Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jupiter in Libra Transit: Give and Take

Jupiter officially left the sign of Virgo this month and has now rolled into Libra territory. Jupiter in Libra will commence until the latter part of 2017. So, what does this mean for us? Whatever sign that Jupiter is moving through is going to give us a chance to really benefit from that sign’s principles and positive attributes. We can have many different learning experiences in terms of what the sign stands for, as I think that Jupiter is all about learning experiences and growing through them. So, with Jupiter in Libra, we have the potential during the following 12 months to embark on many positive experiences in terms of love, relating, cooperating, and harmony.

And for the cherry on top of this astrological sundae, Jupiter is currently conjunct the transiting Sun in Libra. Therefore, we are starting off this transit right. The Libra Sun is giving us the confidence to really embark on these Libra lessons and opportunities. Now is a time where we can shine in these areas of life, especially if you happen to have major placements in Libra: personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), the Ascendant, Midheaven, or North Node. This will also obviously be true if you have Jupiter in Libra, as well. If this is the case, this will be an especially important year for you and you will have the opportunity to grow in very significant ways. 

Jupiter in Libra is going to really teach us about the give and take that relationships require. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way when it comes to Jupiter. So, if you aren’t appreciating other people enough or if you also aren’t being appreciated enough by the people in your life, Jupiter is going to restore that balance. Well, I should say that it is going to urge you to restore the balance because, at the end of the day, it’s all up to you. This can manifest in many ways. Maybe you will find an important relationship becoming more peaceful and agreeable and cooperative. But, maybe, you will actually find yourself getting away from relationships, platonic or romantic, that are no longer serving you. Jupiter is about freedom, after all, and when Jupiter is transiting Libra, this can mean freeing yourself from any situation where you aren’t getting the love that you deserve.

At the same time, are you giving people the love that they deserve? This sense of balance and fairness has to go both ways. As a result, you might find yourself being more willing to become a better significant other, friend, or other kind of partner during this time. For people with Libra placements, this will be an especially beneficial process. Learning how to give yourself to others in a way that will lead to abundance and prosperity, for both parties, can give you a stronger sense of self (Sun in Libra), better values (Venus in Libra), a higher public profile (Libra Midheaven) or a greater ability to reach your full potential (North Node in Libra). At some point, every Libra person is going to have Jupiter conjunct their Libra placement. For some, this will last briefly. For others, with the placement in the middle to later degrees, it could last the entire year! Whatever the case may be, you are being given the opportunity to really expand and enhance your ability to love.

But, that feeling will be in the air, somehow and some way, for all of us. This year could be the year of “free love”, thanks to Jupiter in Libra. It might seem like everyone is dating around a lot more or that so many of your single friends cannot stay single for long. More marriages and engagements could also be on the horizon throughout the year. Yet, things can also potentially go overboard, especially for Libra folks. Libra people do have a reputation for being quite flighty and inconsistent in terms of love, as well as downright co-dependent. The desperation to be in a relationship can be felt more strongly than ever now for some single people, especially if they have a Libra influence. After all, Jupiter’s excesses can sometimes just become over-the-top and counterproductive. So, Jupiter in Libra may be a very “thirsty” time for some (and that means “desperate for romance or sex”, for those of you who don’t know) and the biggest culprits could be Libra people.

However, those with Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn placements will also be feeling this transit greatly, through the squares or oppositions that Jupiter will inevitably form to these placements. Cancer and Capricorn influenced folks will experience the square, bringing some tensions in the romance department. Jupiter in Libra’s focus on truly fair-minded, interdependent relating can mess with Cancer’s emotional biases and Capricorn’s rough self-sufficiency. At the same time, these conflicts can be good for those with Cancer and Capricorn energy. The Cancer people can learn to not let their feelings throw things out of balance. Any insecurities and fears that are blocking real love from coming their way can be risen above. Meanwhile, Capricorn individuals can learn how to be less judgmental of themselves and/or others, genuinely valuing what both parties have to offer. This can lead to a smoother road to success in terms of relationships, with less doubt or pessimism.

