Monday, August 15, 2016

Saturn in the 1st House

Those with Saturn in the 1st House of their birth chart are overcoming fears and doubts in terms of putting themselves out there. The 1st House is how you tackle this thing called life and with Saturn there, you don’t necessarily tackle it. You cautiously walk up to it and try and figure out the right way to do it. And by the time you’ve done all of this, the right moment or opportunity has already passed you by! Therefore, Saturn in the 1st House people need to make it their purpose in life to develop true courage and initiative. With this placement, you possess an ambitious, goal-oriented outlook on life. Yet, you are also all too easily fixated on the hurdles you have to jump over to accomplish those goals. But, you just need to jump and without all of the excess worrying. If you don’t, you will end up sabotaging yourself, falling flat on your face, which is your worst fear.

The 1st House represents the conditioning of one’s early life. How you learned to behave within those first several years is indicated by whatever is in your 1st House, making this your particular “role” in life; not necessarily who you are but how you act. I say this all the time: the 1st House is not the identity or sense of self. It is more so the set of behaviors, attitudes, and mannerisms that make up your overall demeanor. And with Saturn in the 1st, there is a real gravitas to your demeanor, to the point where it might make you appear to be overly serious, melancholy, or bogged down. This stems from an early life where you were expected to be self-sufficient, to take responsibility for yourself, and to also, somehow, not make many mistakes, if at all.

Early childhood is a time where most children freely act on their impulses. But, when you have a 1st House Saturn, there is a certain restriction over the impulses that is conditioned and learned. This could stem from being born into a really controlling, judgmental, or harsh environment. You could have constantly feared being “punished” as a child, in some literal or metaphorical way, just for acting on your impulses. So, you developed a role in life that made you feel like you always had to do the right thing and like you couldn’t slip up. This is something that made you significantly and even painfully self-conscious, causing you to become very controlling of yourself at an early age. Small children with their Saturn in the 1st are usually very self-contained, to the point of behaving like little adults, because they always feel like they need to be on their best behavior.

This is a feeling that extends well into adulthood. If the 1st House is one’s individual viewpoint, having Saturn in the 1st can make you feel as if you are constantly being judged. You see life in Saturn-like terms, always anticipating some sort of punishment or failure. This can manifest on a social level, making you very awkward, shy, reserved, or unsure of yourself. Saturn does represent one’s doubts and with it in this part of your birth chart, it’s like your whole demeanor is one of terrible self-doubt. You could take the smallest social cue as a sign of rejection, whether it’s someone saying a slightly critical thing about you or not receiving you in the warmest manner. You are a highly sensitive person, dealing with huge anxiety or insecurity at any given moment. But, this is something you may overcompensate for by trying to maintain a tough, cool exterior.

In fact, there is something stately, elegant, and respectable about you. It’s really because of the reserve or self-containment that you give off. While everyone else is just all over the place, you will appear to have your stuff together, even when you are feeling like an absolute wreck. That’s what happens when you have such tight control over your behavior. But, this is also something that can end up being intimidating or unnerving. The 1st House is also people’s impression of you. With Saturn in the 1st, you can easily seem to be the cold one who is always judging people. In fact, that’s something that you might not entirely understand. You can feel so insecure, afraid, or rejected by your environment that you carry yourself in ways that invoke feelings of insecurity, fear, or rejection in other people. It becomes a rather unconscious defense: judge or be judged.

While the 1st House can represent our intentions, there is also an unconscious element to this house, as it is so defined by our first several years of life, where we were largely unconscious beings. So, as a child, you unconsciously learned how to assimilate the judgmental attitudes of those around you. Therefore, now, your outlook can be much harsher than you intend. Trying to navigate social situations, especially ones where you have to meet people, can become particularly painful. The “resting bitch face” syndrome is a common complaint of Saturn in the 1st, as the 1st House is the face we show others, often without realizing it. So, you might appear to be rather cold, unreceptive, or rigid, unbeknownst to you, feeling somewhat hopeless at how much you scare people off or are unable to be as freely, easily social as other people.

