Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Planets conjunct the South Node

It is very powerful to have a planet conjunct the South Node in your chart. I use a 9 degree orb for the Sun and Moon, in this instance, and an 8 degree orb for the other planets. Any time I see a planet conjunct the South Node in a person’s birth chart, I see someone who has racked up a lot of karmic debt, more so than most people through their South Node. While they have accumulated their fair share of debt through this placement, it’s like those of us with a planet or more on the South Node have maxed out about two or three spiritual credit cards and are not allowed to take out another one. The South Node shows our natural skills and talents. But, it also shows our weaknesses and negative patterns. With a planet on the South Node, a person has used these skills very irresponsibly or destructively, in the past. So, now, in the present, they are a no-no.

However, this is not to say that you have to forgo these energies altogether. It is unrealistic to believe that you can just leave your South Node behind. I’ve said that all throughout my series on the North Node. But, this is especially true if you have a planet conjunct the South Node. How on earth could you leave your Moon in Virgo behind if it is conjunct your South Node? That is such a deep, inescapable, important part of you. It just means that you are going to have to become the very best version of that placement that you can possibly be, shedding the negative attitudes and habits that your South Node displays. In the aforementioned example, you need to find balance through your Pisces North Node to be a highly evolved Virgo Moon. The compassionate, intuitive, spiritual, and imaginative nature of the Pisces North Node will eliminate the nagging, anxious, judgmental, overworked dark side of your Virgo Moon. This will allow its natural gift of being so helpful, humble, practical, and intelligent to come to the forefront in a really beautiful way.

It’s pretty much do-or-die when a planet is on the South Node. I have found – through my own experience, in particular, since I have the Sun conjunct South Node in Leo – that you cannot ignore the lessons of your North Node when you have a planet conjunct the South Node. It super-charges the flaws and weaknesses of the South Node, making them unavoidable. I think other people may feel their South Node less intensely. It is still powerful and fateful but it doesn’t dominate their life as much and they don’t feel the consequences of indulging in its negatives so heavily. But, those of us with a planet or more conjunct the South Node feel those consequences in dramatic or radical ways. And it’s going to negatively impact the affairs of the house that the South Node is in. 

Why does this happen? Because the Universe wants us to wake up to the fact that we’ve already been there and done that and often in very harmful ways. The South Node is our past, whether in this life or the previous one. Everyone has a past and it’s more important to strive to live in the present, outgrowing whatever you did in the past that was immature, counterproductive, or self-destructive. However, when you have a planet conjunct the South Node, it’s all too easy to live in the past. Those of us with this influence can really idealize the traits of the sign that the planet(s) and South Node are in, as well as the house, even when they’re not good for us. At a certain point in our lives, we’re far more hardheaded than others in terms of our South Node. This causes the Universe to give us a swift kick in the butt repeatedly, as our lives are set up to be highly unfulfilling, disheartening, or stagnant whenever we indulge on our South Node.

With everyone, the lesson is to not obsess over what the South Node represents. It’s to know that you’ve already got this. Since you fully understand what is symbolized by your South Node sign and house, there is no need to be preoccupied with it. And guess what? The irony is that life will magically make you successful in your South Node’s territory once you fully focus on the North Node’s mission. That’s why the South Node is not only automatic in expression but in manifestation. So, the process of obsessing over it is pointless because we will always be this energy and it will always be a part of our lives, in some form or another, which is why it is impossible to just sever it from your psyche altogether like an amputated limb.

Yet, this lesson is doubled for people with planet(s) conjunct the South Node. I think when we focus on and obsess over our South Node territory, it’s not just vaguely disappointing like it is for most people. It becomes downright disastrous. You won’t just hit a wall. You will crash into it with a car and total the car. Again, this is due to the very negative karma we have accumulated, in regards to this life area. However, when we are balanced by our North Node and just rest easily and lightly in our South Node, the rewards are truly extraordinary. Then, the planet in question becomes an exceptional skill and will play out in ways that make you really remarkable and distinctive in the life area that your South Node house represents. The planet as well as the sign will become something that you can do really effortlessly, to the point where it truly amazes others and often even yourself. These are talents that are being channeled very instinctively from the collected experiences of your past – in this life and the previous one – that are so ingrained within you.

I’ve noticed that those of us with a planet conjunct the South Node usually mature significantly earlier in life in terms of our North Node than other people. You often see people with this influence really getting the message, loud and clear, in terms of their North Node by the time they’ve reached their mid to late twenties. By the time we’re thirty, we can be already very experienced in our North Node and what it wants for us. Some people take until they’re in their early to mid thirties to begin doing their North Node work. Certain people may take even longer than that, not finding that awakening until they hit forty.  