Meanwhile, Aries individuals are going to feel particularly unbalanced during this time because of Jupiter’s eventual opposition to their placement. The Aries folks are going to have to learn how to be more compromising and seek true win-win situations with others. Aries is the opposite sign of Libra and often leads to a very careless way of being in relationships: never or rarely ever apologizing, refusing to admit to mistakes, only thinking about their point of view, sucking up all the air in the room, etc. So, those people whose Aries placements make a big mess of their way of connecting to others are going to have to really learn and grow during this time. Jupiter is going to keep its rewards away from the Aries individual during this transit unless it is consistently seeking equilibrium with others. if you have this influence, it might make you feel like it’s you-against-the-world during this time. But, this is only because you’re looking at it from your own narrow, selfish perspective.

Also, of course, we cannot ignore the people who are going to go through their Jupiter Return in Libra. Congratulations! The Jupiter Return is a time that can really mark an exciting new chapter in your life. Your beliefs are being brought to the forefront in order to be strengthened, acknowledged, renewed, appreciated, etc. All of this is happening so you can reap rewards. But, the Jupiter Return can be a bit over-hyped and overrated. Too often, people complain that “nothing happened during my Jupiter Return!” If you are expecting to experience incredible luck, to get an amazing new job and lots more money, to meet the love of your life or to just have a good time all year, you may be disappointed. Don’t set your expectations too high (another important Jupiter lesson).

However, the Jupiter Return is never without rewards. Sometimes, they are subtle or easy to miss. Sometimes, they don’t really come to fruition until a few years after the transit (possibly during your Jupiter trine Jupiter transit). But, regardless, you are planting the seeds right now of something amazing. And with Jupiter in Libra, that’s in terms of your way of being with and connecting to other people. These rewards may seemingly be small. Maybe you and your partner move to another place. Maybe you make a few new friends. You may also start doing little things to feel more attractive, likable, or appealing. In any case, these seemingly small acts and blessings can serve as major shifts in your life. Jupiter is all about the journey over the destination. The more you obsess over the outcome, the smaller you will be thinking, which Jupiter does not like. So, in fact, if you keep greedily looking for lucky breaks during this year, Jupiter may hold back much of its goodness.

It will just be important for you to develop the appreciation to know what good things are happening and when. Those of you with any squares or oppositions to your natal Jupiter in Libra can actually experience quite a bit of distress during this time, as well. The Jupiter Return magnifies the expression of all the aspects from Jupiter to the other planets in your chart. So, the stressful aspects will feel particularly stressful. Trust me, I have Jupiter in Cancer opposing my Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn. So, my Jupiter Return a few years ago was definitely not one carefree party. But, I also figured out ways to remain positive, forward-moving, and buoyant during that time that, in hindsight, amaze even me. Therefore, the squares to your Jupiter might become less conflicting now and the oppositions may feel less out-of-balance. You may have to go through a trial or two to get to this positive place. But, this is only Jupiter’s way of testing your faith. And those who keep their faith during their Jupiter Return eventually manifest wonderful things.

And for everyone, whether Jupiter in Libra will hugely affect you or not, you need to look at the house that it will be transiting because, of course, this transiting planet is going to fall somewhere in your birth chart. The way it will express itself will be in line with the Libra themes. If Jupiter in Libra is transiting the 3rd House, you may be learning to communicate more cooperatively. If Jupiter in Libra is making its transit through your 6th House, you can figure out how to co-exist with others in a more efficient, productive way. This transit is occurring in my 9th House; quite a powerful one, as Jupiter naturally rules the 9th. I already do feel myself embracing my freedom even more than I usually do and standing more strongly on my personal convictions. Yet, it is in a Libra fashion. Coming off of Jupiter in Virgo, which made a conjunction to Venus virtually all year, I had a lot of romantic experiences. Yet, there were ultimately disappointing. Still, I grew a lot and I now have resolved to not look for a relationship with anyone until I feel like they are on the same path as I am or, at the very least, can freely support the path that I’m on.