This only contributes to that fear you have of putting yourself out there. Any given situation can seem fraught with difficulties and obstacles. This is what you see all around you: obstacles. Of course, that only ends up making life harder for you. 1st House Saturn individuals can suffer from a depressive, cynical, or bitter outlook because of this. It’s like there is this dark cloud that is always following you around and you don’t know how to get rid of it. Little do you know that it is your attitude that is attracting this darkness and sadness. Those with this placement feel like they have to do everything the hard way, keeping themselves highly, and almost totally, self-sufficient. But, the thing is that no one is entirely self-sufficient. We all have to depend on others, to an extent. Putting your vulnerabilities and weaknesses out there is particularly terrifying because, as a small child, when you’re at your most vulnerable, you were never allowed to be so.

All of these issues are going to be magnified during your Saturn Return and you’re going to be forced to come face-to-face with them. The Saturn Return in the 1st House, like in the 4th or the 5th, can bring many childhood difficulties to light. You are going to have to confront those early years and just why you were under the pressure you were under at that time. We can’t remember a lot about our first several years of life. But, during this period, you might find yourself making several breakthroughs in terms of remembering and understanding what you experienced as a child. Were you not comforted or nurtured enough? Were you placed under unfair pressure? Was the environment you grew up in just too bleak, bitter, or unforgiving for comfort? Coming to terms with these issues will help you confront your conditioning and eventually overcome it.

I feel like the essential purpose of Saturn in the 1st is to deprogram yourself. The house that Saturn is in is where we have to find our strength and our structure. With Saturn in the 1st, the key is to restructure your overall outlook on life. Figure out just why you are seeing so much darkness and difficulty around you and how you can discipline yourself to change your point of view. It will definitely take self-discipline, as it is all too easy for you to get down in the dumps. But, this only reinforces the purpose of you playing the part in life of a person with great self-discipline. You have a very diligent and hardworking approach to whatever you do. Yet, you just need to figure out just what to pour that disciplined energy into: something that will really help turn your life around.

In fact, the Saturn Return in the 1st is going to be all about turning your life around, as the 1st House represents how you approach and experience life. So, this can either be a time where you become even harder on yourself and more miserable or where you become dramatically and amazingly reborn, which most with this placement end up doing because they’re so driven to succeed anyway. That is a good way to look at this time period: it is going to be a real “rebirth” for you, especially if it’s your first Saturn Return. Before the first Saturn Return, you might feel as if you rarely ever catch a break. As harsh as it might seem, I think this is the purpose of this placement. Your Saturn in the 1st wants you to experience hardship and know what it feels like, not only so you can develop the strength to push through it but also so you can figure out how to avoid it. More times than you realize, you are just making your own bed and being forced to lie in it.

A personal perspective that is focused on consequences is the result. But, when I say consequences, I don’t mean being overly anxious about the approval of others. You have to stop feeling as if you need to constantly prove yourself, at every turn and in every situation. You will find the true strength you need when you give yourself that approval and learn to see yourself as a success. You can easily suffer from a lot of worries over failure, even if that failure hasn’t happened yet. It’s like you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. But, you need to just realize that you’re only worrying yourself sick! It helps for you to really redefine your ideas of failure. When you can see the success in every determined, dedicated step you take, regardless of the outcome (since you can’t control the outcome anyway, no matter how hard you try), you will feel a lot more successful.

I think your Saturn Return in the 1st could also potentially bring many momentary flops your way, if you have continued to live life so seriously up to this point. You might feel, during this period, that you cannot walk very far without stumbling somehow, either literally or metaphorically. But, this is a good thing for you! There must come a point in adulthood where you really learn to lighten up, to take yourself and life less seriously. You can be so intent on gaining respect and recognition that being laughed at or not taken as seriously can feel threatening and uncomfortable to you, as if your dignity is being stolen. The key is knowing how to laugh at yourself, trusting that you’re already a respectable, substantial person who doesn’t need to try so hard to win others’ confidence. When you do, you will learn how to view life with less gravity and with more of a sense of humor.