But, when you have a planet conjunct the South Node, especially if it’s a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus), there is much more urgency to the North Node and it is usually awakened and actualized much sooner. You become very focused on achieving what the North Node stands for and typically very successful at it. It’s because you have already had your fill of the South Node and because the North Node becomes far more crucial, as a result. I know that’s been the case for me because I’ve realized just how much my life suffers when I’m in the lower realm of my Sun/South Node. I really don’t have a choice! I can either get on that higher path or I can live an endlessly frustrating and hopelessly stagnant life. There’s little in-between. With this influence, you absolutely cannot live the life that you want to live if you do not work on your North Node.

Sun conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: self-awareness, strength of will, self-expression, leadership
When unbalanced: raging willfulness, entitlement, self-absorption, or bossiness that burns other people or minimizes their individual importance
When balanced: a totally charismatic, regal presence who knows exactly who they are and who is gracious and confident enough to give others recognition

Moon conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: supportiveness, emotional honesty, intuitiveness, going with the flow
When unbalanced: a complete lunatic/baby who is so wrapped up in their neuroses and insecurities that no form of support or comfort is ever enough
When balanced: a very soulful, sensitive person who knows how to emotionally tune into their environment without losing their reason or maturity

Mercury conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: curiosity, intellectualism, keeping it light, maintaining communication
When unbalanced: a talking head who can yammer on without saying much of anything and who lives so much by logic that they ignore instinct or intuition
When balanced: a person who can offer a very refreshing, objective viewpoint that fosters an open dialogue without being too detached about everything

Venus conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: finding love, being attractive, pleasure, cooperation
When unbalanced: an insatiable flirt and people pleaser who has a co-dependent attachment to people’s company, approval, and affection
When balanced: an incredibly charming, appealing individual who knows how to establish harmony with other people while still being frank and sincere

Mars conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: asserting oneself, being a go-getter, passion, competition
When unbalanced: a person with a cutthroat desire to win and an addiction to having to fight their way through life, creating a lot of unnecessary conflict
When balanced: a fiery, unstoppable force to be reckoned with who displays an ability to achieve victories without having to run roughshod over others or play unfairly

Jupiter conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: having strong beliefs, being adventurous, loving “the journey”, optimism
When unbalanced in: a very self-righteous person who is always on their high horse about something and suffers from plenty of wanderlust
When balanced: a totally inspiring, enthusiastic person who has a healthy belief in the goodness of the Universe without being unrealistic or foolish about it

Saturn conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: self-discipline, perseverance, working with self-doubt, having purpose
When unbalanced: someone who constantly punishes themselves, often by always needing to do things the hard way and being too caught up in life’s negatives
When balanced: a very responsible, mature, and wise individual who knows how to face the realities of their situation while also not being pessimistic or fatalistic

Uranus conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: experimentation, defying convention, egalitarianism, freedom
When unbalanced: a wildly inconsistent and detached nature that makes the person thrive on chaos as well as considering themselves a misfit on the fringes
When balanced: someone with a very healthy ability to be independent and not follow the norm without letting themselves indulge in shocking or cold behavior

Neptune conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: states of bliss, being imaginative, spiritual wisdom, compassion for others
When unbalanced: very delusional behavior or patterns of escapism and poor boundaries that leave the person feeling like a lost soul in the world
When balanced: a transcendent, otherworldly awareness that gives the person the ability to find Heaven on earth yet still remain grounded and present

Pluto conjunct the South Node
Highly experienced in: psychological survival, deep transformation, intensity, feeling powerful
When unbalanced: someone who thrives on unhealthy or destructive emotional dynamics or situations, compelled to live out a tragic tale
When balanced: a passionate, formidable person who knows how to use their inner resources to change their lives and others’ without going to extremes


  1. I have the opposite of you Aquarius sun conjunct South Node in the 6th house.

  2. Ive been searching EVERYWHERE on the internet some info about my Saturn conjuncting my south node, and this resonates deeply!!!

    I have to say I am in love with your blog; the Saturn in 11th house post was really really insightful for me.

    Are you planning on doing more in depth analysis for each planet conjuncting the SN?

    By the way, I would like to suggest you to integrate that tool where people write down their emails and whenever you post a new post here, they are instantly notified.

    Again, wanted to remind you how awesome this blog is!!! keep the work going, I can't get enough of it!