While a significant amount of that resolution is my 1st House North Node talking, it also is the Libra Jupiter moving into my 9th House. I just want to be on a path right now that just involves loving myself and I only want it to involve a partner who can come along with me on my inspiring journey (9th House). If not, I am totally alright with being alone. The thing is that I didn’t come to this conviction until Jupiter moved into Libra. And it really made me feel like I was on the right path and renewed my enthusiasm (another 9th House concept) for what I was doing with my life and my belief in what I was doing. I can’t see myself traveling abroad or going back to school now; stereotypical predictions for the Jupiter in the 9th House transit. But, through greater self-love, I am already starting to believe in myself more, which is bringing more balance (Libra) into my life.

Again, this transit does not have to be about finding good fortune through finding someone. Maybe the person you end up finding is yourself and what you really love about yourself, so you can be more available to the loved by the right person. Love is absolutely in the air with Jupiter in Libra. But, maybe, all you need is a love of the self. This inner harmony will eventually create outer harmony and attract beneficial, life-enhancing relationships your way.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Saturn in the 2nd House

Those who are born with Saturn in their 2nd House are creating structure for themselves in this life through solid self-worth. Self-esteem is a necessary part of all of our lives, so long as we want to be stable and healthy individuals. Whatever is in your 2nd House, whether it’s the sign on the cusp or any potential planets in this house, shows how you can build strong self-esteem. But, what happens when you have Saturn in the 2nd House? It means that, more than the average individual, cultivating this self-worth is going to be more challenging for you. There are many blockages standing in the way of you truly loving yourself and feeling at ease in your own skin. The wisdom of this placement stems from realizing that a lot of these blockages are self-created.

It’s not enough to say that you suffer from not feeling “good enough.” That is quite a general statement that can apply to everyone at some point in their life. It’s that having Saturn in the 2nd House might make you deeply resistant to even overcoming this feeling. When you’re caught up in your fears, insecurities, and doubts, without doing the work involved to better yourself, it’s as if no amount of self-help statements, compliments, affection from others, money, or nice things will ever compensate for that crippling feeling of lack. It’s just this emptiness inside that nothing can really fill. But, many 2nd House Saturn people can desperately attempt to fill it. It’s not uncommon to see some with this placement become massive, compulsive consumers, under the misguided belief that buying all of this stuff is going to make them a better person. 

The age-old phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” applies to Saturn in the 2nd House for so many reasons. The first being that, yes, going down the route of extreme materialism isn’t going to get you anywhere, with this placement. The reason for that is because it’s immature and Saturn just doesn’t do immaturity. If you foolishly think that your worth is tied up in the car you drive, how much money you make, or the house you have, you’ll soon realize how mistaken you are. It’s actually quite a pattern for people with a 2nd House Saturn to see their material things repossessed or taken away, in some way, that brings their worst fears to life. Eviction or foreclosure notices can plague you, that beautiful car could get wrecked or totaled, and you may even regularly become the victim of theft, major or minor. This is especially true if you have Uranus or Neptune in the 2nd House, as well. Your wallet may constantly get lost or stolen or maybe people are just always “borrowing” your stuff, often without even asking and never returning it.

All this does is exaggerate the green-eyed monster of greed and possessiveness within you. If Saturn represents what we fear and what inner difficulties we have to face, as a result, Saturn in the 2nd House indicates a fear of just losing your shit. Not necessarily losing your mind, unless, again, you have Neptune in the 2nd, as well. I mean literally losing what you have. It’s enough to give you a very neurotic case of “what’s mine is mine.” If you run into someone with this placement who freaks out if you so much as move their laptop or rearrange their books or anything else that’s seemingly harmless, they are still operating out of a place of fear and worry. The root of all of this is your poor self-esteem; the feeling that these possessions are an extension of yourself. While the 1st House represents one’s point of view and way of behaving, the 2nd House follows this house by attaching that sense of individuality to something solid and substantial. But, because Saturn is here, it can be tough to feel solid and substantial, which is what makes you desperately possessive.

Also, the potential for cheapness and stinginess of this placement is legendary. Saturn in the 2nd House can make a person feel depressed for having to spend $25 at the grocery store; for groceries that they most certainly needed. The sheer act of just spending money can be disheartening for you. It’s as if you look at your bank account and want it to remain perfect and only want to build from there. So, any form of spending is seen as a threat to your security. But, of course, this can get absurd. It’s to the point where you can truly worry about ending up in the poorhouse. Saturn is our worst fear and Saturn in the 2nd House means that one’s worst fear is poverty, ending up some homeless beggar on the street without a cent to one’s name. This is a worry that can continue far into adulthood, even when the person has cultivated financial security for themselves. The truth is, when they are acting out of fear and anxiety, there is never enough security for these people. All they can think about is wanting more and hoarding what they already own.