You are actually capable of being wonderfully humorous, since all great humor comes from some sort of painful truth. 1st House Saturn people can be downright comedians in their ability to give a deadpanned yet hilarious account of what’s going on around them. In many ways, humor will be a much-needed remedy for your grave outlook. This actually results in Saturn in the 1st House folks who, when they are in their thirties or older, end up defying the overly-serious stereotype of this placement. The more mature you are, the freer you feel. This is the irony of your existence, a sort of Benjamin Button, backwards-aging way of living. You didn’t feel very free at all when you were in your youth. But, the older you get, the lighter of an experience life is. You’ve already been through serious difficulties, way before your time. So, now, you get to enjoy life more!

It’s not talked about as much but there can also be a remarkable attractiveness to having Saturn in the 1st. When you’re younger, you’ll probably feel a marked discomfort with your body and your appearance, even if other factors in your chart make you seem more confident or vain. These insecurities can really haunt you and this placement is often called the ugly-duckling syndrome. As with everything, you may just be a late bloomer. It’s often not until the late twenties and later that 1st House Saturn people start coming into their own, appearance-wise. It might have a lot to do with becoming more self-assured and sophisticated in your demeanor. That soon expresses itself as a very distinguished air that others find striking. You grow into a very classy being, a person who seems to be of high class and elegance, often because this is something you worked for. You weren’t born with it. Saturn in the 1st makes it your purpose to work toward this sophisticated manner, eventually cultivating an aura of success in everything that you do.

Basically, you mature into someone who appears to be very impressive. The 1st House is your life story and with Saturn in the 1st, you are a living, breathing success story. Your biography would be that of someone who came from nothing, who pushed through one hardship after the next, and who eventually “made it.” Approaching every situation with this grit, tenacity, and perseverance, as well as with the well-earned wisdom of a person who’s been through it, is your duty in life. So, while the first couple decades or so of life can truly suck, you will be able to look back and appreciate all that you’ve been through, as you wouldn’t have been able to achieve half as much otherwise.


  1. Bless your heart. This was the post I was waiting on for a long time.
    Thank you very much!! All of it is accurate. Saturn 1st feels like you;re trapped in your own body (and behind it, the soul feels suffocated. to quote Liz Green?)
    You helped me be self-aware of my dark mentality and self-talk because I was too focused on why my saturn has no positive aspect (none) and never wondered WHY. And the why made me happy. I think most people (not only saturnians) know in their hearts that they're given struggle in order to overcome it and become a better human being. Who would bother to improve if life would be an endless bed of roses and everything would be a big belly laugh like all the jupiter stuff?. I like the goofy side of Saturn because it trully exists. Humour and mature-thinking saved my life a couple of times and kept me going. Have a nice day :)

  2. Would Saturn trine ascendant share this to a lesser degree?

  3. Would Saturn trine ascendant share this to a lesser degree?

  4. Hi Wayman,
    Great article again and thank's again for sharing.

    The first house is indeed a very interesting place. I have read ones, that people quite often attract people with the same houses, occupied by planets, - meaning: when one house or another occupied by one or more than one planet, and it does not matter what planets, the house counts. Have you also noticed this tendency in your practice?
    I have two planets in 1st house. My partner has three planets in his 1st house, including Saturn, few other friends in the past also - the same story. I am always around people with 1st house planetary placements. 1st house is my favorite. Crazy enough, i understood this house very late. I understood firstly all other houses, and the first came as last. I love to see and fascinated, how people express themselves, as you said: " the set of behaviors, attitudes, and mannerisms that make up your overall demeanor."
    Example of my partner with Saturn placement in his first house, the way you described is very accurate and amazing.

  5. Wayman, this is a very impressive post! This is SO SO SO accurate.
    You are an amazing astrologer. For real

  6. Great post. For me early childhood as a gay black man in rural Mississippi meant I could never really express my true sensitive self. As an adult in NYC, my career was impacted by constant worry of judgement. I was even told by one companies CEO that every saw me as having it "really together" though I was on the verge of breakdown. As well, I was a late bloomer and now get so much attention for my looks.
    I also have Pluto conjunct Saturn in 1st, with Saturn conjunct my Libra ascendant. Jupiter is in my first as well, but in Scorpio

  7. Saturn in astrology has this unbeknownst beauty. I can't wait to read the entirety of your Saturn series once it's complete!