    1. I also have saturn conjunct my south node in 7th house...lots of karmic relationships!

    2. I have venus and pluto in my south node Scorpio in the 10th and end of 9th house respectively.
      Should I read houses as planets here too?

      Great article BTW kudos

  3. I have Mars conjunct SN and I love the expression you used 'cutthroat desire'. It is exactly what I feel when I want something!

    1. I would like to see NN conjunctions too! Thank you Wayman!

  4. It's hard for me to trust any other astrology with the depth that I trust you. You resonate such depth and balance that I'm drawn to your blog like a beacon in a new world. Thank you.
    Could you please interpret my sn conjunct moon & nep in 1st hs scorpio? Grateful!

  5. I don't have any planets conjunct the south node but 3 of them(Sun, mercury and venus)are the same placement in sign and house and also the ruler of the north node happens to be mercury which is the same placement as the south node. What does it mean in this case?

  6. "The irony is that life will magically make you successful in your South Node’s territory once you fully focus on the North Node’s mission." Gosh, I really needed to read that. It's what I've been suspecting for quite a while but I still have trouble trusting my Leo side (where my NN and moon reside by sign and house). I don't have any planet conjunct my SN, but my sun is in the same sign, so I've often felt resistance to allowing anything other than my Aquarian traits to lead - even though clearly it hasn't been working for me! But I have been seeing more and more that I will never not be an Aquarian at the core. I think the spirit of that sign infuses most of what I do, even if I ultimately have to find a much more Leonine expression of it. It will be a relief to 'rest lightly' in my SN traits and trust that I'm not abandoning an important part of myself. :)

  7. Hello wayman!
    What if someone has not a planet, but a certain point in their chart conjunct the SN, like the asc/dsc/mc/ic? Would it still be considered important as a planet conjunct the sn? I don't have this but I know someone who does.

    1. I have my south node conjunct my asc in Virgo and I'm curious to known about this as well!

  8. Would you like to finish your chart ruler through the houses series soon? You started with the 12th house and never finished.

  9. I've got the sun conjunct the SN, too, in Aquarius in the second house. I wonder how this placement affects the ruler of my NN in Leo, the sun? Is it a more active role, then?

  10. Thank you for the article, I'm a real fan of your blog, though it scares me when you say we have a lot of negative karmic debt built-up. Can't it just be time to move on to something else?

    Saturn conjunct South node in 10th, and North Node in Capricorn in 4th. NN. is Conjunct 5th house cusp. Venus Conjunct Neptune also in the 4th house. Yes, my 10th house has been unfortunate, but I'm so afraid to do what I really want to do, which is to be a creative writer and work from home. I think in a former life I was involved in politics or followed in my family's footsteps, and now it's time to go it alone.

    What does it mean to have the NN. Direct with Zero Degrees?

  11. I just realized one thing Politicians and writers have in common: Plotting.

  12. Thank you! I have the generational stellium of Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter conjunct my SN, and have been puzzling over how this has been affecting me. I know the power of my SN in Libra is sometimes overwhelmingly compulsive and consuming, only just realising that this stellium actually conjuncts my SN, has allowed me to see why it has this power over me. And you have enabled me to understand the rudiments of that powerful connection.

  13. Great read! I have Venus and Mars conjunct in SN in Leo in the 1st house! I am also Rising Leo... It's been quite a struggle to let go of being so self centered...and I totally relate to having drastic events happening! However, becoming a community worker has helped a lot to balance those strong SN energies! Sharing the space with others, listening and compromising one's needs for the community ♥

    1. Oh, nice. It's so interesting that you have the North Node in Aquarius in the 7th because, you're right, your path is really going to be about dealing with people and connecting with them intellectually.

  14. Thank you so much for this article Wayman. I know you're not a huge fan of asteroids but my SN is conjunct Chiron and Black Moon Lillith in Taurus in the 8th. Any thoughts on the conjunction with Chiron?

    1. Well I think Chiron and Lilith are relevant. Just not the others. I would just say that you may feel compelled to go backwards in order to make up for pain in the past. But you will quickly learn that you can't and that letting go and moving on, in spite of the pain, is the best route.

  15. Do you have any opinions on the nodes being intercepted? I read that it can be caused by the person ignoring their nodes in past lives, so now it's made harder??
    My NN is in Leo and my SN is in Aquarius conjunct Uranus. I have a Aquarius and Uranus dominance in my chart + a Capricorn ASC with intercepted Aquarius. Could this indicate that in past lives I relied very heavily on my SN and just avoided my NN?
    Great post!! The best out of all I've read so far!