This is another definition of the “money does not equal happiness” mantra. You can spend all that time pinching your pennies and still end up feeling insecure and unhappy, often because you’ve become such a curmudgeon that you can’t help but feel unhappy. It’s quite a breakthrough for Saturn in the 2nd House individuals to understand that money has to be enjoyed. You cannot just earn and save in such a rigid fashion without taking the time to not only use your money with an attitude of joy but have a true attitude of appreciation for what you already own. This is a wisdom that dawns on you during your Saturn Return in the 2nd, particularly the first time around. With this placement, the Saturn Return can make you feel broker than ever. But, it also might make you stop and realize just how silly you’re being because you already own so much.

It’s a compulsive feeling for you to feel like you don’t have much. When it comes to your income, you might always say, “I don’t make much money…” When it comes to your home, you might think, “Well, it’s not the nicest place…” In terms of the car you’ve just bought, “Well, it’s not the newest model…” And so on and so forth. It takes maturity for you to realize how you keep undermining yourself by diminishing the worth of whatever you own. In your Saturn Return, this will make it harder and harder for you to manifest anything. The 2nd House rules our power of attraction yet in a strictly financial, material sense. It’s the attitude that you have toward money and possessions that attracts these things into your life. So, guess what? If Saturn in the 2nd gives you this compulsive sense that you’re living such a basic, broke lifestyle, even when you’re doing perfectly okay for yourself, you’re going to feel less and less resources coming in during your Saturn Return. It can get to the point where you make even less money than you did before, where you have to downsize to an even smaller, less comfortable place, and where you can’t even afford your car.

Saturn teaches us the consequences of our actions and our attitudes. So, don’t believe that crises like this are a curse; a sign that there is never enough to go around. It’s the fact that you believe this that makes you feel like there is not enough, especially when you compare your lifestyle to others’ (another downfall of this placement). Someone else may have no trouble at all experiencing gratitude and appreciation for what they have, causing them to live very comfortably, even if it’s still quite a modest lifestyle. But, you might feel like no one suffers like you do financially. The truth is that many people just don’t obsess over their financial standing like you do. Once you ease up on yourself, in this way, you will find it increasingly easier to attract the resources you need.

In fact, if anyone can learn to master this Law of Attraction, it’s the Saturn in the 2nd House person. The life area represented by our Saturn’s house becomes something that we are a true master at, through plenty of effort, persistence, and discipline, as well as through many stumbles and setbacks. You can experience wonderful success by taking the right attitude toward money. Of course, you have to be practical and disciplined about how you save and spend. At the same time, don’t be too rigid or controlling. If you trust that there is more money coming your way, you will find your income being strengthened significantly. The less the 2nd House Saturn individual worries about money, the more they’ll have, especially since you already possess a skill for handling money efficiently. This combined with your newfound gratitude will bring a steady cash flow your way.

Now, you do get the cases where the 2nd House Saturn person starts off life as the other extreme and is actually just a mess with money and has no idea how to save or spend it (which goes back to my theory of this placement being capable of mass consumption or consumerism). But, I’ve found that this is rarer than the stingy type. Still, being particularly reckless and irresponsible with money is also a sign of a low level of appreciation for it. It is coming from the same place of fear and low self-esteem. You might not believe you deserve what you have, so you are very foolish with it, creating self-destructive patterns. For either the ones who are very cheap or very reckless, this attitude can stem from the relationship with the father figure; something that Saturn represents, in the sense of what one learns from the paternal parent. This is usually a parent who may not have felt like he (or she) got everything that was deserved. Maybe the father had trouble maintaining a steady income or, conversely, was so money-hungry that nothing was ever enough. Either way, this imparted a sense to the child that finances were to be obsessed over and were always a struggle.