    1. Hi Lyfe,

      " Saturn in astrology has this unbeknownst beauty." - well said.I love Saturn - amazing archetype. As more mature we become, getting more awareness, the bigger rewards are from Saturn. My favorite part is, the rewards are humble,almost unnoticeable, but feels very good till deep in the core.

      Why did you say it, if do not mind me asking and do not mind to share? I am curious. Most people do not like to "work", co - create with Saturn.

    2. Of course i don't mind sharing! Haha--so i don't have Saturn in the 1st house, but i do have Saturn in Aries. And from my life experiences i've definitely felt an urge to be somewhat courageous and daring. Unfortunately, early on in my life, i ignored those feelings to the point where i felt like i was missing out on opportunities that, otherwise, i would have been able to experience if it weren't for my lack of action. Nowadays, of course, i'm still attempting to overcome this fear, but i've notice that when i put myself out there and take action quite readily, good things happen. Now, when i say good things i don't necessarily mean a tangible reward per se; "Good," also often occurs when we, Saturn in Aries/ Saturn in the 1st folk, fall flat on our faces and learn from our failures. Sure, failing again and again can significantly hurt one's self-esteem, but i feel like Saturn doesn't bring hardships into our lives without a purpose. Essentially, Saturn, in my eyes of course, turns boys into men and girls into women. It teaches us how to handle that specific area in our life with structure and diligence. Then, once we've worked and worked for a long period of time on being skillful in that area, Saturn rewards us with a sense that this, whatever it may be doing in our charts, is effortless. And that's why i now believe Saturn to be a beautiful archetype underneath the veil in which seems to be clouded with stigma. So, to end this little rant, from my perspective and knowledge of astrology, Saturn knows what we're capable of, and it simply wants us to attain it or surpass it through hard work and persistence.

      P.S. i realize it's easier said than done, especially since i feel the same way about my house placement. I can just picture Saturn saying,"I never said it would be easy," when ever we feel like giving up due to a recent failure. However, i do hope that, through the hardships and turbulences, that Saturn doesn't get the best of me.

    3. I have Saturn in Aries too! It is conjunct to my south node. Do you think having Saturn in Aries is similar to having Saturn in the 1st. I felt like I could relate to most of this article as I read it.

    4. There are some differences, but there are also some similarities haha. Honestly, i'm sure Wayman knows the ins and outs much better, so i suggest asking him.

    5. Haha, well thank you. I would say, Alyssa, that your Saturn in Aries is different than Saturn in the 1st in that you might need to come to grips with your anger, as you could have a very hard time with it, and your passion in life. And it being conjunct the South Node shows that fears and negative attitudes regarding anger, passion, and selfishness will hold you back. But, the similarities to Saturn in the 1st are knowing how to put yourself out there and be courageous and not be afraid to embrace the new. So, yes, they are very similar in many ways. Yet, they aren't totally the same, either, which I'm sure you know. :)

    6. Also, Lyfe, I have written an article on here now about Saturn in every house except for the 2nd, which is coming soon.

      I am starting a new e-book soon on Saturn Return in the Houses, too. It'll be about what to expect during your Saturn Return and how to get through it, based on your Saturn's house. I'll be writing an article about it soon and having it available, hopefully, by next month.

  8. Hi Lyfe,
    It's always interesting to know how people experiencing planetary influences in full awareness, especially if they can represent their thoughts in words and speech with clarity.
    "Essentially, Saturn, in my eyes of course, turns boys into men and girls into women. It teaches us how to handle that specific area in our life with structure and diligence." - sharp wise observation.
    Thank you for sharing

  9. Always well written and your readers are keen students of Astrology too as is obvious here Wayman!

    I read your articles to understand and learn and then to observe it in my life. What I find difficult is to apply is the actual lessons learnt from your blog..