    1. I have my SN/Venus & NN in intercepted houses. In my experience, I was quite late in life before I integrated the signs my Nodes (and Venus) was in, the signs that are intercepted. I'm in my mid-forties and still working on my NN. I feel I was a late bloomer in that respect. I will also say that the traits of balanced and unbalanced manifestation of my Venus (which is conjunct my SN) have always been present in my life. In other words, while the Venusian (planetary) qualities have always been within me, the Cancerian (sign) qualities have not.

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  17. Great info!
    I also have south node conjunct sun in leo(3H), opposite NN in Aquarius(9H).
    Do you have any anecdotal info or other input on this position?
    I would be interested to hear your experiences with the negatives of this aspect as well as your solutions involving the Aquarius North Node!
    Thanks for the info, hope to hear back.

  18. i agree with others responding here 'great article & many thanks' wayman for your important info here.
    i too would love to know the points asc/mc etc. but mostly
    just wanted to get feedback understanding on husbands sn cnj saturn 3 degrees (5th hse cancer) but then his nn cnjnct 3 degrees (11th hse capricorn) to lilith. saturn liliths and nodes all ExacT conjunctions. ive been interpreting as he does have much hope.of oveecoming/evolving his karmic journey. (so i try & just evolve myself and focus on grace & love) but not sure if thats a correct interpretation...

    1. sorry eta..thats meant to read'he DoesNT have much hope of evolving his karmic challenges'.. :/

  19. Neptune RIGHT on top of SN in the 1st in Sagittarius on a composite chart... :o Looks like we need to work on communication in our relationship!

    Interestingly, on our natal charts, he's got Chiron in the 7th in Gemini, and I've got Chiron in the 3rd in Taurus. :o

    I need to work on my listening skills. :)

  20. Hi, what about south node conjunct ascdendent? my south node is 29 cancer, my rising 0 leo? Thanks

  21. Hi, what about south node conjunct ascdendent? my south node is 29 cancer, my rising 0 leo? Thanks

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  22. I have Saturn closely conjunct the South Node in 8th house and Aquarius. Your take on it is actually quite refreshing and encouraging.

  23. Thanks for the read. Saturn/PoF conjunct South Node n Venus conjunct North Node. Life has REALLY mellowed down in early 30's. I had a near death experience when I was 4 years old, and have always felt *Awake*. Never understood this loss of innocence stuff. I do got the exact opposite version of Saturn, I used to be so caught up in chaos cause I knew I could get myself out of anything... I always joke I don't make plans, only escape routes. With age its been more about showing others different pathways of thinking (3rd house in Scorpio) in how to handle chaotic situations... to reach my Venus in Taurus who just values simplicity.

    1. I'll say I just started to get off my South node... SO I think its more of a 40+ thing for me realistically.

  24. Wow I must have really used some power. I have Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus in the same house with the south node! Also my moon, sun and Neptune not in that house, but conjunct the south node..scary?

  25. SN(0 Cancer) conjunct MC(29 Gemini) also conjunct my Cancer Sun/Venus. 29 Virgo AC(Cancer Mercury).. My Cancer/Capricorn are intercepted. This is very confusing to me any thoughts or information would be appreciated.

  26. Awesome article! I have sun and saturn conjunct south node in the 12th house. I have to be very vigilant of emotional states and occasionally fight off escapism tendencies. As soon as I focus on work, I feel better and things fall into place. This is such useful information to know - thank you

  27. thank you for this post. it has been helpful.

  28. Hi. Thank you for sharing this information.
    I have pluto, jupiter and uranus (plus part of fortune and appollo, if you like) all conj south node in fifth house virgo, over an 8 degree spread (all four, or six if you like, with South node amidst the lot).
    Atm chiron is transit conj NN,and will return six degrees later.
    Suffice to say, I am experiencing such concentrations of pain as I have never tasted throughout my life, at the same time - uranus is crossing saturn (12th) conj asc.
    Yes, I feel like I'm losing my soul. I feel absolutely dreadful, sensitive, unable to cope, willfully reclusive as my entire life and being careens over a cliff.
    I've only read half your article so far (my head is exploding) - I really hope there is some practical advice in there. I'll get back to it when the intensity of my experience, reduces to a dull roar.
    Many thanx again.

  29. Moon Conjuct South Node Aquarius. So dificil.

  30. You really a genius, and I'm thankful for this articulate analysis.
    I have a stalium conjunct my south node, including the sun, at the 7th house as you.

  31. What about Lilith conjuncta SN in Taurus?

  32. readings? rahu station on debilitated mars now pain