This goes back to the issues of self-esteem. The 2nd House, after all, isn’t all about money. But, the relationship between money and self-love ties into the theme of one’s worth. Yet, Saturn in the 2nd House people often get it backwards, believing that their financial worth defines their personal worth. If you take it upon yourself to see that it’s, in fact, your personal worth that causes your financial worth to skyrocket, you will be expressing this placement with strength and maturity. You need to discipline yourself to truly, deeply love yourself, to want to experience real peace of mind. The stability you seek first has to come from within. Then, it can manifest externally. So, I think the only way you will be able to worry less about money or be less neurotic or destructive about it is to be much more comfortable in your skin and worry less about yourself.

Doing lots of affirmations to tell yourself that you’re good enough is crucial and will very likely help you through that Saturn Return in the 2nd House. This is a time where you may be so full of negative inner voices that it’s hard to see anything good about yourself. So, this is when the good sense and simplicity of the 2nd House must be channeled. Just don’t listen to any of those voices! Saturn in the 2nd House people are very susceptible to people’s input over their worth. The society we live in can be very judgmental and for very superficial reasons. Someone just dropping a hint that you don’t make enough money, for example, is enough to lead you to feel terribly unsure of your worth. Do not look to others for this validation. Find structure in the simplicity of listening to that one voice – your own voice – and making sure this voice is full of love and appreciation for whatever you have and whatever you stand for. It doesn’t matter if it’s “enough” for others. Is it enough for you? This allows you to cultivate the strong values you need to feel accomplished.

Saturn in the 2nd means that your purpose in life does revolve around whatever it is that you truly value and enjoy. When it comes to career choices, it wouldn’t be surprising to see you go into something very business-like and practical, where managing resources is an essential skill. However, you also need to go after something that you will find genuinely pleasurable. But, of course, it also needs to keep you feeling secure. The sweet spot is something that brings you plenty of joy and that also delivers a steady income. It doesn’t always have to start out as a steady paying job, however. 2nd House Saturn people can often greatly succeed in careers that seem quite unstable, like the arts, freelancing, or self-employment. You are finding your purpose through being a solid “builder.” This means that you can tap into the patience and the determination needed to take all the steps toward turning this path of yours into a very tangible and sustainable reality.

Again, this is another result of your manifestation mojo. You can create financial security for yourself doing something that someone else would find daunting, intimidating, or impossible, due to the lack of certainty. But, you have a way of steadying yourself in the face of material uncertainty. Saturn in the 2nd gives one a knack for making a dollar out of fifteen cents, mostly because many of these folks spend a major part of their lives as such cheapskates (or “frugal”, if you want to put it nicely). Such firm resourcefulness can potentially cause you to become very financially comfortable, if not wealthy. As long as you value yourself, you can create a good lifestyle for yourself.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sun-Jupiter Aspects: The Believer

If your Sun is conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Jupiter in your birth chart, then you are the believer. This sense of belief extends toward many different things but it applies most of all toward yourself. The Sun is one’s identity, sense of self, your way of expressing your true personality. Meanwhile, Jupiter is a person’s set of beliefs, the ideals and attitudes that will take them far in life. So, when you have your Sun sign in aspect to your Jupiter, this means that you are building a sense of self (Sun) in this lifetime as someone who has unlimited potential (Jupiter). You see yourself as a person who is really going places. While this can have an obviously positive manifestation, it also means that you may go a bit overboard in terms of believing in yourself.

The potential downside of Jupiter is excess. It’s a planet that’s energy can go over-the-top, if you let it. Therefore, when you have a Sun-Jupiter aspect, it can be very easy to just be over-the-top, in general. People with this influence usually have huge personalities and that can be in a wonderful way, making them delightfully larger-than-life, or it create an exaggerated and overblown self-image. The Sun represents one’s ego and so it makes sense that there is the potential here for the Sun-Jupiter person’s ego to swell out of control. Those with the sextile and the trine are usually more moderate, in this sense, and the conjunction can often be, as well. But, the conjunction, as well as the square and the opposition, can also instill foolish overconfidence that leads a person down a disastrous path, even if they believe they are headed for glory.