    It's so crystal clear when we read it your blog but in real world it gets muddled and the gut action /reactions rules the roost when it comes to response , like I got no control and I am being directed to take action the way I should..

    Is that the 10th House Pluto talking?!

  10. Thank you so much. My Saturn is in the first house with Capricorn, and my first Saturn return is coming up. I've been working on understanding more of myself this last year to prep for the return. This perspective is so helpful! I also appreciate in your articles how you write any "downfalls" in a way that's comprehensible, but also lay out the optimistic side or how people can use those perceived "downfalls" in a more productively positive way to shift themselves. Thank you!

  11. Hey wayman i hope u answer me abt this ,, what if mercury conjunct saturn in 1st house
    (Mercury 28 aqua - saturn 0 45' pisces)

    I mean yea i feel saturn reatraints but i guess iam more social and have no fears of talking my mind or my opinions , what exact areas this conjunct gonna has its effect on , and thank u for the amazing article

    1. But tbh i have to be sure 100% of what iam talking about ,, cause i dont like being wrong when i talk , and iam not much talker like all mercury in the 1st people , maybe i think and read more than talking

  12. I can resonate with this article. I have saturn in Capricorn in the 10th house, square Aries ascendant. The picture of the man and the dog is me and my dog down to a t. Thank you for sharing this insightful post.

  13. Wow thank you for this. I have just decided to drop out of university because the challenge of worrying about so many classes has taken over. I've been sitting here trying to fight the negative thoughts that haunt me daily. I felt like there was no hope for me for success and I will never be happy. But thank you for this. I feel like this struggle is worth it and I can succeed and be happy. I didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel until now. Im still only 22 so I have some time to go before my Saturn return but now I feel like I can embrace my failures and start again stronger. :) #toomuchScorpio with Saturn in 1st in Pisces.

  14. So beautiful this made me cry. I have misunderstood Saturn but not now. You truly are amazing wayman. Thank you xx

  15. Hello, I've read a few articles on your blog and I find them very helpful in describing certain Astrological aspects.
    I have Saturn 1st House in Pisces with squares to my Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Midheaven, but with a good trine to Jupiter.
    I've read somewhere that when dealing with Saturn, look to Jupiter, which in my case, Jupiter is Scorpio in 9th House. Not sure what to do though, except maybe do things relating to my Jupiter? Even my North Node is Scorpio in 9th House, but there's no aspect to Jupiter with my NN. =\

    Anyways, this article really resonated with me. I grew up in a household where my individuality and expressions were often put down and I was exposed to a lot of negativity that I absorbed and imitated it.
    Deep down, I didn't want to accept the conditioning, but the negativity was everywhere around me!
    I feel the squares in my chart heavily and have been in depression for years, believing the negativity so much that I believed I deserved it...I've been lonely, misunderstood, and misjudged for so long...I've often contemplated suicide.

    But I'm going through the Dark Night of the Soul since 2015 and even though it's been super difficult, I've been led to sources of healing. My journey is too long to explain, but I'm learning to let go of a lot that is not serving me good, especially my mindset. I'm learning to parent myself with God and learning to love and accept myself. Ah, I just saw 11:11 twice rn hehe =) Must be on the right track!

    If there are some words I can give out to those struggling, know you're absolutely perfect as you are, even if you don't believe it, but you are ironically both a work in progress and a masterpiece! God has in mind where to take you and how to bloom you, please be patient on His timing. Where you are now is not where you're always going to stay.

    My advice is to expose yourself to a lot of positive sources, whether through watching uplifting videos, following positive blogs on Tumblr(i do that and it really comforts me to go on and see someone post a "I believe in you!" pic or something like it ), or listening to music, it helps a lot!
    Be very gentle and compassionate on yourself and remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes, everyone is beautiful in their own way! Our problem is trying to please others when we need to please ourselves! We feel so responsible for others, we are not responsible for ourselves! Self is truly important!
    Plant these seeds in your head and overtime they grow, it will be slow progress, but it will bloom greatness in you!

