon conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: supportiveness, emotional honesty, intuitiveness, going with the flow
When unbalanced: a complete lunatic/baby who is so wrapped up in their neuroses and insecurities that no form of support or comfort is ever enough
When balanced: a very soulful, sensitive person who knows how to emotionally tune into their environment without losing their reason or maturity

Mercury conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: curiosity, intellectualism, keeping it light, maintaining communication
When unbalanced: a talking head who can yammer on without saying much of anything and who lives so much by logic that they ignore instinct or intuition
When balanced: a person who can offer a very refreshing, objective viewpoint that fosters an open dialogue without being too detached about everything

Venus conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: finding love, being attractive, pleasure, cooperation
When unbalanced: an insatiable flirt and people pleaser who has a co-dependent attachment to people’s company, approval, and affection
When balanced: an incredibly charming, appealing individual who knows how to establish harmony with other people while still being frank and sincere

Mars conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: asserting oneself, being a go-getter, passion, competition
When unbalanced: a person with a cutthroat desire to win and an addiction to having to fight their way through life, creating a lot of unnecessary conflict
When balanced: a fiery, unstoppable force to be reckoned with who displays an ability to achieve victories without having to run roughshod over others or play unfairly

Jupiter conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: having strong beliefs, being adventurous, loving “the journey”, optimism
When unbalanced in: a very self-righteous person who is always on their high horse about something and suffers from plenty of wanderlust
When balanced: a totally inspiring, enthusiastic person who has a healthy belief in the goodness of the Universe without being unrealistic or foolish about it

Saturn conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: self-discipline, perseverance, working with self-doubt, having purpose
When unbalanced: someone who constantly punishes themselves, often by always needing to do things the hard way and being too caught up in life’s negatives
When balanced: a very responsible, mature, and wise individual who knows how to face the realities of their situation while also not being pessimistic or fatalistic

Uranus conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: experimentation, defying convention, egalitarianism, freedom
When unbalanced: a wildly inconsistent and detached nature that makes the person thrive on chaos as well as considering themselves a misfit on the fringes
When balanced: someone with a very healthy ability to be independent and not follow the norm without letting themselves indulge in shocking or cold behavior

Neptune conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: states of bliss, being imaginative, spiritual wisdom, compassion for others
When unbalanced: very delusional behavior or patterns of escapism and poor boundaries that leave the person feeling like a lost soul in the world
When balanced: a transcendent, otherworldly awareness that gives the person the ability to find Heaven on earth yet still remain grounded and present

Pluto conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: psychological survival, deep transformation, intensity, feeling powerful
When unbalanced: someone who thrives on unhealthy or destructive emotional dynamics or situations, compelled to live out a tragic tale
When balanced: a passionate, formidable person who knows how to use their inner resources to change their lives and others’ without going to extremes