The thing about the hard aspects here, particularly the square and the opposition, is that you may be overcompensating more often than not. Sometimes, it’s not necessarily that you are that confident and have that much faith in yourself. You’re just faking it ‘til you make it! So, a lot of bluster and talking a big game can be very common, especially if the Sun and/or Jupiter are in Fire or Air. You’re just not entirely sure if you can back it up. But, you throw yourself into the situation, anyway, with this insistent faith that everything will work out. That’s a great attitude to have. However, it can sometimes blind you to what you’re actually doing. It’s as if you don’t know that you’re on the edge of the cliff until you fall right off!

Luckily, you have a way of bouncing right back from any disappointment. Sun-Jupiter people have very faithful and optimistic personalities. You just need to know what to do with that optimism and how to balance it. There are some people with this placement that have moments of doubt and then, somehow, feel ashamed or silly for being doubtful. This takes them to the other extreme and causes them to push their luck. Then, there are the ones who insist on never succumbing to any sort of doubt and never hesitating in the face of an opportunity. But, then, they can also obviously end up pushing their luck. Sun-Jupiter individuals are figuring out how to embark on their journey of self-definition and self-awareness (Sun) without being naïve or hasty about it (Jupiter). It’s like they want to be their biggest, most awesome self so badly that they have issues dealing with self-doubt. Learning to accept moments of insecurity or uncertainty in a healthy way, without overcompensating for them or just totally ignoring them, is the key to managing this placement. 

Then, you will find a lot of the positives of Jupiter working in your favor. As I always say, Jupiter is not completely positive, as its excesses can end up being just wasteful or careless, in the end. But, when we use our Jupiter to engage in and attract positive opportunities and experiences, we will reap the rewards. When you have your Sun in aspect to Jupiter, this means that just being yourself is going to allow you to manifest wonderful things into your life. In fact, this becomes a major belief of yours. Sun-Jupiter people really insist on being their authentic selves and not holding back their personalities. This creates a highly positive, beneficial energy around your self-expression. It’s as if, through having the sheer power and confidence to just be true to yourself, you will inspire and free the people around you to do the same. 

But, you make for a very inspiring personality, in general. Since you are the believer, this kind of faith in yourself will shine outwardly for other people to bask in. Sun-Jupiter people can attract a lot of admiration because of this quality about themselves. You can be such an inspirational figure that you act as a downright guru for the people around you. At the same time, this is also where you can get haughty or self-righteous, if you’re not careful. Due to believing in yourself so strongly, everything you express feels like the gospel truth. But, you’re usually well-intended. You believe you’re someone who people should really listen to because you have so much to offer them to help them grow. But, at the same time, maybe they don’t want or need to hear what you have to say! This is a concept that can be hard for you to swallow. As much as you believe in yourself, you also really strive for other people to believe in you, in numerous ways.

This goes back to the relationship with your father figure. The Sun represents the ways in which the paternal parent shaped the child’s personality and self-expression. With the Sun in aspect to Jupiter, two kinds of relationships are possible. It could be that whoever played the fathering role with you growing up made you believe that anything is possible and that you could do anything! As a result, you developed this personality that didn’t recognize limitations. In this case, there is a lot of encouragement and enthusiasm that the father shows the child, to a point where it might become a bit unrealistic or ridiculous. Your Dad may have made you feel like you could fly and I don’t mean that in just the metaphorical sense. You could’ve been made to feel like you could leap off the couch and soar into the air. But, the fact that your father did little to nothing to discourage your wildest dreams, even during the inevitable moment when you realized that you couldn’t fly, really boosted your confidence throughout the years.

Yet, it is also possible that the father was experienced as quite messy and even irresponsible. Often times, the father figure cannot be contained or held back himself (or herself). Because of this, it’s as if the Sun-Jupiter child is always on a search for Dad. While there could have been a lot of guidance available from this parent, there also could have been very little guidance. Even though this did a lot to liberate you, it also meant that there was a certain distance. This relationship can potentially go the other way and describe a father who wasn’t really there to give their son or daughter all the encouragement that was needed. So, you developed this belief in yourself because you felt like you had to, since that element of inspiration from the fathering parent was missing. And seeing as how this relationship lacked encouragement, you took it upon yourself to never let any negative voices or any lack of enthusiasm from other people get you down.