    Recently, I watched a video that made me realize something I've never thought about--Am I proud of myself?
    This really shook me. A lot of things I've done were more for others rather than for myself; so if I can say what I'm proud of, I don't know... Except, I felt most proud when I'm overcoming my own barriers.
    Now I ask myself when doing something, "Will this make me feel proud of myself?" It put things in different perspective for me, but I had to be ready before I was able to use this as a guide in my life.

    You're all worth it, please believe it. It'll take time. Take little steps. Saturn wants us to be freed from our insecurities, I think he secretly knows our worth, he's just very tight-lipped about it because he wants us to find that out ourselves because it's through doing and discovering on our OWN do we receive the most pleasure!

    It's similar to when you turn in an essay to a teacher and she grades you an A++! Wouldn't you feel most satisfied if you knew you wrote that essay yourself? If someone wrote it for you, that wouldn't be that satisfying.
    Also, people can help you with the essay by giving you pointers or suggestions, but in the end, it's YOU, who writes that essay. That's YOUR accomplishment!
    Just be sure to thank those who helped ya along the way! =)

    1. Wow, this was longer than intended!
      I wonder how's gonna read it through? >.<

    2. My natal Saturn (also 1H Pisces) squares Sun/Moon/Mercury (4H Gemini)

      It also squares Pluto/Midheaven (10H Scorpio)

      No happy trines or sextiles. But I've found that each trip to hell brings me that much closer to heaven. Destruction forebodes construction.

      Loved your post. Keep your chin high & your music loud ;)

  16. I think for the 1st house Saturn people, the worst timeline before their first Saturn return is when Saturn transits through their 11th house. Every problem would occur during that time since the only problems they can ever have with this placement is related to other people

  17. This is so true.
    You have really captured it.
    Thank you for writing this piece . I have Saturn in the first & im going to be 40 now.
    Can’t agree more.
    I have been a victorious fighter.

  18. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Wayman ~ we are the champions ~ but, it hurts a lot

  19. Great blog. Saturn is in is where we have to find our strength and our structure. With Saturn in the 1st, the key is to restructure your overall outlook on life.
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  21. Hey nice article.The 1st House represents the conditioning of one’s early life. How you learned to behave within those first several years is indicated by whatever is in your 1st House, making this your particular “role” in life; not necessarily who you are but how you act. I say this all the time: the 1st House is not the identity or sense of self.
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  22. Saturn in first house induces one with calm, silent, cunning, thrifty and serious kind of disposition. They are self-confident and ethically inclined. Looks may not be so pleasing, well-built thighs though appealing and enticing. Luck favors late in the life.
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  23. These people body turns with the disciplines, they are dedicated to their work only. These people work for a very long time. Such native has to face nervousness and worries in life particularly when they are alone. Obstacles and delays are frequent in their lives. Education is also affected. Saturn delays marriage and also gives a bad relationship with a sibling. If Saturn is in a good sign and degree, it can give a solid career with its 10th house aspect.
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  24. Saturn in first house causes delays and obstacles in person's life. They will achieve anything after lot of struggles and hard work. It has also been observed that such person have to face problems in his married life too. They are practical and matured people who fulfill their responsibilities sincerely.
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  25. This article is beautiful. Sums up what it’s like living with Saturn in the 1st better than any article I’ve seen. I’m really feeling this placement right now. I’m a couple years past my Saturn return, Saturn is conjunct my natal Venus/Uranus and I feel like everything has been going wrong for me career wise. The strange thing is, the one thing I want would involve me striking out on my own, allowing my true self to shine but with Saturn in the 1st, I’m terrified of it. But if I wait too long it will be too late. As you wrote.

  26. I can relate to this article every bit. I know there are many factors like aspects and lords of the house are to be seen but this is spot on. I also have Saturn conjunct moon in first house. Hence, lots of difficulties expressing myself. I am currently in my Saturn return (as well as sade sati) and going through a big transformation. I am digging up all my childhood to reinvent or reprogram myself through meditation and psychoanalysis. I have lived my entire (past 30 years) in a shell with very low self esteem and fear.