Either way, the Sun-Jupiter person ends up benefiting from their relationship with their father. If the bond was full of inspiration, then your father becomes like a shooting star that you can wish upon. You might constantly turn to this parent for positive words or uplifting guidance. It’s a connection that can be so powerful as to continue from a long distance or even when the parent has passed away. It’s like they are always looking out for you, no matter where they are or what happens between the two of you. But, if you felt like the connection with your father was lacking in inspiration, then you will figure out how to give all of that to yourself. Then, you learn how to maintain your self-confidence in a remarkable manner, no matter what anyone else says or does. So, it’s as if you become your own Lucky Charm, driving you to always do what’s good for yourself and to never lose faith in yourself.

But, this is also the source of your yearning for other people to believe in you. Some people with this aspect, especially the challenging ones, may feel as if they constantly need to hear the applause of others in order to keep going. You might feel like you need to always be around positive energy. Nothing can rub you the wrong way more than naysayers, nags, and critics. Yet, this can also mean that you have a tough time taking constructive criticism and blow it out of proportion, which is quite hypocritical, as you are very vocal about your beliefs, even if it ends up offending someone else. So, don’t make it all into such a big deal. The other possibility is that you just need people to constantly understand and validate your truth. Jupiter is such a truthful energy and when it is touching your Sun sign, it means that your identity is that of a truth-teller. The worst thing for you would be for others to think you’re a liar or that you’re not genuine and full of crap. So, you will do your best to express yourself as honestly and as unpretentiously as you can. 

In fact, you might be a bit too honest, sometimes. Sun-Jupiter people do not want to hold back their self-expression. If you believe it, you want it to be known. So, you will be quite an uncensored personality, to a degree that might be tactless or embarrassing. But, all you’re doing is going off of your truth. Therefore, it can surprise you when people react to you the way they do because you’re really just being honest. The aspect will show, however, if this is just an admirable inability to be fake or if you are just being rude and need to filter yourself just a little bit. Yet, your compulsive honesty will only add to the bigger-than-life nature of your personality. Those with this aspect have a grand, epic, unforgettable quality. You are not one to do things on a small scale. This means that when you are just being yourself, you will be uniquely memorable. Whatever your Sun sign’s best attributes are will be doubled, maybe even tripled. It’s like you are smarter, nicer, funnier, more sensitive, or more down-to-earth than two or three people put together.

Jupiter is about growth and expansion and since the Sun governs one’s self-awareness, you always want your idea of yourself to grow and expand. You want to take in many different experiences in order to keep becoming better and bigger as a person. This is what makes you such an explorer. You always feel like there is more to know, more to see, more to gain. Your sense of self makes you a true adventurer, forever intent on discovering more about life and, especially, more about yourself. This only fills you up with more truths to share with other people. And, of course, these people must be willing to either come along for the ride or allow you to go off on your path. You will eventually come back, so long as things don’t get boring while you’re gone. But, anyone who is trying to hem you in or control you will be in for a rude awakening. Our Sun makes us feel alive and with a Sun-Jupiter aspect, you don’t feel alive unless you are engaged in an endless adventure.

Sun conjunct Jupiter: You are the freest and most adventurous of the bunch, due to having the conjunction. You possess a truly irrepressible personality and this huge desire to be as honest as you possibly can be. But, restlessness and self-righteousness can become major issues, as well as a naïveté that gets you into a lot of trouble. Still, your resilience, faith, and humor will always shine through and will give you a self-awareness that keeps you very positive.

Sun square or opposite Jupiter: Thanks to the square or the opposition, you may sometimes hold yourself back and then end up regretting it when you are hit with total wanderlust. You’re more prone to self-doubt than the other aspects but also more prone to overcompensating for it, which can just result in a big mess. If you learn how to be adventurous and free while still being sensible, you will cultivate a strong identity for yourself as this forward-moving explorer.

Sun sextile or trine Jupiter: With the sextile or the trine, you know how to embrace your freedom while not going overboard, much of the time. Instead, you just possess a wonderful enthusiasm and this limitless thirst for life. Your intrepid ways will end up inspiring many of the people around you. Yet, you may also be guilty of taking unneeded risks and also getting up on a moralistic high horse, at times. So, it’s important for you to also embrace a bit of moderation and not be too excessive.